Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 14, 1946 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 14, 1946
Page 2
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j^^r^r^m^^ M6PE StAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS I* B. , Sept-ember 14,1046 Social ana P erscna l . Ph«M 7M BebMMrt 9 a. m. and 4 p. m. Social Calendar •V ... Tuesday, September 1? ' The O|lesby P.T.A. will meet Tuesday afternoon at .three o'clock. 'At the school. All members are urged to attend. Coming and Going • ififr. and Mrs. Harry Parkinson Doe* Y«w Bach Get Tired?, A SPENCER will relieve back* .' fatigue-H^ve yon ; restful posture, MRS. RUTH DOZ1ER 2165. Hervey Phone 942-J of St. Petersburg, Florida arrived Friday for a visit wilh Miss Hattie Anne • Feild and Mr. Talbot Felld, Jr. Mrs. J. K Moses will return today from a visit with relatives and "friends 'in Marshall, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hall and Miss Rosalyn Hall will motor to Shreveport Sunday where Miss Hall will begin her duties as an instructor at Centinary College on Monday. Mr. and Mrs. LaGrone Wiliams were Friday visitors in Little Rock. Mrs. Frank Trimble will spend the week end visiting her daughter, Miss Carolyn Trimble in flBHCRBSBHBHw^Hii^^^HBIHHEfl^^H MONUMENTS Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR. Phone 5 or 56 Representative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO. Little Rock, Shreveport Texarkana Shreveport, Louisian. Miss Trimble is on the staff of the Shreveport Times. Mr. and Mrs. Tom McLarty and Mr. and Mrs. Terrell Cornelius have lettirneri from Memphis, Tennessee whore they attended the Horse Show. Mrs. A. B. Spraggins of Texarkana is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Hendrls: Spraggins and Master Barry Spraggins here. Miss Lorena Black will arrive Saturday from Searcy for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Gus Haynes and other relatives and friends. Mrs. E. O. Wingfield is in Little Rock for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Slanus and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Crow. Miss Jessie Clarice Brown and Miss Sue Sutton of Ouachila College. Arkadelphia arrived Friday for a weekend visit with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Willie Harris and family left Thursday to return to IMPORTANT NOTICE There has been a change in the TELEPHONE NUMBER o'f the JOSEPHINE HOSPITAL and the following number is correct.' JOSEPHINE HOSPITAL ..... Phone 2AO Dr. McKenxie Dr. Cannon Phone 84 Phone 284 RIALTO ' SUN - MON - TUES — Features — ' 1:31 3:27 5:23 7:19 9:15 I' 1 MARCH OF TIME NEWS Diana LYNN Sunday -Monday - Tuesday Features — 1:00-3:94 -5:08-7:12-9:16' N6W CITY CAFE SPECIAL for SUNDAY MENU Baked or Fried Chicken Dressing and Giblet Gravy Potatoes Baked with Cheese Fresh Butter Beans Apricot Salad Hot Rolls Cornbread Muffins Cherry Pie with Ice Cream Coffee Tea Milk 65c City Cafe "The Home of Clean Food" i Washington, D. C. after the summer here. spending Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Luck spent Friday in Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Strickland I and son. Jackie were Friday visitors in Little Rock. wilh ANN DVORAK RICHARD HALE RHONDA FLEMING Personal Mention The Alpha Gamma Chapter of the Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority at Henderson State Teachers College has elected the following Hope girls as officers: Miss Mary Jane rtearne. Editor. Miss Mary Stuart Jackson, Pledge Captain. Devil's Laughter Copyright 1040 by NEA Service ly ALICE M. LAVESICK XXIV (Sonly in my imagination, nut listen...... , ing, I henrd it once more and Now that I was n graduate hastened to answer it, lest Elleii irse, I could no longer spend so | should get up out of bed to do so much time at Inmsfnll. However,•! an d catch more cold it being nearetMo Saint Frefory's) i unlbckied the door and swung than my home, 1 usually went there on my time off. And indeed, 1 had felt for years that Innisfail was my home. My mother and father had been tt open: There was n flurry ot snow and the wind was terrific, whipping rny skirts around rtie arid blowing my hair atiross my face. I pushed my hair back and held it. none too pleased at my decision to ' so that 1 could see. And then tny study tun sing. They'would have [breath caught In my throat and had me go to normal school. Af-jmy heart was hammering so that ter all, they pointed out reproach- I no longer heard the wind, fully, all the Hart cousins in Bos-1 p°" n Fitzgerald stood in the ton were school teachers, as well dftorway, shaking the snow off him: ns Cousin Julia on my mother's side, who had, of course, afterwards gone into the convent. Nurses saw too much of the not- so-nice things of life, they said and walked too hard, also. Hut I held out for my training, and they fin- and smiling down at me. Except that it was a snowy night instead of a rainy afternoon, it might have been that day I first saw him. .The black Irishman arriving in a storm. ally gave in, having by now come resigned to me and queer notions. I came to Innisfail one be- my wintry day after my first year as a full- fledged nurse, arriving in the midst of a light fall of snow. I had a week off duty and planned to spend it with Ellen, being a little '-' -' ' "' ' ' de- had worried about her. She had veloped a chest cold and it Births Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Coats an- lounce the arrival of a son, Clyde Thomas, born Sunday, vieptember ! Josephine hospital. Hospital Nbtes Friends of Mrs. Doyle Ingram will be pleased to learn that she is reported as doing nicely at Josephine hospital following an operation. :6 Vines, One-Time Tennis Ace, Leads Nashville Field Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 14 —(IP)— Ellsworth Vines, one-time tennis ace of Chicago, and Clayton Heafner, heavyweight Charlotte, N.C., golfer, lead a lield narrowed down lo 60 which began the second 18 boles in the $10,000 Nashville invitational golf tournament today. Heal'ner. 230 pounds of slugging power, came up yesterday i'rom nineteenth place the first day to shatter par by eight strokes and the Richland course competitive record by one in making the G.343,- yarcl course in 32-31—63. Vines, who reached the pinnacle in both amateur and professional tennis before plunging wholeheartedly into golf, turned in seven birdies in recording a 33-31—G4. Both golfers had a score of 132 i'or 36 holes— 10 under par. They were only one stroke ahead of Ky Laffoon, Orlando, Fla.. golfer, who scored a 35-31-32r35 —133 during two days of play. ' Posting 135's were Johnny Palmer, Badin, N. C., Gib Sellers, Hot Springs, Ark., Herman Ban-on, White Plains, N. Y., Joe Taylor, Johnson City, Tenn., Al Smith, Danville, Va. ; and Fred Haas, New Orleans. hung on longer than it' should. I felt she should still be in bed and I was prepared to take over lor her for the week, should it be necessary. It was twilight when I arrived and just after that the storm began in real earnest, with huge snowflakes and a cutting 'wind that howled steadily all around the house. "If it keeps on like this," Ellen said at dinner, "we'll be cut off from town." But I thought that quite unlikely. I prevailed upon Ellen to at News of the Churches CHURCH OF CHRIST Bible Classes—9:45 a.m. Morning Services—11:00. Evening Worship —7:00 p.m. Mid-week Service, Wednesday— 7:00 p.m.- Friday, Bible Study—7:30 p.m. FIRST CHRISTIAN Main at West Ave "B" Wm. P. Hacdegree, Minister Sunday School -*-0:45 n:m., classes for all ages. Lloyd Coop, Supl. Morning Worship, Communion & Sermon— 10:50. Christian Youth Fellowship meet- ihg— 0:30 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. H. U Ponder, sponsors. Evening Worship, Communion & Sermon' —7:45. : GARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST N. Ferguson Street D. 0. Sllvey, Pnstor . Sunday School —Urn, Oracly Hairston, SuperintondPiil,—10 a.m. Preaching'—11 a.m. - : B.T.C. —(j:4S p.m. All groups are to assemble in the auditorium for this service. Visitors are invited to bo present for the worship-110111' least go to bed early, though she was most scornful about resting during the day and letting me manage things for her. But she did consent to go upstairs at about 8 o'clock and.I went in to renew acquaintance with some of my old fiends, the books in the library. Mark, I assumed, was either shut up in his study or gone to bed. I sat reading by the fire for some time, feeling delightfully cozy and relaxed, shut in there with Lne sound of the wind outside, and no patients expecting backrubs and what not. How long I sat there I do not know, only that it must have been until quite late, and I finally became sleepy and decided to go to bed myself. On my way up to my room with my book under my arm, I stopped in the upper hall and peered out the window, trying to see the trees from that angle, but they were only blurred shapes glimpsed through the whirling snow. I had a hazy idea that I could see a figure beneath the trees but I was at once sure that it was only my imagination. I had reached my room when I heard the sound of a bell, and for a moment I thought that, too, was Though his dark eyes were smil rig, for a moment he did not recognize me. Then he said. "Little Saint Cecelia, by all that's holy!" And grown into a tine-looking woman, indeed." And he continued lo gaze at me even after he had come into the hall and begun to remove his snow-covered overcoat. I saw then that the rest of his clothes were soaked, also. I found my voice and my heart stopped hammering. 1 said, "Come in to the fire and get warm, and then you'd better get those wet things off at once." He looked surprised and slightly amused, but he did go and stand before the fire, holding out his hands to the. blaze, and his clothes began to steam in the warmth from the fire and drip in pools on the floor. Then I noticed that he was shivering and I spoke again. "You really should get those things off," I told him. "I'm quite all right," he said. FIRST BAPTIST Third A Main Streets S. A. Whitlow, Pastor Sunday school —9:30 a.m, II. E. Thrash, Superintendent. Morning Worship —10:50. The lessage by the pastor and special "insic by the choir. Training Union— 0:15 p,m..Rus- ell Lewallen, director. Evening Worship —7:30. Wednesday: The Fellowship our—7 p.m. Choir rehearsal —8 p.m. led representatives from the nnd Dible "Won't you come over and sit down and talk to me for a few minutes? Tell me all about everyone." He drew out a package of cigarettes and offered me one with quite his old nonchalance. I began to feel annoyed. It seem ed so senseless for him to stand there shivering and dripping all over the rug. I was about to speak again when Ellen appeared in the doorway beside me. wrapped in her bathrobe and beaming with delight at seeing Colin. Ah, she was so glad he was back, she told him, and wouldn't he like a nice hoi drink? "I would indeed," he told her, smiling down at her, and turning so that he could steam himself on the other side and start anothei pool in a different spot on the rug I proles'ed at Ellen's getting the hot drink for him. "You go back to bed, Ellen," '. said. "I'll get it." But she insisted. She knew jus where things were, she said, unc it would take but a minute. Colin leaned back against the mantelpiece and continued to sur vey me wilh that faintly amused interested light in his eyes. iTo Be Continued) FLY to Fayetteville October 12 On the Hope - Razorback Special (22 Passenger DC3) BAYLOR VS. ARKANSAS Flight Time 1 Hour Leave Hope 10 A. M. Arrive Fayetteville 11 A. M. Return Leave Fayetteville ...6 P. M. Arrive Hope 7 P. M. Round Trip, Tickets to Game and Tax included. Only $32.00 For Reservations Phone Talbot Feild, Jr. 9 or 809 DQRQThlY Busy Women are Happiest Why is.it that work is consider-mdo not .have to work? Aren't mos 1 a blessing for men and a curseYof the women who have to coo ed .. for women? We recognize that it is good, physically, mentally and morally for a man to be usefully employed and we have a contempt , for the playboy and the lazy loafer. J No woman wants a husband who sits down on the do-nothing stoo 1 and lets her toil to support him. In this country, at least, the popular hero is the poor boy who works his way up to the top of the ladder. But our attitude towards women and work is entirely different. We regard it as a misfortune for them to have to do anything except amuse themselves, and when one has to earn her bread by the sweat of her brow, we speak of her with pity as a "poor working girl." Every father strives to make enough money to keep his daughter in idleness, and every man considers that he is being a good husband when he provides his wife with so many servants to wait upon her that she scarcely has to do her own breathing. And women, themselves have been so indoctrinated with the idea that they shouldn't do any useful labor that they haven't been ashamed of being parasites. Idleness Bad Influence Of all the bad luck that has ev r er been wished on the feminine sex, and goodness knows there has been a-plenty of it, the very worst of it has been 'the crazy theory that women should be kept in a state of suspended animation, with practically nothing to do that is worth doing' with their hands and brains. For what women have -always needed was good, honest, productive work, ana to the fact that they have been forced to be boondoggles, you can most of their mistakes and trace failures, as well as their other major and minor ills. Take health, for instance. Aren't most of the women who crowd doctors' offices rich women who and wash and scrub and ~ baby tend strong and healthy? It is th idle women, with nothing to do bi explore their systems for symp toms, who develop strange com plaints. And what women keep young What women retain their girlis figures' and the alert, interesle look that is the very essence o youth? Aren't they oftenest the wo men who are cloing some sort o work that compels them to be o their tiptoes all the time, and tha keeps them doing new things an thinking new thoughts? Haven you seen a woman who was sue denly forced to support herself be come revitalized by her job? And aren't practically all of th scandals that women get themse ves into the result of idleness?Wh are the sensation-seeking -youn girls who snap their fingers at a the laws of God and man, wh make chain marriages and d yorces and whose doings are heat lined in the papers? They are no the poor working girls. They ai the girls with nothing to do an who are bored to death. Who are the middle-aged women who go daffy over crooners and get themselves talked about? Aren't they the women who have nothing to do but to kill time? Did you ever know a hard-working woman, busy with rearing a family and getting her children settled in life, who ever bothered herself about the state of her husband's affections, or worried over whether he was her soulmate or not? Never. It is only after women have nothing else to do that they begin analyzing their emotions. The real solution of the divorce problem is work for women. Also, it will restore their health and keep them young and happy, and be good for whatever ails them. (Released by the Bell Syndicate, IncJ FIRST METHODIST Pine at Second Robert B. Moore, Pastor Organ Music —by Mrs. Dolphus 'hillen —9:30 a.m. Church School —9:45'a.m. Morning Worship —10:50. Sermon y pastor. Youth Fellowship —6:30 p.m. District Youth Rally —7:30 p.m. 3r. T. F. Chilcotc, guest speaker. Choir Practice, Thursday, Sept- 9, 194G —7:30 p.m. HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE North Main and Avenue D H.,Paul Holdrldge, Pastor Sunday School —9:30 a.m. Morning Worship —10:50. Choir Practice —5:30 p.m. Christ's Ambassadors Service — :30 p.m. Evangelistic Service —7:30 p.m. ". W. Ray will be the speaker. Wednesday, HI-C. A. Brigade — :30 p.m. Prayer and Bible Study —7:30. Thursday: Women's Missionary Council —2:30 p.m. Friday, Prayer Service — 7:30 Choir Practice —8:15. J. W. Ray, one of the pounK men of the church, who will bo caving this week lor Central Bible Institute in Springfield, Mo., vill be the speaker for the Evangelistic Service at 7:30 p.m. Everyone is given a cordial invita- ion to attend any or all of theso ierviccs. various groups Preaching —7:30 p.m. Bro. Paul Fivers ot iviannolin, Arknnsns, nnd who is the instructor of Greek at the Columbia lliblo School of that place, is to bo present to bring the message at this hour, He will, also, bo bringing the mcssnges thioughout the week in the fall revival effort which begins with these Sunday services. The presence of the individual will help the speaker; the messages of the speaker will help the individual. FIRST PENTECOSTAL Fourth at Ferguson Street T. F. Ford, Pnstor "Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering;. . . not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as the manner of some is; but exhort one another; and so much the more, as ye see (he day approaching. Sunday School —9:45 a.m. Sunday Worship —11 a.m. . Sunday P.Y.P.A. Classes —6:30 p.m. Wednesday Choir Practice —7:30 •Thursdny Prayer Study— a: 30 p.m. Friday Healing Service — 7:30 p.m. You are always welcome. EMMET METHODIST C. D. Meux, Pastor . The pastor will preach at Emmctf nt 11 a.m. Sunday, but there will be no evening service as there will he n Young People's Rally at Hope Methodist Church, be- ?lnnl*i? nt i n.m. The pastor will preach at Harmony Church at 2:30 p.m. The Kmmet revival will begin Monday' at 7:30 p.m., with the Rev. C. Rny llozendorf, pastor of the Prescntl' Methodist Church, doing the preaching. EMMET METHODIST REVIVAL Rcv. C. R. llozendorf, pastor of1\ the Prcscott Methodist will do the preaching in a that begins Monday, Sept. 7:30 p.m. at the Emmet Methodist Church. No Percentage Los Angeles. Sept. 14 —(/P)—John A. She-rood, working in a manhole, was surprised, to say the least, when he came up at noon to get his lunch from his automobile. He saw a man taking the paper bag containing the lunch, gave chase, and bagged his man, whom he turned over lo police. Sherwood felt pretty good about the whole thing, until he settled down lo eat his lunch. The police had taken it for evidence. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Thos. Brewster, Minister Sunday School —9:45 a.m.. Morning Worship Service —10:. r >';) Sermon by the Pastor. Evening Service —7:30. Monthly- meeting of the Woman Auxiliary, Monday at the church —4 p. m. Annual Sunday School Picnic Tuesday at the Fair pork at 6pm all the members and friends of our Sunday School arc asked to attend. You are cordially invited to worship with us. ;... UNDAY MENU 75c Choice of Chicken - Celery Dressing Roast Prime Ribs of Beef Morshmellow Sweet Potatoes English Peas Stuffed Peppers Sliced Tomatoes Aline's Cherry Pie OND CAFE There are an "Indiana" in Pennsylvania, an "Arizona" in! Louisiana and a "Montana" in Arkansas —towns, not states. NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS Mirror Beauty Shop NEW AND MODERN EQUIPMENT 115 South Elm Phone 916 OPERATORS: Dale Mitchell Barbara Pruitt Ruth Rosenbaum Josephine Mayton Price Controls on Dairy Products to Be Restored Washington, Sent. 13 —(UP)— The Price De-Control Board today opened the way for possible restoration o£ price ceilings on butter, cheese and other dairy products within a week. The board said it would meet Sept. 18 to decide whether controls should be reimposed in view of significant rises in prices ot many important dairy products. It called on the dairy industry to submit before Sept. IB an explanation of the price rises, and also asked other interested parties —OPA, Department of Agriculture and consumer groups—to submit their evidence and views. Either on Sept. 18 or as soon afterwards as nossible, the board said, it will "either steo in s-'.d put ceilings back into effect or giye reasons why dairy products will remain decontrolled." The board said it had "noted with concern" price boosts on butter and cheese since its determination on Aug. 20 to leave milk products free from control. YOUR NEW Super Will Open MONDAY 9A.M. at 419 SOUTH MAIN FOR BIG WELCOME VALUES WATCH FOR THURSDAY'S PRICE AD KROGER / ARKANSAS' . ——- .—. 02ARK IKE Saftmjcy, Scfrtemfecr 14, 1946 ', By Chick Younq By Ray G6rrd WHATEVER BECAME OF BOILED HAM ? TRYING TO' CIRCLE THE BASES WITH THE WINMIWG- RUN, A.FTER BEING- BOUND HANP AMD FOOT FOR THE PAST SEVENTEEN HOURS, O2AR K'S LEGS FAIL DOKIT PALL, OZARK OOOOH. .. » AWT'LOOK/ By Michael 0;Malley.& Ralph Lone Meanwhile in -the library "ffhe only thing of any interest in the bag was a photograph of Marcia inscribed With Love? of York Melcroft. suddenly ceased. COAST LOOKS CLEAR AND THERE MISTRAL'S MAYBE MAYBE HE'S PLAYING POSSUM. SOME. WATER WASH TUBES By Leslie Turner CHICORRO T H/AW! SO WHENEVER THEY WAS SACRED TO \WADE PICTURES TO SYWBOLI2E DESCENPANTSOF \ IT, THEY MADE 'EM HftPOFO JNHO \ M OUTSIDER TO WTERPRE? c TO PESERT IT CENTURIES THW \B WELL! IT MfW HELP WR.ORlON.WP6 NEVER IDLE SOMEONE FIND THE RUINS.. . TALKER.-.. VET SEEN VERM ALSO SOLVE THE IWSTERV OONFIDENT'HE WAS'ON OF WHM HfcPPEN TO PHILIP DPir>M THE RIGHT TRPvCK THIS .J- 1 THINK WHEN CH1CORRO IS FOUND HAD NO VOISU FOR SPANIARDS TO FIND '"• ' WILLBE.TOO...ORH1SBODV COPR. 1946 BV NEA'SCRVICE. INC. T.'M. REC. u MIS'.i 1 * «o.i.« lo tavc a .«TJ. successful year of DONALD DUCK tVA '- is .|'»L:jtoms ;B' is for bombs, 'C' is for cyclotrons, Dlis for_(lcvastntion . . .!" > - -~ - By Walt-Disney If <# - 5~ = ^H^^^r;aP , w '•j,,_,v^-fc» I. l '-^5e!4 FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberaer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS S/NCE WE'RE STARTING A NEVV SCHOOL YEAR, I WANT RYOP TO 6ETOFF TO A GOOD BEGINNING/ -'SO I'D LIKE FRECKLES AKJD LARD TO RETURN To THIS SOCIAL SCIENCE ROOM By Carl Anderson DO YOU LIKE YOUR ) ShlE'S - NEW SOCIAL SCIE-NCH NEVER WHISTLE US DOWN FLAMES / TEACHER, BOYS? soaAL— SHE'S , SCIENTIFIC/ "You and your bubble gum!". ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlin Thimble Theater ' I'LL REMOVE THE JTiS ON ACCOUNT fTwouLDNT rr ee LOOK// CERE'S Ty... BRING UP.VIY STEED.' ,— K. I SNAPPED THxO / ALL AEE PICTURE IN A ^ I SWLIN DENTIST'S WAITING _• _ . •_"V ^, M OP THE WATER A MAN PAVING . IN HECJc Dip \ WAIL, BUT THEM DANS I PEAK TH' VAKOOS JCRO-MASS GET TO ? LEFT NO TRAIL.' r SWELL IF WE £ 6IVEP THIS WATER H/S IAJCOME By Edgar Martin DOC UP . THIS'-S THE 91RST EVER moWN) THt TO OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William* OUR BOARDING HOUSE Wifh Major Hoople WHY, TH' KIPS '^^ VES, I'VE LAIN1 RAISED? HIM UP W IN) BED FOR HOUE.^ <?*'A BOTTLE .' f GETTING ^mf & THEY'LL BE SICK- / NERVE --HF'^ DO YOU REALIZE J GKWIWe HORMS WH no,M^ U ' RE ~A N«^AWP is^frTiwa POIM'? ^^A. EVEPiVTHIMG—VES i KNOW WHAT I'M DOING/ VOU'RE trie LAST WGREAT CAESAR,MARTHA!-<*-)J6R-K-R/= 'j CHoMP-CtJoMPF.';-~- H/=S9 JA TH/\T ,/jf NVERE MONEV TURNED \^OLDDl8- -..— ...-- <%{ VOUR PRETTV HEAD ? -<~- jfGRUNTLED GURREMDEREO %fs /vw MOVEL, PAY PLAV. /v\v N^V PUMA AND IS PAVIMG ) / <5CI&MTIFIC STUDIES— T'« V? SLIMT i K>S DUES/-—ALL {\ NOT IDLE A. MO/\\eNiT/— j?L INi 3 THiS SPELLS OUT V\ /VW GHlP \5 EVEN NOW _X| fe AeR. ^ A THRE&-LETTER. \S 6A1LIMG IhiTO PORT MiF EYE WORD, N\^ sTASMNsyr )vl —>o.: ;._ x , ^flsar AG^ SPOUSE — j- o -B u r\_J>*^^ ^rrrTT RED RYDER By Fred Herman C TOJ'RE STALL ' WMEM YOJ SKY CAWT TELL. WHAT THE WE TOOK. OFF RYDER I RETRIED 10 DECIPHER EVERT WMf EXC TO HOLD IT UP TO LOUDY WITH THUMDER- SHOVJERS - " UISA ^ E A6E -. _ „„„.-„,- arket GUARANTEED

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