The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1954 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 20, 1954
Page 3
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BLXTHEVLLLB (ARK.) COUETEH NEWS FAQS THRBB State Traffic Laws Contain. Some Surprises for Most Motorists By ROWLAND FAUST (Courier News Staff Writer) If you were driving through a strange city in Arkansas and didn't see a speed limit sign in the residential section, at what you assume there was no speed limit and drive at whatever speed you chose? Well, before you bet arrested for speeding let me warn you that according to a state law passed in 1937.and s&ll in effect, you would be required to slow down to 25 miles per hour in a residence district unless there is a sign posted setting some other speed. Looking over a booklet. "Guide to Safe and Sane Driving," distributed by the Department of Arkansas State Police, I came across many lesser known traffic regulations which apply to driving in this state. Act 300 of 1937 as amended sets up uniform driving regulations throughout the state of Arkansas, on the highways and in the cities. Ic states that the speed limit in a business district shall be 20 miles per hour unless otherwise stated and over 60 miles per hour on the open road. So if you don't see a speed limit sign, don't get the impression there is no limit. * * * NOT ONLY does it mention exceeding the speed limit but also states that operation of a vehicle "at such a slow rate of speed as to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic" is unlawful. If you are driving along the highway "and hear a fellow motorist behind you sound his horn, don't get mad, because it is required for one motorist who is about to pass another to toot his horn. It is also a law that a motorist on hearing tiie horn "shall give way to the right and must not increase speed" until the other car has passed. Giving hand signals is not a courtesy on the -road but an act required by law whenever a driver, slows down, turns or stops and must be given continuously for not less that 100 feet the car travels before executing the action designated by the signal. Speaking of signals, can you tell by the shape of a sign along the side of the road or street as to what type of message it bears? Look at WHAT DO THESE SIGNS MEAN? — Even though there are no words appearing on the signs pictured above, they still have a. meaning. The shape of the signs will tell you what message they would bear. Name the signs and then look at the end of the story for the correct answer. the illustration contained in this article and test yourself. The answers will be found at the end of the article. * * * IF THE occasion ever call for to drive- in Mexico, don't pass a sign bearing the word ALTO. It means Stop, as I found out one day from the frantic waving of a Mexican policeman at a check point where they look at your tourist passes. Most people are . aware of the signs that tell you to turn right a red light, but just because you (the pedestrain) have the right of way at a corner, don't assume that the motorist will abide by the fact that he is supposed to stop before turning —even though he is. A fellow who turns down the "one more for the road" at a party is not a party pooper, but is aware of the consequences that may .develop is he is arrested on his way home for driving while under the influence of intoxicating beverages. It is mandatory by state law for a person found to be driving while "under the influence" for the second time within a year to be im- prisioned for not less than 10 days. Act 300 states that upon second offence "no court shall have the authority to suspend jail sentences." On the first violation, every person shall be imprisoned for not less than 24 hours and fined not less than $50. He also stands a chance of having his drivers license suspended for a year, IN CASE of an accident in which a person is injured (even slightly) or where total damage amounts up to $100 or more, you are breaking the law if you do not forward within five days a written report to the Commissioner of Revenues in little Rock. These reports are to be made out on official forms obtainable from county officers. State Police or revenue inspectors. Information in the forms cannot be used as evidence in any trial, civil or criminal, but are for accident prevention study only. Farm machinery being moved on the highways must meet certain specifications, contrary to some beliefs. The machinery cannot be more than 10 rfeet wide and must bear a white front light and a red rear light if traveling at night. Trailers of 1.500 pounds gross weight or more must be equipped with brakes on all four wheels and all all trailers and wagons, regardless of weight, must have reflectors on the back of them. The speed law includes a phrase to the effect that it is unlawful to travel at any speed that is not reasonable or prudent even though a posted speed sign indicates a higher one. Assuming yaur car is in good condition, do you know how far you would travel before you could stop if you were driving at a speed of 60 miles per hour? Your car, on an average,"would travel 66 feet before you got your foot on the brake and it would'then take you 198 feet to come to a halt - or a total of 264 feet from the time you first saw the danger. AT 70, it would take 346 feet and at a slower speed of 30 it would take a total of 83 feet. These figures are based on tests on a good surface road under favorable conditions. Before you start on a trip this . . . an' wash th' windshield, please . . . " 1 —— Stop Sign Side' Street Through Street OP WHO HAS THE EIGHT OF WAY? — If you think you know the rules of the road, describe which cars have the right of way in the two examples pictured above. In the top example, Car A is wanting to make a left turn. In the lower picture, Car A is entering a through street at which a stop sign is posted. What does he do? What do the other cars do? See answers at end of story. summer, consider this state law before you spend money on windshield stickers to advertise the places you have been. It is unlawful to display "signnsnnnnnnnnilU ful to display signs, posters, stickers, etc., upon the windshield side wings, side or rear windows, except certificates or other paper required, to be so displayed by law." . . . How to beat the statistics ... or become one . . . Answers Traffic sign meanings by their shape are: "A*—information or regulation, "B"—railroad crossing, "C" — stop, "D" — hazard, slow down. In mating a left turn, Car A enters the intersection and must then wait for Cars B and C to clear the intersection because they are already crossing it. Car D must give right of way to A and let it execute the turn before D enters the intersection. Cars B and C are already in the intersection when A stops for the stop sign. A must wait for B and C to clear intersection before it enters. Car D must give way on approaching the intersection " and allow A to cross even though D is traveing on a through street. West German Ex-Nazi Taken From UN Post UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. (/P)— Peter Pfeiffer, criticized in the United States as having- a Nazi record, will not become West Germany's observer at U. N. headquarters, i A U. N. announcement last said Pfeiffer's appointment had been withdrawn. Presumably Dr. Hans E. Riesser, present West German observer, will continue in the post. The Jewish Labor Committee of New York and Rep. Javits R-NY were among those who protested after Pfeiffer's appointment was announced last February. Pfeiffer held diplomatic posts under the Nazis in Prague, Moscow, Paris and Rome. He was classified after the war as only a nominal member of the party ,who joined to hold his government job. . . . and furthermore, Act 300 of 1937 also states in connection with slow rates of speed that . . When you have finished cutting onions, rub che cut end of a celery stalk on-your hands to remove the onion odor. Piles Hurt Like Sin But Now He Grins- He learned how hospital-formulated TM Pile Ointment takes pain, burn and itch out of simple piles. Developed and used by doctors of Thornton & Minor Hospital, famous for "surjfical stnfte" patients. Works wonders for ovrrydny cases: net TM (Thornton & Minor) Recta! Ointment or Suppositories at drufnrist's today—$1.00 tube or pkgr- Confederate Soldier Statue Draped "With White Flag at il Dorado EL- DORADO, Ark. (JP) — The statue of a Confederate soldier here was draped with a white flag yesterday. Who did it, or whether it had anything to do with the TJ. S. Supreme Court's abolition of public school segregation, remained a mystery. Corinne Co/vet in Italy ROME (£») — Corinne Calvet, French-born American movie star, arrived here by plane last night for a brief visit in Italy. She was met at the airport by her finance, Jeff Stone. • The white pine forests of the United States are being wiped out. i Original estimated stand of this^ ' species was about 600,000,000,000 ) board feet and the present esti- < mated stand is about 15,000,000,000 1 board feet. WE BUY USED FURNITURE PHONE 3-3122 Wade Furn. Co Point Closeout Many Typw wrf C»l«r§ i Price Hvbbard Hardware 'Youthful' Old Horse OXBRIDGE, Mass. (/P)—Princess, 33-year-old mare owned by Mrs. Lillias Farum Daigle. wouldn't stand-still. Mrs. Daigle appologized: "Princess always wants to be on the go once she's saddled and you ought to see her run in the corral. It's hard to believe she's so old, but my father bought her in 1926 at an auction in the Chicago stock- yeards. She was five years old." Dr. Royce Simpson of the Angell Memorial Hospital in Boston says, "It's an exceptional age for a horse, even if it doesn't break any records." He says ho3«ses may live into the 40's. And the way Princess frisks ana canters now, she may be heading for a recorc. Read Courier News Classified Ads. 406 W. Main Phone 3-4591 FRI. & SAT. SPECIAL Wheelbarrow Tubular Steel holds 3 Cu. Ft. Of Dirt. Ideal for Garden or House Use f Watch Repair on ALL MAKES! Pttftt * AM! Wrvk* * Uwttt Prkti Wliy accept lew than the be«t and workmanship. JiMt Say "Charge M". ItKOVA EMM GIUW i^p iWHp i np^^^wi MUMS UMGMS •WJU omits CRYSTALS FITTED whilt you wort IIHEIFLS MM! DTI •MMHMHMi^^^^^ 1 ^ iaoMRils m> ur;i vi II\.M Omission of 2 Worc/s From Land Title Deed Ateans Fortune for Two EDMONTON, Alta. (AP) — Omission of two words from a land title deed 46 years ago spelled out a fortune today for Anton Turta and- his son, Nick, who farm in the heart of Alberta's Leduc oil field about 20 miles south of here. The two hold title to 160 acres of land on which mineral rights have been valued at more than one million dollars. After a two-year legal fight, the Supreme Court, ol" Canada yesterday dismissed claims by the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) and Imperial Oil Ltd. for the oil rights on the land. 2 Firms Benefit Also benefiting from the ruling Steelworkers, Industry Open Contract Talks PITTSBURGH I/PI — U. S. Steel Corp. and the CIO United Steelworkers get clown to brass-tacks bill-pruning' today ns contract talks open with three other basic steel producers. Getting under way are negotiations with Jones & Lnuphlin Steel Corp. at Pittsburgh, Wheeling Steel Corp. at Wheeling, W. Va.. and Crucible Steel Co. of America at New York. Other basic producers begin bargaining later this month. Headed by President David J. McDonald, USW negotiators met with officials of U. S. Steel for the second straight day yesterday to discuss 1954 contract demands on the nation's No. 1 steel producer. It is expected the sessions will continue for the rest of the week and then adjourn to permit the company to study union proposals and prepare its answer. Objectives of the USW Include a guaranteed annual wage and un unspecified pay increase for some 600,000 members in basic steel now averaging between $2.14 and $2.24 an hour. were the Montreal Trust Co.. which holds a lease on Anton Turtn's portion of the land, and William Sereda, who holds a lease on the other half, t Turta acquired part of the land in 1911 and the remainder in 1918 from Mike Podgorny. who had purchased the tract in 1908 from the railway. A clerk in the land title office here erred in drawing up Podgorny's title, reserving to the railroad the rights to "all coal" subsequently .found but omitting the words "and petroleum." The error went unnoticed until Alberta's oil boom. In 1943 the deed was changed to read: "Reserving unto the CFR all coal 'and petroleum.' " The CPR leased the land to Imperial Oil in March 1951. Turta went to court. In May 1952. the Alberta Supreme Court ruled in the farmer's favor. Justice W. G. Egbert held the land titles office did not have the authority to change the deed. The Appellate Division of the Alberta Supreme Court upheld Justice Egbert's ruling and the Supreme Court of Canada agreed yesterday. . Actress Wins Action for Sons BURBANK, Calif. (/Pj—Movie actress Susan Hay ward has been granted court permission to take her twin sons with her on location at St. George, Utah, June 4 to July 4. Superior* Court yesterday overrode the contention of her estranged husband, actor Jess Barker, that the boys. Timothy and Gregory, 9, should not be taken from the public school they attend. Miss Hayward told the court she would provide a tutor to keep up their school work. Attempted Kiss Causes Death LANCASTER, Pa. (/Pj—An attempt to avoid being kissed by her brother-in-law cost Mrs. Dorothy Walton, 24. her life yesterday, said Police Chief Prank Horner. He said the brother-m-iaw. Warren N. Shnrpe, 31 of Lancaster, was walking Mrs. Walton to her home when he tried to kiss her and she darted into U. S. Route 72 and was hit by a car. Dist. Atty. William C. Storb exonerated the motorist. Sharpe was arrested on a charge of intoxication. TERMINIX The Settirtlay' POST Bruce Terminix Company P. O. Box 1270 Memphis, Tenn. Phone 62-3531 Knife-Wielding Man Slashes 2 Believed to Be Escaped Army Mental Patient GOSHEN. Md. (,?)—A knife-wielding man, believed to lie an escaped Army mental patient, was reported today to have held a farm tenant family hostage for six hours before slashing the mother and a child and escaping in a jitolen truck. Montgomery County police said Mrs. Adele Thomas. 32, reported that a man clad only in blue pajama pants and horn-rimmed Klnsses entered her house yesterday and slashed her across th« stomach and chest when she couldn't keep her five children quiet. Scaled Wall She said the Intruder also slashed her 5-year-old daughter Barbara Lee above the eyes. Charles Thomas, 33, father of the family, was away at the Mme. He returned later and took his wife and daughter to a'hospital. Police safd they believed the intruder was Pvt. Fred C. Pjerrou, 24. of Silver Spring. Officials of the Army's Walter Reed Hospital in nearby Washington reported that Pjerrou scaled a 10-foot metal fence yesterday morning and escaped from the exercise court of the h o s p i t a 1's neuropsychiat- ric ward. Within a short time after his escape. police said, Pjerrou slugged two motorists with a pipe. They kaid he commandeered a laundry truck after hitting the driver and thttt he later transferred to a passenger car after slugging its owner into unconsciousness. NOW YOU CAN LICE ATHLETE'S FOOT WITH KERATOLYTIC ACTION T - 4 - L. ft keratolytlc fungicide, SLOUGHS OFF the tainted outer ekin, exposing buried fungi and kills on contact. Leaves skin Uke baby's In Just ONE HOUR. If not pleased, your 40c back fit any drug store. Today »* Kirby Bros. Drug. ARTHRITIS RHEUMATISM Paint Relieved At Once H ftMi ttiN»r rtv« oqonltlmj point of orMk- rltl». rh.umatiwn. iclafica of Mvrith, o«r n«« formula calUd REMATHON, muit qlv* you th* (attott r«ll«f and !*• qrMtwt, Ionij«i1 lotting Improvement ytMi kov* «v«C known or it cottt not a p*nny, R&MATtOM • It told on Mtii GUARANTEE: If yotir pat* It not r*l!«v»d to your tat!(faction afar (h* fint bottl*. if RCMATtON do«t not bring toothlna relief to your etching |ulnH and muscUt FASTER than any otW product that you ho»* ever uted, MM bofNt cottt you nothing. Jutt return MM b«fM» to your, druggltt and get your moeey book. ftEMATRON cotH S2.50 and h «oW wM» thli itrkt money bock guor<i*He by: Kirby Bros. Drug Store—Blytheville- Mttll orders rilled. DREIFUS GRADUATION SCOOP! $1 DOWN $1 A WEEK DREIFUS DrelMi, BljrtlMTil!e, AT*. _ _ Meet Dreifus^.W. 'Wear Diamonds •«« mi ™ :IIG WKST vim M.

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