The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 28, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 28, 1894
Page 5
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THE VPKffllt'BfflS MCWNB& IOWA, We Have just received another dray load of those nice new goods which we have been selling go cheap since the great JV& auction sale, This time we did not buy these goods at auction, but bought them from the manufacturers direct^from first hands will be able to sell them at THE BAME LOW PRICES AS BEFORE, We name a few of the items and great bargains; 1000 yards best Indtgo Blue Prints at 6c, worth 7c 1000 yards best Dress and Shirting Prints at 5c, worth 7c lOOO^yaMs assorted Staple Ginghams at 6c, worth 86 1000 yards Turkey Bed Prints nt So, worth,..,....,... So 1000 yards fancy 36-inch Dress Goods at 16c, worth.., ,20e 600 pair Ladies' Hose at Sop;-, worth 40c 500 pair Ladies' Hose at 25c, worth 35c 500 pair Ladies' Hose at 15c, worth 20c 600 pair Ladies' Hose at 124c, worth .... 16c 500 pair Misses' and Children's Hose at 15c, worth.. .26c 500 pair Misses' and Children's Hose at 10c, worth.. ,15c 500 pair Men's Socks at 10 and 124c, worth... .15 and 20c 10 dozen Ladies' Jersey Ribbed Vests at,. .5, 10, and 20c 10 dozen Child's Jersey Ribbed Vests at 10 and 15c, worth. < 20 ancl.25c 10 dozen fancy Hem-stitched Handkerchiefs at 5c 10 dozen plain Hem-stitched Handkerchiefs at. . , , . .I6c 10 dozen plain Hem-stitched Hkfs,, • linen, at, ...... ,16c 10 dozen Hem-stitched Hkfs., fancy, at 26c, worth. . .85c 6000 yards Ribbon's at 75 cents on the dollar. ^^'MMM!^^^ MM iwl'iiWMMtteH^S ^5r**tt 500 Men's Suits at. . . . , ..... . , . < . < .76 cents UH the dollar 500 Boys' Suits at .......... ....... 76 cents on the dollar 100 Men's Odd Vests at. . .......... 75 cents on the dollar 200 Men's and Boys' Odd Pants at. .75 cents on the dollar 600 Men's, Boys' and Children's Hats at one^third less than last year's price. 60 Valises at. ........ ................. wholesale prices 50 Trunks cheaper than any closing-out sale prices in town. Yours truly, Hemp Carpet now at ,..,,: 20c Ingrain Carpet now nt ,...,.. , '.. .250 Cotton Warp Carpet now at 40 and 46c All-wool Extra Super Carpets at,... < ,.,,.,..., ,60o Body Brussels Carpet at, 76c 600 pair Men's Shoes at., manufacturers' prices 600 pair Ladies' Shoes at...... ,$1, $.26, $1.35, $1.50, $2.00 600 pair Boys' Shoes at.. .$1, $1.35, $1.50 500 pair Misses' Shoes at \ $1, $1,25, $1.35, $1.60 600 pair Children's all-solid Shoes at 76fy 90Cj 96c, $1,26, and $1.60, All Rubber Boots and Shoes at wholesale prices"'' We carry a full line of Staple Groceries, such as Teas ( Sugar, Coffee, Tobaccos, Dried Fruits, Sholf Godds, Syrups, Vinegar—and remember we tako all the Eggs we can get in exchange for dry goods,' clothing, boots, shoe's, groceries, or anything in our lino. Now don't forget to call and look bur new lot of special bargains over; and don't wait too long 1 ; as THEY ABE SELLING PAST, \ . ' . . EAILWA-Y TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCATE TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs nt ?- : 2? No.9 departs at 4:30pm ' Freights that carry passengers- No. 03 departs at........... ll:oo am No. 71 departs at 9:15pm TBAINS EAST. No. 2 departs at 10:12 am No. 4 departs at 5:50 p m . Freights that carry. passengers- No. 76 departs at...:.; ;..;....11:00pm No. 04 departs at. 1:46 p m K. F. HBDBICK, Agent. CHICAGO & NOBTHWESTEEN. North- • • Mixed ....8:18 a m Pass..., 3:33pm Freight 10:00 a m South- Pass S:40pm Mixed G:07pm Freight.... 10:00 am •i jrcittQl' JL.VJ ;uu tt in A; LCI^UU «••« j-u.w «• "* " Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at Des Moines at 8:15 p m. ,Lv. Des M. 2:30 a m Mixed connects with flyer and arrives at Chi cago at 8 a. m. F. H. VESPEB, Agent. OPERA HOUSE. ALGONA, IOWA. M. P. HAGOABD.... .................... Manager " A TURKISH MAROH 21. A bright, sparkling, musical comedy interspersed with songs and dances. The company carries some of the best voices on the road. Popular prices, COMING— Kendall's " Pair of Kids" April a. THE CITY CIRCUIT. A dance is on for Saturday night. The Wigwam has put up a noticeable new sign. El. Dal ton is helping again in the postoffice. Congregational church supper tomorrow evening. The new liquor law is given in full on our second page. The county is patching up the holes Kenna made in the jail wall. R. J. Hunt had a $2,000 life insurance policy in the workmen's mutual. A big blizzard is on this morning. March is keeping the record straight. The Algona Deposit and Loan company has over $150,000 of stock, taken. Mrs. Janet Mclntyre is recovering slowly from her recent severe illness. Ledyard votes April 3 on bonding the district for $2,000 to build a new school house. The vife of John Smith of Whittemore, a daughter of A. Hinton, died last week. Miss Cornie Ingham goes to Chicago tonight to spend a few weeks with her sister there. The city well diggers are down 315 feet and have gone through 40 feet of lime stone. . Harry Wilson says he thinks his father will put in a 150 or 250 barrel flouring mill this season. Mrs, Mary Carter is quite sick at Elkader, Many friends in Algona will •wish her a speedy recovery, S. J. O'Neill will put a stock of lumber and coal in at Irvington and buy grain and stock, He goes this week, Burt has 15 students on the violin. If they all practice at one time we should want a house well out in the suburbs, John Grove has sold his hardware store to the Wertgenout brothers of Rockfofd. They are here and will invoice soon, Mrs. Laura A. Hunt and family return thanks to their many friends for assistance and kind words during their late trouble, C, R, Lewis and 7>, 0, Andruss were • in Monday inspecting our new gasolene vapor engine with a view to usjng one in their new creamery, A rumor has been circulated that Prof. Cbaffee would leave the normal school at the end of this term, He retains the scbopl till July. & little girl arrived at the home of Charley Plumley Friday night. It is the first in, the family and Charley feels pretty proud of b9r> Mrs. John Grove is at Bancroft these flays running the store there bought from Nemmers Bros,, wbUe John is attending to hardware here, Glen Brunepn is flguring at present; on, getting up ft band for a circus. He bas an offer an4 if he accepts will organize a band pf Jg pieces. W. H. Eeed has begun his new house in the Call park, Dr. Ppi^e will build an4 J. W- Hay may build this fall. Ifbey own the park between them. The officers of the new Jrvlngtpn creamery are 0, ft. kewis, president; A. Bush, vice president; Z, 0. An secretary; an4 Lswj,8 H, Smith, f fee wrte of £t>Mi»g is being pushed. From 50 to 60 patrons are expected the first season, and _a model crentnery will soon bo' in operation. Marriage licences have been issued to Henry Seefeld and Pauline Falk, Albert Behnke and Bertha Potratz, Arthur Ward and Mrs. Lizzie Fallf. The Ladies' Aid society, of the M. E. church vvill give a supper at the Grange hall Thursday evening, from 6 until all are served. Everybody invited to come. Prof.'Follansbee will lecture at the Methodist church Thursday, April 5, on "Peculiar People." Admission 25 and 15 cents, for the benefit of the Sunday school. State Supt. Sabin has named April 27 as Arbor day and sent out very handsome leaflets. Arbor day should be observed all over the county for many years yet. Ignatius Donnelly lectured In Des Moines last vvpek on the A. P. A. movement. Some correspondence has been had looking to getting him in Algona, and he mav come. At Hull Educational Institute, Hull, Iowa, they are to discuss handling the liquor traffic without profit and sent for a copy of the last UPPER DBS MOINES with M. J. Sweeley's letter in it. Frank Te1 Her started Monday evening for Minnesota to begin work as general agent of the Union Book company of Chicago. His first work is to visit eight colleges and appoint local agents. The "Turkish Bath" tomorrow evening is worth going to see. It is a musical burlesque and specialty of the cleverest kind. All pur exchanges speak well of it and it is given in all the cities. A number of business men have signed a subscription to hire Richard York to act as night watchman between 10 p. m. and 5 a. m. He will do good service and the city needs a night watchman. The Algona G. A. R. post not long ago paid the mortgage on Mrs. A. E. Wheelock's home. It is now paying one on Mrs. Russell Buckner's home in Corwith. The G. A. R. has relieved many worthy people. John Patterson is home from California. He says he likes the climate but he and his family couldn't live on climate and he couldn't find anything else that promised returns. He will remain in God's country. The grand army are planning to make the decoration day exercises this year the best ever held in the county. Judge Hicks of Minneapolis has been secured to give the address, He is a veteran and a fine orator. Stone-mason Jeanson has the foundation in for his new house just south of the Swedish Lutheran parsonage near the normal school. He is building a stylish and comfortable home that will be a credit to the town. Henry Winkle bought the J, D. Shadle house last week for $1,400 and will occupy it soon, Mr, Shadle will begin a new house at once on the lot adjoining C, H. Blossom's home. This will add another fine residence this spring. A petition was circulated by W. B, Quarton Monday and signed by all the lawyers asking the appointment of Frank H. Helsell of-Storm Lake on the board of code commissioners. He is an able lawyer and is being endorsed everywhere. The committee to decide on adding a vault to the auditor's office in the court house and joining the vaults in the clerk's and treasurer's offices together found that it would cost $2,500, and decided to postpone it on account of hard times, Manager Haggard booked Kendall's "Pair of Kids, r ' which comes April 5, at Spirit Lake, Emmetsburg, Mason City and Charles City, He is acting witn the opera house managers along the line. A regular circuit may result next season, E, P. MoElroy's historical lectures closed last Thursday, The series has been very interesting and instructive and the attendance has been good throughout, Another winter they should be delivered |n saany pf pur neighboring towps. Rev. Porward preached bis farewell sermon, Sunday anfl will go to Webster City as soon as his n,ew house is finished. The Baptist pulpit will be supplied by visitors lor avyhfle until a sijcceaspr IB selected. $Text Sunday Rev. Johnson of North wood will preach. The funeral of Mrs. Nellie Olson was held yesterday afternoon, Rev. Elfstrom attending. Mrs. Olsoa was piother of Olof Johnson, who came from Estherville for tbe funeral, of Mrs. Ohftpley Winkle, aod S. p, Johnson, of Bancroft- She came to tbe county to 1WJ Jn Upjpn lived until about two years ago, when she moved to Algona. She was 73 years of age and a woman respected by all who knew her. She died of acute inflammation of the kidneys. The Spencer Reporter says concerning the succession to Judge Carr: "The best lawyer in the district should be selected for the position, if he would accept it, and if the voters can find out who that man is." Correspondence with Kossuth vvill elicit the desired information. The most important public event to occur this spring is the state declamatory contest which comes May 4. Next to that the local contest April 13 will excite most interest. Algona has some prize winners who will be on the programme, which will appear in full next week.' Letters are advertised for Walter Apperson, Esq., Blind Boone Concert Co. (4), Mrs. Rose Ella, Hyman & Arenberg, Mr. Ralph Hendra, A. W. Landon, Mrs. Smith Moore. Mr. Robert McKy, Mrs. Janet Osborne, Tolef Peisser, Mr. C. P. Rial, Exodus, Kossuth county, Iowa, Mr. E. N. Westler. THE UPPER DES MOINES is warranted in saying that there was no -violation of the state 'law against prize fighting at the fistic arena Friday night in Clarke's hall. The only violation complained of was a breach in the law of contracts. Keefe didn't show up and the 75 who paid $1 each didn't get what they expected. An impression is out that under the new law any town can legalize saloons by a petition signed by 65 per cent, of its voters. The law is that before any tovyn or township can do anything a petition must be signed by 65 per cent, of the voters of the whole, county. Then such towns or townships as have 50 per cent, of their voters on the petition can exempt saloons from the present law. H. S. Dailey was over from Whittemore to help Sheriff Samson dui'ing court and made the acquaintance of one of the sheriff's ponies in a way that he did not expect. The beast decided to go forward in a line that included Dailey and its breast bone came in contact with him in such a manner that he nearly collapsed. No bones were broken, but Dailey could scarcely move next day. Ever since the second escape of Dickson, the forger who was caught up in Washington by W. B. Quarton, there has been dispute about the payment of the costs of that capture. A short time ago Mr. Quarton got the matter settled and received $200 which he had paid out on that trip. The state authorities are very chary of paying extradition expenses when the criminal is not caught and convicted, but in this case the escape was no fault of Mr, Quarton. The Easter services at the Episcopal church were listened to by a good congregation. The offertory amounted to $57. It was the occasion of the first appearance of the surpliced choir, which is to be a permanent organization. The rector, Dr. A. V. Gorrell, is greatly liked by everyone. In the afternoon he gave a dinner, at the "Thorington," to the members of bis choir and a few other friends. Mine Host McMurray proved himself worthy his good reputation, and the guests departed all acknowledging it a very happy Easter. Yesterday afternoon Frank J, Kernan and Miss Anna Ward of Wesley were united in marriage by Rev, Eastman, The bride is daughter of Chandler Ward and one of Wesley's most attractive daughters, while Frank is one of the very finest young men anywhere in Iowa, As director of the county a jricultural society be, has made many acquaintances who hold him in high esteem, He goes to his new farm about a mile and a half from Wesley to locate, where all will wish him and his bride the happiest and most prosperous of lives, Gardner Cowles is in Texas attend' ing to some big mail route lettings, Jn a recent letter to Mayor Call he says: lt Thiscountry has all dried up; nearly all the cattle are dead from starvation; 16,000 hides were marketed here last week and all other stations the same. In many places the air is foul with decaying carcasses and tbe water is polluted. People are all dis? cpuraged. No rain for four years." This is 50 miles from tbe gulf and in one of the best sections of the state. It represents tbe condition everywhere there, One of the best entertainments lately given {n Algona have been the lectures on phrenology by *'Old" Grimes, not be of the song who is dead, but be of early mesmerism and phrenology fame, Mr. Grimes is 87 years old and 60 years ago began as a public mesmerist creating a furor in New York which is remembered, by old New Yorkers nd whl^h jwftrly ende4 i» hl| exterm nation M PJ of wit and wisdom of a kind, and able to make as shrewd a guess at a man's character by looking at him as any yankee that ever lived. One of the features of the April Midland Monthly is B. F. Tillinghast's report of the famous Russian relief movement in Iowa. He gives a very full and graphic description and includes among the incidents the contribution made by the late Mrs. C. B. Hutchins, who wished her funeral to bo inexpensive in order that what was saved should go to the I'elief of the unfortunate. In the next number Mr. Tillinghast is to tell of the distribution of Iowa corn in Russia, and how it was done and how the corn was received. Corn was not known as an article of food in Russia before that, and Iowa sent all corn. But few who have been interviewed by THE UPPER DES MOINES have an idea that a petition can be got in the county with 65 per cent, of the voters on it asking for saloons. It is doubtful whether at an election 65 per cent. would vote for license. And many would vote for it who will not sign their names to a petition to become part of the official record in the auditor's office. It is not likely that an effort will be made to circulate such a petition. If there is not there will be no change from the present law in Kossuth, except that owners of property who do not want a $600 tax assessed to them will not let illegal booze shops get started on it. Myron Scbenck during the past year has bought four full blood Red Polled cows and , on March 22 the first full- blood polled calf ever born in this county saw the light, It is a handsome little specimen of one of the best breeds of cattle yet introduced, and in honor of its arrival it has been named Kossuth. Mr. Scbenck has bought a seven months bull calf weighing 740 pounds, that has not yet been shipped to him. Ho expects to make the Red Polled cattle a standard breed in this section, and to develop a stock farm devoted to them. He will make a success of it for he has the kind of cattle to work with and the energy and business capacity to succeed. A curious find was made a week ago by G. D. Peck in the little creek north f D. Rice's. It was a silver half dollar dated 1815. A year ago Dell Ferguson found an old half dollar at the same place, and before that R. M. Gardner picked up one over 100 years old. The three pieces were found not four feet apart and seem to have belonged to some one who was carrying very old coins. One theory is that this" was money paid to Indians and lost by one of them before the white settlement. It is certain that the money was lost many years ago, for no one in late yeai's has been carrying coins dating back to 1800 or 1815. This find with that of the old traps in the Buffalo gives quite an air of romance to that section of the county, which also has the old Indian battle ground. Saturday evening a petition will be presented to the city council signed by 117 farmers of Union township asking for the road proposed to be out under the Milwaukee track east of the water mill, All the people north of the town seem to want this road, which by an easy grade shortens their distance to the depots and saves them crossing the track at a dangerous place, The council a few weeks ago accepted the proposition provided a survey was made and the right-of-way furnished free of cost. This is little enough to ask of the adjacent property owners. The town is under heavy expense with its water works, and the road will benefit the adjacent property enough to many times pay all costs, even if the expense of grading were assessed to it, _ _ WALL paper, new stock at Galbraith's. ________ CHILDREN'S and men's clothing, We still bave a good stock that we are selling regardless of cost. G. L. Gal- braitb. . CLEANLINESS is conducive to ness. Take a •« Bath" and be happy, HORSE owners will be pleased to learn that L. T, Martin of I4verrapre will call upon them in good season again tbis year, engaged in bis old PC- pupation. Wait for blm.-lt3, REMEMBER " The Turkisb Path" tomorrow evening, CARPETS, we bave § nice new stock and are making some special inducements. Our all wool C. C, at 50 cents is a big bargain. Geo, L, Galbraitb. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS.. Miss Ada Smith is home for vacation., Prof. Dixaon was a Des Moines visitor Saturday. . . .; .... Chester Call is up from Grinneil for a vacation visit. Ralph Miller spent Sunday in Algoua with old friends. ' ; Earl Tennant is back from his visit at the Arkansas hot springs. F. S. Stough was put in South Dakota last week looking over real t'State. Will J. McChesney was up'froui Iowa City over Sunday visiting at W. H. lughain's. Geo. E. Clarke and W. B. Quarton went to Des Moines last evening to attend to business. ... Philip Dorweiler is home from his visit over east, where he attended the funeral of his sister-in-law and her: daughter. Misses Josephine and Louise ; McCoy came last evening for their spring vacation. They have been very successful in their work at Lake City. . Geo. E. Clarke -went to, Faribault last Wednesday and brought his daughter Lulu and Misses Mattie and Maggie Haggard home for their Easter vacation. [They will, remain two weeks. Harry Wilson started for California last Monday and will return with his father next month. Harry intimates that his father will put in a big mill with all the latest improvements as soon as he returns. Misses May and Emma Henderson of Riyerdale left Monday for Colorado Springs, to : spend the summer with their sister, Mrs. E. M. Getts. Mr. Getts, who went west for his health, has been greatly improved by the change. John Mack, an old time resident of Algona and son of Elder Mack, is out- from Wisconsin visiting old scenes. He says he should hardly have known Algona. He has not seen it since the days when he worked for Frank Harrison in his hotel. For Married "Women Only. Does your chimney fail to draw? Does the soot and smoke blow down into your room? Does the snow and water come down your chimney? If so the Finch Patent Chimney Top will prevent- all these annoyances. Stop and see them at Hamilton's lumber yard. GALBRAITH is selling ginghams, outing cloth, calicos, and plad dress goods at 5 cents a yard. HAVE you bought your "The Turkish Bath?* tickets for A GOOD short-horn bull, three years old, for sale. Pedigree goes with him. Inquire of J. H. Jones,-52t2 Young Horses For Sale, I have several nice three and four- year-old colts of my own raising for sale this spring, for cash or, on'' time! Apply to Wm. Nelson on my farm, whd ill show the horses and make sales, w: 52t2 C. L. LUND, GOLDEN WYANDOTTE settings can be had of Charley Laage. Price $1 a setting.-5lt3 .•'.,. Money. Plenty of money now for all applicants at the Kossuth County State bank, for real estate loans at lowest' rates. Money paid at once on completion of the papers. DON'T miss giving your family a " Bath" tomorrow night, at .the opera house bathing rooms. ONE-THIRD OFF on watches-clocks, jewelry, silver plated ware—until April' 1. E. G. Bowyoi-, jeweler.—49t5 •' IF you don't think I have sold out call and get prices and be convinced' • F. S. Stough. Spanish Jack. The undersigned will sell cheap for cash or on time if secured a fine Spanish Jack, formerly owned by A. S. White, A bargain for the right man. G. B. HALL, 52tf Assignee for A. S. White, Wesley, Iowa., A PLACE for everything, and the Opera House Grocery the one for choice eatables. • I HAVE sold my boot and shoe stock' and will sell at cost. F. S. Stough. BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. The best salvo iu the world-for bruises,' cuts, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever.sores,. tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25e a box. Sold by L. A. Sheetz. "UNCLE GEORGE," (American Mechanic,) GUNSMITH, LOCKSMITH, Bell Hanger, Bicycle Wheelwright, and Universal Artisan. Can be found next door south of Upper Des Moines office. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Sealed bids will be received by the board of directors of the Independent District of Ledyard for the erection of n two-story school house in Ledyard. Bids will be opened April 20, 1801. Plana and specifications can be seen at the secretary's office. Right reserved to reject any or all bids. F. A. KENYON, 1W ' Secretary School Board, AROTIOS, rubbers, sboes at opst. F. & and boots and The Latest. April 2 and 3 we will have a Special Spring Wrap .Sale. We would be pleased to have you look at our 'KID GLOVES. ,a*, Also Hosiery—when in, JAS. TAYLOR, §o well in Iowa as hogs; and they should not forget that J, Ai Hamilton & Co, manufacture aud sell the, justly wilt m& fek§t ten

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