Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 11, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 11, 1946
Page 5
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I P<ige Four HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS 8onfpmfcf>r 11,1W6 CLASSIFIED Ada Must Be In Office Day Before Publication futabei of One Three Six One(«>-' -*Day Days Days Month Uo to Ifr - , .4~5 .90 1.50 4.50 IS to 20 . .60 1.20 2.00 6.00 21 to 25 „ .75 1.50 2.50 7.50 26 to 30 .. .90 1.80 3.00 9.00 31 to-35 .. 1.05 2.10 3.50 10.50 3» to 40 . 1.20 2.40 4.00 12,00 41 to 4S .. 1.35 2.70 4.50 13.50 46 to 50 .. 1.50 3.00 5.00 15.00 Rates are for Continuous -* y o Insertions Only • All Want Ads Cash in Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone Found STRAY MULE AND HORSE ARE being held at R. J. Rosenbaums farm on old 67 highway. 9-Gt Lost BROWN BILLFOLD AT NEW Theater Saturday. Photostat of discharge, paper and money. Reward. Floyd Osborn, 317 South Walnut. " 10-lt 17 JEWEL BULOVA LADIES' watch..in Hope Community Center, Saturday. If returned, no questions asked. Mrs. J. H. Jor Bosox Swamped With Requests for Series Tickets By JOSEPH NOLAN Boston, , Sept. 10. -(UPl — Swamped with requests for World series tickets which may total half n million by nightfall. Boston Red Sox officials today instructed their clerks to "reject all orders outside of the New England Tea." The Fair Enough By Westbrook P«glcr Copyright,. 1946 By King Features Syndicate. New York. Sept .10 —Having devoted some attention to the American veterans' committee recently, I believe it would be appropriate to discuss a visit with Jack Hardy, the national commander ot the Amvets. Charles G. Bolte', the national SPORTS ROUNDUP •if liA t IMMitt *•• Springfield; N. J., Sept. 11 — <#)— lateurism, made its whole athletic . ^. . ° ... . .* • _ I..,'. i .. ..~ :1..U1» !».*.. tlt*<Art HMl'C nf aonlicntinhs i chairman of the A. V. C.. and Com- ot _ applications ,,„„„,,„,. Hardy both insis t that organizations are not rivals but it is my impression that they are about as friendly and mutually -crative as CIO and A. F. of L. or Soviet Russia and the United States and that this is the Fenway was described by Phil Troy, assistant general manager of the greatest flooi ticket requests within memory.' The first mail brought 70.000 letters, all of which had to be mail-.j son ed after last, midnight to be acceptable. In addition there were 5,000 special deliveries, 1,000 registered, • . .. . , ,. letters and 6.000 telegrams. The poar-shaped objective, for the pur- office said it would operate a P°se of running its membership up of one-ton micks to a million. Phe membership was Oh the Scoreboard In t.ho press room at Baltusrol, there's a printed slip saying: "The Legend of Baltusrol: murder on the mountain". .. .except for the fact that the championship course is down at the foot of lhe hill, that would describe last night's sudden death playoff with those vicious dive bombers known as Jersey mos- nunoes attacking contestants and aallery. . .it isn't surprising that such notable golfers as ex-cham- on Jonnny Fisclier and 1941 semi- Lilist Bobby Riegcl were climin- Skee' Riegel. whose real pioi fins ated. name is Robert, tells how he went to college at Lafayette and attended West Point ior a while "be- foie analytical geometry and the cold winters got me'. . .there wasn't anything wrong with this mathematics on the golf course aooronrialc political compar- when he added that five-undcr-par (If f f .,r, . i ; fl,,_4 .tmmrl C!O The A. V. C. is campaigning to ,000,000. which is a nice le rvcc throughout the clay to deliver the dan, Patmos, Ark. 9-3t For Rent hundreds of thousands of addition al applications. It was estimated orders and checks only GO.000 when I interviewed Mr. 3 ROOM HOUSE 2 MILES OUT ON old DeAnn road. Electricity, telephone, on school bus and mail route. Orville Holscher, Phone 911-J. H-3t FRONT BEDROOM ADJOINING bath. Working 'girls preferred. Phone 737. 601 Pond Street. 10-3t i Fenway park today would exceed $6,000,000. Bolte, Gilbert Harrison, the vice chairman, and Edward McHale, , . the national field secretary, early Lna: _ money ij n August and the contributions at arriving at thal Ume stood at $42.479. The con- BEDROOM NEXT TO BATH WITH kitchen privileges. Couple only. No pets. 217 West 13th Street. 10-3t For Sale WE WILL DELIVER TO YOUR home without obligation a nice medium size rebuilt and refinished piano. A piano that will look nice in your home and will give many years of service. Prices very reasonable and terms to suit -your convenience. Write, wire or'phone. This will receive our prompt attention. Little Rock Piano Co. 216 Main St. ll-7t 1940 FORD TUDOR, TIRES LIKE new. and runs like new. Vt mile due-west of high school on East 16th street. Eldridge Rogers. ll-3t THREE ROOM- HOUSE WITH bath." on South Washington near Basket Co. Price $2,250. Floyd Colonels to Play St. Paul in First of Four 67 to his first round 09. Shorts and Shells When the Chicago Bears had trouble finding a place to work out in Boston before their pro football exhibition against the Yanks. Har- pl'ant available Cor three days, and no doubt Dick Harlow would like to collar some of the .Hears 1 cnstoi'f. . .George Hamer, Gporgias inter-collegiate champion, spent a week tuning up lor tho current m- tional amateur golf by playing aqnlnst Bobbv Joncs in Atlanta. Jones, who found out all about Hnltusrol 20 years aeo. r>icl:s niK George as the real comer among trie younger golfers. . .Walter Hagen, Jr., fired three sixes on his last nine holus here yesterday and missed out on qualifying. Us a good thing his pop wasn't around with a hair brush. . .P. S. c" golf: Oklahomas Andy Anderson still argues: 'I can lick this course'. Mighty Smart When Mighty Story won at Aqueduct last week at the sweet price of $08 for $2, trainer Burley Pnrke wired owner John Marsch in advance that' the colt was in great Yesterday's Stars Fights Last Night Baseball Scores By The Associated Press Ed Stevens and Rube Helton; Dotffiors — SU-vciis' fit-si iiminR double with b;tsos loaded gave Brooklyn early lead that Molton protected with three-hit .shutout. 8-0. Steve Gvomek, Indians— Eliminated Yankees from pennant race with five-hit. -1-2, victory for Clove- land. Dick Wakcfiold. Timers —Slarlud Detroit to 9-1 romp over Uoston with three-run homer in first inning off Mickey Harris. Whitey Kurowski, Cardinals — Tripled and doubled, drivinR in one run and scoring one to pace St. Louis to -M win over Phils. Marino PipreUi, Senators—Made good on first starting chance of season, limiting White Sox to four Memphis Horse Show Attracts Many Champs Memphis, Tcnn.. Sept. More than 300 fancy 0:>, Philadel- Thoottoresuu, 10 —(/Pi- stoppers, , shape. . .before the western union . many or lhem c | ia - 1Tl pj, ms o£ the operators finished passing . '{"''ting, will vie for cash and ribbons word around, nearly every tele- ( in tnc annunl Lc Bonhcur Horse By The Associated Press National Leamie St Louis -I: rinUuU-lplua 1. HronUlyn !!; CiiH'inniiti (I. I'oston' HI; ChicaHO I'.. 4 J'itlsbm-Kh 7, Mfv,' \oi-k -I. V» American Lnnflue Detioit 0; UruMnn I Clcvt-lainl -I: Now York *. Ki. r.ouls f'i I'hiliiilolphia I. Washington I; Cliu-;ii.',o 'i. Southern Association Semi-Plnnl Playoffs Allanla H: New Orlenti limta leads f 1-0.1. i Memphis lends, 1-01. Memphis (i: Oh:-t!» Memphis k'ads, (1-0'. Do not wet aspanu'.ys tips ready to cook. no not hold Ions as iV. Y.. outpointed Al oeidman, \ •'•>'!, | asparagus may become starchy Scranlon, Pa. (3i. and woody svl'lh a.ue. Salem. Mass. — Joe BlucUwuod, i ._!-..-. - ( , — 1(10, Piilcrson. N. J., knocked out Good scissors and shears can bo Tommy Bland, 11)2, Toronto, Out. ', damaged if Ihu fine cutting edge is @. jusud on paper, cardboard, flowers, Hartford, Conn. — Bobby Pryor, wet cloth or heavy string. j 152, Sprinyfielrl. Mr is., knocked —————._.- - — out George (Edi Doty. 153. Harl,O'-d (4. Houston, Tex. — Bubby Garcia. 135, Houston, Tex., Knocked out Vince Del Ortc, 134, Philadelphia. 41. By The Associated Press Los Anneles — Sahcla Chavex. 130 1-2, Los Angeles. outpointed Mario Trigo. 130 1-2, Monterrey. Mexico, 10. H a r r i s b u r «. "Speedy" Duval, phla, T.K.O. Milo 100, New York, 1. I j' i-t.'.siui. Calif. — Ben Evans, 144, I I'ulsa, outpointed Al Kobinson, 142 1-2, Fresno, 10. By United Press New York (Croke Park") — 'Pony Antognoli. 13H 1-2. New York, stopped Billy Strauss, Kit), Paterson, N. ,1. (lh. New York Park Arena— Vince La Salva, 147, Mount Vernon, vard, a noted stronghold of am- nose. grapher in the country h:'d a couple of bucks on the horse's tributors included a lot of dirty- rich bleeding-hearts and the correct proportion of Hollywood swim- !m ing-pool proletarians and there | were fourteen individual gifts, each ; of which exceeded the total amount of both of the contributions which the Amvets had received when I talked with Commander Hardy on By The Asso Mated Press Aug. 21. These contributors were Hirrv nnrish rlpirrihprl hv hi* Andrew Higgins, the New Orleans batterv mate t's the best oUcher sn 'P builder ' wno gave $300 ' and in the American Assocf-Uion wUl some Pittsburgh coal firm whose be on the mound tonf°h io° T O uis i correct name Hardy did not know, vflle as the oennant winnin* Col" offhand. This donation was S500. vine as me pennani-wmmng ^01- -- Texas A &M Also Has Top Grid Prospects game Pl Th°e f£ winner in the best of four I"?" 1 / ,l a . id , * 80 ° S tne total seven games will vie with the Victor of a similar series between second-place Indianapolis and fourth- place Minneapolis u'or a crack against the international league champion in the little world series. The Colonels, who had not \von •a pennant since 1930, won the playoffs in 1939, 1940, 1944 and 1945 and captured the Junior series twice in that time. pined for the magic touch of the A. V. C. The Amvets, in their prospectus, appear to me to be a progressive but not radical organization, while the A. V. C. endorses unemployment pay of $25 bums and loafers pfr by demanding Porterfield.. 5-6t TWO PORTABLE COMBINATION battery and electric radios. See Mrs. D. H. Hope; Ark. Grimmett, Rt. 2, 9-3t 1936 FOftD SWATION WAGON, good 'condition, new tires, radio. Owner leaving town. Phone 523. : 9-3t 5 BURNER OIL STOVE AND RA- dio. Charles P: Scott, one block north of 'brick yard. 9-3r G.E. ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR Table..fop gas range, 214 E. Second Street. 10-3t DAY BED AND ROUND DINING table.' Phone 229-J. Mrs. James Playoff Starts in Southern Loop Tonight By The Associated Press A race to the Dixie series and $3,000 begins tonight in the opening playoff eliminations in vhc Southern Association, with New Orleans appearing at Atlanta and Chattanooga at Memphis. ; Manager Kiki Cuyler nominated 21-game winner Bill Ayers 'to xire his right-handed slants :'or Atlan- .ta's pennant-winning Crackers.... He will oppose Jesse Danna, a southpaw jinx to the Crackers. The Atlanta opener probably will attract about 9,500 spectators. The Memphis Chicks, who finished second, will depend upon shutout Artist Lester Willis to get off to a winning start against Chattanooga's third place i'inishers. Louis Aloma is the Lookouts' mound choice. Memphis expects about 8,000 fans. such for "unemployment of all kinds, including time lost due to labor disputes." This objective ,if achieved, would invite all the no- dam-goods to create fake disputes calling for picket lines which, in the Jargon of the union racket, Bums 7 Starting HurlersAre Going Route By JACK HAND (Associated Press Sports Writer) (This is another in a series discussing Southwest Conference football prospects j. All's quiet in the Brooklyn bu'll- j pen where the over-worked relief College Station, Tex., Sept. li artists have been squatting for a —<yp>— Aggieland has had its home-1 week, watching in wonder as live coming with an army of football | straight starters have gone the players surging back from the bat- route. Show, opening tonight. The five-night show will have 02 classes and cash prizes -totaling $40.000. There arc entries from a score of states. When outdoor vegetation becomes scarce, field crickets are likely to come into houses in search of foods. Whole-grained corn has proved most successful for freezing. Frozen on the cob, it will take up con sidei able freezer space. tle-fronts o£ the world to see what can be done about a return to Southwest Conference glory. It looks good, folks; it looks very, very good. A balanced offense terrific condition on the ground that anyone going through a line is likely .to get his head busted by a peace- ifiil picket exercising his freedom of speech with tire-iron. But it would also antagonize decent Americans who would want noth- grpund game and : passing to match —is coming up at Texas A. and M. The Aggies could run last year but they couldn't move through xhe air. But chances are that ihe opposition won't feel like throwing any eight-man lines at A'. & M. this "fall. First off, A. and M. has- the in- two of the finest tackles : ; n America with a couple of -fellows almost as good backing them, up. Coach Homer Norton will think there's something wrong with vhe method of selection if Monty Moncrief doesnt make All-America ;n Not since Sept. 3 Higbe faltered in when the Kirby eighth Mrs. Claude Whirehurst Representative for Mutual Benefit Health & Accident Association United Benefit Life Insurance Company Omaha, Nebraska Phone 952-J 1013 West 5th St. Cobbj. 11-3t FOLDING PLAY PEN, FLOORED. Combination high chair, training chair and' play table. All in good condition. Pjipne 256: 10-31: LIVING ROOM SUITE AND breakfast room suite. See these at Hope Transfer Co. 10-3t CLARINET, GOOD CONDITION, Phone 512. Jane Keaton. 10-3t '4 -ROOM' HOUSE IN PHILLIPS addition close to Paisley school. Phone- 903-J. 10-3t William R. Herndon Photographer First National Bank. Bldg. Second Floor PHONE 1 4*3 or; PORTRAITS Commercial and Advertising PHOTO COPIES Discharges - Legal Documents 24 Hour Service Holderfield Wins Fast Bout Over California!! Little Rock, Sept. 10 — (ff) —^ dy Holderfield of Scott, Ark., had another boxing victory to his credit today after taking a 10-round decision fvorn Mike Bocanegra, sturdy Los Angeles Mexican, at Lhe Robinson Auditorium last night. It was Holderfield's third straight U. S. Pro win. He displayed a sharp offensive that won every round, but the Mexican was never floored. Holderfield tipped the scales at 140 1-2 while Bocanegra weighed 147, tax their earnings to pay $25 a week to the bum next door. So I should think the proposition would attract the trash'all right but repel the quality. Mr. Hardy says he isn't chummin for trash with bum- bait and is willing to let the A. V. C. have that kind-up to the point of | monopoly, confident that superior veterans will join the Amvets. The A. V. C. also demands severance of diplomatic relations with Spain which would mean another civil war and is a weird proposal coming from such as Bolte, who lost a leg in Africa with the British and says he is against killing and hot as horse-radish for peace on earth. The Amvets' principal handicap is that its program is the sort of virtuous platform that is flippantly derided as hearth, home, moth ing his uy season and fully recovered from a broken leg that handicapped his efforts part of last season, is- a- defensive wonder. His mate, Huge Leonard .Dickey, distinguishes himself in tackle play with his offensive efforts. Don starred in 1942 and 1941 are good enough that they'd be starting on most any other team. Then A. and M. has an excellent corps of ends — strong, defensively and good at pass-receiving, notably Clarence (Cotton) Hpwell, a sensation at catching ihe ball vwo years ago; Norton Higgins, playing against the Phils has Coach ChucK Dressen felt the urge to wig-wag for help. Hugh Casey, Art Herring, Hank Behrman and Ralph Branca must feel they have been on a seven-day vacation in the midst of ihe flag, iight. H couldn't happen at a more opportune time- as far as Manager Leo Durocher is concerned, for the scrappy Brok siupper has been trying to restore a semblance of order to his pitching staff with the all-important St. Louis series opening tomorrow. Rube Melton's three-hit, 8-0 shutout over Cincinnati yesterday may uwe clinched him a days work against St. Louis, because ho beat S-losvie Pollet last time the Red Birds were in town. The. Dodgers drove Ed Heusser from the hill in ihe second inning. St. Louis held tight to its two- i game lead by mowing down xhe j Phillies, 4-1, in a night garr.r> witnessed by 30,085 fans. Harry Brechcen, now finding nis stride after a wobbly start, allowed only six hits in defeating Blix Donnelly, a former teammate on xhe 1944- World Series winners. The Boston Braves took out after the third-place Chicago Cubs and hammei'ed them into submission, 10-2. Johnny Sain's 17th victory left the Braves only 3 1-2 games behind the Buins. Pittsburgh took first blood in ihe cellar series with New York, dump- J'ob Printing, Office Supplies and School Supplies Will have complete line of printed Christmas Cards Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co. Have Your Discharge Copied for Furlough etc. 24 HOUR SERVICE Shipley Studio 220 So. Walnut Hope, Ark. "Complete service for your car" MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION Now Open 24 Hours Daily 3rd & Laural Phone 303 Howard Lamb, Owner ALLGl's Interested in FLIGHT TRAINING GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING Batteries Recharged Shop equipment is no oetter than the man that uses it For Your Repair Work, sec HOMER COBB Highway 67 LAWNMOWERS Repaired and Sharpened. 30 Years Experience I' specialize., in Repairs and Sharpening M. C. BRUCE Phone 1107-J So. Main St, his third varsity campaign; Char-i ing the Giants, 7-4, to leave them ley Wright and Marion Settegast | oniy lour points removed from last of the celebrated Aggie "whiz' place. Al Gerheauscr's two-hit re- kids" of 1943, and Charley Yeargain of the past two campaigns. A freshman, Giant Odell Staut- STOP AND CHAT with MOLLY and BILL Famous for STEAKS and CHOPS Overstuffed Cheeseburgers and Yum-Yum FOOT LONG HOT DOGS with Chilli "CURB SERVICE" ~. 720 West Third — DE LUXE CAFE FOR—Dependable and Quick • PLUMBING SERVICE • PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too Smart • ANDERSON BROS. • down the street peach with your old lady but if you bust her one in the snoot and she belts you back and hollers murder tho win- primarily as a track t.,h nrirt ,i n a ini tn£ri H" zenberger of San Antonio, brought erhood and the flag, old standard tn A n nri <M m-imnriiv ni n ti-nnk- ideals and emblems that have been sneered into absurdity because they are not dramatic. You don't draw a crowd by walking man (he throws the shot out of the county), has solved any concern Norton might have over xhe guard positions where there are only three leltermen — Charles Overly and Herb Tyrley of 1943 and Jim Winkler of 1945. Stautzenberger is gieland. The Aggie backfield is crammed with speed and passing and running finesse with the key man likely to be shifty, dashing. Barney Welch, who is remembered for his long runs for A. and M. in 1942 and who made quite a repu- NOTICE PICTURES FRAMED NICE SELECTION OF NEW MOULDINGS CLYDE FRITZ PHone-399 AVENUE B GROCERY vard, a block away. The A.V.C. is using the C.I.O. propaganda technique to make medicine, as our reservation Indians say, when they mean a rumpus. A lynching calls for a telegram to President Truman and a siern demand ior justice in the manner- of those old Monday morn- t t , j , uh th - F , t Df ,. ng crimemst go editorials' • o f the Third Army in R-imnP that always wound up "It's up to f'" t f'.".'"-"""*_ you. Mr. District Attorney." These ' rignteous rumblings ma|ce no difference one way or another, but they cost a few dollars a month and do they make medicine- The same technique utilizes Senator Theodo. e Bilbo and Congressman Rankin, of Mississippi, as devils to be. denounced, and the entire left wing really owes those two hardy old mud-cats a debt for faihful service as targets. A iew ief pitching job over the last 7 1-2 nnings featured. The Boston Red Sox had to post- jone their pennant clinching cele- >ration for at least one more day when they fell before Detroit, :)-!. A win over the Tigers today would give Boston its first flag since 1918. Detroit took over second place jy three points over New York when the Yankees were beaten at Cleveland, 4-2. The loss eliminated the Yanks' last mathematical possibility of lying the Red Sox . Two home runs by Gerry Pridy on successive at bats helped 'Washington down Chicago, 1-2, giving Marino Pieretti a decision in his first starting chore of the season. St. Louis kept alive its hopes of topping the second division by trimming Philadelphia, 5-1. weeks ago, the Dallas A.V.C. picketed a house owned by Mike NOTICE Tilt-Ray Venetian Blind Co. 1123 County Ave. Texarkana, Arkansas WE CLEAN 'EM • REPAIR 'EM • PAINT 'EM ' • ADJUST 'EM • RE-CORD 'EM • RE-TAPE 'EM Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs Phono 382-J 1023 South Main St. O'Daniel, REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS end CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R Get' Ready FOR FALL By having your winter garments cleaned and pressed. We Pick Up and Deliver "Plenty of Parking Space' Cleaners HALL'S Hatters HUGH |, HAUL, Owner 209 N. Ferguion Phone 76 "son of ..A.-hating •enatur W. Lee O'Daniel "because •oung O'Daniel gave notice of evic- ion to a veteran in a dispute bout the "ent. The A.V.C. nation- 1 bulletin printed a three-column licture of the scene, with no state- nent of the merits of the spat. To "hate" O.P.A., however, was i crime, even unto the son of the enator although the U. S. Con- jress by the holy democratic process voted it dead. That is the sort of organization that the A.V.C. is, 3.y deiberate choice and policy, ,nd veterans who incline that way are cordially advised that this is ihe ideal outfit for them. Hardy claimed about 70,000 members about the same time that the A.V.C. claimed only GO,JOO on its way to its million and, jy an interesting coincidence, the July 15 issue of the A.V.C. bulletin announced that, notwithstanding the generosity of its ruddy rich 1'i-iends, it was found necessary to release a big passel of professional field secretaries or organizers. Lack of funds" was the reason great back in 1942; Bob Goode, the conference's leading scorer and pass-receiver and one of the top men in ground-gaining last year, and Willie Zapalac, the mighty blocking back of 1941-42 who. also is terrific on defense. The", consider passers like Jim Hallmark of the whit kids; Stan Hollmig, who was a sensation with Hondo Air Field last year, and Marion Flanagan, called one of the bes field generals Norton ever has had, and you can see why the Ag- gies are rated with the top three teams of the conference race. A. and M. has 36 lettermen, a dozen of whom played here when football in the Southwest Conference really was tough .These include Walt Steymann, tackle; Tom Pickett, Ed Dusek and Ed Rturck- en, backs. The latter was a tackle in 1942 and has been shifted to fullback this year and is giving Zalpalac a run for his money. Of more recent vintage are such capable fellows as Backs: Jesse Burditt, Mann Scott and Preston Smith, and xhis year's :"reshman crop has yielded in addition to Stautenger, one Jimmie Flowers, a big blond fellow from Dallas who may be the starting center when all the votes are counted. Arthur Burch, a star with Sunset High of Dallas several seasons ago, is a passer of considerable ability and Buryl Baty ,a freshman Jetterman before the war, is due to get in time with the quarterbacks. BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repoin HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone 259 Hope, Ark. Some of the C.I.O. unions reject of the A.V.C. to Mr. Bolte, warn ing him that the Amvets, with o as an excuse ior the discharge | beautiful and intelligent guidance, uf fmployees so we may find the were "getting members hand over AVC besieged by pickets and the I fist" described by this age^t as Messrs. Bolte, Harris, McHale and others drawing $25 a week for IJ6 weeks out of respect for this unhygienic condition. I am pleased to be able to state now to Mr. Bolte that my copy of the roster ol his contributors, the sucker list as it would be called in the Cund-raising trade, was not, as he thought, filched from the A.V.C.s files. It was freely given by one of his own members tp a member of the Amvets. By the same process the same person in the Amvets obtained possession ol u letter from a confidential agent "the ordinary guy who likes tc get up and speak his piece and sound just as good as the othei guys." Both organizations, being open to veterans of the late or current war, are subject to espionage and counter-espionage and can do noth ing about it because any membei of either group has a right to know all its business. I think they migh eventually combine in patriotic friendship when the little boys of the A.V.C. have learned to think honestly and tired of a distortec pose. COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Go. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too — ALL WORK GUARANTEED One day service fa town ~ We Call for and Deliver Anywhere Bargain* In Secondhand Furniture Phone 152 411S. Hokel Sewing Machines Call us for guaranteed Repair work on all makes machines. 23 Years Experience We cover buttons, make button holes and do hemstitching. We buy, sell and exchange machines. C.W.YANCEY Singer Dlst. >13 8. Walnut Phone 578-W Doug /7ITTV Carl Bacon V*l I T Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 REED MOTOR CO. 108 East Division St. Mechanics: CARL JONES FRANK YARBROUGH • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Paint Shop WANTED White Oaklogs and Heading Bolls Clear and Clean Overcup Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Post Oak togs and Heading Bolts For Prices and more details Apply to: HOPE HEAPING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope/ Arkansas er 1T1V46 MOPE STAR, HOPE, • A-R KANSAS- ' By Chick Yo'unq ~tT" r ~ OZARK IKE By Roy Gotto WAIT / BETTER TAKE THIS AND BRING A - QUART CAUSE A HAVE THAT BONUS AN I HAVE A NICKEL FOR AN CE-CREAM CONK,) ( ARE POP ? WAIT.' TAKE MOPE MOMEV AND BPING A PINT OF ICE CPEAM, SO MAMA GOT-TA WIN THIS GAME ,. ; WEED AROUND ) : A ~/ -•-[., - HERE IS GOLDFISH AND I CAN HAVE HAVE THAT 5,OOO CARNIVAL By Dick Turner SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith By Michael O Malley & Ralph Lane HOW DID IT Y DON'T lET HEB LIE NEED A DOCTOR, MR;MEtCROFT. THIS WOMAN DEAD/ HAPPEN? j ON THE COLO TltE.CARBV Contact Vet Office or B. L. Rctt.ig at the airport • Flight Instructions • Rides ' ' • Charter Trips WASH TUBBS By Leslie Turner M1SHTV <3LAD TO SEE YOU'RE OKAY, FELLM I'LL GIVE YOU 1'WOXW... BUT (AV TORCH AND WiftTCHES ARB-RUINEC 1 . HOPE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT Agent for SCAT Airline ON THE TRWL.CP.PTWN...AND . KEEP TALKING. NVMBB I ChN WORK m WPN OVER THESE BOULDERS TOWARD YOUR VOICE — UGH! " GONNft BE HftRD TO GET BMX,,UP£TRENV\.,,AN'OOUT. WHAT'S THIS CURRENT... IT'S PP-ETTV STRONG, BUT •£ | . r *""r.r >J .^j!*u_j;i._qprt | aiiKvn,t. t i MI-, i .JM. HtG. UL 5. : PAT, Of fJJO f j-/\NPTHE INDlfWs GROPING FINGERS CLOSE OVER I^ SOMETHING THWT SENDS f\ CHILL UPH\S SPINE ./j COPR/1M4 PY NBA SERVICE. INC. T. M. RtO. U. 9. PAT. OFF COPR. 1M« UT NEA OCRVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. 3. PAT. DONALD DUCK By Wait Disney Tipr " =3 Ip "That last nir you «ave me wasn't any-good t". By Blosser •V;- "It's good practice for me, sitting-with children—when I • -' have my own some day I'll know how to make lhem behave 1" ONE WORfi DAY A.ND WE WE PIXED IT, ^Nf- — SO DONALD—) IT'LL, WON'T BE XBLE T'SEE DONKLO, DOES FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS IT NEED fAOWINS AGAIN-? JUST PDPVOUP INFORMATION! , THE YOUMG LADY YOU BOYS WHISTLED AT is MISS DARCY , OUR NEW ~ r SOCIAL SCIENCE TEACHER / ^ £w QUITE SURE W(. 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Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY ,OL KID, T. }^\ \N£UL, 3rV<e, X HOPE- IT ^Kt H!\\! KMOV>1 VOU LOOK "C^ DOESNT BOUNCE A5 l-UGH )\ GALLS FORWARDS TO IWB Y?> A9TKW rAOOivi You v^Me, SOT i HERE'CPM3S&J|{ MEtfriOtteD/-v~AMt X A FELLf\ THAT x& SPEAKOMG OF THE FORKS OVER REGULAR. y\ PLANETS, You OO^T i : \ TO TAP ' MENM MOOi.'-~£/ HAVE TO WA\T FOR. HERE'S A CHECK, v^ ( ANOTHER ECLIPSE TO I \ FOR A WITH A. LITTLE '/' ' \R6PEAT THlS PERFOSM.-vKN LOAt^.' ex.TR.viwiT r*-~vr V PER YOU . 'S^—A ^—i, ANiVWAY/ 10 Minutes! PLEASE/ / ^ I ..'"•.'':•"/ COPH. 1MC BVJjjE«.SER<ICF'. INC. By Fred Harmon RED RYDER l NEVNl RECORD . TOO SOON .JJf .'J. 1 ; «.»„'.". 1% . :.J_A.r... . BOCM THIRTY Manufacturers of New Custom Made Metal Venetian Blinds FREE ESTIMATE, PICK-HP, DELIVERY, INSTALLING Borrow money from us on your car, or almost anything of value. We'll lend you all yog need if we possibly can, regardless of where you live. The more you want the better we like it. Ten minutes usually gets you the cosh. Ask for Mr. McLorty, at Hope Auto Co.

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