The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 28, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 28, 1894
Page 7
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in i_ o-dfty, Jack I want Into a IMW e cigars when 1 suddenw ms- e I had left tttjf bbcltetbook at hoine. 'Jack*- Did the t*opwet(tf trust ?ou1 t Bbb-iOh, yes; he knew tte'. (in sui-pfle6)-Ahd ha tfuSted yo«i? 1 Any «tfddefl ehaags In the condition th<5 atttiosfcbefe te cert&ta to bring its i Vest of coughs and colds. These, If iiuffiered tttfun bn, are Uktiy to terminate in con- ittmptlonj but they may be feaaily cured . toy Df . Bull's Cough Syfup. Most people would sUCCeod In small things If they were not troubled 'with great ambitions.-— Carpenters, and other mechanics, who as?e so apt to fall from scaffolds and dls- loeate ft limb, will please renietnbefr that there ia nothing so good to? imnatntnatictt Us SBjtraMon Oil, the greatest euro for and brulaes. A Hartford, Conn., man is described as fc&vtag no more influence than the letter "p" in ptieumottia. Even when Ihe times nre not bright it is best not to croak. Cheerfulness bringf comfor(j. , -• •• j "After all, fre> sugar's a borel" as the farmer said When he tapped tho maple. In the ups and downs of lite the baby, is ttnrivalled. ffiV t MOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement i tends to personal enjoyment when « lightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with ' less expenditure, by more promptly i adapting the world's "best products to « the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure t liquid laxative principles ''embraced in the • remedy, Syrup of Figs. < • Its excellence is due to its presenting ' Jn the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties -of a perfect laxative; cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the mctHcnl profession, because it. acts on the. Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it 5s perfectly free from ' every objectionable substance. Syrap of Fi?s is for sale by alt druggists in SOcand $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the •California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name ii3 printed on everjr paefeage, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. tnstead of being wofth $50,060,060, ttie Stasfovd estate in datifofiiia foots tip $11,1(10,000. Paderewski's wife died" after they had been married ofce year, tie has one child, a son, of whoffi. he is very- fond. • .? " It has been stiggest&d in Boston that tt chime of bells be fcuntf in Bishop Phillips Brooks" Trinity church, winch shall ring at curf jw the carol written by him, "O ( Little Town of Bdthle-* ii<?m." Bret flarte>although past fifty and !n poor health, is a very handsome man. Ttis face retains an appearance of ybtith.whilo his hair is silver whitflt He has a slender figure and an erocb and graceful carriage. Among 1 the most Americanized foreigners at the national c-xpital are the Japanese minister and his wife, Mme. Sateho, who recently held a coming- out tea for their niece, Miss Go.Lo, in the. most approved style. The Bong of "Pair Harvard* was composed by Rev. Samuel Gillman in the room in tho Fay housa, at Cambridge, which is now ciccupied by the women students of RadolifEe college, as "tho annex" in henceforth, to bo called. . ' ••••'.•; Dr. Murray's arduous labors on the Philological society's great dictionary of the English language are not wholly unrelieved by numerous interruption. After endeavoring fruitlessly to find out what the word "brean" means in ono of E. Ii. Stevenson's poems, he wrote to Mr. Stevenson and Was informed that "brean" was a misprint for "ocean." On pleasant afternoons there may be seen walking on the streets in the northwestern section of the national capital an elderly gentleman. He moves slowly and his step is feeble; his shoulders are bent, and his hair is thin and gray. About his eyes and on his cheeks are blue marks that look as if they .had been tattooed into the skin. The old gentleman is Rear Admiral John L. Worden, now on the retired list He commanded the Monitor in her historic fight with the rebel ram, the Mcrrimac, a battle that revolutionized modern naval warfare. Bear Admiral Worden is now seventy- eix years old. oi l!i6 Bed-Skins „ : s TlibW ttra,V6 Cant •foliri Sta'ifk 'and llis liatn, "with David Stih'son and Amos iiastmafl, were ttuhtifig And trapping one winter long; a^o oA tho .head-, waters of tho PemigoWa'ssot, In .NeW Hampshire. • 1'hoy had a succossiul season aud accumulated Mt*s to the value of £000. On the day before they were to break camp John Stark was out alone collecting traps When, as ho bent oVer one, he heard a peculiar noise, and looking Up, saw himself sufrOunded by Indians. A half dozen muskets Were pointed at his head atfd he realized that escape was hopeless. Stark spent tho night with his captors and early the next morning the .party mOvo'd down tho river and lay in ainhush for the other three hunters, who,,by the .bye, were seen coming down tho river, With all then- furs and camp.equipage, in a canoe. The Indians told Stark to show himself to his friends and tisk thorn to come ashore and takb-him on board. Obeying.their command to show hitosoif John' Stark stepped forward and. signaled. The Cat in the Meal Tub. Prominont Citizen—So you are a committee from the unemployed workingineu. What caa I do for you? Chairman—We de'siro you to address ua to-morrow night. "What sort of an address do you want?" "Conldu 11 *you malto it an after dinner speech?" . An Urgent Call. She—One of the logs of our sofa is broken. Will you come around rlghtaway and fix it? . Carpenter—I'm very busy just no sv, Miss. Won't to-uiorrow do? She—Oh, dear. .no. It must bo ready by 7:30 this evening. 3 [More than words are needed to express a welcome. Many tfmes women call on t!-oir family physicians, Buffering, as they imagine, one jErom dyspepsia, anoth'ir f vor.i heart disease, wiother from liver or kiilney disease, another jtrorn nervous exhaustion, or prostration, toother with pain here and there, and in Ibis Way they all present, alike to themselves mndtnair easy-going and indifferent, or over- busy doctor, ;separato and distinct djseAses, for which ha prescribes his pills and potions, Msiunirig them to be such, when, in reahty, •^en are oil only samptom* «suse4 by some ||nb dlspnjov The physician, ignorant .of viliuise of suffering, encourages his practice ?a "large WUs are* wade. The suffering lent gets no better., but probably worse freafion. of the delay, wrong treatment a,ml jsequent complications. A, proper meeu* ipinp, Uke J)?, Pierce's Favorite TSroBcription, directed ia the causa would have entirely renamed the disease, thereby dispelling all those distressing symptoms and jnstHUtoff ^mfort instead <# prolonged miMWi The Jady whose portrait heads rajs article Mis. Ida pQventry, of jEJuntsvillo, Logan Ohio." She t&A, aa escperiflaee which, permit her to relate in J?er own .It illustrates the foregoing, She '* I bad ' female weajffiesg' very bed most e>f the tiine, dragging '" tnrougb tny haeU au4 Wp» > esej-gy, The family pbyacian , ^t^ ine for *liver co^iplauit. . I not set any better under that treatment — -'^ ^ouWtryPi, Piej-ce'sl-avorite and ^ of each. .l«:ontiau«d their use E six bottles of each. Jn three 1**.^^^, ^ I felt go well I did not ttink it necessary l^feo aw more. In cbildbiilih tt does •*hj* PT. ?ieree rwomtnenfe:it tp do- Iflasciis the pain and peril? to botlj mother ^id child ana shortens' labor'. I would like 'Kreco»men4 Dr. Herca's Bxtraoi ofSmart- Waed to those who have never tried it; it ' is fee best thiapc fop cholera, raorbus, i ia the stomach I ever used ; tt worfes I try never to be without w." — "* r — t:T ""™,6t ^sU*4s, joyed mvK Pierce's Favorite PrescrJptton, fop fencop- rhea and uterine debility than I havo for sixteen years. I am cured of jay trouble, and now weigh ono hundred and sixty-sis pounds, whcrews my weight for many years stood at one hundred and tweaty-flve pounds. " With pleasure,! remain." yours truly, The following fat from Mrs. M, 4_ McAl; Uster, of Wm Rock, Jacjtson Co., Ala,; » J •was in bad health: «g« wag worfeing «pon me, an4 I had ulceratieoi of the womb; could not- get, about I took Dr. Pierce's Favorite Presoriptwu and it cured jne; J felt teia'yeai^gni^ I feve not had any retur»o?w^^||lgli ; «W,the mother of thirteen eWW^^^fcrft^-ftreo/ears Old, have never Eeefff^«&S'-omw»'« friend than your roedicinet ¥^ it to my friends here, and,, __,. ^., „- .^.-, in any case, so let me thank you for the 'The Indians have got me," ho shouted to his friends. "Got to the other shoro as quick as you can, and run for your lives!" 1'hp Indians Were furious at this and showered curses and blows upon the brave man. Stinson and William Clark woro in tho canoe, and pulled for tho shore with all their might. The savages raised their muskets to fire upon them. "Not yot!" shouted John, and ho struck up thoir 'guns at the moment of discharge. For this ho received another shower of cuffs and kicks from his infuriated captors. But ho was not intimidated, and when a second time they made ready to fire upon Ills friends ho tried to stop them, but unsuccessfully. Stinson was killed in the act of leaping ashore, but young Stark escaped. Eastman, 'who had been walking along tho bank, was easily mado captive. Tho Indians took Eastman, and Stark to Canada with- them, where on their arrival they woro forced to run tho gauntlet. Two long linos of warriors woro drawn up, each armed with a club to beat tho unfortunate men as they passed along. Eastman's turn camo first The Indians cudgeled him most unmercifully and ho came out of the lines rnoro dead than alive. But Stark was ot different metal. Ho marched up to tho head of tho lino with a lii-m step, knocked down tho first Indian he met, and continued to lay about him with so much vigor that tlio astonished natives suffered him to pass with scarcely a blow. The old warriors wore so pleased with Stark's bravery that they wished to adopt him into the tribe. Ho declined their ott'or. Affiorward they bade him hoe corn. Ho complied BO far as to cut it up by tho roots and thon throw his hoo into the river, declaring that such work was fit only for squaws. This only increased tho Indians' admiration for him and they did not aak him to do any moro squaw's work. That fall tho prisoners were redeemed, says Youth's Companion. For Eastman tho Indians received a ransom of SCO and for Stark $108, showing how much more they prized him than his fellow captive. Tho Kitugnroo Bat. One of tho queerest little animals of tho antipodean wilds of tho paradoxical continent of Australia is a little zoological oddity which the naturalists have called tho Uangai-oo rat. It averages no larger than th o common rodent of the Norway variety, but is a miniature kangaroo in every respect. Thoir mode of locomotion is precisely the same as that of Macropus giganteiis. Besides, this tho femalo carries its young in pouches which nature has provided for that purpose, and in many other I'ospoets imitates the habits and •aharaoteBistics of its gigantic relative. Consolation. "No, Miss Jamorson!" exclaimed the young man, bitterly. "My life henoefoi'th is blighted! I shall never love again. My heart ia dead, and :a dead heart can never bo resurrected!" ••Mr. Highstreet," said the Boston maide«, gently, "do not say so, I implore you! In the vocabularies of our bast writers of English there is ao suoh verb as 'resurrect.'" Afc f^altS'btirg 1 , AntitriS, ft . kept prisoner in A cellar for ftftcetf years, during which he never Satf a human face* Warren Antill oj. Henry "county, Kew York, has a hbuse on wheels attd a traction engine to haul it when he wants to move. At a late banquet in Bbstoa nlltnbso present sp"ok& to the one toast, "My occupation, its tiatufe, difficulties, ftt« tractions and opportunities." ' ' The Kingston, Ontario, school board lias adopted a system by which it will provide free to tho pupils, paper, pens, pencils and scribbling books. A French priest stationed at Jerusalem has been the fortunate finder of "a talent of tho time of fcing David." It was unearthed in his dooryard. In Morocco preparing the bride lor the wedding ceremony is no small matter. Her face is painted white and red and her bands and feet are dyed yellotv with henna. It is proposed to erect a new building for, the chamber of deputies in Paris to cost four anil a half million francs. The present hall is so small that members are much crowded. The valuable collection of autographs which Charles H. Christian of Orange, N..JM has sold .to W. H. Derbyshire, a Londoner, includes, atnonj many others, an epistle from all bu1 one of the presidents oi the United States. London's Thirteen club, at a recent dinner, had thirteen dishes on the menu, salt cellars wore emptied about on the tablecloth with studied carelessness, the chairman broke a large mirror and each guest a small one, and, to cap'the climax, only cross-eyed waiters were employed. A number of rich men in New York are planning to make a great park on the Palisades of the Hudson, extending from Coytesvilla in New Jersey ten miles north, and back about a mile from the river. It will be a private park in the ssnso that the proprietors will govern its use, and pro- vent all nuisances from entrance there, while protecting the -forest from the ax and the fire; they will also lay out new drives and paths in the park; but it will be open to the public for its enjoyment. Take no Substitute I 1 / It 4 is Absolutely Pure; ,_, • » - .' Ail others c<mtate alum or ammonia^ *« APPLIED SCt£ivO2. _„ Suez canal-cost $100,000,003, There is talk of a $40,000,000 ship canal across Ireland. Over sixty-five per cent of American school teachers are women. The latest airship is to be propelled by the detonatiotl of charges of dynamite. A French naval officer has invented a rifle that fires Uyo kinds of .explosive bullets. Members of tho government life Baving evevv at the lower station on Briguntino on tho Jersey coast havo purchased bicycles to bo used in patrol- ing the beach. STATE or Onto, Citr off TOLEDO, ( ft ^ LUOAS COUNTY. • \ ' . FKANK J. CnttNET makes oath that Tie la the senior partner of the firm of.P. jf ; CUE- NBY & Co., dolug business in the City oi Toledo, Cottntr and state aforesaid, anfl that said firm will .pfty tho sum of ONE HUNDRED DO LLARH for each and every ease of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the use of " ' " "~ Sworn to before me nmt subscribed a my presence, this 6th day of December, A: 1) A. W. OLEABON READY READING. Ontta percha, bamboo, gong and rattan are all of Malay origin. At present tho population of tho world is estimated at 1,500,000,000. The biggest sawmill in America, just sold at Tupper lake, N. Y., contains 3150,000 worth of machinery. The question at issue in a case now before the Connecticut courts is whether oysters are real estate or personal property. Ajax, tho strong man who was recently made a policeman on the New York force, began his career by shouldering a drunk, after tho fashion of a bag of meal, and carrying him to the station. The coldest winter on record wzw that of 1709, iri which the rivers aacl lakes were frozen and even the oocna for several miles from shore. In Europe frost penetrated three yards into tho ground, anil people perished by tho hundreds in their homes. Tho first hall belonging to the negro race in Western Pennsylvania was opened a few nights ago, on Arthur street, Pittsburg, in the presence of COO colored citizen* Tho building and furnishing cost $14,000. K was built and is owned by 0. W. Green, who was once a slave. iiau H vuuui-u Ctir,e SB taken internally and acts directly on the blood nnd mucous surfaces of tho system'.' Send for testimonials, free F. / CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O, by Druggists, Too. IsiOTES AND ITEMS. An ounce of woman's intuition Is better than a pouud ol! her reason. BATtMT r(WtS OVKK 1 J'OOT I.OXO.\ Salsser illustrates in a colored plate a new early corn, a giant of,.itskind, and offers «SOO in gold for the largest ear in 1804. In addition to this early Giant corn, which yielded in 18U3110 bushels tier acre, he has over twenty other prolific field corns. He has the bestfpddei corn in the world. He is the larges prower of furm seeds, such as oats, barley wheat, millet, potatoes, etc., in America. Fifty kinds of grasses and jf°Y?M| 8 ' "'111 mt Tills Ont nml Pond It \VIU> 15o to Uvc John A. Salzi-r Seed Co., IA Crofsc, W is., you will receive a lai'RC P"0fe- ngo of above Giant com and h.s mammoth cntjilouuc. ' Y Wo always better ourselves by forgetting ourselves. California for Health, Pleasure and Profit. If KoinK for either, take tho direct rents, the Union Faciflf., tlie only lire running first nnd second clars sloapors and dmlng cors to Ban Francisco. Send for our now 1894 pamphlets. All about the Mid-Winter i' air. E L. I. Jtnox, Qen'l Puss, nnd Tkt. Agt., Omaha, Neb. Wo punish ourselves when wo hato other, folks. _ The Mid-Winter Fair a Success. To ronch it take tho only direct lino, the Union Pacific. Through first and second class sleopei-i, diners. Our advertising matter tells you all about it. E. L. Lomax, Gen'l. Pass, and TUt. Agt., Omaha, Neb. Wnshlnp a pig will not make it stop liking mud. Ask atiout the wonderful climate and resources of Southern California. 'ihero never was such an opportunity for houio seekers. For Information regarding this section, address, J. A. Allison, Browster block, Ban Diego, Cali"ornia. Tho archbishop of Yofk banquet which cost $150,000. The world's standing attnies navies employ 0,000,000 fflea. Up to 1866 Charleston, A 0., had ft. larger cbminerce than New York. Tho blood rose is found only fa* Florida iti an area of fivo miles in dl-* • ameter. Anew form of bicycle isbeirig «£-i periinentecl with for fibre departttiHiiti purposes. ' • There is a band of Cherokee Indiana- in North Carolina who still use bows- and arrows, A map of America by Columbus ha* been discovered. Jt represents this continent as a pnrl of Asia. The great oaks in "Waverly, Mass., are survivals of an oak forest that must have existed in .the tenth century. Ono Marlcr, under sentence of aeatn> at Pineville, Ky., last week professed religion and the chaplain baptized- bin*' in the bathtub at the prison. Two walnut chairs, that were- brought to this country from Switzer> land 340 years ago, it is claimed, are TO- possession of Landon Thomas of Augusta, Qa. Statistics prepared in Paris show that the proportion of novels to senon* works read in the public libraries off the municipality, is less than fifty -two- per hundred. A man never Knows that n woman b«w any old clothes until after ho has 'marram her. • • • • ' • .' • ; •.'...:'' The only way to get a h3n out of a gass* den is to go slow, butshoo'er. The surgeon may bo very aedato, bnt t» Is n great hand to cut up. ,^. It is hard to understand how a gratotel* man can be a stingy one. $% Crossing tlio Atlantic Usually involves sea sickness. When the waves play pitch and toss with you, strong indeed must be the stomach that can stand it without revolting Tourists, commercial travelers, yachtsmen, mariners, all testily that Hosteller's Stomach Bitters in tho best remedy for the nausea experienced in rough weather on the water. Nervous and weakly travelers by land often suffer from eometning akin to this, and find in the Blttors its surest remedy. No disorder of tho stomach, liver or bowels is so obstinate that it may not be overcome by the jrorupt and thorough remedy, Equally efficacious is it for chills and fever; kidney aud rheumatic trouble and nervousness. Emigrants to the frontier should provide themselves with this fine medicinal safeguard against the effects of vicissitudes of ciiumte, hardship, exposure and fatigue. Artificial ice was first manufactured by the use of pHeinical mixtures in the year 18T3. Consumptive* nna people whohnvo weak lunssor Asth-1 raa. should use E'lso'aCurofor I Consumption. It has cnred [ tliounnmlfl. ithna notinjur-l It la not bncl to take. | H Is tho beat cough syrnp. Sold everrivhor.J. SSo. for »»wors-*ut," •'run-down," school teachers, milliners, dyessjnakers, sean»- steessei, geBeRa^bousekespere, and qver- worke4 an4 Mde women geiwaUy, Pr. Pisree'si Fftvprito Prescription, is «a» best of all restorative tonfcs, I* ^ .»<>*»• "cure-8jl,'> but atoirably fulfills a gingleuess of pur- powrEeJnS » WWt potent specific fer aJJ those cbronio weakiipsses aBd (Jis^ses peculiar to women. It is a powerful, goneml as weti, as uterine, tome »n4 nervine, »na imparts vigor and strength to the whole system, cures v«akoe6S of tia» stomach, indiges- - 4,^ VU* fc«» V'* i *** vw '* ~* T"7^ —r-^«^-™-rr fcon, bloatiag, aervous proetrat3fia v r _, T debility aad sleeplessness. A Treaty .-„ pages, niustrfrled), on "Woman and Hw Piseases," «e»« sealed in, plain envelope, on receipt of ton cents to pay postage. Address. World's Dispensary jifcdi«a Associ InvaJicJs' Hotel am Surgical Institute faloils, Y. It eonteiBS a yart swr 1 fe»tfj»o»JaJs witb balf Josei Of. Pfl pprta-alts o| feeir afiWI «*« giv^ It Was a plHepoHt One of the local justices of tbo peace Identified the pvisoner Oit the ,r as an old pffender, Justice—What is your name? yi-isoaer—Saw J^oksoo. ««Throe years &go, wheu you were up before "ine ~yQUr name was John Smith." "Yes, but that waa an case,"—Texa9 Siftings. In raost cases the man who lioflriobeslias 3 master. j <i "I have Utsen affliotc 1 with an adoption o£ tho Throat from cuildbood, caused 3V diphtheria and havo used various remedies, but huvo never found anything equal "o Bwows's BnONom/vi- TnoonK<i."-»/r« r . w. St. J?. Hampton, I'lketan, Ify. Bold only in 30X68. •;••' , A Russian doos not boooae of ago until ho is 20. "Lifo is a battloflell en which >ve flfrht for farao." To preserve health in thiif tight, use Beeohnui'e Pills, 25 couta a box. When the referee declares a light a draw it doesn't give either side the puli. With a vain young man ono tulsoine compliment pays for two drinks. Indecision is a robbor with a dagg -r under its cloak. f^OI "4 ^-W»»»»»» »•*• ••»»•»-•• 1» tfmoMi-s». iin-l IIM.U It, will break ui) a-Cold qulete el- tliiiii il.ijUiUijS ulim, U to always rullttble. 'try It. The biggest coward is tho one who is afraid to do right. ^"' _•._- i. ......?.» Tnninlui.t. Cnnfmmn No wound can be so deep as the one inflicted by afriead, _ ^ »i (ifnn»on's Dl»glo porn salve." il to cure or money riiluuded, 4tu yomr It. I'ricu 13 ceulu, Those who fall by the wayside do not get for the mileage they earned. .A. woman never has a valise so large • \ it can be shut without squeezing. W. L. DOUGLAS S3 SHOffl' .01111:1 Is custom work, costing from" ' $.( to $6, best value lor the money k in Hit-' world. N:ime nnd prisV stamped on the bottom ^ Every k pair warranted. Tuke no substl. c. See local papers for full? description of our complete- "nes for ladies and gen. tlcmcn or send for II* frustrated Calaltgnf (jiving In. 1Ji,it»T'sTiua: aai '^"''""^ s:s '^' liow to or- derby mail. Pnstnpe free. You can (jet thcbes^ bargains of dealers wlio push our shoca. ilv's Cream Balm - Flying Dutchman^ \ Sulky Plow. ; The Wlollno Lover Harrow* The rrfloline Champion . Corn Planter. Draw to those nmUill—yonrqorn '•'Pi'lb. Call on your denier or address MOUNE PLOW CO.. Mollne, Ml, Automatic Clothes DKYEB CO., Uno. la. Ask yoar iloaler. j\geiiW wantf it. Clr Jroo. Sell 0:1 Bight. ' WALLPAPER AT VKUJES Hit THAN lil), £imd do tor •' tnraplos, 1'npor hangers will do well to get ou, prices. .MAC VICAK. BIO au«l 51B Loans! St., Dos Mpimia. Chronic Cases of SVteny Years Cured Easily. C UT THIS DOT d send it vlvli do postage <wid 8*$* I BVDJPlebf our"a*cThoioE'l" Kndisl>, "& ftwuwf " |da.y».ftix4our HammothParmseedCatnloeuo! orlOa for i I Ipguu *nd 10 Farm Orftlfl Simples; or J3o (of eaWoguoJ"— — i 1 -~V8 on4 clover samples. Wo iirotha largest grpwers of F»rn» 13. Potatoes, Or.waesn'iil Clover BaO'li.eti., lu API*rlc»iW I A J.ojjlci^l Conclusion. It was the first time she and Mrs. h$4 ever met, but w&en the left, J4rs- Pptingby reofftrfeed: ^ has ftpcUUdveo-" «*I}pw 4oyoii koow?" •'BecitusQ e}je eaicl my Uttle boy was tho dearest and gjost attractive child sho ^Oi4 eversaen- JJo wornaa with children of b^er own would such a remark." *» . Highmind—I think it's a great pity that one can't fiud a newspaper that isn't filled with all sorts of horrible crimes. Wo ought to have an orgranijsation to prevent such matter from boing printed, philosopher—Would it not he bet> ter to have an, organizf 4on. to W§ Offer YQ^ » Remedy *Wii!efo Insures Safety to Life of Mothec ana WM. "Mothers' Friend" <« After using pne bottle of ^MOTHERS' FBIENP.' I suffered >iit little pain, an4 cjic} not experience that wt-akness afterward isual in sych eisea.-rMRS. Aw^JS GAGE, Baxter Springs, Kas- Sent by «pre$5, charges prepaid, on receipt pi price, f J.50 per bottle. Sol4 by *U Druggist!}. Book to IVfothers mailecl free, P.ASF1EU) RESUUTQR CO, Atlanta, gg. Patents, Trade-Marks, Kxainlnatton ana Advice as to I'otentabilJtY «| Iuv«nclou. SeniVfor "lnveivtor»'Guide, ®Uoty to Ctrl « ^t'Bt-" "'"""rnir ft'fAHilBt.t, WAfiBBOMH. IL •Gheap Homes! In San Lgls Valley, Colorado. Th«" Garden 5po.t of \h$ RQQk^i Mountains,,., 00.000 acres ot flne land, all unrler flrsVcTouar trrlgutlog cftials, with perpetual wmer rlgljw, (or uulu fuoay, 8 years lime, 9 per cent intaresV Grains, Grasses and Vegetable^ fijrpyy Hsre to Perfeetion. ; no drouths, no vyclonoa, no cndaneo oi puv« atte»tyu Tjf^tw xjiaio imequuied. We have eUur-hes, svliftplfc- ' ru'lvouds ftud K^ol mui'Uetu. For i» . Agents, Qqlorado Valley Land ?o.» . GOi w. •=,- :A.jt : lii>lt_ „!,„!, :4.,^k«.&,ia^^>.f .fe4^KljiCaS.-.*J'i.^y t&3itfi

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