Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 10, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, September 10, 1946
Page 4
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I / £ • * T 5 FOUJ M 0 P S 8 TAR, MOPS,, ARK A N 5 A S Ads Must Be In Office Day. Belote Publication Number of One Three SLx One®— — Wdrds, Day Days Days Month Tiia«Joy, . f r 16, to 16 to 20 21; to 25 20 to 30 31 to 35 36 to 40 ,4t, to .45. 46 to. 50 .60 .75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 4.50 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 Rates are for Continuous ; T Insertions Only, , • All Want Ads Cash in Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone Found STRAY MULE AND HORSE ARE being held at R. J. Rosenbaums I farm on old 67 highway. 9-6t For Sole 4 ROOM HOUSE IN PHILLIPS, addition close to Paisley school. Phone 903-J. 10-31 CLARINET, GOOD CONDITION, Phone-512. Jane Keaton. 10-3t G.E. ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR Table top gas range, 214 E. Second Street. io-3t DAY BED AND ROUND DINING table. Phone Cobb. . By Wettbrook PegUr Copyright, 1946 By King Feature* Syndicate, New York, Sept. 10 — Mrs. Fran- res Perkins, who wns Franklin D. Roosevelt's secretary of labor for 12 yenrs, was one of the few truthful persons in his administration. Therefore the lady deserves the benefit of n doubt in discussion of that phase of her mcmois which liis first appearance in , Springfield, N. J., Srpt. 10 r- • — Ct. Cary Middlecoff, one guy who apparently doesn't think that • i » is wc Mrs. James deals with Roosevelt's decision to Lost BROWN BILLFOLD AT NEW Theater Saturday. Photostat of discharge, paper'and money. Reward. Floyd Osborn, 317 South Walnut. ' 10-lt LADIES' R'OSE » GOLD WATCH at New Theater Saturday night. Jteward S5i Mrs. Grady May, 603 South Walnut. ' 10-3t TAIL LIGHT ATTACHED TO HUB cap. Reward. Fred Hartsfield. Phone = 903-W. 10- It 17 'JEWEL BULOVA LADIES'. , watch in Hope Community Center, ' Saturday. If returned, no' questions asked. .Mrs. J. H. Jor- FOLDING PLAY Combination hi 0 .. „ ^ «,..,„, chair and play table. All in goo*., condition. Phone 256. iQ-3t LIVING ROOM SUITE AND breakfast room suite. See at Hope Transfer Co. these 10-3t . . dan, Patmos, Ark. 9-3t Help Wonted 10-311 run far governor or New York in — j 1928. But, granting that Mrs. Perkins writes the truth as she knows it, the historical record must allege that she was deceived or incompletely informed and that the facts of the matter are seriously at odds with her report. For the benefit of the objective' historian who consults the reminiscences of Roosevelt's devotees, satellites and sycophants fifty years hence, this demurrer should be clipped to the tearsheets of Mrs. Perkins' story. Mrs. Perkins writes that in 1928, Governor Al Smith, the Democratic nominee for president, decided that he needed; Roosevelt as his candidate for governor of New York to help him. Smith, carry the state. Mrs. Perkins writes that Smith took the phone from Mrs. Roosevelt during the Democratic too [slate convention at Syracuse and SECRETARY-AND RECEPTION. ist for doctor's : office. Must be able ;to ; ;take shorthand and type well. Write A c/o Hope Star. Box .98, Hope, 'Ark. 6-3t TYPIST TO-LEARN TELETYPE operation punching news tape. Standard typewriter keyboard. Applicant must have finished ; high school. Apply Hope Star office ; after 3 p.m. 7.31 For Rent- FRONT BEDROOM ADJOINING - bath. Working girls preferred. ". Phone 737. 601 Pond Street. 10-3t "NEWLY DECORATED. BEDROOM adjoining-bath. To business or '- — --• - —- South professional woman, 306 Pine. 10-lt BEDROOM NEXT TO BATH WITH kitchen privileges. Couple only . No pets. 217 West 13th Street. 10-3t For Sale ALL WHITE SLIGHTLY USED table ;top Florence oil'range, five burner. Jesse I. Payne. Patmos, Ark. 6-3t THREE- ROOM, HOUSE WITH t bath, ,on South Washington near . Basket Co. Price $2,250. Flovrl Poi-tecfield. slot TWO SINGER MACHINES. C. W Yancey, Singer, Distributor, 513 South Walnut,.Phone 578-AV. C-3t FOR QUICK SAGE. WBLL ESTAB- lished garage, service station and modern working .equipment. For , further details Ark. ng ,e Wri 'rite Box 98 Hope 6-31 GREY HERRINGBONE SUIT size ; .40, 2 brown suits, size 38* In good condition. B. H. Edmonds,. 204 South Bonner. 7-3t TWO PORTABLE COMBINATION battery; and electric radios. See ' Grimmett, Rt. 2, Kramer Bests Brown in Tennis Match By GAYLE TALBOT Forest Hills, N. Y.. Sept 9 - to lose to .an expenenced player but the next night Smith made a personal plea "over and above politics." Mrs. Perkins says Roos ... —~~ — "•* v..x^ti tcin.cu yuiyei like Jack Kramer of Los Angeles in yesterday's final. The 23-year-old Brown, who paly- shooting par is harder than • pulling teeth, doesn't agree wilh (he folks who think he can belt a golf ball a mile . . . After tying for the lead in the national amateur- qualifying round, Middlecoff remarked: "They say I'm a long hitter but Skee Riegtl wns consistently out- driving me" . . Then, when Howard Everitt came along late In the day to tie Middlecoff for th- lead. Cary grinned "Here I thought I was a Dig operator and you had to come along." Rlegel, an upper Darby, Pa., boy who went west to attain golfing fame, says that "Skee" really is his name although it sounds more like winter sport than the midsummer pastime of golf . . . Speaking of names, how about a parlay on Ske.e Riegel and Smiley Quick? . . .The 69 and 70 they carded yesterday would pay off at a pretty, good price. No-So Handy Andy Andy Anderson of Oklahoma * "IVI^T 4**1\.1(>4OVJII \JL' X_/rVJ.tlllLJ| I | ll City, this department's favorite golfer because he doesn't vake ihe • . game too seriously, almost set Q wore than championship record yesterday in' showed up. tourney Andy belted three . . . drives out of bounds from the first t<?e and .scored 10, 9, ten strokes over pnr, for the first two holtts. . . . Then he rimmed the cup -hooting for a double eagle on the 18th . . . Some of the oldtimnrs remembered, however. : that in the 1926 amateur, I5ob Gardner did exactly the same thing off the same tee — three out of bounds and a ten. He failed to qualify . . . The U.S.G.A., record for courage still belongs to a pro, Ray Ainsley. wno took 17 strokes on one hole at Denver's Cherry Hills club, and kept on playing. One-Minute Sports Page Smiley Quick still is troubled with a twitch in one log, an aftermath -of bombing* in ihe Pacifij. Plenty of golfers would settle i'or the same affliction— and ;he ,;nmc scores . . . Rutgers, the nearest football center to this golf course, is bothered with a surplus of material like most other colleges. After the first drill, Coach Harvey Hnrman cut 14 men off his squad because there wasn't enough equipment. The next afternoon more than 14 new candidates Bobcats to Be Ready for DeQueen Friday w<u ti ™* hn ' le , 0 J> en ™{ Same only two ing tennis, that gave him victories pal f n - °°sevelt, reversing his I $?„ thJi.ah Rc ! b ^ ats d , ail y a '.' e over Frankie Parker and Gardnl? earlleru estimate of Tom Dewev's f«"r, •', t . 1 ? loh " g H workouts in Mulloy, both. Davis cuppers " ft™ngth as a campaigner, took' to * °'' De ^ ueen ' h « his fnllnwincr in thn ?;„„! ... i piione, ne gave in. his following in the ...« ^.u^^utv ii i 6 »ii U it; iinai, even ..u though he lost in straight sets U H K .- ra i\ P 1 ' 1 ™ 8 "^ to support 9-7, 6-3. 6-0. $ mltn .- Mvs .- Perkins wrote. In , . . . He played the same chance-tak- jng tennis, that gave him victories . . n the closing days of the 1944 'cam- 1 pal f n - R °°sevelt, reversing his _., , wv *.. *^nvia tupptis. ;in previous rounds. And he went down only because he was up a - — -•— •> nvj "f "eiEiuiat ci player who, for the day, was extremely good. .- and closed out ..is uwn > campaign in Boston. His soeech there was an appeal to the Irish- ness and Catholicism of the Bos- •emeiy good. ness, uuu (-acnoncism ol the Bos- Because Davis Cup rules provide l ton Dem ocrats, who held S:--.ith in a nation must name its team jQi revereci memorv. In th.it * nao ^ days before a match, Brown will not play in the inter-zone anal between this country and Sweden here next week end .The Swedish captain offered to waive the rule but Capt. Waller Pale of the U S. squad declined to xaKe advantage of his rival's sporting gesture However, it can be put down as a certainty that the young ex-GI will be very much presenl if an American leam goes to 'Australia this winter in search of the cun as it very likely will. The result of }fl e . Omen's final ,in. which Pan- won her memory. In that o vcct -,i took advantage of Ihe facl lhal Al Smith had died a few- weeks before, to claim Smith's friendship, which had been withdrawn several years before, as Roosevelt well knew, and said thai he ran lor the governorship of New York in 1928 "at Smith's request." This unquestionably was true. - -^ - -• — - - —_— j • < . b 11 <,, Emphasis yesterday was placed on blocking and the running of plays. The day ended wilh the whole squad taking part in a full- sized scrimmage, that included some rugged line work. Linemen on both sides looked good and few 'break-throughs" were noted in comparison to other scrimmage sessions. The boys are rounding. out in condition and should be in .fail- shape by gametime. Friday night will see the Cats sporting an assorted uniform made — ......,......*.».. UU ij Wa3 nut.-. =ijui uiig ,m assorted uniform It is also true, however, and neith- necessary by the absence of er Roosevelt nor Mrs. Perkins has "game" pants which cannot be even alluded to the fact, that delivered by same time by the Roosevelt's decision was not made manufacturers. New shoulder pnds and maroon jerseys will 'be used alon with r „ Doris Hart of Miami, caused no great surprise. -o as a favor, to Smith but was based on a financial consideration. John J. with practice pants which 9-3t Mrs. •&.: _ Hope, Ark. '1936 FORD RATION WAGON good ^condition, new tires, radio Owner leaving town. Phone 523 . •_ 9-3t 5 BURNER OIL STOVE AND RA^ dio. Charles P. Scott, one block north of brick yard. 9-3t William R. Herndon Photographer First National Bank Bldg. Second Floor or 114-J ,. •' *•••.: i.-i*iSu . . PORTRAITS Commercial and Advertising .PHOTO COPIES Discharges - Legal Documents 24-Hour Service STOP AND CHAT with MOLLY and BILL Famous for STEAKS and CHOPS Overstuffed Cheeseburgers and YumrYum FOOT LONG HOT DOGS with Chilli "CURB SERVICE" ~ 720 West Third — DE LUXE CAFE Pistol Team From Pine Bluff Licks Little Rock Little Rock, Sept. 9-m—A five " P'jtol team from Pine Bluff defeated a Little Rock team representing the pistol and rifle club icre by a score of. 911 to 398 yes- Each, man on the teams was al- w? cho^' 20 f shots at 25 y««»s his choice of weapons ' Me m, b ers of the Pine Bluff were F. W. Berry, Paul James Crawtord, Frank son and Ralph Bonar. Livestock Group fro Hold Business Meet Tuesday Live stock Show ,— , , *• **&* *«-witu* u una iivt should attend this meeting h f v ^ 'ess than a month to ready for this show We get ,. and Q UJck • PLUMBING SE'RVICE • PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too Smart •ANDERSON BROS. • NOTICE PICTURES FRAMED NICE SELECTION OF NEW MOULDINGS CLYDE FRITZ PHone 399 AVENUE B GRORFRV REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R Get Ready FOR FALL By having your winter garments cleaned and ' pressed. We Pick Up and Deliver Plenty of Parking Space" Hatters HUGH P. HALL, Owner 208 N. Ferguion Phone 76 ist and an official of General Motors and the Empire Stale Building, had accompanied Smilh to the state convention at Smith's request. I undertake to say chis because I called on Smith to ask him about the incidents during the summer of 1944 and he told the story without hesitation. I say also he had no personal respect for Roosevelt at lhal time. Raskob was nol inlerested in politics as such, but believed that prohibition was a source of dangerous corruption in Ihe polilics and morals of Ihe counlry and was a crusader for repeal. Smith did telephone Roosevelt Uyice from Syracuse to Warm Springs and Roosevelt turned him down. Al then asked Raskob to try and he did. Roosevelt said he wanted lo get his r.eallh back and moreover, was under financial obligations in his Warm Springs enterprise. Roosevelt had b9ught this little rundown vacation resort from George Fosler Peabody, a rich banker and insurance man, who was also a philanthropist, and had given Peabody notes. Roosevelt then sold the property to a foundation, himself accepting notes. If. he thoughl Peabody would cancel his notes on the ground that Roosevelt, too, appeared to be a philanthropist, he was mistaken .By telephone, Raskob remarked to Roosevelt thai Smith seemed to have the notion that he • Roosevelt, felt committed to raise money for Warm Springs. Raskob asked him if money was no ' Little has bean heard from De- tjueen but if pasl games are any indication the Bobcats will'have a hard battle. The Leopards' usually present a light, fast team with a tricky offensive. Red Wheeler May Be Lost to Porkers By The Associated Press Southwest Conference football squads are due to get their first real tastes of scrimmage in this their second, week of fall practice and. already the inevitable injury Jinx is taking over. Big Earl "Red" Wheeler, the t]iiversity |of Arkansas' "iron man center, was on the sidelines again today, this time with a possible brain concussion. Wheeler was knocked unconscious in drill yesterday. He came to and returned to the session only io keel over a few minutes later. Previously a minor operation had been expected to. keep Wheeler out of action early in the season Head Coach John Barnhili Drought two "mighty mite" backs up from the "B 1 squad yesterday Ihey are Gordon Long, passing Pennant Race Gets Underway Again Today By, RALPH RODEN Associated Press Sprots Writer The do or die stage :Cor ihe :3t. Louis. Cardinals and the Brooklyn Dodgers in the National League pennant race gets underway ioctay •" ! ' u "-- "--' Birds oeginning a 13- rip a t Philadelphia Overcomes Putting Trouble in Win March By TOMMY DE.VINE .tinicairo, sept. 0 - (UP) —Long- hitting Sam Snpncl of Hot :-jpriiif,j, Va., overcame Jiis chronic "putting • il?™ ' lons "nough lo add the &l (1,000 \viiiner-lalie-iill "worlds Holt championship" to hi.s list ol triumphs, today. bnead won the richest pri/i- ever offered in a :)fi-nole mctlal Play event at the Turn O'Shanler Counlry Club yrslerrlay when he put together a >niir of f.9's for a sis under par 138. Sneacfs total gave him the prize by two strokes over Byron Kolson making hi.s final competitive appearance of the year. Nelson >vul a 69 yesterday to go with hi:' opening round 71 for a MO total. National Open Champion Llovcl Maiigrum finished third when 'he added an oven par 72 to his first round (>9 for a 141. Last in ihe select invitational field was Herman Ban-on of White Plains N Y with « 75-G7 for a 142. •••••• Hie triumph boosted Sncnd to second place among the vear's winners, with a to'.sl of loppini? the list is Ben with $33,000, Ilogan, who . ---• ior the invitational meet he™ b.v virtue of his victory 'n xhe i GA tournament at Portland, On-. I declined to participate. ' I . The victory was Sneacl's first since he copped the British Open artistically with thai triumph, : t in July. While il may nol rank he. was. -permitted lo oring -iome was a far more profitable one. Chicle originally was brought to fo, C rubber! SlUteS OS " Sllbstil11 ^ Sourhcrn Loop. Ployoff to Start Thursday By The Aosoclntetl Press It will be New Orleans vs. Atlanta and ChattnnooKa vs. Memphis in the Southern Association playoff series starting Tuesday niyht. Kain helped settle tho linoup in ypsterday'.s season :."inish. Sliowi-r:i washed the Now Orleans Pelicans into fourth place. Cluulanooga and Liule jiock a so were niinotl out of -ihclr vwin bill. Second-place Men.phts ruined Nashville's playoff hopes bv capturing the seven-inning nightcap with a four-run outburst in the sixth inning despite five-nit •oltch- ing by Russ Meyei; and Moors. Meyer had yielded only two infield hits until he blow up. in the sixth Leo Twardy's five-hit hurling brought his eighteenth victory lied m the lirst frame. The Bears also started and iiuled strong in the seven-inning finale o rout Earl McGowan. Mobile likewise chased another Atlanta star, Oewey Adklns, lo the showers m the opLTifr. Stalin Reviews " Tankmen's Day in Moscow Moscow, Sept. !) — I/I') — Prirnn Minister Stalin ;iiul Htissini 1 uiill- iiiry londers rrviewrd i-olnrtilifr ot Soviet lunli!: and «f?)f-prri|ii'llotl guns 'Vhi(-l) put adi'i.1 tliioui'h lleil Stiuaro in obscrvanco of "i-inkinon'.; Jay' While Sovvu't planrn rnareii overhead in mi impro'isivi 1 -isphiy, St.illn—flunked by Marshals Ivan I<OIH?V aiitl Hcmroii M. Buclyonny. members (if the Politburo '.incl .^ov- crninenj l.i'iidei-s—siooil in front of Loinin's tomb and walchcil the piri adP of armort'd strciiKtli. Members of n C/.cchuslnvuk mil- itar.v .misaioi) and foreign ponclents wore tin.- only "forcign'oVs invited to attc'iid. 1 The 'national saluto to (he ,'American Iliig consists of one shot I for each star therein. ace of the 1944 . , eleven, the nominalion. Roosevell said he would have lo raise $250,000 for Warm Springs. Raskob said that, in that case, he would guarantee the $250,000 and underwrite the ditierence between and amounl of money that could be raised in a public appeal for contributions and $2oO,000. That same night, Raskob wrote a letler to Roosevell and enclosed his check ior $250,000. The next lime Roosevell was in New York, he told Raskob thai il wasn't necessary lor him to subscribe Ihe whole amount. Raskob replied thai Roosevell mighl keep the check and return to him as much money as the drive should raise, retaining the difference as Raskob's own contribution. Roosevelt gave back the $250,000. Raskob then subscribed $50,000 on. his own account and later subscribed $50 000 in the names of his children Roosevelt asked William Woodin another capitalist, to be chairman of a drive to raise money and ater named Woodin secrelary of ihe treasury, a post which ne held snefly until his dealh in the spring Al Smith later said he was reliably informed lhal Raskob's $100,JOO and Iho remainder of Ihe i>250,000 raised by an appeal lo public charily, was used If reimburse Mrs. Sara Delano Roosevell, Ihe late president's mother for money which she had advanced or invested for her son in Warm Springs. Mrs. Perkins' version and the; remarks of Roosevelt to the Boston "Irish" in 1944, misrepresent the' fuels in lhal Ihey would have it thai Roosevelt abandoned his program of physical recuperation sole-' ly as a favor lo Smith. He had turned Smith down repeatedly and denied Smith the political help which Smith undoubtedly did request from him as a personal favor. His decision to accept the nomination was persuaded by a guarantee of $250,000, and was made only after Raskob personally pledged the money. No person among the Roosevelt following has yet offered proof that Roosevelt ever made any unconditional gift lo charity proportionate to his means. . Dana Bible, Texas coach, also is having injury troubles. Blocking Back Clarence Scidenberger has been lost for the season due lo a leg fracture and Sam Wood ''resh- man center, is out *ndefinitefy because of injuries suffered in an automobile accident. The Texas Christian Horned Frogs, bruised up a bit ;n ) as t week s scrimmages but withoul serious injuries, look yeslerday off to pose for cameramen. A 'light workout was scheduled today. No serious injuries were reported at Baylor, Texas A. and M Rice or Southern Methodist, where' practice is swinging into high gear this week with Ihe respective coaches apparently pleased with progress of their teams. Coach Malty Bell of SMU made several changes in his backfield lineup yesterday. These moved Carrol Parker, a 200-pounder, from wingback to fullback, where he is likely lo start, and David Redmen from fullback \.o wingback. Taking shape as the ponies' No. 1 backfield in this auartet: Parker Paul Page, Gilbert Johnson» and Gene McClmtock. : o Mayor of Hughes Has Narrow Escape in Plane Forrest City, Sept. 9 — (/p) _ Mayor C. C. Moore of Hughes Ark., provided an added attraction ior a large crowd atlending ihe final performance of a Iwo-day air show here yesterday when his private plane failed in ils lakeoff and rolled mlo a dilch. The mayor suffered laccralions aboul the head and lv>dv. With him were his six-yearold son, Curtis who received a broken leg uno" a nephew, Leon Tucker of Hughes who suffered minor cuts and abrasions. Moore's plane was dutnaeed considerably. . o The ocean does not get deeper the farther it extends from shore, P9ints out the National Geographic Society, The deepest spots usually are found along the edges of continental shelves. with the .Red _.. game road trip ..^.j,....! while the Dodders entertain the Cincinnati Reds. The American League's eastern clubs take their last journey through the west with the pace-setting Bosotn Red Sox needing only to defeat the Detroit Tigers'today to clinch their first pennant since U1 o, Leading the r>odgors by two I games, the Cards will plV.y the Phils twice and then invade Flatbush for a three-game series, With the exception of three games at Boston, the Dodgers play the remainder of their 17 games at home. The Cards have only five games left to play at Sportsman's park in Si; Louis. Brooklyn hurling, paced by rookie Joe Hatten and veteran Kirby Higbe, and the.return io form of Pole Reiser, have 'increased, the Brooks' confidence in their chances ot overhauling. the Red Birds. In their last four games, Brooklyn pitchers have gone the distance 3nly once previously this season liave Dodger hurlers gone the route four straight times. The Red Bird: pitching staff has uillen olf somewhat, with Howie Collet and Murry Dickson hit exceptionally hard in their last outings. Pollet, winner of 18 games has been ill, The Red Bird hitters are enjoying some of their biggest days of the season, at. vhe plate h-nos (Country) Slaughter has taken a commanding lead in the runs- oatted.in department, and Stan Musial continued to pace the league in batting. In the only game in either league yesterday, the/Philadelphia Phillies nosed out the New York Giants 3-4 under the lights at Philadelphia. Charley Gilbert broke up the game in the ninth-by singling 'n Andy Seminick fr.om second. -Ennis clouted a three-run first inning homer off rookie Sheldon i j es -i°- send the Phils °H to n 3-0 ead The Phils entered the ninth leading 4-1, but the Giants staged a scoring spree in which pinch- hitter Ernie Lombard! made a homerun. BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing. Repairs HARRY W* SHIVER • Heating Hope, Ark. Phone 269 COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto-Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main YOUR CREPIT 13 GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too — ALL WORK GUARANTEED One day service <n-town — We Call for'and Deliver Anywhere Bargain* In Secondhand Furniture Phone 152 411 S. Howl Sewing Machines Call us for guaranteed Repair work on all makes machines. 23 Years Experience We cover buttons, make button holes and do henv stitching. We buy, sell and exchange machines. C. W, YANCEY Singer Dist. >13 8. 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Ask for Mr. McLarty, at Hope Auto Co, HOPE STAS, HOPS ARKANSAS By Chick Young OZARK IRE By Roy Gotfo MERTON OFFERED VME HIS SLINGSHOT > AND TEN RUBBER BANDS THAT'S THE TROUBLE WITH HAVING SUCH A PRETTY GIRL FRIEND LIKE EMILV I LL GIVE YOU )' MY- CAP PISTOL'S I MIN V)T. E T0 AND A ROLL OF CAPS r HERES WHERS :SLATER MAKES ' HEAOLINES THE OTHER KIDS : ARE ,,. WANTING TO MAKE :;,-,'\ ^-. —. A TRADE y/— 1 I'LL -— v THROW IN \ MV TURTLE ,^-1 TO BOOT ...WITH „ SENSATIONAL SHOE-STRING- CATCH/ SIDE GLANCES By Golbrairh By Dick Turner By Michael Q'Ma3lef,& Ralph Lane, NOW I GET IT. LASH THORN TO "" I'D BETTER MAUP THE P.C-SCUF / Tf MYSELF SCARClT GOING TO HAVE THOSE VISITORS LASH SPOKE ABOUT 'HEBE YELLING COMIMG FROM? FROM THE " POOL, SIR. WHERE MISS MISTRAL TAKES HER MORN ING SWIM/ I'LL vouTHERE/ WASH^TUBBS By Leslie-.Turner lE.lblblMl PLUNGc5]tv. w I...THEN INKY PftRKNESS... Ef\SV...ON AUGUST ICM680I SORT.D'RUSTV, \ EVERV PUEBLO STRUCK KT MW.E A KF, BUT WONT \i BY THE LEADER, POPE . 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AS A DOCTOR, BUT HE'S WIRITTEMSO MftNV CHECKS SlNCe HE'S 8EEM HE Re THEY MOST HAVE A SPECIAL MIDGET LlKe 3AK& PROSPERING, YMHILE T 'WHOM. LISI-VT OF FLARES, j-,_j . - - — - -N I l\i m ARTISTIC J \j hv, P*/*\\ i E- OT* v i Miv,« V •.£•••#•'., to'f "' ''- "h / \\^\M !.<, . h n)_i;._-<;, ,".) -•--•....••.••. Ufv -\ ...^ .— -,,-, / ^ A ^fevA las i^^Bfcte^O^V 011 ^:^':;^, V*x'V >m RED RYDER By Fred Harmon fe^fe^tif} ( ,-\ 7/ V ^r - -'-E GJX\ \ ;c- Orr v-:-V J S DX-OT ^li^k • : ¥wlii®svaiii KEIR SHOTS KNOCKED p\'ER.TUEOLiCl<S.

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