The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 21, 1894 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 21, 1894
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1865. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21, 1864. VOL, There is a place for- Everything/ The place to buy your Groceries is at the= .Opera House Grocery. Our Fall stock is now in, and we have a complete line oi all kinds of Dry G-oods, Carpets, Ladies' and Misses' Cloaks and Jackets and in Dress G-oods we have an elegant line. In Clothing for men and boys we still have a small stock on hand which .we are closj ;ig out cheap. W+e have a larger stock of Shoes than ever before, nearly all new, all of which we -will sell at the lowest possible prices. I Have Sold Out And for the next 60 or 90 days will reduce my stock of Boots and Shoes .... At Cost For Cash — F. S. Sioiigh, When loolang- Fpr a cook stove or range remember J handle the.... Garland, Also Heath & MiUigaw Pamts, iron a&a WQQ& Pumps, Please paH an4 get prices an^ look my ?topk; pver, BOTH BILLS KNOCKED OUT, The Senate and Honse Each Rejects the Liquor Bill—Both Come Up for Reconsideration. It is Thought the Carpenter Bill May Yet Pass Both Houses—Twenty-two New Laws—Notes. s New Goods Are In. DBS MOINES, March 20.—As this letter deals only with results it will bo necessarily brief this time. The liquor question occupied the attention of both houses with scarce nn interruption until Friday, when votes were reached in both houses with results that both the liquor bills were defeated on the first vote. Both bills were reconsidered and therefore both of them are again pending in then respective houses. On Friday afternoon 22 republican senators held a caucus and agreed to some modifications of the Carpenter bill, making it apply only to ale, wine and beer, and also to raise the population limit of cities which shall constitute separate election districts to 6,500 and requiring that the petition for an election shall be signed by majority of the voters of the district. A provision to prevent the establish mont of a saloon in any residence sec tion was also agreed to. With those features added many prohibition republicans believed the Carpenter bill would come as near fulfllliing the promise of the platform as any that can be devised. It is believed that the Carpenter bill, as amended by the senate republican caucus, will pass the senate and if it passes the senate it.will also pass the house. The reconsidered Martin or mulct bill is set for a, special order tomorrow at 10 o'clock. This week will doubtless see the end of the liquor debate and also the passage of some measure in substantial, fulfillment of the promise made in the thirteenth plank. If that thirteenth plank had not been adopted, prohibition would stand unchanged and undisturbed by the present general assembly. It is n. singular coincidence, that the thirteenth plank was adopted considerably through the influence of Hon. Spencer Smith of Pottawattamie county and prohibition was originally adopted in ]884 by the votes of Clayton and Davis, two anti-prohibition republicans from Pottawattamie county. Thus Pottawattamie gave and Potta- wuttamie taketh away, and some will doubtless say, blessed be the name of Pottawattamie. TWENTY-TWO LAWS. Twenty-two complete laws have been made, that number having passed both houses, been signed by the speaker of the house and president of the senate and the governor and being now on file as required by law in the office of the secretary of state. A majority of these are of very little import. Of course, your readers will remember the bill to restrain hunters, to placard oleomargarine, to prohibit the sale of cigarettes and cigars to minors under 10, to prohibit prize fighting, etc. Those are the important measures that have now become laws. Twenty-two laws in ]0 weeks would make an average of a little more than two a week. When the lust week comes, the assembly will mako a law every hour and probably more. LEGISLATIVE NOTES, The bill appropriating $20,000 to pay the debts of the Statu Agricultural Society has passed the senate and will certainly pass the house. The senate ways and means committee reports that the total amount available for special appropriations such as new buildings, new improvements, etc., is $392,547. The bill proposed by Young of Delaware, in the house for the reformation of the road system was defeated on Saturday. The senate liaa passed a bill providing for township control of the road system and cash payment for work. This will bo the extreme limit of road legislation this session. Tho senate on Saturday refused to make the Harsh revenue bill a special order, thus leaving it upon tho calendar in a position whore it will talio- a two thirds vote to take it up out of its order and whore it will never be reached unless taken up out of its order. _ This would look like the defeat of this measure BO far as the present general assembly is concerned. This result is due to tho general feeling that there is a lack of time to perfect so important a measure, which contemplates a complete revolution of assessment and taxation. Senator Lewis' bill, fixing the gross amount of state revenue required for 189S at $1,200,000 and the amount rer quired for 1890 at $1,300,000 passed tho senate and has been placed on the calendar in the house without formal reference to a committee, This is a new departure in this state. The plan heretofore has been to levy either two or two and a half mills and then to spend whatever sum that rate of taxation brought in. Senator Lewis' bill states the required amount, leaving tho per cent, of taxation to be figured accordingly. This is certainly a business way of doing business. It Is stated that under the requirements of Lewis' bill the rate of taxation for state purposes in the years 1895 and 1806 will be two and one-third mills. That sum will pay the expenses of tho stnto government, build a few buildings needed by state institutions, repair old ones and start the new insane asylum at some point in northwestern Iowa. L. YotJNO. ALL FREE. Those who have used Dr. King's New Discovery know its value, and those \vho have not have now the opportunity to try it free. Call on tho advertised druggist and get a trial bottle, free. Send your name and address to H. E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and get a sample box of Dr. King's New Life Pills, free, as well as a copy of Guide to Health and Household Instructor, free. All of which, is guaranteed to do you good and cost you nothing. Sold at L. A. Sheet*' drug store. 4 WE are closing out our stock of clothing at big bargains. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. T f 1 r*f>\t Hard i I JLl*tl VI 11 1 pound Salmon i,,,.,,,,10d 2i pounds Potipbos .,,.*,,; .100 2i pounds Tomatoes....,,...,,,... .ifJo California Goods- Perts. SeiiH Coi'll; 21 pounds G. G. Plums,,...,..,... .15(3 2} pounds Apricots< Ada 2i pounds Nectaf ifies-*...... .. ISe 24 pounds Peaches.,,,........ ..... I6c All New Goods, J. F. PRESTON, M. D., LIMITED TO Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat MASON CITY, IOWA. Spectacles scientifically fitted and guaranteed. Grass Lands. Bids will he received uutll April 20, 1804, for grass leases on tho following described lauds: See. T. R. Northeast quarter of 8 I)-t 27 Northeast quarter of 1U !)4 27 Northwest quarto? of Ill 04 27 Southwest quarter of 111. 04 27 Southeast quarter of 1,'i 04 27 Southeast quarter of 1 i 100 20 Kast half of southwest quarter.. 14 100 20 All bids should be marked "Grass Bids," and mailed to 02t5 \VM. II. INGHAM, Algona. Water or No Pay. We have a new well-digging outfit, the boHt that is made, and one well adapted to this section. Our long experience In ranking wells warrants ua In guaranteeing satisfaction in all cases. FRASER BROS. 25 pounds Sugar, , 30 pounds D Currants* Pail Jelly, ... Pail Syrup, ... We also carry a full line of " Club House" gnfirh $LC)0 WO Jo Langdon & Hudson. CARPETS. CARPETS. Don't expect your horse to hurry until you havedotwyourpart. Ifyourwagou i'a poorly greased, the more ho hurries the faster both horse and wagon will wear out. Is the horse's friend and his master's friend. It saves labor for one and money for the other. It's the slickest grease you ever saw. Sold by all dealers. Wadham'sOil and Grease Co. MILWAUKEE, WISo S END twelve cents in postage stamps to 30 Corcoran building, waHhlnt'toii, D. G., and you will receive four copies of Kate f'ieltl't Vi'nshlMjtm, containing matter of special inter est. Give name and address, and say where you saw this advertisement. ADMINISTRATION NOTICE. Notlue is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed and has qunliflrd as administrator of the (instate of Louisa li. Fuller, late of Kossuth eouuty, Iowa, deceased. All persons in any manner Indebted to said estate will make immediate payment to the undersigned; and those having claims against tho siiid estate will file them with the clerk of the district court at Kossuth county, Iowa, as provided by law, duly autheutioated, for allowance. Dated this 1st day of March, A. D. 1804. oOta K. AV. FQLLKU, Administrator. TAX SALE NOTICE. To J. M. West, Ole Subau, and Carl S. O. Suhan: You are hereby notified that on the 1st day of December, A. D. 1890, the following described real estate, to-wit—the southwest quarter of the northeast quarter of Section ;JD, lu Township 100, north of Range '.'.1 west of the iith P. M.—was sold to W. ft. Inghaiu for delinquent taxes; that the right of redemption from such sale will expire and a deed bu made to the undersigned unless redemption from said sale be nude within 90 days from the time of completed service of this notice. W. II. INUHARI. Signed at Algoua, March 7, ISQi. 50U Spring Styles of Goods in Stock. Our new Spring Samples will soon be here at much lower prices ; until they arrive and to clear old stock we will sell SAMPLES now on hand at one- half original cost. Now is the time to select suitable pieces for Rugs, Upholstery, etc. Come soon before the assortment is broken, as they will go at prices offered. The Grange Store. Potatoes! Potatoes! AT THE NEW STORE. I have just received a car load of potatoes from northern Minnesota. They cannot be beaten for quality. Only 80 cents per bushel. And do not forget I still sell flour at 700. Fancy Patent $1.00 per sack. Remember, at the new store, Cowles block. , ..-ffTfV JAMES PATTERSON If o u =want any-= =thing in the= =Drug line it is to= =your interest to deal with= Gentlemen: I ain now prepared to sell clothes cheaper than I ever sold them before. Not for the reason that goods can be bought any cheaper, but on account of the up-hill tiroes that wo are passing through. Goods must be sold, and those wishing to buy should look over my stock at once and make their selections. I will guarantee us good goods and work as the best. My prices will compare favorably with the cheapest in this part of the country. I have a nice line of woolens, bought especially {or Ladies' Capes and Jackets; also an especially nice lino of woolens for Boys' Suitings of a novel style. -I apj aelUog sje.amsh.ip tickets. to any porfc in Europe pr America. from ScanOjKi.a.yUi to AlgQRa only. $$9,55, I alao tell money prdera rope, .Tio)sete.lram Algflfia fe apBAdinaYteooly .$«.$& =He STUDLEY, The New Druggist. = is "strictly in it" with prices. C. b. LUND. J. J. RYAN [Successors to 0. L. Lund—Established 1880.] REAL ESTATE DEALERS

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