Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 20, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1896
Page 8
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Small Ware and Notions, For a few days Prices will be cut in two. of the prices we offer. Here is a partial list Curlers 3c JEacH Thimbles 2c : , 5 • Each . IMiis, full : 2c A. Paper II Count er Safety Pins 3c Dozen Corset Stees Double Clasp 8c a pair Hooks and Byes 'Patent* 7 5c a 'card FAMILY LINEN THREAD, 2 SPOOLS FOB 6 CENTS. Seamless Stock- euette Shields 8c per pair Conibs 5c Tape Per Roll aair Pins 4c Per Box Taffeta Seam Biuding 7c Roll Silver Waist Sets 60 Kid Hair Curlers 5c a dozen, and many other Notions and small ware that we offer at a, sacrifice. THE GOLDEN RULE. DOWNED THE HOODOO. vleveland Won T,\vo From Washington—Baltimore Lost. 'TWAS QUICK OVER. The hodoo was overcome yesterday ' ;rud flie Spiders won two i'rora the Senators in succession, C'uppy pitching •flic second same. Baltimore lost to the Browns .-mil Cincinnati won a game from the Bwinoalv.'*, which puts Hie Forkopolitaiis in the lend. Following are the scores of the games played , yesterday: At Boston—Cincinnati [>, I-ioalon T. At Baltimore—SI'. Louis 0, Baltimore K ' At Washington—Cleveland 13, Wash ihgton C, (Second game) Clevelaut 10, Washington G. At Philadelphia—Louisville 0, Phila doIpWa. 3,". A'b New York—Chicago 5. New York S. At Brooklyn—Pittsburg 7. ' Brooklyn 10. Short Session of the .Commo •*i Council. STANDING OF THE CLUBS. Clubs „ Won •Cincinnati C9 Baltimore CS .Cleveland- Cl Chicago 50 Plttsbnrg 03 Boston 02 Brooklyn 45 , Philadelphia 44 New York 44 . Washington 3G St. Louis -..SO 2xuiisvillc 24 Lost PerCt. GO 30 37 40 43 5-t 52 C-i 50 Gl 03 CO .00' .0',)-! .022 .57S .301 .542 ,404 .440 .440 .371 .310 .258 SOUND MONEY PICNIC. Jfesfcet Meeting at Gottsnall's Grove, September Third. ' citizens of Cass county arc Invited to- join in the. basket picnic • Thursday, Sept. 3d at Gottshall's grove in Noble township, near Webb chapel. A ffood baud will bo present, eloquent speakers will address the multitude and a general good time Is promised. Bring your baskets veil ailed and (jome prepared to enjoy yourself thoroughly. Every arrangement will be made for the comfort and pleasure of the people. The money question will lie ably discussed. Every one Is in- lurestcd in the settlement of this great issue. GIRCUS WITHOUT GAMBLERS, iTo gamblers or swindlers of any «fass whatever are tolerated by the Great Wallace Shows. Second class and inferior aggregations make the swindling operations the principal part of their business and some of them have a show only ns a blind for unscrupulous followers, Thqy make tlic performance a secondary consideration. Such shows are to be given a wide berth. The Wallace show, not being of this character, hns its performance of the best and gives value for money received for admission. At Logansport, Monday, August 24. The session of the council lust nigh was brl'.-f and to the point. At fiv minute's before fight o'clock there wa a quorum present ami Mayor McKo rapped foe order. The minutes wer read and aiiproved and the con:mil If on elalm.s reported the following allow nmvs and recommended' 1 their .allow mice, which was concurred in: STREET DEPARTMENT. Pnj- roll $231 -I Mlchnel Nuv!n, bmilderlnu witters 11 S 1 .1 B Mt'sslnxer, sewer ploir 23 0< A fi KeeportitCo, sevvor pine Jf 7! A P'ltCllftt. Stl-ObJ Cl'OSilriK 51 Oil W L Jfornald, lumber ,...,,.. JYiinBusklrlc. lumber 33 ID SEWER DEPARTMENT. Pajroll 10 '0 JFGnnle, oil : 55 ELECTRIC LIGHT DEPARTMENT. Payroll'. 7560 SliiHiliml oil Co, oil J ° r The McElw;ilnp-Hlchards Co, pitu va:vo '2 General Klecirlc Co, sundries 5'J'J 20 Forrest City Packing Co. suppl'es )J 6C J! H Kellow i: Co, supplies 4S 20 Excelsior JSIeetrlc Co, supplies 32811) Cllne Bios, supplies lii f;0 A B Keoport & ,Co, supplies. 4 50 •W Bs-mKli..iuppll*f 3 00 Loc, & Wab. was. Co.gtn 380 0<l City Treasurer, freight etc 077 "" f Treasurer, Int on orders, lfnj and Julj 173 !fii SPENOE-R PARK. GRAND LAWN FETE. The ladies of the Wheatland street jfhurch invite you to a grand lawn fete on Friday ereiilcg, August 21, on Uhl's lawn, corner Wheatland and Brown streets. Benefit of church. Plenty of peaches. —Rotliormel. Why Not Subscribe for the DAILY JOURNAL 40 Cents a Month. Payroll 150 88 National Girbon Co. carbon* Is oi> Chas Kendall, labor In 00 'A B Keeport iti;o, sewerplpe 2341 J B STessl«Ker. sewer pipe 810 FIRE DEPARTMENT. John Mehnllle, supplies ' li 50 Ciittmrlna White, washing "SO <>eo A Shaefer, shoeing 21 5[l Goorge Bush, llueman 3 33 WATERWOEKS DEPARTMENT. Pnj.roll '.16 GO Miscellaneous claims - W 03 POLICE DEPARTMENT. Fajroll J23 92 MISCELLANEOUS CLAIMS. [.oe i Wab Tal Gas Co, ga« city ofllces 2 17 Hemotto Bebeo. aast engineer 1500 Wm McK«6, assisting C E IS 10 i'red Bar, assisting engineer- _ 3 00 ..Mr. Dytoman came In during the reading' oC the allowances by the Claims committee, but Mr. Hattery nor Mr. Kisser were present. The committee on .streets reported a resolution which was concurred in directing the clerk to notify property owners on Spear street, between Eleventh and Thirteenth to complete ill unimproved sidewalks on the portion of the street mentioned. Property owners on the Wostside pray for the vacation of the south half of the alley betwen Elm and Vine and Linden avenue and Front streets. The matter was referred to the committee on streets. A petition was presented from prop- erty'owners on North street, in the vicinity of Eleventh, asking that the waterway on Eleventh at the crossing of North, be enlarged so as to permit he passage of surface water. The matter was referred to the committee on streets. A communication from Wcldon Wcb- tcr calling attention to the unfinished condition of Erie avenue between Fif- eenth and Seventeenth streets was referred to the committee on streets and he City Engineer. A resolution was Introduced by Mr. ?oycr and adopted, requiring the committee on streets to have the weeds growing on the streets and alleys and vacant plots of ground belonging to the city, cut down and either burned or hauled away. The reports of the City Treasurer and City Clerk were presented and referred to the Finance committee. Mr. Ilaigh, chairman of the committee on streets, suggested that it would be well to refer the reports to- the committee on streets as that committee had about iill-the buslucss there was doing. Thirty-five minutes sufficed in which to clear the tables of all the business on hand, and the council adjourned at 8:30 o'clock. t,. Remember we have ns complete stock of shirt waists as we have had at any time burlng \thc season. The only difference prices arc now down to the cost of 'the new raw material,—Boo Hive. CLUB MEETING Good Turnout of Republicans to, Hear CLEAR PRESENTATION THEODORE SHOCKNEY. At The Rink Saturday Evening August 22. The Republicans will open the campaign in every county In the State next Saturday evening. Theodore Shock- noy of Union City, and a candidate before the State committee £01- tlio uom- in.'itiou of. Governor will speak at ti'ie riiil; tit S o'clock p. in. oil above date While the interests of every Indivld.ua and every class of men arc the inter cats of all, and one class of men ou'gh not to be arrayed against any other, foi ill are ucccssnry yet Mr. Shockney has been the especial friend of railroad anc aboring men nnd they should turn or.I arid hear h!m. • ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Kfiul rlie new ad.—Gulden Rule. "Kinxie's watermelon.—Rot herinel. Fresh and Java coffee.—Kotliermel. Conic to the Golden Rule today. No- ion wile. Read change in Bee Hive ad.. It nay be of interest to you. ' • | We will have another guess ready u a day or two.—Bee Hive. The animal meeting: to elect, officers f the W. C .T. U. will bo Held Scptora-i >er 9. Plenty of peaches for everybody.; rice OOc and $1 per bushel—M.| IcCaffrey. ••• ' | Come to the Golden Rule today, mall ware and notion sale commences;' oday.—Golden Rule. | New novelties in dress goods. 'Shrewd uyers always get first choice. - Comq nick.—Trade Palace. ' :•.-.';| Hood's SarsapariUa purifies the -blood vercomes that tired feeling, creates art ppetlte, and gives refreshing sleep. ; What you want when you are ailing s a medicine that will cure you. To; Hood's Sarsaparllla and be convinced 1C you wish to spend' a half hour, leasautly visit the Bee Hive 1 those ays and see the new fall dress 'goods; :ipes, etc, etc. • ' \ 500 pieces of now black dress dress oods opened yesterday at tiie Goldoii lulc. Call and see them, they will urely please you. . i Lost.—Pocko'tbook containing, si.voi, 1 even dollars, on Broadway • between ighth and Ninth yesterday afternoon, oavo at Rotlicrmcl's and receive rof •ard. • ; Look! Look: Only 330 pieces of our ivn importation opened in novelty rcss goods yesterday at prices never card of before. Don't fail to see them'. —Trade Palace. " ' •' . AJbert Scott who recently operated 1 a uart shop at Galvoston has purchased the stock and fixtures formerly owned by Bailey & Coil and will continue the business at the .old stand. • ' I Hattic Myers, insane, who escaped from the Carroll country poor -farm was captured by a farmer living south of town and was brought to this city and placed in Jail. She will bo sent to Baltimore, Ohio, where she has a husband. ' ' • ' | Miss Kate McGIinn, the Fourth street milliner died at her residence last evening at six o'clock of consumption, aged fifty-five years. Her flinoraj will take place from St. Vincent do Paul church Friday morning rit nine: o'clock, conducted by the Rev. Father 1 McCormick. Burial in Mt. Hope cemetery. Friends are asked not 1 to < bring flowers. . • VI Marching. Club Taking Shape-- j*;.. .Membership Swells. . The regular meeting night for the McKiuley club is Friday night. There will be no meeting Friday ui«ht of this week..-,-Jjrhe meeting was held hist night,, and there was a good attcud- Vi'uc'e. : 'The business before The meeting was the organization of a marching club within the big club. • At a former meeting steps had been /taken for tlie forming of the uniformed 'club. Last night a committee, composed of Cy Powell, 0. J, StouCfer anf Ed Penrosc was named to confer wit the County Central committee as t the feasibility and the carrying out o the plan to place a quick-step McKin ley club In the field. This, committee will also report th kind of uniform recommended, th probable cost of., suits, and other do tails of the preliminary work of or gauiy.inj?. There arc several lists be "lug signed by prospective' members o the'marching body, and more than 200 have already asked to be considornc as members. The McKIuloy club las night showed up a membership of more than S.'O, with several lists ye out.. The club grows in a way that breeds Republican enthusiasm. Jt has not been fully understood that the ladies are always welcome to the meetings of the club, and for this rea sou there wove not many of the gentler sex present last night. The'executive commiltee was reported as follows: -First'ward—Goo. P. McKee. 1 Second ward—Charles Sellers. ' j: Thlrd ward—John Sauers. 1 'Fourth ward—Q. A. Jlyors. Fifth ward—C. D, Kerlin. • President Walters urged on those present 1 the importance of attending the weekly meetings of the" club. The purpose "is to make the organization a power in the city, and nothing can bo done unless the regular meetings of the club are kept up, and the enthusiasm be kept warm. • The speaker of the evening. Attorney George W. Funk, was introduced and was heard with close attention, only broken by the applause following his woll put: points for sound money. ' Mr. Funk said in part: "This year there are two standard •'bearers. 1 One is sound money, good at h'onie or abroad, national honor, protection to Americans and prosperity. This Is borne by Hon. William McKinley.- '(Applause.) "The other is made up-of the discordant elements of all parties. It comes with a declaration or principles that threaten the foundations of so cloty.. It is led by William ,T. Bryan. We have the spectacle of a partj repudiating the only president it has liad in thirty-six years. "This party 'declares our troubles are caused .by demonetization of silver in Only 12 Days Left To Close out our entire stock ACTUAL HALF PRiCE. Greatest opportunity Offered. ever o c Overcoats Ulsters Mackintoshes Men's Suits Boy's Suits Children's Suits Pants Hats Night Shirts White and Percale Shirts 73 price 72 price 72 price 72 price 73 price /2 price 72 price . 72 price 72 price 72 price I In fact all goes at Half Price to close out the entire machine. A credit of 30, 60 and 90 days will be given on all heavy weight goods to get rid of it quick. All are welcome and respectfully invited to come- HARRY FRANK, 314 Fourth Street. EVERYBODY Reads the JOURNAL- It is Read all day long. lt,is,the best Advertising. Medium in the city. "There is one money that has novel been demonetized. That is gold. It has always been the standard of the world. "The demagogues breed discontent. Their purpose is to got into office. Thoy cry, that the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. Today the people arc enjoying more of Ife's good things than did their f.ath ers., True, there are men out of employment. When William McKiuley is elected, and that is as certain as that thc^ sun ,vill got up in the morning, (applause), :he,wheels will again begin to turn. "What the country needs is. confidence. That cannot be restored until Major McKinlcy is elected. (Applause.) •... "Mr, Bryan proposes a distribution; an increase of money. He docs not tell how, or where or when. They for get that those who now possess the wealth will as surely get hold of tlic silver," ' • • After giving a brief history of- the .money of the United States, Mr, Funk continued: "It has been the policy of the government to use silver as much as possible and at the same time sustain the parity -of the gold and silver dollars. Since 1S73 over $000,000,000' in silver have : -been coined. The government bought the'bullion outright, and-the government credit is behind the dollars. The government could not guarantee the dollar- coined free and issued to. the mine owner. • "They propose to raise prices.. They propose to repudiate debts, by paying them in OS-cent dollars. The sentiment against dishonesty is too strong -in America to permit this. They do not promise' to raise the 'wages of Labor, They employ no labor. They have no use for labor. 'The .>Vestcrnci''s .land was bought by him for almost nothing. The improvements have been paid in money furnjshcd by the East. The same condition exists in-the South. The stiver Movement is a conspiracy hatched in ho South. With the Southerners in ho saddle the Wilson law was passed. The income tax was a Southern^rncas- ire. All under ?4,000 were exempt. "The law could not hurt many South- rnors. No' income tax law is just that xempts anyone. "Mr. Bryan says his success would ause a 'small panic'. We do not want panic of any kind. 'Fred silver legislation would mean contraction of the currency. Gold would go out and silver and pa'psr would bo debased one-half. Secretary Carlisle says 'that the mints, running day and night, would be fifteen years making up for the contraction. ' "The man who has paid good dollars into a life insurance institution docs not desire that the 'crown of thorns' bi pressed upon his widow's brow, as i Ft Wayne Journal: E. P. Bicknell, secretary of the State Board of Charities, is in the city, and will today begin the investigation of the charges of cruelty against the management of the State home for feeble minded youths. The Hon. T. E. Ellison ana Dr. Mary Spink will assist in the investigation. Jerry Pherson, a prominent farmer of Pulaski county and an old veteran of the 20th Ind. Inf., was a caller at Republican headquarters yesterday. He reports the free silver craze as on the wane iu Pulaski county and__predicts that by tire time the campaign closes there will be no wind left in th'e Demopop sails. • would be, should she receive ?1,00( that would be worth but .?500 in th< market. Pensioners will not vote fo the party that proposes to make then pay higher prices for what they need the party that would not pay a pen slon to a Union veteran if it could help it. "They propose to abolish Xatioua banks. This means a return to the wild cat and State banks. The government oversees the banks. The sys tern is the best ever .adopted, "They want to revolutionize the Federal court ' The founders of the gov- ernmeut builded wisely when they pave to Supreme Judges life tenure This prevents the placing of demagogues on the bench for political purposes." ATTENTION, COURT LAUREL. As Thursday, August 20tii, Is our regular Electing day, it is the desire of our worthy President that every member bo at the Iiall at 2 p. m. sharp. MISS EVA-SMITH, Secretary. The attention of the Board of Health is called to the prolific crop of Jlmson weeds growing on Railroad street near George Palmer's carpenter shop. As Jimson weed is a very rare plant, care should be taken to see that this particular bod of it Is looked after, as it not only commends the city to the traveling public, but may be made a 'source of revenue to the city. FALL TRADE - . - - HAS BEGUN Why Not Take a FULL PAGE AD in the ND>Y JOURNAL. Captain Frank Swigart went to Lafayette yesterday and the county commissioners and the G. A. R. committee will go tonight when the'site for the Cass county cottage at the State Soldier's Home will be selected. Remington fair excursion via Pennsylvania lines, August 25-28, low round trip tickets will be sold to Remington for the fair; return coupons valid August 29, inclusive. Invitations have been received Here for a banquet and dedication ball to be given by Contractor J. E. Gibson & Co., in the new court house at Rochester. The banquet will be held-August 27th. The Ariou Concert club will furnish music for the lawn fete at the Wheatland street M. E. church tomorrow evening. New Ideas. IN FINE FOOT WEAR-THE COINS TOES THE RAGE. The dollar toe. the half-dollar toe, the o.uartcr toe and the ten cent too are some of the ideas in fine shoes. The above mentioned lasts are very popular for the coming season and why shouldn't they be? Any thing connected with silver or gold at present must be popular. These shoes, which are the latest fall styles and are to be found at Filling's shoe house, are better than 16 to 1 or a gold standard. A very small amount of either gold or silver will take a pair of them and then you are sure of a double standard. jfor Filling's shoes are a standard and t takes two to the pair. The new style shoes are quite different from the old pointed toes that have bten on sale iic past two years. They still retain that beautiful long drawn-out effect •>ut are dccldedly'round toe instead of point Pilling has a complete line of >tice window; t.*,i«... *vu.*."i!Ufk£ iL. kese goods. Notic< s . . /f * if- -* 1 \-f itT »Jiili < * m ^ / ii*?ifriS.*.-*\.. .-v t ^i^i'HiAMMA^JSS3w \ c A .1.5 !i

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