The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 14, 1894 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 14, 1894
Page 2
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MOINES: AMfNA. IOWA. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14 I foR i stripes; ;', A--. ,-&; TARIFF BILL WILL't A TREASURY BALANCE. Sl ,1VE Entlnmtort ft« Mlfl-h it» 000— Tim tHfiutlnfc ttf British at NIcftfatiRtw to Mo Jiive»tlKat*<l — Tcffef SUM tip Swmtors. , ',;,;,, It )2r-T{ the government expenses for the next ttscal year do not exce'etl ,the 'amount csti- inated by Secretary Carlisle lor the present year there will be, in the •event of the tariff bill passing in its present shapo, a surplus at the end of the BPxt fisch.1 year of about So?,000,000. The Will as it came from the house threatened a deficit; it now jjromises n, surplus. Three senate !iineridmtinl« promise an increase of $.'18,000,000 over the house bill. These three are: Sugar, 8-10,000,000; whisky, $10,000,000; cigars, fcs.OOO.OOO; total, $08,000,000. The internal revenue schedules (including Sugar) promise an increase from those sources over the existing law of' ?08,000,000, of which the income tax is expected to provide $30,000,000 and whisky .,?20,000,000, $10,000,000 from whisky having been in-ranged for by the house. FtiPFKK AFTER 8K.NATOKS. JlesotuUon, .Introduced l>y Him In Jtcfer- e.tiffi in Sneimlnllim WASHISOTO.N, March is.—Senator Toiler yesterday introduced in eenate a resolution to investigate the the the .. pibbifiSiy wdftnifllftid* fcttfttfb in ho law. Should he be found to*have been merely guilty of an error of judg- nent—and such is the pretty general Belief—efforts to set the decision" aside vill be. made . ut should corruption 10 found a recommendation for his nipcachinent will be made. Another W<!*tcrn Cnnnl Proposed WAsm&oTojf, March 12.— The most portiint project submitted at yesterday's meeting of the river and harbor •.ommitteo svsis a new one. urged .by Representative Keifcr of Minnesota 'or a survey of a canal route conneet- ng Lake Superior with the Mississippi •iver. It is proposed by this plan to utilize the small streams at the source of the Mississippi as connecting links n a canal joining the Uulf of St. Lawrence with the Mississippi. It is urged that it could be utilized to store the upper waters of the Mississippi and jrevent the overflows which are so lisastrous to the Lower Mississippi. rumors regarding sugar.speculation by senators. It went over until to-morrow. Senator I'effcr's resolution provides for a committee to examine the charges in various newspapers that certain senators had utilized knowledge gained officially for dealing in sugar stocks und had made large gains. Mr. 1'effer slated that he had no personal knowledge of the charges, und at his request the. resolution was tabled temporarily. Then came up tho Bland seigniorage bill as unfinished business. Mr. Allison asked that the bill go over until Wednesday at ::t o'clock. Mr. Marnier " son inquired if amendments could bo, offered. Mr. Harris replied that he did not think he would consent to this. Considerable discussion followed, and finally Mr. Harris suggested that Wednesday a vote be taken on Mr. Allison's motion to reconsider, and if that failed Mr. JWanderson might move to recommit to the finance committee, the final vote to be taken Thursday at 2 o'clock. This was agreed to and the debate on the bill was then resumed. The discussion was participated in by Senators Vilas (Wis.), Stewart (Nov.) ant 1 Aldrich (N. J.), and at its close Scna- tor Harris-(Tenn.) made the following explanation: "I. have represented or this floor my own personal and indi vidual views. I have; no informatioi from the head of the administration, or any member of the administration, fully as to what they wish or do not wish in regard to it. I am presenting any own individual views and shal continue to represent them until tin end of the contest." After an executive session thesenati adjourned viutil Mondav. WILE, KISFPJU'K MON.ROE DOCTKINK "Cabinet DlMinase* the Landing of Hritiish Troopg in NioarrtRiitt. • WASHiNfiTOX, March 12.—Official corrbboration of the report that (.U-cat Britain.had landed troops ou tho Mosquito coast^hits been - received at the state department. Yesterday the cabinet reviewed tlie matter in detail. What conclusion will bft reached can not, at present, be told. The given motive for landing the British troops Ms not believed to be the real one. It is the opinion of Secretary Greshuui that the true design of the Hritish is to obtain a foothold near to the mouth of the Nicaraugiia canal with the view to establishing a British fort there Wo as to be ready to snatch any advantage which may oft'er itself. It i.s the general opinion here that the administration will lake very decided steps to enforce the Monroe doctrine. TITI.KS AltE IN DOUBT. TliouHuudK of Acr«s «ii tlie Upper 1'en- iiiHuIa Involved. •WASurNOTOX, March 10.— Commissioner Laiuoreux of the general land office, after examining into the quos- tion of approvals of land grants in tho Upper Peninsula of Michigan to the Portage Lake and Lake Superior Ship Canal company, has decided that naarly fi(),(IOO acres of land were erroneously approved to that company in 1808. These lands were listed "mineral" prior to the, act of making the grant to the company. As the gra'nting act expressly excluded from its terms lands which had formerly been classed as '•mineral" Cornmis sioncr Lamoyeux holds that the up jm>val was without authority of law. He recommends to Secretary Smith . that suit lie instituted to set aside the title of the company. Vot« ou UIav»d iilll Thursday. WASIU.WTOX, March I a—The senate will take its iinal voto on the Bland bill on Thursday next at 3 o'clock. On Wednesday the vote on Senator Alii eon's motion, to reconsider will bo taken up and if it fail to carry a vote will be taken on u, motion by Seuatoi MfJ-nderfion to commit the bill to the Jiuaii.ce committee. To this the sen ato lias unanimously agreed. JtuUion Investigating Couimittuv WASHJNUTON, March 12.— Conirress naau Charles J- of Louisiana William A- Stone of Pennsylvania am William L. Terry of Arkansas, buy Veen appointed by the ho,use judici . stxv committee to investigate Judg< " '" " " Nyrtberii Pacilic dcci,sior. In the House. WASHINGTON. March .1?.— In the louse yesterday, after transacting some business of minor importance, the house wont into committee of the whole for further consideration of the District of Columbia bill. At It o'clock the debute closed and voting took place on various amendments. Without completing the consideration of the bill the house took a, recess until 8 o'clock, the evening session to be devoted to private pension bills. The. night session was devoted to the passage of individual pensions, and :>t 10:25 the house adjourned. Votn-l-'or«liifr ii Fall are. WASHINGTON-, March IS— Some of the members of the house who were interested in the vote-forcing caucus Tuesday night are very mvich chagrined at the collapse of the venture. Although .120 representatives signed the call the highest number of those present did not at nny time exceed tlft'y-tiye.. This is likely to be-tho.ehd of eftorls in this direction. >fc> UlRiiilsRitU liillin reunion OMii'*. W.u<iii.N<iTON-,March 12 ..... The period ical rumor of extensive dismissals to he made in the pension office is going the rounds of the burcnu. It is reported that ."'00 employes will bo ro- moved ou or before the beginning of the fiscal ycnr. The story is denied at tlic pension oflifie. Important Events Reduced to Their Lowest tetrnsr CONGRESSIONAL. . The land office decided nearly fiO.OQO. Michigan ncres were wrongfully given the Portage Cnnal company. Congressional investigation into Judge Jenkins' course in enjoining railway employes promises important developments. President Cleveland and the cabinet considered the action of Great Britain in landing troops at Blueflulds, Nicaragua. Sena lor Pf offer introduced a resolution calling for an investigation of the renent sugar deal. It was temporarily ••a bled. < : Representative Keifer pleaded with the river and harbor committee for^lho survey of a Lake Superior-Mississippi canal. In Ihe list of postmasters confirmed by the senate there wore a number for towns in Illinois. Democratic members have .finished with Iho tariff bill. H will be considered in full committee before reaching the senate. Additional Hawaiian eorrospondeneo was transmitted to tho house, by President Cleveland. Information of steps taken toward a new government for Hawaii was sent to congress by Mr. Cleveland. (Maud's seigniorage bill passed to tho third rending, surprising the, republican side of the senate chamber. Senators fear Croat lU-itaiu is trying to got a footing on Ihe NMcarugiia coast in violation of treaty. 'Freethinkers sent in n. protest against the house resolution providing for recognition oftiod in the eonfclitn- tVays nh'fl fh'etlfts ^oinitlittco, ; oj;the,. ^ vovcniio bill f ''whVch \vPT-be Until His 11 Jfew GovcrncRd. •\VAMliNfiTOX, March I:.-.— Miss .lennie Lander of Mansfield, Ohio, has been installed in the white house as governess of Until Cleveland. She is about 25 years of age and is snid to be a good linguist STRIKE LEADS TO MURDER. UtulKh Valley Train UUimtohnr Nearly Killed for Accepting a <lol>. PITTSTON, 1'a., March J::.—Train Dispatcher W. .1. Hepburn, who came from New York and accepted a position in the railroad ofnee hero during the late strike on the Lehigh Valley road, was almost murdered last night by three men, who attacked him on a bridge on. his way home. Hepburn is in a precarious condition. The Lehigh Valley's detectives have taken hold of the case, and arc confident of running o earth the would-be assassins. Jowa Di-:s MOIXKS, Iowa, 7\fai-ch 12 —In tlui cntitc yesterday the opponents ol' tho 'arperiter local option bill gained a joint in , securing 1 tho adoption of an mendment providing that it should lot permit the sale of spiritous liquors, motion for consideration will be •otod upon to-day. If the amendment s allowed to remain it will practically lefeat tlu; bill. Senator Finn says he hinks tho amendment will l>o car- •ied and then they would puss another imonduuiiit U> knock out the. malt and ,'inous liquor provisions and only permit ginger al« and buttermilk Vo lie. sold. lliu Itii8t«r (,'UH« U<ien tin. MADISON, Win., March U'.--W. .1. I'. McKuil, ex-uiuiiiiging editor o£ tho Miuli.son Times und in whose name, tho now famous rostor contract was mad ml, was on the witness stand from ihe- opening of court until •) o'clock yesterday afternoon. He withstood volleys of (|uestions bravely and left the stand with the. testimony he. had given twice before unshaken. The remainder of the afternoon was devoted to the rending of l)ov. Ceorge \V. Peck's deposition. It will take u couple of hours to complete the. read ing this forenoon. West VirKiiiiK Minors Alent- MoXTiiosiKitv, \V. YH., .March 1:J.• Two thousand minci-s met in mas meeting hern lust night, lien. Watts Congre.ssnr.iu Aldersou and T. I Davis addressed the meeting, de ploring tho condition of ulVain and advising- arbitration for seUKiinen of all differences. Miners unanimous!; adopted resolutions condemning til acts of violence and pledging thorn selves to vindicate and uphold the law The meeting was very orderly, bu enthusiastic, and much good is ex pi>cted to result. Wiuiioiv <;ii»ss I'&utoriex JJcsume \Vorl< AXDEHSOX, Ind., Marclt l*.•—Two o the North Anderson Window tilas company's factories have resume) operation, putting i.'jO mun at work The outlook in the window glass trad is encouraging After five days of debate the pension appropriation bill, carrying ,$lf>0,00(),000, passed the house, without division. President Cleveland returned after his nine days' trip through Carolina, sounds feeling greatly improved. Kiiiling to comply with its contract, the, Piieific. Mail. .Steamship company will lose its customary subsidy. P.y it practically unanimous vote tho house adopted the McOann resolution for inquiry into .ludgo Jenkins'de- cision. During debate in the house Congressman Cannon attempted to get CJeu. Hlaek's opinion of the President's pension policy. A total, of J$l..-.n,7.iK is carried by the diplomatic und consular appropriation bill which was introduced in the house. A crunk, who said he had been directed by (foil to turn the white house over to the .lews, was put; under arrest. Navy department is interested in the aluminum boats made for the Wellmau arctic, expedition and has ordered a test. RELIGIOUS. A decision uf the pope i.s expected taking the ban from the order of Odd- folio \v« ami Pythians. Klder Luekey explained at .Vbiug- don thut his departure from (ialosburg wits forced by Uev. C. W. lilodgctt's evsocutions. For using offensive hingtiago Kather S'olan, Sinnx I'alls, S. 1)., bus boon i-dered to publicly retract by Mgr. iutolli. Uev. U. MueXe.ill. Knniorium, PH., ins received a fortune by the. will of n old woman, whose spectacles he picked uj). Milwaukee has a municipal ticket mule up of socialists, populists and numbers of the Federated Trades (inneil. Two hundred delegates were present it the. opening of. the third biennial session of King's Daughters at llock- 'ord, HI. CatUolin urchbislniiis are issuing liplomas to institutions that eon- ributed to the success »f t.he World's •'air educational exhibit. Fifty-one members of the (!erman Vesbyterian i-hnroh, DiiluKjue, threaten to sei-echs on aeeounl of a iresliytery decision. Doors of the St. Louis A. M. K. lihurch were lucked to prevent nnseiis- mable departures, which precipitated .1 free light. Rev. W. K Cin'.ird, n Valley City, Minn.. Methodist, is licensed of putting i\is arm abu\i\ a'sister and kissing her, POLITICAL- _ to-day. . . Maeomb, III., ahlormon caused n sensation by deciding to allow women to vote on the question of license. ; > Silvc'i-'men 'ihtnurf trf block appropriations and every other form ot. legislation to force a yote on Bland's bill. Tho : 'World's*'W;'-X.i-T. UV is preparing:!, temperance-petition to bo presented to ali the rulers on earth. '• Kloctions for local officers were held in many towns in Iowa. Party lines were not closely drawn. (3ov. Altgcld returned to Springfield from Hot Springs, Ark. .He .denied intending to snub Lieut.-<!ov. Oil). Ex-Henator Sabin of Minnesota in determined to make a light for tins position occtipied by Senator Wushbiu-u. J. W. Ady of Topeka, Kim., will go to Washington to press tho light in his contest against Senator Martin. NOTABLE DEATHS. : Mrs. Martha, C. Atchison was incinerated, us she hud requested, at the. crematory in Grueclnnd cemetery, Chicago. KxrShoHfl' John . U.ugeo. of Milwaukee, Wis., died at San Boj-imrdino, Ciil.. where, he, hud gone, for his health.. Benjamin Thompson of Ken- nebunkporl, Maine, is dead, lie was two months more than 100 years old. Hev. .1. W, Logins died at the home of his daughter in Monmolith, 111. fi(! was horn in .Pennsylvania-in .1811!. Mrs. Mavy llcnienway, throughout her life active iii promoting, charitable works, died at her home in Hoston. Miss Ida Van Ktten,' an American authoress living' in Paris, is said to have died from starvation. . CASUALTIES; , Thi-ee, men wore killed by the explosion of a. Lehigh''Valley locomptivo near Wilkesbarre, Pa. ' : Thirty-two buildijig's in the center of . Deiidwood, S. IX, iver/-. dttstroyed, causing u. loss of $loO,000 Held » Vuotorvucv \\'llt> tlie Uovcriior CllAHl.ESTOX, W. Va., Mltl'ch )Mr. Ferry, chuii-iijan of the executiy committee of tho united miuo laborci-.> was at the state house y«,slcvd;iv an held 4 )<Ji\<£ foniercnisii uith l''',• > ^ MacCorJ.'- •line', by acclamation, 'against Section's' where Texas fever exists. Opening of the Cherokee strip has driven. cattlemen to grass lands of .Now Mexico or the Wyoming rangesj Growers of peaches in tho vicinity of Hcuton Harbor, Mich., deny the re« ported killing of buds by recent frosts. During a fire at Warsaw. Ivy., which destroyed the Crown ilouritig mill and a granary, Mrs. M. A. Allen died from paralysis of the heart. Whiteliiw Koid is visiting his father- in-law, D. O. Mills, at Sari Francisco, having gone west to recover from an asthmatic affliction. Judge Campbell of South Dakota has issued an injunction at Huron ngainst tho Anheiiser-liusch Brewing company, who opened a wholesale house and bottling plant at Huron four weeks ago. George 1'. Griflin of Braceville, Ohio, was awarded $375 by a jury for the loss of tho affections and companionship of his wife, who he claims was induced to leave him by llartwell North, a. neighbor.' ' Many "strip" settlers will lose their claims if n recent, decision of the general land oHieo. is .sustained. J. S. Co.\ey is - seeking help in Pilts- bnvg. Uo Siiys Philadelphia will send JJO.OOO men to his Washington army. Tom Tnbeft »t the limn In JTttrrot. LIMA, Ohio? March 12.-No recent, affair in this part of. the state Imft caused so great a scusation.n.s. has the developinenis'iii the 'expose of the attempt to bribe members of the grami •jury in the case of the indicv- inn- of ex-Cashier Frank U Langati of th$ defunct Lima *»- tional bank on tjie charge of ...etabw- zlement. Ex-Shcrilt M. P. Hoagland is in jail awaiting sentence for tampering with the same jury and a. «. Farrot and H. K. Hall of Cincinnati were arraigned yestcrdav on the charge of contempt of court in attempting to bribe the jury into returning a verdict against Langan. Arguments were, made without Farrot being put on the stand by the defense to explain _ the- meaning of his offers to do the right thing by Mr. Butler. Final decision of the mutter was postponed until » week from to-day. In the meantime ex-Sheriff Hoagland languishes, in jail and Hall's trial will be, had to-day. HILLSIDE STILL SLIPPING- COMMERCE' AND FINANCE. Chicago bunk cleavings Sl'V .iTfi.T-H); Friday of last week, $lf>, 18.'},,i:M. For the week they were ^811,114,- I15.-I. Increase, in deposits is the feature of the statements of the.Chicago' national banks prepared for the comptroller. RAILROAD NEWS. Cratil Locomotive works, Chicago, itllo and in the hands o£ assignees, will probably resume early this summer. Critics of the Santa Fo ploen ou that system responsibility for tho transcontinental rale war. Ton percent reduction in the wages of Great Northern engineers and lire-, men is the result of a HI. Paul conference. Vsindorbilt sind Rockefeller interests said to be negotiating a deal for a chain of southern roads. K"io stockholders de.-.idcd to issue $70,0(10,000 now second mortgage bonds in accordance with the .reorganisation plan. Managers of standard lines threaten to lower the New York rate to 5}f> to put an end to existing demonili/.ation. Judge Caldwell denied the application of the United States Trust, company for permission to foreclose on tho 'Frisco. Fast-bound shipments from Chicago have been materially increased by reductions in rates. Last- week's total was <!,.',) 10 tons. Uig uu'.n of each party will spunk during th«« campaign in the third Ohio district. The Columbian U'iigue, organized at Milwaukee to light the A. P. A., has raised $T>0,0()0 to carry nut its object. The prohibitionists of Wisconsin in- teinl t» make a vigorous campaign this year. United States Senator Aldrich will resign his position if the next Jthodo Island legislaliu-e is republican. Montague, Mich., businessmen carry their mail to the trains, so that the postmaster loses the cancellations. The point was made in the roster case at Madison, Wis., that the celebrated contract was not good. Hurke Cochnui und Frederick Coudert held a conference lasting fully two hours at San Antonio, Texas. (iov. Foster of Louisiana appointed Newton C. Ulanchard as United States senator to succeed Judge White. C!ov. Lewelliug summarily removed John F. Will its from the Kansas board of pardons for alleged disloyalty. It. is probable ihe govt-rixwcnt .will transfer lo sou;i> pt-.ii-iotic society the euro of tlie statue of liberty beacon light. Trial of Father 1'uvlau. St. Louis, with slandering J-Uobop Uona- of Lincoln, was postponed to CRIME. Mounted policemen arc scouring tin; ,swuuips near New Orleans for a jrang of negro highwaymen. .lamt's Cheyno was found guilty of murder ut U'aiipaca, Wis., the jury being- out for an hour and a half. James 11. Dunan, insane, shot Alderman Lomasney in the hip, oulsidc tho mayor's otVice in th« liostou city hall John \V. Smith w:is sentenced at (ialesburg. 111., to live years' imprisonment for the. abduction of Lishi. Lainpkiir The Dexter, Mich., bank robbery mystery hns been solved by tin-, confession of Assistant Cashier O. C. (Jregory. ISobiirt Hoss was murdci-ed by " a *' Shea, who wns wouiulod, ;ind two others I'ntally hurl, in a Troy, X Y., election row. Mu-.luicl Joyco, ou his deathbed near West Union, .Iowa, confessed to the murder of his nephew four years ago. Striking West Virginia miners planned to blow up the Acme minis with dynamite and kill Operator Wyant. H. C. Wiltshuw, who nibbed a New York bank two years ago of SdiJ.OOO and disappeared, was captured in liufValo. FORBIUN. Dispatches received at Calcutta- say tho Hritish have met serious disaster at the hands of Abcr tribesmen. Eight persons wore wounded by the explosion of a bomb near the Italian chain her of deputies. Messrs. Redmond, Harrington and Kenny have, issued a circular to the Irish awent tho change in the English cabinet. Air. Gladstone is sick with a cold, tltf result of imprudent exposure to a chilly night air. Portuguese and British forces i ought in Africa. The conflict was over the construction o£ a telegraph line. in the treaty with Morocco Spain ir sists that the Kiffl tribes must go fur thci' into the interior. Queen Victoria prorogued parlia incnt after giving- her royal sanction to the local government bill. Rosebcry bus completed his cabinet Karl Iviinberk-y will assmne tho for eign portfolio, Henry Fowler tho see ludia. Lavin, a Juliet convict, was scalded to death by the n.vplosion of some new steampipes. Her. C. L. Wingot, niethodist, of lUuiiehijsle.r, Ohio, was elected chaplain of the Columbus prison. .Suicides: At Cedar llapids. Iowa— Anton llorsky shot himself; temporary insanity. At Oshkosh, Wis.—Henry Tt-cico, u-ge ()8, drowned himself; no cause assigned. Frank >Sebm was,arrested at Rochester, N. Y.,, on the charge of causing tho death of Anthony Wiidel, who was tripped up in a practical joke and fatally injured in the tight which followed. A. convention representing twenty- one counties in Georgia-indorsed Congressman H. (I. Turner for tinitcd States .senator and asked tho'-demo-- cratic party to accept him as its candidate.' Kalispell, in tho. Flathead valley of 'Montana, bus just finished and put in operation a liU) barrel roller flouring mill, the llrst mill in that part of the country.' S. S. >St. John <it! Kearney, Neb., i being tried by the Supreme court for contempt in refusing to pay S:s4,000 to the receiver of the Commercial and Savings bank of Kearney. Tlie defendant alleges that he was unable to pay more than S'l;.',OdO. After-b«ine out six-hours the jury found Daniel Covighlin not guilty of the murder of Dr. Patrick Henry Croniu ul; Chicago. lidieving they tnn<l to discredit the business, Ohio liquor dealers decided against allowing slotmachines in their saloons. Northwostern State and Heading association at Kan Claire lowered the price of headings from -1,'^ to 4.U' cents. Lewis 11. Evans of Marengo, Ohio, sued the J'^ake Shore railroad for f$2. r ),000 for personal injuries at Cleveland in Irfl)-.'. Henry fehodel of Ekiora, Iowa, who disappeared in October, was discovered in tho river by some boys. Tlie body has been idcntilled. "Co-operation of the Canadian government in suppressing the operations of the Honduras Lottery company in this country has been obtained by the postofflce -department. Columbiana county, Ohio, i.s bankrupt and courts have, adjourned in consequence. Land depreciation caused the trouble. Isaac Wrench, u Beatty, Ohio, glnss- vorker, is looking for his wife and Sli which he <>;avo her to settle, a grocery lill. The woman leaves three small hildren. The Kansas Methodist conference las opened with Bishop J. H. Vincent n-esiding. It has chosen Edwin ,oek of Ars-entine as secretary, and lohii McQuoin of Olathft as treasurer. The conference has teen addressed by Hshop Vincent,, Dr. Hard and Mies ledrick. ArUona Town lit Dancer. Ti-.Mi'K, Ari-/..,JMarch :•.— The Tempo hotel, is but-uiiig and there is a chance that the entire business portion of the town will be wiped out. MARKET REPORTS. MAHCH p. Danger TJint a Body of Km-th* Carry Bou»e» to the River. CINCINNATI, Ohio, Murch 13..— The big landslide on the south side of. Price Hillis still 'slowly moving.' The crevice is widened to thirty feet and fears art- felt that the avalanche will let go ancl crash into the .Ohio river. Several fine dwellings are in the line of danger and most of these have been vacated. The hill at that point, is at an angle of forty- live degrees. The slide has moved over five feet in the lust ten hours. The entire forest of trees thajt covered the hillside is. slipping down in the vallov, and this morning they leaned over in a most threatening manner. The slide was undoubtedly caused by 6 making of Elberon avenue, which winds around the hill in an immense curve. The upper side of the road wan cut out of the hill. There was D,U piling or supports of any kind below this immense quantity of earth. The avenue, which cost tire county S1M.- 000, i.s practically ruined. DEVELOPMENTS'' AT'TRQY, N. Y, Jt Is. Now Siihl' tho*'Rlot Wn» Due to A, V. ,A. InfluencoH. Tnor, N. Y., March 1^.—It is alleged here that the fracas resulting in the death of Robert Koss was the outcome of an A. P. A. feud between him ancl "Hat" Shea, who is a Catholic, nnrl Boland, who was excommunicated from the Catholic church and who 01113' lately became a i-epublican and a member of the A. P. A. It is said that, in the caucus a few weeks ago ROSM hacVviolent words with other members of his party over the question oi ! indorsing AVhelan, who is also a Catholic, and that in a fracas that occurred, he was hurt. The committee of safety will meet to-night to outline its course of action. CHICAGO, CATTI.K— Common to prime — Hoas-Sliippiiifc' Ki-Uiles ........ SHBKI»— Fair lo choice ........ \V HEAT— No. !} red ............. CoitN— No. 3 ...... ............ OATS-No. S HVK--NO. 2 ...................... lliiTTKii— Choice ci-eiunery ..... K<:cs— Ki-csu 1'OTATOKB— I'or bu PEORI.V. ItYB— No. 2 COHN— No. 3 white OATS— No. 2 while ST. LOUIS. 1 25 © 5 05 - »0 ©500 :* 00 ©125 29'-«© JO © 20 48 its 48 Hcos ............................ WHEAT— NO. 2 Kcd .............. COHN— No. - ..................... OATS— No. S..., ................ MILWAUKEE. WHEAT-NO. 2 .................. COUN— No. 3 .................... OATS-No. 2 White .............. B.AULKV-- No. 2 ................ Jioos 1 6J & 4 90 dit 3i ® © 4 60 (CO •) V5 © -1 iXJ NBW VOKK. WHEAT— No. 2 .Red .. ......... COHN— No. i? .................... OATS— White We.steru ..... ..... Cl © filj, TOLEDO. — No. 2 Ued.... CORN— No. 3 Yellow 0.4 T8— No. 3 JlixeU .— No.2.... .......... ..... . © © © ftfl 68',- .?! Pope May Kemove Uaii of the Clinrch. BALTIMOKK, Md., March 12.—Cardinal Gibbons is in daily" expectation oi' a decision from Rome in regard to the removal of the ban of the church from the orders of Odd Fellows and Knights of Pythias, which were submitted to the pope by tne last plenary council. It is generally expected in Catholic circles that the decision will grant permission to communicants of the church conditionally; that is, each prospective member of the Odd Fellows tvnd Knights of Pythias who belong»\ to the Catholic church will first be required to receive the sanction of the pastor of his particular parish. Alurdered by a WIfo-Ueuter. OKLAHOMA, O. T., March 12.— John M osier has been shot.and killed t\velv« miles south of this city by Jake Collins. 'Riey had been to Norman and became intoxicated. When they reached home Collins abused and beat liis wife and when Mosier took her part he turned on him and shot him, killing him instantly. Collins was arrested and is in jail at Norman. Great Northern Men Strike. SKVITI.K, Wash.,March la.—A reduction in wages announced yesterday in the mechanical department of the Great Northern road resulted in a strike of twenty five men in this city. Wages of car-cleaners were cut froru fflO to $31, car-repairers from jf.15 to 5, and their foreman from §75 to !>K.'>. Itlai-k Diphtheria hi Ohio. AI.I.IA\CU, Ohio, March 12.—Black- diphtheria, which has been raging at. Hanoverton, fifteen miles east of here, for the last three weeks, is rapidly spreading to the surrounding villages and the greatest consternation prevails. Public schools in New Garden, Adair, Kensington, neighboring villages and the country schools in seven different townships have been closeci on account of the prevalence of tha Vialady. • Amlck Viuillc-ateil Everywhere. ST. Louis, March 12.—Judgment was rendered yesterday in favor of Dr. Amick, of Cincinnati, against the St. Louis Clinique. This medical journal questioned the merits of his treatment for consumption, which many physicians here say is the only cure for this disease. Araick keeps his formula to himself and sends free medicines, proving to the consumptive he can be cured. AH this is agaiu'st the medical code, hence the attack and vindication. Tried to Bribe a Juror. LIMA, Ohio, March 10.—There were startling developments yesteinlay in the matter of the indictment of Frank L. Laugan, ex-cashier of the defunct Lima Aatioual bank. Benjamin C. Faurot, ex-president of tho bank; ex-. Sheriff M. 1'. Hoagland, and H. E. Hall were cited to appear before Judge Richie on a charge of contempt oi! court in attempting to bribe a juror. M. L. Baker, a grand juror, went before the Judge and made a s'wora statement, which resulted in the citation. Both Faurot and Hall will be arraigned before Jud,'. llichie ' l.l

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