Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 18, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 18, 1946
Page 4
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r? ' , OH THIS IS TE(?f?IBLE! NOW, rEERIBLE! NOW. 1 "' "i;-"AFTER READING >v f^ THE T>te WHOLE STORV, }> LETTERS I'll. NEVER KNCwrf PROBABLY ••"' "i COMMITTED Jl STILL IN THE 'MURDER ~^ - "•""' "~~~ L1 SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith ft. . --—' COPH. 1MS OY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. V. S. PAT. OFF COPB. 1Mf BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAt.'OFFi V ">'H' H 43 P f S T A ft, M O P't, A R ; September Ife, By Chick Young IT WAS THE BUTUEQ WHO MURDERED! THE HEIRESS CARNIVAL By Dick Turnen " "I clon't st>e lio\v you figure I'm too young for a inotor- - cycle, dad—it' \ve order one now, I'll be wearing a beard before we Set i' 1 " "Will DDT break un a poker game?" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberaer POP, MISS DARCV .OUR NEW SOCIAL I MMMM — ?r!^^ E TEACHER, THINKS MEN ARF BUT DOES CHUMPS FOR PURSUING- WOJWEN / J CURE ? By Blosser ^, ALWAYS REMEMBER SAVS /F PLAVEO MA£D-TO- THERE'S AN OLD ITi BOYS *A MAM PRETTY SOON WOMEN j SAVING- TMATS PURSUES A WOMAM WOULD DO THE TRUE MOW, AND UNTIL .SHE CATCHES ALWAYS WILL BE.' NOBODY CAN CHANGE try "The pipe I gave him for his birlhdtiy is a bit heavy!" POPEYE Thimble Theater OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople / WAITIM 1 TILL HE GITS TO THAT V .LEVEL PEAIRIE-- > HE'S BOBBIM' UP / AM' DOWM TOO \ MUCH IKJ TH' V ROCKS. WORLD REALLY NAA.CK.1SA .' DO T. HSAE. 50^AE CURIOUS CATS THE DOGS BUM THAT WILDCAT RI6HT OWTO BIG HEAD-- WHV DOM'T VOU SHOOT? WHAT'RE WAITIMCb I'M IM6 IS A iPRltsiGS OUT FRO^A THE BACK OF TH& CHA.IR AND SQUELcues SUCVA AS YOU -~*~. NOW GO AWAY/ 0 00 Pee HftCOR/-^- YMRAT FLOUR =R OPERfcreo SV W\TER POVJER. FRO/A TUB THAT TliRt^S OMER. PROPER. POSITION FOR UPSlOE- Ct\¥LEB t HEROES ARE MAPS -MOT . FOR THE AUDIESiCe VET- OZARK IKE Bv Pay GoHo LOQK.3 BAD,. SKIP/ Q2ARKS. LIMPING/ HEfi FA LUM / IS ROLLIN' TO TH LEFT FIELD CORNER/ ...HOPE NOTHING BROKEN V'lC FLINT THATS RIGHT, VIC. THIS PICTURE OF I.ASH THORN SHOWS THAT HE AMD YORK MELCBOFT THAT'S UST WHAT THOUGHT, TIS. THANHS A LOT. By Michael O'Mailey & Ralph Lane \ x .«tV-.08« ! WW</ ^ if& V.«;n.BV.WWn.pk6 \. ' «fv4<mvrt* w***« I V / \^«^«'"<*A'~' •&&ff'rf& THORN? WtlO'S THAT ? WASH TUBES "HOW DO \1 SEE! SOU COULDN'T HAVE BEEN HERE '/OU 00, MS5 \ FIVE MINUTES, CWTNN... AIS5 3UST LOOK OR\ON. I J WHW VOU'UE NCCCWPUSHED N.READV! WfXS 3UST-/" 4c . ... . ORION! I'f,\ TIRED X, COJAc NOW, O 1 TAKING THE BLftlAEFOR \ CAPTAIN... THOSE KIDS' STUNTS! I'LL THIS \S NAME SOU KNOW I'D HNIE /HftRDlMT.HE PAINTED BETTER STRIPE5/ TlfAE FOR THXN THOSE! A BOASTING/ DONALD DUCK < LISTEN! DON'T YOU E£A>LIZE T. THAT VOWLIN' IS •(DlSTUtJBIM' EVERY c:m-'»'_ij>j_6_tiY_'Nf.A SEHVICF. uc. r. ,. -, .-. u <v IVT HENRY By Carl Anderson ALLEY OOP ^* By V. T- Harnlin \VOTTA WOE WE'RE CSTTIMG, •EB, OH eeOTHSfi.'DINNY HOT ON TH' SCSJJT OF SUMPIM' OZ OTHER.' YEH, BUT HE'3 JUST \ BcFCRe LOSIN' IT... j TH' T2AIL LEADS RIGHT CUT INTO A ;n? y'SK V*yeH,"HiSH ON W CCITTEG. J SLOPS, GOIN' vf. BP^M N I=E *5T!1J ( EH? TH' CCITTEG. J SLOPS, GOIN' HIGH- Wc BE^S \ EE STILL...ODO TEAILIN' ON TH' ) FOS. A PlNOg/Mia OTViEK SIDr?_/S^ T'CLI.MB UP A HILL *icr.7J BOOTS TH3 BEAST l=i DEFINITELY OP t».RI^l5H HliZ ... WITH A KPEK A5 'S TWO.' ajCfrj' «i,)'t'/.-H. BEC. 11. 3 PAT OFF 9' ?'(•• A " v • • ':f>^. ™*" 8YNE* VE'iVlU. INC. OY.O DUD\_tV v-OWA. Of- \T, t'tA. mM%w~- '- WfflL&**& -> tAftt^'. /b^.-r RED RYDER C'cOfK. IMli "^ KfA gf-IIV.Ipt..Jt!C : T^JJJ^ By Fred Harmon SUDDENVf ALICE KORDE!? PRICES HcR BOOT HEELTOOWf^ 50UOLY O,'^ " E FOOT Or HER. CftPTOR--- oti S-epfember HOPE' STAR, HOPS, ARKANSAS ,i fi CLASSIFIED Ads Must Be In Office Day Before Publication Number of One Thrce^Six One® Words Up to 15 10 to 20 21 to 25 20 to 30 ... 31 to 35 ... 3G to 40 ... 41 to 45 .. <G to 50 .. Rates Day Days Days Month .45 ,60 1.50 4.50 .80 1.20 2.00 8.00 .75 .00 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 8.00 .... _ arc for Continuous Insertions Only • All Want Ads Cash in Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 Lost 000 x 10 0 PLY SPARE TIRE. BE- twccn DcAnn and Hope. Return wheel, keep tiro and tube. Return to T. S, McDavilt's office. 17-31 GOLD RIMMED GLASSES IN TAN leather case, downtown. Reward. Return to Hillards Cafe. IB-IH Fair Enough By Weitbrook Pegler Copyright, 19-16 By King Features Syndicate. Hendrix Grid Squad is Largest Conway, Sept. 18—W)—"I never saw anything like it," Ivan Grove, Hendrix college's veteran football coach, exclaimed as he looked over his first squad since 1940 j spent" the night'in o cUivert"some" Imagine-77 boys out jor the, h ' ow assuro them thnt hc is j ncap . I' naU be- ,,U1 0 n t Ihn fnrnnllitni: nf Hin cr1nr% New York,'Sept. 17—Too many of our intelligent citizens arc repeating their old mistake of underestimating Henry Wallace as an amiable, confuse, and harmless political slob whose bang of hair and general appearance of having Help Wanted PART-TIME. JOB FOR BOY IN school. Musi be 1C, and must maintain passing grades to hold job. Apply Hope Star after 3 p.m. 10-31 For Rent 2 OR 3 ROOM APARTMENT. Lights, gas -and water furnished. Mrs. Jane Hualey, Phone H7, Washington, Arkansas. For Sate 1C-3.1 WE WILL DELIVER TO YOUR home without obligation a nice medium size rebuilt and refinished piano. A piano that will look nice in your home and will give many years of service. Prices very reasonable and terms to suit your convenience. Write, wire or phone. This will receive our prompt attention. Little Rock Piano Co. 216 Main St. 11 -71 learn! The mosl we ever fore was 50." Which gives the warriors quantity if nol qualily, for their comeback on the Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference gridiron. But, despite this large turnout, able of the ferocililes of Ihe glory dictatorship in Russia of which he is, in our country, the principal defender. Warning might be i'ound, however, in the examples of Adolf Hitler, and Huey Long, the one with his rumpled rain-coal, Ihe -, ' . * , . , •*; , ' VYIlll IIIO 11U11IJKJV.I IUlll-L.Ut.lLi Lilt Grove doesn t rogtml his boys as; olho[ . in his s ] C pt.j n seersucker and strong contenders in '.he 194b title I bolh with the f ] o pp in g forelock, T'pon Ho nnmt« in 11-in ?!inf <M<i( . . » ... ., race. He points to the fact that virtually all of his hopefuls, regardless; of how good they rn;iy be, are unknowns and are without jirv- ious college experience. Ho also reminds that most olher conference schools fielded teams in 1941 and 194!5, which gives them something of a head start. Grove has only two leltermen, Guards Roscoe Williams and Joe Carmical, bolh of the 1940 team. He hopes lo capitalize on the an- who seemed goofy until their po- sllions were eslablished, whereupon Ihey dropped Ihe pose of selfishness and gol clown lo bloody business. Contempt and ridicule are np- proprialo weapons with which to i destroy some political freaks but 'Wallace has been dragged through these preliminary attacks by his Stalinisl following in and oul of the C. I. O. He stands formidable as SPOBTS ROUNDUP New York. Sept. Ifl —(/T 1 )— The | was a band 1o greet them at the trucking strike that has plage airport. New Yorkers in various ways will have an affect on tonight's heavyweight championship fight...Mike Jacobs couldn't find any way to gel the aluminum supports i'or iho raised ringside sections transported to Yankee stadium so the customers, however many there may be, will have to depend on neck stretching to get a good look One-Minute Sports Page l)ana Bibe, starling his 34 Ih year of coaching, claims this season's Texas squad is the best he ever has had—not Ihe first team bul Ihe whole group....Between Dec. 12 and .Tan. 4, Ihe Bradly I Louis Expected to Easily Take by ' i.hii-v ii,.' " :M..I t victory uvor tii: •.•.ri^ti' 1 cor though unsuccessful challenge,' If tho Bronx invcrn prcpnc 1 . upsc, champion- or even stages a i'.reat iiuht, his performance will be ".sensational :'< i in mo rpfisnns: <U Its unexpectedness. 12) its sharp contrast to buiy Conrio night tjy night, and | '.di its achievement despite the I of a "deformed rifht destructive, chamijion in hop WCIRI 1 i > *. I ' Plntr i ; f)T T. 'nOU ' f \ coimujs boxmg cities will be \ Die ringside tonight, with finger oosscd, hoping that the bout WM not be a btinlceioo. * o ttl fm U. basnelball team will entertain Louis and Tami By JACKUDV | A Mauriello victory or a great i fight would mean not only gold Now York. Scat, 10 —(UP) -Joe j and glory for Tami, but also a Maunllus Texas Aggies. 'South Carolina, St. squain nff '.onight at Yankeer.ta- Writeis who attended Yale's cere- Mary's (California), Stanford, moninl "unveiling 1 of Levi Jackson the other night, agreed that Howie Odell that the most '"1111- Yale-like squad they ever saw and that it will be very hard to Local Pride Item When the Bellinghain (Wash.) Bells won the state semi-pro baseball title, their home town fans needed only 24 hours to raise the Southern California, Texas Christian, Utah State, Harvard and Oklahoma. Maybe that won't put Peoria on the map; but it ought vo put the map on Peoria. No Comeback Dim Hul.son, who has "definitely retired" again this season, and his boss, Curly Lambeau, were discussing football formations at lunch yesterday....Lambetui's pel formation, incidentally, has been $5.000 necd'cd for the team'to fly called the "shiftless .Notre Dame." to Wichita, Kas., for the national! ....An outsider, cut in: "You can't tournament...At Wichita, tho use the basic Lambcau offense any Dells played two games, lost them I more, can you?"....Curly bit; both and were eliminated under "What offense is that?"...."Throw the double defeat system....When | the ball to Hutson and let him they got back to Ecingham, there'run." ale of .surprise—the unknown quai- g? advocate of the extension of vhe ily of his players and a deceptive I Stalin empire with .Communists offense and admits his principal 'ranged behind and around mm on weaknesses are at tackles and cen-! n ' s P, la [ orm '. , chan ,V n ? Damnation l cr I of all the rights that distinguish One of Hendrix's biggest worries I Amori , ( ?an citizenship from Russian at the moment is equipment. Uni-1 nonentity, and four 'Fascist' reforms are available 1'or or-i.y 42lP u "" c< HAVE 210 POUNDS OF GREEN roofing shingles for 3 or 4 houses and man to install. Also some electric materials. First come first served. K. Wilson, Mo. 4 highway, forks Columbus and Washington road. 13-Gt GOOD LESPEDEZA HAY, 5!5c PER bale. SPG. Phone 34-J-12. Hammons. Foy 13-Gt T MODEL FORD, MOTOR IN perfect shape, H new tires, steel beam- lights, 17 plate Willard battery. Drive it. Price $250. 904 West Fourth. IG-Ct men and Grove, • looking forward to future campaigns, doesn't want to turn away any prospects. Delivery of new togs is awaited. The Hendrix schedule: Sept. 28—College of the Ozarks at Conway (C) Oct. 5—Magnolia A. & M. at Magnolia C) Oct. 12—Henderson State Teach- erfs at Conway (C) Ocl .19—Arkansas A. M. at Monlicello (C). Oct. 28—Ouauhila at Arkadelphia (C) Nov. 2—University of the South Sewance )at Conway. Nov. 9 — Southeast Missouri Teachers at Cape Girardcau, Mo. Nov. 15—University of Arkansas "B" team at Conway. Nov. 28—Arkansas Tech at Russellville (C) (C)—Conference game. —o- SIMMON'S ALL-STEEL SINGLE bed mattress and springs, Baby buggy. 1210 West B. 17-31 TWO "GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS Oweeks old Pedigreed. Mother and father dogs brought from Germany in March 1946. Hoytt Archer, Old Highway 29. 8 miles out cif Hope. 17-IH LEICA CAMERA WITH DETACH- ablo range-finder, with Leitz Elmar F-3 pt. 5 lens. Phono 1025-W. 17-31 ONE BOY'S BICYCLE, IN GOOD condition, 1012 Foster Ave. phone 059-W. 17-3t G x 6 x 12 CONCRETE BLOCKS. Immediate delivery; G5 x 150' lot with tile garage building and filling station. K. Wilson. Highway 4, forks Columbus and Wash- A school for winegrowers was Long ago, Wallace expressed contempt for the "Bill of Rights Democracy" of the United States and a yearning for the social, economic and sexual Democracy of Soviet Russia. Like the laje Ray Clapper, who made a hero of him, he doesn't define, much less defend in detail the propositions that he advocates in these vague terms because, like Clapper, he realizes that they cannot stand up in thoughtful debate except in the judgment of those who rather yearn for the disciplined order of dictatorship. The bang, the baggy knees, the moist and drooling lips and the air of eaTneSt stupidity are no more evidence of a warm heart in a politician than a polished appearance and an alert expression. On the contrary, in Wallace's case they introduce a man who speaks kindly of regime which his own Roosevelt, in a moment of unwary honesty, condemned as a Parallel of Cards, Dodgers Win, Standing Remains Same By CARL LUNDQUIST New York, Sept. 18 (UP) —j clothes. SUITABLE REWARD Springfield,'111., Sept 18 —(/P)— Cily Commissioner Harry Eie'lson borrowed a ladder from the fire department next door when he couldn't get into his city hall office because he had left the key al home. Firemen helped their boss climb through a third floor window, but Eielson tore a big hole in the seat of his pants while pulling himself across a nail on the window sill. Manufacturer John W. Jobbs, admiring Eielson's devotion to duty, '.sent him Ihrcc complele suils of ' established at the University of I "itlerlsm under a butcher no less /^,_i!r_...,_ n,- _ ._ _ »v-.^.tj ui. 5 ,,| nnin t)^!ii-i TTillrti' Viim»;nlf T-Tp California 75 years ago. Legal Notice inglon road. 17-Gt BEAUTIFUL NEW FOUR ROOM home. Priced $3,250. See Lum Rateliff, 518 Wcsl Division, Phone 979-W. 18-3t POINTER PUPS. SEVEN WEEKS old. Telephone 4G9-W. 18-3t TWO LOTS 100 x 142 ON EAST 13th Street Price $800.00 Floyd Porlerfield. 18-3t NICE FIVE ROOM HOUSE. BATH, built in featured, back porch, lot and half on East 14th. Street Price $5,500.00. Floyd Porlerfield. 18-31 For Sale or Trade GOOD 1941 FORD SEDAN, CLEAN upholslry. Good jriotor Esso Ser- Phone 10-6t vice Station, Emmet Prescott 824-F-4. FOR—Dependable and Quick • PLUMBING SERVICE • PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too Smart • ANDERSON BROS, • PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 38 SUBMITTED BY FIFTY-FIFTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE AND HOUSE' OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS, a majority of all the members elected to each House agreeing thereto: That the following is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, and upon being submitted to the electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and Senators, if a majority of the electors voting thereon, at such an election, adopt such amendment, the same shall become a part »f the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, to wit: SECTION 1. That Amendment No. 3 of the Constitution of the Stale o£ Arkansas be amended to read as follows: The county courts of the State in their respective counties together with a majority of the justices of the peace of such county, in addition to the amount of county tax allowed lo be levied, shall have the power lo levy not exceeding ten mills on the dollar on all taxable property of their respective counties, which shall be known as the county road tax, and when collected shall be used in the re- speclive counlies for the purpose of making and repairing public roads and bridges of the respective counties, and for no other purpose, and shall be collected in United States currency or county warrants legally drawn on such road tax fund if a majority of the qualified electors of such county shall have voted public road tax at the general election for State and county officers preceding such levy at such election. Filed in the office of Secretary of Slate on the-20th day of March, salanic than. Hitler himself. He commends a syslem of drones and serfs, rulers and the ruled, under which millions have died for political error, including the heretical belief in private property, and lo- day millions of slaves are vn::ished from Europe. By sexual Democracy, he seems.to mean a system .11 which the women are rescued from Ihe slavery of the civilized home and chained to jobs at physical labor under slale control. Wallace, in his latest and most ominous demonslralion. at Madison Square Garden, in the .company of eminent advocates of the Stalin e.mpire, proposed a division of the world into three zones of influence, Russian, Chinese and American, with the Brilish elecled lo a junior partnership in the American empire. He resented the exercise by the Uniled Slales of any inleresl in Stalin's empire but neither in this address, under the appropriate auspices of Ihe citizens' political action commillee, nor in any pasl utterance, has Wallace ob jected to the interference in the domestic affairs of the Unitec Slales of Ihe very Stalinists who constitute most of his own follow ing. That interference has causet strikes in American industry, un der general instructions from Moscow, which have brought the nation dangerously close to destitution and revolution. It contrived the penetration of Slalinisls inlo Ihe American Slate Department and the Departments of Agriculture and Commerce under hi« own administrations and the selection of olher traitors Jor commissions in the armed services in the war, II was admilted in 1934 when There's still plenty of gas Jn the old "Gas-House-Gang and it's all high octane. That was the latest word today on the St. Louis Cardinals, who moved on to Boslon in ihe gruel- ling stretch drive for the National League pennant, still two big games ahead of the Brooklyn Dodgers. .Whether the Cardinals "run out if gas' before they reach the 'promised land remains to be :een, but they appeared to have enough to fuel a bevy of B-29s in treaking past the Giants, 10 to 2 yesterday. They were a spirited, carefree, ot both on and off the field as landsome Howie Pollet scored his !0th viclory lo become ihe iirsl Mational League southpaw to reach .hat mark in one season since Carl lubbell and Cliff Melton did it .ogether wilh the 1937 Giants. The fire-power was provided by Stan Musial, Enos Slaughter and Marty Marion wilh home runs, while on the field George Kurow ski and Al Schocndienst applied the defensive brakes with sparkling plays that cut off Giant threats. Schoondienst, wilh no regard J'oi the clubs laundry bill, dived headlong into the dirt for a low linei by Mickey Witek near second base to contribute one of the outstanding' inl'ield plays ot the seaman. The Cards, who made 11 hits. also took advantage of eight walks to pad their score. Slaughter, who drove in five runs, ran his tola" for the season ip 124, making him tops in the majors. Pollet, who had held New York scoreless for 24 innings, tired ii the hot sun and after Willarc Marshall broke the spell with a sixth inning homer, ihe Giants hits him wilh regularity, gelling 11 safi blows altogether. The Dodgers got in the last word in their <feud with the Cubs, beatinj them 4 to 2at Brooklyn as th teams woul up 1946 hostilities wit 11 victories apiece. Three runs ii Baltimore 8. Manchester, N. H. — Buddy 'ayes, 123, Boston, outpointed enny.May, 128, Montreal (10). New York Park Arena)— Wile Bellram, 135, New York, nocked oul Al Vicloria, 135, New "ork (8). Jersey Cily, N. J. —Vince Fra- elo, 159, Macintosh, N. J.. stopped rish Jimmy Mulligan, 162 1-2, Boson (7). clium for a world hcavyweis.t title .tight that could give pnfes- sioniil boxing a tremendous bost H all depends upon 23-yeu.old or another staggering sotbacl- II all depends upon 23-yeaiold Miiunello, Ihe stocky, bick- arcd Bronx .Italian who is the first challenger '-o face Louis ,'nce the 82.000,000 Billy Conn catatro- phe in June. The U. S. weather bureau jre- dicled ".tail 1 and mild wealhot for the outdoor event. Promoter Mike Jacobs expels a comparatively small crowd of about 30,000 to provide a :mdest gate of $300,000, for this Jightlj regarded conlesl in which Tair,' is given virtually no chance of victory. Mauriellos lack of support is reflected in tho belting Dices which favor Louis al' 9-1 .to vin, at 4-1 to rcorc a knockout, and at G-5 to stop Tami within five rounds. Because ho is such a lop-sded underdog, Mauriello has perlaps tne mosc magnificent opportunity in ring history to become an in- lernalional sports hero in a few turbulent minutes. He could do NOTICE PICTURES FRAMED NICE SELECTION OF NEW MOULDINGS CLYDE FRITZ PHone 399 AVENUE B GROCERY "snot in Ihe arm lor the entire light game. Big-time boxing needs a potent stimulant right now, for the public has regarded H with repugnance Louis-Conn let down. since the terrific Baseball Scores By The Associated Press National League St. Louis 10; New York,2. Brooklyn 4; Chicago 2. Boslon 8; Cincinnati 2. (Only games scheduled). American League ' Detroit G; Washington 4.'j Only game scheduled). Southern AsEocition Semi-Final. Playoffs New Orleans B;,Atlanta 1 (series tied. 3-a.ll). Mauriello has nothing to-lose in . Chattanooga 4; Memphis 0 Mem- lomghls brawl, :for virtually nolh- on is ] eac j s 3.53 ing is expecled'of" him. But box- >' ' ing has much to lose. If lie is ' blasted lo the canvas immediate-1 Kentucky has a'Zag, North fja' ly, or if he is £iven a one-sided, kola a Zap and West,,Virginia a i bloody battering, another storm of I Nat among-their town's". protesl will follow the bout. De spile the challengers -previous!' record, critics will shout that a youngster with a deformed ankle —a "semi-cripple—• never should have been matched with-the most! TEN FINGERS ARE NOT ENOUGH to relieve dry itchy scalp, but you can got real relief with Moroliiie Hair Tonic. Helpa remove loose dandruff flakes. MO-IOLINE HAIR TONIC REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R Mrs. Claude Whitehurst Representative for Mutual Benefit Health & Accident Association United Benefit Life Insurance Company Omaha, Nebraska Phone 952-J 1013 West 5th St. Roosevelt gave Russia recognition in a trealy diplomalic by which William R, Hemdon Photographer First National Bank Bldg. Second Floor PHONE 493 or 114-J PORTRAITS Commercial and Advertising PHOTO COPIES Discharges - Legal Documents 24 Hour Service 1945. Wilness my hand and seal of office on this the 25th day of February, 1946. C. G. HALL, Secretary of State May 8, 15, 22, 29, June 5, 12, 19, 26, July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, Aug. 7, 14, 21, 28, Sept. 4, 11, 18, 25, Oct. 2, 9, 16. 23. 30. MONUMENTS Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR. Phone 5 or 56 Representative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO. Little Rock, Shreveport Texarkana Get Ready FOR FALL By having your winter garments cleaned and pressed. We Pick Up and Deliver "Plenty of Parking Space" Cleaners HALL'S Hatters HUGHS. HALL, Owner 208 N. Ferguson Phone 76 Stalin explicitly agreed to desist, a promise which, as Wallace knows, was honored only in the beach. It is too late to wonder how Wallace, with his own personal record, could have risen to his present position among a people who have ways maintained a high degree of nationalistic patriotism and who pilloried Jack Dempscy because he didn't put on a uniform, even the tawdry regi- menlals of a boxing instructor in the first great war. He has done it and that is a fact. The American veterans dpnimit- tee invited him to speak at its convention in Des Moincs, the very city in which, 29 years ago, al Ihe age of 29, being the son of a rich father, he sat out fhe war in the guise of a highly specialized expert of a necessary industrial enter- arise, to wit a commercial farm publication, owned by his family in the second war, having lost the vice-presidenial nomination to Harry Truman, hc became unem ployed on inaugurationday bu didn't even take a job in a wai plant although Paul McNutt wai beating the sada-foundations am shoe-shine parlors for manpower. Even thoughtful of the common man who did the fighting or left home to build ships and contribute through his union to the Roosevelt campaign fund, Wallace held himself above the common man's obligations, however, and sut out the interim until Roosevelt fired Jesse Jones, who had squared Elliott's slimony debt, and gave the job to Henry. Even his nomination to the vice- presidency, the only elective office he ever held, was a gift from his patron, .Roosevelt, which , incidentally, , brought the sweaty humanitarians up roaring their contempt in Chicago in 1940. Mrs. the margin the needed :°or his 12th" 'ictory, although he needed help rom Vic Lombardiin 'the seventh vhen Chicago pill over its second un and had the tying tallies on jase. Walker alos drove in a later •un with a single and scored him- elf on Ed Stevens single which A'ound up the first inning rally. The Dodgers now face the se- enlh place Pirates in a three- game aeries with a double header today and a single game lo- mrrow. The Braves moved to within a _ame of the. third place Cubs with an 8 to 2 victory over Cincinnati at Boston. Veteran Silas 'Johnson scored his sixth victory while Johnny Hopp, with a homer and a single, batted in three runs to lead the allack. Hank Greenberg hit his 3£Hh liomer lo move inlo a ue wilh TED Williams for Ihe major league iead as Ihe Tigers defeated 'Washington, G to 4 al Detroit. Greenberg drove in four runs to bring his total to 114. Sherry Robertson, who incidentally is a port-side hitter, got a Washington homer. There were jio other games scheduled. BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing Phone 259 Heating Hope, Ark. COMPLETE RADBO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main Fights Last Night By United Press London— Bruce Woodcock, 192, Doncaster, Eng., (Brilish heavyweight champion) stopped Gus Lesnevich, 19 11-2, Cliffsido, N. J., (world light heavyweight champion), 8. (Non title). Halifax, N. S. — Al Evans, 146, Newport, R. I., and Bill Tordig- j lione, 147, Boston bout ruled no contest after two ' ounds and purses donated to charity. Milwaukee, Wis. — Charley Par- liam, 147, Milwaukee, outpointed Artie Brown, 150, Chicago, (lOi. San Antonio, Tex. —Ben Johnson, 170, Houston, Tex., Knocked out Lotario Ramirez, 189, Mexico • '' ••' "' 'J > ¥ •! Silver and Gold All Styles EYLFTS all colors RHINESTONES Buttons — Belts — Buckles Mail Orders Invited Mrs. H. W, Hatcher 309 E. Second Hope, Ark Phone 407-J Frances Perkins writes in memoirs that Roosevelt, not her the convention, picked Henry, and in un off-handed way phone. "Yes," she tells on the tele- us Roosevelt said, "it's Wallace, I guess. Yes, it will be Wallace. I think I'll stick to that.' Such was the improvement of the party of humanity on the old sordid process of the evil denizens of the smoke-filled room, City, (6). Hartlord, Conn. 129 1-2, Hartford Willie Pep, world featherweight champion i stopped Maurice (Lefty) LaChance, 13G 1-2, Lewiston, e. 3. (Non title). Salem, Mass. — Tommy C!reb, 135, Boston, outpointed Tommy (Red) Wells. 132, Manchester, N.H. 10). New York (Broadway Arena) — Maxie Shapiro, 135 ,New York, outpointed Al Pennine, 129 1-4, Brooklyn (6). Elizabeth, N. J. — Harry Preston, 144 1-2, New York, outpointed Oscar Suggs, 154, Newport, R. 1. (6). New York Croke Purk)~- Phil Palmer, 144, Vancouver, B. C., outpointed Tommy Marra, 148. New York (8). New Haven, Conn. — Billy Walker, 160, Saybrook, Conn., outpoint- ed Charley (Kyo) Cluuie 164, YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too —ALL WORK GUARANTEED One day service- in town — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere Bargains In Secondhand Furniture Phone 152 411 S. Hotel Sewing Machines Call us for guaranteed Repair work on all makes machines. 23 Years Experience We cover buttons, make button holes and do hemstitching. We buy, sell and exchange machines. C. W. YANCEY Singer Dlst. >13 S. 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