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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, September 13, 1946
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wr*ff£ mr* HOPE $TA*R, H6PE, ARKANSAS Friday, September 13, 1946 Countering Alarmist Talks Few Believe Russia Has Any Intention of Causing War I .-ofcy J. M' ROBERTS. JR. it, Ap Foreign Affairs Analyst _ : . (Substituting for Mackenzie) 'Of Military alarms in the Balkans which once would have been taken --as the harbingers of immediate War must be studied in a new light -'today. 1 "• There are reasons for believing that military displays are merely 'being substituted for the diplomatic notes of former times, and that. right now, they may be even less i. explosive. • The Red Army has been concentrating in the area surrounding Greece;. Russia is. reported equipping 70,000 Albanians for War and sphere has been a little wild shoo't- ing along the Greek-Albanian bor- f der; Russia's set'Vahts in Belgrade are reported seeking a unified Yu- gosIaV-AIbanian military area for defense; Bulgaria, Albania and Yugoslavia , are' presenting claims against Greece, and Russia is doing likewise, against Tyirkey. Uugoslav- ia Is making motions around Trieste. i ••JiVhile Russia may be uaing "all means short of war" to further her program, she is believed by ob_servers within and without Russia, .to. .be .carefully remaining within .ttfat limit. ...... •AS a matter of fact, amid all the talk, there are few who attribute to Russia a desire ;"or war, now or at any time. Instead, ob- -"sefvers 1 In Moscow agree with Com- «munists b9th there and abroad that ^ the Soviet'is determined upon peace iby now; arid 1 for the future if it ! can be made compatible with Rus- PICTURE FRAMING New Moulding just arrived. Neat Work .,. Quick Service Hcrnpsfead County Lumber Co. Phone 89 Hope Star Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927, Consolidated January 18. 1929 Published everv weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Wojhburn, Secretary-Treasurer at the Star building 212-214 South Walnut Street. Hope. Ark. Alex. H. Wathburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing EdCtor George W. Hosmer, Mech. Supt. JMJ M. Davit, Advertising Manager Emma G. Thomas, Coshi-r Entered as second class matter at the Post Office at Hope. Arkansas, under the 4,ct of March 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Asttjciation. Subscription Rales: (Always Pavible In Advance): By city carrier per weak 20c; per month 85c. Mail rates—in Hemp- stood. Nevada, Howard, Miller and LaFayette counties, $4.50 per year; elsewhere $3.50. Member of The Associated Press; The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republlcation of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local lews published herein. National Advertising Representative — Arkansas Dailies. Inc.; Memphis Tenn., iterick Building; Chicago, 400 Norh Mich- icon Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison <\ve.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 314 Terminal Bldg.- New Orleans. 722 Union St. sia's conception of her needs. Where the rub comes —and when you hear conservative diplomats talking about the possibilities of. a third world war this is what they mean — is the fear that Russia, conducting a military diplomacy which she intends to strengthen with every year, will eventually be emboldened to take a chance, such as Germany took in Poland, which she will be mistaken jn xhinking she can get away with without war. When you ask a European Communist why Russia, in spite of all her peaceful protestations, uses her army as a diplomatic weapon, with all the danger that such a policy involves, he will reply: "Britain and America use money. We don't have the money We have men. We use the Red SERVICE SMILES YOUR FORD DEALER: NEXT TIME ILL KNOW ENOUGH TO TAKE IT TO A FORD DEALER AND GET GENUINE FORD PARTS Always Brirtg Vour FORD *Home*To Your Ford Dealer For Service Your Ford Dealer for over 28 Years HOPE Auto Co DINE HERE FOR THE BEST IN FOODS We Specialize In: • Steaks • Chicken • Sea Foods Open From 11 a. m. to 11 p. m. CLOSED ALL DAY MONDAY ROSE'S SNACK SHOP Pbpne $?1 409 East Third Audience Boos Wallace's Rap at U. S. Policy New York, Sept. 13 ~(.4'i— Secretary of Commerce Henry A. Wallace. was interrupted by booing and heckling in a White (louse approved speech at a Madison ociuare Garden rally last night whe'. 4 <; Senator Claude Pepper iD-Fla) was applauded by attacking our "blundering foreign policy." The two men. who have been on the same side in many foreign and domestic issues, spoke before an audience of U).ODO at n rally sponsored by the National Citizens Political Action Committee and vhe Independent Citizens Committee of the Arts .Sciences and Professions. Wallace, who said the United States must adopt a clear and realistic policy of its own to avoid another war, first was greeted by hisses and hoots when he said he was "neither anti-British nor pro- Sritish. neither anti-Russian nor pro-Russian," and added: "Just two clays ago, when President Truman read these words, he said they represented the policy of his administration." Another round of heckling broke out when Wallace, speaking of xussUi. said "her type of land re- orm, industrial expropriation and suppression of basic liberties of end the great majority of the people of the United States." •At this point Wallace laid aside Us text and declared: "Well it's true outside New York City, as •my Gallup poll will show." He resumed his speech and said the Russians have no more business stirring up native Communists o political activity in western Eu"°i p o'. Lalin America and ihe Unit- id Stales" — Loud hisses interrupted him and ie shouted: "Get the whole sen- ence ' adding to complete his remark, "than we have interf erring n the politics of eastern Europe ™d Russia." " Sa - ici ,. Britis h "imperialistic c J " the Near East together , Soviet retaliation would lead .he United States to war unless il »et up an independent foreign pol- cy. He urged that we "look abroad -(trough our own American eyes " Asked after the speech for comment on the heckling Wallace said- It was to be expected." adding n explanation, "I was following a straight American line." Wallace was greeted with an Ovation and cries of "Wallace for ^resident" when he arrived =t the -.arden. There was some scat- .ered applause during the speech and applause when he sat down w^na Vard i the end o£ his speech, Wallace dropped whole sentences irom his prepared text. The excised phrases had said "the Russians should stop conniving against u « '".."rtain areas of the* world" ?£ , , should st °P teaching that :heir form of communism must ' if ne , cess£ "-.y, ultimately over democratic capital- In his speech Wallace said"But whether we like it or not the Russians will try td socialize their sphere of influence just as we ' our sphere ot 220 East 2nd Street Phones 277 278 UN Seeks Refugee Resettlement Before Winter Matins Displaced— 3,833,600 Foreign Refugee! —» 391,000 Total for Europe — 4,224.600 Admits He May Have Eaten Human Flesh Hurricane Today By DOUGLAS LOVELACE Guam, Sept. K! — (/!') .,. Gunji IsoKai conceded at his • Miami, Fla., Sepl. 1:1 —I/I 1 )—I rnuda was alerted for a hurneanp loday as the fust major tropical storm of the year increased on i Friday tht> 13th to a force of some Inn mi'les nn hour. . Japanese t Hurricane hunters flew into Iho and war crimes trial luday that lie mny ,i e ,,,. cos north, longitude 7. r ) degrees have eaten human flesh but denied doing so knowingly, Isogai related that he attended a Saki parly which "a funny west. The storm was moving north- Oastward at 1(1 miles an hour. The storm lashed n portion of the Bahamas with Of) to B. r > mill- -vinds durini! the night and moved out kind of moat" was served. He .said I over Uie open Atlantic, Its present he asked his I'ommnnding ofticoi "you sin 1 not going to feed us human flesh, arc you?" And was told "ill nines yon mny be right." lie testified he icgurded this as 11 joke, but rumors Inter convinced him it might have been real. Isogai is accused of having removed and eaten the flesh of an .American prisoner 01 war on Chichi .lima in February, 1945. A navy surgeon, Lt. Kanehisa testified that he removed 'ihc liver from un American POW's bodv 'course ;md speed, said the Federal Storm Warning Service, will carry il probably west of Bermuda 'during Ihe early forenoon tomorrow. At 10 a. in., the storm forecasters reported, the hurricane had a diameter of about 100 miles, and ils center was M80 miles northcasl ot Miami. Us movement was away from Iho United States' mainland. . TO HEAD DRIVE Conway .Sept. 13 — I/I')—E. Waln- v.,, ,,,,,,.. .vim .-_.., .-, LM.HII Wright Martin, treasurer of Hen- March fi. ItMii, at Chichi upon or- drix college, has been appointed dors of his commanding officer, to serve as treasurer of the $1, One of the top items on the agenda of the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York is the resettlement, before winter closes in, of us many as possible of the 4>/ 4 million refugees and displaced persons in Europe. Map above shows their location and approximate numbers, based on figures used by the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry in Palesline. Refugees are mostly German. Austrian and Polish, with a lesser proportion of Hungarians. Czechs, Romanians and Yugoslavs. Market Report Russian ideas of social-economic justice are going to govern nearly a third of the world Our ideas ot free enterprise democracy will govern much of the rest The two ideas will endeavor to prove which can deliver the most satisfaction to the common' man in their respective areas of political dominance. "But by mutual agreement, this competition should be put on a &w y » basls V* th e Russians should stop conniving against us in certain areas, of the world just as we should stop scheming against them m other parts of the world " In contrast to the White House approval, Sen. Pepper (D-Fla) in a speech preceding Wallace's' at «,ith ^K y i ndi catec disagreement with the cabinet me.nber. .Pepper called for i "special ses sion now" to consirhr "our blundering foreign pol cy" and jn Q line apparently inserted into his prepared addres« at the last minute said ; "We do not want well-prepared official speeches 'explaining' our foreign policy.' Wallace in advocating the can- didac 'es of Sen. James M. Mead and Herbert Lehman, New Vork's democratic nominee tor governor and ,V- S. Senator, respectively, told his audience lhat Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, Republican candidate for re-election, had expressed him- selt as favoring an alliance of mutual defense with Great Bri.-«in as the key to our foreign policy the key to our foreign policv "Certainly, we like the "British people as individuals," Wallace said. 'Bui to make Britain the key to our foreign policy would be in my opinion the height of folly 'We must not let the reactionary leadership of. the Republican party force ^1 ln , t 9 t . t! ? e Portion. We must not let British balance-of-power manipulation determine whether and when ( the United States gets into ."We most earnestly want peace with Russia," Wallace added, "but we want to be met half way We want cooperation. And I believe that we can get that cooperation once Russia understands that our primary objective is neither saving the British Empire nor purchasing oil in the near east with Ihe lives of Americans soldiers. "The real peace treaty we now NEW YORK STOCKS New York, Sept. 13 —(/I 5 )—Selected steels, motors, rubbers and industrial special stocks today led the market on a relativel yslow- going recovery jaunt with dealings the smallest of the week. From the start the direction was upward although the ticker tape frequently loafed. Gains generally ranged from fractions to 3 points with a few "thin" issues udding to 12 on meager transactions. While extreme advances were shaded In a number of instances at the close, assorted favorites ended at the day's best. The pace quickened a bit in the final hour. Volume of around 1,700,000 shares compared with 1.990,000 the day before. Railway bondsstiffened. o POULTRY AN DPRODUCE Chicago, Sept. 13 — UP)— Live poultry: firm; receipts 31 trucks, no cars; prices unchanged. Butter, firm; receipts 392,406; 90 score B 7-4; 89 C 72.5; others un-' changed. Eggs, firm; receipts 5,842; U. S. extras I and 2 — 50-53; U. S. extras 3 and 4 — 42-44; U.S.. standards 1 and 2 — 42.5; U. S;. standards 3 and 4 — 40-42; current receipts 40-42; dirties 33-35.5; checks 33-34.5. o ST LOUIS LIVESTOCK National stockyards, 111., Sept. 13— (/P)— Hogs, 250; 150 salable hogs in early; all slaughter barrows and gilts, sows and stags 16.20; boars 15.00-16-20; fe wfeeders 19.00. Cattle, 500; calves ,500; common and medium heifers and light yearlings 10.00-13.50; few to 16.15; common and medium cows '8.75> 11.50 odd head good cows to 14.00; canners and cutters 6.50-8.50; light shells down to 6.00; medium and good bulls 11.00 - 13.40; choice vealers 75 higher at 19.00; medium and goo dl3.50-17.75; nominal range slaughter steers 10.50 - 20.15; slaughter heifers 9.50-20.15; slocker and feeder steers 10.00-17.00. Sheep, 700; about 500 salable sheep and lambs early; spring lambs, choice grade largley 19.00; butchers taking all available; mere ly good kind 17.50 down; slaughter ewes strong, bulk 6.00-7.00; ton 7.00. Futures closed 90 cents to 31.35 a bale higher. Oct high 3U.52 — low 30.13 — last 36-48-52 up 33-37 Dec high 3U.49 — low 36.11 — last 36.47-49 up 3-1-36 Men hiftfi 36.24 — low 35.87 — last 36.23 "up 33 May high 35.93 — low 35.59 — last 35.88 up 35 Jly high 35.4 3— low 35.10 — last 35.40-43 up 30-33 Oct high 33.25 -- low 32.99 — last 33.13 up 18 Middling spot. 37.24n up 25. N-nominal. NEW ORLEANS KO fTON New Orleans, Sept. 13 — (A>— Cotton futures closed firm $2.40 a bale higher. $1.20 to | Oct high 36.50 — low 36.10'— close Army." American observers who met and cooperated with the Reel Army ; n Europe, %vho huve surveyed Russia's war-devastated are?s und .vho are familiar with the Soviet jconomic situation, say it will lake /ears of industrialization and re- labilitation to put Russia in a position to conduct another important war. When we consider the Balkans in his light, and with the reminder hat foreign policies 'or all these :tates except Greece are unified mder the Kremlin, the situation Becomes clearer. No country in Europe could con- luct a military, campaign of any mportance. now withoul the direct upport of Russia or of the West- •rn Allies. There is every evidence hat any of them which might wish o do so — and few of them can •ven make a public wish without irompting from outside — will be estrained. It is a time when troops re being bandied about along .vith words, for whatever em- hasis they may have in a war of lerves, but not yet a time of showdown. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, Sept. 13 —(/P)—Strength developed in all grai nfutures today on news that overnight the Omaha and Kansas City offices of the commodity credit corporation had purchased undisclosed quantities of wheat for export. Adding to the wheat strength were trade reports that mills also were buying some cash grain. Cash wheat was about a cent higher here, No. 2 hard selling at :£2.04 a bushel. A lower than expected Canadian wheat crop forecast also stipulated buying. Corn futures advanced when a leading industry hijed bids on new crop gain. Bids ranged from $1.45 to SI.60 a bushel against :J1.40 yesterday. This brought out considerable corn, purchases on a to-nrrive basis being placed in excess of 130,000 bushels, mostly new crop grain. Trading was more active than in recent sessions and substantial gains were held to the close. Wheat finished 1 3-4-2 5-8 higher, January $1.97 ,corn was up 1 7-8-2 cents, January $1.33 1-2, and oats were ahead 5-8-1 1-2, September 79 1-4-1-2. March barley sold at $1.40 3-8, up 2 1-8. Wheat was steady to one cent higher today; receipts 5 3 cars. Corn was steady; bookings 133'JOO bushels; receipts 55 cars, Oats were steady lo 1-2 cent 'higher; receipts 78 cars. NEW YORK COTTON New York, Sept. 13 —W—Cotton futures moved higher in moderately active dealings today, supported by mill buying and small replacement commission house demand. The market' reacted at times on profit taking and hedging but the general trend was higher. Steadiness in securities, expectations of large textile sales when the new ceilings on goods are announced, and the current high rate of cotton consumption, helped the market. Late afternoon prices were 60 cents to $1.10 a bale higher. Oct 36.30, Dec 36.25, and Mch 36.04. need is between Ihe United States and Russia. On our part, we should rec9gnize that we nave no more business in the political affairs of eastern Europe than Russia has m the political affairs of Latin America, western Europe and the United States." Laney Declared Guest of City by Mexicans 30.50 up 48 Dec high 30.45 — low 36.08 — close 36.44"up 41! Mch high 36.20 — low 35.8 ?,— close 36.20 up Ii8 May high .15.92 — low 35.57 — close 35.90-92 up 43 Jly high 35.33 — low 35.00 — close 35.24-27 up 1M Spot cotton closed steady. S2.00 a bale higher. Si.les .'J.120. Low middling 30.35; middling 36.00; good middling .'J7.00. Receipts 1,352; utocks 193,863. 0 ' ' i .1 — 33 New Polio Cases Reported Last Week Little Rock, Sept. 13 —(A 1 )—Thirty-three new cases of infantile paralysis were reported to Ihe Arkansas Health Department last week bringing the stale's lolal for Ihe firsl 36 weeks of 1946 to 24P. These figures compared lo 2; cases reported the previous week and 35 cases durng the entire 36 .veek period of 19-15. The Health Department's weekly morbidity report gave this breakdown of last week's new cases by counties: Pulaski and Craighead, five each; Ouachita 4; Sebastian 3; Polk and Lee, two each, and Arkansas, Ashley, Calhoun, Cleveland, Drew. Hot Spring, Jefferson, Lafayette, Lawrence, Poinsett, Saline and Yell, one each. o . Mem phis Takes Edge in Playoff in Southern Memphis held a two to one lead over Chattanooga in ihe iV-HUem Association Shaughnesy playoffs today after lasl night's 7-3 victory The Chicks staged a six-run splurge in the sixth inning to break a 1-1 tie. Atlanta and New Orleans, «ach with one victory in the other half of the first round, seven-game series, were idle while traveling but resume tonight at New Orleans. Memphis and Chattanooga continue in the latter city ionight and Salurday, and return io Mem- nhis. if necessary, for a sixth game Sunday. Mexico City. Sept. ). 2— (/P) — At special session of the city consultative assembly today Governor Senjnmin Laney, Arkansas, and Mayor Leo Buillard of Saint Marie, _ouisana, were declared the i capital's guests of honor. The two head a group of excursionists here for Mexico's independence celebrations Sept. 1G. Enrollment at University at Highest Peak Fayetteville, Sepl. 13 — {£>) — Enrollment for the fall semester which begins at the University of Arkansas next Monday is expected lo be 60 percent larger than ever before. Approximately 3.500 sludenls arc due io attend classes nex> week Upwards of 1,000 male freshmen will register six weeks later. The previous peak enrollment was 2,700 for the 1946 spring semester. -- o --California turns out 90 percent of Ihe wine produced in the United States. Lt. Yttsti Kurasaki. He said asked Kurasaki what ho was going to dp with the liver and the officer replied "leave this to me." He .said that ciuspite his porlest he was ordered "lo go ahead quickly." He said he saluted the body before dissecting it. He testified '.hat he sewed back the head, which had been almost completely severed by tho executioner's stroke. Matsushita said he felt no shame because he did everything he could for Iho dead prisoner; "during the period of year, an order is something more absolute than moral obligation." The average American ato 225 pounds of fruit annually between 1937 and 1941. MONUMENTS Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR. Phone 5 or 56 Representative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO. Liltle Rock, Shreveport Texarkana 000,000 campaign Arkansas Melh- odists are concluding for Hendrix. Martin, fortnerly of Toxarkana, has been active in Methodist circles for many years. He will assume his now duties immediately. Now that world famine No. 2 is aboul over we should announce lhat our economic relations with other nations arc a Iwo-way street. —Herbert Hoover. Malaria is the leading cause ot t illness and death in Guatemala. GALL BLADDER AVOID i.lFE OP MISERY DUF TO LACK OF HEALTHY BILE Suffer ITS Kcjntcc as Kcmnrktiblo Keclpa ItrhiRR Kirn! U«nl He-suit*. Uuahe<l Hero Ki-w t'flief for gnllblaitik-r HiilTc-rers luckfnfr haul thy bile i<t ieen tothiy in Announcement of a wonderful nrepnrnUon which acts with rcmnrknblc elTect on liver nnd bile. SufTfffr.H with iiKunizinK col in attnckn. t Htomnrh anH gallbliulder misery due to lack *+•» of healthy bile now tell of remnrkable results after imlttR this mod lei tie which has thu a ma/.! MPT powei to stimulate HJUifKish liver and Increase Oow of hualthy bile. UALUfSlN Is i very expensive medicine, hut ttonflfilcrinir results, the $;UJO It eosts 1« only a few pennies per dose. (.lALLUSIN U sold with lull money buck guarantee by J. P. COX DRUG STORE Mat! Orders Fitted IMPORTANT NOTICE There has been a change in the TELEPHONE NUMBER of the JOSEPHINE HOSPITAL and the following number is correct. JOSEPHINE HOSPITAL Dr. McKenzie Phone 84 246 Phone Dr. Cannon Phone 284 Legal Notice IN THE HEMPSTEAD PROBATE COURT IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF C. CHARLES E. HEYWOOD, DECEASED NOTICE OF SALE OF LANDS TO PAY DEBTS Nolice is hereby given lhal I will, as administrator of the estate of Charles E. Hey wood, deceased, on the 28th day of September, 1946, offer for sale at 11:00 o'clock a.m. al the front door of the Courthouse of Hempstead County, Arkansas, at public auction, to the highest bidder, on a credit of Three (3) months, the following lands belonging to said estate, to-wit: North Half of the Northeast Quarter (NEVi) of the Southeast Quarter <SEy 4 > of Section 31, Township 9, South. Range 24 West. Said sale will be made for the purpose of paying the debts of said eslale, and Ihe purchasers at said sale will be required to give note with approved security for the purchase price, and a lien will be retained on said lands to further secure the payment of such purchase price. Witness my hand on this 5th day of September, 1946. Floyd Long, Administrator of the estate Of CHARLES E. HEYWOOD, „ ,. o ..„ „ deceased. Sept ?. 13, 20 Super at 419 FOR BIG WELCOME VALUES WATCH FOR THURSDAY'S PRICE AD Friday, September 13, 1^6 HO r> e 5 TA ft, H Of »C, .AAKAMSA — a., . ,._.. S .Page 1 rhr«* Social a.id P ertona I Phon* 768 BetwMn I •. m. and 4 p. m, Social Calendar Thursday, September 17 • The American Legion' Auxiliary will meet Tuesday afternoon at 2:,'!0 at the home of Mrs. M. M. McCloughan. All members arc urged lo attend as new officers will be installed at this meeting. Executive Committee of Class Room Teachers Meeting The Executive committee of the Class Room Teachers Association met Wednesday evening at the library of Hope High School for the purpose of planning and outlining work for the new school year. The meeting was presided over by Mrs. R. W. McCrackcn of Blevins, president of the Association. Twelve members attended the meeting. The next meeting will be held at 'the Hope High School auditorium on October 8. The program subject for the October meeting will be "Pending Educational Legislation." The speaker will be announced at a later date. t. V B. & P. W. Monthly Meeting Thursday Evening. The Business and Professional Women's Club met Thursday evening at Hotel Barlow for its regular monthly business and social meeting. The president, Miss Marjorie Waddle presided over the business session and presented the new members. Twelve members attended the meeting. Mrs. Opal Hervoy and Mrs. Florence Hicks we(-c in charge of the program and fun. Mrs Isabelle McCorkle was winner in the "Tree of Knowledge Contest." Coming ond Going Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Lynn have returned to their home in Little Rock after a visit with Mrs. Lynn's patents, Mr. and Mrs. A. A; ilam- Hon and her sister, Mrs. Hoyce Weisenberger and Mr. Weisenbcr- ger here. Mrs. Milnm Green and little son, Joel and Mrs. John Greene and little son, Stuart motored to Nashville Thursday for a visit with friends. Mr. and Mrs. James 15. Sandlin of Ardinore, Oklahoma will arrive Saturday for a week end visit with Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Harbour nnd other friends here. Mr. and Mrs. John Robins have had as guests their ncices, Mrs. H. B. Jamison and daughter, Donna and Mrs. J. T. Pindcr and children, Shirley Ann, David and Jack, of Dallas, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Franklin have as guests; Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Ncmar of Russton, and Mrs. Sid Rials of Minden, Louisana. Mrs. Mary Atkins and children, Barbara Jean, Jo Ann, and Robert have returned to their home in Texarkana after a visit with relatives and friends on Hope Route 3. Tht'y were accompanied home by Miss Beatrice Hembree for a visit. Alfred Morsani of the U.S.S. William H. Edwards who arrived recently in Baltimore is here foi a visit with his parents, Mr. and j Mrs. E. A. Morsani. ! Mrs. Basil Wilson of Pine BKu* and Mrs. Laura Woolford of Little Rock have returned to their homes after a visit with Mrs. Matt Galsler and Miss Van Galster here. DOROTHY DIX Love Versus Wealth Dear Mis.i Dix: I am an ex-serviceman, very much in love wilh a girl who is engaged to another m»m. The girl i.i in love with me, she says, and has Iried to break off her engagement with the other fbnp, but he refuses lo lake back his ring. He and his family nrc coming soon lo see her and probably lo iry to arrange about the marriage. The girl is much worried because the family of this lad is very weallhy and her mother is pressing her very hard lo marry this man who can give her every luxury, whereas I can only »ivc her n four-room cottage and a modest living. But I have a good job and I am industrious and am a decent man, wilh no bad habils. What clo you think aboul il? BLACKIE. Answer: After all, the decision is up to the girl and your fale depends upon which she craves Ihe most, love or money, and how much she is under her mother's thumb. Evidently the mother is one of Ihc ladies like the one in the poem who Dear Dorothy Dix: My mother has been living wilh me for more lhan three years. Her other five children refuse lo help support her. My husband i.s as good lo her as he can bo, bul he feels lhal il is not his place lo support her entirely. Also, he would like for us to have our home to ourselves a lillle. Mo says he is going to tell her that she must divide her time between us and her other children. Of course, this is no more than justice, but il breaks my heart to do anything that will hurt my mother. She says she feels so welcome wilh us. WORRIED DAUGHTER. Answer: Of course, your mo- Iher's other children are just as much in duly bound lo lake care of her as you are. and Ihey arc certainly contcmplible ingrales when they refuse to do their part. But il happens in so many families that the old mother.or the old father is wished off on.one cular child and the others The Doctor Says: BY WILLIAM A. O'BRIEN, M.D. • Written for NEA Service A medical society in a midwest- crn stale asked ils physician mem hers to bring reports of food deficiency disease encountered in their daily practices. It was learned thai in each instance the cause Asks Permission to Start State Guard Units Little Rock. Sept. 12 — (/P) — Adjt. Gen. H. L. MeAiistcr luis asked Hie National Guard Bureau fr authority to aclivale 3 Arkansas Nalional Guard units in 24 communities between Sept. HO and Ocl. of the food deficiency was food fiulism. Food faddists are misguided individuals who attempt to cure themselves of various ailments or lo promote their health by eating foods recommended by self-slyled experts. These authorities pretend to possess secret food knowledge which is nol available to the rest of us. Vegetarians apparently believe lhal eating animal foods is harm ful. Few followers of vegetarianism are true disciples of their leaching, as Ihe majorily eal eggs, milk and milk products in addition to vegetables and fruit. Their prejudice seems lo be limiled lo meal se | b( , duck their responsibility. It is terribly "wilh a lillle store of maxims pitiful for the old parents to feel preaches down her daughter's heart," and who thinks that money in the. bank is better than love in the 'home, so it is going to be very hard for the girl to resist the pressure that is going to be put upon her. DECISION UP TO GIRL There is nothing really that you that they arc not wanted, and I hope your good, kind husband will add another star to his crown In glory by not letting her know how he feels. I think the solution of the problem always is for all of the children lo contribute to a fund that will enable the old mother or father nets arc animal foods. Variety Spices Diet It is possible lo oblain all Ihe to live in a comfortable boarding house. If you threaten to sue youc stingy brothers and sisters for Mother's support, they will across rather than have known. come their Doct Your Bach Get Tired? A SPENCER will relieve back* fatigue—five you restful posture. V MRS. RUTH DOZIER 2165. Hervey Phone 942-J The ornamental top of a column or pilaster is called the capital, or "cap." • • can do to alter the girl's decision because all of your cards are on the table and she knows what you have lo offer. If she lets Mother force her into a marriage againsl her will, you can comforl I meanness yourself with Ihe Ihoughl lhat sh.<> I was lacking in the courage and I Dear Miss Dix: Why is il that stamina lhat you would want in also many Americans and Canadians wife who would fight by your side I have married English women? and help you build up your fortune. ', Have English women more tricks Personally, I do nol know of I in tho bag than American women? anything lhat is al once so path-1 PLAIN CURIOSITY, etic and so cruel as that mothers, i Answer: English women are fine who perhaps married for love them-1 and splendid and make admirable ; selves and found that they had wives, bul they have no more al! gotlen husbands who showed them' lure than American women. The no affection to compensate them I reason so many of our boys have lor the hard life of a poor woman, I married them is due to propin- are so anxious for their daughters I quity. They were lonesome and lo marry money. Yet, when Ihey I homesick and thai did Ihc trick. i do, so often the rich playboy hus-1 'band loses his money and then the I (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Announcement After approximately 2 years in the Armed Services, I will be back with my Customers and Friends at the R. B. McMurrough Gin, Rosston Hy. Wish to thank each of you for your Continued Patronage during my absence and hope to see you again soon. Thanks, H. Kenneth McMurrough AUCTION SALE MRS. W. F. PORTER HOPE - SHOVER - FALCON ROAD 12'/ 2 MILES SOUTH OF HOPE Wednesday, Sept, 18,1946 11:00 A. M. 1—'35 Model Ford Coupe — Fair Condition. 1-r—Jersey Milch Cow and 3 Months Old Jersey Calf 1—Jersey Cow, Coming Fresh 6—Acres Corn, Not Gathered 36—White Leghorn Old Hens 68—White Leghorn Pullets, 7 Months Old, Just Laying l_Mule All Household Goods, Including Canned Fruit. SILAS SANFORD, Auctioneer girl has neither love nor moncv. Inc.) Devil's Laughter Copyright 1946 by NEA Service By ALICE M. LAVESICK NOTICE TIME TO PAY YOUR TAXES October 1st is the deadline for paying your State and County taxes without penalty. Pay now and avoid the last minute rush .... Bring your old tax receipt or legal description of property, which will help us avoid errors and save time. Frank Hill Sheriff and Collector XXIII There was an interval, then for several weeks of something almost like peace at Innisfail. By some miracle, Father Gene had managed to inspire Colin to write some of his adventures and this kept h i m busy and fairly interested so thai he rarely drank lo excess. Had il nol been for Ihe conslanl worry over poor Miss Charlolle whose mind continued to remain blank, and who continued lo shun all of us except Ellen, we mig h t have been content. Once in a while, to be sure, Colin grew restless. It was not his nature to remain slalic for any lenglh of time. One afternoon he opened the piano that had long been silent. Even Falher Gene had nol played it since Mrs. Fitzgerald 1 death, though now and then he had persuaded Mar k to a game of chess with him. But this afternoon Colin came into the living room and I saw at once from my corner in the library, where I was curled up wilh "Wuther- ing Heights,' lhal he had been drinking. Lacking any other audience, he called me out of the library and got Ellen to come in from the kit chen, also, and he played for all of us. All kinds of songs he played and san. ' them to litllo success, though we tried t o humor him. And suddenly, inspired by some lilllc German lullaby lhal he claimed had Ihe mosl beautiful waltz rhythm of anything ever wri tlen, he seized me in his arms and began to dance. Around and around the room we whirled until, just as suddenly, his mood changed anc he stopped and let me go. Perhaps he was remembering, as was I that day when he had waltzed will- Miss Charlolle and she had faintec in his arms. Withmil a word, then, lo Ellen 01 me, he left us, left the house, ii fact and did not return for dinner Towards morning of that same night Ellen heard him at the door and went clown and let him in, and he spent the night in the library staring into Ihe fire. And though I knew he had hardly been aware thai he was dancing with me that afternoon, that he had probably forgotten already that he had done so, I could still feel the thrill of his arms around me, of his dark face close to mine. And the next day, which was my eighteenth birthday, there w as a crisis at Innisfail. Colin, suddenly gelling a notion lhal nol enough was being done for Charlotte and lhal what she needed vas a litlle gay conversation, took t upon himself to force her door and try to talk to her. With the result lhal she became violenlly hy- slerical, and the doclor was sent 'or in hasle, and Mark, once more enraged al his brother, order c d lim to leave the house. And this time Colin went. Nor did he return for five years. I suppose during the next fi v e years no one at Innisfail changed i great deal except myself. Un- lappily there was no change at all n Miss Charlotte, and Ellen seemed much the same as she always been since I'd known her. And but for aecoming a little grayer, a litt t 1 e thinner and even more silent, Mary was, as ever, the reserved, slightly haughty professor. A cold, unemotional man you might have tho- ughl, looking at him. Yet occasionally of an evening while I was training at Saint Gregory's Hospital, after graduating from high school, I would come upon Mark in Ihe lillle chapel lhal slood between the hospital and the Academy. And even in the half-shadows in -Ihe flickering candle-light, and attempted to teach Ellen and me, wilh very prolein one needs from vegetable sources, but combinations of mal and vegetable prolein used by the majority of people because such diels are more palal able. Some foods faddisls solemnly declare thai mixing cerlain lypes food is harmful, such as acid and alkali, prolein and carbohydrale.In heallh, Ihe body finds no difficully in maintaining a slighlly alkaline balance as il has Ihe capacily lo change acid foods inlo alkaline and alkaline inlo acid as Ihc occasion demands. II is not harmful lo mix protein and carbohydrate foods at the same meal. One of Ihe besl foods for man, good quality pasteurized milk, contains both protein and carbohydrate. Food faddists conn ter by saying lhal persons with strong stomachs can mix protein and carbohydrates, but not those who have weak stomachs. II is in- leresling lo nolc lhal Ihe food of newborn infants is entirely milk. Cooking Does No Harm The raw food group believes tha cooking harms food. It is Irue tha it does destroy some of the vitamins and minerals, bul as lliere is an excess in Ihe diel, Ihe loss is lot felt. Cooking improves tho flavor of many foods and destroys dis ease germs and is urged whenever possible. Unwise selection of food in diel- ng may be another source of food deficiency disease. Some persons gel Ihe idea lhal certain foods are ^armful lo Ihem and eliminate .hem from their diet without real aroof. Others follow unwise weight reduction programs in which only one food is eatn or in which ail 'ood is eliminated for several days, etc.. in scientific weight reduction, there must be a deficit of 2400 calorics in energy foods for every pound of weight loss and such diels are nol harmful. such limes by a lhal I had never 25, inclusive. i,\n of .the units will be Fourth components. The others will rt of Ihc 39th (Arkansas-Lou- 11 division. Eastern Arkansas Day Set at State Stock Show Lillle Rock, Sept. 12 --i/P)-- Oc- ober 17 has been designed as Eastern Arkansas Day at the Arkansas Livestock Show, which will )C resumed here Ocl. M-20 after a hree-year lapse. Sam Anderson of Helena, president of tho Eastern Arkansas Young Men's Club, sa:c! Miss Re- jecca Jane McCall of Blythevilje, second place winner in the Miss America contest, would be a monitor of an Eastern Arkansas dele. alion which will attend the show .hat day. Yorktown Gives Trouble fro Second CornwctHis YorkUwn, Va., Sept. 12 — (/P)— A second Lord Cornwnllis had a lillle trouble in Yorktown ysslorday. The descendant of the Lord Cornwallis who was forced to surrender to Washington's army at Yorklown 'to end vhe Revolutionary War. became indisposed on a visit hero and had to cancel all engagements for the day. The Britisher blamed rich food and iatiguc and not historical memories for his sudden illness. Cotton is the biggest cash crop in the stale of Texas. Hughes Completes Cross Country Airplane Trip two logs, tho first taking him to Kansas City Tuesday. He" slopped-I over in Kansas Cily for 2M I-',] 1 hours. Asked 'how fie j;ol (He nerve lo fly again' after his crash, Hughes replied: 'Whal arc you supposed to clo— spend the rest of your life in a wheel chair?' He said he would confer here wilh his attorneys to. 'push' litigation regarding his motion picture, "The Outlaw." The motion picture producers association has charged that Hughes failed lo obtain ap-. pioval for advertising and publicity material used in publicizing the film. New York, Sepl. 12 —Wl—Howard Hughes, millionaire industrialist and movie producer, landed at La Guardia Field shortly before midnight last night to complete his firsl cross-country hop since his near-fatal crackup in experimental plane in California two months ago. Hughes, ilying his own converted B-23 two engined transport, completed the flight from the coast in o HENHOUSE BEDLAM Chester, 1)1.. Sepl. 13 •— W> — Miss Marie Marlon gol oul of bed and went to her chicken house to find out the reason for ihe clucking and crowing in the middle of the night. The 85-year-old woman found a full grown opossum killing one of El Dorado Sponsor of Ship Gets $110 Payment Washington. Sept. 12 — (/P)—(lifts' lo woirifn snonsors of ships, as lisled by tho" Maritime ComfniS' sion. .include: Delta Shipbuilding Co., New Orleans, La.—Mrs. O. L. Bodenharh or, 303 North Washington sl'reet, FA Dorado, Ark.. Silver Bowl, $110. her chickens. She grabbed the ma* raudor by the neck and chopped oJf its head. / Then she dressed the slain.chick- on and went back lo bed. , .— o The sense ol vision biings man 83 percent of his knowledge. , 0 : All geose are voglarians. Silver and Gold - ; Nail Heads All Styles EYLETS all colon. RHINESTONES Buttons — Belts — Buckles Mail Orders Invited ,, Mrs. H.W. Hatcher 309 E. Second Hope, Ark, Phone 407-J ' . I?; QUESTION: I have heard that foods cooked in aluminum ware are poisonous. Is there any truth to this? ANSWER: There has never been one. case reported in medical literature of anyone who was poisoned by food cooked in aluminum ware. Many foods contain a small amount of aluminum and they do not harm us. I was struck at look on his face seen theie before, lhal I had never expected to see on the face of any Fitzgerald. Surely, and amazingly, a look of humility. I always left at once, feeling guilty, somehow, at having glimpsed Ihc naked depths of Mark Fitzgerald's soul. And I came to have an intense pity for him. He was a sad and. lonely man, no longer arrogant at heart, whatever he seemed on the surface. He continued lo have Ihe tacsl of Ihe medical and brain spccialisls for Charlolle bul they could hold out little in the way of hope for him. And Charlolle still remained shut away in her own room whenever cither Mark or I wore about. Now and then, when she and Ellen were alone al Innist'ail, Charlo I t e would come out of her room and walk slowly through the house, gazing silently all around. Sometimes she would stand for a long lime simply slaring up the front stairs, Ellen told us, bul she never used them. She always came from her room by way of Ihe back slairs and relumed (he same way. 'She's slill the beauty,' El 1 e n would say sadly. "Only for the queer look of her eyes, Cclia, you'd nol see a lovlicr face. Ah, it's a great pity." It was, indeed, a great pity, a tragedy, thai no one could sec and admire that beauty, thai Ihe mind behind il should slill remain blank and empty. (To Be Conlinued) Brother of Hope Women Succumbs John Bruce Keating, 39, of Richmond, Virginia and son of Major and Mrs. R. B. Keating of McCrory, Ark., died yesterday in a St. Louis Hospital. He was the brother of Mrs. Emmett Thompson and Miss Peggy Kealing of Hope. He formerly resided al McCrorj and Lillle Rock. Surviving also are his wife, a daughter Belly Ann Kealing, 2 sons, Terrence and John Bruce Jr., his parents, Major and Mrs R. B. Keating, two other sisters Mrs. Mcrvyn Raymond of Sai Diego and Mrs. Charles Kannarc of Washinglon, D. C., Iwo brothers. Joe T. of'San Diego and Lloyd A Keating of Washington, D. C. Funeral arrangements are incom pletc but burial will be in Washing Ion, D.C. Sunday School Lesson Scripture: Exodus 20:17; eibs 11:23-24; Luke 12:13-21 What is covetousness? Probably ale desire for possessions, or the desire or purpose to possess for one's self what rightfully belongs lo another. Covetousness on a vast scale has played a large part in the social and economic life of the world—far more lo Ihc injury of man lhan we realize. The Ten Commandments must be read and studied, first of all in relation to the people and the time to whom and in which they were given. Here was a people in a compact community, fresh from the bondage of Egypt, racially and religiously unified, with a leader seeking to bring them into an organized life of seeurily, freedom, and happiness. What laws and regulatons must be observed if that, was to be achieved? Could it be done if individuals were greedy and grasping for themselves? Could such a society be built if there were no in- legrily and loyalty in family life? Look into the Commandments and see how carefully and excellentl y they were designed, upon the foundation of faith In one spiritual God, to establih sound ideals and mut- Prov-| ually safe and fair restraints and | principles in the life of Ihe comm- How 1s- ruin Ihro- we might define it as the inordin-i Note, then, two things: h ,,., A°;..» !•„,. ,^ UOOB ci n ,,c .,- tho rael ell into decay and rin ugh Ihe failure lo keep those Commandments; and how the weaknesses evils, and failures in our modern and complex societies are due largely lo Ihe failure lo establish and practice the principles of these Commandments. Race Trouble in Miami Under Control Miami, Fla., Sepl. 12 — (S>>— Po ice Chief L. O. Nelson said toda a flareup in the downtown Is'egn section lost night in which a ^rou of some -100 Negroes nhatterec plale glass windows in a gvocerj store in reprisal Cor the alleged i beating of a young Negro employe ay two white operators was quickly quelled by 10 policemen who answered a riot call. He said any feeling which exist- 3d last night apparently had subsided this morning. Nelson said the store operators .vere arrested on charges of disorderly conduct. The men, he said, charged that they had caught vhe FLUSH KIDMEY URIME Benefit wonderfully from famous doctor's discovery that relieves backache, run-down feeling due to excess acidity in the urine People cvci-ywfvars arc findlnji amazing relief from painflti symptoms of bladder Irritation caused by cxccrs acidity in thu urine. Dll. KILMER'S SWAMP ROOT Lets fast on the kidneys to case discomfort by promoting the flnw of urine. This pure licrbal medicine is especially welcome where bladder irritation dus to excess acidity is responsible for "getting up at night." A carefully blended combination °f 16 herbs, roots, vesetablcs, balsam j Dr. Kilmer s contains nothing harsh, is absolutely non-habit forming. Just good ingredients that many spy have a niarr>e/ous tlicct. All driiBcists sell Swamp Root. For Accuracy and Purity Let Us Fill Your PRESCRIPTION In all the years we've been established, every prescription we've filled has unfailingly met the physician's specifications, and have-been promptly delivered to'"'the patientl We Have Registered'Pharmacists • • Finest Quality Ingredients We've Got It WARD & SON Phone 62 Finlcy Word Frank Ward The Leading; Druggist >7egro worker stealing cigarettes. When police arrived at ihe store, •3 crowd of Negroes estimated at 100 had formed, Nelson said. A oullct fired from across a street iiarrowly missed Iwo policemen standing in front of the store, and The measure of our social welfare . a heavy rock was hurled into the is largely the extent lo jwhich we | store. When the trouble first arose, ihe two store operalors. lisled as Nicholas S. and Roger J. Mis'lah, .vere taken lo police headquarters. 'Vhilc they were gone, ihc Negroes formed in front of the store and ovi-ry window was smashed. fJelson said no one was hurl during the disturbance and jionc of .he Negroes was arrested. have incorporated these Commandments into our life; and the measure of our social disruption is largely the extent to which we have failed to recognize, or put into practice, the principles which Moses saw were at the very foundation of the common welfare. The parable of the successful farmer is one to which men might as well sive more heed. Ho was . typical of the materially successful man, so apt lo be forgetful of his obligations to both God and his fellow men. Nolc lhat he wasn't particularly a 'sinner.' His fault was that bolh economically and spiritually he was a fool. He had lefl oul of account the most important factor of all— his own life. There arc places called "Mexico" in at least six stales, "Panama" in al least six, " Brazil" in at least four, "Bolivia" in one, "Argentine" in one and "Cuba" jn at least eight, The secret of the tone of Stradivari and other old violins is believed to lie in the varnish. The QUEEN as shown is in Black or Brown !• the RHYTHM STEP w Ay . this Fall! Give your new costumes fresh fashion-excitement With RHYTHM STEP'S new styles. And give yourself the brcvncUncu-, srano!=ne\v thrill , of walking on invisible Rhythm Treads ithat'Cushion every step at three strain points/ and make the miles fairly lly. !/^_ nun ti«i MM z_ no nun ti LOOT'S "We Outfit the Family"

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