Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 7, 1946 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 7, 1946
Page 2
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son son, MOM STAR, MOPt, ARKANSAS By Chicle Youna OZARKIKE By Ray Golto POTT LIE THEPE, \lllll' DEAR, I JUST PUT ON A CLEAN BEDSPREAD \y AND NOT THERE. -U ( DEAR EITHER-I'M' 7 GOING TO VACUUM V~, THIS ROOM HAW,,, ONE MORE OUT AN' WE WIN LOOK. SKIP. THAT DISH LOSE 1 CHAMPION- P.. . SLATSR PATS HIMSELF on THE BACK IN CENTER FIELD. SHIP... WHILE OZARK IKE SWEATS IT OUT, MILES AWAY . FROM TH' PARK... MISTUH . SKEU.EY/ By Michael O'Malley & Ralph Lane VIC FLINT SIDE GLANCES By Dick Turner By Galbraith CARNIVAL SO THIS IS THE THINS YOU'VE BEEN CONCEALING FROM ME/ THAT WAS UNSISTERLY OF YOU, MISTRAL / TWILIGHT. WATCH THE'GATE," MELCROFT SAYS. SO ( I SLIP ACROSS THE HALL AND WATCH -fl MELCROFT AMD MISTRAL IN THE POOL. DEAR SISTER' YOUR BROTHER, LASH THORN, WILL "TWILIGHT," MEICROFT\ SAYS,"LASH THORN IS DEAD." WELL, LASH THORN , SEEMS TO HAVE ' Jd COME TO LIFE.' By Leslie Turner WASH TUBBS ! NOW I WISH TO \BUT, AK.E, VWT HAPPENED TO MOCHO SHOW VOU A PLACE \AFTER HE MURDERED THE LftSr i DISCOVER RECENTW, \SURVWOROF THE CWCORRO ICAPTWH EASY...NEAR CHICORRO PUEBLO AND THE HOWE "** MOCHO UOCHO AND TWO'M£>R.E CONDEMNED CRWNftLS VWJE NOT VET BEEN FOUND...HERE VJE ARE... WE'LL NEED ACEDARSflCK FOR ATORCH INSIDE... fp) V TO Hf\NG, HE ESCAPED I IM A PRISON BUEfKK / W\TH SEVERAL /, OTHERS... X EVERftL MLES OF ROUGH CURBING, MAD THEN (X STONE CUFF. DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney 'COPR. 1946 BY MEA'SERVICE! INC. T. M. REG, u. s. PAT. OFF. COW. 194S BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. HANKS PLUMBING WELL, HE-BE VOU W2E — BUT SAW A PLUGGED SIN< ONE WOULDN'T HAvNDLE S Sometimes I wish we had gas. rationing back—on Sundays, anyway 1" "I'simflv romsirked lo my wife llial a NVOIIUUI s place_ is in the home, and here I,am!"' I IW NOT UNPLUGGIN A.SIN<,PAO-,--- '^A PAlNTIN CEILING ! I FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberaer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS -Bur TliSuess'rrsli WELL, so LONG, \ ILL MISS sou. I SOTTA BEAR. MR.KING- ITS LARD BEEN NIC5 WORK-/ MAYBE YOU IN& FOR YOU "/ COULD HELP THESE" FEW f AFTER SCHOOL WEEKS i /-HOURS / POWN AT THE' BRAIN FACTORY AND REALLY I F1NAMCIAL CRACK THE- ^MATTERS— BOOKS/ By Carl Anderson NOTORIOUS ROBBER AT LARGE UMPIRE WANTED INDUCTED, AND TM6 THE SEPARATION; CENTER./ GoSH, MOM, CAN'T I EVEN LOOK AT IT AWHILE/ He's too good a 'watchdog-Twit's the only way 1 can ge.t past hiju,.when 1 come home late!" ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlin HLSKVICE-. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF HOW ABOUT rr, BUSTER--HAS NOUK GADGET PCKCD UP ANY SIGN OPOCOLA > AND HEE ( KIDNAPERS? MEANWHILE^ ( r THINK one TEAVEL HAS Thimble Theater . ,^,v WE'RE I *• ,. " & GETTING A J^ •&:•>/, ,7 ?.< TEICK—THEEE'S NOT A MIGHT ITtPASAIN AT WHICH END, , i HOPEP you WOULD CQV\E.'/ you DON'T KNOW ( HOW GLAP I AM TO CREEPY.'.' CREEPy// THIS 'SAILOR is TOO TALL- 0ET SOMETHING AMD TRIM ISEE you/.'j^| By Edgar Martin V» VJHtRt W ?,Vf\7.tc, D\D OT"=. WOt KN a&ftR^'? MtWilTKtRt *r ,jv- -J • OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William* OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople WeLL, IT TAKES A £ MAM OF ACTION . AMD BAD GRAMMAR LIKE OAK6- TO DISCOVER THAT l<3 H&NDYT& SPRINKLE -rue -V&0/ MOVE V YES,THEY REALLY GOT QUICK/ AMTS-' I YOU WHEW YOU HAVE TO THEY SOT Ji ZIGZAS THRU A MILE -- W?KK&a HiM.' J&'i\ OF PlgMICS AW THREE tfttnftV & ^h--rxn?^^:-Vfc\ GIRLS' B^L GAMES GIT TO ^ ' EGAD/ THAT CHARLATAN Ac>rc> HIS 6OLt>F\SH- 60WL ELIXIR AROUSE M.V 5>TRiK\NG /\ POSE AS THE LOCAL. l<=, REALLV THE FANMLS D008LB- KlS MED1CINM- CURE-ALL .' PRIVACY .' ^t-^J."^. -il \V i ••W-^/T»»sJ\ By Fred Harmon RED RYDER YOU 'RE COI*WYV1HO ARE TOO \MlTH liS, rAlSSjtWrWT DO TOO M WE UW To KKiOW WHERE to FlWP SOLP rAiwe (WE'LL RIPE 13ACK ArtDlELL \ A rMSS ALICE WE'VE ' v.-'KW ViS DOESI^T COLD VJERYEA6ILY, 9-7 THE TRWELIMjS COMPAMIOJt* c £*.&'•.»•&'&.«&, Coming and Going mm Terfonal Phone T68 BetwMn 9 i. m. und 4 p. m . Cni ; lson nn " iml Fri - CCk r? \ isil wilh hc '' . Carlson and Mrs. and other relatives and s in Hot springs. .sses Margaret Phippin and £ Mm W 1, rd , wm 1(;avc! Monday aHomi i e • U ' ck w , hcl ' c attend business college, M - all(1 E. S. Franklin havo -_ , . . . o imf T/ s '. Mrs '- A ' J - ° ri "'» "f Little Hnck. Arlt. ami Mrs. .Too 1'iankljn of Long Islnnd. New York." r Glly Cn , rd lcft PrldaV mor- M we «*-e»<» visit with her r , Mrs - O. G. Fulmcr nnd . Fulmer and family.. Misses Rosemary Coop, Gwen Evans and Phyliss Williams will leave Sunday morning for Fayetlo- villo where they will enter the Uni. veisity of Arkansas. Mrs J. Fit/simmons and Miss Jacqueline Hicks will return Sun- fr ° m Forrr-it City and Mem- romi. where they attcndi-d the funeral of Mrs. Burton 'Fit/Simmons. • Mrs. Floy Gilbert will leave Sunday morning, for Denver, Colorado where she will attend the bedside of her brother. David Hicks who is critically ill in a Denver hofjii- v- m S/Sgt.-W. T. Hardin, Mrs. Har- dm and son Tommy arrived Wednesday from Hawaii for a visit With Sgl. Hardin's parents, Mr and Mrs. W. T. Ha'-din. Sr.. Sr.'l Hardin has recently boon-discharg- ed from (lie army after serving 511, years with ,1.years overseas. Mrs. Ernest Shiver and children Louie and Vivian of Magnolia, are visiting her molher Mrs. Delia Lox hern. 10 Billions Set Aside for War Veterans By JAMES MARLOW Washington', Sept. fi —f/P)~ Un- warei of $10,000,000,000 — "f the .$-U,r>00,000,00 the government figures to spend on everything :'n -,he fiscal year of 1047 — has been set aside lor war veterans. (The government's fiscal year stalls July 1 in one vear. ends June 30 of the next. The 1947 fiscal year started last July 1 and will end Juno 30 ,1947.) Congress, before it quit tor the season, appropriated about $10,000,000,000 Cor war veterans. That money covers veterans "of all wars and ranges from education to pensions. All of the $10,000,000,000 probably won't be spent in fiscal 1947, but most of it. say, perhaps. :19,000,000,000. will be. This appropriation for 1947 is greater than all the money appro- priated'by Congress 'or veterans from fiscal 142 through iiscr.! 1943, which -ended Juno 30. In .those, five, years ihc total appropriation was $8.403,054,000, most of it — $4,780.000,000 — was appropriated for fiscal 1940. But the 1947 • appropriation more \han doubles, last year's. AN EXOTIC BEAUTY RULES THE JUNGLE! Leopard¥bmaii 'Johnny WEISSMULLEB BrendaMOyCE Johnny SHEFFIELD :] RIALTO • SUNDAY • MONDAY • TUESDAY Sunday Features 1:42 - 3:36 - 5:30 7:24 - 9:13 new 3 GREAT DAYS SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY SUN. FEATURES — 1:00 - 2:43 - ,4:26 6:09 - 7:52 LAST- 9:35 »CODI?MUS 4 Tail-Enders Having Brief Importance By CORNELIUS RYAN New York, Sept. 7~(UP)—Tni|. end teams wpre having their brief inning of importance today in both major leagues, as the cellar squads went against the league- leaders in a series that could end American League romp one! virtually end the National League race. Most important games were HIOHC in which eighth-place 'Pittsburgh played the Cardinals and seventh-place New York engaged Brooklyn in the National League The Pirates gave the Cards a scare last night, although they lost, 7 to 0, to send the St. Louis :'lyers \l 1-2 games ahead of idle Brooklyn, and Pittsburgh has been tough 'all season for Eddie Dyers' outfit. The Giants have not been much easier for the Dodgers,. .and it would be quite possible for cither of the tailenders to upset the Jead- ers. And if the Pirates should lose two games tod^iy and tomorrow while New York won two over Brooklyn, the race would 'be almost settled. But if the Dodgers won and. St. Louis lost, the race would be tied again and Brooklyn might breeze in on the momentum. The Red Sox have the American League flag jn their pocket, but they can make it official during the games with the Athletics, who were not as docile as expected with the Yankees last night. Boston leads by 10—1-2 games, and has 17' to play. New York has 20 to play, and meets Washington today. Tho Cardinals got off to a 7 to 2 lead over the Pirates last night, helped in large part by Terry Moore's throe-run homnr, but. Pittsburgh snapped back to-score three in the seventh and chase Johnny Beazlcy, although Beazley got credit for the victory. Bill Cox got four hits for Pittsburgh. The Giants drubbed the Phils, 10 to 2, as the Phils made lour errors. Ernie Lombard! hit a base- Pink Carrifsan, John P. Vesey, Dr. I- M. Lilo, Dr. II. G. Heller, John A. Sullivan, Lloyd Spencer, Roy A. Anderson, R. M. LaGrone, A. L. Black. O. A. Graves, Dr. F. IJ Henry, George M. Green, McRae Andrews, H. O. Bridewell, N. T. .rev/ell, Dr. Don .Smith, , Jesse Brown, Terrel S. Cornelius, Paul M. Simms. K, G. McRae, Dorsey A. McRae, Sr., J. Pat Uuffie, Ed McCorkle, Alox. H. Wnshburn, Frank E. Howson, Elbert Jones, Lon McLarly, Hoss R, Gillespie, Gus Haynes, J. C. Broyles, Kelly Bryant, Carter Johnson, Hoii. Harry J. Lornley, Hon. Kendall Lemley, T. S. McDavitt, Paul Lewis, G. Patrick Casey, Frank G. Wiird, James Finley Ward, J. Edwin Ward, Robert M. Wilson, E. P. Stewart, S. L. Reed, Dr. F. C. Crow, Dr. Chas. C. Champlin, O. F. nugglos, Dan Godbold, Tully Henry Paul F. Briant, N. P. O'Neal, E. S. Greening, Lon Sanders, Dr. T .E. Fuller, W. B. Oglesby, Stuart Wilson,. Eugene Mullins, W. A. McCartney, Jr., of Texarkana, Charlie Wilson, R. C. Stuart of Columbus, Ark.,' P. D. Burton, P. D. Burton, Jr., Lewisville, Ark., J. B. Shulls; Brooks Shults, Fulton, Ark., J. P. Brundridgc, David L. Mai- Jary, Hot Springs, John H. Greene, Paul Huckins,- John H. Cottrell, Hon. Edward F. McFaddln, LIUle Rock, Ark., Albert Simms, John Simms, Alburquerque, N. M., Rev. Stuart Oglesby, Atlanta, Ga., Sam Rayburg, New York City, James full homer for the winners. Chicago, Boston. Brooklyn Cincinnati were idle. and Sam Chapman was the whole show in the Athletic victory over the Yanks. Hc made a circus catch with the bases full of Yanks in the eighth, turning it into a -louble- play, and then belted the game- winning homer in the bottom of the eighth. .Buddy Lewis' single and Stan Spence' double in the llth inning gave the Washington Senators a 3- lo 2 victory over the Red Sox, snapping an eight-game Boston winning streak. Bob9 Newsom pitched the route to win, allowing 10 hits. Earl Johnson, third Boston h'u'ler, was the loser. 8 UTTLE fiOCK PIRKflDELPHia HOPE , Mrs. West: Continued from Pngft'Onn News of the Churches Saftirtfay, Scpfcmbcf 7, FIRST METHODIST Plrte at Second Robert B. Mijore, Pastor ,,.|?. I ;S an Music hy Mrs. Dolphus Whitten Jr.—0:30 a.m. Church School —9:45 a.m. Morning Worship —10:50. Guest speaker, Dr. Matt L. Kllis. Hoard of Stewards will 'meet at the Church at 2 p.m. '•• Youth Fellowship —0:30 p.m Evening Worship—7:30. Sermon by Pastor. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Thos. Brewster, Minister Sunday School —9:45 a m. Morning Worship— 10:55, sermon by the Pastor. Young Peoples Meeting— 0:30 Evening Service— 7:30 p.m. Meetings of the various circles of the Woman's Auxiliary, Monday — J 4 p.m. You finest speaker. . Christian Youth Fellowship moot infi-- 6:U() p.m. Mr. and Mrs. H. L Ponder, sponsors. * Jv'vonihg Worship, Communion, & special speaker, Mr. Harry , . e' President National Laymans Lea tho Christian Churches in the Uni gue. the Laymans organization o, ted States— 7: <15 Monday, the Women's Council will meet at the Church for then regular business and missionary meeting. The women of the church are urged to attend. FIRST BAPTIST Third & Main Streets S. A. WhiUjw, Pastor Sunday school— 9:30 a.m. H. E Thrush, Supt. • Morning Worship —10:50, message by the pastor. Training Union— 6:15 p.m. Rus- cordially inviled to" wor- 1 ^Ev^'^rs^S^tr'vice- 7:30 R Heny, Benjamin , . F. Springer, Galvcston, Tex.. - o Committees . Continued From Page One Why CRAWL When You Can FLY? SAFE . . . CONVENIENT Air Travel Southwest Arkansas to Litlle Rock nnd Other Points In the State F-A-R-E-S Hope lo Little Rock Iv. 8:58 a. m. ar. 10:15 a. m. S9.76 (one way) Litlle Rock to Hope Iv. 3:00 p. m. ar. 4:17 p. m, (Fare quoted includes Fed. tax) For Information, Reservations Call SOUTH CENTRAL AIR TRANSPORT Telephone Airport or 8GG dressed the convention, both calling for parly unity. Present committee officers were expected to be re-elected :'ollow- ing Governor Lancy's endorsement in a pre'-convention statement. The newly elected committee ;s composed of the following (x—Denotes new member): Congressional districts First — Morris Smith, Birdeye, and Mrs. R. C. Chappie, McCroy. Second — Z. M. McCarroll, Walnut Ridge, and Mrs. J. T. Cone, Searcy. Third — Roy Milum (x). Harrison, and Miss Suzanne Lighten, Fayetteville. Fourth — 'Dr. R. C. Dickinson (x), Horatio, and Mrs. R.P. Manley (x), Fort Smith. Fifth — Beloit Taylor (x). Little Rock, and Mrs. Ed Gordon Sr., (x), Morrilton. Sixth — Bob Farther x). Vimy Ridge, and Mrs. Weems Trussell (x), Fordyce. Seventh — James V. Spencer, Jr., (x), El Dorado, and Mrs. D. E. Westfail, Camden. Judicial districts ', First — Dan Fellon, Marianna. Second —Dave Laney, Osceola. Third — Roy Evans (x), Newport. f Fourth — W. A. Black, Bentonville. i' v ilth — Armil Taylor, darks-' ville. ( Sixth — June P. Woolen, Litlle Rock. : r Seventh — Dallon Walker' (x),Eighth' — W. S. Atkins (x), Hopt ship with us. i message T,- ' rhc"pnstor. HOPE GOSPEL TABPRNAn c ir, In , lel ' m , c ' liate Em Phasis Week.— North Main -inri AV^M n ^ m ' ing this weok ' September 8-1U. H. Paul Holdp"dae Paitor churches throughout the Southern The Youth. Roviv.,1 u^,° i, u P a Ptist Convention will be observ- inc xouin Revival which has ing Intermediate Emphasis Week. The Intermediates ol. our church and Sunday school will participate in the services both Sunday's and other services in their honor have been arranged for the week. Wednesday —7 p.m. The Fellowship Hour. The inlermediates of our church and Sunday school will be special guests at this service. Choir rehearsal —8 p.m. DeANN METHODIST REVIVAL Revival services will begin at the DeAnn Methodist Church Sunday at 7:30 p.m. in which Rev R. W. Core, pastor of the Blevins Methodist church, will preach. The meeting will continue through Friday of. next week. . wc as been m progress at the Tabernacle lor the past three weeks will conclude with the Sunday evening services. New. members will be received into the church on Sunday morning, following which the Pastor will bring the morning message, There will be a water baptismal service in the early part of m Ninth Looksburg. Dr. M. L. Norwood, Tenth — James E. Hurley (x), W-'-in. llth — Sam Levine (x) Pine 12th — Thomas Harper (x), Fort Smith. 13th — Larkin Furlow, Hampton* 14th — Sybil Turney (x), Heber Springs. 15th — Charles S. Evans (x), Booneville. IGlh — .Roland Morris, Pocahon- .is. 17lh — J. J. Screeton, Hazen. 10th — Leo P. McLaughlin, Hot Springs. evening -service. Several are baptism, and church ^ ~.»,«i..ut_v« in me i-il Ul 1^11 UcJJJ- tislry in the preliminary part of the Evangelistic Service. Evangelist Elta Staats Pope, of Texarkana will . bring - the closing message of • the revival" following this service. All of the friends of the Tabernacle are invited to attend and enjoy these Sunday services with S. Sunday School —9:30 a.m. Morning Worship — 10:50, Sermon by the Pastor. C. A. Services—6:30 p.m. Evangelistic Service — 7:30 p.m Evaigelist Elta Staals Pope will bring the message. Wednesday—Prayer and Bible Study —7:45 p.m. Thursday — Women's Missionary Council—2:30 p.m. Friday— Prayer and Tarrying Service— 7:45 p.m. Choir Practice —8:30 p.m. FIRST CHRISTIAN 208 N. Main Wm. P. Hardegree, Minister Sunday school —9:45 a.m. Clas°s for all ages, Lloyd Coop, Supt. Morning Worship, Communion, & Sermon— 10:50. Meeting of the Mens Fellowship group—6 p.m. with Harry Hines, .CHURCH OF CHRIST Bible Classes—9:45 a.m. Morning Services—11:00. Evening Worship —7:00 p.m. Mid-week Service, Wednesday— 7:00 p.m. . Friday, Bible Study—7:30 p.m. FIRST PENTECOSTAL Fourth and Ferguson Streets T. F. Ford, Pastor "The church that is different " Sunday School —9:45 a m Morning Worship —11 o'clock P.Y.P.A. Class -6:45 p.m Junior P.Y.P.A.— 6:45 p.m. Evangelistic Service —7:45 pm Choir Practice, Wednesday —7-45 p.m: Ladies Prayer and Bible Study- Thursday —2:30 p.m. Praise and Worship, Friday — 7:45 p.m. You arc always welcome to all of these services. DOROTHY DIX Career Wife Should a married woman work outside of her home when her financial aid is not nee'ded for the support.-of the family? That is the neadachey problem with . which many a modern girl has to wros- ^ler-and which will be particularly .acute in these days after the win- when so many women have found that they have talents that they never dreamed that they possessed, and have gotten their first-intoxicating taste of financial independence. --. ^-. .rum, One of these brides who is de- that the one horse .power job. Husband Objects •"But my husband insists on my giving up my job, and he can't realize that all women are nol born housewives any more than all men are born carpenters or poets Nor can I make him see that a woman can get the same reaction to doing the work she loves lo do that a man does in following a congenial occupation. "And, anyway, I would think - o «^u»w.\_ me on the cool moss to help open the unch. "Isn't it delicious here Ce- :elia?" She drew a long breath of he sweet-scented air and shiered little.. 'It's heavenly, , Miss Charlotte, 1 said, and she laughed at the Miss.' Colin brought the pillows from he canoe and.made us .comfortable against Ihe-trunk of one of the old -roes.. And there I was with Miss -JiarloUe- on one side."of me and -o.lm Filzgerald on Ihe other I had hardly a word to say, I was so enchanted at just being there, istening to them talk: But they kept giving messages to: each other through me. Colin said, "Cecelia, would you ask your Queen if her poor starv- ng Knight can have one crust of bread? One crust of bread, that is all I ask from her." "Tell the Knight we have only inough food for two." said Charlotte airily, though Ellen had given us enough food for a picnic for six. "It's passing strange,' said Colin, how a Queen with such glorious blue eyes and such a bewitching smile could turn away anyone from icr table hungry. But perhaps she'd rather I'd feast my eyes on tier." 'Oh, Colin, you idiot! 1 She laughed. "Here, give him a sandwich, Cecelia, and tell him to go away and let us alone.' "Ah," said Colin, "and what if the ship were to get loose from its mooring? We would all be stranded liere for the rest of our lives and you would have only me to depend upon to kill deer and rabbits and fish and snakes and one thing and another.' "How very true." said Charlotte. 'That is, it would be except that lust over the hill the stale road runs and we could all gel-on the trolley and ride out to North Lyn- chester in about ten minutes.' He looked quite pained at this and told her she had no romance in her soul; indeed, she! had an extremely mundane mind and why he bothered to stay here he-did not for the life of him'know. Then he began to sing, and after tas. Texas Can Put 44 Lettermen on Grid Field (This is one in a series discussing Southwest 1 Conference football prospecls)'. By HAROLD V .RATLIFF ' Austin, Tex., Sepl. 6 — (fpi— The University of Texas is stacked three to five deep in experienced naterial at each posilion, boasls speed, power, passing and punting — and even Coach D. X. Bible would label it the favorite <n Uie Southwest Conference football race. • .— • — —— •.••LWL uijv4i_o vvtiu 10 ut;' bating whether to exchange u mahogany desk for a cooking stove puts her case like this: "I am mar- ied,' she says, 'to a good business man who makes plenty to support a comfortable home. He is generous and I would never have to tell him what I did with the quarter he gave me week before last. He loves his work and he would be bored to extinction if he had nothing to do but to try to amuse himself. 'Well, I'm precisely in the same position that he is. I'm a good business woman. I love my work I get a kick out of planning big deals and matching my wits against other good brains. But I am not domestic in my tastes. I don't know how to cook. I can't get excited over pots and pans .1 have oeen used to handling money by the thousands of dollars and when 1 go out and buy a ten-cent bunch 01 carrots for dinner, I feel it is as silly as it would be to harness up a high-powered Deisel engine to a in 34 years as college mentor, notes that Texas has been :iamed by the critics as the team to beat, agrees with that estimate and says: "We hope we can make good prophets out of everybody." Texas boasts 44 lettermen in addition to a large crop oi •• stars. •"• • • CITY CAFE SPECIAL for SUNDAY MENU Baked Chicken with Dressing Giblet Gravy Mashed Potatoes Baked Beans Pear Salad with Cheese Hot Rolls Cornbread Muffins Pie With Ice Cream Coffee Tea Milk 65c City Cafe 'The Home of Clean Food" u numerals ' over a tieriod of several years. The remaining seven letlered at other colleges such as Purdue, Auburn, Penn Southern California, and Arkansas A. and M. So wealthy in material is Bible that he can afford entire learns using different formations. ior instance he has three or four running with the wingback formation and another employing Uie T formation. The latter will be used not only ior practice purposes but will enter games as a unit. There are enough good men ihat Bible can pul enlire teams on the ''ield to meet most any condition of offense or defense. A 'id yet with all this material, iiiole says Texas would be weaK- '- enect materially through the loss of I one man—bounding Bobby Layne, : neid general, passer, runner, punter, everything it takes to be a iop football player Layne may not play a game .this season. He will report to his draft board Sepl. 19. It would be no surprise either way. Bobby once was rejected because of high blood pressure. The next time iie was classified 1-A. "Layne's value is estimaled principally by his greal passing ability," says Bible, "and that's true because his passing not only scores touchdowns bul maKes our running game click bctler by scattering Ihe defense. But Layne is valuable in other ways — his generalship is the very besl and he's a good runner and punter." Social Situations THE SITUATION: You call at a home, and the maid, whose name you know, answers the door WRONG WAY: Say, without any greeting lo the maid, "Is Mrs Jones at home?' RIGHT WAY: Say, "Good evening, Mary. Is Mrs. Jones at home? — woman who followed some trade or profession and who saw new people and had new experiences every hour of the day would be a more interesting companion to a man than the wife who spenl her days cooking and washing and scrubbing, and who had nothing more exciting to talk about than that the baby had cut a tooth or that the price of butchers meat had gone up.' That is Hie woman's side of the problem of Ihe office wife versus Ihe home wife. The man's side of it is thai il hurls his pride for his wife to be as successful in her line as he is in his. He wants her lo be dependent upon him and lo look up to him as Ihe source from which all blessings flow. No marriage is a happy one in which Ihe gray mare is Ihe belter horse. Furthurmore, one of the main reasons thai men marry is io get a i\ ome ' and in a man's picture of the home of his dreams there is always a wife, in a pretty dress or a bungalow apron, coming to meet •11 with a glad, sweol smile and wilh Ihe savor of good cooking surrounding her like a halo. He doesn'l want to find a dark house, with no wife meeting him no dinner cooking, and with his only welcome a telephone message saying she had been delained at the office, or lhat she has had an emergency call to a sick patient, or that she has had lo go out of town to see about a contract. • Somehow, alas, women and marriages and careers don't mix, and she should give up her job or not whether when a girl gets married would be an insoluble problem if Ihe first baby didn't settle it (Released by The Bell Syndicate Inc.) Silver and Gold Nail Heads All Styles EYLETS all colors RHINESTONES Buttons — Belts — Buckles Mail Orders Invited Mrs. H.W, Hatcher 309 E. Second Hope, Ark. Phone 407-J Does Your Back Cel Tired?, A SPENCER will relieve back* fatigue—give you restful posture, MRS. RUTH DOZIER 216 S. Hervey Phone 942-J Devil's Laughter Copyright 1940 by NEA Service By ALICE M. LAVESICK . THE STORY: Charlotte's improves and she and Cecelia plan their long-delayed picnic. Colin Htzgerald unexpectedly joins -them, over-rides Char lolle s protests lhat he is not wanted. Ho settles both young women in the canoe, paddles them off lo look for a good picnic spol. Ho tells Charlblfc that men wander when there's nothing to keep them at home. XVIII Colin paddled to the shore, con- gralulaling himself the while on being such a wonderful guide, added to all his other amazing gifts and talents, and helped us'out of '.he canoe. And he planted his flag hen, his handkerchief on a stick. What shall we call this land O Queen Isabella?" he said lo Charlotle. a while we joined in, and he went on lo quole more poelry. He seerh- ed lo know snatches of quite a few poems bul nol one from beginning lo end. We all got to the iioirit, alter a while, where we laughed at everything that was said, whether H was funny or not. t Eventually we noticed that the sun was getting low, and reluctantly decided thai it was time Ho pack up and leave. t It was when we started to rise, with Colin laking our hands and helping us, that Miss Charlotte twisted her ankle. And Colin, quickly, tho bit of nonsense dying on his lips, his eyes serious put his arm about her. She slraighlened up just as quickly, however, and took my arm, saying she Was" perfectly ail |t, itwas nolhing. And after atme , , ~~- ^ '• • a "«**- vv tia ^CiilJWHjr till right, it was nothing. And after a moment, he took the pillows and the basket and we wont back to the We took bur time coming back, slowly -down river, • -- g the sunset. We sang .- a little, not much, all of us to related and feeling so lazy after our day in the open that we didn't want to exert ourselves even that much. Colin looked browner than ever, if possible, and . Miss . Char- - lotte's eyes sparkled and her face was .slightly pink from the sun.' I knew I had a sunb.urn, too, that would add a few freckles to the more than plenty • I" already had, but I did not care. It had been such fun. I »'. Colin told us jokes, mostly Irish ones, With-an, excellent imilaion'of a brogue, and -we laughed some more. He-kept looking at Miss Charlotte and.now and then I had that familiar feeling of being'com- pletely unnoticed. Looking back later, I did not know whether we should be glad or sorry that we had been so gay that afterno'dn. For when we arrived at Innisfail, there was' a great shock awaiting us. I found Ellen in the kitchen, rocking back and forth, wild with grief. ndA at first I could not comprehend what she was telling me, and when I did, I was stunned. For old lady Fitzgerald had died that afternoon. While we sat on the mossy slope under the trees and sang and laughed and enjoyed ourselves so thorogYily, she had been lying dead there at-Innisfail. I could not believe it. It was not possible. But it was so. In her last sleep, Honors Fitzgerald was really noble-looking They had somehow made her look like the portrait, and with those restless eyes forever closed, her face was calm, her features stamped with grandeur. And I realized. as I gazed at her, that I had grown fond of her during these few weeks I had known her. Arrogant and opinionated she had been, to be sure, but something about her was forever to keep a place m my heart. ' (To Be Continued) FOR QUICK SALE 1938 Packard Sedan $ 800.00 1941 Chevrolet Club Coupe 1,300.00 1936 Ford Station Wagon ... 750.00 1 R.C.A. 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