Corvallis Gazette from Corvallis, Oregon on February 28, 1905 · 3
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Corvallis Gazette from Corvallis, Oregon · 3

Corvallis, Oregon
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 28, 1905
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LOCAL AND PERSONAL Fir wood wanted on Bubscriptio n at tbis office 'y i: Mrs. Georire Lilly was the-guest of Portland friends last, week,, . It is a noteworthy fact rthat the letter E comes behind the word before" - Summit, was in Corvallis' a couple of days last week. A. C. 'Miller, of Kings Valley, was attending a matter of business in this city last week. Glen Goodman, an OAC student, is just recovering rrom an unusuauy severe attack of la grippe. .A. F. Peterson arrived home, Saturday, from a business trip to Portland and Eastern Oregon. We are inaeoiea to ljieui,. vam lan for a roster Physical Xirector Trine, of OAC, visited Salem, last.week Mrs. Clarence Ireland is reported to be visiting friends in lndepeod ence. :A meetinir of the W. U. T. U. is called for next Thursday ar3 p. m. at the home of Mrs. wm.: Urees. O. C. Chipman, who recently dis posed of his restaurant business in this citv, will eDgage in business in The Dalles. Sunday afternoon and ; evening the weather was ideal and nearly everybody took a stroll. It the weather was always so nice as it was the latter part of last week we would all die poets Rev. Hiram Gould, of Newburg was here on a visit with his son Clarence, and the lat'er's family, during last week. . The reverend gentleman at one time occupied the oulpit of the M. it,, church in tbis r.f iho ffinBrH nf city and maae many inenas nere. the United States army. It - will prove a handy thing about the office. ' - . Miss Lillian Ranney was on the streets, Saturday, for the first time in a week. 'She entertained Dona La Grippe during this peiiod and i t i . . . ., ene proved an unwelcome gueeu Misses Inez Williams and Golda The cross-country run between the various classes at OAC has beenj postponed once or twice already, but we now have assurance that it will occur next Saturday , The course is laid from the athletic grounds to the Catholic cemetery and return This will certainly be a great event. The game of basketball played MANY HYPNOTIZED.: Things Mysterious and Unheard-of to the Mind of the Lay- ; r man Principles Hard ; '.- :; to Grasp. , There , was ' hypnotism and mysticism both at the Opera House durjng the latter part of the week just passed. ' "Imagination'.' is a thing that is not superabundant with some of mankind, and in consequence they profess to frown down , anything that does not ' directly appeal ts their most matter-of-fact way of looking- at things. A little imagination will sometimes be found very helpful; to be visionary is not so well, to draw the line finely. This is a material world all right enough, but it is not whoUy material and it is a blessing that it is not so. y ; There may be those among us who will contend that hypnotism is not a true science-that ' 'there's nothing in it. " Such is ' often the case and man is quick to condemn as untrue that which he does not understand, even though if he were inclined the means of verifying, proving or disproving may beat hand. So it is with hypnotism. Many ciose we were not. surprised at the result which was x8 to 13 in favor of Albany. : It is stated that the game was witnessed by the largest crowd ever assembled in Albany on a similar .occasion, and it was a hard-fought, exciting I contest. Thus, honors are even so far and these teams will- likely have a third game to decide the championship. As each team has won on its own floor, it is thought that the third game should be played on a neutral field, and Portland is talked ; of as a suitable pi ace to settle the matter ot supremacy. v . . : . . Feathered Beauties.. TTnwarrl Tnt.nrnfid t.n their homes at Friday night between O.A.C. and Bellfountain last Saturday. They Willamette University boys, on the hotra Ito on a (.ton in or OAO hut. niif-1 field of the latter,, is reported to fered with la ffrione for a time and have been a hard-fought contest, cry "fake!" When, as is - oft- decided to drop out of college. s The final score was 19 to 18 and times the case in the larger . was againBt us. Being Boclose we cities, a natient is hvonotized to amount of weather like lant week can o?oa out of the Kfact undergo a surgical operation one Robfn mliTn" IS t5t might .easily have been is obU1ed tQ mit tre is some. It aonears that sone birds are in- ' " , thing iu it. creasine each year in Oregon and it J. J. Cady. of the firm of Hollen-1 Dr. George W. " Payne and is nice to have them with us. berg & Cady, this city, received a Miss Marguerite Foy last Friday Ed. Andrews was quite a sick telegram Friday morning bearing afternoon hypnotized Merwin Me man during the greater part of last ' week. It is thought that on ac count of new piping that he came in contact with when hs moved in to his home near F. L. Miller's residence he contracted lead poisoning. He is now much im proved. F. P. Sheaszreen has a force of men emnloved in the manufacture Grange delegates were elected of a nuantitv of nullev blocks for meet next Saturday at 2 p. m the sad mtellegence that nis mother Maines and he slept in the show had that morning died at her home windQW at Qraham & Wells' in .noooara, xowa. one was more . . .. . tft ro. -.j Un rl.n.fK r " I t-A fhA I lnai4 UfWlcA inH nraC then was not unexpected. Mrs. (JadVs lw maider name was Prescott and she was distantly related to Wm. H. Prescott, the great historian. ' At the'laet meeting of Corvallis to in the various ferries across the Wil- the office of bupt. G. W . Denman ' - 1. m. lamette river in the vicinity of ror the purpose of electing delegates Portland. The pulleys are of oak. taken over there and awakened. While he was in a hypnotic state he attracted a large crowd and held his audience well the great er part of the afternoon. At one time some fellow is reported to have nearly made a mess of things by asking "Mc" if heM likeany- This is the third year that Mr Sheasgreen has furnished pulleys for the ferries of that section. A half-tone of Miss Maud Hoffman appears in the March number of Mni.sey. Miss Hoffman pass ed her childhood days in Corvallis and was at one time a teacher to the State Grange, which convenes thing to drink. There was some' in Salem. Delegates from-other thinsr so powerful about this lodges will be in attendance on this "suggestion" that the hypnotic occasion, ihose elected delegates influence hunc m the balance at Corvallis Grange were Prof. for oa inS(ant. - , ooie, yy . x aies ana rror. eni. m. nd the Mners cut Senator Avery had- business that by some . of the fellows : while called him into the Beaver Creek hypnotized should convince any section last Saturday. , In speaking one. ' Surely not one of - us here You Can Not Afford Wot to Buy a Suit or Overcoat flow! . Every suit, overcoat, and pair of trowBera, men's, boys, and ltttle fellows,' has been taarkey down to anch a figure that issimply a waste of money for you not to take advantage of this, our final clearance of winter and medium weigh clothing. Note the orinea below, and come in and look at the values offered : $ 5 00 Suit or Overcoat now $ 3 00 Saturday, S. B. Bane made a trip to Portland in : the . morning and returned in the eveneng. He brought back two pairs of the most beautiful pheasants a pair each of Golden and Silver pheasants both legal - tender. The Golden phesant 4 re. very beautiful and the male bir 1 is particular attractive to gaze upon. The Silver, pheasants -are younger birds, and although already quite Die larger tnan tne uoiaen pheasants ' are , not yet matured and their beauty is not so appar ent as that of the latter birds. " . While in Portland Mr. Bane arranged to have some Amherst pheasants shipped him in a short time. When these arrive he will have, so far as is known, the only strain . of these pheasants in the United States aside from those possessed by Homer Davenport, who has a famous pheasant pen, M. Bane has also ar ranged for a number of Bohemi an pheasants. AL told, - on the arrival of these birds he will have five varieties of pheasants China, Golden, Silver, Amherst and Bohemian. - He says that the China pheasants are naturally the wildest of all birds of this family. Pheasants do better, lay more and everything in ' a domestic . state than when running wild. This fact is most encouraging to Mr. Bane " and was one of the main inducements to him for going into pheasant raising so largely as he has. It is worth anybody's 7 50 " 5 88 9 00 ' 7 20 10 00 " r . " " 8 OO 12 50 . " ' ' Q88 13 50 " '-. . ". tO GO 15 00 " . " .", ! 12 IS 1650 " " 13 23 .18 00 " ' ' " 14-40 20 00 " ' ', ' - 15 95 BOYS' SUITS 9 2 50 Suits or Overcoat now $ 1 09 3 00 4 00 5 00 600 2 40 3 21 395 4 83 Copyright 1 Hart Schaffner 904' by & Marx ; REMEMBER I will refund the money on all cash purchases made on a certain day of February, the day to be selected by some disinterested party, by lot, on March 1st. No matter what you purchase for cash at retail rates, be it a five cent or a hundred dollar purchase If your dup'ii'ate checks bear the date of the "Lucky Day" your money will be cherfnlly refunded. , Save your Duftlicato Cash Chocks fci EVERY CHECK bearing the date of the ''Lucky Day" is as good as gold . My popular prices will prevail just the same and the Bargain Counter is loaded with useful articles at prices, well, vou ran't call them prices ; they are Bargains. Regulator of Low Prices Corvallis, Ore. time a teacher in our public Bchools. Then Bhe of the crop outlook, in that section, could, by treat or bribery, induce went East and went on the stage Mr. Avery said that the prospects some Qf tne boys who furnished :ira.uB,Tr , " wiu X. M"0 oar- the amusement last week to at- leaumg iaay tor o. m. ,iuaru. ine eneci 01 toe recent iiuie ireeze J. T. Phillins: of this citv: re- wiU be beneficial rather than other ports that his bees began active tempt such a series of comicalities Li . i ' . ., : n Iriirt a tot pwmnos aon - It wnnlrl operations last week.. . They were ffilT.TJa their were uuuibvuuq .hdv noon ' a. j . t v i i . -f-i. . i- isi ' xi rDUlVGrized than usual and certain 1Z"T "h rr;S:r;""1 Pests will have beeneUminated. ing.for them to fake rf lr.A , thli tihiftA worn nnfttfi .xt.'" luj i-- a. ' L oul- Ana nonc oi lucul v v vv.-w , IVHKI. n rillM.V IIIHIK M MIM I'lllNMIV All - m m with pollen. This is very unusual the Farmers' Short Course at the PIbie ot tms 5s yIC none at this season of the year , and the college. This has been a most sue- 01 on "B0311; . supposition is that the pollen came cessful session in everv - wav When it comes to placing from what willow. is known as "pussy" at present. make friends here. Rev. L. M. Boozer was unanim ously called to the pastorate of the new Piedmont Presbyterian church, last Thursday, at tne codgregational meeting; held at the residence of Otto Dekum, Portland. 'suggestion", any way, With a number of people on the stage at one time it is readily understood that some will, be uu der the influence of hypnotism to a greater degree than others." We are not all alike ; normally, nor when hypnotized. No one, when Albany Wins. time to take a look at his pheasants. '' When his pen is complete he villi, be second to nobody in this state so far as we know in raising pheasants. : Additional Local. a Hnlendid work has. Wn dnnA ;"nnri rock weighing several hundred unusual interest awakened. The pounds on a man's chest and "Peeev" Harrison, a graduate of attendance has been better w than smashing it " with a sledge OAO a number of years ago! was that of last year, provms; that there hammer well, this is : enough in Corvallis last Friday for about a growing demand for this course: and we are convinced. And this half an hour. He came ud on a ITco much cannot be said m favor Bpecial trip as mail clerk on the of the work done during this com- Henrv Hour, of this citv. is the West Side. "Peggy" used to be ci?e paratively short session, for it is man ' . .h-t thp ' t or tne boys wnue nere ana maie emiueuiiiy pruciwtu. , . J T7 ' I. I 1 hdv iriHmiH. niir nihi h VHHra I'Mi-. .. - I. - - ! 'j I X" 1. . TT" 1 1 . n J, A 1 1 M An M tv-. l n .nH . 1 n has been makine the . run out of . signer 8yoer u Aienw are 1 F" "..-Viav. ' t.nj ; ";i v,. quite speeay at an times. DUt laBt nypnouc state 11 iney are un- O. R. & N. He lives in Portland oaiuraay iney snowea an exiraorai- willing, ana tne minas l Tsome nary oursi 01 speea.. mr. JViger, in people are snch -that they cannot company wim anomer gentleman. toVa mrt nn" A. .1 shirlev arrived from rort- waa ou- lor a utue spin on tne land a few davs &so and is in streets when something happened - M . . , 1 TTT 1 J i 1 1. a 1 r.harirfl of the local ot the vve uouiu nut ieara jubs waai, dui r . I 1 1 i r , O. U. T. Co. Mr. Shirley is sub- tne wncy steppers Decame ingnt- iect, of course, to the orders of his onea ana let out at tneir Desi gait, company, but tninKS ne will De re- ueapiue uutj euoria oi ineir, anver. tftinfid in Corvallis so lone as. the wnere mey swraa irom, or fitaca of water in the Willamette toe exact length or line of their me ' will allow the conmanv's boats to anderings is not known to us, but hyptnotized : can : be made to do operate. He is a very pleasant an eye witness reports mat tne cons anything aeainst his moral gentleman and . win undoubtedly cumueu a mayio tree m iront 01 tne nature he will awaken first. uuiuh ui jrubtiuiaoicr juuusuu. ABlue from a broken buggy tongue . no fatalities are mentioned. The horses. I 1 1 i ii wnen assisted irom tne tree, were I 1 u . . 1 James Flett arrived here Fridav people went over to Aioany on a r tj. nvenincr. from bin homestead oh T?iv SDeCial train. The CTOWd Was is a young man of spiendid attain- Rivers, where he had been' for the made up of basket -ball enthusi-mnnta nfl ; nrinr t.n his nhanffe of two weeks preceding, i: M.t. Flett asts and Woodmen of the World: creed was pastor of the United came as far out as Box, Thursday We learn that the ground up", of .Evangelical . church of Corvallis. aiternoon, ana tne remainder or tne flie latter was a great success, During the years of nia residence way -priuay wuiur wiiu ni The ajeatest interest centered her he made many friends who mer lay lor and nis motner, who th r basket ball will watch his career with interest. coming out nacK. . . pn of OAC VT UOU bUD UtU IV iCaUUCU X iiUUillatU 1 - -r ' J A Bo.hnnl teacher had occasion re- Mr. Tavlor's team was so wearv and AlDany. in a game, piaycu cently to explain to her class the that the party procured another on UA'S neia tne wees. Deiorc, merits of an incubator for hatch- ng-and cameonto.Uorvallis. : JTom tne latter were mc vicwis , au a ing chickens and ' in order to be Box to . Corvallis is a distance of return game was arranged .. to certain that the youngsters thor- forty or lorty-Uve mUes and they occur Saturday evening, an tne oughly' understood the subject ask- made exceedingly good time to 1 interim la erippe fastened its ed at the conclusion of her remarks cover the distance in a day. They fangS on one or two ot our girls how they could hatch eggs if they came over Alsea mountain. In aT1j pffnrt was made on our had no hen to put tnem unaerr iormer times at tnis season 01 tne ,,. f v, n.- nU?yVnM fnniiai-a - in tliia 'afitinn it I 'To'trlm tnnV (.Via 1 1 -O a ' m tvain hA wp! 1 for them in the Saturday. ? for Detroit. Or.. whre QO ini. , unuer iuc wicuuiauv.u. If you want new flues put in a boiler call on D. & A. Hugh. Kay, of Monroe, was in Corvallis yesterday. Repairing of all kinds done neatly and without delay by D. & A. Standard A cedar . shingles for $1.50 per thousand at the Corvallis Saw, Mill. . , V 10 tf. Second grade fir lumber, almost any dimension, for only, $6. 50-per thousand feet, at Corvallis Saw Mill. . r:. 10 tf . Monroe Childers is reported to have had a runaway with his tjam yesterday morning while coming to town, l he news reached us to late for a detailed account. Mrs . Ella' Richardson, whose death from consumption occurred Thursday in Redding, Cal.,' will be interred at Monroe today. A num ber of Corvallis people attended the Of ail the social successes of the season there are none that take precedence over the reception ten dered 'the young lady students of OAU last baturday evening by Mrs. T. M. Gatch. On this occasion the parlors were decorated most beauti fully with flowers, vines, ferns and potted plants, and so illuminated as to make the scene akin to fairyland lhe - refreshments served were "lady-fingers" and tea, followed, by icecream., About 200 girls were in attendance and the occasion will be long remembered by them. r.t aB.u;n hn nv ir shA' haa -a : crrandhhild ' lvln nrit:. our cirls not feeling welt and cubatorto try a duck.. " callyill. ' - the former game having been; so We have in stock all the stand ard line of wheels made by the Pope Manufacturing Co., at prices to suit ail. D, & A. JNow is the time to buy your grass seed all kinds at Zierolf s. Our Great Annual Stock-taking Immense reductions in every department. Short ends odd sizes, broken lines and remnants by hundreds. Dress goods, Silks," Readymade wear,1 Laces, Ribbons, Draperies, Wee curtains, Sheets, Pillow cases,' etc. Prices m many cases reduced bv half. Our new S v .... goods Spring early. (Fa L, will - arrive Corvallis , A. ROBINSON . ,. .. IMOEPCHDCNtVhOHC 148 A. L. STEVENSON INDCPCNOCNT PHONE 201 Robinson & Sisvenson Real Estate, Loans and insurance A FULL LIST OF ' FARMS AND CITY PROPERTY ' FOR SALE , OFFICE PHONE, INDEPENO'T 3TS Corvallis, Ore. CALL AND LIST YOU R PROPERTY WITH Grave Trouble Foreseen. ; Remember, this is the last week for Nolan & .Callahan's Remnant and Rummage Sale." CASTORIA "- For Infants and Children; - The Kind You Have Always Bought i Bears the . Slnatiare of It njeed but little foresight, to tell that when the Btomach and liver are badly effected, grave trouble is ahead, unless you t"ke the proper medicine lor your disease, as Mrs. John A. Young, of Clay, Kew York., did. She says i "I had neu ralgia of liver and stomach, , my heart was weakened, and I could not eat. : I was very bad 'for a long time, but in Electric Bitters I found just nhat I need ed, for they quickly relieved and cored me." S Beet uedicine for ; weak' . womem Y$44 SO YEARS EXPERIENCE D Sold under guarantee by Alien & ward, druggist, at 50c a bottle Wood. mm V Tbaok Marks tt COPVRIOHTS 4C UoMstriotlyoonadentiiL HANDBOOK on ftit lent tree, uiaoai seency iur ocui iu Lg3". Patents taken through Mann St Co. raoMTa tpicial notice, withoat charRe, In the Scientific HKJericati : A nRndsomelyUhntnited weekly. T fe'JNN g co.3S,Sread- New York

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