The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 4, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1894
Page 7
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MB WPEB DBS 8Uiafiy emitted to the Bay. , ftoWell (of tne urffl of Gettttfe & — "is there any goad tMtsois, Addemut). Wh'* you should Want Co take' ». „ *• i *Sk$> SeiMft afeltitecta used ta gat s ifl the wiilis of theaters to mako tliotn tnofo Potetdes We teost greedily d ']te (Jeftiiafty wli<*re the people e&fc •fS80,(W6,00(i vtortli evefy year. la 13(54 the royal library of EYance *6fit'ained twenty volumes and was the largest possessed by any king in »|. „ Jix* *44y?)f BooKfeeep8^' i Why,ye9, Btf ( 1 think kfcerS Is. M? youngest boy tell AUd broke his leg this fiflotnlng, the door Was on fire Whan I left borne, my daughter Is to bo mafried at flobil, it's Qeofgo Washingtdn'8 birthday and I'M sick." Statistics prove that Pennsylvania greater railroad trackage pof inile than Germany, France d? Holland. ¥h& sun throws vertical rays on th« earth's surface only upon an area fcqiial to about thirty-five square miles »t one time. in & Welsh tin factory has been produced the thinnest sheet of iron over foiled. It would requit'.* 3,800 of thetn to make one inch in thickness. Numismatists say that no human head Was impressed on coins until after the death of Alexander tho Great, All images before that were of deities. There is a double tree ttear Cohutta, Go., which appears, except on very close examination, to be a. • single growth. On one side it bears persimmons, and on the other wild crab apples. At tiringesburg, Sweden, power from a waterfall is transmitted by electricity along a copper wire to mines eight miles away, where it runs motors and supplies arc and ,incati- , descent lamps. j Truthful James. ' j James T. Brown, of Indiana, wa J once engaged in a case in-thei circuit court of the state, and was laying 1 down the law- with masterly ability, 1 . •when tho judge remarked that he 'need not argue the law of the case, as the court understood that'-perfectly. Mr. Brown replied, with much meekness, that he "merely desired to talk about the law as it is in the books, which would be entirely different law from any his. honor was acquainted with." • ' ,., The,Very Largest tump.of Gold. The very largest lump 'of gold ever seen in this country was on exhibition fax San Francisco, in June, 1892. It was not a natural nugget. It was a gigantic cone-shaped ingot, rough and dingy, just as it carne from tho slagpot of the Harqua Hala mine in Arizona. It was the product of 45 clays' run at the mine mentioned; weighed H57}£ pounds and was valued at $120,000. \ Modern Savages. "And BO, Airs. Golly or, your poor boy •was killed by savages?" "Ah, yen!" "South Africa?" , "No—college." Nearly all of the electrical inventions, excepting the lightning rod and the telegraph, have come in use since the Centennial exposition. flie Pdllte Bdltofi > Po6t—"1 have hers, aif, ft poetti Which 1 wish to haveiprittted in your paper." Editor (looking it ovef)--"We can't print tt to-day or to-ffloffow. would it suit you as •well at some later date?" Poet (gratefully)—"Oh, any tune would be perfectly satisfactory, use your own pleasure about that." Editor—"Very well, We'll tfy to get It in some time itt the sprltig of 1994" Time Allowance. He—"WheW! in this letter you tell youf mother that the baby has out two teeth, and tho doctor saicl they wouldn't be through for two wedks more." She—"I know, dear, out I was allowing for the titne you would carry the letter in your pocket." A. Cry tot Help In tlio-stllbiess of the night is sufficiently startling, What if no aia'b'e at hand 6r we know not whence the cry comes? This is not the case with that mute appeal made to the resources • of medical science, ever ready, ever available by disease on every hand. A prompt means of self help for the malarious, the rheumatic, the dyspeptic, the bilious, and persons troubled with impending kidney complaints, is to be found in Hostctter's Stomach Bitters, an ever "present help in time of trouble" for all such hapless individuals. They should not delay.a moment'in seeking its aid. Ex- perienes has shown its wide utility, the recommendations of eminent physicians everywhere sanction its use. Nervous, thin, debilitated invalids gain bodily substance and vigor by a course of this fine invigoraht, which is eminently serviceable, alsp, to the aged and Convalescent. The man who would plume himself for .flight begins by feathering his own nest. • STATB ov Onto, CITY or TDMTOO, i LUCAS GOUNTT. ) FRA.HK J. CHENEY makes oath that he Is the senior partner of the firm of F. J. CHUNKY & Co., doing business in the City ot Toledo, County and state aforesaid, and that said firm will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and every cane of Catarrh that cannot be cured by tlie use of HALL'S CATAium CURB. FRANK J. CHENEY. Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence, this 6th day of December, A. D. 1880. , ,—«— , A. W. GLEASON, •j SEAL [• Nolary Public, Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Send for testimonials, free. P; J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. by Druggists, 75e. "Contentment, tor be r'aly in.j'yblo" said Uncle Eben,'"debtor be earned by ha'hd wo'hk; elsen'taiu' 'nuflln' but jes' plain laziness." "The Telescope's Mystery was the'sub- ject of a lecture delivered tho other night in Chicago. Anybody could see through it. It's the absurd creation that women wear on thoir heads to tbe theater that men can't overlook. It is very natural for men to fly in a pas sion when anything makes them sore. The girl who laces merely does it as a matter of form. Are occasioned by an Impure and Impoverished condition of the Blood. Slight impurities, if not corrected, develop into serious maladies. To Cure Scrofula, Eczema, Rheumatism and other troublesome diseases is required a safe and reliable remedy purely vegetable. Such fa S. S. S. It removes all impurities from the blood and thoroughly cleanses the system. Thousands of cases of tho worst forms of blood diseases have been Cured by S. S. S. Send tor our Treatise, sent free to any nddro»s SWIFT SPECIFIC 00.', Atlanta, da. I.TOISIVAV.IUOimiS, . _________ I Washington, ». C). , 'Successfully Prosecutes Claims. I Late Principal Examiner p. S. Pension Burenu. I Oyralulaat war. ISiuUuUiciUluseliUins, atty siuctk , tor Fro ° - IORUO, 70 illustrated panes. describes EVKUYTHIN<I used in the .Arii.ry. licit Good* at. J.owcut Price*. Ad- fliess 13, Krotchiuer, Red Oak, lowu. NESS AND HEAD NOISES CURED 111 Fecit > i it v iill>l" tM-rOimliluiiK, \YliinptTNiirMni. l win-null i oliimHeii Ml. «"Idr»CC fii|r flCt . 'w.y.N.Y. Write twLuot of |in>ofii| : DES KOINES 7th 4 Mnl- AGENTS MAKE $6 a Day iBetnllu 'JS&o, 'i to U sold lu u, nouso. Hiuuplo poatago tutld, Fieo. KOUSXIEK & MAK1N, Olnoinuutl.Otilo. 5 Can 1)B ra»ao vrorkluij TOP as, Parties prefwrred who b,l 1 Ul'll ion ftl\O,o« «.,IM .,"».- ci tliroutfli the eoum.ry; :i ,„ .. __., team, tbough, Is not uecu.i. •ary, A few vieancles in towns undolttes. Men «U|4 women of BOOI.' charaoti-r will flnrt this an cxce»v ii___i ~. :.»..«!,.. rnnmv^Hta.hiA AninioyniBnl' oparo |y(v'ntu«o. j*H. I 1 '. HlclimouJ, V». Is Open thla For Hog Ciwlera this Lye la » sure fiirj U t|ipd In time, For rn^lf l»i «a*P, ole»nini{ hpusd, eattenloe water, it feus no equal. Th? Housewife's Pest Friend* 4 valuable wofhlag raoelpt In each cau. For unle by fit Itwlll jurprliiflypu. "COLCHESTER" SPADING BOOT 8EST IN MARKET. BEST J3ESJ. 1 IN WEAIUNG litflftnunatioo, goyeg, the Sengee of The outer or tap sole extends tho whole leugtU down to tbe heel, pro- tectiup tbe bor.t In dig and in other YOUR OW'J' don't bo put off Davenport Rupture Cure PROMPT, PERFKOT, J»AJNI,KSS AND EPKECTKAT.. No failures. Wrlto for pamplilet. W. R. JIYKltS IIus,, Mgr,, Anita, Iowa. BOCK IS1,ANI>, ILL. Rock Island Sanitarium, Fitted with all modern appliances, Electricity, Massage, Turkish, Klfictrlu, Hot Air mm Steam Hath*. Trained uttendnnt*. DHft. OnAIQ, CAllU'JDIi and BEHNUAKD1, pliyulciuiis lu vlrnrna. . n ft Moline, 111., mnnu- l|ll,./ cturorn of Moline wwl laalvunlzed Mnlinfl IVIUII1IC MILLS, TANKS, PUMPS, HOSE REeiS, Dora of well Casing, 1'lpe. Plumbers' Supplies, 8t«il Blnks, Garden nosu, cto.Wrltc ^or clrculure A prices. ,/<£ "TWO PAIR." THE FUYINO DUTCHMAN 8UUKEY PLOW. THE MOLINE LEVER HARROW. THE MOLINE CHAMPION CORN PLANTER. THE MOLINE CULTIVATORS. Draw (to) tUeno and fill—your corn orlbs. Cull oq your dealer or uddreM i'low Co., MoUuc, 111, Cheap Homes! In San Lu!» Valley. Colorado, The Garden Spot ef the Ropky Mountains,,., OO.OOQ acres of fine Und, all under flrst-elasi Irrigating cunals, wltU perpetual water rights, (of sale pheftp, tt years time, 6 per cent ln»er«»t. Grains, Grasses and Vegetables Grow HeretQ Crops sure; no drouths, po cyclones, no bltz- sards abundance ol pure artesiaa wattr; cM spate uneauuled. We b*ve ohurubes, Softools, railroads and Kood markets. For paaps, pir- i full iufoi-mation, address JAMi§ A, KiUY * CO,, Agents, £olor?id.o Valley Land §o,, MQNTi VISTA, by an Miner. W. Ofeswdf-th, W fnitHttgiHsitt. -well 1 Mexico, arrived ftt M^tlco, foceilUy fi*61n a long jotifhcy" tiifotigh tiie Sletfa Madre MduntAins, his stardng point being CttltOflS, notlf the t*ftdfl<3 const, Itt the State of Bind- loft. He claims to have visited ft ^e6« tion of country "iievor befell visited by a white man of the present genera* tion, and thab he discovered a large add beautiful deserted city. He told a corespondent of the St. Louis Globe* Democrat that tho wonderful' city is situated about eighty miles west of Lake Colorado, in the voi'y recesses of the Sierra Madfes. It occiiiiles a basin nbout ten miles long by eight miles wide. Perpendicular cliffa sun'ound tho basin on all sides, rising to u height of hundreds of foot. Tho only en- ttfance to the city is through a deep canon, which baa the width of about thirty feet Mr. Cresworth states tuat lit/ stumbled* onto the se'cret entrance quite by accident. He gives n vivid description of tho deserted city. The buildings, lie snys. are coiis';( i !to';>tt ot red stone blocks, resembling granite. The business blocks are two aud tlivoe stories In heiglit, and are entirely dlf* fenut ui ofchltoctuiMil design from the sti'itctui'es built by ths Aztecs and Spaniarcla. The streets arc very narrow, but are laid out in >regular order. In the city is a small parlc, whicli Is overgrown with rare flowers, aud trotfeai vegetation-. He entered the business houses and . decaying residences, but found very little of value except some remarkable and strange ornaments made of stoae. Ho believes that the city was looted at the time that It was deserted, whenever that may have been. No •• records or writ- Ings of any kind were found, nor did he discover any. skeleton that would give an idea as to the race of people who at one time Inhabited the city. None of the natives of that section ot 'country had ever hoard of the deserted city. Mr. Civsworth ia making diligent inquiry of them. Mr. Ci'esworth's story is very startling and remarkable, bu* it is believed by those to whom he has related Ills experiences. He will organize nu expedition to make a thorough exploration of the city. Too ComplaJ.siiut. Mr. Grote. the liistorlan of Greece, seemed incapable of caring for him self, when moved by consideration to- others. His exaggerated acquiescence in what he thought a constructive pb- llgation is illustrated by the last sitting he gave to Millais, who painted his portrait. The studio was cold. Mr. Grote had removed his overcoat, and presently felt sensibly chilled. Yet he did not complain uor resume his overcoat. "Why did you not say you were chilled?" asked Mrs. Grote. when she learned of the circumstance. "I did not like to appeal 1 to reproach Mr. Millais for letting the lire go out." "Well, but. there v as your thick over- coatr 8 "Yes. but I did not know if ho would like me to put it on." "'What could one do with a man so incapable of. caring for his own absolute necessities?" remarks Mrs. Groto, in her "Personal Ufe" of her husband. "Had I been present, it is superfluous to say, all these scruples would have gone for nothing." 1 requires that in all receipts calling for baking powder, Royal Baking; Powdei* shall be used, It will go ftirther and make the food lighter, sweeter, of finer flavor and more wholesome. ROYAL BAKING! POWDER CO., 106 WAU. ST., NEW-YORK. *>-*'"'*'*>^r"^ ' >f ARIZONA. Romuun Benumbed l>y Coltl oud Snow. The oldest inhabitant of Rome ia reported to have said that hp never knew such a eight as the capital had presented this winter. The sn^y has certainly been a terrific thing ha the streets, and the poor people seem to be quite broken-spirited and unable to compete against it. They hare no notion of using shovels and a little muscular force to clear a way through, but lounge about in an abstracted and benumbed condition, hoping for a lit- tlo benevolent rain to fall and do that which they are unable or unwilling to attempt. It may be said that, all have suffered, from the residents of the palace down to the denizens of cellars and hovels. In the country the snow has been two or three feot deep in all directions.—Londou Court Journal, The Spaniard*' Nume far n Tribe of Blg- Nosrcl Inditing. The,southwestern portion of what is now tho United States was originally inhabited by a .tribe ol natives noted far and wide for thoir prominent beak-liko no3os; and, iiAthoutrh nature had been extremely lavish,in her gifts when she conferred nasal appendages upon those queer aborigines, they sought to enlarge those organs by piercing the vertical aep- tum or gristle between the nostrJs, and wearing enormous ornaments therein. Ono division of this big- nosed tribo would wear a ring hammered from native gold or silver; another an ornamented shell, while a third wore content with u sharp stick drlvenvthrough the cartilage in such, a manner as to permit of the ends projecting 1 several inches to the sido of each nostril. To the early {Spanish invaders these queer' but harmless creatures were known as "The Big Noaea" in tlie Spanish language "noae" is narhs, My authority says: In that language you can also express a diminuttvo or an augmentative by a termination to tho name word. Thus, narizito would mean "a little no^o," and nar- izou "a great big noao." The feminine of iHiri7,on would bi» narizona. i Tho "n" having been eliminated by usage and time, wo "have tho name as it stands to-day—Arizona. In much the same manner the state .of Oregon receives ita name from a tribe of Indiana noted for thoir enormous ears. They pierced tho auriclo and enlarged the.,loba much in tho same manner that tho Narizons enlarged their noses. In tho Spanish, "ear" is orejo. Now attach on tho augmentative to the word oroja, leaving off the final a from the word meaning oar, and WP have Orojon. Time, which, like caro, will kill a cat, has change 1 tho • »j" to "g" and given us the word • "Oregon." Good Honda. It is regretted that farmers In so mauy sections nearly or wholly neglect that most important of things— the country road. Tho railroads have been called the arteries -of commerce, but they are not more so than the common earth, road over which all products must first be hauled in order to reach the markets. Could the labor that has been expended upon roads in the last twenty years have been used making a good graveled roadbed, the undesirable condition of the public highway would not now be in existence. Bad roads mean a waste of time and a waste of time is also a waste of money, It the money that has been wasted in this losing of time were put into substantial wearing roads the condition of things among farmers would be markedly didferent At the Church Fair. Old Bachelor (to yonpg lady at one of the booths)—WeW, Miss EVmny, wjiut have yon that la useful to me? Jf yon haye opythjng J'li buy it, Young Lady—Hepe Js a beautiful bflby's rattle. "But yon know thijt I have j»o flse foif it, as I am unraanJed," "Now doo't begin to make flimsy excuses.' '' Your tijolce. gtudent— What is pessimism? Philosopher—The faith, of cowards. "Then what is optimism?" "The fai'th of ls."— Weekly, fools."— New York. 4 Woiuuw'w View- Ho (warmly)—Yon can't make men honest and virtuous by acts of cpngresg PIT legislature. (avttessly)-Jt does seem like $n The now BlOFATHtd System will cur® nny' acute disease itt dne tro&tment (oare o^ no pay), chronic In a few. FaHur° impossible. Invalids get well and the" Idnrntho system, and get bur diploma. .Attain health, wcnltb and happiness. One or more Biopaths ore needed in every town to extract the poisons the M. D.'s give. Come or write to Dr. John Shelby, Shoeloy Block, Om&ha, Nob. 1 , for full Information. A paragraph in Kate Field's Washington states ttiat Now England contains but lorty-one Presbyterian churches. • and i'oco, Cokl Sores, p. CurcsCkatipedllamh, u. U. Q. Chtrlt Co.,N.Haven,Ct. The best woman has always somewhat o a man's strength; the noblest man a woman's gentleness,— QraUc. Phlloti's Consumption Care I' sold on a puarantno. It I'tii'os Incipient Conmnnn, tuin, ItjaUiobastCousu Cure. 25.cta.50ol£u & 91.00. In the British Museum, according to a catalogue just issued, there are 2,700 bibles in nil languages. « itfnnson'g INTngio Corn Snlvo." Wnrranteil to euro or money refunded. Ash your Irucufat (or It- 1'i'lci) 15 cents. Ono-seventb of the laud owners in Groat Britain aro women. Biopathy cures everything. See advt. Uncle Sam has 1,410 clerks CO years old and over. ,-• • No IiiterrviptionB Ukely. 'lired Housekoepor--Thei'o! , Tba> house in as neat as a new pin at last. I am going to take a nap. Try not to disturb mo, with your play, mj 1 pets. Little Brother—What shall I do if any ono calls P Little Sister—No, need to bother about that, ilo one ever calls whom 1 things are clean! "Wise. Carrie—May seems to be very gooffi to Jack. Edith—Yes. They were playmate* when they were children. "Hut that is no reason." "Isn't it? Ho knows her ago, andl she has to be good to him for foaif- he'll toll."—Truth. •m I'OBtal Allalrs, Mrs. Smith—Haint there no letter come yet from my son Torn? Rural Postmaster—Yes thar's ono hero from Tom, but I can't let you have it. It's for Sallio Jones. J guess it's an answer to tho ono sh« writ to him woek afore last—Texas iliftincrs. 1,<10 KUS. 1 OIATOBS I'KIt This astonishing yield was reported l?y Abr., of .Wisconsin, but isal- Kcr's potatoes always got there. The editor of the Rural .New Yorker reports a yield of 730 bushels and S pounds per aero from one of Salzer's early potatoes. Above 1,4.10 bu.shels are from ' Salzer's new seedling Hundredfold, llis new early potato, Lightning Express, has a record of SOS bushels per acre. Ho offers potatoes as low ns SI*. BO a barrel, and the. best potato planter in the world for but $3. It You Will Cut Tli In Out mid Band It. with (!c postage to the John A, Salzer Seed Co., l.aCrosse, Wis., you will re-. ceive free his mammoth 'potato cat* lojjuo and a pncltnge of sixteen-day "Get There, Eli," mulsh. w The man who succeeds ae a hypocrite bus to devote bis whole time to it. The Evolution Of medicinal asrenta is gradually relegating the old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the rear and bringing into general use the pleasant and effective liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs. To got the true remedy see tnat'it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For Bole by all leading druggists. Much knowledge of divine things is lost to us through want of t&M>.--JJeraclUu>i. Ask about tho wonderful climate and resources of Southern California. There never was such an opportunity for borne seekers, For information regarding this section, nddress, J. A, Allison, Browster block, SftS Plego, California. Oranges and lemons will keep well if hung in a wire net in a cool and airy place. \i ,* Throat Disease's, Coughs, Colila, etc., effectual relief is found in the use pf ".BmOT*'* Sronehm Trwrto." Price 85 cents, The errors of fajth.are better tbpn the best though ta pf unbeliei;,— Thomat JtwtstH, Eeeehftm's JPllla will dislodge bilo, stir up tbe liver, ctiro sick headaches, and make you feei yell. SSceatgft box. Peach Btones find ready saje to be used in oianufucturiug perfumes, flavoring og- «y»Pts and prttsslc «ci»J. All the scholastic scaffolding falls, as a, rallied ediflfe, before one single word- faith.— A'aptitem. All 1 have seen teaches me to trust thQ Ci ; eatpr fpr »ll i have »»Pt BBtft.— Evw*$to -. , Tbe weigh of the world is about fourteen ounces to the pound.- Jo thi3 lanabliko'weathor even the clouds are fleecy. Tbe world tag 85.rro.CUO rotton spindles After reading tho followlngjgttere can any ono longer doubt that a trustworthy remedy for that terribly fatal malatiy, consumption, has at lost been found? If theso letters had been written by your best known and most esteemed neighbors they could be no more worthy of your confidence than they now aro, coming, as they do, from well known, Intelligent and trustworthy citizens, who, in then; several neighborhoods, enjoy the fullest confidence and respect of all who know them, K C, McUn, Esq., of ZempsyiUo, Princess Anno Co., Va., whose portrait heads this article., writ<a: " When I commenced taking Dr, Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery I was very low with » cough and at tunes epit up much blood, I was not able to do tho least work, bub most of tbe time was in bed. I was all run-down, very weak, my head was dizzy and I was extremely desponr dmt, The first; bottle I took did not seem to do me much good, but I had faith V} it and continued using it until I bad taken fifteen bottles and now I do not look nor feel like the game man I was one year ago. People- are astonished and say, 'well, lost year this time I would not have thought; that you would be living now,' I can thank, fully say J am, entirely cured of a disease which, but fop your -wonderful 'Discovery' would have resulted |n .my death," Even when tho predispositio» to consump* tfcm is inherited, it way be cured, as verified by tho following, from « most truthful and mu,ch respected Canadian lady, Mrs, Thomas Vansicklin, <ji£ Brighton, On?, phe writes; " J. liftve long fell; 5 my duty to acknowledge to yo« what Dr. fierce 1 * Golden Medical Discovery and, his «PJeasant Pellets' have done w «w. They almost raised me fopm, ,ve, J had three brothers »d owe 4ia of consiiinptWH! and I was _ / f oilowftig alter them. I bad, severe , pain, copious e?pectora$on. and Qiher ? ng 8ymp*pzna and my mends all . _„. Ji J had but 4 few months to hve. At that tone I was persuaded to try the 'Golden Medical "Discovery 1 and t° e ax$p DPWs acted like magic. 01 course, I pontoued oa with tho medicine and as a result J gamed rnnM!" t~, r> M, tf v fripnds were aston- ished. "When I commenced the use of medicines, six years ago, I weighed bu, ,.„ pounds and was sinking rapidly. I now weigh 185, and my health continues perfect,* "Golden Medical Discovery" cures as* sumption (which is scrofula of the lungs)» by ita wonderful blood-purifying, invigorating and nutritive properties. For -week lungs, spitting Of blood, shortness of breath, nasal catarrh, bronchitis, severe eough*^ asthma, and kindred affections, it Is & sovereign remedy. While it promptly cures ttt» severest coughs, it strengthens the system, and purifies tpe blood, "Golden Medical Discovery" does not mak» fat people more corpulent, but for thin, p- 1 puny children, as well as for adults redv Ju flesh, frotw any Cftus*,' it is the flesh-builder known to medical —,5^^. Nasty cod liver oil and its "emulsions," ar» not to be coramj-ed with it in efficacy, J* rapidly builds up tho system, and mcroaaw the solid fl?sh and weight of those reduced below the usual standwd of health by •« wasting diseases," To brace up the entire system after te* grip, pneumonia! levers, and. otto?. P :r *s^«r' gig acute diseases; to buiid up needed «wi» and sirengtb, and to restore h«0th and Tfigw; whenyotf feel "rwn-4oww ' and;*used-^^ tbe best thing iu the world is Pr- fterws Golden Medical piscoyery. H prpmotes aQ, the bodily functions) vpuscs every organ into healthful action, purifies and enriches tfef Wood, and tlffpug^ W cleanse?, repftirf, *s4 {v.iT-tn>Av4A^ao -tha A1\I41*A O-MGTiDYt reatse o» opsump, gv pus t98tiroonials witfe phototype, or portraits pf those cured, numerous 9n9es,al|0 (jbntainjag succaBsfuJWoro meat for ehronlo uftsial catarrn.,lwp aithma, and kindred diseases, will he by'the World's Dispe»s»ry M«4^ ™ B Pi Buffalo, If, Y.» on receiP* of six stamps, to pay postage. Or The* dic«l Adviser, 1,000 FOR SORENESS OR STIFFNESS FROM OObD, US& S T* lA/^/^QC^rMI I. JAUbo UIL. IT CAPITAL CITY NURSERIES. rimEUE Is QO lav«or o.t Kt&tat solwtoiJs tbu

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