Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 12, 1946 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 12, 1946
Page 7
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Thursday, September14, 1946 CLASSIFIED Ads Must Bc In Office Day Before Publication Number of One Three Six Onco?)— Words Day Days Days Month .4!5 .30 1.50 4.50 .00 1.20 2.00 0.00 .75 I.M 2.50 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 Rates are for Continuous Insertions Only • All Want Ads Cash in Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone Found STRAY MULE AND HORStt ARE tns 9-Gt Thursday, Scplombcr 12, 1946 PS, ARKANSAS More STAR, HO By Roy Gotto OZARK IKE By Chick Younq TYING- RUN Up to IS 18 to 20 21 to 25 20 to 30 31 to 35 30 to 40 41 to 45 GRANDSTAND, CATCHES/ ...... ..... 40 lo 50 ...... 1.50 By Michael O'Mollcy & 1 [ CAM C BACK TO being held at K. J. Hosetibautns VIC FLINT farm on old 07 highway. By Dick Turner YOU CAN SAY T\ CARNIVAL / YOU MEAN TO SAV, MEICROFT, THAT YOUR SISTKK COMMITTED V SUICIDE? /-vr^AV.II //- By Galbraith SIDE GLANCES ti&elcroft told his story, but 1 didn't listen. I wanted another look around that swimming THAT AGAIN, MELCROFT.' SHE FOUGHT ME WHEN I TRIED TO RESCUE HER. POSSIBLY 3 ROOM HOUSE 2 MILES OUT ON old OoAtm road. Electricity, tele phone, on school bus and moil route. Orvllle Holscher, Phone' BEEN DESPONDENT, NSPECTOR. WHO KNOWS? SHE IS DEAD. SHE CAN NOT TELL US. FRONT BEDROOM bath. Working girls Phone 737. 001 Pond Street. 10-31 BEDROOM NEXT TO BATH WITH kitchen privileges. Couple only No pets. 217 VVest 13th Street 10- FUHNTSHED THREE ROOM AND bath apartment. Also bedroom with piivatt: bath. Write V. O. By Leslie Turner WASH TUBES ITH AKE'S - 'W OUTCRY ECHOING IN THE HUGE CAVE, EASY WORKS W5WWI UP OVER THE BOULDER9 1 IM PITCH DtVRKNESS SMOKE! THIS fAUST BE THE V WE WILL DELIVER TO YOUR home without obligation a nice medium size rebuilt and refinished piano. A piano that will look nice in your home and will WWT, HERE'S ft OF THREE K\EN SINN IN ViKTCH£S! 1 H/M.F BURIED IM DUST! MOWN WEM Hf\D SOME STICK. I /PUEBLO REVOLT THAT I ON.CE FELL*?,/THEY'RE SPANIW3DS, L CAN LIGHT! / HELP PHILIP ORlON HUNT CfcPTMN! LOOK-THE TOLEN FROtA CHICORRO'5 FOR....THEV WERESTfcRTIN WORD AND SHREDS OF CLOTHING! give many years of service. Pri- . A SEIXRCH FOR CHlCORRO.. ces very reasonable and terms to suit your convenience. Write, wire or phone. This will receive our prompt attention. Rock Piano Co. 210 Main 1940 FORD TUDOR, TIRES LIKE new and runs like new. due west of high school on East 10th street. Eldridge Rogers. ll-3t G.E. ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR Table top gas range, 214 E. Sec- DAY BED AND ROUND DINING 'By Wait Disney DONALD DUCK table. Phone 220-J. Mrs. James ME* SERVICE. INC. t. M. REG. U. 8. PAT. Off! ----. -.., >«. 1«W BY MEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. QFr.>. ' - - you PUT THAO" SIGN UP) OUT PROMT WHILE NNAK.E A TEST Don't think we ain't distinguished! Y'know the East End Social Club declared us 'persona non grata'!'.' FOLDING PLAY PEN, FLOORED. Combination high chair, training "0h, I can't gel out today or tomorrow—George iinaliV ound time to take a week's vacation which lie is spending ^at home, and I'm stuck here answering the phone!" AS'LATTEST INVENTION -A, S __/^rv IINY &1N t IWI-* — *-* SEE,WHAT S) SUPER HI-SPEED ~-us,UNicf£K ELECTRIC OONXlip?APRINTING PRESS chair and play table. All in good condition. Phone 25P. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS breakfuzl room suite. See Ihese By Hershberaer FUNNY BUSINESS al Hope Transfer Co. GOOD MORNING, BOYS .' L HAVE YOUR GRADES ALL C* \ ^—_, FOR. YOU/ CLARINET, GOOD CONDITION. Phone 512. Jane Kealon. P<~>OM HOUSK TN PHILLIPS addition close to 'Paisley school. MODIFIED ENGLISH TYPE SAD- Excellent saddle for h"«in. nor. S. D. Cook, Phone 28-W-1-2. Baseball Scores By Carl Anderson By The Associated Press National League M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. 0 1-1*) Brooklyn 0; Cincinnati 0 (19-inn Boston 3; Chicago Pittsburgh 7-7; New York 0-5. Philadelphia 9; St. Louis •'-. American League Detroil 7; Boslon 3. Cleveland 11; New York 2. Chicago G; Washington 1. St. Louis -1; Philadelphia 0. Southern Association Semi-Final Playoffs • New Orle-""- ''': Atlanta (teams are tied 1-1). Chattanooga la, Mem plus Teams are tied, 1-1. LOOK—WHISTLER'S MOTHER// L FEEL THAT CLASSROOM SHOULD HAVE 1 INTERESTING PICTURES ON THE WALL —-SOi SELECTED SOMETHING 1 THOUGHT APPROPRIATE/ m : 'tSIKH. .-COP«. 1946 BY NIASEHVICi. INC. T. M. RtG. U/S. PAT.'oFF William R. Hemdon With this_new type of table she gels lo see her husband ~ breakfast!" By V. T. Hamlin Photographer XVVEU..WELL! .) I'D SAY YOU First National Bank Bldg. Second Floor BV TH= FAILURE OF MUSTEK STONB'S DOODLEBUG TO TRACE THE A3PUC.TOI&S OP HIS GlZi. F&ISUP, I/ I SYMPATHIZ OOP L£FT THS ROCH-HAPPV CvOLOGlST TO SHlfT FOR HIMSELF, f WITH OOP, BUT fliiB-STiTirre cnt?\ >'• -v " A 'W JOB'S PIND- r^I^If 0 * k!^ . .V : V ING COCKS,NOT HECi COMFWION WE Tft'ZANWHILE. rus CKO-A\AG WSEE FOECED TO LEAVE POK. TwB SUZ- \ BOV3 PiD rARDS...BUT THE EEMA!NISJ<3 I ALL OP THE ThKEE & AS J fJK VET UNACCOUNTED POE.'/ f WARK'.OGS DzUVSR THEIR TO THSIR Thimble Theater POPEYE PHONE 493 or H4-J PORTRAITS Commercial and Advertising PHOTO COPIES BRAVVW AN'BRAIN, THE WELLS CF IT'S TERRIBLY '4m^.m^> jk-fifrtKgtigJ- U* . , BUB, t^lW VA SPAKE A WHOLE «E6 OP V AT V/ATER FOR SVVEETIE ?? vfiT 10, COO GALLONS -r A MINUTE// Discharges - Legal Documents 24 Hour Service ^TOiliMnpf 1 ^ STOP AND CHAT with MOLLY and BILL Famous for STEAKS and CHOPS Overstuffed Cheeseburgers and Yum-Yum FOOT LONG HOT DOGS with Chilli "CURB SERVICE" 720 West Third — DE LUXE CAFE By Edgar Martin FROtA WE. SKOUUJW With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE .By J. R. Williams IH/THE A / & Tt-UCT THE YOU 4 A\T Me V^llTH AM OLD VOOTH-^-HrXR-RUMPH:? 1^1 PUMP HrXMDLE'S ST\LL < , w , , FouevAT melovJNi Buiuv ^ HERe.'—X'M IM A HURRV FOR VOU, W&LPEO VOU OUTOF 5TEAL-)^OpW. AtAOS-^pON^ 6A.CKTO OUR / OKIE TO LEAVE 1 THIS HAUNTEP HOUSE / GETS THE THREE BUCK JACK.ROT-- V WOULP YOU CARE \TO PUT IM ANOTHER. DOLLAR M6 6CRAPES Mo CHECKS FOR. L66S'N A DOLLAR. see we- f. M. (iEr.,-07g-|'A'l. OIF. ', v Feed H RED RYDER YOU5E=.K triAl MESSAEE tC «i6 S>A CODE HE Cleaners dROTWERLN TOUCH = 9-11 ^ HOPE STAR/ HOPE, ARKANSAS Page Seven National Race to Be Decided Following Series Fair Enough By Westbrook Pegler Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. New York, Sept. II—Doctor Santiago M. Peralta, the director of migration of thn Argentine He- public, recently announced that Ar- •It BM* I f^ikrtta Jr.* SpritiKfiokl, N. J., Sept. 12 —f/T'HRddie Ragan Is -thinking about :••(?— Kor a while the national ainfi-' signing as New York State Athletic tour appeared lo he developing intn | rommissionei hecauso of recent un- n young man's golf tournament satisfactory doings'.'. . .Busiest golf when one ex-champion, Willie Tur- nnsa, and two former finalists. Ray Billows and Walter Emory, were or around Baltusrol this comely Mrs. Catherine Fox I'ark, who is playing in ihe New Jersey bounced out in the first round along i Women's match play championship with a number of other guys who at Monlclair while her husband, were good golfing "names' before | Gordon, is competing in vhe Nathe war. . . .But 37-year-old Umilcy j llonal. Oa'.herine qualified Tuesday Quick helped to even things up )"or | then rushed here in time to see Fights Lost Night By The Associated Press up only seven hits: Walker' saved the gattic lor the Dodgers with hi? ,.- , , , f'ne throw from The outfield 4 n vhl Oakland. Calif. — Star Misamis, j ]9th which nipped a runner at th3 134 ]-2, Manila, outpointed Jackie i plate Wilson, 134 1-2, Pittsburgh. 10. Hank Grccnbcrg, Tigers— Houi. BnUulo •- Phil Miisculo. 104. But- ored with two on" 10 beat ihe iied falo, outpointed Henry .lories, 1H2, 'Sox 7-3 ' ! 0 _ iJiHtuit, 10. Utica. N. Y. — Lo Paglia, ir,fl 1-2. Ulicu. and Tony Vern, ir>0 !•<? l!.jine, N. Y., drew, .'J. By United Press ; OFFICIAL ALIBI i Aurora. Ill, Sept 12 —(^)—Po- jlice, under direction of Mayor 'An- the older generation and .ii)"'i -/id gentina would welcome immigrants slandbys as Maurice'. McCarthy, in accordance with her necessities. |Dicli Chapman mid Bud • word (not By JOE REICHLER I submit that this proposition is wise and should bo our own guide. In the case of the Argentine, Associated Press Sports Writer farmeis arc preferred. 1 do not Like the 1938 Pittsburgh Pir- " ates, the Brooklyn Dodgers cou'ul lose the National League pennant know what the "necessities" are which should guide the United States in a selection of immigrants because of inability xo play vheir as to their crafts. But, whatever, full schedule. they may be, we haVe a right to ' n rlntil r\\ i »• rt u/ri r\ i cf«»*! i r> t ti fi 1 irmc iVi» l ' that they're doddering old wrecks) came through. . . .Johnny Fischer, who failed to qualify, expln'ns it: "you lose a little .concentration when you got older; -you find you're making too many shots from memory. . .it's like the way old i'ighters get a little punch drunk.' The Pirates of '.'3fi, who finished'adopt our own discriminations for One Minute Sports Page in second place, 13 percentage lour own national benefit. points behind the champion Chi cago Cubs, were rained out of :'our games that year, but the Dodgers 0'ime fiom yesterdays To those who will raise the most abusive protest against vhis proposal 1 would interrupt to point out that this has been our practice in record-breaking 19-inning score-1 selecting refugees less lie with the Cincinnati K-H-- |!>1 -"- l - u " s lcil !i?<r<-s, from Europe Word trickling up this way is that Oklahoma's i'oo!bailers may have a surprise for army.Sept. :28 . . .the Bonnet's have sorrje real bi^ boys in the line, including a six foot, live-inch center, and our : : n- Ooidon rnal'.c Ihe grade in a ;oiay- oil'. Yesterday she won her :"irst match, in Ihe morning '.hen made il in time to trail hubby around ihe j course ;n the second round. Suuthbridi'c 'Mi*- —Corkv Da ' cll ' ( ' w J Cnrter', started a carn- l"is I'iti Woj-r't.«;tpr"TVtn«i<! WnopkPii ' >aif i n °" automobiles without City A crisp, rool night greeted (ho ou 't ^idh ; Berrv n? Portland vchicl ° tax stickers . obcalK' initial ripjiearance under i M,> ,3, '' uanu, j ^ j cw nl j nu ( c , s n ftcr the drive Bobcii lights last nipht. and speed. brisllcd 'Me., I fians r. Mo. — Clint' Perry, 100. Frankie It Got By George George Striekler, national fool- hall icn«ue Di'hlicitor. still :.s ?ook- inK for the miscreants who stole a goid jja>b, jntended :.'or President Truman, .?rc»n his office. "They broke irito everything but vhe ;oacK- ers' backtield, George moans "It Coaches Dildy nnd Tollotl nut t.hp boys tlnough semmingly endless 'rig and pass plays and with learn operating at Ihe same time the fairly large crowd, many seeing the Cats for the first time, hart a tough time keeping up. From all indications the starting cloven is goinu to bo p'pniv fast and not so light as would bc expected. The backfield lo take the j H fiv P . field Friday night, against DeQucon which probably will be Douglas Mul Anderson, 101, Belfast, Me. (8.) Providence, H. I. —Jackie Webber, 1H1, Pawtucket. R. I., out- pointed Oliver Desmarais, 130, Mancnester. N. H.. (lOi. started the mayor appeared- .at police headquarters—..with n r traffic ticket which was'"loft on his car parked in front of-ihe City hall Carter expluined'-he had purchased his sticker last .winetef — I but had failed to displpv it Yesterday's Stars By The Associated Press Andy Seminick, Phillies—Tripled beaut r ioV with the bases loaded to highlight. , The official flower of the-- District of Columbia is the American -s' backtield, oeorge moans -it ]ins at Q U(irteri bolstered bv Jack as such a bc-nntrful -oass—and xhelBell. Jack- Wnl!« .inH P.nc'nr Rn. President wouldn't have to go to Buf/ior game and a naif .Both •.earns are .Breckenridge Long, who had coin- all even on the Josmg side of the| mmld ol a spcc j a i division ot the edger but the v-ards have won state Deartment dealin wit th three more games. state Department dealing with the refugee problem. Mr. Long said an . . Branch Hickey head of the | advisory commitlee arbilraril y de- Dodgers planned to confer with -tided that certain individuals were 1'ord Inick, president ol xhe Na- : .- worlhy to bc saved in the cause Miami or San Francisco to use it. j At ' ends nusscll and Walker will get the .nod. while Smilh and Gari etl will hold down tackle positions. Dots All Brothers The- Dodgers are "victory' celebration planning a •tomorrow when Hugh Casey opens his eatery in Brooklyn if Branch Rickey picks up the tab, they're entitled .whats this story xh-.it to call it a victory Wheeler Seen .. , T • j-- ------ ..*"*' . wuruiy LU uu MU vt« in me uiiuisu ^^^ . M B • tional League today on the ques-| of humanity—intellectuals—that is, f|C I IB ifrcf finn ISHH t'«» "I '-epluy Sept. :iO or IJC. Authors, painters, orators, states-1 «•!•* 'V/U tS 4 il !lU II 0^ the Dodwrs however, were oe- , mL>11 ' political leaders and publish- j cupied with their all-important | ors or newspapers: men who, be- senes \vith the Cardinals, starting , CUUSL> of ^ sil ! vac , c re u gion uo .' r™ U i^ fi ? : ,'.' C1 ',?' " S ° the liUcal beliefs and opposition to ihe Cauls th,it this three-game set lNazi Regimc would bc !<j]ied.' may decide the pennant race. i T , ,, -, T Manager Leo Uurochcr of the : challenge Mr. Long s celrn as- Dodgers plans io start Kirby sumption that the "cause of hu-! ti;,,t.« i.! _ • . _i.ii i i , mjimtv By CARL BELL . Associated Press Sports Writer If one were picking the out- Higbe, his righthanded ace, and follow with Joe Hatlen iomorrow and either Vic Lombard! or .Rube £ Melton Saturday. Eddie Dyer, boss of the Reduirds. intimated he will lead with his southpaw ace. Howie Pollet, and come back wilh George Drug Addicted Ross Wants . ; nning rally Irm Cardinals 9-4. .lonnny Vander Meer, Reds and! Dixie Walker, Dodgers •••- Vander I Mcer hurled 15 innings of -,he 19- inning 0-0 tie, fanned 14 and gave By'JACK CUDDY . " New York, Sept. 12 —CUP)—Men of the fight game were stunned xo- manity' was better served thus standing Arkansas athlete of the day by the news lhat iheir ^beloved than it would have been served by i last half decade, it would be j Barne Ross had "turned himself the rescue of farmers, mechanics. I mighty, mighty difficult, io over- or miners who instead were left (look Earl "Bed 1 Wheeler, ihe dur- behind lo die because this commit-1 able R-a/orbaek :.'ootballer and Munger Brecheen Saturday. Yesterdays Marathon tomorrow and Harry , . i: ,' v . e Snlni-rlnv lectUals' game. called because of darkness, bettered by one the previous longest scoreless tie game, played July 10. 1909 between Detroit and Washington. -—" Johnny Vander Meer pitched ihe tee had decided that "intellectuals' were more precious. I have closely observed "Intel- in New York, Washington and Hollywood Tor a quarter of a century and state with authority that they are oo more valuable io "humanity" than other persons. I contend, also, that \ve had :io special need of such specialists. If Mr. Long had said that we selected in- uu«i»i> >T TLiiiviv.1 .nt i, v i i^i i v. i ii» u tiii_ ». ,•; . . , . . first IS innings, t;ave up only .seven I '1'viUtmls whose personal acquaint- hits and struck out 14 while walk- Ance .< military and political inlor- ing only two. Harry Gurnbert pitched the last Cour innings :'or inatiun or scientific knowledge gave reasonable promise ;hat ihev the Reds allowing only one" hit I would be uncommonly helpful to. ' The Dodgers used our uitciier.s U3 ' as a ' in . impending eager. AS clean and hard-working an athlete as you'll find, the big Fort Smith redhead lias been a regular in both sports i'or three years at the university. He's plugged away at his football especially Jiard and many an afternoon has seen 'this "bull" of a center sweat, block and tackle through iiO hard, losing minutes. Before practice began at Fayetteville this fall, there were L'ears that n minor operation Wheeler underwent during the summer might keep .turn on the .sidelines. We began to wonder just how a starter Hal Grece if \ rf u ,.«>«' , Hugh Casey, :uve; Art Herring, throe; un'cl .Hank Bchrman, one. They gave up 10 hits. Twice the Reds missed scoring cier.s ' - ,_,,-, , . - inniiiL'«! l war, he 'would have made it dif- Porker team would .look without innings, ,.,.,;, .„ ....;.,„:..„ ..... _j_,.._ ..... I "v>r,,c ,'\ahi in ih« IV,IHHI» ^f o,, 0 ^,,, ficult to criticize his admission, But ing a good ground i'or anyone who -now 1 right , in the middle of every- ho didn't say that and, in say-1 thing. But we didn't Have, io worry what he did" say, he prepared long. The senior center turned up by a split second when bodger out- argues that we iiave absorbed fielders Peto Rcispr :mrl Divin• enough of such "intellectuals' and fielders Pete Reiser and Dixie Wnlker threw out runners at vhe plate. Walker's game saving throw ga"ie in the 19tn inning. Oscar .ludd, 30-year-old southpaw, pitched f"» PiiU to a 0-1 victory over the Cards. For the second straight dny, the enough should consult our own '•necessities' in the selection of further immigrants. It i.i necessary to point out that the selection of immigrants :'rom the first day and leaped right into the .rough stuff. . • Then, early ihis week Wheeler was knocked unconscious and curried from {he field.'.He was back the very next day but 1 - keeled over as an aftermath of. ihe :'njury and '. "'as can-led .nway. And, w- a two on. The Cubs and Braves battled through 17 innings before 'hirkness halted their game with ihe score Hed al 3-3. Emil Rush and Hank Borowy held the Braves lo one hit in the last 12 1-3 innings. The Indians hammered four New York Yankee pitchers :'or 13 hits as Allic Reynolds went the route lor his llth win with, an 11-li ;ri- umph. Irte Chicago White Sox- climbed on Bobo Newsom :'or :'ive runs in the sixth inning to del'e-it the Senators 0-1, and the St.- Louis Browns shut out the Philadelphia Athletics 4-0 in a night game at Sportsman's park. The Pirates went into seventh place in the N-itionul League and dumped the New York Giants 'nto the cellar by beating the New Yorkers twice 7-G and 7-5 at ihe polo grounds. Europe is now and xor some years ' again, ho was back the ncxl day, pasl has been made on ehe basis I"-" -m s sun going strong. " ' " " " Which hoins prove ihat you sinv keep a good man down, ive iiii-ss jur'guess oudly, Mr. Center 1 of the Hazorbacks will play the best'football of his career this year. For one thing, he has some help at the pivot post. There Tigers forced postponement' of of religion and racial or mass guilt. , Which hems prove \\ Boston's pennant celebration by We are. imitating Adolf Hitler, in ply^canH _keep a good handing the American League ' ' " leading Red Sox a 7-3 setback. Hank Grecnberg highlighted a :'ive- '•'in f irst inning against .Oavo (Bool Ferriss, with his 33rd homerun reverse, when Germans, "suspected" of spmpathizing with, the Nazi regime, are arbitrarily rejected by our consuls when they apply :?or quota visas. Few "aryan" Germans can escape such "suspicion 1 but all so-called "non-aryans 1 obviously are above suspicion. The,- .-., lesull is that we honor Hitler's Same while lies in it. own infamous doctrine and abandon our own native law that guilt is personal and individual and vhat .... the accused must have a ::air 'trial, i which .army service aided instead V to oe cured of n drug .habit. Exclamations of amazment. were heard along 49th street and at Still- mun's gymnasium as the Ross story was read or 'related. "Can you i m a g i n c that?!! Barney Sure starters at guard positions arc Morton and Milum and lanky Jack Ray will fill in at center. Wailing to take over as subs for the starting eleven are a bunch of youngsters that have literally been given the first siring fits in practice sessions. All are eager to leN ter and will play plenty of ball before the season is over. Little is known about the De- Oueen eleven which meets the Cats hero tomorrow night but the spirit-shown in practice last night leaves no'doubt l>"> Leopards are in for a tough bailie. As Coach Dildy told Kiwanians Tuesday, "I won't' promise a victory but we will bc in there fighting." Clothes do not make the man— but plenty of men owe a lot to their tailors. . Ross, one of the most popular and. respected warriors ever •..-> voss leather, was awaiting transportation today to the U. ',->. Public Health Hospital al Lexington, Ky., where he will be treated ::or an addiction lo morphine. Glamorous Barney, who formerly- wore the world lightweight and welterweight crowns and wno Jater became a marine hero in th" '-'ierce fighting on Guadalcanal. gave himself up to federal authorities ' Hove Your Discharge Copied for Furlough etc. 24 HOUR SERVICE Shipley Studio 220 So. Walnut Hope, Ark. Job Printing, Office Supplies and School Supplies Will have complete line, of printed Christmas Cartls Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co. yesterday' submitted io vech- ,\von'l be any more GO-minutc performances .Cor "Red," and he can put .everything he has into each Aubrey Fowler, ihe Porkers double-dandy tailback, is one veteran FOR—Dependable and Quick PLUMBING SERVICE • PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too Smah ANDERSON BROS. • NOTICE PICTURES FRAMED NICE SELECTION OF NEW MOULDINGS CLYDE FRITZ PHone 399 AVENUE B GROCERY REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-E Get Ready FOR FALL By having your winter garments cleaned and pressed. We Pick Up and Deliver Plenty of Parking Space" The solicitation to Europe scribed in bi^nze on the statue of liberty to "give vie ihe wretched refuse of your teeming shores" is a poetic expression which Americans may disavow in patriotism, dignity and legitimate self-irtorcst. If the subject be approved without emotion, it must be admitted that "wretched refuse,' oven though ihe phrase be .ironic, suggests the inclusion of persons who are undesirable as immigrants by any fair consideration of our nation's rights. There :'j :io .merit in the assumption ihat the ignited Staste owes asylum to all those who are wretched merely because they are wretcned, or ;o anyone else. Immigration is a privilege, not a right. The privilege should be regulated in the practical interests of the nation and vhe people who comprise it. Any regard :*or the wretchedness of the ,-ipplicunt should be understood to be a generous favor from ihe tjeople of vhe United Stales, lo be extended or denied, at will, by Ihose people. The disclosures in the Garsson case recently provoked :iew inquiries into a system of ; : 'rauds, attended by bribery. :'n ihe .'mmigra- lion service after the ::irst v.'ur. In the recent and current situation, he possibilities and iemptations n e greater than they over were Before. And, inasmuch as the government itself lias warped, ovaded and i.rankly violated the immigra-. ion laws and connived al .schemes which mocked the Jaw, common sense must suspect vhat bribery and discrimination are the rule today. It is a grievous but durable :-'al- lacy that immigrants come ui ihe United States because they love "democracy 1 and liberty. They come here for various ignoble motives and advantages. Judge .lohn C. Knox. the senior judge of the United States District Court, a distinguished liberal appointee of Woodrow Wilson, wrote; "I am afraid that a very substantial portion of all applicants apply for citizenshipor narrowly selfish or sordid reasons. Thousands of aliens, resident here for years and thoughtless of citizenship while earnings were good, have become 'good Americans' merely in order to get on relk-f.' President Wilson, surely no Nazi, wrote that the immigrant .nasses or impeding his ;;peed and ability. At least that's ihe opinion of Coach John Tucker of Arkansas Tech, who coached Fowler both before and after the war. "We hardly knew I'owler was around before (he war,' Tucker says. "But when ho came back last season everyone in the stai« was perfectly aware of his presence. He's much faster tlvm he was before lie went into ihe army. Tucker, incidentally, says he's done less this year to build a ieam at Tech than ever before in history. "I'm just taking what corr.ns yny way — and then just let -:hem yell about subsidization, he commented. , Tech's efforts to line up valent last year were a favorite :!eud!ng subject in the stale conference and resulted in Arkansas State Teachers College refusing to play, vhe Wonder Boys this year. This column recently hailed the return i'rorn service of Gordon nical arreal.in ordemhat'he might be cu'-(>d of a habit 'S'^t'W'-is suspected by virtually no one: in T box-. inir. • . v,^-' l V:{.i '"'Without exception, membei:s ; ' ! of' the fight mob on "JacoBs ••beacjir! were confident that the ex'- cfyamp. would conquer his new and ineinac.-! ins opponent becn'.ise "he's got; -a" heart as big as a watermelonV' 1 But they couldn't understand- why Barney. .3 guy :'\vllh a million friends,' Avas'-fqi'ced' ; . to • demean himself p.ybUcl}^toiftavc ; ,-hi.s plight- exriosed in' ' Ihe .newspapers- — ".in o'rder to be treated Tor. a- habit -he- had contracted as a war casualty. His addiction to morphiiT* ,vas war-caused,. Barney explained to reporters in the office of-U. A. At- 'toi-ney John F. X. McGohey. Medical corpsmen began giving him the drug wnen he was trying to :Hght of the combined effects of wounds; shock and malaria after the terrible night of Nov. 19, ' 1942. That was the night on Guadalcanal when he stood over the helpless forms of three wounded buddies and mowed down .'22 Japs, while Jap bullets lore into his arms and )egs. HALL'S Hatters HUGH B. HALL, Owner 208 N. Ferguson Phone 76 Long, the Joplin, Mo., boy who did some fancy passing ..or vhe .Razorbacks in 1944, and labeled .him ;it; one of ihe Southwest'.; :.'inest voss- ers. Our Cace was more ihan a /itlle red when Long reported 7li»'l immediately was assigned vo vhe "13' squad .. . Not many days passed, nowever, until Coach John Barnhill saved face — Tor us, himself or both — by promoting Long to the varsity. Lack of weight w;.,/ Long'.; principal drawback MI •!-,. when he weighed only 150 pounds. He's up to 175 .low. "Complete service for your car" MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION Now Open 24 Hours Dally 3rd & Laural Phone 303 Howard Lamb, Owner GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING Batteries Recharged Shop tqulpment is no better than the man that uses it For Your Repair Work, sec HOMER COBB Highway 67 P.hone 57 ALLGS's Interested in FUGHT TRAINING Contact Vet Office or B, L. Rettig at the airport "! • Flfght Instructions « Rides 9 Charter Trips HOPE MUNICIPAL Agent for SCAT* Airline ' LAWN MOWERS Repaired and Sharpened. 30 Years Experience I specialize in Repairs and Sharpening ;,U;..^ M. C.JiRO&C".V. Phone 1107-J So. Main St. Harry Segnar, Sr. /PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs Phone 382-J > .1023 South Main St, Arkansas is known as the wonder stale. Mrs. Claude Whiiehurst Representative for Mutual Benefit Health & Accident Association United Benefit Life Insurance Company Omaha, Nebraska Phone 952-J 1013 West 5th St. BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating • Phone 259 Hope, Ark. George Cole, who will tutor \he university's linkslers next spring, laughs: "You don't need a golf coach when Bubba Smart is on the team.' . . The university, MI- cidemaay, plans io send Bubba, the three-time slate chump - rum Pine Bluff, to the National Inter- ColleghUe tourney next year. o- COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main Southern Clubs Even Up in Playoff Series Right back whole Uu-y started— all square ui'U-r iwo games ih'j ... Southern Associalion'.s :irst divi- ot' the last century obliged Amc-ri- sion clubs ehanged sites ioday to c-an statesnu'ii \o accommodate .'if-. continue ihc-ir Shauglxnessy jilay- iairs to a day of now alien 'orces offs J'or the right to meet ihe Texas whjch dominated all they did. League winner ,'n a resumption of The quick retort in contempt fur Ihe native and in equally in'omper- ale praise of the immigrant selects some spectacular native criminal for comparison with some distinguished immigrant. That is no more fair nor convincing, hovs'- ever, than to select such an .immigrant as Charlie Chaplin, and compare him to ih(? most illustrious native of our time, o- Pewter has been made in America since early in the 17th Century. the Dixie senrj Chattanooga blasted second- place Mfcinr.his lust night, 15-fi, largely on a nine-run uprising :n the sixth inning and behind the splendid relief pitching of' Hal Tot-nes. New Orleans swamped vhe pennant-winning Atlanta Crackers. 12-2, with Lefthander Vic Johnson hurling eight-hit ball. Atlanta and New Orleans are idle today, resuming play at New Orleans Friday night, but Memphis and Chattanooga >j'lay again tonight at Chattanooga. YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too — ALL WORK GUARANTEED One. day service in town — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere Bargains In Secondhand Furniture Phone 152 41 IS. Hotel Sewing Machines Call us for guaranteed Repair work on all makes machines. 23 Years Experience We cover buttons, make button holes and do hemstitching. We buy, sell and exchange machines. C. W. YANCEY Singer Dlsx. >13 S. 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