The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 14, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 14, 1894
Page 7
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ME What, Indeed. Mr. Grimme—"It is just au outrage, the jfray tho little innocent birds are being bntohered to adorn women's hats." Mrs. Grimme—"But, my dear, don't yoii remember that it'was the"bright bird wing I Woro on my Bat as I was going along thff street that attracted your attention and led to.your marrying me?" Mr. ftrinimo—"What Jn thunderhas tlmt got to do with it? Tlmt ouly makes the cas6 stronger." A Matter of Cost. JiuDiness-like young nmn-."Is this Where you issue licenses!" ». Official—"It is." • ' "How much will I have to pay for a peddler's license?" k/'Five dollars." "Seems to me that's pretty steep. What does a marriage license cost?" "Two dollars." "That's more like it. Give me ft marriage license.' 1 Men and officers of the police foice, who we exposed day and night to all sorts of yroather, should keep Salvation Oil, the infallible cure forrhoumatism aud neuralgia, at their homes. They canuot afford to be without it. 25 cts. THE FAM AND HOME. A GOOD METHOD OF SETTINO /,, OUT STRAWBERRIES. .'.' '' i t —- ' . I'ln'm, Mm '-Variety Tlmt Sucoerds Hosr, in Your XnlRliltorhniul—ttiiigltii* Culvi-p by Yhiinl—A ('lonii I'ddor—I-'arm Notns und Ilomi) ItlntR. . ,. ,'')(. i V Iowa has left the three uraoe list, but Kansas and Wyouiinp- still retain their colors for female suffrage. " Men of all professions and trades', ministers, lawyers, merchants and mechanics unite in indorsing Dr. .Bull's Cough Kyrup, the old reliable cure for all bronchial and pulmonary troubles, as the best household remedy in the market. Polities in Japan are not altogether flowery, judging from reports of recent elections. JKKUSAM'IM AHTICIIOKKS! 11O3 IUISIIKI.S I'ISU AVBK. John Weiss reports to us a yield of 1103 bushels of artichokes per acre. It's positively tho greatest food to Jceep hogs healthy and fat in the world! We a, few 'hundred bushels for sale, 1'rice, one bit. sack, $I;ono bbl, 82.1):,; two bbls.. $">. Plant two bbls, per acre. Can plant TmtilMay.lst. To Thoso Cutting Thin Out and sending remittance with the order for artichokes, we will give free: One .pint to<;a<jh one bushel, and one quart to each one bbl. order, of Giant White Dent corn, growing over one foot long. Scud 5 cents postage for seed catalogue containing full culture directions of artichokes to, Joux A. SAI./KII HKB» w La Crosse, V/is. Generally the more aimless a boy is the tiet.ter he Jikes to roam around with u, shot Asthma Cured Bj'Schlrtirmnn's Asthmn Cure, No waiting lor results. Its uclion Is imtnedluto, dlreut nndcertuln. A single trial convinces the most Bkepticul. Price 50 cents unil $1, or druggists or by mail. Trial package free by mall. Sp.nd your address to Dr. It. SchilTiuurin, St. Paul, A ipradent man doesn't tell everything too Jmows every time he opens his mouth. The Tlit'ont.' --- "./AwM* 1 * lironf/iial Troches" act directly on the organs of the voice. They have an extraordinary effect in all disorders of the throat. Build a fence anywhere and the first boy that comes along will want to climb it. Co«>* C Tlm'Olilost, an'l best. r l.lmn u.n,yt lilntf "I" 1 ?. iigli imisam H, will brncik up a fold -quick- It IB always re|ja,bl«i. Xry it, who Blessed are they among mortals n«ver weary ot their own company. "irlnnson's fllnglc Corn Warranted to I'.urn nr money i'«£uni3eil. Ask your lst, I'ui' It. Pi'luit lr> ucnls. The man who agrees with ate 'doesn't oome around nearly often euon|;h. Shllolt'B Consumption Cure IB M>M on H, Riiarantee. It on res Jnrlplpnt, Omsurnp. ban. tUe best Cough Cure. 23.ut.s..aOul>>. .&?!.(*). The tramp will take almost «uy kind of vkrsuals, except a chop—that a«, .it wood chop. If the world likes you right well, it >ie a «ure sign'that you lire like tiae woi'ld. The crop condition is a confronting iprab- leim. nowadays. As each reader who uon templates setting bctTJos is watching and gathering all tho information possible, I will add my littjlo mite, but shall In this article only give my plan of sottinsr the strawberry after years of experimenting; but must say that the plan or mode adopteil^by mo on my farm might not succeed on diffcreiili soil. J lincl this especially so in tho ditTorent one hundred one varietie's. A. vaviety that... succeeds best" with me may not succeed, with even my neighbor whose location und Hoil. is different, and vice versa, hi fact 1 find certain kinds do well with me on one part of iny farm that will not give satisfactory results when prowu on another wart. .It is true that we have a fe\v that will grow-and boar; fruit- on almost any soil, and under nearly all conditions. ' ,•':'"••.-.. 1 set more or less every spring', Bays u, writer in tho Journal of Agriculture; would not hav6 them sr>t, in tho fall if they were sot free. 1 pro- pare tny "'round in the summer or fall by plowing deep and close and spreading 1 a heavy coating of barn manure over it. Jn early s]iriug, u and thoroughly harrow, ff tile soil as line as possible;, mark off the rows four feet apart with a light marker that will just make a, mark that can be followed. I use no line—it is in tho way. Neither do .[ cross-marlc, as there are varieties that require to be set much closer in the row than others. For seltiny ! use no back-breaking- dibbles or trowels, but a, live-inch tilling spade. They are curved sanio as a post spade. My helper carries a bucket (candy bucket is best) with about two inches of water in it. with the plant setting'in an upright position in the water. J carry the spade. Wo are now ready to commence operations, which ie done-by my sticking the spade in the mark, sanding it down live or six inches with a very slight angle; push the which makes an the blade. While my help has reached his right hand in thi! bucket—which hantrs on hi.s left arm—-and grasped u plant by tho bud, pulls it out, gives it si little shake to straighten . out tho roots, drops it into the hole, lotting his hand just touch the ground, and holds it there until I remove tho spade, whan tho dirt will .drop in and hold it until my "hind" foot presses the dirt'while my "front" foot makes tho next hole. In this manner, if wo have tho plants taken up, we nan set a full acre in a day, and 1 find they are more apt to grew than to follow tho tedious dibble plan, .us advised by some. If f a.m setting my own grown plants—which J do unless 1 ana growing new varieties—I wait until the bloom just shows, and -would rather wait until the bloom is-open than to set too soon, atlways pinching the bloom bud off. J drive up a stake at. the end of ev«ry row, with name of variety on it. I am thus enabled to keep my varieties pure .and distinct, and when parties «orao or send after plants in my .absence, .there is no danger of mistake. A smal) paslma well eroded 1,c grass or clover will always bo 'a much bettor pluoo for growing calves dur- iug the,. sHrtrWer'j ;than i.ho dry lot, ' Slibuld DO tatfo^i to ' have A i •• : •-'• handle forward opening behind I am doing this, inf ortablii shadb. If proper euro is taken to Io6d liberally arid regularly .1, sklra-jultv calf will make fully as good an- ?,r>,-' imnl-for. tljft dairy oV for the marJtet as one ailrfwod to Jtmjk. ---St. ' l.ouis Kcpublic. Sandy Soil nuil Fri'(l!i/:-i':. Sandy soil roquiras more let-till/.- nrs thaiv the clay soil for any given crops, and if tho/ manure is applied and tho land not used tho strength is apt to bo carried away into subsoil. There is consequently tt constant loss on sandy soils, and we cannot store up fertility in such carlji- far ahead. On clay soils all manure und vegetable imitarial will bo retained until used by crops. Fertility can bo stored up for half a doxen yeiirs i'n advance, and the amount of loss will be very small. The. richer R.pil gets tho bolter it can •bo" worked for crops, and more satisfactory in all ways will tho results bo. While' sandy soil may be of g)'0at advantage- for strawberry and small fruit culture, the heavy clay soil, well cultivated, undord rained and ifianured freely with clover, will, jn most CHKOS of 'farming, prove tho most .satisfactory. — (.'olmanV JJi:;-n! World. A Clean I'lUlvf. It has been often advised to wash 1-ho excrement oir from a cow's udder that has soiled it by her lying in a, d'nCty stable: That, if, perfectly commendable, but did you ever think that a.xlairyinnn who did not bed bis cows down neatly to prevent any besoilmont of tliis kind would be the last one to ever keep -her leats clean when it did occur!' Cold weather ought not to make a cow's tents feel clammy and blood- loss if she is kept in a comfortable stable, any moretlum it should make a man's bands proverbially cold who wears warm woolen mittens. -- A nter 1 - iean Cultivator. SLIVERS «OF r other seed r geriuiuating expensive crop ood deal from MOWLEDGE 'Brings comfort and improvement-; ..ti-nds ' to -personal enjoyment when rightly used.. The many, wiio Iree better than others and enjoy life more, -with less .expenditure, by mows promptly adapting the world's best products :to the ineeds of physical being, will -attest the'valuo to health of the jnnaie liquid laxative principles embraced in the jcemedy, Syrup of Figs. Its •excellence is due to its presenting In tho form most acceptable arid pleas- antito the taste, the refreshing and truly lienefiaiiil properties of a ported; laxative:; <effectualily cleansing the system, •dispelling colds, headaches and fevers ana ^permanently curing constipatUm. Jt has .given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical l«Hjfession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it da perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drwg- giete in 50c ami $1 bottles, but it is man• ufaetured toy the California Fig Syrup Oo.«ply, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute it' offered. Ely's Cream Balm j WltULi CUBE CATARRH , llveujau Huutcil In every comity to cou- iiU tiiiil loan*. ]Uu*t liavo 1'ulr lujowledgoof fctuto jirvtiCiii>- owuimtfiiu, niiU uadi-e.'s, witb ntnuip, Muiu\ JMXJK'O., io BulUlluij, Hiia JluIiH'S, lo\vu. MOLINE TWKJiS mid Jt'AlJW prevouts toro biu;ks. -As]; your liarauu deulor for licw. U.W Tlio tidvantapf'e of raising 1 culvos l)y Inind, feeding tiiem a-ogulai'ly, rather than allowing them to eitok is that, with in-opoi- Jiri-anyemcuts for keeping tho milk sweet, the croam can ull be savod J'or butter-inakiiitr and tho oalvos be J'cd th« skiiu milk, it is loss trouble to feed the calves than to allow thorn to suck, and all of the trouble of we awing is .avoided. For the jii-st tliixxj or fouf <;hiys the oalf can havo all the irnlk, ais'tluring this Ijoriod it is not lit for use, Make ifc a ruhj to »'ive 1»lio »?alf all tho milk for nine milkings, night aiid morning, and then bogjii Having it with tlio tenth. BMiuiseiho eq,lf is allowed the whole milk at thin time many pro for to let the eulf suck and then teach it to J'oed .aftorwai'ds. Others take olt' the calf at o.iu;o, milk the uo\v and feed the ualf tho whole milk. It is loss trouble to teach tho .calf to drink in this -way; tiie cow is not so apt to hold up her milk, and she will not fret so much when her c;alf is taken away .as *ho will.if it is .allowed to suck. One good plan, of feeding- is to give w.holo milk for u week, and then lessen the quantity of skim milk, being sure that it is warm when fed. My.decreasing the quantity of whole milk and increasing the quantity of skim milk the change eau bo nuulo without any harm to UKJ calf. A gallon of milk is enough for any .ordinary calf. As .skim milk is substituted for whole it is a good plan to add a quantity of oil meal. Take a tablespoonful of the .oil meal and add a pint of boiling water. This converts it into a jolly, Stir it well into the gallon of milk, being sure to havo it warm. It is important to feed regularly, both in the tiuio of feeding und the quantity, and always to Jmvo tho milk as warm as that which comes from the cow. Wh,;-n the calves are a mouth old u, littlo bran may l»o jyivon'J Spcinklo i 01- chicken, wliich little ii-. ;i shallow trough, and anil lig-lit in color :hoy will BOOH loat'ii to oat it. As Jnji-b* ia very l:ito, they get accustomed to oatinyf. tha ininiiteri only bel'or iuautity can bo "-radiuilly incroascd. the dolicnto llavot- i'ke feodiny should always bo such is is beat, calculated to maintain a jTowtli and Uevelopmeut. •Don't plant corn wii.hoiit testing th power. The oat. crop is tin to grow. Jt lakes a the soil. If a man sends second-class cattle to market ho need iioi, expect Urst- class prices. The principal object in pruning is to let air and light, freely into all. parts of the top. Tho inferior cabbage should bo given to the hens. They relish the green foo:l very much. Slow growing trees or vinos should bo set on richer soil, and fast grow- inir ones on the poorer ground. Black raspberries will grow on any soil ,%n it-able lor corn or potatoes, as they do not require an ovorrich soil. Quince trees an; ornamental in (lower and fruit. They are sure bearers and the fruit is always marketable. With some crops like onions, it is often best to use commercial fertili- sers, in order to avoid Mm weed seeds in stable manures. A writer thinks thai, to make .shoe)) proli table, it is necessary to live in the immediate vicinity of the Hock. Near enough to .smell them at least, twice a day. l.Jood clover hay is «, splendid forage for any animal on tho farm, from tho hog to the horse. It goes a long ways toward taking the place of ensilage or roots. Bui, h, does not quite fill the place. A farmer said at un institute that his yield ot corn last year running from 1'2.) bushels per aero down to eighty, was exactly proportional to the time the manure had lain on the surface before beim.' turned under, and his experience with last year's crop 'was the same,. HDIIK- Ilinlb. A law i;iiiu;ted in (ienuany ruqulros that all. cli-iiK's intundud I'm'- interim), bo put up ia i-ouiul bottios, while thoso for external uso shall ho pat up in hcixjrg'ona) bottles. (.'hlovidc of limn is .*aid to bo an OKcellorit means of ridding u ])la<.-o of rats and mine. \VhoroviH- it in sprinkled tho posts will lino, for th«y hnvo a strong aversion to it lu miy form. . It is also u good dlnlaioatttitt. With :;, llllnt of beof stay of tho foUoiviu^: nuiueil jiroparutionii of vog- otiiblcs may do iitiod us a. ;j-n.rnisli: I'otatiws a la J'arisionno, poas, stull'od onions, ntull'od toiuatoos. iniisiii-ooms. frind sweet potatoes jind Urussols sprouts. 'I'ho 1'hilaiJolphia ttococd »-ives tliis simplo reraody for Unnu-hitis: 'Take the di-u',il loaves of common mullein, plant, powilor thiMii and smoko thoru in u new Hay pip«; b(! careful that no tolmvco has been in tho pipe. Draw tho .•smoke well into tho throat, occasionally sw.allowinjf some,. Use it threo or four times daily. ••Flank 1'at." says a Hulfalo houso- koojior, "is lit onco satisfactory and ecoiiouiifuJ. It costs a fo\v eonts a pound, and whon it is fried clear and beautiful to wor For frying- thore i.s nothing It is far superior to butcher It is evon .satisfiictory for i place of buttor, nruiiiino out pooplo would neviir know t l^e i,'jice." Novor boil thyme, celery leaves ot any strong f,n-ocii horl) iu tho soup. It will discolor both mutton broth The deepest, silver mines in America are the Comstock, 2,700 feet. In Southern California there is aa immense muss of hardened lava that looks exactly liko an inverted cup in an enormous saucer. A millionaire of Vienna hns left provision in his will ter the constant illumination of the vault wherein he now lies. An electric light is to be kept burning for a year and even the coffin is to be lighted in the interior by electricity. Captain MeDougall, the originator of the wli'alcbnck ships, predicts that before the close of the present century the shipments from and to the head of Lake Superior will amount to fully 20.000,000 tons yearly, or more than any other port of the world. Tlife tower which is being erected by the .Russians on the highest point of t'ic Mount of Olives, nt .Jerusalem, is already several stories high, ami but one more is to be added. It is to be so high that both the Mediterranean and Dead seas can be seen from the top. Hntiiil.eil! A hntinted house in these practical and unroniautiu dnys is something of a rarity, but on individual haunted with the idea thn,t his ailment is incurable is a personage frequently Diet with. Disbelief In the ability of medicine to cure is only a mild form o£ mononiuiiia, although hi some cases repented failures to obtain relief from ninny different sourcod would almost seem to justify the doubt. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters 1ms demonstrated its ability to overcome dyspepsia, constipation, liver and kidney trouble, malarial complaints and nervousness, aud its recorded achievements in the curative Hue ought at least to varrant its trinl by any one troubled with either of the above ailments, oven although bis previous efforts to obtain remedial aid have been fruitless. Used with persistence, the Bitters will conquer the most obstinate cases. Good resolutions may mnte good pavements, but something' itlso is needed to keep them rfean. $1OO Reward, $1OO. The renders of this po,por will be pleased to learu that there is at louJst one dreaded disease that science hat! boon able to cure in all 'its stagop, and that is Catarrh Hall's Catarrh Cure Is the only positive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being H constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Caturrli • Cure is taken internally, actinic directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system,!, theieby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giviiiK the .patient strength bv building up the cou- stitutibn and assistitiK nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so much Faith ill its curative powers that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any caso that it foils to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address, F. J. CHENEY &CO.,Tolndo, O CSf'.Sold by druggists, Tfie. Kothiug succeeds like distress, remarked tin* beggur, counting his money after the day's doings. Tli«> raMiou-4 J lulhouct Viiltcy. Investor-; and homesoekerx should inves- tigute the chnm.'es for making homes and money in Western Montana, with its fertile farming laud surrounded and interlaced with One forests, large rivers and lakes, and mines of previous metals, iron and coal. Splendid climate iind scenery. No blii'.- zards aud cyclones. Kulispell is countv seat and headquarters of Great Northern .Railway; has :.V'iOli people, water works, electric lights, mills, etc. For printed matter arm other information address, C. 1C. Conraii, JCalispell, Mont. Highest of all in leavening stfength.—latest t Economy requires that in every receipt calling for baking powder the Royal shall be used. It will go further and make the food lighter, sweeter, of finer flavor, more digestible and wholesome. ROYAL BAKING POWDER co., IDS WALL ST., NEW YORK. 'Em was Up. very. "Love laughs ut locksmiths,' shudders at hard times. but Cupid The Mid-Winter Fair a Success. To reach It take tho only direct lino, tho Union Pacific. Through first und second clusH sleepers, dinnrK. Our ailvercisiiig matter tells you all nbout it. K. !-<. Lomax, Cron'1. Pass, und Tkt. Agt, Omaha, Neb. Cast your bread upon the waters, but do not wait uutil it is too stale for your own use. 'Medical Kolem-.e IIRH achieved 11 great triumph in the production of Heechniu's Pills, which repltico a medicine chest. !i5 uents. w-ilFFS AND WHIMS. She—Do you like Wagner's music? lie—Oh, yes, since 1 have become partially deaf. Tom—ITow old is your sister Mabel? Neil—Her count, do you mean, or family bible record? Agnes—Well, I.want a husband who) is easily pleased. JWaud—Dotv't worry, dear; that's the kinilny.«n>)ll gjfet. He—Why do you regard marriage as a failure? She—So many make nse of it to get money belonging to others. Fogg—Come, Figg, have a smoke. Figg—Til die first. Vogg— Oh, well, every mail to his lik'mg. f I'll do my smoking before 1 die. Caller—Has Dr. Ivillquick many troublesome cases on hand? Office A good many men ar-e like cheap thentri- Hoy—No, his patients never last more The Speech That Woke "Tho llrst part of the meeting dull:" b "indeed I Who was the speaker then?" "Jonos. Ho told how ho had tried to live a good, mornl life, and thought he hail succeeded." "Who followed him?'' "Hnrdkase. lie told all about his misdeeds, what a terrible sinner he had been, and all that: and how tho audience applauded hiui'i He woke ! eiu up. 1 tell you. lie's u great, man, is Hardkase." It 1'ay*. It pays to read the papers, especially your own family paper, for often in. this wny good business opportunities are brought to yohr attention. For instance, B. K. Johnson & Co., of Richmond, Va., are now advertising, ottering paying positions to parties who engage with them, devoting all or any part of their time to their business interests. It might pay you to write to them. cal bills. A very little to be stuck up. money causes them I .2101IIJS. S Ml5. OATS JBMtcm ONK IIUS, SKJCI). This remarkable, almost unheard-of, yield was reported to the John A.. Sal- y.e.r Keed Co., i,a, Wis., by Frank Winter, of Montana, who planted one bushel of Great Northern oats, carefully tilled and irrigated same, and believes that in •18SI4 he can grow from one bus. of Great Northern Oats three hundred bushels. It's a wonderful oat. II You U ill lint. Mill* Out, uiiri -«iul It With Sc postage to the above firm you will receive sample package of above oats and their farm seed catalogue, w The person who objects to his neighbor practicing on a cornot has. sound reasons for doing so. MKnicAr, writers claim that the success- till remedy for nasal catarrh must be uon- irritatiug, easy of application, and one that will reach the remote sores and ulcerated surfaces. The history of the efforts to truat catarrh is proof positive that only one remedy has completely met these conditions, and that is Ely's Cream Balm. This safe and •• pleasant- remedy has mastered catarrh as nothing else has ever done, and both physicians and patients freely concede this fact. Almost every man worries more or less for fear that his neighbor /nay be too extravagant. Kvery person interested in raising hogs, should write to J. N.,Beimern, Davenport, In.; see his ad. "•""" The horse shoe as an depends on the horse. emblem of luck- thnn three or four days. Mrs. ,1.—Are there any good dry goods advertisements in the paper this morning? Mr. .).—Heally, 1 don't know. J. usually read the other part. "Now, Eliza, you've been searching: my pockets again. It's not right. When did you ever see me search your pockets?" "Never. 1 defy you to do it." THREE LETTERS' to remember— P. P. P.. They'll help to remind you of Dr. Plerce's Pleasant Pellets — and. those are the things to- keep in mind •whenever- your liver, your stomach, or your bowels are- out of order. H you're troubled. \vith costiyeness, wind. and pain in the stomach, giddiness or disturbed sleep, you'll find these little Pellets just what you want — tiny in size, sugar-coated,. ' pleasant to take and pleasant in the way they act. They tone up and strengthen title- lining membranes of the stomach and bowels, and do pertnan ent good. To prevent, relieve, and cure Biliousness, Dizziness, Constipation, Sour Stomach, SJck or Bilious Headaches, und Indigestion, toko Dr. Pierce'8 Pellets. If they're not Satisfactory, in every way and in every you have your money back. The "old reliable"— Dr. Sage's Remedy has been sold for thirty years, Has- cured thousands, will cure you. ' ( fill flGHES OF JOINTS, NERVES flND MUS6LES ST. JACOBS OIL WILL CURE AND PROMPTLY HUSTLES. A man may bo rich in not be relatively rich. relatives and vet PIG FORCEPS, FARMERS ALLNEE »THKM, J. N. REIMERS, rnmncno ABOOKFREB. IUVENPOBT.IOWA. Lessens Pain Insures Safety to Life of Mother and Child. "My wife, after using 'MOTHER'S FRIEND,' passed through the ordeal with little pain, was stronger in one hour than in a week after the birth of her former child. —J. J. jMcGoLDiucK, Bean Station, Tenn. " MOTHERS' FRIEND " robbed pain of its terror and shortened labor. I have the healthiest child I ever saw.—MRS: L. M. AHKRN, Cochrau, Ga. Sent by express, charges prepaid, on receipt of price, $1.50 per bottle. Hook "To MOTHERS" mailed free, by Ait Drwggisu. BRADFIELO REGULATOR CO., Atlanta, Ga. "COLCHESTER" SPADING BOOT, BEST IN MARKET. BUST JN KM 1 , BKST IN WBAHING QUALITY. The ou tor or tup sole ex. touils the \vliole length down to the heel, protecting thu hoot in iliff- IchiK and In uthor Imtl work. ASK YOUIl DKAIjaS 1-'OH TI1KM ami don't be jiiit oK With inferior jjoods. _^ COLCHESTER CD. STOCK out is : with. bot.te.i-. S 'Ull'll. ako in of ten Uin'er- •ihoiihi bo elear Sprinkle the >arslii>'. etc . live, f-orvin.y;. (live to such oleai- s-oups by a tiny slice ul' onioa or some choppod carrots or hav leal' boiled IQUK will) the moat and'bojjos. THIS OUT undMioilicwItl fo«r"Uel.Th«r«Kli" Ka I uur3Iii)iiwotb Farm Sued C'utal d 10 Farm Oruin Samples; or!3uf The il OP A KIND. Flying Dutchman- Sulky Plow. The Wolino Lever Harrow- The Moline Champion 'Draw to tho r ose uiul ill-our cow CAPITAL CITY NURSERIES. ri'MIKUE IB no lurgft or bettw si-leeleil isUH'k in tku .t. .V<irihiy<*»i, uuruiioiiuywlient IJOIUM- uilupieU to lluMiujtiii! 1'rulrlu I'lumur*. I'lpuiplnto lnu)UK>i>itit- miiijti-. Fiuil Trees, i'orfat. Trees, Small jruiIB, Everfretut, Oruuiuc-utulB, fU'. Au huue»t, rclluljle -^fi.'in wimK'ii In every t'liuiitv In I he Noriluve&t <'oioi.lBli;Oultltuiiii tlio bi'stui 1 ifruiBiiHufed. 1870 «'. L. \VATUOIJS, Dos Alohu-H, In. 1894 WELL'MACHINERY Illustrated cataloifiitt Bhow' : At7aKBS.«HOCK flUJlLS. HYDi.A AND JETONG JIACHINEHY. etc. SKM FIIKX. Hftvn itinu tt>6ttd und nil wanuiitcd. THE FECH HFO. CO. >»luux VHf, luvru 19 S. Cucu) St., Chicago. Cheap Homes! In San Luis Valley, Colorado. The Garden Spot of the Rocky Mountains.... CO ooo acres of flue land, all under flrst-clasa Irrigating I'ltnals, with perpetual water rlghis, for sule cheap, 6 years time, t!per cent Interest. Grains, Grasses and Vegetables Crow Hereto Perfection. Crops sure; no droutbH, no cyclones, no blizisardu: abunU&uio of pure uvlealan wutor; oil- mate imeyuwied. We liavo cfcurcUes, schools, ralroaus'aud gooa markets. For maps, circulars uuU full Inforwatloj), address JAMES A. KELLY & CO.. Agents, Colorado Valley Land Co. MONTE VISTA. AV. t. J10UOLAS 93 SHp«- equalsi custom work, cosling froit,, ' ?-f to $o, best value ibr the money in the world. Niuuc and wrict istiinipccl on (he bottom . Kvcry pair wurniiitcil. Take isosubst/, ute. See local papers for full -escription of our complete 'nea Jot- ladies and xtn- tlemen or .send for Jt. Patents, Trade-Marks. " 'jjjn »uil t AdvJi'e us lit . 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