Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on May 28, 1969 · Page 21
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 21

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1969
Page 21
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Hado's The/11 Do It Every Time ® THE COMMITTEE GRABS THE GOOD STUFF. ALL THAT'S LEFT IS SOUPY ^NECKTIES ANP ROVER BOY BOOKS-^ I TUc OMIS/ Tii*e v^ I T"T "ANNUAL. CH< RUMMAGE SALE THIS TEAPOT AND CAKE PLATE-MY PEAR OLD MUSIC TEACHER COLLECTS THEM THIS BATH ROBE WOULD FIT THE HANDYMAN IN MY HUSBAND'S OFFICE- •• I'LL TAKE THIS SPORT COAT-JUST THE RIGHT SIZE FOR MY GARDENER THE ONLY TIME THE6ARDENER'AND HANDYMAN WILL SEE THAT STUFF IS WHEN THOSE SALS' HUSBANDS WEAR IT-". I HAD THOSE FRAMES SET ASIDE FOR AN OLD NEIGHBOR _ OF MINE «&&%&&% © King F«Murei Synrfit.1,. In,.. | Want-Ads our Supermarket of Good Buys To Place Your Ad Dial 232-1176 3IRECT LINE TO CLASSIFIED Did You Know... "hat you can place a Want-Ad 'o buy, sell or trade any item : or as little... as 50c per day Freeport (III.) Journal-Standard Wed. t May 28, 1969 Pg. 21 Boyle Advises Stay Calm By,f[AL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) - Life today seems to lack stability. Americans once feared winding up in a rut; now many would give almost anything if they could but find something resembling a rut in which to hide from 'the ever-pressing onrush of the world. Experience teaches" us that some things in life simply aren't worth pressing the panic button about. So, amid all the storm and strife around us, we have decided to remain calm and keep our cool on such matters as— The possibility that medicine will create a wonder drug that will make anybody over 40 feel better before noon. Whether England will get to enter the Common Market. Will any man ever be able to leap 35 feet or run a syz-minute mile? What on earth that lady out in California will finally do with her collection holes. of woodpecker Why people won't quit stealing restaurant ashtrays and hotel towels. The high price of lamb. Anybody who'll eat lamb deserves to pay through the nose. The future political plans of Charles de Gaulle. Any statement in prose or poetry made by Cassius Clay. , Would our national prestige or survival be threatened if Soviet Russia lands a monkey or a man or a chicken or a dog on the planet Mars before we do? Any change in women's hair- dps or skirt lengths. It would be simpler if they just wore Venetian blinds and raised or low? ered them at will. What will mod art come up with next? Who is Andy Warhol anyway and what does he want? Why the saints come marching in in New Orleans but keep marching out of the Vatican. Will Frank Sinatra become a hermit or marry just one more time? What was Jack Paar—who? —really like? Whether the progeny of that fly you swung at and missed last April will cover the entire globe by the end of September. How can the crime rate ever be lowered when the authorities still keep in their unsolved file the mystery of who killed Cock Robin? The main thing to remember —if you seek to keep your head when all those round you are losing theirs—is not to clutter it with worries old or new about problems you can't do anything about anyway. Negro Legislators Want 'Good Housing Bill' SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP) — Sen. Cecil Partee, spokesman 'or Negro legislators, said today they "will support a good housing bill or nothing." Partee spoke in a statement in reaction to a proposal devised by a committee of Republican majority senators. The bill was created in an attempt to meet federal civil rights law standards becoming effective next Jan. 1. It was also an attempt to sidestep a threat of Democratic minority to filibuster for an open housing bill. The House has passed two open housing bills but neither has been able to get out of committee in the Senate. Partee termed the Republican committee bill "woefully in adequate." He said it fails to provide for "filing and hearing of complaints in an atmospher of conference and conciliation." Instead Partee said, the bil "would throw a volatile subjec directly into court and thus an adversary proceeding. It is ob vious that an aggrieved person . . would be immeasurable bet ter off to invoke protection o the federal statute than to th< prospective Illinois law." Legal Notices NOTICE is given of the death of Margaret Rinderman, and tha Monday, Julv ", 1969, is the claim date in s.aid decedent's estate No 69 P-82 pending in the Circui ourt of Stephenson County, Illi nois. George H. Schirmer Jr., At torney, 214 W. Main St., Free port, Illinois. Charles F. Wise, 1326 S. Dem ng, Freeport, Illinois, Rober Rinderman, 209 S. Walnut, Shan non, Illinois, Administrators. Letters Issued: May 19, 1969 Ray K. Mead, Clerk 5-21-28-6-4 Personals "FIRST FAMILY" IN DRAPERY HARDWARE NEWELL MFG. CO. 916 South Arcade An Equal Opportunity Employer Freeport Memorial Hospital 420 S. Harlem 233-4131 Automobiles For Sale 11 GRADUATION CARDS & GIFTS CHRISTIAN SUPPLY CENTER Grave Decorations Wreaths, Hearts and Crosses and Artificial Potted Plants PITTSLEY GIFT SHOP 14 MILE WEST ON HIGHWAY 20 Open Daily 9 to 5 A STAR Is Born! With this dazzling Lucerne blue '66 Olds Starfire coupe with its parchment bucketed interior. The car has automatic, radio, power steering and brakes, and reflects its -fine, local, one- owner care. SEE IT TODAY AT: RICH ZIMMERMAN OLDS-CADILLAC 207 So. Galena Ave. OPEN EVENINGS TILL 9 Automobiles For Sale 11 FOR SALE OR TRADE 1940 FORD DELUXE CALL 232-0148 AFTER 3:30 Look No More '67 CHEVROLET 2-door hardtop. '63 OLDS 4-door hardtop. ALSO MANY OTHERS PEARL CITY GARAGE Pearl City 443-2663 1966 IMPALA Sport coupe. 283, V-8, Straight stick, radio. Ruby red with black interior. "HAPPY HOLIDAY" We will be closed Saturday, May 31st. Drive carefully so we can see you Monday, June 2nd. BASIL HARTMAN TV & APPLIANCE NOTICE TO BIDDERS FARM LAND FOR RENT A tract of land for the 1969 farm year will be rented for agriculture to the highest responsible bidder. The tract of approximately 63V& acres, as shown on map in City Engineer's office will be rented for a cash price per acre, payable in two installments on July 1st and December 1st. Written bids will be received in the Office of the City Clerk, City Hall Building, Freeport, Illinois, on or before June 2, 1969, at 4 p.m. The right to reject all bids is reserved. Burdette Mapes, Chairman Public Property Committee Freeport City Council 5-28-1T HAROLD SAGER TOURS New York, Washington, D. C., Niagara Falls. Aug. 2-10. $209. 232-9006 — 233-1177 HAVE~BILL"DO IT! Bigelow Carpets _Stees_Shoppe < Shannon 864-2162 LEAVING — For St.^Petersburg June 10. Will take 1 rider. Mrs. Hazel Ritter, 232-5007. All Our Used Cars Are Reconditioned & Rebuilt Not Just Fixed! JOHN PELA CHEVY Home Of Fine Service Russ, Roy, Ivan, & John Phone 865-3383 Rock City, Illinois Motion Picture Directors Study Academy Membership By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Oscar, Hollywood's favorite whipping boy, is taking it again. This time it's the directors who are up in arms over an alleged slight to their profession. The Motion Picture Academy made a 56-minute capsule of last month's awards affair for televising in foreign countries. Many of the awards in the two-, hour show had to be eliminated, and Carol Reed, named best director for "Oliver!," landed on the cutting-room floor. The Directors Guild of America was incensed, even though Britisher Reed was not a member. Academy President Gregory Peck replied that the capsule version had been an experiment and the director award would be included next year. That didn't satisfy the directors. They insisted on a public apology. The Academy's answer awaits the return of Peck from Europe. Among the directors who protested individually was George Sidney. '"It won't happen again 1 is not good enough. The Academy membership, its methods, aims, ideals, must be overhauled," he said. Affects Voting Peck has appointed a committee to look into membership, particularly as it affects the voting for the Oscars. A study of the Academy's membership list indicates that an overhaul is overdue. "The Academy is an honorary organization of industry craftsmen." So reads the official pronouncement. The Academy's by-laws declare: "Invitations to active membership shall be limited to those persons employed by motion picture producing companies, or credited with screen achievements, who in the opinion of the Board, are qualified for membership by virtue of having achieved distinction in their respective fields of endeavor within the industry." Somehow the Academy has managed to find slightly more than 3,000 persons who fit that category. 339 Members There are 339 Academy members in the acting category, by far the largest grouping. Fully one-third would not be recognized by even close observers of the film scene, including this one. These are a few of the names: Edith Angold, Parley Baer, Majel Barrett, Argentina Brunetti, Steve Ihnat, Riza Royce, Than Wyenn, Will Kuluva, Syl Lament. With all due respect to my good friends, the film publicists, [ wonder what achievements they have made to warrant Academy voting. They are astute observers of the film situation, but they are also employed to promote films and performers for Academy awards. A conflict of interest? Volunteer Army Tests Under Way PEORIA, 111. (AP) - The assistant secretary of defense for manpower and development says experimental tests are under way to determine if a voluntary Army is practical. Roger T". Kelley said in a high school commencement address Tuesday that the program will determine "whether we can rely less upon the draft and more upon the voluntary inita- tive of young men." He said the investigation would last several years and would not "suddenly turn the system from a state of draft to a state of complete voluntary enlistment." Kelley is a native of Peoria and was vice president of Caterpillar Tractor Co. before he was appointed by President Nixon to the Washington post. NOTICE FORBIDS Notice is hereby given by the bounty Board of Supervisors of Stephenson County that sealed >ids will be accepted for the sale by Stephenson County of Lot Twelve (12), Block Five (5), Arcade Addition to the City of Freeport. The bids shall be submitted to the County Clerk's office, Court House, Freeport, Illinois, not later than June 20, 1969, at 4:00 P.M., and shall be accompanied by a bid deposit in the amount of twenty-five (25) per :ent of the bid. No abstract of title to be furnished by the County. Bid deposit of unsuccessful bidders will je returned when contract signed. Dated this 26th day of May 1969. Harlan Rigney Chairman, Stephenson County Board of Supervisors. 5-28-6-3-6 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING CUT OUT AND USE THIS HANDY WANT-AD BLANK When you wont to buy or sell anything! Just Mail Your Ad and Ttll Ui To Charg* It. Nam* Address Run my ad... tlmis. WRITE AD BELOW Pl«as« print, using one spjice for each word, number or initial. I Mail To: FREEPORT JOURNAL-STANDARD Cards of Thanks KOESTER — Special heartfel thanks to the Red Cross and the World Travel Bureau for their assistance to us in securing emergency leave for our son. MR._& MRS. EARL KOESTER PR'IEWE —"We wish to thank our relatives, friends and neighbors for the kindness shown us during our recent bereavement; also for the beautiful floral offerings, cards and cars donated, MRS. ORLAND PRIEWE MR. & MRS. ELMER PRIEWE MRS. FLOSSIE ROCKEY RAYHORN — I wish to thank relatives, friends and neighbors for the kindness shown me during my husband's death; for the beautiful floral offerings, cards, food, memorials, and cars donated; also for the prayers and visits of Rev. Schriver and the nurses of intensive care ward at Memorial Hospital. MRS. IRENE RAYHORN iCHWEDER — I wish to thank all my relatives, neighbors and friends for the flowers, cards and visits; also the nurses and aides for their kind care, to Rev. Griebel for his comforting words and prayers. MRS. EDWIN SCHWEDER Monuments & Cemetery Lots ( ENGELS MONUMENT WORKS Cor. Demeter Drive & W. Empire PHONE 232-9119 lachtemeier Monument Works Established 1874 <!07 S. Arlarns Av3 232-2312 FOR SALE—2 choice lots, 368 and 369, section D, in Good Shepherd plot in Chapel Hil Memorial Park. Contact Pau Woessner. Box 94, Shannon Illinois 61078. Personals r~CLEAN~CAR—Rides" better drives better. Especially when the wash is free (weekdays] with 15 gallons of gas. Unitec Auto Wash, S. Chicago at Ga< lena. A Graduation Book Or Doll At: HAPPY FAMILY SHOP Lincoln Mall, 9 to 9, 5 Days American fourister & Samsonite LUGGAGE FOR GRADUATION SPENCER'S 28 W. Stephenson 232-8712 COMPLETE LINE OF" PICNIC SUPPLIES ARLANS DEPARTMENT STORE CONFID: .\TI/\. — tions. Civil, Criminal, Domestic Mohawk Detective Agencv. For appointment call Polo 946-3215 Manhatten Cookware by Mirro Porcelain Finish, Teflon Lined C. H. Little 24 E. Stepji. MEMORIAL DAY HOURS STORE & FOUNTAIN 9 A.M. TO 1 P.M. EMMERT DRUG NEXT TIME—Try Michel's Shoe & Zipper repair. Phone 233-1219. Closed Saturday at noon. QUICK WASH OPEN TILL AT KLAPP'S '62 Olds F-85 4-door. Power 'Our 33rd vear of fair dealings' 119 East South Street. Beltline BE READY TO GO '67 PONTIAC '66 PONTIAC '65 PONTIAC '65 PONTIAC '64 PONTIAC speed. '64 PONTIAC '62 PONTIAC ble. '62 PONTIAC '62 PONTIAC '62 PONTIAC Executive, Air. Bonneville Vista. Catalina Sedan. 3-seat Wagon, Air. Grand Prix, 4- Station Wagon. Tempest Convert!- Tempest 2-door. Station Wagon. Lemans Coupe. Automobiles For Sale 11 Associates Discount Corp. 7 N. Chicago Freeport, 111. Repossessed 1968 Ford Galaxie sedan. V-8, automatic, power steering, low mileage, good tires, in excellent condition. Will sell to highest bidder. Call 232-5117. OiTCSEEr CAR S CONFER CHEVROLET SALES PHONE 369-4544 LENA, ILL. i960 "CHEVROLET"— impaia 4. door hardtop. 6 cylinder, over drive. Good mechanical cond $150. 232-4731. Automobiles For Sale II "slvritlFsl/ioTOirsAtES FORD SALES & SERVICE Forreston, Illinois 938-2131 Open Wed. and Friday till 10 p.m. John Manus, Freeport. 232-5434 LOOK ! ! ! CHEVROLET USED CAR CORNER ADAMS AT SPRING Freeport, 111. 232-5189 69 PONTIAC DRY CLEANING HOURS 6:30 A.M.-7 P.M. QUICK WASH NEXT TO A & P STUMPS REMOVED-Reas. See us first. Free estimates. Harold Wirtjes, 232-4838 or 232-5457. SIEFERMAN'S LICENSE AGCY. Drivers, automobile, trucks, titles. Notary Public. CONVENIENTLY LOCATED on Hwy. 20. Always open. 1343 S. Galena, near St. Vincent's FRANKLIN MOTOR CO. SO. GALENA AT BROADWAY CHARGER Catalina 2-door hardtop, one owner, 8,000 actual miles with remainder of factory warranty, automatic, power steering, power brakes. Dark green with black interior. John Barkau & Son "OVER 45 CARS TO CHOOSE FROM" Cedarville 563-4812 Open Evenings Till 9 P.M. 'Sat., till 6, Sun., 1 to 5. '64 Pontiac GTO Two-door sport coupe, radio, power brakes, 4-speed, tri- power and like new tires. Here's a rare find in excellent condition. KEN HAROLD BUICK- PONTIAC '65 CHEVELLE.— 300 Deluxe station wagon, V-8, auto. New tires. 449-2423. '65 CHEVROLET—Impala 4-door Sport sedan. Automatic, power steering. Extra clean. 232-9037. '65~FORD~ — 4-dbor, 6 cylinder, Cruise-0-Matic, new paint, 40,000 miles. Call 232-7879. VOLKSWAGEN CARS — Service, parts. Dixon Terminal Sales. Dixon, 111. Phone 284-2248. Announcements Dancing Every Friday & Sat. CLOSED MEMORIAL DAY Live Music This Week By The THE PORTERS On Saturday Night THE CEDAR HOUSE Cedarville. 232-9654 or 563-8371 This '67 is real sharp. Equipped with the 383, V-8 engine, console automatic, power steering, radio and set off with mag wheels. If you are sports minded but don't like being cramped or a sports minded family man, this is the car for you. See it today At: DONAHUE MOTORS RAMBLER DODGE MAIN AT ADAMS, 232-7612 Where To Eat? 8A Try Our Delicious Salad At The Bradford Room W. T. GRANT Coining Events AT THE HOLIDAY INN No Style Show Due- To MEMORIAL DAY GARAGE SALE — Friday and Sat., May 30 & 31 and Sunday, June 1. 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Collectable knick-knacks; planters; jewelry; dolls; many other misc. items. 909 S. 16th _Aye._ GARAGE SALE — Thursday through Saturday, May 29-31, at 521 N. Fern, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. _ Household goods._ GARAGE SALE — 1106 So. Mc^ Kinley Ave., May 28, 29, and 31. Twin beds; gun rack; sleds; toboggan; ice skates; dishes; miscellaneous household items. LARGE GARAGE SALE — 1271 LaCresta Dr. Friday, May 30th, 5 to 8 p.m. Sat. 8 to 4 p.m. Geographic magazines, books, vacuum sweeper, radios, buttons, jewelry, womens and children's clothing, shoes, boy scout and cub uniforms, toys, games, Magnus Chord Organ, tape recorder, drum board, 10 gallon aquarium, lamps, cats _pqst, Swinger camera, etc : Strayed, Lost, Found LOST— All white male Samoyed. Answers to "King". Call 233__ __ _____ LOST — Pair of brown rimmed girls glasses at YWCA, Friday evening. Reward. 232-7898 or 232-2414. Automobiles For Sale II Escape FROM THE ORDINARY in this '67 Oldsmobile 98 town sedan. It's equipped with factory air conditioning, automatic, radio, tilt wheel, power steering, brakes, and 6-way seat. It's colonial white with a contrasting dark blue interior. RICH ZIMMERMAN OLDS-CADILLAC 207 So. Galena Ave. OPEN EVENINGS TILL 9 1964 — Chevrolet Chevelle 6 passenger station wagon. V-8, automatic, radio, air conditioned, new cam and valve lifters. 232-9108. MEMORIAL DAY The Day we remember those who have given their lives for our freedom. We must remember to respect that Freedom or it will "BE LOST". KEGEL CYCLE & KEY SHOP DRIVE A BEAUTIFUL BARGAIN '68 Impala Sport coupe, 14,000 miles. '67 Impala V-8, Sport coupe. '64 Impala 4-door hardtop, automatic, power steering, air conditioning. '63 Impala Sport coupe, automatic, power steering. '62 Ford Galaxie 4-door, automatic, power steering, air conditioning. '61 Olds Holiday coupe. Several Others Not Listed. HERENDEEN'S Cor. South Galena & Jackson 1949 FORD — Bubble coupe, "289" high performance engine, 4-speed, mags, etc. $450. Call 232-6866. _ '58 PLYMOUTH"— 2-door hardtop for sale. V-8, just tuned up, best offer._Phon'e 232-4090. '61" CHEVROLET—Impala 2-door hardtop. Power steering, auto. ^Excellent cond. Lena 369-4101. 1963 CHEVROLET — Super Sport 2-door hardtop for sale. Good condition. Reasonable. 232-3624. 63 FORD — Galaxie, 2-door hardtop. V-8, stick. Good Condition. $450. 233-9407, between 5 & 6 p.m. '63 OLDS DYNAMIC 88, Sharp, $895 We Finance. Call 233-9353 FAIRS USED CARS '64 FORD—Galaxie 500 2-door hardtop. V-8, automatic, power steering, vinyl interior. Excellent condition. Inquire 1440 S. Carroll or call 232-8419. 1966 CHEVELLE 300 Deluxe 4-door. 6 cylinder stick. Radio. New paint, true economy. -I CHEVROLET USED CAR CORNER ADAMS AT SPRING Freeport, 111. 232-5189 1968 Chevrolet Camaro 2-door hardtop. 8 cylinder, 327 motor, automatic, power steering, radio, whitewall tires. Low mileage. JACOBY MOTOR CO. PHONE LENA 369-2211 '68 CHEVELLE S.S.—396, 375 h.p., 4-speed, mag wheels, tachometer, gauges, air lifts, gold in color with black interior. Polo 946-3110. 22,000 ACTUAL MILES • '66 LE SABRE Four door sedan, automatic, power steering, radio. Local, one owner. An exceptional low mileage car in perfect condition. Don't miss this one! KEN HAROLD BUICK-PONTIAC '66 CORVETTE—"427", 4-speed, 2 tops, stereo tape, 21,700 actual _rniles^Ca_U 233-3820jifter_6 pjti. 1966—Ford Fairlane 500 XL 2- door hardtop. V-8, bucket seats. Best_offer, 232-2060. 7 66 VOLKSWAGEN - With sun roof. Excellent condition. $1150. 232-1793 after 6. Classified Display Classified Display \PnuillyWe. MEMORIAL DAY A DAY WHEN WE REMEMBER We again have men guarding our freedom. ' Their duties and our obligations are both great. We can only live up to ours by show- ing our respect and honor to that freedom they are fighting for. Zimmerman Chevrolet, Inc. Classified Display Classified Display to the Brave Among Men MEMORIAL * Brings back memories of those men who have given and are now giving their lives for our freedom. On distant battlefields today we now have men who need our support, respect and honor. DONAHUE MOTORS Classified Display 1968 DODGE DART door Hardtop. 1968 PLYMOUTH FURY III 4-door sedan. 1968 CHRYSLER Newport Custom 4-door sedan. 1968 CHRYSLER Newport 4- door hardtop. 1968 CHRYSLER Newport 4- door sedan. 1968 DODGE Polara 4-door hardtop. 1968 DODGE Dart GT 2-door hardtop. 1967 CHRYSLER New Yorker 4-door hardtop. Air. 1967 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4- door. 1967 CHRYSLER Newport 4- door sedan. 1967 CHEVELLE Malibu 2- door hardtop. 1967 DODGE Monaco 4-door hardtop. 1967 DODGE Monaco 4-door hardtop. 1967 OLDSMOBILE Delmont 88 2-door hardtop. 1967 CHEVROLET Impala 4- door hardtop. 1967 CHEVROLET Impala 2- door hardtop. 1967 RAMBLER Ambassador 990 4-door sedan. 1967 CHRYSLER Newport 4- door sedan. j 1966 CHRYSLER Newport 4- I door town sedan. 1966 CHRYSLER 300 Moor hardtop. 1966 DODGE Polara 4-door hardtop. Air. 1966 FORD FAIRLANE 500 4-door hardtop. 1966 CORVAIR Monza 2-door hardtop. 1966 COMET Cyclone 2-door hardtop. 1966 CHRYSLER Newport 2- door hardtop. 1966 OLDS Dynamic 88 4- door hardtop. 1966 DODGE Polara 4-door sedan. Air. 1966 DODGE 440 4-door sedan. Air. 1966 BUTCK Le Sabre 4-door sedan. 1966 DODGE 440 2-door hardtop. 1965 DODGE Polara 2-door hardtop. 1965 CHEVROLET Impala 2- door hardtop. 1965 OLDSMOBILE Dynamic 88 4-door sedan. 1965 PONTIAC Bonneville 2- door hardtop. 1965 DODGE Polara 4-door hardtop. 1965 PLYMOUTH Fury III 4- door. 1965 MERCURY Monterey 4- door sedan. 1964 FORD Galaxie 500 2- door hardtop. 1964 OLDSMOBILE Dynamic 88 4-door hardtop. 1964 PLYMOUTH Belvedere 4-door sedan. Air. 1964 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4- door sedan. 1964 CHRYSLER Newport 4- door hardtop. 1963 CHRYSLER 300 2-door hardtop. Air. 1963 CHEVROLET Impala 2- door hardtop. 1963 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4-door wagon. 1962 FORD »/fe Ton Pickup. 1961 FORD Country Sedan station wagon. MOTORS INC. 520 Highway 11 West Monroe, Wis. OPEN EVENINGS Classified Display Classified Display Classified Display Let Us Dedicate Ourselves This to ever cherish and uphold that priceless freedom, which is the legacy of those whose memory we honor today. FRANKLIN MOTOR CO S. Galena Ave. at Broadway

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