Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 16, 1946 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 16, 1946
Page 3
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f?|pi WA^-gsWi' t * V 1" f f ;:• '•' M»**k.'i-^Hf««*j Jlt,-!-.*-^ fc~->«.*™*f *(*O fV ( o „*** HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Monday/ September 16, 1946 Sepictnbfer U, H Q P E S T A n, HOPE, ARKANSAS By Chick Young I PONT KNOW ,. WHETHER TO USE , > LANDSCAPES OR ^ l (( PHOTOGRAPHS Cop* 1*M. K' y _T'J OZARK IKE By Ray GoHo IM HEARTBROKEN, TOO. OZARK... MISTUH SKELLEY. (Pt/^T & VOU JU'ST SAVED THIS GAME FOR US, .^^ BY DRIVING- / ...NOW ACROSS TH' -wrf CATCH YOUH TYING-RUNS... y \ BREATH AND GET 1M TO LEFT. PI ELD/ 1f?Wl! Xp, ^ Xp; »*;,.--*" l • -^.£^ n •"i (l 'xi" .£$* «'*/!' oca er®0*sa! Phone 788 Batw OTn 9 «. m. and 4 p. m. Social Calendar ^V.Wctlncstlny September 18 The tJrookwrmd I'.T.A. will moot Wednesday jiftenioon at thvpo o'clock at llu- school. A full aitoiul- tmce is Hi-god. Tho Pnisloy P.T.A. will moot Wcdncsdfiy afternoon nl three o'clock nt the school! Miss Beryl Henry will hi- guest speaker. The Executive committee will moot at 2:30 preceding the regular mcel- SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith CARNIVAL By Dick turner VIC FLINT By Michael O'Mollcy & Ralph Lane SO MEICROFT PULLED A FAKE I'M LEAVING, MV TWO MEN WERE QUESTIONING! GUARD MISTRAL'S, HIM, EH? A NEAT TRICK. BUT HE'S OUR MAN, GROWL. THE MISSING HALF OF THIS CLIPPING WILL PROVE IT. kis; BODY, THE OTHER AT THE GATE. YOU COME WITH ME. II LET M6 OFF HERE, FLINT. I'LL WATCH THE BACK Of NUGGET II LL IN CASE ANYONE TRIES TO SNEAM OUT. YOU PHONE HEAD- v QUARTERS FOR MORE k. MEN. ~n-. 8 called headqiievters. Then! called a newspaper friend of mine. r CHECK V3UR MOSGOf, OTIS, AND SEE \YI». YOU HAVS OIJ NX3BK . norr AND A ' HAf/ED LASH U HANG ON. / iJJeanwhile, bach at Nugget Hill,the cunning Twilight saw his opportunity. THI5M LintE CtlPPlUG MEftNS I'VE GOT 01.0 MFICROFT OVER THE BARBEL. AND (///C) GLINT AND FROWl HAVE GONE. SO —^ ''tASH T,VO»w7^ LASH TNORtf? come UP ftsfn:.' Delaney. Elliott' ' . %' Marriage Announced. Mi-, and Mrs. L. B. Delaney of .this city nnnaunce the murn;i<'G \n their tliuiHhtei-, Llllinn to Riim- oge lOlliotl, son of Mr. and Mrs. Luthor Elliot ot Nashvillu, Arkansas. The miin-lngu was .solcnini/- (Hl on Snturday evening at eiKhl o'clock at the homo oC the ofl'lci- ntinif minister, Reverend D. O. Silvey. Attcnrlanls at the wedding were; Miss Bonnie Dyer and Mr. Jim Jamison ot Nashville. Arkansas , .and Miss Norma Jean Ha/./.ard and A»Mr. Cecil IDelaney of this city. Tho bride wore a yrey jjabar- rlene suit with black accessories rind her flower.-: were a coriaue or while tuhf i-rises. The bride and f;rnom left following the ceremonv for Nashville where they will make Iheir home. Mrs. R. V. Hcrndon, Jr., HostOes to Executive Committee P.T.A. The 'Kx.ociilne ComrnlUo of (he Brookwood I 1 . 'I'. A. mcl Friday nflernnc.n at the homo, of the presi- , iflen, Mrs. It. V. llerndon, Jr.. for the puipose of making plans for the new school year. Following 'the moelint; the hosf- ess served a delightful dessert plate. Pegs Tfcraa Coming ancT Li Mrs. Paul Haley and daughter Paula have returned from a visit with Mrs. Haley's parents. Mr. and. Mrs. Jim Ponder at Doniphan- Missouri. WASH TUBBS ^i# ! "COPB. 194S BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF.' - ----- <?-/t v TOO SAD WE. ORION DIDN'T TELL A.NWONE WHERE HE PLANNED TO SEARCH FOR CWCORRO'S RUINS THIS TIWE-! SES...HE LEFT AT ONCE AFTER PICKING UP SOME ClUE NEAR UIUAGE. HE ALWAY; SAID IT WOULD BE FOUND IN THE SHEER WALLS Or A VERY DEEP CASION...PERHAFS; IN SAN 3l)A! REGION). BUT SURELY ALL THOSE CANONS HAVS BEEN EXPLORED AMD FLOWN 0\|ER SH S0,\\=- DR.WE3BEPs'5 ACDRcSS! x ^/ FA By Leslie Turnei 1 i cAsfsEE: TGOSH AMIGHTVTTHE TUBBS "] 1 VOU DO NOr ( TWINS ARE PAINTING TK5 PRO- ' KNOW THW VFESSOR'S VERANDA POSTS LIKE J 3 BARBER POLES! ;—-.— \ __.—••* I ' REGION, MsP THERE ARE OTHERS THAT- DONALD DUCK C, IHfc. lV7T~HF.(.i. U. ii. PAI. l)H'.-^S= By V/c!fr Disney // Does Your Back Gel Tired?, A SPENCER will relieve Lack- fatigue—give you restful posture. MRS. RUTH DOZIER 216 S. Hervey Phone 942-J ' "Now this model conies complete with a built-in ice bag for the morning after!" "Ah-er, isn't it about time for your father to come down and ask if I don't knowjwhat time it is?:' ""FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberaer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser WRECK. ANO LARD Mt\DE Th'E" 'MISTAKE OF WHISTLING AT THEIR. SOCIAL SCIENCE TSACHe.' ' f , BEFORE Ttf£Y WELL,LETS see WHAT , THHCO^EMMED THE WARDEN HAS T<=> SAY/ SO'. YOU WERE SOIN 1 TO ) 7 NODE MUSIC s ( LESSON, HUH r OKA.Y, NOW VOU CA.N GO TO • / YOUK MUSIC LESSON 1 ?fWiS%^r^ HENRY By Ccri Anderson , DON'T -LOOK, so SUBDUED, j 6CWS / SIT DOWN-I WANT ' YOU TO FORGET I'M A 1 TEACHER—TMIMK OF ME I AS YOUR. FRIEMr ^1^ '* "He's certainly a stickler for comfort while he works'." . 10JO i?y HEA seRvicc, inc We- TRIED TMAT-, YPAM-'-WE'RE OM AMD LOOK WHAT < THE! FACULTY HAPPEMED TO US / i (2.0CKPIL.E/ HENRY -YOU'VE HUNG THE PICTURE TOO LOW/ ^ MOW ITS TOO I-IIGM - DEAR c^fsi— p AHoerboN - Now ® Tuesday i STANWYCK 'feobert 'CD mm IMS Miss Martha Ann Atkins left Saturday for Dcnton, Texas whero she will enter Texas Stale College for Women. She was accompaincd to Denlon by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Atkins who spent the week cn'd there. ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards, III., Sepl. 10 —U?)— Hogs, .7i50; 430 salable ho«s in early; all weights slaughtev barrows and gills, sows and stags 1G.20; boar:: ir>.00-lG.'.>0; lecclers 120 Ibs clown 18.00'. Callle, 3.000; calves, 1,i>00: some ctnly sales ot sll-ers at 1OS-1C.OO on f peeler 'accounts: heifer and butcher yearlings good to low choice litfhl weights ' 18.00-19.00; common and medium heifers and mixed yearlings around 10.00-14.00; 'medium and good cows on outside accounts slcncly at 11.00-14.00; medium and good bulls 11.00-13.25: odd head 1H.40: vealers 50 cents higher, choice 19.50; medium and good largely Ki.5n-18.2r): nominal vange slaughter steers' 10.50-20.15; slaughter -heifers 9.50-20.15;- stocker ,-nid fcodc-r steers 10.00-17.00. Sheep. .'2,^.00; about 1,500 saltibo elwarly; lev.' sales spring lambs upward to If.00, but not enough 'lone to .definitely establish market; no early bid.su n packer accounts, asking stronger on slaughter ewes. GRAIN AMD PROVISION Chicago, Sept. Hi —(/HI — Grains moved indecisively within a narrow Mrs. Shirley Hobins of Ozan was a Hope visitor on Saturday. Mr. John Asher Hudson of Emmet left Sunday for Fayelleville where he will begin his Sophmorc year at the University of Arkansas. Mrs. Charles Wilson. Mrs. L ft Foster and Mrs. Glenn Williams motored to ArkaCelphla Sunday where they visited Miss Eli/abr-lh Wilson and Miss Sophia Williams who are students at Henderson State Teachers College. Hospitals Notes Friends of Mrs. Bryon Andres will be pleased to learn that she is reported as doing nicely today (follow'ing a tonsil operuiior. a'l Julia Chester Hospital. it was announced that the. local of- lice of the commodity credit corporation purchu.-;r-d 3,000.000 bushels of wheat over the week-end for delivery from the last halt of Oc- lobor through ,the first half of Dec- cfnbc'r.' Corn displayed comparative strength after a weaker opening when a leading processing firm entered Ihe I'iiturcs market. Visible supply was down 1.899.000 bushels to 7,544,000'bushels. In oats ihoro svas some selling of September against pul;chascs of more distant months. Wheat closed unchanged to 3-4 higher. January $1.97, coir- was 5-8-H-4, higher. Jnmiary $1.33 5-8. and oats were 1-4 lower to 3-" higher, .September 78 5-8-1-2. March barley .;old at $1.41, up 5-8. Wheat was steady today; receipts 08 cars. Corn was one to two ccuits higher; bookings ao.nOO bushels;' receipts 99 cars, irregular; receipts .104 Oats were cars: POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chit-ago, Sept. 10 — (/?i — Live poultry i'irm; receipts 19 trucks, cars) fob prices! fowl 33 cents: price range today. Lower at the roosters, fryers, and broilers start, t they advanced, above the 40; 'leghorn fowl 28; old roosters previous close shortly after mid- 22-23:- fob wholesale market: day and then started to turn down-1 ducklings 31; heavy young ducky ward again. J25j light farm diicks 'in. home buying entered wheat when • Butter, firm; receipts (two days) 74:1,32-1; n:l ncore an 70.25-70.5: 02 a V:i: !)0 b 74; 110 r 72.5. DILI'S I'irm; receipts ftwo days) 11.77:;; U. S. extra:; No. 1 and 2 ;>l-->-l; I.I. S. extras No. 3 '>ul 4 •l.'i--tr>; U. S. stnndai-ds No. 1 and 2 43.5; U. S. standards No. 3 and 41-13; current receipts 41-43; dirties :C.. r >.;i(!; checks 33.. r) -3. 1 5. NEW YORK COTTON New York, Sepl. Hi —(/IV-• Cotton futures moved higher in light trading today after displ.v.-ing early backwardness. !\lill and replacement commission house buying wns attributed to expectation:; of large sales of 'rxtile goods. w.hen new ceilings prices ,to cover wage increases, are announced . by the OPA. This action was expected shortly.' In early dealings the market at one lime dipped as much us 73 cents a bale below the previous close on hedge selling against the movement of the new crop with u fair amount of .such offerings coming from Texas. Late: afternoon prices were 2"> lo <!••) cents a bale higher. Oct. 30.85, JJcc. 36.72. Mch. 30,45. The cotton market, turned reactionary in late dealings iod;-..v on light hedgin.i and profit taking, with some deliveries moving into new low ground inr ihe clay. I Futures closed 20 cents a bale 'higher to 90 cents lower. Oct. high 36.90 — low 36.G7 — last . 8C.HO up 4 ..Dec high 30.77 — low 36153 — last 3C.(jO-(i2 unt-h off 2 I Mch high 36.47 — low 36.25 — last •3G.29-31 oft 4-0 May high 3G.20 — low 35.94 — last 35.97 off 111 Army Has Nothing to Conceal Says Gen. McNarney Frankfurt. Germany, Sepl. 10 —(/IV--Grnl Joseph T. McHarnoy said today the army would \yci- comr» i an investigation of its occupational activities jn Germany. "We have nothing to conceal and we are anxious !o—and do—correct promptly any errors made." :-::iid 'ha commander of United Stales forces. McNiimey's statement was prompted by recent nenatorial de- low 35.30 — last .I!y high 3f).72 3.1.4!) off 1 Oci high :i3..'iO — low 33.1 2 33.12-13 off 17-18 Middling spot .T7.32N off 8 N-nomi'nal. last DOROTHY DIX Now © Tuesday DEAR MISS DIX: My daughter is )!)• and has a very fine education, but she insists upon doing a man's job, instead of being a secretary or school teacher, or something like thai. The fact is thai she has a strong mechanical talent and can fix anything about the house or the car that goes wrong, but I am disappointed because she will not lake up some kind of work that will be helpful to her in the future. ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlin POPEYE Thimble Theater > HU5BIN65 AN 1 WIPES GETS UP JUST PURE WATER FP01 THE DEEP WELLS OF ~j s~* T UEN f (ANOTHER ' v -— PAQE ^THERE'S A BANKER LOANING) WILL WATER __ PERSINC5 ON ^ SEEM-; T'ME car's BEEN GONE AN /-/ F TH=M ^-^ THESE ANVHJU LCNG /CSO-M/\3S R5'JMO\ TKOUBU5D TIMS.,., D'VA HSK BEFOSK KEL ] DW5, WITH SUPPOSE HE'S H\VIN' TROU3LE S FINDlC-i' \^OCOL.M.X'f y^/---;. DID, THi=Y'e= ALL MA.VIN' TBO'JBLE.' J: /?oV^t *• PALAC, 1 ALLEY OOPS OLD HOMELAND BBING THE STBANSE, RUTHLESS CEO- MAGNON MEN j^I'LL FIX THIS N ( CLOWN V.'riEN H= i UNTIES M v MXNDSf > I'LL SrOOT HIM so V FULL O~ HOLES (HE'LL LOO*. LIKE V A SIEVE; ,-- ' N -^x ( HERE. WE A«E...SAFELY { GOOD S ACROSS- AND NO l < HEAVENS, 'V DiV,A£E DCNE.' / \ DO TO MY •''" " J 'A :'••'.. *•'•')/ :'• '•'••"I'teS&.V*-^//.... i •; Announcement Ivy Sutton is now employed at Archer Motor Co., as a mechanic, and invites his friends and customers to call on him here. BOOTS By Edgar Martin OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople _ GODS.' I TOLD HIM \ ( SUP IM TO STEP BACl-i, AMD^EE ^\ V "THI-3 IF OUR. SLIPS 'WERE SHOW- \ ? STORE, V : ' \\ IMG. AND HE'5 MAKIH& A j \ QUICK.'/' GEOGR-APHiC SURVEY OF IT.' \;-\N ¥'^ & WHV MOTHER.S GET E6AD.' THIS IS THE STj?AVJ TKAOT TO SATrte. 3A^e v s I'M THE TUB -~~ x L00\< FOR A <5l4\RT OMLV TO L£fXRM HE „< HAS FIUCAED IT, AMD MOW THiS/ MV A CIGARS/— THE rtCWTOOR E^PJ V .^ A H/MJt^TED I-\OOSE.' -^-^H/XVi .'; I HP%^n_ // v-i-mv.^, tUE PATIEI^C£ OF COB, BLiT I Cftsi <A CLANiG/ BE GOADED OMUV GO FAR/ —TKE BELL pvC T'LL — CLAM6S FOR ACTION: /MOlDER / ^^ / (BUM.' < NOT RED RYDER By Fred Harman ;T£r.Df-' 'DO^'T rV\KE A ^ 3VE WiTrt THAT GUrV J Place Your Order Now For and If you place your order today we can get -your items in time for the Ro- deo and Livestock Show. • Hats • Boots ® Saddie Pants ® Gay Shirts MONTGOMERY CATALOGUE OFFICE 212 S. Main Phone 1080 She wants me to allow her to go to a school where she can get a fine, mechanical training. Do you think I should let her go? And whore should I send her'' PUZZLED MOTHER ANSWER: When children show a definite ability in any line, their parents make a terrible mistake when they do not let them follow their bent. It is like putting out Ihe fire on an altar when you do not let them do tho Ihings thai Nature intended them to do and in which they would be happy and successful. Most of the failures in the world arc the men and women who were square pegs that their misguided families tried lo force into round holes, where Ihey never could be made to fit. No Sex in Talents Surely the war must have shown you that there is no sex in brains and talenls, nor any women's work or men's work. Tho job belongs lo the one who can best do it, whether male or female. Thousands of the most skillful and highly-paid workers in all of the war plants have been women, and in many jobs they have been even more efficient than men by reason of their smaller hands and more nimble fingers. No knowledge or skill is ever wasted, so you needn't svorry about Births Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pritcholl announce the arrival of a daughter, born Friday September 13 af Julia Chester Hospital. ACTS ON IHE KIDNEYS To increase flow of urine and relieve irritatbn of the bladder from excess acidity in the urine Are you suffering unnecessary distress, Lmcknchc, run-down 'fueling and discomfort h-oin excess acidity In the urine? Arc you disturbed nights hy a frequent desiru lo pass water? Then you should Itnow nhout that famous doctor's discovery—. DU. KILMER'S SWAMP ROOT —that thousands say elves blessed relief. Swamp Root is a carefully blended combination of 16 herbs, roots, vegetables, balsams. Dr. Kilmer's is not harsh or habit-forming in any way. Many say its marvelous effect U amazing. All druggists sell Swamp Root. your daughter's mechanical train- inn being of no value in case she should marry. I can't think of anything that would be handier to have.about the house than a wife who could put in a new fuse when the old one burned out, or fix a leak 4 j« the bathroom v or drive a nail without smashing- a hole in the wall. And if she qould change I ires on the car, oh boy what a treasure! ; &o give your daughter the mechanical training that she wants. She Will be one of the pioneers of her sex, lor mere is no doubt that in this coming generation women electricians and architects and carpenters will be just as common as are women doctors and. dentists. Thank heaven, there are good trade schools in every city now. DEAR MISS DIX: I am tho father of three children who are in my care, as I am divorced from their mother. I am in love with a girl who says she loves me, but she seems to be afraid of the children. I don't wonder at ' that. I know that a girl is taking a big chance who marries a man with children. What should we do? P. C. ANSWER: It depends upon how old and mature the girl is and. most of all, upon how" much sense she has. It takes a lot of intelligence and patience to deal with even one's own children where there is the bond of mother love to' compensate for all the trouble youngsters giyo, and I am afraid that no young girl has that. Also, I am afraid that if you married this young girl she would make you very unhappy if you saw her mistreating your helpless little ones. Certainly they have had bad luck in having a mother who deserted them. It would be too much if they had a cruel stepmother. Your position forces you to bs more careful in selecting a wife than you would be if you did not have the children. DEAR DOROTHY DIX: The boV I go with told me that I was mil a girl to take seriously. What does that mean? B. C. ANSWER: Well, tt might mean either of two things. One is that lie thinks you are one nf the girls who is frivolous and just in for a good time and who has no real purpose in life, except to amuse herself. ' The other meaning may be thai he is just serving notice on you that he is having a good time dancing around with you, and that his attentions are without any intentions. (Released by the Bell Syndicate, Inc. l BET I'M G-OINGTO BE READY FOR THE /EAR'S ^GREATEST FOOD EVENT j NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans, Sept. Ifi —W)— Cotton futures closed steady 10 '10 f)0 eeiits a bale higher. Oct hiRli 36.80 — low 30.00 — close 30.72 up 10 Dec high 30.70 — low 30.51 — close 30.53 up 4 Mch high 36.48 — low 3G.21 — close I-.0.20 up 3 May hif'h 36.11) — low 3. r >.n2 — close 3. r i.flf,-G7 up 2 Jly high 35-.r>5 — low 3ii.33 — close 35.38 up 5 Spot cotton closed steady 50 cents a 'bale lower. Sales 4.044. Low middling 31.,-iO, middling 3fi.G5. good middling 37.03, receipts 3,149; stocks 203,959. Copyright 1940 by NEA Service By ALICE M. LAVESICK XXV "So you're a follower of Florence Nightingale?" he said "a noble profession, indeed. I might even add the noblest profession for a woman." Before I could answer, Ellen was back again with whiskey and hot water, which Colin received wi t h delighted thanks, suggesting that wu join him in a toast. But he was still shivering and Cousin Ellen hovered about anxiously, begging him to take care ol Himself. I was suddenly furious. Ellen was a poor, half-sick woman herself and should be in bed, instead of worrying over him, and he was a stubborn fool. And I was no longer just little Celia who helped out in the kitchen. I was a graduate nurse with quite a bit of nursing experience and I was not going to stand weakly by while Ellen took cold ugai'n and Colin laughingly developed pneumonia. "Go back to bed at once, Elian," I said with such unheard-of, note of authority in my voice that, startled, she obeyed me. And carried away by my success with Ellen, I dared speak to Colin with the saine note of authority "You're going to get out of those clothes and into dry ones " 1 told him. "And 1' going to lake your temperature," "By heaven," he said- "you've got plenty of spirit, haven't you? How I love a woman with spirit!" He came to ward me. "I can't believe it. Little Saint Cecelia!" I did not answer him. 1 got my thermometer and, surprisingly enough, he let me take his •temperature, though he continued to treat it all as a huge joke'. He had move than a touch of fever as I had feared, but when I ordered him to bed, lie laughed again. And then taking me suddenly in his arms, he kissed me. I slapped him, hard. I uid not say, "How dare you?" (Does anyone really s.ay that, I wonder?) But I did slap him, and he was delighted. Ho kissed me again. And all at once his arms loosed their hold on me. He staggered over to the big leather chair and fell into it, breathing heavily. And the next moment he was lying across the chair arm. unconscious. I stood i-.taring at him stupidly for a moment, my heart beating madly, my lips still warm from his kisses. Then, thoroughly aroused and horrified, I Hew up ihe stairs to waken Mark. It took me a little while to make him understand what had happened he had been so deeply asleep and lie had heard nothing, but when he finally realized what I was trying to tell him, he came' down at once. And between us we got Colin to bed. 1 was reminded sharply of that night five years ago. as'we went up the stairs, and I imagined that Mark was also. He was quite alarmed, however at Colin 1 s condition now. There wrts no doubt in our minds that Colin must have been exposed to the storm for several hours By the time we got him to bed, with plenty (if blankets over him, he was delirious and Mark left me to call the doctor. And then , to to our consternation and true to Ellen's prediction, .we found that we were cut off from town. The wires were down and we had no way of contacting anyone. And Mark insisted at first that he go for Ihe doctor himself, but I feared lie wouldn't be able to make it and 1 told him to stay, whore he could assist me, if I needed him. And strangely enough, he abided by my decision. continued, developing into a blizzard, and it was a full week before Father Gone and the doctor could get through to us. And Colin contracted pneumonia. He was very ill and, naturally, the entire care of him fell upon me. And I knew then that if ho died, part of me would die, -also. I had assured myself that these years while I grew from a child to woman and dedicated myself to my work at the hospital, and the the hospital, had made me forget my childish admiration for this man. Bui now I knew that nothing would ever make me forget him. I had been fooling myself all this time. The glimpse of him in the doorway that.night had shattered any illusions I might have to the contrary. I was mad about him. Sometimes during the long hours of the nights, while I kept my vig- jil beside.Colin, I felt frightened and 1 forlorn. I was so very voung, only 23, after all, though I "knew my self to be older in many ways than most girls of niy age. There was such a responsibility weighing on me, such anxiety, such dread that I might fail to do everything that could be done to save him. And then, at other times, I fell ageless, and I seemed to float through my day in a semi-conscious state. There was a night when he seemed on fire, when his pulse was so feeble that I was sure he was all but gone, that he could, not possi- bily live lill morning. I was lightheaded thai night, certainly, and I sat by the bed in such a stupor of weariness that I must have been overcome for a while. For the next thing I remember, the sound of Colin's voice in my oars and Mark and Ellen were in the room. Colin, in his mind, was a child again back in Ireland, his voice going on and on, calling to his mother and to his brother Mark, his wonderful older brother who could do everything so much belter than anyone else. (To Be Continued) Nacogdoches Challenges Arkansas fo Melon Contest Little .Dock, Sept. 10 •—r/p)— The Nacogdofhps. Tex., Chamber of Commerce 'today accepted Governor Ben Lancy's challenge for Texas to produce a bigger watermelon than Arkansas, inviting the stale to enter u eontoiil with fxhihitf; to br- shown July 4, HI47 at Nacogdoches. Laney recently shipped 1wo outsize melons to Governor Colic Stevenson of Texas and the Dallas News with a challenge for Texas to produce bigger and better ones. "This vital issue of whether Texas or Arkansas grows the finest watermelons must be settled once and for all times," Carl Burrows of Nacogdoches write Laney. "Our sincere hope is that the state of Arkansas will accept." Laney is in Mexico on a good will lour and will not sen the Nacogdoches 'offer until late this week. Cemetery Working at Bright Star September 13 Bright Star Cemelary on :the Hope-Columbus road. 7 miles frprri [Hope, will be worked Wednesday. I September 13, it was announced today. All. interested persons are urged to attend and help. There has been little, ir any, improvement in violin making in 300 years. mands for a war investigating com- millec inquiry into American military . government operations in Germany. Sen. James Mead (D-NY) said recently the committee had heard complaints "reflecting discredit upon the United States." "I am proud of Americans, in and out of uniform, who are •••n- gaged here in the difficult duties that this occupation requires," said McNarney's statement. My position in ihe household was changed from then on. Both Mark and .Ellen deferred to me as having more knowledge of what to do m this emergency. 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Also, SSS Tonic helps you enjoy the food you eat by increasing the gastric digestive juice when it is non-organically too litt!e or scanty—thus the stomach will have little cause to get balky with gas, bloat and givo off that sour food taste. Don't wait! Energize your body with rich, red-blood. Start on SSS Tonic now. As vigorous blood surges throughout your whole body, greater freshness and strength should make you eat better, sleep better, feel better, work bettor, play better, have n healthy color glow In your skin—firm llesh flll out hollow places. Millions of bottles sold. Get a bortle from your drug store. SSS Tonic helps Build Sturdy Health. Your New Kroger Super Market's WELCOME AD Breaks Thursday With Big Welcome Values 419 S. 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F-A-R-E-S Hofre lo Little Rock Iv. 8:58 a. m. ar. 10:15 a. m. $9.76 (one way) ' Little Rock to Hope Iv. 3:00 p. m. ar. 4:17 p. m. ' (Fare quoted includes Fed. tax) For Information, Reservations, Call SOUTH CENTRAL AIR TRANSPORT Telephone Airport or 866 SERVICE SMILES FORD DEALER ROVER WONT RiDE UNTIL WE GET THE CAR.SERVICED/ \ Always Bring /our FORD^Home'To Your Ford Dec let- For Service Your Ford Dealer for over 28 Years 220 East 2nd Street Phones 277,. 278 HOPE - SHOVER - FALCON ROAD 12!/2 MILES SOUTH OF HOPE 11:00 A, M. 1—'35 Model Ford Coupe — fair Condition. 1—Jersey Milch Cow and 3 Months Old Jersey Cqlf 1—Jersey Cow, Coming Fresh 6—Acres Corn, Not Gathered 36—White Leghorn Old Hens 68—White Leghorn Pullets, 7 Months Old, Just Laying 1—Mule * All Household Goods, Including Canned Fruit. SILAS SANFORD, Auctioneer !U id re ju stilt

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