The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 28, 1894 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 28, 1894
Page 2
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Ev6fit§ Lowes* Terms, CONGRESSIONAL. Jthns been decided by the house n.g- *tcttlt«ral committee to report favor- J&ly Hatch's anti«op.tJon bill as amended. Posfoflko authorities at ttoronto • liatd seized copies of the Congressional Uecord, i-cf using to tecogfaize thd .con- gross ft atik, Surprise is felt in adittinistration *!«Jles at the opposition already springing up against th6 proposed aew Chisese treaty. Slierinan's resolution concerning .a private mint in Omaha stirred up -.a free silver debate in the senate. Secretary Grc&hnm charges 'Gi'eat Uritnin- with dereliction ia presenting- legislation concerning the Ilehring Sea dispute. Senator Colqtiitt of Georgia, who lias been lying nt tho point of death, 5s slightly improved. Chairman Voorhccs reportdd the teriff bill to the senate. It will be taken up for consideration April 2. Without division the house passed the sundry civil bill. Appropriation bills slioiv a reduction of $24,000,000. ( Senator Msinderson says he is in favor of municipal ownership of street railways, lighting and waterworks. Congressmiui Childs lias been instructed to report favorably a bill for a new district federal judge for Chicago. Senator Colquirtt of Georgia is seriously ill with throat trouble. Absent •members of hie family have been sent for. Messages in regard to the Blueflelds incident and Hawaiian affairs were sent to congress by the President. In the debate on the sundry civil bill in the house the work of the Missouri river commission was criticised. Early action on the bill to carry out the provisions of the Behring sea seal fisheries award will bo urged by Mr. McCreary. G J. Waring of Chicago, a colored man, is said to stand an excellent chance of securing the district record- •ership. RELIGIOUS. Rev. Mr. Allen, pastor of the Methodist church at Blandinsvillc, 111., has been found guilty of immorality. Union revival service?, are in progress in Bloomington, 111., and the church is thronged at every meeting. Eev. Father Phelan, whose paper has been condemned by Archbishop Kain, has appealed the caso of Mgr. Satolli. Father Lambert has withdrawn from the Catholic church, saying his conscience would no longer permit him to remain. i COMMERCE AND FINANCE. R. G. Dun & Co. 's Kcvicw reports a greater volume of business in the country, but at prices lower than ever before. AYheat and rye are reported to be in excellent condition according to the Illinois Ktuto Board of Agriculture. Bradstreet's statement of the exports from both coasts, wheat and Hour,made up a day curlier than usual, shows a decrease. Rates for money remain unchanged. On first-class collateral plenty of call money can bo had at 4 per cunt. At Uie banks the statement is made that a eood many new demands for money are now coming in. Call rates for money are maintained at about 4 per cent in Chicago. In Ke\v Yoj'U 1 per cent is all that can bt» obtained. New York stock market is generally strong, Trading m Sugar Helining is heavy und a net advance of 2% \vus scored Monday. Creditors of the Chicago Chemical .National Bunk, who have already been paid 70 per cunt, will ultimately receive full amount of claims. POMTICAU. Ohio populists and prohibitionists have combined to defeat the candidates of both democratic and republican parties. In order to break the solid south the Home Market club of Boston is raising funds to aid the Kolbites, An American Protective association paper at Milwaukee has published a list of democratic candidates who are Catholics. Speaking at a republican convention at Danville, 111., Robert G. lugersoll uttributed the ills of tho country to the democrats. It was decided by the Iowa legislature to adjourn April 0. Perry's bill ugainst insurance combines was passed. in conference at Des decided to support only free coinage candidates for congress. Supreme President Traynor of the Amerfcun Protective asbociqtion urges of the order to attend cau- Jersey's Supreme court has de- adversely to the democratic l4ajnithat the senate was a continuous the 4 b»U for a mulct tax, payment of should be a bar to t»e prohibition house. ttjpublic'ans in e^istatufe ate bactly ftpttion\$ie eie&Mon inspectors' 1 frill. Scnatbr Culloni professes to have little ifear that.he will ba defeated for William E. Mason. Gov. liieh 1ms been sustained in re- 'teoving state Officials by a unanimous opinion of the Michigan Supreme iCour.t. The A. ,P. A. .Controlled the Mil.watt- ikee republican .convention and .unfriendly candidates wero ''tur,ned down." •Gen. Harrison is-quoted by Iiidian- .apolis saying that he will .not Again be a candidate for President. Southern republicans are indignant at the proposed curtailment of their power .in future national conventions .of the jparty. NOTABLE DEATHS. OGeorgie.C. Baker, tile inventor of the submarmo .torpedo boat, died in Washington. He was S5 years of age. A. G. Tliroop died at Pasadena, Cal., .aged 83 years, lie was.a pioneer business man ,and politiciaia-.of Chicago J.anies Edward Dalliba died at Mar- .que.ttc, Mich., aged 73. lie Was a well-known attorney, .railroad ottioial .and politician. Sir Philip Cunliffo-Owew., who has rendered distinguished service'at several world's expositions, died in London. Mother Superior Mary .Joseph Gill •of the Sisters of Mevev died Kitddenly •of heart .disetiso at Dubuque, Iowa, Judge William McKinzio, fuihcr of the minister to Peril, .died at his home near Bennettstown, Ky., aged 91. Louis ICossuth, tb,e Hungarian patriot, died after a long Ulricas at Turin, lie was 02 years of age. Hoadlcy 13. Ives, the eccentric Mew Uaven (Conn,) millionaire is dead. He was 85 years old. Mrs. Annie Bailey, a colored woman, died at Philadelphia at the reputed age of 121. She was born near Chambersburg, Pa RAILROAD NEWS. All Chicago railroads are feeling the effects of a recent healthy growth in shipments of freight. Concessions have been made by tho railroads which will tend to restore to Buffalo her former great grain trade. Eastern lines have entered into a restriction of trailic agreement similar to the one in effect early in 1893. Western passenger association lines sire experiencing great diiliculty in reaching an agreement to the Missouri river rate. Temporary and probably permanent peacu has been declared between tho Southern Pacific and the Atehisou. There is no reasonable doubtthatan cast-bound freightpool will be formed, but it will require months of work. Judge Culdwell of tho Federal court has ordered that the Winoua & Southwestern railroad be sold. Cut rates were again responsible for an increase of i'ully fiO per cent in last week's east-bound tonnage. General Passenger Agent Lomax declares the Union I'neiiiu is nob responsible for the demoralization in transcontinental rates. CRIME. Government officials have discovered new counterfeits in circulation. One is a §!3 treasury note, the other a SI silver certificate. At llama. Texas, two boys, aged 15, in lovo with tho stimo girl, fought a duel with daggers. One was fatally j hurt, yionewnll J. Do France was found guilty of- forgery in tho Kalumuxoo trial. Sentence was deferred until Monday. Whitecaps at Fayetto, Mo,, terribly whipped a negro woman and ordered her to leave the county under pain of death. For throwing her illegitimate babe into the lake Mrs, Mill was sentenced to prison for one year at Mihrakee. Thomas P. Tuite, the absconding city treasurer of Detroit, has been captured in New York after two years' pursuit. At Wilkesbarrc, Pa., John Shandon fatally shot a man, killed a baby, fired into a poKss aud narrowly escaped lynching. Albert Looker, who killed Watchmen Conroy anil Cleai'y at Tolleston, Intl. , was exonerated by the coroner's jury. Van Johnson and Leighton Henry began a fight at Mason City, W, Vo., whieh resulted in the wounding of twenty men. By the killing of two members rf the Hatfield gang the old Hatfield-MeCoy feud in West Virginia has been renewed Because their parents objected to their marriage, John Reed and Etta Shaw of Iowa hanged themselves on the same rope. Minnie Schilling of St. Louis, aged 17, was. fatally wounded by Edward St. George Courtenay, a married lover, aged 40. A counterfeiter, to whom otHcers and farmers gave chase near Walcott, Iowa, killed himself with a revolver. Half a million silver dollars are said to have beep put in circulation by a, counterfeiting' gang operating near Omaha, Neb. Rev. W P. Ratlif?, the populist politician who killvd S. A- Jackson at Koseiusko, Miss , was acquitted by the jury. _ ' In his encyclical to the European bishops the pope exhorts them to avoid a bpstUe spirit toward civil authorities Fire jq a &chox>l conducted by sisters of chgvjty a^ Ljton de&fcr9y?4 Failure of the,; tluntaf iaii •meiit to shoft,p?opti» rBfatd tot Kos- ifeuth led id mofe feeribtta' rl&tiaff at JQudftiPestli. ln ; a speech ftt Edinbufgh Sir Joseph •Chamberlain said Gladstone had left Premier Rosebery a heritage of woe. Because the theaters in Budn-I'esth did, not close out of respect for Itos- stlth thoy were stormed by angry stu- .dettts. Queen Vieto'rla and the Prince of Wales have consented to the marriage oi Prlndess Maud to Premier Eose- bery. Several workmen engaged in removing .dynamite from the wreck .of the iCo-bo ,Machiaeo at' Santander were hilled. »j Trouble in the German I'resbyteriai-i .cliutch'.at DubUque, Iowa, has led to the seceding 1 of 100 members. T.wenbytscvon persons were arrested and •will ibe executed for an attempt to kill .the King of Coren, IJuiidrGds of people in Exeter-hall, London, .celebrated tne noth birthday of Neal Do.W, the American temperance reformer. Two hundued Malays wei-e killed in a light with .Spaniards on the island of i'.autor. ;®ne Spaniard was killed. London people are discussing the unknown influence that secured for William Waldorf Astor admission to the Cua-leton club. Imre Kiralfy's .scheme to reproduce the World's Fair court of honor in London this summer has been postponed for a year. Archbishop Keehsvn of Chicago may be made a cardinal at the next consistory which has again been postponed ' CASUALTIES. At Denver, Colo., the Champa building was partially destroyed, entailing a total loss of SiOO.OOO; about half insured. A natural gas explosion destroyed Lafe Harmon's home at Hartford City, Ind. Its seven occupants were injured. • Three women and a baby were terribly burned by an explosion of gasoline at the homo of ,T. Westfall, in Bel- viderc, 111. Frederick Rumpe & Brothers big mill property at Philadelphia was do stroycd. The loss is put at $243,000. MISCELLANEOUS NEWS. Shocking cases of cruelty at the county poor farm arc reported by a Kansas City paralytic who was discharged. It is said that a discrepancy of $l,fjO(),- 000 has been discovered iu tho New York state comptroller's office. Dispatches from Ontario intimate that England is delaying- Hohring Hea legislation order to benefit tho Canadian sealers. John R. Rice, the cowboy preacher, has been placed in jail at Scranton, Pa., for holding disorderly meetings. Discovery and development of valuable coal mines have increased the population of Toluca, 111., from ;;00 to 3,000 in a 3'ear. Fourteen tramps on their way to join Coxcy's army, wero arrested aud sent to tho workhouse at Indianapolis. Samuel Woollier of Peoria announces that he will build the largest distillery in the world. It will bo an antitrust house. Albert AlLcndorf, a member of the Omaha, A. P. A., was tried before an A. P. A. judge for assault and sentenced to two years. Employes of tho L : nion Pacillc are disappointed with the conference and the result may be a general strike. probably tho largest wheat deal o£ the northwest, involving 3,350,000 bushels, has just been closed at Minneapolis. People of Canada threaten to wreak political vengeance on the government for closing the old Wetland Canal. According to Bradstreet's tho recent spring-like weather has caused a general revival of business at all trade centers. Miss Annie Bauhnrt of Mnssillon, Ohio, has been chosen to ride the white horse at the head of Coxey's army of peace. An operatic manager has offered Madeline Pollard 8500 a week to star in his company, Alabama negroes favor the emigration of their raco to Liberia, but think. the white people should foot the bills. MULCT BILL PASSED! THB MARTIN MULCf LIQUOR &I.LL PASSES BOTH'MOUSES. MARK&T REPORTS. CHICAGO. MAUCH £3 CATTLE— Common to prime....* 1 Ui llociB-Shlpping gnulus ........ 2 03 Slinisi'—J.i'ulr to choice \VllKAT-No. a red... CoitN—No. 2 OATS-No. 2 , HVE—No. 2 liUTTEit—Choice croatnor.?..... Kous—Fresh , bu, rEOUIA. a5 20 © 1 85 © -I 70 @ 4 25 35 Jj 30 00 Q © © & RYE— No. S CoitN— No. 2 \vhlta UATS— No. 3 wliHe 40 I^OUIS. @ © \V»im'— No. S OOUN— No. « OATS-NO, g. MlIAVAUIiKK, 31 1 70 53 34 Co«N— No. 8 — No. -4 White V— No. 2 B— No 1., © 57 @ 20M @ 33 @ N CATTM: ................... ...... 160 Hoes ............................ 4 oj N13W VOttK. WHEAT—No, 8 Ucd. ., Cons—No. S i—WWw Wotera @ 4 65 ®< iff (0-JoJ It aoos Through the Senato by a Vote of 26 to 24. Following U the Martin mutet liquor bill, which passed the house -on the 21st and the senate on the 22nd: Section 1. There shall be Assessed Rgttlnst every person, partnership or corporation, other than registered phajftuuctRts holding permits,.engaged In gelling;or keeping with intout to-aell, any Intoxicating liquors, and upon aiiy real property, and tbe owner thereof, -within or wherooit tntoxleattnff liquor* MA sold, or kept with intent to sou in this Btato, a, tax of six littndrrxl dollars per annum. 'All such taxe.8 shall bo a ; per- pettml Hen upon all property, both personal and real, .used in or connected xvlth the tmelness. Section 2. It shall be the duty of tho assessor .Of each towt ehip, incorporated town or city, Iu tlio months of December, March, June and September of «acli year to return to the auditor of each couuty a list of places with name of occupant or tenant, end owner -or agent, Whoro intoxicating liquors arc sold or kept for sale- as heroin contemplated, with n. description of tho real property wherein or whereon such tradlc is conducted. Soctio-Ji 8. Should tho assessor for any reason foil fo perform his duty as specified in this act, thon and in that caso, any three citizens of the county can l;y verifled statement om information and belief addressed to tne county auditor, procure tho listing of names and places as above provided with tho same force and OfTect as if done by the assessor. Section 4. At the meeting of the board of supervisors next following tho listing as aforesaid, application may bo made to re- bato the tax by petition duly verified and reg'.ilarly flled with tho county auditoi eight'days before the time sot for the consideration of the caso, and notice for the sauio length ot time must bo served on tho county attorney in writing. The averments of the petition will bo doomed denied and witnesses may be examined, and tho chairman of the board, or in his absence or inability to act, any member of tho same may administer an oath in tho same forhi and oi the sumo effect as to penalties for testifying falsely, as if administered in court. The board may also issue subpoe.nas requiring attendance of witnesses, and shall have the same power to compel tho attendance of the same by.attachment as is conferred upon the district court, and Shall report those failing to obey the summons or refusing to testify, to tho next term of court iu and for said county, for punishment for contempt. The fees for witnesses shall bo the same as iu tho district court. Section 5. On tho application to rebate tho tax. tho owner ot the property may file verified petitions therefor aud bo heard in support of the same, aud evidence of the general reputation of tho place may be Introduced, and if upon the hearing of the case, it shall bo shown that tho petitioner, his ageut or tenant lias paid a retail liquor dealer's internal revenue tax to tho United States, covering the time and premises as sot fortli in tho listing of said real estate, it shall l.o primu facie evidence thac the tax was properly levied. If upon said hearing it bo found by a majority vote of tho board of supervisors thut the tax was properly levied, it shall stand and continue to bo a lien against tho property. Either tho petitioner or the county attorney mav appeal to the district court, and if tho petitioner appeals ho shall be required to givo bond tor the costs which have accrued, or may accrue, in the further progress of tho cnso. Notice pf the appeal shall be served upon tho appellee or his attorney, within ten days after tho decision by tho board of supervisors; whereupon tbe auditor shall file a full and complete transcript of tho record of the proceedings in said cause, together with tho original papers, iu tho office of the clerk of the district court iu aurt for said couuty. In easo tho [hiding of the board of supervisors shall bo against levying the tax, and the county attorney shall fail to tako an appeal to tho district court with ten days from such finding, us above provider], any throo citizens ol! the county may tako such appeal within tcu days thereafter by giving a good nuil sulllciunt bond for costs, ^u c«so tho Uncling of the district court shall bo in favor of tho defendant; and tho samp proceeding shall bo bad as if the appeal had boon taken by tho county attorney. Thti auditor shall cnnnro and tax as foes for tho transcript und writing up of tho record ten cents per hundred words. Ssction (i. On tho appeal tho trial shall be conducted as an equitable cause aud the first term shall bo tho trial term. Should it'appear either on the trial before the beard of supBrvisors, or in tho district court, that thoro have been Bales o£ intoxicating liquors on tho Dronnses listed for taxation, the tax shall bo confirmed against tho person, corporation or partnership conducting the sales; if it appears that tho wrong name or an alias has been used, then tho record and assessment list may ba amended and tho true namo inserted, and it It shall appear at such trial that the owner or his agent had or by tho use of reasonable caro or diligence might havo known of the sales of intoxicating liquors us aforesaid, tho tax shall be cou- llrmod against the property, and the clork of tho district court ahull certify such fact to tho county auditor witty tho amount of costs ruado m tho trial of tho caso. Section 7, Should it bo found in tho trial before 'the board ot supervisors, or on appeal, that soles of intoxicating liquors fn or upon the premises described, had not continued for more than six months in the year for which tho taxes wero nsser.spd, then tho total tax for tho year, exclusive of coats, may bo reduced pro rata. Section 8. There shall be furnished to the assessor when ho enters upon tho duties of each year, a book to bo known* as tho "Assessment book foi liquor dealers." In this shall bo returneti the list of places where intoxicating liquors are sold, with names of occupants, tenants und owners, and also the name of tlio ageut, if there is en agent, of the property. These taxes shall not be submitted to any board of equ41izatioa for any purpose. Section 0. At tho regular meeting of the hoard of supervisors) in September they shall levy an annual tax of six hundred dollars, payable semi-auuuully at the time and placo »s hereinafter provided, against each person carryinjr on or conducting a place for the sale of intoxicating liquors, aud also against the reul property and the owner thereof, in which or upon winch st»id place is located. Provided, that if tho application is made to cancel the tax us hereinbefore provided, and tho trial of the cause should po delayed for any reason, then the )eyy, if ttny be made, shall be at the next regular mooting of the board. At all regular meetings, tbe boai'd of supervisors ehull examine the assessment book of liquor dealers and levy taxes against such persons as shall havo become liable thereto under tho terms of this act, who havo not already been, taxed as herein provided foy the same year, but only a pro rata amount pf tho t»>f for the renjaiftder ° f the year, dependent upon tho time pf Assessment. Section 10. Tho county auditor shall, upon ihelevyrnudo as aforesaid, certify the same forthwith to tbe county treasurer, witu names of persons aud property and amount of tax, and a statement oi tbe costs tb»t have accrued either before the board of supervisors or 3u the district court, nod said certificate and list shall be lull Quthowty for the treasurer to enter !;ae oft the ta* boofcs pf the. county as4 tQ collect tbe same. Weft assess&d, to attend' At the Weds qrtf's office and pay th6 fcntpe in 'Annttal installments, on of liefbtts the firs daf of April and October of each year. 1 case of failure to pay such installments, penalty of tweftty per cent shall be addoc together with one per cent per montf thereafter \mlll paid. Section la. On the first Monday in Jan nnd the first Monday in December of eacl year, the county treasurer snail offer h sale at his office, all public sale at his office, All lands, towt lots or other real property on which taxo for the sale of intoxicating liquors hav become a lien, as provided in this act. Section 13. All the provisions of law now or hereafter in foroo for the nsness ment, levy and collection of taxes, shal apply to and govern the taxes provided for by this act except as herein otherwise pro vided. Section 14. The revenue derived from tho tax provided for in this act, (sixhun dreti dollars per annum for each plact where intoxicating liquors are sold) shal be paid into the county treasury, one-hat: to go Into the general county fund, and the remainder to be paid over to the muni cipality in which the business taxed is Conducted. Section 15. It shall bo the duty of the county attorney ot each county, to see thai tho provisions of this act are enforced, and it shall bo tho duty of the district court or any judge thereof, to .suspend or remove from office, any such county attorney who shall willfully refuse or neglect to perform any of tho duties enjoined upon him by this act.' Buch stiBpension or removal may be made upon application of any citizen residing in tho county, but no such suspension or removal shall take place except upon due notice to said officer, and upon trial in court, and the provisions of this section shall apply to assessors, county treasurers and members of boards of supervisors whose duty it is to enforce any of tho provisions of this act. Section l(i. Nothing in this act con tainad shall be iu any way construed to mean that the business of the sale of intoxicating liquors is in any way legalized, nor is tho eame to be construed in any manner or form as a license, uor shall the assessment or payment, or any tax for tho sale of liquors as aforesaid, protect tho wrong doer from any penalty now provided bylaw, except that on conditions hereinafter provided, certain penalties may be suspended. Section 17. In any city of 5,000 or more Inhabitants, tho tax hereinbefore specified may be paid quarterly in advance on the first days of January, April, duly and October "of each year, and alter a written statement of consent signed by a majority of the voters* residing in said city, who votod at tbg last general election, shall have boon tiled with the county auditor, such payment shall, upon the following conditions, be a bar to proceedings under ^the statute prohibiting such business. First—Tho person appearing to, pay, the tax shall file with the county auditor a certified copy of a resolution regularly adopted by the city council consenting to such sales and a written statement of consent from all the resident freeholders owning property within fifty feet of tho promises where said business is carried on. But in no case shall said business be conducted within three hundred foot of any church or school house. Second—Ho shall file with the county auditor, to be approved by tho clerk of the district court, a bond in the sum of three thousand dollars, conditioned upon tho faithful observance of all tho provisions of this act, and for the payment of any and. all damages that may result from tho sale of intoxicating liquors upon tho premises occupied by the obligor. Said bond shall bo signed by hiniHclf as principal and by two sureties who shall qualify each in double tho amount of tho bond and neither of whom shall be surety on uny other like bond. Third—Said selling or keeping for sale of intoxicating liquors shall bo carried on in a siugio room having but one entrance or pxit and that opening upon a public business stroot. The bar vyhoro liquors uro furnished shall bo in plain vie tv from tho street, unobstructed by screens, blinrls, painted windows or any other doviee. Tbare shall be no chairs, bunches, nor any other furniture in front of the bar, aud only such bshiud the bar as is necessary for the attendants. A list of names of all persons employed about the place shall be filed with tho county auditor aud no persons shall bo permitted behind tho bar except those whose names uro listed with tho county auditor. Fourth—The place shall be conducted in a quiet, orderly manner. Fifth—There shall bo no gambling or gaining with cards, dice, billiards or auy other device, iior any music, dancing or other form of amusement or entertainment, either in the room where said business ia carried ou or in uny adjoining ro,om or building controlled by tho person, partnership or corporation carrying on said business. Sixth—There shall be no obaceno or impure flocoratipns, inscriptions, placards, or auy such thins; in the place. Seventh—There shall be no female person employed in the place. Eighth—Tho place shall not b« open nor shall any sales bo made earlier than.5 a. in. nor later than 10 p. m. on any day. It shall not bo open at all nor shall any sale bo made on the first day of tho week, commonly called Sunday, uur on any election dav or legal holiday, nor on the evening of such days. Ninth—No minor, drunkard, or intoxicated person shall bo allowed in tho room, and no sales of intoxicating liquors shall bo tnado to any minor, drunkard, or intoxicated parson, or knowingly 10 uny per- Kon who hus tukon any of the recognized "cures for drunkenness." Tenth—No sale of intoxicating liquors shall bo made to any person whoso wife, husband, parent, child, brother, sister, guardian, ward over 14 years ot age, or employer, shall, by written notico, forbid such sales. Eleventh--If tho property has not boon so listed for taxation, as required iu Section % of this uot, then the person appearing to pay tho tax shall report tho sumo to the county auditor to be listed for taxation. Section 18, In order that any city or town of loss than 5,000 inhabitants may come within the provisions of Section 17 o'f this, act, the following additional condition must bo complied with: A written statement of consent shall be iilod with the county auditor, signed by 05 per centof all the legal voters who votod at tho last preceding general election (as shown by the poll list of said, election) residing witniq such county and outside of the corporate limits of cities having a population oi five thousand or over; but no such statement of consent shall be construed as a liar to proceedings against selling persons intoxicating liquors ia incorporated towus situated in townships pf which loss than a majority ot the voters of the township, including tho incorporated town, have signed the statement of con- seat ; nor shall it be construed as a par in any incorporated town in which a majority of tho voters do not sign said statement of consent. Section 19. Whenever any of the conditions of this act shall ba violated or whenever the city council or trustees of the Incorporated town shall by a majority vote direct, it, or wheveyer there shall bt> filed with the county auditor a verified petition bigiaud by a majority of the voters pf said city, tow* or county, ps the case mi*y be, as uhovu py the last general election, reuuasting it then and iu such caso, the bar to proceodingB us piovidod in section IT horoof Nliall cuasa to operate as a pai 1 . an4 personi? engaged iu the sole ot intoxicating liquors us contemplated by this act, shauba liable to all of the penalties provided for by oliapser 0, title ij. of tho code and acts amendatory thereto. ISectioo SO. The signing pf the name of another to any stater mt of consent or pe- -"•' — — ->vl<ied for 14 this apt, eball be HWfer the ftfhdavit of some reputable por, that said person personally witnessed the- signing ot each name appearing thdi'ooh, ttiid any false statement contained ill sltca affidavit shall be deemed perjury and paa* ishablo OS such, and all provisions of IftW relative to the bWbefy of voters are hereby made applicable to the bribery of signer* to any such statement,.^ consent or petition. All statements of consent ot peticiptt ehall show the voting precinct of the signers thereof, and date of signing, ana no names shall be counted that were not signed within thirty days prior to the filing ot said petition or agreement of consent. Section 21. • The county auditor shall keep for inspection by any citizen who mfty desire it, ftll papers required by this act to bo died with him, and any fai'-re or refusal on his part to do so shall be deemed a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof he shall be fined one hundred and fifty d01< lars for each offense. * , «_ Section 23. To give away or to furnish intoxicating liquors to any person upon any pretext shall in the intent of this act be deemed a sale. Section 23. The statement and payment of tho tax herein specified shall not be used us evidence against such person, partnership or corporation in any suit, either at law or equity, in any of the courts of this state or of the United States. Section 84. For the purpose _ of protecting tho property of ,tho corportibn ,and its inhabitants and of preserving'peace and good order therein, cities dud incorporated towns shall have power to levy and collect; additional taxes, and to adopt from time to time rules and ordinances for further regulating and controlling such traffic not in conflict with tho provisions of tuis act. Section 25. Publication clause. She Bought 11 Door-Bell. Agent—Bag pardon ma'am, but I have' been requested by a number of persons to call hero and show you our new patent electric wakethodead door-bell. Its very hard on hands to have to knock, ma'am, and everybody says tho only reason why you haven't a bell is because you never thought of it. j, Housekeeper—That's very true. I really had forgotten thut there was no boll. Put one in. Agent, half an hour later—It's all done, ma'am. Here's tho bill. Thank you. I'll receipt it. Housekeeper—Would you object to telling mo who tho persons wero who complained that I hud no boll? Agent—They were peddlers,ma'am. Good-day, ma'am. Kngllsli Prisons. In the English compulsory labor, jrisons tho prisoners pass nine months in solitary confinement and are then assigned to tho public works prisons for hard labor. By jood behavior they experience a gradual amelioration in their condi- iion. At first thoy are nob allowed <o write or receive letters and may see no visitors. Then, upon advancement, thoy may write and receive one letter every six months and see one visitor; then the privi- f& is extended to once in lour nonths, then once iu three. Adirondack Natives. Natives of tho Adirondack region name all visitors "sports. "The torm las come down from a time when few oity folk savo those in search of ga,me> sraved tho harJships of life in tho woods. Now that'all sorts of people visit tho Adirondacks foi> health and pleasure, the name sticks, and tho conventional young woman who livos n a luxurious camp and dresses -hrco times a day is as much a spori as tho inveterate hunter, who goes j,bout in corduroys and leather leg- ings and sleeps in rough camps. Terrlblo Effects of a T.oat iUnstticlio. A house servant in Vienna says ho committed his various crimes, iu- iluding robbery and attempted mur- ler, because of tho mtiddoning ell'6ct of being required to shavo oil' hia mustache. The woman who engaged lira, made it a condition that his upper lip should bo clean shaven, aud ho man agreed under .protest. After Ivo years he had boon disco.'ered to jo a criminal, and in his confession says that his motive was to revenge himself on his mistress for the vound she gave his manhood. Proper for Hard Times, "Dr. Firstly," (whispering) "the collection only foots up $3.87." "Horn! So little, Deacon Brown. [?hen I—I think I will really have to ivo out a short met 'o h\'mu." H ETTS AIMU THER E. The "Georgia thumper" grasshopper tas a wing spread equal to that of a obin. A scheme ia on foot to build a bicy- le railroad the full length of Long 1 sland. A Chinese dictionary of the year 10D B. C. still e-xists in tho Pekiri museum. Recvuits for the Chinese army are. ,ot accepted unless they can jump a itch six feet wide. In 1070 the Dutch owned and operated one-half of the world's shipping; now they own but one psr cent of the vhole, During 1803, 4,537 aliens were naturalized in Prance, and it is of onio interest that !379 of these were Germans. Mrs. Sareto La. Harabo, an Italian esident of New York city, is the mother of a three-months old baby vho, it is claimed, weighs but six >ounds and measures only sixteen nchesin height- Two watchmen were hired to guard , market at Waller City, Wash. The/ other night they both fell asleep, an<J upon awakening in the morning' ound that not only had the nwlcefc jeen robbed, but" that thoy' were minus their firearms. St. Paul is the North State city and! i[hincapolis the Flour city. ". > Boston is called the Modern Athena, and the Hub of the Universe. Lo.vyell, Mass.,is the city of Sipnd- es, from its leading industry. Louisville is the Falls city, from its position at the falls of the Ohio. Chicago is the Prairie city, from the flatness of the land bui-rounding it. Cleveland is the Forest city, frouj the abundance of forest trees on its •

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