Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 19, 1946 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, September 19, 1946
Page 3
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« Two HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, September 19, 1946 Timlin-/, Spp|*i,ihPr 19, H 6 P H STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page f )trt« Devil's Lay Copyright 194G by NEA Service By ALICE M. LAVESICK t xxvni V However, it was from Father e Gene! that I had most of my news >,of Cotui during this time. Though told me indirectly in speaking of, Mark. independent kind of lad. But, 1, too v,-;is rinding it difficult to thnk of him taking orders, tough 1 could see now how the horses would interest him. Pair rapture had been in his eyes the day he had ridden Market Report He loved Mark Fitzgerald like a into the yard at Inmsfail on the Har- brother, he told me and was fond rington black. Like a youngster n- of Colin, also, though to a lessei 1 ! cling the flying horses for the first degree. time. Father Gene told me theji that Honora had never allowed horses father had had once back and I were boyhood frien- i ds back there in Mayo." he said. A.-.,..^,. ..«.« •••••-,• ""- u " Colin was younger. And Honora spo at Inmsfnil Colin s Iathe 1 iled him out rageously all his life a bad tall ti'om a horse '• a»d Ellen did too. He was a hand- m Ireland, just bciore they came " ' some lad and everyone took a hand ; over. - at the spoiling. I guess. Ah, but "He was never the same again '-- he's been a thorn in Mark's side after that." the priest snid. And Ho- —S»Htear«"That'.s 'the reason I'm -so ncni felt it very keenly it broke «?- glad at the good reports of him her all up to see him half Crippled. now." POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago. Sept. 19 — (UP)— Poultiy: rteits: One car, 52 trucks; market unsettled; fryers and broil- C "Butte'rV RECEIPTS ???,/*M. LB MARKET FIRM-. /? SCORE & ....*— 1-2; 92 score 75; 90 score 74; 90 score 72 1-2. Eggs: Receipts 8.771 cases; mar- set firm; wholesale prices on the mercantile exchange; extras 1 and 2: 51-54; 3 and 4; 43-45 standards 1 and 2; 43 1-2; Sand 4; 41-43 current receipts 41-42; dirlies 33 12—35 »-2 checks 33 1-2—34 1-2. He's doing well then? I hoped I sounded casual and was glad he cpuld not hear t,he thumping of my 'heart. 1 held my breath, hoping he would tell me more. For. though He was a big strapping fella, you see. very healthy, butane fall crippled him badly." "I see."I said. And I tried to be glad that Colin was doing the sort of thing he liked, and that, be JL.IWU' heard from Ellen from time long last.he was working and be+n HP th-it hp was netting well m S a credit to the Fitzgeralds. In wheree^hewft'st'hfcoSSnucd to | Louisiana, a most romantic place be vague about just what he was j ^ ^^as'and'the'bSuf and xip to. ' Father Gene however, seemed to be taking it for granted that I 'knew'the rather amazing facts. •That Colin was working for seductive women. Women who were noted, if I remembered correctly, for always getting their men. I pictured Colin again galloping , since his long ago college days, that day long ag h ownld I hue istate in' man lack horse frtend of Mark's a man he'd known up_between_the f^ar^ples^on e. they belonged together surely, the two of them. I was in the depths that night per haps because one of my old man in the ward had taken an unexpected bad turn, and perhaps because ,- heart was weary of torch-be- and »vho owned a huge estate in Louisiana. It seemed incredible Hhat-Colin had charge of the stud most farm on this estate and was enthusiastic about the work. "Well, to be sure he was always crazy about horses." Father Gene can't somehow vision him working '"said. "But you know, Cecelia. I ^for someone else.-He's such an independent kind of lad. Colin. And that, I ds a vast understatement heard one. Colin Fitzgerald such an thought to myself.! t in »ed to be pleased statement if I ever heard from him. So, from time to time, they all spoke of Colin after that, Father Gene and Mark and Ellen, and con- with what they - "Sio H. THE WORLD'S HOST BEAUTIFUL HOST POWERFUL and LIGHTEST; SEARIHSJNSTRUMEHT! And then there was the day when, in speaking of him. Father Gene said, "Now if the lad would only get married, I'd be entirely convinced that he was in earnest about settling down and making a good life for himself." He did not say this li me. It SUPER- POWK MBIMEQ-lhrnki WlHOatt jtmn c ; . • tilt US-nun Ral E. Grant Gibbons Top Floor Dohaghey Bldg. Little Hock was to Mark, one day at Innisfail, and I overheard it from my favorite haunt, the library, where I was making an attempt to put the books in some sort of order. I remember I sat rigid, and it never occurred to me not to listen. "He's got some notion,' 'the priest went on. "that he's not fit to marry anyone." "What makes you say that,' 'Marks voice was sharp. "Something he told me once, Mark. Long ago. Just before he went south, it was. He said, 'I'm bad luck for women. Father and I know it.' I said, 'Now that's a lot of nonsense and you know it', but I could nr,t convince him." "That's my fault." There was bitterness in Mark's voice now. "What I said to him that time—the time I struck him—" "Now, Mark,that's all over and done with. And as I t9ld you at the time, we have no right to judge anyone . No one could hold Colin responsible for what happened. Oh. le was thoughtless, I'll grant vou nat, but no more than lots of oth- rs have been, and I think he paid learly for it. in terrible remorse." "I was too harsh with him, Fat- icr. Always. I was trying to make ip for the way everyone else spoiled him." "I know that, lad. I've known it always. And if your were to write o him now how you feel, I think t might help to show him that he las a right to happiness as well as NEW YORK STOCKS New York, Sept. 19 —OT—Heavy selling again deluged the stock market today, sinking leaders 1 to 8 points at a new average low for 18 months and putting the high speed ticker tape as much as seven .minutes behind for the first time since 1940. Wednesday's decline was extended moderately at the opening in fairly active dealings. The real liquidating wave hit the list shortly after midday with the recording machinery lagging for the greater part of the hour. "Flash' quotations were printed on the tape at intervals to show the real situation on the floor. The pace then slowed as timid support arrived and extreme losses were reduced in most cases. There was another burst of offerings in the final quarter hour and many recoveries wre eliminated at the close. Transfers were among \he largest of the month, transfers running to around 3,000,000 shares. Prominent casualties included Norfolk Western, Santa Fe, Union Pacific, U. S. Steel, Bethlehem, Chrysler, General Motors, U. S. Rubber, Montgomery Ward, Douglas Aircraft. Eastman Kodak, Du Pont, Allied Chemical, Anaconda. Kennectt, Amercan Telephone and Standard Oil (NJ). Resumption of the downfall, market analysts said, was due to persistence of the belief of many customers that a bear market was under way, that labor disputes were clouding industry and noliti- cal problems both at home and abroad tending t ocomplicate the economic outlook. Bonds fell with stocks. o downward to 5.00. NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans;, Sept. 19 —(/P)—Cotton closing prices were firm 05 cents to 90 cents a bale higher. Oct high 3G.83 — low 3G.58 — close 36.88 up IS Dec high 36.72 — law 30.37 — close 36.G3-G6 up 15 Mch high 3.24 — low 35.91 — close 3G. 18-20 up 17 May high 35.92 — low 35.98 — close 35.85 up 15 Jly high 35.31 — low 34.9G — close 35.23-24 up 13 Spot cotton closed steady 75 cents a bale higher. Salts 2,986. Low middling 31.40: middling 36.05, good middling 37.05. Receipts 288; stocks 221,196. Maritime Strike Continued Fi'orn Page One Churchill Continued from Page One GRAINS AND PROVISIONS be deprived of the power to rearm and the guilty punished.' "But when nil this has been done, there must be an end to retribution, "The time may be short. At present there is a breathing space. The fighting has stopped, but the dangers have not stopped. The atomic bomb is still in the hands of a nation whom we know will only use it in the cause of right nnd freedom. "Indeed, but for the :'act that the great Republic across the Atlantic has at length realized that the ruin or enslavement of Europe has involved their own fate as well, and has stretched out the hands ol succor and guidance—but :'or that, the dark ages would have returnee in all their cruelty and squallor.'' To safeguard against return o! the Dark Ages, Churchill proposec the European council. "The structure may be called the United Stales of Europe. On this urgent work France and Germanj must take the lead, together wth Great Britain,te British common wealth of nations, mighty Ameri ca and, I trust, Sovct Russia — then indeed all would be 'well. "They must be friend and coun cillor of the new Europe and chnm pion of the right to live. Therefore I say to you, let Europe arise." Churchill addressed a large audience of Swiss officials, university professors, consular officials and seniority dispute. t). L. McCoWen, union president, said at St. Louis Ihnt the executive committee had approved the sympathy strike and that Iho question would be submitted to the union's membership tonight. lie predicted that tho walkout would becin Friday. Houston workers charcrd that the Southwestern .Dell Telephone Co., violated seniority provisions by promoting two men while by- missing others with more seniority. In the farm equipment dispute, production workers at the Spring- ield Allis-Chahncrs plant voted to iccepl .a wage increase of 13 1-2 -cuts an hour. The plant will br he second of seven strike-bound Ulis-Chalmers factories to resume M-oduclion. A strike at the Pilts- jurgh plant was settled Tuesday, 3iit about Hi.000 workers remain on strike at five other plants. At Gary. Ind., Carnegie-Illinois officials were reported studying inion proposals aimed at settle- nent of u CIO clerical workers dispute. Most of the V.fiOO employes died were production workers who •efused to cross picket lines set up xv clerical strikers. M>kden .. Continued from Pago Onfe nists soy that this presages on all out nationalist campaign to destroy the Communist hold in Manchuria, the richest prize of the con- flic. pears to bo to drive a wedge between the Communists who still hold most of Manchuria and Yen- an, the Communist capital in Rheiv si several hundred miles lo the west. Whether such' a slicing of com- irjunications would blow to the Communisls ful. Their armies live largely o/i sla. The Soviet armies have bepn withdrawn from Manchuria and as far as the evidence gnes ttitssia Is maintaining a correct neutraiay toward the Chinese strife. Novel-... -- thetess the struggle in China Is one prove a mortal phase of the worldwide contest jht- unisls is doubt- tween the Communist and ;DcrfiJ)- imi.sus is, QUUUI | .. ,„ _,.i i 1 Social P< The objectives of the Nationalist t the country. The war production of campaign arc the same as those of the Japanese in 19M1 and the succeeding years of Japanese-Chinese war, Harbin and northern Manchuria, Kalgan and Inner Mongolia. The first strategic aim ap- the Yenan area is not significant, and the Manchurian Communists doubtless will fight to the end to maintain themselves in the northern provinces adjacent to a :'riend' ly Communist power, Soviet Rlis.> cralic nations, and it Is difficult lo| see how long il can continue longl without producing reporcussions| far beyond China's borders. Phone ertona Betwwn » •. m. and 4 p. m. I Social Calendar New Mexico is known as sunshine stale. 'acationing in Switzerland. He pitcuted a happy prospocl for Europe if it could achieve unity. "If Europe were once united in the sharing of its common inheritance, there would be no limit to the happiness, prosperity glory which its 300,000,00 Oto 000,000 people would enjoy,' and •100,1 ho LOOK OUT FOR Chicago Sept. 19 —(/P)—An early ) friends in an auditorium gay with aturn in grains ran into resistance Swiss and British flags. Throngs in .Will be in your neighborhood on the fallowing dates; , Tuesday, September 17 — Arkqdelphia, Caddo Hotel Wednesday) September 18 — Texarkana, Grim Hotel Friday, September 20 — Hope, Henry Hotel the next one." "I did tell him that, Father. But ne said — while Charlotte is like this — what chance is there for hap piness tor him?" "Well, well, mused the priest, "so that's how it is , is it?" (.To Be Continued) — • - o "Home"' is the name of places in Colorado, Kansas, Oregon and Pennsylvania. upturn in grains during the latter part of the session today when renewed heavy selling of securities at New York created some liquidation in grain pits. Corn displayed considerp'ile independent strength and managed to hold part of its advance, re- llecting a strong demand for cash corn. Wheat was mainly steady but oats sold off on a fair volume of liquidation. A leading processor bid $1.50 for new crop corn delivered by Oct. 5, plus a cent a day premium for each prior day the grai nis de" ed between Oct. 1 and Oct. 15. In the spot market, No. 2 yellow corn sold as high as $1.94 a bushel, a new high on current upturn. Traders said oats were weak as much of the market's speculative and investment interest is concentrated in that grain, and there"ore it was most responsive to the weakness in stocks. Wheat closed 1-2 cent higher, January $1.97 3-4, corn 5-8 - I 14 higher, January $1.35 1-8-14, oats 5-tll 18 lower, September '8 58, barley 121 14 higher, November $1.44 12. Wheat was firmer today; receipts 3 Icars. Corn was one to iv-- cents higher; bookings 151,000 bushels; receipts 42 cars. Oats were irregu lar with steady trading basis, book ings 22,000 bushels; receipts 71 cars. 0 : the streets cheered as he drove vo the university. American flags were abundant in the crowd. The wartime British leader has been Recent medical reports reveal that an umnzinsr number of children (and crown- iina too) may be victims of Pin-Worms— often without suspecting what is wronw I And these pests, livimi insidu the human • ody, can cause real distress. So watch out for the warning siirnn that .y mean Pin-Worma—especially the ugKrnvatinK rectal itch. Got JAYNL'S P-W and follow the directions. P-W is the Pin-Worm treatment developed in the laboratories of Dr. D. Jaynn & Son, after years of patient research. The small, casy-to-take P-W tablets act in a special way to remove Pin-Worms. Ask your drunuist: P-W for Pin-Wcvms 1 STATES Championship ADVKD IMHKKS Cnlf Scramble after £ncli I'crformnnco ARMY AIR FORCE SHOW IN CASH PRIZES Hi BEEF and DAIRY CATTLE. POULTRY. HOME DEMONSTRATION and COUNTY ACJKNT DKPT. AIRPLANE EXHIBIT Commercial and Pleasure Planes Displayed by LOCAL DEALERS WARD S WORLD'S FAIR SHOWS MERCHANTS BOOTH EXHIBITS FARM MACHINERY DISPLAY "HAM" RADIO DEMONSTRATIONS • MODEL AIRPLANE CONTEST FLOWER and HOBBY DISPLAY PHOTOGRAPHIC SHOW BOY AND GIRL SCOUT DISPLAYS HEREFORD SALE, Wed., Sept. 25 CO Head from the Nntlon's Finest Herds FIREWORKS September SO.. Oir! Seoul Trr.'in Nn. fi will entertain their mothers and sponsors lit the reeroalion.'il moms of the First Mclhnrtlsl church from four until five- o'clock Friday aflcrnonn. A special program hns been IIP- ranged. Miss Jo Ann StiielclG Celebrates Birthday. Miss Jo Ann Shields celebrated her UiAlhoonth birthday anniver- sniy with :i party at Hie Girl Seoul Hut on Satin clay evening. Games and diincing wore enioyed from 7::i() until 10:30. Miss Shields was assisted by her mother, Mrs. Allison Shields and Miss Doris Shields In serving a delightful s;ilad plate and the introduction of teachers Mrs. Hyatt conducted a lour of the school. Following the tour the P.TA. appointed each memobr :i "icmbor fo the "fixit committee." , The teachers will list all the needs gian trans-Atlantic airliner in their respective rooms and fur- crashed and burned on a Missing Plane Hidden by Dense Fog nndo, Nflcl., Sept. 10— (UP I — Army rescue lenms rushed lochiv to Ih'e nicl of survivors from a Bcl- which rocky DOROTHY DIX Charm of Old Age Why is it that we regard age as an indiscretion that we should cov- so much more a! a calamity for or up with silence, since the ini- women than it is for men? We fortunate crealuie couldn't help it. nish the P.T.A. with n list. The Hillside about 22 miles southwest dollar was awarded to Mrs. Hy- of here. alt's room. There was no definite word as io the identity, or ajnong the lit! passengers en crew members bi'iin airlines who vivcd. Hut reports from a transcontinental and Western Airlines pilot WVSIIll.ll I I I II I I II 1.1 iv*. i >._... -. --, n - - - i- accord men the privilege of grow-, So we "pool- Mary her and sigh ing old and when they lose their, as we say what a pretty girl sti2 boyish figures, and acquire turn- used to be. and how sadly she has infos, and their hair begins to re- f:idcd, and wo are not surprised cause women, realizing what n'happen. We have setn a fat, lumpy! The happiest time of a woman's haiuiicap ir.;i? if: t" them. lake giil, or one who WHS overgrown ! life is when she is old and doesn't tioubli- ('i prrsi'i'vo (heir, and gawky and awkward shape |caie who knows it. looks than mc'ii do. II is who spend millions of dollars a veal 1 on cosrnolics trying to makn (JO look like Hi. Not men. It is women who starve themselves into ani-mia trying to keep thin. Not men. Probably every man bflivcs that he doesn't look his age.but IK? doesn't do anything almui it. It i.s j buautiful than any women who toil and suffer and j their souls shone At the conclusion of the meeting a delightful social hour was enjoyed. the Ann Paisley P.T.A. Meeting Wednesday After-mini. ' The Parent-Teacher Associlion of Paisley school held its first meeting of the now school year on Wednesday afternoon at the school The mooting was called to order by the president, Mrs. L. B. Tool- ev, Mrs. Nathan Harbour road '•• uiv uHup\vin<'. i;iwnnnu /vno ... ,., . . : ,; , iiT — Green. Dorotha Faye Mullins, Ar-''l u ' President Message and Mrs. Mumlalo Hefni Calr.iine Haw ,. i George Green, principal at Pnis- thoine. Mnry Hopper. Clara Dean Allen, Hotly Amos. Wanda Spears, .lo Ann Brown, Wilma .loan Coleman. Frances Husscll. Jackie Hicks, Kr.lly Marlar, - Anita Cope- Sue Bright. Ray Al- 1'Mi, I.vle Moore, Jr.. Louis SuMon, Jr.. Johnnie Palo. MaurU'o Kennedy, Bobby ,'Joo Phippin. Bob Me- PiUTSim and Jerry Bowdon. Rroowkood P.T.A. Meeting Wednesday AfterrDon. The Brookwood P.T.A. held its first mooting o,f the now school year at the school on Wednesday afternoon. The moelin" was called to order by the president. Mrs. R. V. Hcrndcn. Jr.. followed by the Lords Prayer repeated in unison. During the business session the minutes of the last mooting were read bv the seorotarv, Mrs. Bufcrd Poo. Mis, Herbert l,owallon, treasurer, also made a report. Mrs. B. C. Hyatt, Principal, introduced the following teachers; First Grade Miss Lulic Allen: Second grade, Mrs. J. D. Chcsscr and Mrs. Mitchell Williams; Third Grade. Mrs. J. M. Andrews and Mrs. B. C. MONTGOMERY WARD WARDS MAGIC SEAL pressure saucepan New Fall Valuer At Owens SERVICE SMILES YOUR FORD DEALER YOUR BRAKES ARE IN WONDERFUL SHAPE SINCE YOUR PORO DEALER REPAIRED THEM Always Bring /our FORD*Home // To Your Ford Dealer For Service Your Ford Dealer for over 28 Years 220 East 2nd Street Phones 271,278 NEW YORK COTTON New York, Sept. 19 —(/P)—Cotton futures moved over a wide range today, with the trend lower in later dealings. The market was particu larly influenced by the action of the securities market, with com mission house liquidation an4 local selling ato ne time depressing prices as much as $1.10 a bale. In early dealings mill buying and short covring had railed prices $1.20 a bale. Late afternoon quotations were 15 cents to $1 a bale lower. Oct. 26.58, Dec. 26.40, Men. 25.93. Cotton futures recovered a good portion of the day's losses on a closing flurry of trade buying and short covering. The 1947 crop de liveries lagged on the advance, re fleeting the possibility of a large crop in 1947. Futures closed $1 a bale higher to 25 cents lower. Oct high 36.83 — low 36.54 — last 36.82 up 19 Dec high 36.67 — low 36.33 — last 36.5658 up 1315 Mch high 36.24 — low 35.88 — last 36.1922 up 1720 May high 35.92 — low 35.52 — last 35.8334 up 1213 Jly high 35.39 — low 35.01 — last 35.35 up 17 Oct high 33.02 — low 32.70 •— las 32.87 off 5 Middling spot 34.24N up 21. Nnominal. o ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyars, ILL., Sept. 19 —UP) —Hogs, 600; salable hogs early 280 head; generally steady; feeders paying 20.00 for few pigs under 140 Ibs; slaughter barrows and gilts, sows and s n all 16.20: boars 14.50-16.20; some boars still unsold; otherwise complet clear- anc. Cattle, 1,200; calves, 1.100; no early action on steers; few com mon and mediim heifers 1(1.0015.00; but ostly odd lots good to choice heavy calves around 400 and 450-lb average from 17.0018.50; few medium cws around 12.00-50; largely 8.50-11.50 on common an medium beef cows; canners anc cutters 6.50-8.2 ew good bee. bulls available; medium to gooc quotable 11.00-12.50; cutter anc common 8.50-10.00; choice vealers 50 cents higher at 19.50; medium and good 13.50-18.25; ncmina range slaughter steers 10.50-20.15 slaughter heifers 9.50-20.15: stock er and feeder steers 10.00-17.00. Sheep, 1,200; soring lambs 25 tc 50 higher; top 19.50; bulk good an choice 18.50-19.25: scattered lot downward to 18.00 and below; fev common and medium packe throwouts 11.50-13.50; howeve feeders paying up to 14.50 and 15.0 for best throwouts; slaughter ewe unchanged, mostly 7.00-8.00! culls New shipment of spun rayon piece goods. 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Also wool thread. These are sanforized. Sizes 6 to 16. Kiddie's Underwear Short leg and sleeves. Sizes 2 to 8 98c Owen's Dept. Store 113 East Second Stores at Hope and Prescorr Phone 791 ley School introduced the teachers lo Hie group. Reports were heard from the Finance Chairman, Mrs. B. L. Rellig, Membership chairman, Mrs Lester Huckaboc. Mrs. W. P. Mardegree. program chairman introduced Mise Bnrvl Henry as guest speaker. Miss Henry spoke on. "The Object of the Parent-Teacher Association. In the room count of mothers the dollar was awarded lo Mrs. I. L. Pilkin- lon's ro.oni. Following the program the social chairman. Mrs. George Peck invited the group into the lunch room where delightful refreshments wore served to the fifty one morn bers present. tire to the back of their nocks and when we hoar that her husband is they gel stiff in the joints, we nci- getting a divorce from her because saci ificc trying theirs. to camouflage < faces like i cr vase. down into symmetry and grace iiud acijuiie a poise that gave her j ;i queenly presence. j We hnve seen dumb girls turn j into brilihmt and charming elderly wr.men who made any Miss America seem a stooge. And wc have seen old women who were more girl because through their i Released by the Boll Syndicate, Inc > a lamp in an alabast- And the tragedy of the whole i it is pitiful, when you come to thing i.s that women spoil what think of it, that women should should bo the best yours of their I dread so much growing old. be- lives in trying to fight off age, ' cause if they would just give up which just as often as; not is their the futile struggle to keep young, friend instead of their enemy. For they would reap a rich harvest lojif the year;; iob the poaches-and-' from the years. They can have in "their : GO's "thr.n we did in their longer Glamour Girls, neither arc their husbands Playboys. In any who old. assemblage of those who, as the sighted the wrcokarte. 'and' "/ w ! le ." a woman grows from tlio coast j'uad PBY which wc treat her as if she had com' milted a crime and as if losing years, the women are quite as personable as the men. landed an army rescue parly on a lake about five miles i'rom the scene suggested that there were at least live, and possibly seven or more, survivors. The TWA pilot, CAT. Hay Jennings,of Alexandria, Va., reported that as ho flew over the wreck en mute here from New York this morning, three persons beside the ruined plane waved n their coats vigorously. He said he saw four more persons walking about :"our miles away, and believed them to be survivors. phrase goes, arc getting along in Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Tucker had as week end guests Mrs. Jim Reames and Mrs. George Smith of Nashville, Arkansas. New York, Sept. 19 — M— The answer to the J:ate of '14 persons aboard a New York-bound Trans- Atlantic plane was shrouded today in the dense :iog bands and forests around Gander, Newfoundland where the nuge craft disappeared yesterday after it was due to make a routine refueling stop. ' Officials of the Belgian Sabiena airlines which operated the piano a DC-4, held out hope that the craft had made a safe landing .in Newfoundland or Labrador. If the plane had crashed, and all its occupants wore killed it would bo the worst commercial airplane crash in his- hor complexion was as much of disgrace as losing her reputation, i We act as if every birthday was | Vets Classes to Meet Thursday Night at School The related training classes for war veterans on-the-job training program will meet al Hope High school Thursday night at 1: 30 o'clock. VUimen Take More Care Indeed, they arc more so be- CUBAN PETE" Friday ® Saturday THOSE BUMSTEADS ARE BACKi Double Feature Chap. 9 Daughter Don Q Boy's Knit Shirts Long sleeve knit shirts. Ideal for these cool mornings. "Hold That Blonde Friday ® Saturday Corduroy Overalls Will Tonip? Bring Her Boys and Girls corduroy overalls. Sizes 2 to 8. Boy's Khaki Pants 2 .29 «V98 tO AM Men's heavy weight underwear. Also shirts and drawers. .79 1.95 and Men's SHORTS Mac Dee Health Knit shorts. Sizes 28 to 40. Swamp Among those attending the birth day dinner al the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Muuldin in Gurdon Sunday honoring their son, Paul, were: Mrs. Jim Reames and Mrs. George Smith of Nashville. Mrs. C. P. Herrington of ElDornclo. Mrs. Clifton Tucker and Mrs. Muriel Davis of this city. John P. Urban. Waymrnd Taylor, and Gilbert Osborn left Wednesday for Stillwater, Oklahoma where thev will enter Oklahoma A & M College. —o Clubs torv. The Civil Aeronautics Board said that a death toll of 27 was ;he highest recorded on it :.'iles ior commercial plane crashes. The coast guard reported here lasl night a Hying boat searc'ning Does Gas and Make You Feel cream girl, whoso beauty was only the love they have laid up, ^ the i skin deep, of her good looks, they philosophy they have acquired,' the ' iusl as often bestow an iinporish- wisdom they have ganied and the able charm on her homely sister. ' memories thai have made life All of us have soon this miracle worth living. Does Yo»r Bach Gel Tired? A SPENCER will relieve back- fatigue—give restful posture. MRS. RUTH D02IER 216S. Hervey Phone 942-J As sean in Good Housekeeping and Woman's Home Companion' The missing plane, which was due at 3:30 a. m. (EDT; at Gander and at La Guarclia field here at 6 a.m.. was last heard from about 3:37 a. m. as it was approaching Gander through a 500-foot ceiling. At that time it reported . its fuel supply sufficient lo last until. 10:37 a. m. (EDTi. It had left Brussels night and made a refueling slop al .Shannon airport, before heading oul overthe North Atlantic. H was piloted by Capl. Jean Ester, RAF and Bolgin airforce pilot. Yesterday, the coast guard it received a message from North Atlantic patrol stating an outbound C-54 passenger plane, not otherwise identified .reported seeing wreckage nolhcast of Gander. said the for the plane sighted three wrecks, I Bu t searchers reaching the scone one -'apparently new," but that found the wreckage of a military poor visibility prevented salisl'ac- ' aircraft, lory examination from the air or I Fcrnand J. Martens, American nounced in NEN' York that landing on a lake in the area. The j rcpresontalivc^^of ^ Sabena search plane crew said no sign of'" life was scon near any of the wrecks. Several search parlies, including U. S. Army Parachte Rescue Parly, were being readied to re- anvil piano carried 37 passengers, and a crew of seven, including two stewardesses. Most of Americans The Doyle Homo Demonstration Club met at the homo of Mrs.Or- villc Westfall on September at 2:00 (p.m.. Mooting was called to order j at the regular time. Devotional was road by Mrs. Orvillo Weslfall. Minutes wore read by Mrs. Luther Westfall, song of the month "Coming Through the Rye" was sung. Eight members wore present and throe visitors. Mrs. A. C. Hulsonlcd a discussion on landscaping. The auction sale brought $1.5-1. The surprise gift brought $1.50. Mrs. Dora Pierco showed the club how to treat beans and fruit for weevils. The next meeting will bo at Mrs. S. M. Gammons on testing pressure cooker lids. Lemonade, sandwiches and cookies wore served. o Hinton The Hinton Home Demonstration Club mot Monday afternoon Sop - tmbcr the 9th under the shade tree at Mrs. Edd Blacks. Miss Westbrook mot with us and gave a demonstration on how to store away dried peas and beans for Ihe winter. Suggestions were also meat to keep fresh. She explained how to care for dried fruit during the winter. Miss Westbrook also displayed some useful labor saving devices. They were broom racks knife racks and spice racks. A free will offering was given as the lucky box failed to Kct there. One dollar and fifty cents was sen! books and Club dues. Check sheets in back of book are to be ready to hand in to Vice-president at next regular club meeting. The president at next regular club mooting. The president will have a surprise box at the next meeting. The next regular club meeting will bo the second Monday in November at the home of Mrs. Stella Adams and our demonstration will be on making salads. Everyone is invited to come. Mena Slayer fo Appeal Sentence to Higher Court Little Rock, Sept. 19—l.l'i—Vollie Bill Bates appealed to the Arkansas Supreme Court today from a death sentence imposed in Polk '-•ircuil court for tho murder of Thomas Lee Duan, Mcna xaxi cab driver last Juno 23. Bates was convicted of slaying and robbing Dugan in a wooded section :iear Vandcrvoort. The trial court sot Oct. 19 for his electrocution. Hospital Patients Unharmed in Blaze Portland, Ore., Sept. 19—i/Pi—A j'ire that started in the third :flooi nurses dressing room of the Coffoj Memorial hospital here early today was brought quickly under control and there were ;io injured among the 125 patients. Nurses moved patients in the threatened portions to safety within 10 minutes and there was no eisordcr among other in the lower i'loors. All ether containers in the surgical wing were broken to prevent explosion before the flames wer near ihom. sumo the hunt for the plane today. ' men. 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"Illusion" Half Si/es 1-1V2 to 20V?! No. 1346 $1295 As seen in Vogue MOCCASINS Genuine Moose River moccasins. Come in brown and all sizes. OTHER NF.VV MARTHA MANNING from . . . 7.50 up White Moccasins Haynes Co. «/ Second & Main f- mi

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