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Nevada State Journal from Reno, Nevada • Page 2
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Nevada State Journal from Reno, Nevada • Page 2

Reno, Nevada
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PAGE TWO RENO EVENING GAZETTE TUESDAY, AUGUST 24, 1937 TAKEN ON Acting for Mayor Cooper, who will be out of Reno for several days, Mayor Pro-Tern C. Knox opened the city council meeting last night and presided. Four other council- Scores Today NATIONAJTLEAGUE AT Boston-- R. H. E. Pittsburgh 0 5 0 Boston 1 8 1 Blanton, Brown and Todd; Turner and Mueller, Chicago at New York, St. Louis at Brooklyn and Cincinnati at Philadelphia, rain, AMERICAN LEAGUE At DETROIT-- R. H. E. Philadelphia 3 Detroit 8 9 10 H. E. Kelley and Hayes; Bridges and York. men were present. Numerous mat- ht JL ters of a routine nature were con- TM' a telphia 8 sidered. All bills audited by the finance committee were ordered paid. J. C. Dillarcl was given permission to use fifteen feet of the northwest corner of West Sixth and West streets for materials which will be used In the new St. Mary's hospital wing. The city engineer was Instructed (End of seventh) Caster, Nelson and Brucker; Poffenberger, Coffman, and York. At CLEVELAND-- R. Boston 3 Russell, Gill DIES IN LAS VEGAS Death came late yesterday afternoon to Percival Nash, formerly of Reno, at a Las Vegas hospital where Plans Outlined For Reno's Bridge Parade Parade plans for Reno's twin bridge celebration September 10 and 11 moved forward rapidly today with the announcement that more than twenty floats have already entered poRTOLA, Aug. for the procession. Trouble Trails Reno Divorce Across the Sea cial) --Forest service officials today'. LONDON, Aug. wife of Drew Pearsno, Washington columnist, awaited today a court decision which may determine whether she takes her five-year-old son by a The parade, set for the first day started" deter- former marriage back to the United of a few be ne weno. at ijas i i iu tv underwent an operation for re- the bridge fete, is expected to mlne the cause of a blaze which he underwent an opeiai nnp nf lo ln oyer more thftn me thusand entries from acres rich timb'er land in the civic groups nnd puimas national forest today and patriotic organiza-; me naced two towns in this region. Cleveland (thirteen 4 Innings) H. 9 8 E. Grove and Desautels; Allen and Pytlak. Ruffing, Murphy and to place diagonal parking lines on At CHICAGO-the west side of West street between New ork West First, street and Commercial Chicago row. He was also Instructed to repair the curbing on the north side of East Plaza between University avenue and Lake street. Authorization to construct a fence was Riven to F. E. Humphrey, at 14!) Bret Hart avenue. R. H. 12 2 15 2 Dickey; Whitchead, Dietrich, Brown and Sewell. At St. Louis-- R. Washington 9 Accepting the report of the grievance committee, Ambraie Cornaglo was given permission to a a ture "kracketts" at 609 Spokane street. A letter from C. A. Shoemaker lives at 245 Chestnut street was leferred to the grievance committee. He complains that his garbage Is not being handled properly, A proposal of Mrs, Felicina Vog- llottl to convey a sixty-five foot strip of ground to the city for an extension of Montello street was referred to the sewer and street committee and the city engineer and city attorney. She asks that the city install a sewer in the proposed street which will extend Montello street from East Sixth street to the Valley Homes subdivision. The fire chief was authorized to install a new fire hydrant In the eight hundred block of Marsh avenue. A request that the city construct a ruck wall along the west side of "Limdy's hill" on Sierra street was referred to the street committee and the city engineer. C. H. Patten told the council that the property owners had given permission to slope the cut In the hill back fifteen feet providing the city would construct a retaining wall, G. Galli asked that the special street assessment against his property located In the 900 block of Lander street be refunded as the paving on his side of the street had never been put in. The assessment paid in full by Dr. M. R. Walker who later aold.the property, to Galli. The matter referred to the city attorney. P. McLaughlln was given permission to exhibit the petrified body of a man from today until Saturday. The council decided It had no objection to the proposal of the Christian Science church to erect a building on the site of the Royal D. Hartung Orphans home at Ralton street and Riverside drive, providing it was agreeable to the property owners In that vicinity. St. Louis 6 W. Ferrell and Millies; H. E. 12 1 10 0 Bildilll, The fire was under control and seriously ill about a month ago. tlons Funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon in Las Vegas. A resident of Nevada since 1906 Mr. Nash was well known throughout the state and particularly in southern Nevada and in Reno. He was a native of England and was brought to the United States when he was a small boy. He was a graduate of Oregon State university and spent several years in Alaska during the early 1900s mining and trapping. Coming to Nevada from Alaska, attracted by the southern Nevada mining booms, Mr. Nash went to Manhattan during the early days to contribute are asked to com-'onTlie "fhe" States. INSPECTION FES Called the "Hiker's Charter," bill presented to the English parliament gives the public right of access to (he mountains pnrl moorlands of the country, but they cannot hunt or disturb sheep or cattle. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY D'V'E R'T I SfERS-- To'socuro prompt find i a service leave your want at the news stand of Blalno Epperson, subscription nnrl want ad afient the Gazette In Sparks Spnrkn 7'jl. alctfs Fees charged to plumbing contractors by the city engineer's office for inspection will now be handled on a credit basis, but the contractors The child, Tyler Abell, was taken must pay their accounts by the tenth from the custody of his father, ct ay the month or their con- George Abell, also a newspaperman, tractor's license will be automatically by Mrs. Pearson on Sunday after she cancelled. An ordinance to a and her husband had traced the boy' effect was given a. second rending Members of the float committee virtually extinguished today. Mop-1 to tink Sark Island in the English and approved by the city council last expressed hope that more than fifty plng up crews were at work beating channel. By plane and motorboat' night floats will be entered and asked the out blazing stumps and a few blaz- cooperation of local residents in ing embers while other were on making the parade a success. No hand in the event that a sudden prices or honor awards will be made' in the wind would carry sparks to participants in the parade. FOB. SALE--Lot on Vista In University Terraon ArUtHlou. $225 and owner pays i clearance. Call at 66 Wells Avenue. as'Stfs FOR SALE--Baby's crib and mattress, good condition $6.00. Phone 5587. from the stumps Into new territory. Persons wishing to enter floats in For the most part, however, the fire the parade have been asked to in-1 fighters returned to their homes or terview Tatc Williams at his office' camps' In the Byington building. 'two days, a force" of' nearly Reno merchants have been asked fj hundred men battled the blaze to contribute funds or merchandise' ns it swept from deep in the Sierra lclm vc unner 101 prizes in the various athletic Nevada mountains and approached the boy from the mother's custody Is them events, however, nnd those wishing portola on the one side nnd Calpine the Pearsons had gone to the Island and returned with the child to London. Abcll, who followed them from Sark Island, waa served with a temporary restraining order a few hours after the reunion of Mrs. Pearson and her son. The mother's action to prevent Abell from Interfering with the Pearsons or attempting to remove FOB SALE--Income property, close In. 221 West i RftfOcSs THE AMES Reno's Most Popular Residential Although the plumbing ordinance i Cnn Ilow Umlt( ri formerly provided that all inspection of po Mnncnt 01 lees were to be paid at the time of the Inspection, it has been the custom of the city for many years to handle them on E. credit basis. Several of the contractors allowed their accounts to become delinquent, L. A. Ferris, city plumbing inspector, told the council, and no legal means were afforded under the old ordinance to collect Hogsett and Hemsley. Four extensions of the rural frco delivery mail service which will PARI-III of that carnp and conducted a publicity bureau for the Manhattan chamber of mines, for several years and was also engaged In mining. It was while in Manhattan that he married Miss Mary Cole, who survives. Later the family moved to Reno and Mr. Ntdth was connected for a time with the biological survey and was also one of the prohibition enforcement agents here. Offered the position of chief of police of Las Vegas the family moved there tight years ago. He held the position for some time and then resigned to become deputy food and drug Inspector for southern Nevada under S. C. Dinsmore, a position he held at the time of his death. Intensely interested In high school and university activities Mr. Nash was a member of the board of visitors of the university and was instrumental in sending many students to Nevada from Las Vegas and southern Nevada. He was an active member of the Las Vegas Rotary Club and for many years was active In rifle teams, being an expert rifle shot. Besides his widow he leaves three sons and two daughters. Two of the sons, Eldredge Nash verslty, The former was graduated last June and Louis Nash is now a senior student and one of the star members of the football team. Final plans for the campaign to furnish part-time employment for University of Nevada students will bo completed by the Reno Junior Chamber of Commerce when the organization meets this evening at 7:30 o'clock In the Washoe county library building. Although Douglas Dashiell, head football mentor of the university eleven and chairman of the "get-a- job" committee, will be unable to attend because of out-of-town business, a full outline of the plan as designed by the coach will be submitted to the service group by the president of the Junior club, Jack Maack. Jack Walther, head of the local unit of the newly-founded Buck-a- Monta Club, will be present nt tonight's meeting to outline the plans of this group, which is also purely a "help the student" organization. The Junior chamber will also discuss preliminary plans for the clvclE Shepard was to go Into the annual business men's football ban- district court late this afternoon to duet which is an annual event held lead to a charge of robbery. Dis- Jiist prior to the first home football. i Attorney Brown said he ex- game. This year's sponsorship i the defendant would plead this event marks the second a that the junior a I He was accused of holding up backed the event Roberfc cl May's backed the event. UnJon Drug Comp(my Qn June taking $39.05. Last week Shepard was arrested in Detroit, for reckless driving and the Michigan officers learned he was wanted in Reno for robbery. A short time previously Shepard had enlisted In the army. Sheriff Ray Root returned last night from Detroit with Shepard, making the trip by airplane. munlcate with Leo F. Schmitt at 10 West Second street, The fourth annual flower show given by the home department of through summer logging camps and destroyed thousands of feet of cut timbers ready to be hauled to the 1 mills. They reached to within six I miles of Calpine and burned down I to within two miles of Portola before the advance was checked and the fire burned itself out. Subject of the investigation was not revealed by the forest service, but many local residents believe that the rangers will check on reports that a "fire bug" has been seen in tills vicinity for some time. Others the Douglas county farm bureau will speculated that the blaze was be held at the high school aticll- started from an untended campfire torlum at Minden on Thursday aft- ernoon and evening. There will be three divisions to a hiker No estimate has been made of the loss In dollars from the blaze. Some returnable In high court tomorrow. The Abells were divorced in Reno in 1935. A court order was understood to permit the child to spend part of each year with each parent. Federal Land Bank Appointment Made J. E. Cain, former federal bank appraiser, is now employed the bank in an official capacity, was announced today, and engaged in the showing and selling of bank owned farms In Nevada and California. His headquarters are at the Golden hotel. 90 PROOF (OODERIIAM WOBIS, DETROIT. MICK, References Required Elegant Cockull Lounge Spacious Lobby Terms'on Inspection Only AMES HOTEL 210 Sierra Street, at Second 1 "Sedan" nep.rlv new owner must sell I i utely. Phono 81102. Phone MX. nga-117 FOR SALE--Five room, modern brlek bungalow. Phone 0407. FOR SALE-- Brick homo, southwest, i two br-clrooms and slopping potrU nlshoci or i i'or ImmocUate offor. See owner. MI) i FOR SALE Complete i for five room house. 604 East Fourth. FORCED" TO" l.uxo two door seclnn. rndlc nnd hosier. Privnloly Mny be snon nt fU'acia A Company. Prlco $255.00 for the show. The first class will be ot the logs destroyed represented group exhibits by clubs or organlza- several wecks of cffort on the wrt tlons, the second group arrangement of lllmber workers, and much of the of flowers for effect and use in the tlmbcr destroyed was Intended for home, and the third will be Individ: use ln the of the California Awards Exchange. ual entries of flowers, ribbons will be given. Line Extension To Be Started Construction of a power line extension from Gardnervllle to the Louis Nash, attended the uni- Nevada Tungsten mine, a distance Shepard Faces Robbery Count Assault Charge Is Filed Here A felony complaint charging attempted criminal assault was filed today by the district attornsy against Roy Fisher, thirty-one- year-old linemnn. Fisher was arrested by the Reno police several of twelve and one-half miles, is scheduled to start within the next few it was announced by C. E. Fletcher, superintendent of the Sierra davs a so and last night was transpacific Power Company. Materials to the county jail. His prefer the line are expected to arrive jHminary hearing will be held Ssp- any day. itember 1 before the justice court. The line will be three phase a Fisher allegedly attempted to at- wlll. carry volts. It is a woman at a hotel on East I mated to about $13,000. Fourth street. COMPARE THIS ONE! 1937 PLYMOUTH DX clear, low mileage. Radio; 6-ply tires, IT'S A HONEY OF A BUY-- tAAO Save on this fine late model coupe HURRY ON THIS ONE! DUD R. DAY MOTOR CO. USED CAR LOT 460 SOUTH VIRGINIA STREET FOR house, two adults, no pets. 977 South Vlrprlnla. nr.24t.t PARTNERSHIP "WANTED--with rumVst nnd settled a Will put up $500.00. What have you? a General Do. i Rer.o. a 2 4 i rentTfjo mn! WOMAN-- Wishes" tioiuiew'ork" by hour or day. Phone 404fl, RRS-lt-T FOR RENT furnished npnrlment. A 621 i Vlrelnln. ROSEBUD Vnrnlicy, homo eooklng, 404 South Virginia. T'honn I 21219. r.gSIlt Phono 21219. STARTS TOMORROW MEET THE MAIN STEM MASTER MIND! FOR SALE Repossessed 1937 Packard 121) equipped with radio, special st.eorlng wheel and white sldewall tires. driven only 4000. sold new for $1475, will (or $1095, trade or Phone eon. vertlble coupe. Driven only 6000 miles. Will, olther or terms. Phone 22375. ag24t3 FOR R1SNT or sale 4 3 i ncres of V.nil i Rtymll modern hon.ic. Phono fi273 ad24l.3 DR'fvfNO one or two. Phono 21875. ATTRACTIVE ROOMS-- ModerrTjjrlVRfa homo for on.ployocl KcnUnmon only. Call nfli-r 0 111. 7.144. Seeking to collect more than $6000 allegedly owed by the Country Club, a suit was filed in the district court yesterday afternoon by the General Electric Contracts, a New York finance company. The Country Club, luxurious night club on Plumas street, was destroyed by fire last year. The complaint charges that the resort owes $4478.98 on one con- for electrical installations and serve approximately one hundred $1979.25 on another. Both contracts persons have been announced by wcre slgned by charlss Rennie. At- Pete Peterson, acting Reno post- torneys for the plaintiff are Painter, on Withers Edwards. 3 Bids Submitted For Park Building master, and become effective September 1. The principal extension, on R. 'F. D. No. 2, is from Coney Island at the west Sparks city limits along the asylum road to the Star Rock and Sand Jane. About forty persons will be served on the half mile ex-'other, wcre submitted to the tension, Peterson said. Several short extensions have been i added to R. F. D. No. 1, and I building Contract Awarded For Airport Mail The lowest of nearly forty bidders, Gerald W. Kincart of Reno, was awarded the contract for carrying the mall between the postoffice and tha United Air Lines airport, it was announced by Pete Petersen, acting Reno postmaster. Klncart's bid was not The present contractor is Roland E. Shaffer and his contract expires September 1. The bids were made on a round trip basis this year and at the present time only three trips per day Three bids, all within $36 of each are necessary, an eastbound and a city council last night for the construc- the proposed rest room at the westbound piano arriving at the airport within other. Stewart Street elude: the portion of Plumas road Playground Park. No action was from the city limits to the inter- taken on thfi blds The contract will section of Urban Way, by the golf a special meeting course Arlington road from the city limits to the Plumb lane Intersection at the old Rlley ranch; and the which will be held later this week. Airport road from the Mill street 1 0 0 road to Vassar street. About sixty nnrsnnc; ho cnvvoH Hio i submitted a bid 01' $1220 and Wine The persons will be served one extension. the route feet and Is to be constructed of brick. Grigsby Funeral Famous Statue Held This Morning Added to Group Funeral services were held this morning at the Ross-Burke chapel GLENDALE, Aug. 24. (VP) A An- sixtben ton copy of Michael SnS? local hospital following a long 111-' ness 'height, It is destined to Join the the the rites and Mrs. Helen McAvoy statuary group of famous sculptor at Forest Lawn Memorial sang several vocal selections, being i a accompanied at the organ by Mrs. Lula Grimmer. Following the service Wait for Ward's Month-End Sale the body was taken to Yerlngton Friday and Saturday. Bargains in for burial. I all departments. STATtilHE COUNTRY CLUB EDDIE OLIVER'S ORCHESTRA ENTERTAINERS Featuring From VICTOR HERBERT AND "SHOW BOAT" DON SALLY JENNINGS, International Dance Artists JAN RUSSELL, Violin Virtuoso SID SYDNEY, Comic Impersonations BOBBIE FELLOWS, Lyric Tenor JIMMY OLIVER, Saxophone Stylist FULL FLOOR SHOW (LAKE TAHOE) A i i i lated pals i a a i a a gaga gagfest. with hot tunes specialties! IT STARTS TOMORROW Bellamy Robert Armstrong Bstty Furness Raymond Walburn Francis Lederer All Yours general hospital for an Infection of What Are The Tasty Lunches Dinners Margaret Burnham's, 221 N. Va. adv, Jn2tf About Love Fearlessly Told I SPARKS THEATRE I Ji AMXIVJ Of Desire? Shame Horror Phone 34(1 Open 6:45 A A TODAY. AND TOMORROW WHAT LAUGHS! W-D-W! ADER ass- EDW. G. ROBINSON EETTE DAVIS "KID GALAHAD" ENDS TONITE BRICKLAYERS-- Wanted contract Iny- Inc hrlck.s by thousand. 832 Sontli ngjii.l APADL WOMAN a is "hour" euro for ll(jln houscwork, 1 Call 8294. WANTED-- in person only. ANTliD-- To rent throe or four room i or three room apartment. ppi'mnnont, Phone 3337. REV. I.OVE-.'iV, vncatlon, wntch i 2 4 DRIVING" LOS "ANOKLES-- Tomorrow. ono or shar5 expenses. Phon-3 1 I Room W. a 2 4 ROYAL" "NEIGHBORS Phoenix 305H. Meeting I i i a i Rnd refreshments. Emmn A. a BR24I1 Foil KENT-- Four room i I House" ndtilts preferred. 630 Valley Road. FOB SALB-In Reno, suitable for husband and wife. Doing Rood business. Clnzetle Box 103R. POR SALB -1031 Chevrolet coupe, Phone RJ.6S. ohenp. 0.824(7 FOR HlRh beef i 1 to 2 old. Call 4201, iiRlMl THUMB INFECTED Mrs. J. Hargrove of Flanigan, is under treatment at the Waslioe CONCERN-- TUB undcrslqnetl has sold all of his i i and I In nnrt to a certain bU'lliess ns "The i Spot Inn" located nt No. 1092 Souih VirRlnln. Reno. Nevada, nnd will not ho responsible for any debts Incurred sub- O.UUU to i 1rUo. a August 23rd. J937. Maurice Oarson. ag24t3 WOMAN-- Of plrnsinR personality, capable of a meeting the public, can a productive e.onnee. tlon If a i i a i and references sritisfnclory. I i by Hppolntm i nt, only, Cnll ng24t3 PAINTING-- And pnporhanglnK. i or clay, low 2467 Sparks, I Rtirris. RK2-U7 FOR SALE-- Pedigreed plci, reasonable. 539 East Sixth. A 7 A A 20 to p.ty~.V^ i i for five room cl'-vrllinp, i Rompe, cellnr. chicken. housr. 3 Cabins. $fiOO Frrlornl Land Brink, Clay, or E. Gain. HoLrl Golden, AR2413 "FEDERAL 20 Yenrs pay. 5 'o I 1.10 acres. nille.s from n. Exc.eptlonnMy pood well located, wide crop r.daptabil- ity. dwelling, a bouses, rcrnnpry, sheds M.OOO first payment. Federal Land 15th and Clay, a a or J. E. Cain, Hoi el Oolcl en, Reno. ag213 FOR Dandy House Trailer. Never been used $250.00. Street. ng24tS sale, 017 Roberts street. Phone 5525. Rg24l3 UNIVERSITY BOY-- Indiistrlmisi work for boaul md room, I i i home preferred. References. Phone 5931. aR24t3 EWES-- A a for snlc. also "fiS acres pasture for rent. Andrew A Crcmettl Ranch, Lane. COMPETENT-- Cook and housekeeper wishes employment either In restaurant or home at Reasonable wages. Gazette Box 1039. ap24t2 COUET OF THE STATE OF NEVADA. IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OP WAiillOE. SUSAN MIDOLEY WARREN. PlaintlM, vs. BRUCE WARREN, Defendant. No. 57128. SUMMONS The Slate of Nevada Sends Greetings to the Said Defendant: You are hereby summoned to appear within ten days after I service tipon you of this Summons If served In a county, or within days served out of said county but said i i a District, and In nil other coses within i days (exclusive of the clay of service), and defend the abovt-en- titled action. This action is brought to recover a judgment and decree you forever dissolving the bonds of mnt- rlmony heretofore and nov existing bo- tween you plaintiff, upon thft ground of non-support, as Is more fully Described In the Complaint. Dated this 24th doy of Auftvwt, A. D. 1337. (SEAL OF COURT) E. H. BEEMEB Clerk of the Second Judicial District Court of the State of Nevada, In and for Washoe County. PLATT A- StNAI, Attorney! for Plaintiff. Ag. 24, 31, Sept. 7, 14, 21, mg.TM,d 3586536 i

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