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The Evening World from New York, New York • Page 9

The Evening Worldi
New York, New York
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WJ 1 rr fJif 1 i II I I I i li PJ6t I nt I I I 1 1 1 I I I 1 I 4 L1e VeflZfl 8 0 i II aCtIO i lI 11e 6f 0 In ii Ak9O5 fr 11 I II I A 4i41 1 i iiJ Il Qrn ff NIT it about time that handcuffs were plac on Uio song claque ItfJll This nuisance baa grown to be insufferable In New York theatres I where tho character of the performance admits of interpolations First nights arc made hideous by socalled pluggera InUnt oil pound injjn sons Intopopularlty Audiences ale powerless against them They Iot frpra Tin Pan AlIoythat strip of Twentyeighth street between Brandwny and Slxthavcnuo with resin on their hands and encores In their hcPts The dmtnalUng drove distributes itself judldouoly about the the atjicand waits it time The merit of the Bonn mnkcs no difference Once BUT bo enough for you but not for the claque It love tho Bong for what It is Worth in dollars and ten I and whether you like it or not you to com pelted to hear it over and over again I Behind mo the other night was a pair of Jmocta that know no mercy Tte song wasnt worth the papor It was written on but Us heavyhanded dumpion succeeded by main strength lit having it dinned into the tired ears I oflfthe audience no less than four times Ho was not alone of course ConI fdfleratea wcco planted In every part of the hovreei They clapped in tto I ovhestra banged In tho balcony nnd craihed in the gallery tu heseispontaneoua demn8tratton5 are BO well lanlcfl that an audi I I SONGS ARE GROUND OUT TO ORDER I BELASCOS 4 II GIRL OF wyyit DEXiABCO will make Ms an JD iua production at the lieiisco i I TSuatre on Tuetdr eveftlng then I li will rrwwit ill Dlindie Hates In Th Girl of the Golden WeaL Mr Be 3JSCD ha font to CallfornU oroJ story Jul tlnsin Hie eventful ei4 dIfb IMft erult a Cftllfornlan will Vtavo th role ola girt who row up In tl irltMnc camp Lepi a Polka taI I loon arvt foil In love with a road gM There are three ncI an an I i oUCtiJth flrt In the rollcii saloon nt mldnUhtj ttio otixnej In rh cabin horn 3 ThqUlrlat 1 oclcck In the nwnlnsj the bird In the Outicv luau the I onc a few days nftcr The ell lK lu JM nobert HJlllard FYwk Ketnan I 91 nrimo HoberioOMlion Womiuj OIitJran UJ Harrltt SllrHnc 0 fI Mr Eo a them and illw JulM Mar I fIrdc Water 1 1 IK Hey Bamu 1ot wilhhf 1 I fKtn whq made ohl1CllclIl blue Iaef flll1DM by 11telr rub I I IJf 1ft hl4blllorvqt blltl I Lh4t JeteredNg VOII1OIIJ rOIIOlI I ieko4IrL I blL of Jl ltttIIt1t IaWr It I lliiJo fi11t CQunIIcut Nftrl I 5 ffAfl IIfI1 NOtth4 I Jarl 1k ilrdll hIy toripsg I hthhtountaInI ieUJ Peek I has 1041 fnleNfll1t JMel tfrrUiW thq liJm Lre onipel 1i jf ihi IJ ttqtethn lIt 11111 1M1totthMeIIr Jl trW II ewoUdaed withut tf h1it prsw 0wihiu It I imtr rehu to I I IndpUii tJIt an oI 1M beaSr ti allt Lt IN lqs ii cavt I a 4 aG 1J1 iW 1 be di aa 4 ffi ISSI IIIi rtQ It i lowe Ttlll rfflra to TweSfth NUfct at 1 the KnhcTtwr Theatre on Monday nlst ThIs will bo hislr flnrt tlm to cMJxr In Ma coausdy although U1 rlone to ben reen as Viola Trier will be on1y MVtcl oertwoifwicea of Kilt flay Kor the lxith at1AJ hit wet cC jcr eng 2nm nt Mr Hrtiurn and MUi irarlowe will offer nomw and JullK 0 Robert ManUl at the Oarden Theatre will bo tten In 1obth 0 Ben Qfflot eom iny will pretext MWbcth lot ifCTdelwcfii flail jlvlnt tlio twcei In the KlliibtaiAn ntantvtr and tow4ng tjcotui tnu Ic or tat t1od rendered ty the DoJmetMh trio 0 5 Connyns Carr1 dramatization or I OUrtr Twlit the oao uaoJ b5 DetT b1im TK In LoTiJon wilt txi tlven 1 Doub tfu Praise I I enco Is sometimes deceived Tho I trained ear however can detect the false note In the applause It novof rlngn true Genuine applause cannot be mtstakcn No one knows this better than tho people on the stage and acrrio singers rfiue to len tlieinsolvefl to tlio purpose of tho I claque Minn Mario Cahlll and Miss Lillian Jhiwcll are two of these The sound of the claque Is never music I All perplexed young peKfpl can obtain I expert advice on their tangled love affair by wrltlnr Uttty Utters I for her should bq addreued to UICTTY loiOllK Lox 3slI New Uric He Wont Apologize Daf DIt1 I GO nnlth a young man seventeen i I yert od1 AII never happy unlw I I am with him A couple ot week A aso ho said omechlnx to a girlfriend I of mine wMoh I overheard and did net think wai very nice for a younr mn ta say When I told him to top I Cio turvuM and jild th stine trnz me I bMYJ bI3Y woullnt lake It VTien I mat him oyteMe he tpoVa to me but IdlJ not nnswcr him The neot1 dd when I Ake In him he wouldf nn4wtr me I PUS him very often the IItrecU but ho never saMka to me A only occasionally noV It has almost whistled Itself 6Ut Out tho claque that depends on its hands la stronger than ever On a recoqt olgVt when a Dew song was Interpolated In a thoda musical piece no IMS than eighteen plug gem rcro on hnni to make the welkin ring When a piece contains songs published by different firms tho number Increases accordingly and the rivalry ot the opposing claquea watee loud They banner away with nil their might and then 1I1II1 1 he never tells inC wtien he will be tip asnln colesst esk hll Is II rltht for we ti ask Ipir VM the yoimj man had porfect I rlffht Iravt OuQtt liavlni taken you out to iro to party or clicwhtre Veil have no mortKago on his time It does no harm lor ypu to ask him to I oomo It you knoiV he wthts to I I He Wants tQ Marry Again Otar Dcrl i AM a roan men and am lit taCo with a young lady and sho returns my low but I dd not know it 1 run Ret married as my wtfu uvM a IIRetCe from me and i would lIt Pko 1 3 rH In iy trouble 8 1 If 1wI1lIf09 cttaAiti in divorce yu wce forbidden te ip rrv tfie pnhlbl I tlaii only heidi cWd In lh 8Ult where I I rush out gleefully at the ond of an act to tell the manager that their particular song IB a knockout Some mannyora do all they can to discourse the uproar made by these nulsancos Ono had his revenge tho other night when liq put the representatives of elz rival housed all lu 3 row with thp result that one shamed tho other into silence Friends of the writers of tongs form another claque and they come in all their strength to odd to tho tumult They however are the lesser ot the two evils for their IntercsUs not wholly a selfish one Glory In a great I many Instances is about the only pay that the songwriter receives Tho tonswriter and the publisher arc forever having rows over roynltlco In England the author puts his stamp every copy of his song that Is printed Hero ho is obliged to take the publishers word for the sales The plugger la often better paid than tho author He kept on a regular salary and tho field of his operations is wide It Is by no mentis I THE GOLDEN WEST WiLL ARRIVE WITH BLANCHE BATES NEXT WEEK II at Proctors Fifth Avenue Theatre dson will pay gn Mis Amelia Blnslmin will bo toncy Biltci Ilirdee KlrklanJ has been chosen tor the part of Dill Bikei ard Mts Ajrnts faott will tin met as Oliver Fagtn In hU Mtn Figfci plottlnij with and npalnst Slkos Tagln on the steps ot Lindon HrMt listening to NancyH confcwlwi ruifiii BBJP Biii to Wit fret Oliver ntrt thta Nancy Fisilrt eon demnod to death ravlnit and ahrlek lac In his dwalrUieie are the chief Incidents of Mr Carra version George Cphin will return to the New York Tlicslru with Little Johnny JonM Tlili wlltlw Mr Cohans fourtn enqtmeh In ight month at this nouie a Mr AVIllsrd will appear at the irirlem OpcratJsute In ths llrnr inC repertoire Monday night and Sat iirday naoneo Divid irrlclti Titcs day night The Mlddlernani Wodhrs dy nljht The Profesiora lon Story Thursday nljftt Tho Jtrlsfctci filJui1 Frtdjy night The Fools lie venue and BaturJaj night Tom Mnch The Foola Revenge II a new feature of Mr WllhrJa Plolro I The Dell of the West a neiw mu ct 1 comedy by Harry SMith and Karl Hwrchna will be seen the Grand OprraHousc vjtlj MUs riorence liliutley In the title role nt Fourteenth Street Theatre will have Barney Gilmore In A Hojky ltfiftj to DutJn I Girls vfll He OWa Is announctd for the West Hnd Theatre How Beater nutlet In whIt will bu shown at the Murray Hill Theatre described Oe a musical melodruna lan em or Working OlrU will be revenl at the American Tho ctctltir HaJj wIll be riven My fiet 1tot Ompany at the Yorkvlllo Theatre fntroni of the Star Theatre will eec whOt happens When the World 1 aiieps I Tracked Around the World will be IItthf Third Avenue Theatre The Thalh will have Ninety and Nine Mabel McKlrdr will appear In The Arsons Wife nt the Metropolis Iielle lordon Oi1lm lon lily 1hJ 1unchtr ff the World will bo at the Howey with the Oailno Qliis At fttev ncduly Show will be at the Gotham Will Mrs ShotwJllPlpw Id Mr Tom jHnlel will bo the soiolfts vkh Victor i she obtained It If In flew York you ran go firer to Jersey City or HobOken and marry SheLovedin Vain I pe3tttyt t4EASl advlte a dulDn ont younc PIEASE twenty years old who at tlm a tech that this world has no use for her I have a love nthlr about lhre yean ntra but wrie dlMppolntrd awj 111 I tttl BI If thpro was wcbodv cisI tor me I 11 7rA I I tOftt 1kc1le iuld tell you that it AbsJlUW nonllI for yoU to be llfvo Lust iiore Is Just ono person In the world lot you end that you have I lost him nut If you are a sentimental Mi win loves mainly with Wr Im nglnalloh It ll pcitlble that yM moy I cofitlfitie to think thU fjr a long time 1 I FindLos Hidden Treasures I Aj 1 ir mi ltI1I311 hlt 4 lJtp tije lak In iseech etemc at ft lost ft pcssssIoni wt Doeui4t I riilil4Jtn In the rt Mpoiit tt611 I ax His vU 1s this a Wt a IIhu4 tbir bsaqs ielp ti alJ4 tsm II ton i or HiiWf II I 1 1 i 60 Al f1 1 1 I 1 1 Itcrborts orchestra at the Mjt tlc I ThoAtro tomorrow evening Alice NUI en will ippcar In arother 1 nIlrl1 inc9 of Don ifisquale at the Casino toflWIrrowlll1t VAUDEVILLE ATTRACTIONS Vrottorc Ttuatrcsi Mitt nciflt Clayton the dancer will be the headliner at the Twentythlrf Strejt Theatre rrona UI rs will ba mmett Corrlsrin ant company FmnX Jtyan and thaT lv American Glrle the Three Klo Sitters Mayma Remlnrton and her Dus tIT Ilrownles and Mr vnd Mrs Jimmy I Harry Lillian Huswll begins her liut week at trio FlftyHrhth street houre Othec attraction will be Alia Overtin Walker Havnuni Animals Pldi and tho Three Crane lIMiter The School tor Scandal will be glvra at tin One BETTYS BALM FOR LOVERS If you cant bfcomof Interest In anyone I eltr try to make vour ilf men tally aM physically Ixtter IKivd gnd I wlM pretty clothes and try to do coma riod to others Is It Proper to Kiss Pr IJtttyi AM a young grl nineteen years old I and In love with a young man one year my senior This gentleman Is very jealous and It he reII mo trjklns to any miter young men ho will At otico become vcr cool 1 like hni viry nmJi but cannot put up with his Mtnvoy Is It proper 10 kin before bitpe encased i North Tarry town Ivndred and TwentyfUth Slreel Thin I Ire Wltlliims and Walker vIM centlnut to head the bill at Hanimiralelnf Keiths hwJUne ffwrlng will be the Kavalid Otrli elrfjers and dancers Olliet will BhunyJporl nte4iie I him and miglelan Booker and Corbley i Pelle TlathAwiyi fonltey and nooon Cltvius the inler Trio Jack ffoiC I worth Thomas and Payne arid Avbreti Tarlibn danctrs I VUr aaJMolIy Nobles will head the bill nt Hurtlj ti Seamtms Otets tvlil toe Iti rtttd Dlrdi the PIir TroUpe Id IInJ Wilson Johne3n 4111 the Maori Girls and the Oregjon Adele nltfihlt will be at ttu Aihornfara with Annie Irih the nOHOW Miljeti tI Kitty Vr ny PleMs tIfd WrJ atl he Mysterious Pe iJ ere Ihe Colonial will have Fred ICarnui A Night In art Knjlllh Iuo IU1L llsrrrosnn the OffAl William OouUl Anna Lsaihiyi aoclrrni Dogi and i Ct and Willie Zlmnwrnan At Tony Itaiora Bluer Tenleyi i i Manhattan Man will hid the bii OtJicr fcttiNkwiIl be Major II John iu Aii NS Ug Circuit the Four sfunas Urox and Wwdford Amy Lesser and neitrlct Dtrtranl and Me Jevtr and ftandry 4 PM the tank mystery will belhi iV frttur at llur ft Muteam tttf lltivry Lee itt lilt ImpeMpnatlB1 fjmaun attn wilt lfI11aln a feature the Eden lusf i IN BROOKLYN Thomas 1 Bhoa In repertoire win npear at tho Grand I I I it I i 1R 0f i d7 A5i EDIYE yITR 1 I J1 Ill Jr 9N NIXOLA JffPi I i I tt A NEW REASON FOR MATRIMONY By NjVcola GreeleySmith CONNItTbCUT romance which has Just culminated di A In ha marrlngk of a fanclnatlng wIdow to the bachelor owner of tiMtur bat had Iii n4gifl In tho lit I i ff rescue from watery grave of the widows hat TH Is a retrer njrly ordinal occurrence Kvr time I read In the newspapers of the wedding ol 1 fair sir to the Mshoreiftv4or cf her life I groan In I irlt over the dtadly rsmelieis ot sentiment Hut from my soul I lionor the criflnal widow Who brole I tho speU and gave her band to the gallant rescuer of nor oa i tu1 if iW vsluo of life to problematical To be dr not lobed I that I ItO fuedticl1 ill Dut 11 doesnt apply to hats They vesIm4y got tj be tf purvoyc of old auoal as Oeorgs HI pro I noudcd ShakesiMW din it avyo frdm It 1 4hfl JonnoAllcut wldoir reepfntitd the supreme lmpcrtafic jit millinery atid erjned bHef that I tlicrlah In common with many htTS that be abMlng 113IIIIo1 the ttmlnlne icul Is clMicsv 1 i Wlio sav my life ISVM trwii I nut tin viio KSCJIM to mil niy nw tt i1I ilk 84vR hilt mtick hph cnrteheth hhn 1ip And TWIM me fair1 Indeed 1 vrdfcaurserViM thuwUaw rewarded was the motive I hln4li rt rae nit tlo rwcut llftff There can be ro doubt that tt NtiK was rulrted iot by Jnmertan Is net Icear Slot pod for millinery It wlfs the ubH edmxcicnMon i titir nlnlne bt4rllluh prsmWed i atranrer to flak Ills Jtf fora bunch of ItaWtr and chiffon That tourtfd tier I If tvT puld dp that tor hor hat tv would he pot lor huT TSd American wo nllmmlo me Is tire IIStI VrklftClIl of mllllnfry It a iv hc4 vemsn who needed a mplefe new outfit lm just or HO to make toit preientable Tltn would iliaitot Iluy a pair of Pr jy t1oeltnt MIIO I jew iloves cot UIIfI But Injagli tire ovwe AnlerteajgIr in the ebb rtalcartisnt ndd iir htway jxni knowthat Mm wpuld sally fprth art JI me lie tiot tM htgeii nnd tii Mtiroreous hut he bowy would purchaift 1 irI crown oj her drOWn ct gfory abs sctwrrjes Aria pLans for It And 11t 11 I11eu wavey Impelled ujf ti jeatou Vuniin Atiodypinvnc wild llvedlii the teyabetc roIt were Ihvw leJ try Iq filch It fromtiCr Jl Is smalljprohdcrs lte reead1 its savfr wllJri blind I I 1 TH4 CohiMolleHt ijVw had the bfUrMPilf sHUng marrlad lave itT 1 lit i1kll 4 I i i I i 1 a ow Behind Me Was a Pair of Hand to their ears Singing for tho benefit of the BOngpubllshoro dooent np pool to them They can get all tho songs thy want for nothing In fact they aro of ton offeredlarge sues to Introduce a song poth have nwda fcrtuncs for song publishers Jibs Cahill for one has put a muzzle on the whistling gallery1 which has long been a favorite doylca of tho tons publishers The whistling gallery TTCW a great discovery cud for wveral seasons It was tho Joy of the ncarprlmn donna and the song publisher alike It Is heard You were quite rIlrlo resent tho ollnl imVs ruJcnon and he owes JAn I ppolajy It may be thai you tot I Ole2it 0 11UII 1 wuld nothU1 tlmiit kucivlnr Tfliat he said A Cruel Parent Interferes isr Ibttf KUlT opipany with younn mar fpc a yOlt rd a hint unt tnr I minths sfcv uhvtei Unrj hU father did not vnht him in tfo wlh mot aXis rUlJon I do iiit Ki IC I ie t1 tiltIng rjian ready BV Vd IN yos tninh i stouM ntcfpt 4n ini Uitloii Mm loM Mli lencUj ind 1U old mt tliftt loyM nro riid would htvtf KO with any otiisr girl but me totli tlf us cue jvnuwyet ejctoju liell1lf only seventeen A 0 As Iitt 46 baili so ver I am 4Trali youf will ILaVa to tirtit iit staa4s nUhe rOT os own feet 1 i present he has oSly Isle fitLtr ii wiiiv fojitih to liavs a man you already know ntrolwrtdi4 yo W44 yodn fifftit itk a toiie SlltN Igist Tttiry Ic ties treated gcIer4v cUd Vthiks a great 4n a 1 aMpay It it siicwukint uc SRJ QmIke ft aei i USIa a PMCVt SI rcr I I I THEY FLOCK FROM TIN PAN ALLEY oit1i 1 Tell tHt younz man that tis nm Lee ccruHdeact In you It hq expects joi lolo lm It II not proper to ltes bolero biting engaged Il4u before belnx twaxrd but It moro titan probabld She Does Not Write hone Itlll AM a young man eighteen years old and I ttet a yqutm Indy of tio I nIne IIg While obf ts work crt oay we bc n1 frioali hut VOle ncvif Introduced Doth cf uf hl1e been ccr i hJIIUrc tin to thrrK 8iikii ago have CUlt lie tap letters but she did not answer 1 wtuld not like to ha Jior What shall ini 1 i 1ottlbly the girl hssrpaigrd tbotr1 dljciotloti of mating ysti without i1 1tt4untn Cant you lssam ino 3 introduce yuui That is really1 only thing for you to fai 1 I Hotel for Children aJS baa an Infnhu1 rrll lvler PVrtia liabo about Iowa ITU 1 PIII IA Wla aftftnoen Wit inndon torn a cooJ 2oiJ 111 a hotel fur I children Tills hwtl lii wii ai the Norland Kurr rcii Ilcra In tultKi ot LtJP JTfiPl the chlMren of time nrill td Si piljrflnd lnvn ndd wlillo ta Are Hravcllnit or wfturlnr umtml ttblc lla1atei Tito ipiejld rnnjc from nipm fit a month 01 to to veterAn of tiaW or nine and each thrsc MIl a ildy antI nlgtit nursery IQ thtaijolv Thf0 are sis ot these suites provldlnu lI CQIeatleeS far conic elshjwn eld d1ce thse at Verb ac oMng t4 ii4c Mi I I I 1 I ITS A KNOCKOUT confined to the theatres Ills enterprise lien been known to lead him Into 1 tho restaurartU even Ho takes with him an attractive young woman who 4 i when the orchestra srlkes up VMy Keyhole Sue lOpS eating and bursts into 111 song Othero Join In the chorus and th sdvortlslns gained by this trick II counted upon to boom the sale ofthd song Songs are nearly always bought or for women For this reason the maudlinpathetic ballad Is the best teller while the comic song hw llttl Bale The vaudeville linger the life of the song buotnew and therefore tho claquo Is a permanent Institution in the vaudeville houses But Broadway la the chief battleground of the claque at prcsea Ill doing Its deadlleit to capturo the musical comedy Veronlque il ftlonp has escaped tho onslaught Songs aa noisy as their claques nmlte thq ear In I Qvcrj one of the American productions nnd they ere crowded Into many of lie Hngllsh piece to tho discouragement ut good music The wpr 6t It Is they all sound alike You HKon in vain for originality The songs tire ground out to order One Bodella brings out a dozen Mpllles Its Oood JJy Dolly Oray today and Goo1Hv Ilttlo Qlrl wIt only we could say the camo of the claqiict I CIURLE3 DARNTO HEALTH AND BEAUTY I I By Margaret Hubbard Ayer 1 I Longer and Darker Eyebrows I 8To dlf ferent formulas will be 1U red to produce two effect I live ypu Iho eye stimulant nod a sniti toth which havo bfc fry succeisful fat he eyebowjrowtr iakcr Cotojne iJ t1neeij glycerine I 14 ounces told flrMt of Jabor andl 1 dram Ac1 late igretlitnte till tdrrmhly Incorporate Apply to the eyebrows wit the hnnlj and to the lathes with Hay cshiels ftalr paint brush TIme brush must bp freed from any drop am paste lightly tong the td i of tin eyelid fUI tiodlci extreme OArll that no inlnulsit ipoiton of the loUcn touches the eye It telf telfflip flip stain Is rrede of rurrt arshJc 1 draini Inda Ink 1 drum role water i ounces Ipwier the Ink Md gum and trltumta mall nuantltlea of he Pander with the rooi water until jpu ccl uniform bnel liquid Ina powder and ndd the rfmjlrdorof rots wate It It tho41J bj opped with a vtry tiny I camel hair brush I For an Auburn Shade i I Vl pfnt to me that yuu alrtaJyl I Jiive pretty shade of hair riM JLi nvthiiiir you rpiy to change It i mtl dlisppdlnl you Hiw eroll inlrhi try the tonla I Blv oql1t lends III mhfeo tho hair Huffy and auburn I c1 is you know i bUacX qui wotthIftot hare tha eiit JTJU with HINTS FOR Orange Presprve I fli two 8 cjirclhi cut Ii qpsr I PRHli tnd havqli oYer nlziu 1 Iicda oUtJii ifttft war ilafer1 to tflle Wjth vjtillU apd a rbfh IIAI Isnerd Add td the eyrup tie auirfM of offlW aoio clfron sqUert lna 19 I cl ron iy before tjalnio the siup Coon tarvy until fruit js ttnJer nn1 iilg fe etrvc with cwdjer uii1 6 to Ki 1 SgavaPriMrve i Jpt gusy peel fr a 4 cut In TAKE kep dtt tl ieds with a I mat Kl pJot srv pnt ksIa4 I pa4 gilt 4 1 I 1 I I fe1 0 Powd red blearbsnate of sod bsr ota I da talaa prwdere2Ii ounce of each 0111 de Cologne 1 Culd ounce uicaaol 3 fluid minces tincture of eo hlnMl lj fluid ounce dlstlllod water ounces I Mill and agitato Until solution CiR pete Thin Hair and Eyebrows 8Vhn iW btlr Dtcofnos I tjitn ar4 uneven as In your cue I thtro Is sonic deficiency Jh Uka bltct which governs the health ahd graaLi vt Ue hair roper ettd ct the hair Is nWftrjary muaje nut of AU I 10 etimute tho circulation The lwi rnusl give you Is very helpUI tvhere Ihe hAIr Is thin and wlryi CeOr ell SO srarn bay rum SO rrami tincture of iantWrldfS Id oracns 1 Dlut ha mU yh to do with tie slufldy 1 pKnplexloa to which ouUldeiiLt lI wy of fruit srd he eff the tea itd coffee subsrilulnr witer Ih hG tIC of MS I AIM Cnlj a sscd deal ot rtsicratly cold water lCop up this Ira lmttt qnd sea If ito mpleslon dbei not touifce clearer The jytbrow oviwer fcr whloh you Ask 1fr Is mat itlmiiUUn to Browthi IUd vaseline 3 ouncrsi tincture ot can hart dee ll ounce ell of UvtiiOc is Cr6p toil ri of ri roary drop Mix that ourlily Apply to 110 eyebriws wUha tiny bru onee djy until tho rrowth 1 Jbi Is lurlticmly stimuhted Then Iou efttli Th ointment rony be uted tart 10 pyela ti nisi In this 6itt 1111114 be vry carftfutly applied 11 wIll 1 fcllUm toe yts sa spy oil will Itlt go Into tem i Sipfirfliiou Hair II il There IA hut crj rn nent Rlj for mijtrflunus MIl and ri that Is electricity Tills iahlt tlwarJ 6ecftslj and diiy other remedy mvat be rfproic tiI rtel1 in the hair Itl urfrt rlMMf click Is AR excellent ttrnpowry niwCy 1 fJi 1 THE HOME yir iU yea pft it w4fr Cook until tho yr ip vK UI jsd mt1 IiI gLtIEis ar14 coa MIII li1ll1 tit tokl ctar 6iiaiii ci1 i Oil rrcan jijavos whole J1 watj BOll they fall to iiocs mtL ttyv solar vry IUrl fin heavy syrup ot 3I pU OTsi Ana ont plht of Kate 70 this nld the fcuavn tyitM always 1 te JfUluro Or mtll lb are pi I water Cot slowly ntJl1t 1 Try a llttfHn Itrlrf Ile with thick white viper I il I Jelly aCt whin cad iwy par IftWIkt tilt Cd5 01 i Wee SlrtTfJU i 1.

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