Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 11, 1946 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, September 11, 1946
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o HOP £ fit -A K, H 6 f*E, K A N S : A X S Wec'ncsday, Sep.crnbcr 11, End of a Dynasty No Longer Important in Political Affairs of Any Nation By GLENN SABB • l " » News Analyst All ,r VM.V. ~ « dynasty used, to be an event of great dramatic appeal and "political import. The toppling of tne Cbburg dynasty itr Bulgaria ! ~ Sunday's plebiscite barely made i Ifor a day- or Uv-o.- Of v, ul ..^ M verdict <n the, voting conducfe'd by the Commumsl-domi- nated government was a loregotre conclusion; it followed the voUli- tarian pattern" and held no surprises. But the passing of a royal house -'-with such scant notice illustrates 1 how far the world nas chailfeSt'-Sts political values in the last generation. ' TmNollapse of a throne three or foui" 1 yec > saes. ago-— when xhe tide begflft'Mo-'- run against moharchy-- was'hailed by democrats and. lib- eralS" 1 avound the world as a victory far human freedom. Many can recall' tr-2* joy and hope which greeted the abdication of the Man- chus" 1 in China, the revolution that tonpled the last of the- czars in Russia, the last-days-of the German and Austro-Hungarian empire, the overthrow of the - sultan in There is' nothing like that today. , he „„ The ousting of'little 9-y ear-old ^ Si- '™£~ ineep"UvBuigaria"and the recall.of- - crer || fe d George- II to Greece alike are without significance- for; the future of •monarchical- institutions. Both were just moves in the-power politics of the great nations. Men have learned that a despot need.not occupy a throne, that there are Jar more terrible- tyrannies than those that"wore a crown. ;• ' _' The Bulgarian monarchy long since- had been reduced-to, impotence. The little king and his widowed -Italian mother, had.-been v»r.tual orisoners of the Sov'^t-fos- tered fatherland Jront regime. Their, departure- from Bulgaria- assuming they will b'e permitted to join Queen loanna's exiled, father, Vittorio Emanuele of Italy, in Egypt — will be only- an incident in the process of establishing ' a belt of Soviet satellites- between the Soviet state- and western Europe. Simeon is the third king to be deposed, in that process. By very similar methods Peter of -Yugoslavia and Zog of Albania have been shoved aside within the last year and supplanted by rulers of' the stamp, approved by Moscow. How much longer the third: of the-Balkan boy kings, young Mihai of Romania, will be permittedito.act as figurehead for.,P-etru-Groza-s: Communist-dominated regime--remains to be seen?. " s - .'."•-.,'' Xhe passing ,of_,the Balkan mon-- archies nvould call < for. few regrets in th'e western-, world pn-"account of any, virtues..of tHeitvbvvn-riThey represented' a notVvery admirable- interlude between the decline of an ' eastern • power',. the Bed-: Russian. If "they were. to. be replaced by democracies-of the western.',pat- tern. the." dowrifall <of these ; kings J ' would'KblstetT'np'pes- for* the ^future, : *, but,the*non-Ruaaian nations expect - >•' , little good ffSnv {he.'."people'.s re• », publics" which-replace-them. ; ! ,_ The -situation*; in Bulgaria gives ; ;" ne* prominence--to. the'Communist leader there, GeorgTDimitrov; veteran-of four-deoades of battle on the, p9lttieaL3deologicaK iront r .the first .antedating the rise of Lenin and, Trotsky. H,e was;, the- central figure'in the--Reichstag fife drama which Goering. .^rid- Qoebbels-'iised to.fasten the Hazi. shackles, on the German jjeople; he was chief defendant In.the. trial•',that'followed the blaze.""Later he became secretary' general of the Communist international, a job that. ended-with proclamation, of the Intel-nation's dissolution. Now he has returned to his native Bulgaria, where, his power may grow to match that of Tito among the satellite states of southeastern Europe.' j. . . -. 5 Hope Star Star of Hope 119°; Pr«« Consolidated January IS, 192* Published every weekday aftertioon: by STAR PUBIISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Secretory'Tr<so!Ur8r o( the Star building 212-214 South Wolnut Stfeet Hope. Ark. . • this Curious World By William Ferguson Alex. H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor George W. Hosmer, Mech. Supt. Jess M. Davis, Advertising Monager Emma G. Thomas, Cashier Entered A second class matter at fh< Post Offtce at Hope, Arkansas, under 1h< Act of March 3, 1397. -Means Associated Press. —Means Newspaper Enterprtv Aswciation. Subscription Rates! (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier per week 20c; per month 85c. Mail rates—in Hemp- stdad. Nevada, Howard, Milter and LaFayette counties, $4.50 per year; elsewhere $B:SO. Member of The Associated Pr«s: Trw Associated -.Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republlcation of all news di? -credited to 1 It or not otherwise i" this oaoer and also tne loco; lews published herein.- . • • - Notional Advertising Representative — nrt«iH«is DbHies. Inc.; Memphis Term., •.;.M-i/-k BuiMina, Chicago, 400 Norn Mich aan Avenue; New York City, 292 Madisor .\ve., Detroit. Mich., IB42 V\ Gran- slvd. Oklahoma City. 3H Terrniml Bldcr •Jew Orleans. 722 Union St . • Conference BIRO'S TOTALWCUSHT SOAETUSES IS AUOE UP Vou CANT HEAK AM REFLECTED FROM A.' THAT IS NEARER TO YOU THAN FIFTY FEEF. A CANDY DISH MAYBE STUCK UP. SUf NOf PROUD/ HOPE /A. DONNELLY, Spirit Hip 6n Eve^of Game With Leopards '"I'won't promise n win, b'ul sve Will be In Ihere fightihg," Coach joe Dildy promised in a short l^lk at Hope' Kiwahls' club yesterday in which Ihe entire Bobcat squad and coaches were guests of ihe club, Shorl lalks also were made by Morion and Rogers, caplain and Co-caplain of the 1945 Cats, inclica- ling spiril of Ihe learn Is lops. The- squad had a full schedule yesleiday in which Ihey posed for pictures, dined with Ihe Kiwanis and wound up with a hugged workout which was hampered by ' The boys probably will get Ihcir firsl view of lighl tonighl when Ihey workout at the stadium. They will taper off wilh another lighl drill under liehls Thursday night, eve of Ihe opening bailie wilh De- Queen. DeQueen marks Ihe firsl of one of the loughesl schedules in years. Following the opener Ihe Cats meet Smackover, El Dorado, Jonesboro, Nashville, Texarkana, Camden and. l?ot Springs in-that order. All are reported lo have Ihc best learn in .years. — o Foreign Policy to Be Issue in Elections Bodies of Airmen Killed in Yugoslavia En route to U. S. •Rome. Sepl. 'll''^-(/H— Ffve flag- draped coffins bearing Ihe remains of the American airmen shot down by Yugoslav fighters "Aug. 19 left Cor the United Sfntes today aboai-d the air transport command's four engined "Ci-escent Caravan.'" The plane, look off from Ciampino airfield, al 2;in .a, m. C'ST, and is due In Washingloh at- !):0f) CST loiuorr.ow. . H will refuel. in Paris,. NewWu'ijdlahd,.arid al Westover -Field. ,Mi>ss.. . ','.'.' , .' MaK'. Gen. Lnwi'?nce.,C, Juynes, acting . comniander ,c5f'.' American forces in the 1 ," Medheri^nea'u thea- eii, headed d: delegation .c^t .Ameri-, an, British anU,French j-ep.i'esenla- Sj \vho 'rehflerec\, Irtst (lonors .at field; ! '. .'- .'; ,,-• - , , Market Report He.'Yodels While He Works Lewis Makes NoDemands, SomethingNew By HAROLD'W. WARP Washington, Sept. 11.'-r-C/P) 1 —John L,- 'Lewis resumed negotiations with soft coal operators, today without making any- immediate new" demands- as a-basis tor returning, the mines from .government to private operation.. . Lewis and his- committee • of 20 United Mine Workers'leaders met for less than two hours, wjth, the negotiating committee, of bitumi-:_- . _ r , ff - nous coal_operators at the request '„? ,, " "' of Adm. By A. 1. GOLDBERG Paris, Sept. 1 — (#)—The peace conference legal and drafting: commission virtually eliminated . Australia's proposal for a world court 14 to 2-that the proposal properly of human rights today by ruling belonged in the United Nations and nof in the peace treaties. Only Australia • and New Zealgnd voted to have the court clause,which-would guarantee- certain fundamental freedoms, inserted-in the treaties. Russia, White Russia, Poland, the Ukraine • and Greece abstained. The Australian delegation immediately served notice- it Intended to raise the issue again. In.the Italiah political'and territorial commission, Dr. Ales Bebler of Yugoslavia moved into the third chapter of his explanation of Yugoslav demands for more territory-from- Italy with a long-statement asserting Yugoslavia's historical and ethnic right' to complete possession .of Venezia- Giulia and disputed Trieste. - Delegates from.the Ukraine ana Czechoslovakia supported the Yugoslav contanttonst- -While the;. Italian embassy In Paris announced that Italy bad asked; for a • plebiscite in Venezia Giulia to • settle the disputed border questbn, which is scheduled to come- before a sub- commission holding a- night ses- sioh^toriight. : .: The Czech delegate* called for appointment of a sub-commission of nine to study the question of Gorizia; He said the French line, which the foreign ministers council had'adopted as the border without a detailed delineation, would cut Gorizia in half. . . Lief Egeland of South Africa, the chairman, suggested the Gori- ia question could be handled by the sub-commission named-to draft a statute for Trieste. U. S; Delegate James Dunn, supported by Australia, opposed the Czech suggestion and no decision was reached. The military commission meanwhile adopted unanimously article 1 of the Romanian treaty limiting that country to an army of 120,000, an antiaircraft force of 5 000, a navy of 15,000 tons and 5,000 men and an air force .-of 8,600 men and'15 combat planes. The commission also adopted articles 12 and 13 for disbanding service personnel in excess of those figures within six months after the treaty is in • force and forbidding military trainng • to any groups ' outside the armed, forces. Consideration of article 14, which would forbid Romania to possess or experiment with guided missiles, manned torpedoes, subma» lines or specialized types 01 assault craft, was deferred'by a vole of 11 to 8 with France, China and By ThA Associated Press Signs accumulated today foreign! policy, subordinated thai dur , ing wartirrte political campaigns, may become a major issue in this fall's congressional eleclions. Secrelary of Commerce Wallace has served notice Ihat he, for one he makes a polilical speech New Ytirk tomorrow. McMinn End to Bloody Elections Athens. Tenn., Sept. 11 — (UPi— Sheriff Knox Henry, GMaw enforcement officer elected here on i ballot of bullets and bloodshed, today promised to i;nd the reign of terror which is; making life miserable for McMinn county officials. Henry said, that city and county police would do everything possible to. slop Ihe shotgun and rifle al- lucks .on. inc..homes of. .county ,<" ticiyls, which nav'e.occuri;£d .uyi within a iwuek,-,.,." ,• •-.•:-,. The latest '.blast ,-w.as-inlo • ,the, home of''Clyde Rogers, of nearby Etowah, foj'mej:'. McMinn ,. 'county, clerk. Roger's., announced Iru's •break with the'old. counly machine here shortly before it was ousted from power by the GI-nrtisan parly in shot- ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK Nulioii.-il Sloi-kvurds, III., Ropl. I 1 — (/»')— Hoes -100; '.MO salable hoys " er-'v c""- 1 uric" •mnrket al ID. 'e, for till weights slnuphler bnrrows uncl Kilts, sows tinci stags; boar! l5.00-lB.2(l; /in i>eclers. Cultle 1.000: calves 1.000; heifers and mixed yearlings confinec to od cllol-s and individuals, '.-noslb conurion' and medium from 10.00- la.fiO; i'ndlv'iduiil head higher; Hood cows quotable around' 13.00-14.00 co,mmou and medium beef cows 9,00-11.7. r >r canfiers and cutters O.iiO- R.7r>; good boot bulls 13.00-'IO; me- diimi to Kood 11.00-12.7fi; cutter! arid 1 common ' 3.50-10.00; v--"ilers, choice 18.00; medium and good 13iOO-107f> ; nominal range slaughter.-steers 10.50-.JO.IS; , slaughlei hoiferfe 9,50-^0.15: st.ocker nnd feeder slcers '10.00-17.00. Sheep 1.2UU: snippers paying lH.OO-r>0 for well soried'lols of KOOC! and choice spring larnbs, or 1.00 under Tuesday: some clipped springers 17.00; no early sales u packers, Uilking 17.50 down 01 sleady wilh yesterday. POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago. Sepl. 11 •- I/I') — Bullcr, firm; receipts r>2«,505; :)3 score aa 75.75-70; 92 a 74.5; 90 b 73.25; .'19 (. 71.5. Eg»s. firm: receipts 7,713; U. S. Extras 1 and 40-51.5; u. s Spacing Asked in .;$. Ouachifa Field by State Commission .:,''.' Kl Dornflo. Sent. 10 -H/T'i- The • Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission- was asked nt n (special hearing yo- Iftv to firnnt len-ncre spacing *qr all'producing sands in tlie n'M sand Action of the Wesson i~ld jn , Ounchitsi counly. The requesl was miide by l)te . McAlesler Fuel Oil Company, k , whose represenlntivc contended v Hint the tlil'ferenl sunds are separated by shale breaks and ihtit wells dril'led in the Wesson snud «1 the hill section will not drain oil, ,, [rom olher levels. Ton-acre spacing for the Mac- .. Alosh sand In the Wesson urcn also was requested. Wednesday, September 11,1941 HO S T A *, H 0 P *, A R K A N S A S Page Yhr«« Extras 3 and -1—40-42; u. s. Stan clurds 1 untl 2—30; u. s. standards, ;i and 1 and current receipts -<7.r> 3H.5; dirties 31.5-33.5; checks 31.5 33. ' Live poultry: Firm; receipts 2, trucks, no cars; Cob prices: fowl 31'; 'leghorn low) 20 1-2; roasters, fryers,- and broilers M4-37; old roosters 22; .tub wholesale mnrkel: ducklings 28; heavy voting ..lucics 23; .light farm ducks !9. an August eleclion His home was sp . gun and rifle fire Monday- nighl .15 minules after-members'of. the the Rogers family had relired. None Republican contribution to Peace afleV the first world wn, • and i the ' 1J e " Thursday someone window's' of £rmer e wnows o rmr one the ( Republicans irnght make Alderman Hugh Riggs, with "afler this war - il they "el a I £ h()tgun here N § O ne was . injured Ihere eilher, although i'am- ' ' ' the chance.' . . making .foreign 'Sli^'^'^ssu^h'y members were asleep in have come from the Republican | camp. Riggs was police commissioner on Ihe Athens cily council, which ro ' lgneden masse toward' 1 'Yugoslavia after Marshal Tilo's airmen shol down an Ameri can transport plane, killing aboard il. , vll , nnnl Ipolilical nature.' ..Carroll, Reece. G.O.P. national *• ..,„. ... Henrv said lhal there " J fivel wele no clues lo the shooting, but said Ihat th'ey were of a "personal NEW YORK STOCKS New York, Sept. II —i/P)— Stocks negotiated a speedy rally in today's market with lenders of virtually all departments retrieving 1 ip 10 or more points of Ihc recent slump. There was a buying rush -n xhe first hour. Prices \lu-n .-subsided. There was another rush of buying mlers in the final half hour and iiany pivolals pushed up lo uesl evels. of the clay al ihe close. Transfers were in the :ieighbor- lood uf 3.000,000 .shares against 1.300,000 on the Tuesday relapse. Eastman Kodak jumped (i point;. al the slarl on a single sale, re- lreate'1 and then enjoyed anothei bulge lo finish wilh a net gain of 10 Price Ceilings ; Sifted on More , ; Heavy Items > Washington, Sept. 10 —(/I 1 )—OPA price ceilings were liflcd loclay irom mosl heavy Irucks, all niolor- cycles, and assorted paper and casein plastic products. OPA snid the Hems were ;"recd from control because Ihey have' "HUle effecl on cilhcr business of* living costs." The trucks affected arc Ihose ol 30,000 pounds gross weighl nod above-, which OPA said include 10- Ion trucks. • "•"" Paper producls i'ree.d : rom ceilings include decorative lovellieti, garmenl hangers, tfift O'iiU', iape, ilower pots and boxes made ol papcrboarcl, milk bottle caps aft*. noods, luggage and items i'or in, dustrial use. Casein- plastic materials siu' Soctal and Pi ersona Phont 788 Betwnn 9 •, m. and 4 p. m. I Ct^leman. Warren Nuptials Sunday I Beautiful in ils slmplicily was the wedding ot Miss Nancy Jo Coleman, daughter of Mrs. Joe C. Coleman and the late Mr. Coleman And Mr. George V. Warren, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. V. Warren of pangcrfiold, Texas. The marriage vows were exchanged before a>i Improvised altar of Inll baskets of peach gladolius lighted with tnll while lapcrs in seven branch candclabrns al the homo of the brine's mother on Wcsl Third sired atwour o'clock Sunday aflernoon, Scplcmbcr 8. - Preceding Ihc ceremony, Mips Effic Elsie Myall attired in n pink afternoon dress wilh black accessories and a corsage of pink rose buds, played n program on nuplial music including "I Love You Truly" and "Because". The candles were lighted by lillle Misses Cnr- plyn Sue Coffee and Anne Houston. } The bride wore blue crepe with brown accessories and carried a while Bible lopped wilh a brown id lied wilh a brown ribbon ns her only attendant, her sister, Miss Betty Ruth Coleman who wore pastel pink jersey with matching accessories and a cor- :hing of b ended from control are those usi».f.. uri.Kr iii mntfinn hllllOHS. * ineily in .chairman, in u radio address, at Phe full counly force is on tlu chairman, in u raaio i «"'<-^ ' -M j ou to st op these unlawful allacks. Detroit -yesterday asset ed tM J ft ( fitowati and ®Sa IJC :by Pa Tn.."SfcinSeS AlhenH,;^ former army se, clique. Missouri Republicans, . in convention at Jefferson City, adopted |. I a-- platform hJUjng, al cpmimmjsm When the village of New Glarus, Wis., a Swiss-American community, recently celebrated its centennial, anniversary, tavern- keeper Ernest Thiersten was in his glory. Famed as-a yodelerv he, gave, every customer a free sample o£ his art. Rides for Amputee Vets as the nation's-i greatest) pe,.-- —-_. describing*'ipresideiit! "Truman' as leader of an administration which!.,. • . - - permitled growth cjf-j'-jlhi^ ..upjgodly, ;* ^J ^ 4>| f rg^ f\T .ideological monsle&:.'< ,-'-'.. : > |! -» f .->.,'••» l-^wlBtw %/•• Missouri Democrals, also verted at Jefj<?,r.st>n ."CUs west approved w OTtttjquTTi : -oplling , ^ r Truman a-''distinguished Missour ian' who. "in Ihe Iradilion of the late 'Pr'esident Roosevelt'" is- lead- o p .; t 11 _,n«_ A Sept. U . W) A ill. uiui-hi LUUL aiiu wSw'of nro p o barricaded within the building, a in London ' s Bond jirices hardened. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicae'i, Se)it. 11 —(/T) — Grain futures eased today, although Irerne losses were reduced 01 moderate buying in Iho session. Failure of Ihe local com mod rl credil corporulion lo purchas wheal this, week under ils ;iew bu> ing program and- ihe agriculllir • t epaiImenl's forccasl . of 'biimpc vheat, corn nnd oats harvests wer lie main reasons for markin own prices. While spot prices of cash grain vere about steady, a leading pro cessor reduced ils bid on old crop corn grading No. 2 yellow t o :J1,»1 or 10-day shipment. Yelerday the jid was $1.«3. September oals were relatively firm. Wheat, after selling down as much as 5 cenls, closed on losses of 1 1-4-3 cents, January $104-1-2. and cosen wuuiu tiiuuai; uciwcc <j , h th e " secreta-T of committee and a Co? Judge Robe t leader of the Commxmist-sponsorec ' Dyer, a., .'former lieulenanl colonel of the air forces, yesterday. The ' " appear in court ,ex II • OL us ,'lti and the added, it. I an In Connecticut, nominaled Gov. sen a lor Republicans underslaiid lo gel legal looks as if we were supposcc Stassen Hints Ea'sy Win for Republicans Doe* Your Back Get Tired?, A SPENCER will relieve back* ^fatigue—give you restful posture. MRS. RUTH DOZIER '216S. Hervey Phone 942-J sage of blue lube roses. They were mcl al Ihe allar by Ihe groom and bcsl man, Mr. Aubrey Collier. Mrs. Colcmnn, mother of the bride wore black and turquoise with black accessories and a corsage of while gardenias. The Impressive double ring ceremony was rend by Ihc Reverend R. A. Whillow. pastor of the First Baptisl Church here, Following Ihc ceremony an informal reccplion was held. The brides lablo which was covered wilh a.Madcria clolh was centered wilh a llcrcd wedding- cake lopped with a miniature bride and broom, surrounded with small flowers and greenery. The, table was llghlcd wilh while lapcrs in sliver holders. Extending courtsics in the dining room were; Mrs. J. W. Patterson Miss Marjoric O'Neal, Miss Marylin Erwin, Miss Betty June Monls. Miss Frances Jane Osborn, and Miss Dorothy Ruth Dodds. After the reception the couple left for a wedding trip lo Hoi Springs and olhcr points in North Arkansas. For traveling Ihc bride chose a suit of slate blue wool with brown accessories. | Oul of town guesls al Ihc wedding •ere: Mrs. Nina G. Munn of Waren, Mrs. Elvia Lydc. Mrs. Mary ox, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Munn', .fr. and Mrs. n. L. Smith and son, ohn Smith of Texarkana and Mrs. Coleman of Litlle Rock. The Doctor Says: i By WILLIAM A. O'fiNlEN, M,0i Written for NEA, Service As we grow older, our thoughts turn 'to those things • which will maintain our efficiency (iiid if pos» sible prolong our lives;'there U little hope of life '',ttr6lbngatl6n through special diet, tuth,ougH premature death may be prevented dietary cxtfetties ' *• ••*••••••••«••••••••••••• on Hurl ford, Conn.. Sepl. 10 —(.' lurold E. StHssen, former tfo 101- of Minnesota, keynoling the Republican stale convenlion here,./ ast nighl, asserted that "the iiitlj- ire ol ihe Democralic national na- iiinistralion in Ihe responsibUU-J )t' its postwar leadership has matk t easier for the Republicans to win" in the coming slate and congressional elections. f" Stasten, 'widely discussed as— a possible Republican presidential candidate in 19-18, devoted :nuch of Ins address to the .inlenuiliolial picture. He said Ihere had been a "sad deterioration' -since ih'e 'Unit"d Nations was founded in; Snn Francisco, a meeting )ic altetuled as a U. S. dolegale. "II .is elea*. COLD WAVE Hamby-Rcttig Carriage Announced Mr. and Mrs. Wells Byars Hamby innounco the marriage of Ihcir lauchlcr, Belly Rene lo Billy Joe tcllig, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. "icllig all of Prcscotl. The double •ing ceremony was performed by. laslor of Ihc Firsl eMIhodisl chur- Ihc Reverend C. Ray Hozcndorf. ch in Prescoll al five o'clock Thursday afternoon, September 5 . . that Ihe unyielaing and gence' of Russia has been a cause," he said, "but il is equrrlly- clear that our administration lia| not been blameless." "** Strike Being Felt in New York Stores Corn was oft 3-4-1 January $1.31 1-4, and oats were unchanged lo 3-4 lower, September 77 1-4. Wheat was steady xoday; .-.receipts 24 cars. Corn was steady; receipts 38 cars; bookings 30,000 bushels. Oats were sleady with a steady trading basis; receipts 108 WrnPniMMhi i-Pllred Welevan were unbarred and a Communisl McCoaughy,. >clued wesiejan . ., ... „,.,,„ nf „:„„„ mines adminisSr"' ^^' C °' 1 !^ Slav -bloc" votin^-to' accept the AdmiraUj^oreeU offered a assistant for reaching, .sr.private contrast patterned after but not identical with the government's contract which brought an end to the paralyzing 59-day strike last May . Lewis told a news conference article as written. A similar proposal m the Bulgarian treaty is under- discussion, with Greece wanting an additional provsion forbddinH Bulgaria to have motor torpedo boats on the Danube. Action on the Bulgarian First to benefit under the government's $30,000.000 program to furnish new autos to amputee velerans is .Richard A. Tenelly, ex-Marina combat correspondent. A former Washington, D. C, newspaper-man, Tenelly was a radio network correspondent itt ' Tokyo when the war began. Japs took him prisoner but later he '••• was returned to the U. S. in an exchange. Anxious to get into the Pacific fight he enlisted in the Marines as quickly as possible. Iwo Jima battle wounds eventually resulted in loss of his left leg. Above, he receives his new car at Washington from William Krebs - " of Silver Spring, Md. University president, for governor. Democrats do their picking nexl week. Senalor Thomas C. Hart, Republican, chose to retire. Five Democratic Congress members with opposition won re-nomination in Louisiana's- primary, Rep. A. Leonard Allen ran two to one ' ahead of George S. Long, brother qf the late Senalor Huey P. Long,' in Ihe Eighlh Dislricl. The -feature of Colorado's pri- spokesman said 'Ihe stale of siege lad posted sentries behind barred doors to resisl eviclion efforls of Ihe labor govern- NEW YORK COTTON New York, 3cpl. 11 — (/P)— The collon fulures moved iip and clown Ihroughoul the day under alternate Influences ol mill buying. commission hous edemancl-, hedge selling ;md profil closed 95 cents higher. t;iking. to $3.15 Futures n bale ment Comi aclion lo evicl so"«tlters also was taken at Birmingham, where Sam Ackwell, . secret avy of the Midlands Dislricl Communisl parly said, "we will fight, the squatters 1 case to the 'lasl dilch." The seven-slory Duchess of Bed_i » ...... _ • _ T ' __ ' " i . . -i ___ i .. ___ i : _ ... rm'ners were tors to make the existing government agreement . The UMW leader, in good humor, told reporters this does not preclude possible new demands later. He said "This represents our position down to this time.' The government, anxious to get out of the coal mining/business into which it was thrust by last springs strike, called' the parties together to see if they could negotiate a contract for themselves. Most of the administrative work of running the mines had been per-1 formed by navy personnel. Operators, headed by Chairman Ezra Van horn of Cleveland and Charles O'Neill of Altoona, Pa., were noncommittal about the prospects lor reaching T a settlement which would make possible a return to pr.v.te operation. WORRIE8, AIRBORNE Seattle, Sept. 10 —OP)— County Treasurer Carroll Carter, used to worry about dents in the car fend ers but now he worries about scars on the family airplane. When Carter met his wife and two teen-age daughters on their return from a Florida flight he found several patches on his plane. Daughters Mary and Sue explained they had an argument with a gas pump in Wyoming, a. forced land- fna in Idaho — andean encounter with a bull in Nevada. present a formal statement and answer questions lomorrow. Missouri Governor Not Detected ot Hot Springs Jefferson City, Mo., Sept. 10. — (/P)—Gov. Phil M. Donnelly was back at his desk today, tanned and •ested after an eight-day vacation at Hot Springs, Ark. The governor said no one recognized him at the resort where he caddied on the golf eoiirse for his son, David, "just qut -.6* law school, played rnihiature gplf with ais wife and son a,nd want liorse- back riding. . Lasl monlh's traffic on the main highways was 24.5 percent greal- er than in July, when it exceeded the 1939 base by 40 percent The 1941 peak was eslablisnert when there were large Amounts of mililary traffic on the highways, while Ihe current traffic is virtually all civilian, the department said. o- Lewisville Woman Named Sheriff of Lafayette Liine i: Rb'cic.~Se'pt': 10'"—f*)—Tlie 'o'vernor's office announced 'today hat M,ss;j21ise:;:Erulon of Levyi.s- The Army has carried More Vehicles on State Roads Than Ever Before Little Rock, Sepl. 10 — (fP>— More vehicles are traveling Arkansas highways now than ever before the highway department announcec today. The department's statistical di vision reported that the rale o trafic established in August main highways exceeded the pre Jts'TvangeOzlag "mission" into 97|vious peak traffic of 1941 by f-r,untrleg unftr todav it encircles percent and 65 percent preate thegiobe. enwww ^ ^ ^ ..^ period , of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ray, died yesterday as Ihe resull of injuries suffered last Thursday when he was slruck by a car on highway 82. The accident was termed unavoidable. groups, over Thomas W. N*evin Tor the Democratic nomination from Ihe First Dis- lricl. The slale's four incumbent Republican Congress members had no .primary opposition, •o- hous sdcluded . secl Baby Seriously Hurt in Fall From Building Memphis, Tenn., Sepl. 10 — (/P)— A 21-rnonth-fjl'J baby remained in a critical condition xpday afler suf- 1'ering a skull fracture in .:i fall from a second-story window yesterday. ounty-sheriff by Governor .Oaney. oefore he lefl Ihe state ..Saturday i a two weeks vacation-..6ini iVlexi- Miss Brulon, vcleran chiel deputy collector in the county, suc- jeeds the late Oce 3. Griffin. . o Youth Killed When Struck by Auto Driven by Mother Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ruth. •Mrs. Ruth reported that the b"aby crawled from her bed into a "nearby window and then leaned back againsl Ihe screen which gave way. Tne child fell on a concrete walk. Cotton Hearing Conducted in Memphis, Tenn. children. Uene Sent 10 — WPj—Sep- Atlanta, Sept. 10 — Of)— Repre accidents caused 'sentative Stephen Pace of Amen of two Tex :- ' cus has announced that hearing wiU be Conducted in Memphis Oc Lawhorn, 17- months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Lawhorn, was killed instant•iy when his mother backed an automobile over him in the driveway at their home. Leioy F. Ray, five-year-old son pos g ible cotlon lej ,. i-lation to be submitted to the next Congress. Pace is chairman of the House Agriculture sub-committee, which has cotton research as one of its main objectives. Atlanta, Memphis Out in Front in Southern Playoff Favored Atlanta and Memphis, who finished one-two in this year's pennant chase, were oul front lo- day in Ihe Soulhern Association's firsl round playoffs afler decisive it-lories over New Orleans and :hallanooga lusl nighl. The pennant winning Crackers rounced the Pelicans, 8-2, behind he sleady hurling of Bill Ayers, vhile Memphis whitewashed the ^ookouls, (i-0, with Wimpy Willis ,iving uil-only five hils. The vet- .ian lefthander neld the' Lookouts. o five hils and knocked in thj-Oie •uns, one on a circuit cloul with ',782 looking on. Ayers was never in trouble afler .he Crackers goi away to a three•un stai-l jn Uie Tirsl. and half ihe eight hils he allowed were infield ,aps>. He fanned seven. Bill Goodman, who'hil .390 i'or Ihe CracK.ers during Ihe regular season, clouted a triple and a double to knock in [our runs, Bob Benish led a 14-hil attack on three New Orleans hur'l- ers with three singles ?n three u-ips before a.erowd of 7,353. Jesse D'anna, who whipped the Crackers.,three limes during ihe season,, was Uie loser and was followed lo Ihe mound by Bill Rogers and Dick Callahan. Memphis pecked away al the slanls of'.Luis Aloma, Challanooga Cuban, scoring single runs in the third, fourth, sixlh und seventh afler which Aloma lefl tlie game for a pincliilhler in vhe eighth. The learns play al Allanta ano of- genlee.1. Kepsijigtoi),. was vacant, wheii. the .sejuattprs.. moved, in as> a "direct aclion 1 move—in. ihe Bril- ish housing shortage. Similar siege conditions"were developing at tli£- 25 or, rnpr.e- olher vacant buildings which squatters sei/.ed in widely separated areas of greater London. The Duchess of Bedford House, privalely owned bul leased by ihe government, was Ihe headquarlers. A scallering of apeclalors stood across the slreel from Ihe buildings from which only a single child emerged to walk a dog. A gaunt man in Uveeds, commenled: "H's revolution, nothing else. Seizing property, defying I:-.-.-/ and order—I never thought I should see it in England.' When Iwo govenmenl employes reached Ihe house seeking to remove furniture, they were refused admission by u sentry who shouted "nobody gets in or out.' One government man said he was threaten- «jd with all' iron bar. '/ Two Ocl high 3C.30 — low 35.07 — lasl 30.23-25 up 38-10 Doc high 3G.30 — low 35.67 — lasl 3(i. 18-25 up 38-45 Mch high 3G.OO — low 35.34 — lasl 35.86 up -41 May high 35.80 — low 35.03 — last 85.68 up 53 Jly high 35.10 — low 34.5(1 — lasl • 35.10 up C3 Ocl high 33.30 — low 32.5't — lasl • 33.07 up 19 MJddling spol 37. UN, v,p 37. NfeW ORLEANS COTTOM New Orleans, Sepl. 11 — (/P) — Colton futures recovered most of yesterday's losses here to<!:iy on heavy trade buying and coverig. Closing prices were firm $2.35 lo $3.05 a bale higher. Oct high 30.15 — lo w35 57 •— close 3G.15 up 57 Dee high 3(i.)8 — low 35.54 — close 3G.18 up Cl Mch high 30.00 — low 35.34 — close 35.94-36.00 up 54 May high 35:60 — low 35.07 — close 35.64 up 48 Jly high 35.11 — low 34.57 •- close 35.03-07 up 47 Spol cotton closed firm $2 n bale higher. Sales I,fi27. Middling 36.25. 15 Pastures From Page One New York, Sept. 10. — (/I 1 )— r As chain slorc slocks neurcd exhaustion, me siriKe ot :Jr>,'JOO AFL truck drivers bit deeper into the New York melropollan area's 1 :in- c'iuslrial life loday, bringing plant shuldowns, layoffs and inrenlening to hall work on vast building pvo- jccls. -•• Max A. Foley, president of Ih'e New York Building Congress, declared that work on hundreds of million.; dollars worth of con- slruction work in New York would be halted wilhin a week for lack of supplies if Uie slrike continued. The Atlantic and Pacific Tea company announced it would close all of the 500 A & P stores in ;lh.e" Now York area at Ihe end of Saj> ill-Clay's business. ._ > The Safeway Cood stores also announced it would close at least :;4l) of ils slorcs. SUPREME You can E' ve yourself oc daughter a soft, natural-looking permanent in 2 to 3 hours^ at home with the easy-to-use Charm-Kurl Supreme Cold Wave Kit. Costs only 98c» Laboratory tested, it's safe to use on any type of natural hair. And best of. all, your Charm-Kurl COLD WAVE will last months and months. Satisfaction or money back: Get a Charm-Kurl kit today: by avoiding (overweight). , ., ,.- ' , -,.i.' • . The dict-,of aged person's shoutd be the same as Ihat of children ex- cepl for'energy foods. A Wcl.-bAU ahccd, menu containing meat, fiih, eggs, cheese, milk a,nd.dairy pf6? ductsi vegetables and-fruits't, afid limited amounls 6f energy ;fo6ds "IS indicated."Too often the'cldcHy tr'y to maintain :iherrisclv.c;s by cnting loo much bread, cookies, vpies, cnkcs and grain because' they arc relatively less expensive. '.' . ' • ! Meat Isn't Barred •''.-•; - ', ,i elderly .men or women • havfe Is meal harmful for th(! ajjeq?, of meal which do.cs ,not: eJislrcBS good 1 teeth'-they can eat'any kind them 'and they can cat ,ai},: miieh meat as they did r iri ihe prime jjf, life. The idea lhal meat-Is'harm- ful to Ihc aged was bascd^upoh an erroneous concept of its -effect Up.- on the kidney. It is apparent now thai the wnrning''to cat ICSs meat may have been il scheme concoct: od by some miserly, fellow who Had to feed his mothcr-in-law and;:want cd lo cut the cost, j' '• ' Vl ' , Constipallon is not necessarily';'4J. accompaniment: .' of. ndvanclftg years, as it .is just' aSj frcc|U«nt"jtt the young :'wlio have, poor diclarj habils. Simple cpnslipalion'carV-'b] relieved by slopping' calha'riicjj minci-nl oil and cncmrfs, iatihCHwi or more dishes of cooked?-). Rev.Byersto r Aid Local Revival Meet; .Beginning next Sunday, September .15, Eltf. PatiLBycrs Will assist the; pastor and the Garrctt Memorial Missionary Baptist church for. &nc week in'a revival meet. :Thfe evangelist, Eld, Paul Bycrs, IS. well known here as he and his father have wprk'ed with .most of the'Churches In this section of the state. -lie is at present pastor of the Shover Springs Missionary Baptist church and Instructor in Greek ttnd-othcr subjects In the Columbia Bible School at Magnolia, Arkansas; . ,•'.-•.' The Garrctt Memorial church andUhe pastpr.cxtend to the public ari'invltalion .to Worship arid serve in,'these, meetings . as these messages' arc heard, from this man of \Vldc "experience. . . Bible Class to Hold Squirrel Supper Tonight The Century Bible Class of the First Methodist Church wil lhaye a squirrel-stew supper at Fair Park tonight nt 7:30. All members and guests arc urged to attend. 5 Candidates Head Hopes of Republicans Little Rock, Ark., Sept. U—(UP) — A slate of five Arkansas Republicans today headed their party's hopes in the 1946 political contest against Democrats certified in convention four days earlier for state offices. The Republican- candidates, selected at the Republican State Convention here yesterday, were named to run against their Democratic rivals in the November general election. Named the carry the GOP banner were Judge Will T. Mills of Marshall, Ark., opposing Gov. Ben Lancy for 11 Charles F. Cole _ will oppose Guy E. Williams for attorney general ;Mrs. Frank McGillicuddy of Hot Spring county, DOROTHY DIX Unspoken Love Dear Dorothy Dix: I am a man I your mother keep you from mar* of 30. My wife is 28. We have been frying the woman you love. No Wt, the Women BV RUTH MlLLETT •NEA Staff Writer In .a mad- scramble to buy sugar 'ih.-'Wiishihglon, ohc woman in a lint 'of .Ihree hundred was knocked down- and for several miules other shoppers .walked over her before t.he.;s.tampedc. ,was .stopped long enough for the woman to be picked Up -and taken to a hospital. • -.It"l6oks as.,! though the war ftrbfyghl, put women's lalcnl aggrcd- S'fVencss and, developed it ' to ii j)6it}C.vWhcre if is.^way out of con- \r'plV::Wh.elhqr''pr..' not they were the actual •.bread -. winners during the V*aK- It-'WaS''..'.-^^ i , w.orncn -who "-- Candidates of GOP Elected in Maine ; By The Associated Press Maine voters, rc-clccting a full- slate of Republicans, sent the G.O.P. pff to. a head start loday In ihc battle for control of the new Congress. ;In preliminary skirmishing for j who will'oppose J. Vance Clayton Ihc November Icsls in the olher or slale treasurer; Edward Wal- Ihc governorship; c of Batcvsillc, who n the church auditorium. Candelabra holding tall while lighted cathedral tapers and fern trellises intcrspcred with while gla- diili. white satin ribbon bows and floor baskets of white gladoli decorated the church. Mrs. Lcra Munn Johnson, church organist played a. program on nuptial music preceding the ceremony ;md Miss Marion Shchan lighted Iho lapcrs. The bride who was given in marriage by her father, wore an aqua wool dress wilh brow accessories each • day, two lo four iscr^vin'gjf r cooked vcgclablcs, drink'ihg'a'rc su'nablc amount 6f, -water XlrfclluT ' ^/RI ALT 01 NOW • Thursday "Vacation From Marriage" (• i: NOW ONLY 98 rus He TAX For tale at Drug Stortt, Coi- L melic and Notion Counters; Officers of APL Are Re-Elected Another Year Lillle Rock, Sept. 11 —(K 1 )— Officers and directors of the A.-kunsas Power and Light Company have been re-elected i'or another year.' Stockholders al Ihcir annu'al meeting here yesterday NOW • Thursday A RETURN FAVORITE "LOST WEEKEND" husky women wer-e, posled as sentries "in Fountain Coi'u-l, ah jight-siory apa'rlmenl buiMing on Juckingham Palace road where !0 families swaVnied in lasl light n a commando-like aii. iron- fence, Memphis.^ again tonight, switch to. Chatlanooga for Iher Hire ; s\voop over . , As harried opltce' sought |<V » stem he 'invasion;':' the " liberal News Chroniple accused Ihe Communisl jaily today of .exploiting the hous- ng sli6rla:ge In 'an' attempt to embarrass the labor government and •haracteri/ed the invasion as "anarchical." The Daily Mail, meanwhile, quoted a woman spokesman at Com- munisl headquarters as saying Ihat "by Ihe weekend squalters H'ill be tislablished in luxury homes in Belgravia Weslminister— our plans are ready for operation Weslmin ster.' Bijigcn Melhodist Church — Arch Wylif- and B. E. McMahcn, Counly AAA supervisor. ; Hope — City Hall — .Howard By- evs find H. B,,; Vineyard, Soil Con servalion Service. Sard is George Robinson ;and Waiier-' Clark, Aississlanl Couialy Agent. resolution praising rcsiclenl C. Hamillon Moses ..i'b lis leadership in '-bringing jndus.- rial devclopmenl to Uie aUilc."— •• Directors declared a quarterly- dividend of $1.50 per share on ' $ff' Deferred slock and $1.75 per share- on $7 preferred slock. Sliover Springs Church Bill Wray and p.. M. Adkins, Veterans Vocational 'Agricultural Instructor [or Hope. MeatAIIBut Continued from Page One We object to the Sovlel govern menl giving Ihe impression to the conference that other ex-enemy slales are more democratic than ing Sepl. 7 totaled only 74,000,000 pounds. This was a drop of 73 pel- cent from production of vhe previous week, during which there were 1111 price ceilings on live- slocic. O Wi wv.li vw w^t*« fcvwttwtji-* jv* *»»»»*- '——— •— — 7 "•-•- — -.-. - t games starling Thursday, and Italy because they have harmonw- fh,- ee al New Orleans, starling Fri-1 ?{l_ their viewpoints. wjU]'the.Soviet day. Union.—Secretary of State Byrnes. . Relail price ceilings went inlo effecl yesleiday us the yupply in bulcher shops reached Ihe lowest point since the current shortage began. Two Youths Held on Murder Charges in Little Rock Lillle Rock, Sepl. 11 — (UP) — Two 22-year-old youths, Kenneth .Thompson and Raymond Leonard, were held in Pulaski Co. jail hero today on an open charge of mu>-- cler in connection with tlie death of Charles Carmen, a Joplin, Mo., produce dealer. Carmen died in a hospital here yesterday from injuries lie sustained in a row oulside a nighl club here lasl Salurday night. Thompson and Leonard we've picked up shortly aflerwarcls. and ihe nun-tier charge was jjiacyii againsl lliem after questioning .by Asislant Prosecuting Attorney Murray Reed. , , Graham Returns as Commander of ' Camp Pobinson Little Rock, Sepl. 11 — (/!') —Col. Grover C. Gruhiim, commander of Camp Robinsun during most,.of World War Two, today resumed duties in that capacily. He succeeds Col. Olio F. Lange, who has been camp commander since the inslullalion was placed on a stand-by basis July 23. Camp authorities said approximately 450 civilian employes and J25 troops of the *'ourlh Army re main al Robinson but thai vhu can- tonmenl's slrenglh is to be reduced gradually to 200 civilians and 35 mililary personnel. Remember! this very moment something about you may be the very thing thatjvill linger in someone's memory. ALWAYS.'. . be stiff of your flower frtthness with DEODORANT deodorizes effectively, safely ... retards perspiration guards your charm with a clean, fragrant scent stays creamy and solt til ihc last bic is used grcascless and siainless, vanishes quickly, but lasts ,.. and lasts 50C Plus fed. ux TAIBOT'S "WE OUTFIT THE FAMILY" , a glass after arising in ing, and laking.-sorn'e regular fdr.rh 1 of cxcorisc, such as walking a" cferf tain distance" each Iday* -••;.- , ...i'.i: Excessive wcibht irt the aged iii a handicap to getting 'around 1 and. simple -weight reduction if- ..indicated. Belter still would', be to rha(n- ; lain the. weight 10 lo 20 pounds" life-', 50, as life expectancy, .labltfi 'show low average after- Ihc'. age- of- 45 or Ihc longest life In uridcrwcirihls. ;' , Food Fads 'Art Putile--'-; ' If large quarillics of food difilross- aged persons,, sm'a'llcr -amounts '.at frequent intervals'' should 'be '.tried. Tendency to gas' forniafioh' can b.<j eliminated by thoroughly masllcgt-, ing the food-and avoiding gas producing foods. • '. .' , .- ".• , Elderly persons ^have a.-, tendency. to be ,food. faddists, and they may try this food or that with' the hbp(: of 'gelling a 'mlnicu'lfjus. '' rcsUl. There is no. miraculous. food and reliance should )>c' placed' on • a well-balanced general . : dictl. at all ngcs. - - brb.iliht Koifnc.'thb b,acon— if the Ikmily/hiid Bhyvbactin—and every other- scarce. »rUclc.as well. ':': Thcy'.becarnc .the' standers-in-lir* and, after, a taste; of. pitting their strength -and endurance 'a'gains al Cbrhpjs, many ot'fhcm .got the SCarcc-arUclc.fcycrl .' . . 1 'It.' Isn't a\' all 'uncommon lo i a:.Woman join' a line in a slorc anc stand Ihcrc several minulos before ndiiiring .'What is this line, for? 'The , line indicates .that some hihg'hard-to-gct can be had —am list. Is enough. : s 'iNot"9 'Cas?. of Starving Chances, ar.c; none of Ihc" women Idrnpcdirig for sugar was on Ihe irlhtf of slrv.alioh. Probably many iff Ihcm' had sugar in Ihcir cup- states, nominating conventions or primaries were on today in Con- ncclicul, Colorado, Louisiana and Rhode Island. Leaders of both major parlies searched Ihc results of Maine's Monday balloting — first postwar general election — for straws showing the way Ihc polilical winds arc blowing. Scnalor Owen Brcwsler, T-cpub- ican rc-clccled along with three louse 'members of his party, :allcd the outcome "most gratify- ng'as indicating a continuance of .he Republican trend." Democrats'noted, however, that llicir candidates showed greater strength on a pcrccnlagc basis in sonic races than they did two years ago. For instance, Gov. Horace Hildrcth, Republican, topped Democrat F. Davis Clark by 100,592 to 57,503 in incomplete returns whereas in 1944 Hildrcth piled up a margin of 131,849 to 55, 783 'over Democrat J. Paul Jul lien. nnd a shoulder Corsage of while rose buds. Her; allcndanls were her sister, Miss-Irma-Hamby .who wore, dusty, rose with black -accessories and. a v corsage'.,o~f.,pink carnations and Miss Edilh Randle of Texarkana who,wore beige'wilh brown accessories 'arid' a,-corsage of yellow glndoli.. ' '-.;' . ,. '". . " Merrill Edward IVJcCl.pughan) ipf Hope served as ,besl''ltl6h?lo ! ''!Mi ( Rotlig. , • '-.- .' "- -, .-• ... > - . The bride is aigradualc ofPicii coll High School-,and. for-the-past Iwo. years has altondcd:.Henderson Slnlc Teachers ••. -collcf e. Shp : is. a member of'.the-Alpha:Sigma TaU sorority. The groom is Ta gfiiciuaU of Hope High School and attendee Magnolia A & M College ,prior to his service-wilh Ihe ihrmed forces including many monlhs overseas duly.. ..... i-j i -. .-'> •• •> \-. Aflcr . a brief 'wedding -trip 1 tilt couple will;b'e: al'litfrric 'in 1 ArkiiHql phia where Ihey .will.'! a^llehd-'Hcii dcrson Slalc Teachers college. " Oul of lown 1 rfucsls. I i|6r the-'w'c"d ding included;' Mrs,/ B: "L., Rqttli Mrs. C. P. Rcllli,- and' Miss Jbyc' Rcltig of Hope, Mr. arid jMMi'Wi L Ncsbiu of Blcvins . and/iiylr.' 1 an Mrs. Herbert Hibbcn-of i Tennessee. ' . • ' y -'.'• loards. . 3l|t if. soinebody was going to (ct sugar — then Ihcy were going 16 >o -In on 'it. '. .'Oncc^aroused, Ihc aggressive in- itincl r^uns away wilh a woniap's commoii sense. "jvilh her sense of valuers, and 'wilh her feelings for he; fitness' nf things. ' : Maybe when 1 the scarcities arc ovfer the • women' who 'jump inlo every line Ihcy sec will calm down ann regain Ihpir poise. .It': is cerlairily lost the motncnl :hcy. crowd inlo a pushing, clawing, angry line. cr of Critlendoh county, running igainsl Nathan Gordon for liculcn- nnt governor, and Cooper Huds- jelh of Sebastian counly, who will oppose Sccrelary of State C. G. lall. Osro Cobb of Little Rock, convention chairman, pointed out ihal VIrs. McGillicuddy was the first woman lo ever be nominated for a slate office in Arkansas by either Lho Republicans or the Democrats. The Fifth Congressional Dislricl nominating committee chose Pacific War Veteran Jim Harris nf Lil- llc Rock lo run against Brooks Hays for Congress in the Novcm bcr election. Cobb, delivering the keynote ad dress, urged Republicans lo wholeheartedly support indcpcndcnl Democrats in Arkansas who are revolting against old-lino politicians. Planks in the ratified Rcpubli can platform included a one pel cent boost in the present sales ta> in Arkansas as an aid to schools married ten years and have four adorable children. All during our married life I have stepped out on her, and especially I have done so during the past 18 months. Now I am tired of painting the town red. I want to be wilh my family and have the respect of my children as they grow up. I want the love and rcspecl of my wife, bul I am afraid I have lost that forever. She is an ideal wife and mother. She never nags. She never reproaches me. She goes about her duties quietly and lovingly. She makes our home life pleasant, but I know she would not tolerate me for a moment if it wore not for the children's sake. There is neither love nor respect n her eyes when she looks at me. The times when I would go off )n my plasurcs, leaving her alone lave left their mark on her and now she quietly refuses any invi- '.alion to go with me, even though t Is lo places she would like to go. Is there any help for this situation? one should regard a death bed-prd' mise as binding because it is always exacted under a pressure that no one has the right to inflict.on another. ' When a loved one is passing &way from us forever, our hearts are lorn with affection and Cil-tt* passion and we feel that wa can, deny them nothing, an-1 we wilt promise anything that we think will give them even a minute's happiness. We do not bargain with them, no matter how unreasonable their request. We do not svop to think that the dead should- hrtt, rule the living, or that their ,,d«- mands may mean a useless sacrifice of a whole life. So we have the sad cases, like your own, in which a. man's, or, woman's life is wrecked by a promise made to a dying person. Believe me, such promises arc'. better broken that kept, for surely it can add nothing to the happiness of a saint in glory if they,' know that they have ruined ; a liV- • ing person's life.. v A PENITENT HUSBAND Devil's Laughter Copyright 1946 by NEA Service By ALICE M. LAVESICK Gifts to Ship onsors had fallen upon Ihc house were what-he referred lo, il was, of course, unfortunate lhal I had witnessed them. It was too bad thai Cclia had lo come in conlacl with such things so early in life, she father could not be there al Innisfail lhal evening and the following one; to sec the "goings-on," or he would have marched me home in- slantly. For Mark, who had since the night of Ihc double Iragcdy said, bul, aflcr all, Ihc harm had I been a silent, grief-stricken man, .Washington,'. Sepl. 11 —(/?)— A lisl'of appro^jmalcly 5,000 women 'U'po ' sponsored ihc launching of wnTttme 'merchant vessels arid re- cic.vcd gifts ranging from $25 to >4,vMU was • mat'-j public yesterday fay. the maritime' commission. i -•,The' 130-page report, prepared at the. request 'of the Senate War In- Vcstigaiing committee, was based on'f'jhfo'rn-ia'tjon'. Srom -shipbuilders. Some. ot.,l!jc.bulldci-'s' declined, how- ^vfe^ij.lo; report the, type '•. of gift or lts''''oost.i- .'•.-;•.'• ... ;> -,';' •.'.,-.. • : ,Therc,"was a .wide range of rccip- icnl>' including •relatives of fiovcrn- 'jTien.l,' ;.army. . and navy officials; - '... -ancl writers, .prominent wqmcn , in .many 1 , states, wives of Wprkers,' and'tblalivcs and friends 'Of-. Jiersong for whom vessels were named. ..';•":. Coming and Going'- Mrs. J. B. Koonce has returned from a visit wilh her son, Caplain P. B. Koonco and family al Annapolis, Md. and other points of'in- tcrcsi .|n ihe East She rclurncd Sunday. Mr. Van Doake McAdams of Balosville, Arkansas was Ihe Tuesday nighl guest of Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Herndon Sr. and Mr. an f Mrs. W. R. Herndon. Mr. Fred Fulzeni of Lorraine, Ohio was the week end guesl of Clifford Franks. Jr. here, enroulc lo Texas A & M College, College Slalion, Texas. • Miss Mary Adcle Waddle left .Sunday for Con way where she will enter Hendrix College. Miss Linda Jones, Miss Ma'r'y Esther Edmiaslon and Missj Sophia Williams left Su'ndHy for Arkadcl- phia where they will be sutdents al Henderson Slalc Teachers oCl legc. Mr. Clifford Franks Jr. lefl Sunday tfor Arkadolphia to reenter Henderson Slate Teachers College for his Junior year. o— •• Clubs ... and _ n ship named for him, ._ cc|ved a watch valued at $480, the report showed. Mary Pickford, Ihc actress, was presented with a valch valued at $220 i'or sponsor- ng the SS Samlay. Arnons Ihc companies which withheld'information on gifts was the Belhlehem-Sparrows Poinl shi))- yard in Baltimore refused similar 10 give any mtorma:;on as to tho cosl of a present for Mrs. Adolf Bcrle, wife of the former undersecretary of state. The Belhlehem Fail-field shipyard in altimorc refused similar informalion regarding a gifl to Mrs. Henry Wallace, wife of the secrolary of commerce, who sponsored the Patrick Henry. The same company likewise refused informqlion concerning miss Grace Tully, secretary to the late President Franklin D. Rooscvoll, who sponsored Ihc jared ingcroll. Mrs. Rooscycll herself received from Ihe Kaiser company a tray, war stamp corsage and a piclurc album, which were valued at $553.50 for her sponsorship of Ihc U. S. S. Casablanca, a small aircraft carrier. She 'also received from Ihc Cam? den shipbuilding and Marino Railway Co., Camden, Mo., a 3250 scale model of Ihc barge "Pino Tree," which she sponsored, o- bocn done, il was loo laic now. However, no harm, Ellen said wilh dignily, had been done lo the girl's soul, and lhal was Ihc important, thing. And 'God knows,' said Ellen bitterly, if I never needed her before, it's now I need her, wilh lhal poor Ihing Ihc, way she is.' 'And here Ellen burst inlo tears. For Miss Charlotte, in her demented state, would allow no one but Ellen ncar'hcr, for some reason — or for no reason at all, to be sure. There was a greal lo-do now, w.ilh my mother joining Ellen in her grief and my falhcr, looking exceedingly uncomfortable, trying Ho jreason with the Iwo women. .Until, exasperated, he finally made Ihc aslounding slalcmenl Ihat il was up lo "Ihc girl herself." I, Cecelia Hart, who had always been told what to do and how lo do-it, was to make up my own mind whether I should slay al Innisfail or return' to my own home 1 — where I rightly belonged, he hastened,lo add. ; Faced with an unprecedented,unheard-of privilege, lhal of making a decision aboul .something, I was for, Ihc moment speechless. But almost at once I realized thai I now felt myself lo be parl of Innisfail, lhal come whal may I should be wretched indeed aparl from the place and the people. Timidly I said I thoughl I should : XXI I think I musl have fainled, af- lcr all, ofr I have no rccollcclion whatever of what happened thai f night al Innisfail afler Miss Char„ lollc laughed her piliful empty laugh, And for a day or two afterwards I seem to have been in a now turned on his brother. The third eminent brain special isl Mark had called in for Miss Charlotte had only just left, afler giving Ihc same opinion as the other two— that there was no tell KILLED WIFE'S LOVE Answer: I do nol think so. There is no way of bringing life back into a corpse. You have killed your wife's love and respect for you arid nothing that you can do or say will ever bring back her faith in -you, or revive her love. Nothing in all the psychology of men is so strange as their belief thai they can humilialc their wives by their affairs wilh olhcr women; Dial Ihcy can be Irailors lo them; lhal they can neglect them; lhal they can make them an object of pity or derision by being the forlorn crealures who sil al home b.* Iheir lonely firesides while their husbands arc off spending Ihcir money and disporting themselves ith olher women, yet who believe lat in spite of Ihc insulls Ihcy avc piled upon Ihcir wives that icy will love them still and wail or Ihcm wilh open arms lo come ack lo Ihcm when Ihey are lircd f bought women. Often the neglected wife docs ait for her husband to come back ccausc she is dependent upon him nd knows no way of making a .ving for herself. Oftcner slill she :ceps up Ihe pretense of keeping ip a home of which he is the icad because of the children. She vants Ihcm lo rcspecl their father nd she hides his infidelities as veil as she can. Bul Ihc Iruant husband - who. hinks he can go back to a wife I vho still loves him befools himself. What he has killed- he cannot bring lo life again. The dead are Dear Miss Dix: Can a boy tell whelher a girl has false teeth by! kissing her? ANXIOUS YOUTH Answer: You will have to ask a dentist that question. But my. observation is that-you can use your eyes instead of your lips in settling thai question. But what matter whether: a girls' teeth are her own by right of purchase or nature? A nice set of well-made dentures are certainly preferable to a moulhful of snags. • • ' . (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) ing when, if ever, she would recover her menial balance. It might be years or months. Or never. And Mark, his eyes like blank gray slones, his face drawn and old, came inlo Ihe dining room at Ellen's second call, and his glance fell on Colin. Then it was thai Ihc older brplh cr, in his bitter anguish, flew into a sudden terrible rage at Ihe younger one <and. laid Ihe blame for all lhal had happened on him Colin, his head bowed, sat im movable in his place at the table AH Ihe while Mark raged at him he was silent, bearing the whip lashes of his brother's tongue will no words of defense for himself. Ellen and I were terrified wil nesses, for Mark was frightcnin in his anger. This was not what we had growi used to, Ihis was no spirilcd who had painled a picture. Thi wrangling between two men ovc who had won the sweepstakes o was deadly. Mark accused Colin of lurnini the lives of all at Innisfail into i nightmare.He had deliberate!; trilled with the affcclions of Iw wonderful girls and now one wa dead and the other insane, and he and he alone, must answer for i 1 "You're the most selfish crcs lure lhal ever lived!' Mai- blazed. "You have no regard fo anything on the face of the cart or in Heaven ilself, I believe, bi your own pleasure. Gel out of Ihi house and slay oul! I never war lo lay eyes on you again' Colin said nothing. He seemed utlcrly crushed. Bul he did not leave and the next nighl Mark found him in Ihc upper hall oul- DOGHOUSE Houston, Tex., Sept. 11 — , A 38-year-old 'Panamanian sailor; an unwitting" "slowaway" on the Samuel F. .Dewing, was in Houston today-trying to figure out what to tell .his. wife back ..in Cristobal; Panama. ;, t\~ He said he reached Cristobal oh Ihe Dewing, went ashore for a "litllc parly" before going home lo his wife, returned lo the ship for his papers, and went to sleejp. When he woke up, he was bound for Houston. : ' His comment: "My wife, she-will not think this so funny." . dead. Dear Dorothy Dix: In. her lasl days my mother exacted a promise from me Ihat I would marry \ certain woman. I am -not in ovc wilh this woman. I love an- olhcr woman and would ask her o marry me if it were not for my promise to my mother. What is your opinion of this? BACHELOR OF 50 Answer: I think-you-are-pcrfectly silly if you let your promise to PICTURE FRAMING New Moulding just arrived.' Neat Work . . Quick Service Hempstead County Lumber Co. "-. Phone 89* IMPORTANT NOTICE There has been, a change in the TELEPHONE NUMBER' of the JOSEPHINE HOSPITAL and the following number is correct. JOSEPHINE HOSPITAL . Dr. McKenzie Phone 84 246 Phone Dr. Cannon Phone 284 canon law. "She was a saint, sorl of daze. I do have a vague memory of silling at the breakfast table the ncxl morning wilh Ellen, her face swollen and Icar-slaincd, across from me. And of how she canon- . - . izcd Bealricc wilhoul benefit of fide Miss Charlotlo s o^or, trying lo Kcl her lo speak lo him. This time it did not slop al words. This lime, loo, Colin dc ; fended himself. When, with a howl of rage, his brother leaped al liiiii and Iried lo choke him, Colin struck back and they foughl like Iwo maniacs all over the hall and down Ihc stairs, with Ellen and me, pclrificd wilh fright, peering at them from below. (To Be Continued) Ihal's what she was," Ellen declared, and in my heart I agreed wilh her. There is also the memory of Ihc stricken faces of Bcalricc's molh- cr and falhcr, and of how whole lown seemed to go mourning for Ihe girl. Ihc inlo Happy Hpme The Happy Home Dcmnnslra ]tion Club mcl at the home of Mrs , Moricc Sanders Friday Septcm ber 6th. The song of Ihe monll was sung by the group. Mrs. Bill Roscnbaum gave Ihe hislory of the song which 'was very inlercst- ing. Our recreation was enjoyed by everyone, The roll call was answered with what had been done to improve storage for foods. The minulcs were read by Mrs. Fcrd Galhright and approved by the group. The new and old business was discussed. Everyone took parl in the following demonstration— making furni- lurc polish, making a woodwork cleaner, making a wall cleaner, cleaning a chair and cleaning silverware. A commillcc was appointed to pelccl and put up a demonstration lor Achievement October 15lh. Day which is The creed was repealed by alj. Refreshments were served by thp hosless. ! The ncxl ineelini! will be al thb home of Mrs. Wiley Dillard and the dcmonslralion will be on Uip correct way to press and carp for woolen Army Discharges Husband of Actress Virginia Bruce Fort Lewis, Wash., Sepl. 11 — /T) —Pvt. All Ipar of Ihe irfmilry was lo become Priyalc Citizen Ipar loday — as a bridegroom wilh family responsibilities. The Forl Lewis public relations office announced Trial ihe orslwnile film producer and scenario \vrilor, who gained the limelighl a Sort- night ago by his. marriage to Actress Virginia Bruce, was to be released under the father classification, on the ground that Vhe ac- Ircss children by a former marriage arc now recognized bv ihc army as his legal responsibility. Ipar, a Turkish national was in ducted two monlhs ago. His honeymoon was interrupted abruptly b.v a summons to explain how he obtained three Ihrec-day passes —an explanation thai proved satisfactory to his army superiors. ; rO. Because of the difference ir, their distances from Ihe carlh, Ihi. sun and moon seem almost the same 'Size, to the human eyw. Surprisingly enough, I was allowed to remain at Innisfail,though at firsl my falhcr objcclcd slrcn- uuusly. Ho hadn't wanled me to HO there in the first place, he told Ellen, and ho certainly had no in- icnlion of allowing me to slay where Ihere were such goings-on. ] To Ihis, Ellen, in a shocked, ' grieved voice, said there were no goings-on" al Innisfail. If Ihc Icr- riblc sorrows and vicissiludcs that slay and help Cousin Ellen, since she really needed me. And though my falhcr slill looked outraged and, I am sure, refirellcd immediately his rash words, aflcr a few more Icars and embraces and a- nolhcr cup of lea all around, 1 went off again with Ellen. 1 was to be sent lo Ihc Bnrringlon High School for my lasl year, that being nearer to Innisfail than the Lynchcstcr school. Forlunalc indeed for me lhal my Silver and Gold Nail Heads All Styles EYLETS all colors RHINESTONES Buttons — Belts — Buckles Mail Orders Invited Mrs. H.W. Hatcher 309 E. Second Hope, Ark Phone 407-J CHANGE IN FRISCO SCHEDULES SEPT. A change in the schedule of pas&enger trains will be made effective Sunday, September 15th. The Frisco agent will be glad to give you details; Phone him. FRISCO LINES ST LOUIS BAN FRANCISCO RY (M ORIGINAL DESIGN TALBOT'S "WE OUTFIT THE FAMILY" 1 .4 k:

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