The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 7, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 7, 1894
Page 7
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vmmn vm Drawn .Mrs. Wtckwire—"Why, Nora, there t* Siothing of this lobster but the shell." Nora—"Sure, mem, you didn't think Oi would cuke it widoiit cleanitt'it?" It is liy all odds tho best limoient. Mr. Chss. Meteger, MIT.Geyef Ave., .Ht. Louis, Mb., is of the same opinion. 'He says: "Salvation Oil is the best re»iedy we have •BXfer used in otii' family. It is the best JCHiedy on earth." Antelope is the latest fashionable shade. Of course it is a fast color. A number one cough cure. Mr. .las, H. Barnet, 34JiCedar Ht., Buffalo,N. Y., writes thus: "1 am using Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup in my family and deem it a number one medicine for coughs and colds, and ray house shall never be without it." People who visit the ice palace in Quebec <lo not complain of cold hospitality. There is a great deal of poetry in nature, and we should all lie better oft if the poetasters would only l«ave it there. >6O World's,Fair. Photos for $t. U'hese beautiful piotrdres are now ready tor delivery in ten ceiiiplete parts— lit pictures comprising coxrh part—and the whole Be.t.can be secured top the jiaymcnt of One Dollar/sent to GB®.. TH. HKARFORD, Uenernl rassengbl' Agent. (.ftiraRo. Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, OhSeago, 11).. und the portfolios ot pictures will be sent, free of expense, by mail *o-subscribers. Remittances t&ould be made by <3rafsr, money order, <jr registered letter. The non-uui«m'carpenters evince a desiwa to carry "she »tiir-irons" witli their kit -of tools. The ttflId-Winter Fair a Success. To reacla,it'tiuJce the only direct line, the Union Padftc. Through first and second class sleepers, diners. Our advertising matter all about it. E. I/. Oen'l. PastMtmd Tkt. Agt., Omaha, There Bsnunbigger fool in the world than the lna.n who expects to get to faeawu because his nvife belongs to cburrth. ' . Camphor Ice wlOKJlycerliin. y ireiiulnr. CuresChappwl Hiunt .&c. C. U. Clark Co.,}f.Httveii,Ct. A lae.-B.imHe away is always tay.itig 'tt 1 prove that it is the truth. >> iNunscm's fllnglc Com KntvB:" to eur«ar monev ref.umiovi. 4r«66lirttt«u>iit,. Price ISucnU. MM Ml), Jf UtJSEHOLb, IMPROVING THE WESTERN PASTURE! LANDS. The-kind o£ righteousness that tabes poo- pie ftoihcoveu is not the kind itha;t<brai?B-<m itself. G Bdaprtthy cures everything. Sao >«av4. 'but <she A'boniis a superior cpea.twpa, eouldmever lay a coruer stone. '•Libe-spinster i oau ot Jeasfc Isy 'Clui'in to self-possession, r, Fairport Harbor, £afce<Go.,<OMo. Wenatfa DISPENSARY HBDICAL jVssocrATioN. •Suffdlp.N.Y.: Gecrflomon— il >cannot tell win liiow njy wylfe has wnpsuved since she began itboiUBO of'youi.- " Fav.onitf) (Prescription," 'onmJlea>wlUi."O. M. U." -fine has nostnore trouble WJt)b Jailing of the w 0 "*. ana she never Sadls mny | pain utitese itihe tttanJos too long. She .'has no v bearing: -down paina elnce KShe began the iwse of 5 your ivamediea. She k does BaoiiJy tall uSJ .her • OWQ totujsework '. now, ;but Ibeflore she com- meneed *aking . your retaedteB,' v <ahe coould the room. I danot know how to thank jrau •fornull the pood ;.your remedies have done -her, EEor the Seat (doctors had given her <eaae ,up .as in- Yours triSte:, ALRSEJD OJBWIS. Guarantees & 'OR MONEY JRETURNED. A tTeTi-Cofulucited Gross t-lcld H 3ii>-o Sign of 1'rogrcSslvc Kiirinlnpr—To Touch ft Tciim to Pull—bttlry Jfotcs iiritl Hold The Cattle i'nstiircs. It. 5s just as essential that pasture lands in the West, where land is cheap, should bo improved, as in the Kast, where it is relatively higher. Many farmers who have more land than they can possibly use do -not seem to think so. They reason .that it is better to let the cattle roam over the whole waste land than attempt to improve any:partip.ulafj)pr- tion oE the farm. This is false economy, for every farmer ought lo know that it is the land he cultivates, and'not the amount he owns, that yields a profit. It is bettor to select ten acres and improve these as mvic.h as possible than to allow 100 acres to take •care of themselves.' In the oiul more profit will be obtained by him' toam the ten acres. , ; Every part of the grass field lie 'brought up to the maximum pro* •dttction, and it follows th^t the «or- friers and • weak spots >(»f the Kie'ld should receive special attention. •Many times poor spots in the .grass Ifield produce such'-a sm'dll'-'groVlIi of ;grass that it hardly ptys to irun the Knowing machine 'o-vor •them. There is some reason .for this, and 41 can bo easily remedied. Special fertilizing if the soil IB .poor, ior it '-tfce grass pastures staking ithem oft' ifrom the cattle, will gcweralliy enable them to catch up. Where 'certain kinds of luscious grasses gtpow in fthe fields, the cattle are <very -apt to vcrop them Hoclosqly as ito.injure their roots. It does not jjay to 'Ic&'the fiekl.s get such an uneven giFtnvtih. It is qwdtoo 'essential ithat the boergy and bad places should be reclaimed as soon «s 'possible, -saj's the American CultiM-atcr. . ]f water settle? ,in them late fa 'tho ^•eprin"'. that alone will malws'.trie grasalgrow slower and produce poor Depots, d'hey should bo drained and-Bonded wli.i fiiio grass seeds, "llhe 6]jaceS'along 1 the edges and intfoe'coiinei'S'Of'.tbe fields takoa up witk 'br.iaiHi und bushes arid weotils should toe reclaimed. There is nw greater-slign-of shiftl&ssness in farming than 'to -see 'the fences dividing *he-fields lined _ with a close hedge •off weeds, busfcies or briars. They «h'Ould'iiot>beual'lowed to get a start tlhere. '(i'he grass should extend fi-giM ,rtp to the .-fence, and all stura.|By :antl vwoody Lg-i'owths bo removed, so ;thatithe imowing raaclusae blades will-not encounter any obstacle wtoen 'passing olo»o to the fettee. A.well-conducted '^rrass lield for hay, <w aa (pasture lot lor feeding- awi-. inals, is a save -sign of progressive J farming; <anci ii'f this is maintained from year tto.-,year, yesa can rest satis- lied tHiat itheifarinetvis making money ' out of lids :bu«iness. He knows that' grass is ,the foundation of all good \ farminsv -and ihe i-s building the cornerstone <of :his ipiwsperity out of' S'ood luautotiioll. :1t, is not clover alone, buil ^fuuss .that assures the; farmer su.otiess. It is well to look ' to the imBtares .and grass to see if rtihere .is any way improving- itlxem. .details any 'team may be trained sd that it will bb ftitiollght to work theiii. Have a definite and small voca- b.ulary to use \|ith youv , team and otwayb use the'same word for ,.one purpose. Keep the i?aine two lidrstes working together and always on the same side. Use open bridles so that the team can sec what is going or.i around them. Keep all attuehJ.To.'H'i strong, that your team will not L'j;in fear of straining themselves through something breaking. Uao clru:" -fitting collars and harness .rod .never allow a horse to. become sr.i'o from any part of iho harness. 'l'«ach your team to stai-1•'tog-ether.' ' Koop them strong and it>. good spirit by good and i'egulur fe"(1i\igv-and good care in every, partie:ur,A : . Lot them come "to hoa'Vy jlulliiig; gradually and hot at all until thciv boiics a'-o well matured. • < • . ,., . .-., ».., HOTT to Got llottor l|vlct> Beet cattle are still much" too low, but the'price of steaks and. roasts at the butcher shops remain the same. It is evident then that r,omo ono is making a good profit in 'handling cattle. This suggests'that the farmer who raises and fattens the beeves ought to get nearer to the consumer lih'sqino way. , If'he cotild,-have even halj.the proht made from the stock he raises ho \vo\ild IKS doing much better than ho is at present. Ho- ferring to this matjter the Indiana Farmer says: Cannot somo one de- ;.yise a mgthM /by which' tkis can be brought, nbo^t? Wo will' venture a suggestion to start with. In a certain farinirag- neighborhffod in Owen, county am .ariiaagcinonit has been made w-bc^'e'by the fnrmers take turns in steiijrMaring t'oung beeves for th'O ti-so of flhose m 'the combination,. By ifjhis.'plan ale sire supplied ixjgHhwVy--wHh; fresh mieat of excellent ci'TOili'ty. ^Supposo now that similar "combinations were formed in otfoer 'counties or «ections of the etaite, ^«nd Hhat instead of merely •erjougih for home 'supply, two <ta.' ittoree 'times as mcnv beeves were ;s.kiuglJiitered as aro needed by rtthe tnnera'bers. 'Then wippose some well irecommenQed person be emploj'ocl, hero;at Jndianapo'lis, for examtiple to mooolve ••anfI find ^customers f<*r rtlhis . "The i ,.m(jf].t being of-ipniiiie ioua-ht to'sell readily at ^good pnices. 'Jfhe advantage to the farmers would 'be sthat they would get the re- ikaii ipriecs, which run from «igiht to .fifteen<ceiits pen.ipound, less tbeicom- 'irii«sion«cr wages paid the. agent at ;tibo For Vttraiant,Mld8r«,R. ll.Hands an otlit'l-K. Ti«.iiulo|..orla|isiJlu cxli'i the whole length of t,ha solu cluwn tlie heel, (,>iTotuc(lnfc' I ho shank Itit i%t)in(;. &<:. Uusi ijuullly Iliroughout. Thl«Traile Mark U co the best WATERPROOF COAT I" the World ! A. -T. Tnwr^. ROSTON, MASS. DR. l^cCREW SPECIALIST U'HOTUEATS A Hi PRIVATE DISEASES, Weiiknesis und Secret Ulsoi'doi's of IVIEW ONLY, Every euro Kiiurainoed. 18 yeuiij experience; 7 years in Oumuu. Write foi book fur full particulars. Uth and t'aruiuuSts.. OMAHA, - 3 OF A KINP. The Flying Dutchman Sulky Plow* The Mollne Lover Harrow. The Moline Champion Corn Planter. Draw to those unil (III—your corn crib, rail ou your dealer or ud- dicss MOLINE PLOW CO.. Moline, 111. FOB SALE LANDS in Central South Unkotu, in tho Mihhourl Jilver country, anil tributary to tho Cuiiltiil lit thu . W.OO to fflU.OO per acre. Jnvo.stiuonts aliso- ]uU)Jy »al'o. We btivu KOUIU lunda that can he ex- ciiuuj;(;d Air livestock und lui/rihuwllxe. Sectional cowplltii) i'ruui Hit- Cuvoriiuteist surveys 1'yco appflimlion. KhWolished in 1SKJ. ' \Vlf,M.».)l W. \\',\ITK & CO., Jfluiit, To 'r<iiicli a Tituin to Pt.... Tt is a real ipleasureiio have a team that can be iiflLiecLupon to pull whenever wanted *o .do eo. Any team, if not of a too fcighly inor.vous temperament, may beitiuiined /to perfect i-eli- ubility. We ,neecl ilirst of all and forever after to recoojui/.e that tho horse lias a MaLucl ;and ut least the mental qualities ,of .memory and affection. The «0imslderation of paramount In rthis mutter, according to this view of a writer in National Stockman, is to .develop the team's contideiica. m themselves and in their driver, lit is just as true of ,tho horse as of 'man tliat ho will not .exert himself greatly oyor what ho Jias no hope of aecomplishcng. JJiit .different from mau tho horso thinks .of previous loads instead of the ono 4o which he is attached. This is the reason a balky horse is apt to refuse to pull a very light load. He has no way of estimating his load only by pulling upon it, Mitch u horao"to a. vary heavy load, let him pull upon it, then transfer hi in to an empty wagon and start him. You will see him gather himself for a heavy pull. Ho has in mind the heavy load. Had th« horse been stalled with a, heavy load and whipped until the driver and horse were both certain he could not pull it, you would have a horse thoroughly broken not to pull. This writer says: Let me impress the truth of this by calling to mind another illustration of tho result of similar treatment. J hiivo seen men who had horses given to pulling- upon tho halter, nut ono on them they wcro confident the horse could not break and then whip them over the head in order to make them pull. Nearly always when a horse finds ho can- riot pull loose he will walk up to tho hitching post. I have heard men argue that a horse could be so thoroughly broken in this way that a tow string- would hold them. There is borne truth in it, though not all horses are to be managed in the Baino way. A horse of nervous temperament should never bo excited. They will always do their best in a perfectly calm state of mind. The drivers of fast trotters have taught us this. They have also learned that to keep the horse culm all men in attendance must remain so. No passionate, profaiio man ever developed great speed in a horse nor trained a powerful pulling team. With these general principles in view and proper attention" to Dairy Notes. TDainyuwg is aig-ood mean* of "build- a-Bft-mpiiihe farm as the fertalizei'S are • :at home. Tih Oi amount jrad quality Buav'etiziore tto . do i in determining the value of a '0»Wi1>lHi'n ibeauty of form aaxl color. Hy •eendingttb'O grains, a<nd .g-iaasses lo (market .in tho 'form of Joutiter, the rtiwinsportatioii tbill is mueii Kiualler. UseipJonty o'ftstraw bedding JOT the toows, und keep milk vessel* well .cleauatl with hot water mid »«qp, or tainted. A iflmiry >wuster says itliat rfiico fluidity -so .that the cream ipours •evenly .-'and smoothly is the test .for a mio-ht condition in churning. Jif-.aJellow gets mad -at a, owr? ho Ibett.oiMvent hi$. anger on ,a gate j>ost icir the ftearn door, than tho cow. Ho of 1 will .get through milking sooner >and :giet auoi-o .milk. Cows don't give •down .their milk to people whofcick iiiud <euft' .thorn. liu-tite? in the ,-eity market brings sH the «ray from ten to twenty-five cents. The man who makes the itcu oeut butter lose* money, while itho oa&e who produces tho best quality and gets the top .price, makes money. 'J'« wlii-oh. class do you belong? A dairy writer ithinks that people who know it all aii'3 tho worst ones out of wh&e.h to .w.tiko good dairy- meii. They have no use for book ; learning, ;sw they oall everything printed on the sublet of dairying, and you eaia dejiend on it learn nothing from jtheii 1 vanced neighbors. they wil more ad tlOUHullOltl llt'lp.4, _• Sprigs of fresh parsley aro served with boiled onions, not entirely as a garnish, but to bo euteii as a deodorizer. Worn black cashmere may bo restored by washing it in hot suds previously putting a little borax in tho water. Kinso in .very strong bluing water and iron while damp. Mefore buying broadcloth nib tho piece against tho nap. Jf it "fu/.xos' like Canton ilannel you don't want it. Broadcloth of a good quality does not tako on a Huffy look when brushed tho wrong way. Housekeepers are learning the x r alue of charcoal as a preservative und purifier and absorbent of moisture. Many keep a shallow vessel fillet! with it broken quite fine in the | ico chest and food cupboards throughout the summer. To prevent mouldy choose the housekeeper should leave the cover a lictle open when tho cheese is in the pantry. A revolving cheese dish is a capital arrangement for keeping- cheese fresh. It has a cover that docs not require to bo lifted off when the cheese is on the table. Cold boiled potatoes slii.-ed and placed in miltc gravy and boilod till warm arc very good with any kind of pork, especially ham and bacon. They are more delicate if the gravy is thickened with cornstaiicb. and en- j-iehed with butter. This is a way of saving potatoes, as the gravy forms much of the dish. No woman ever has enough lump shades. The home manufacture of these things has become such a widespread fid that flouncing of various widths for this purpose is now for sale, it comes in white and colored lace, iu tinted silk covered with laco and of embroidered silk mull with scalloped edges. PEOPLE. expresses the opinion 'Hint the -nineteenth century clothing of the Englishman is "ths most fright' ful, ; grotesque and disgraceful cos- 'tume the world has ever seen." Professor Hell, the inventor of the telephone, has been grappling with aerial locomotion in Nova Scotia, and, like all other experimenters in that science, he is very hopeful of success. Rev. William .1. Potter of New Bedford, whose death bus recently been reported, Was tire only clergyman drafted during the war.' Leave of absence was granted him by his church, and he served out his term. Madpulwin, the celebrated chief- taiuess whose (tenth is announced in a Cape Town, Africa, dispatch, was the original of Klder Haggard's "Ayesha," or "Sh 1 !." Her legal heir (there -is no female successor left) is Knshaan 111., a Christian. In' his story of the last moments of Lincoln Horatio King relates that Stanton. when the attending- physician. with his linger on the great martyr's pulse, • Uunojiutuo.d'<that -. .the • end had come, said with deep feeling, "He now belongs to the ages." In talking oVev old times in Boston and CambridggiColpnel Thomas Wentworth Higginson, who has .fust celebrated his seventieth birthday, recently guve interesting testimony to the decline of drinking among the students of Harvard university. Andrew J. Davis, a lately deceased Montana man of great -wealth, .was wot noted' for his Liberality as .a ruleY but to a friend who was in financial straits he once sent sa cheek for !$lOO,r 000 yvith the message: "Pay me if you .con; if you cannot, never mention it." MIc m It. iso£ vital importance that it should be understood by persons' AvJiose kkinayts are inactive, that tljiis condition of tilings is finally inductive -of a state of the organs where life hangs in the balance. Bright'H disease, diabetes, ttlbuminuria are all diseases of a very ttostinate character iin their mature stage,-«ud nil have a tatnl tendency. They often bailie the most practiced medical skill, and the most approved Teuier'nea of'niateria mwSica. But opposed! at tli3 outset—that "is to say when the kidneys begin to diswhtra-'Re their functions inactively —with Hogfestter's Stomach KHters, tha rtangerons vitendency is ehectecd. Very useful, also, ife this household isuedicine for tlibse ailmuilts of common oiicurronee— eonstipation, biliousness, dyspepsia and nervou«ne«(K. It is a safeguard ogainst niiilaria noifiiaverte chronic rboumatisui. G .ROGERS t recommend the ROYAL BAKING POWDER because they desire to please their custojn- ers, and customers are mtist pleased when they get th.^best and the most for their money. ROYAL BAKING POWDER is"absblutely pure, goes further, and makes better food than any other leavening agent ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., 106 WALL ST., NEW YORK, How cheap some people wiJH sell themselves Ifor'tfee promise of spot mash. There fennore Catarrh in Mils section of the country than all other diseases put together, !»nd until the lust few>years it was «upj>osed ito be incurable. For n great many years doctors prououinced it a local disease, mad prescribed local 'remedies, nud by constantly failing to •cure with local treatment, pronounced it imaurablc. Science has (proven catarrh to lite a constitu- i tioiial diiHsase oud therefore 'requires cou- Ktitutaoirul • treatment. Mall's Catarrli ('ure. 'mannfuctiirod by K. .J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, »s the ionly constitutional euro ou the market. it is taken iu- teniallyiiti doses from ten Crops to a tea- spitonfu'!.. It acts directlj- ion the blood and luscious surfaces of tbB.^ystum. They iifi'er ouu'hundred dollars Jlor nuy case it fails toiaure. Send for ciwtulars and testi- luouials. Address F...J. CHENEV&'O®., Toledo, O. <by Druggists, J5c. The new BIOPATHIC System will cure any acute disease in one treatment (cure or no pay), chronic in a few. Failure impossible. Invalids get well and then learn the systoin, and get our,diploma. Attain health', 'wealth and happiness. Uiie or 1 more Biopaths are needed in every town to extract the poisons the M. l).'s give. Corrio or write to Dr. John Shelby, Shoeloy Block, , Omaha, Neb., for full inrornmtioii. The whole money-setting world is running a race 1'or a dollar which may bo counterfeit when it, is caught. California for Health, Pleasure and Profit. If going for eitlrer, take the direct route, the Onion Pacific, the only lice running first and second class sleepers and dining cars to Kan Francisco. Send for our mew 1804 pamphlets. All about the Mid-Winter'Hair. ..E. L. Lomax, Uen'l Pass. nnd'Tkt. Agt., Omaha, Neb. A woman's reason always has a cause— because. The Modern Way Commends Itself to the well-informed, to do pleasantly >and effectually what was formerly done in the crudest manner and disagreeably as well. To cleanse the system and break up colds, headaches and fevers withootnuipleasant after effects, use the delightful liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of JflgK. ••RARE- 'A'lMD- 1 READABL-E.-r. ! "' The rkihest man is tSieoue'wbo can give nvvay tibeiaiost without regnatting it. KATllX COKN OVJfiK 1 i'OOT. l.ONO. \ Sal/xji'iJllustrates iu a colored platen new early corn, a giant-adits kind, and offers $ailO in gold for the .largest car iu 1891. Ini addition to iJaie curly Dinnt corn, wliach yielded in ]8!il!110 bushels per ;icre, lie hus over tivenity other prolific Held <uorns. lie linn the,best fodder corn in the world, lie i« the largest grower of farm seeds, suoii as oats, barley, wlieiit, millet, potatoes, etc., in America, Shifty kinds of glasses and clovers. Jf Vou WEl'l Cut Tills Olltaiwl Send Jt, With Ifxt to liiu Jolm A. Sii)y,er iSoccl Co., La Croesp, Wis., you will receive a'larue puck- ug(» of above illiint com aud-hlo iinimmotlj c'Ul;i)oiiii<>. w A lie never wiops to put on its Iwt-t. People loolomg for ' sooner or later. 'trouble" will find it For Oou^ibs ana Throat, Troubles use BHOWN'S BUONOJIIAI, THOCIIEH. Thev relieve '«31' TltfAttt - irfitations" caused by Cold on- u«e 'Of ithe voice. maoy boys have turned out Imdly Ixx-iiiiBo they 'had fathers who made them wark with' a'dull noe. Uy«pe,pfaa, impaired digestion, woalc stomach, and. constipation will bo instantly relieved 4>y Beecham's Pills. 35 cents a was first manufactuveit in. London in Jf>!M. It. costs England $1,000 'a year in maintenance for every, man Jo &MP navy. . The descendants of a sing-le female- wasp will often jmvnber "5,000 in one season. Jules Simon thinks the surestreeipe- for attaining a hale old age is intellectual work. The Archduke Carl Salvator ofr Austria has invented a mitrailleuse that fires nearly 500 shots a. minute. Jim Page's dying request—Jim -was- a negro in Tavares,—was that 'three bricks might be'placed •'imdei- his head. The expenses of the war depart-- ment in 18GS were $394,000,000; in 1803, $599,000,000; in 18G4, $090,000,000; im 18G"), $1,031,000,000. Fickleness. She—"Her heart is like a novel—oasy to, read." He—"ates; and like a novel in a circnlat- ing library—not to be kept longer than 1 two weeks." "Every .Burden of responsibility liolds withjn itself souio whore a sweet compou- a purimiitrc. It cun. i a Inolplont CODMMIIP* ItJHitLiJ.ljc'stCouBU Cure. 25.i!tu..50cUi.&.jil.()a. Cant y.oiw iliread upon the waters, but do not litik too stale for your own There) :are *omo parents to whom tlwir childreti 'never arrive ot an age of resuoa- sibility. NoHatcIietNeeMi - ToOoen this Can. For Hog Cholera IliisLye- IB a tnre nnra if ntcd Vor inaXlng tiuap, oleantns liuiiHe, noftonlng tvatoi-j it- has no equal. Best; The : Housewife's ••' Friend. A valuable washing In wuih can. For mile by «3S' eruci't'8. It will ' Rock Island Sanitarium, >'lltc<l wltli nil modorii iippllnnceB, 151cctric(U,Ma«- • MlgP, 'i\irklsU, Mloctrlc, Hot Air und Steam JJallia. Trained attisnUiinls. 1)1(S. CUA1U, CAKTJSR. ami I llMItNMAltm, pliyBlclHiia In uhiinai. \vlll bring my pilct>» unU fouv samplo packages t}. iirlM) taker Bi-ucl uuru. Duii'r, full to soo tint- (•orn liefore you iihiut, 11OUKKT iowu. IF YOU WANT TO FEEL A PERFECT CURE PROMPTLY,, OF A ST. JACOBS OIL WILL DO IT AS NOTHING ELSE CAN DO. GOOD IS ESSENTIAL ' .TO HEALTH. Vou cannot hope to be well if your BLOOD IS IMPURE. If you are troubled with BO/LS, PIMPLES, ULCERS or SORES you* blood isbad. A few battles of S. 8. S. will thoroughly cleanse the system, remove all impurities and build you up. All manner ot blemishes are byitscse. It is tho best blood remedy on earth. Thousands who have used it Bay so. " My blood was badly poisoned last year, which, got my whole system out ot order—iliseusea, and a constaut source of suffering—no nprie- tlte, noenjoymeutol life. Two bottles brought ma right out. There Is no better remedy for blood diseases. JOHN QAVIN, Dayton, Ohip." Ttvutiee on Hood and Mn tHieaia mailed free, SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA, GA. SOUTHERN Home Seekers GUIDE. Send to tho nmh-ralisiied fora FREE COPY of Wi*. 1HD4 Jiilitlouof theuhoveBra'x. U is lull ofd«itlr«- blu Information conuernlnu; Iho Couth und ilcsciibce 1 The Agricultural anil Horticultural Advantages of the country traversed by the Illinois Central nud tliu Vmoo i Mi»«li>iilp|ii Valluy TUllrouil.i In Kentucky, VeniemcB, ili»»iB 1pm ami 11 u'nlar», .1. Jf. Morry,. A U r. £.,iillm>l4 Oimiril It, I),. AlnixiliaHter, Iu.. 7r"cfs7jTACR! t *^ FOR SOUTH DAKOTA | • J GOVERNMENT • %^ FOR CHOICE DEEDED nthc I'umoiis Missouri Ulvcr Valley ir f»j <!lt» i'r»|iwrty. In ChuinhiM-hilu, S. ]).,tlin lutupu Kttif- ruuilOantur ut'the Northwest. Mnpa, l'luts,«-»<s..ail- clreKs The Intoi-atate Lluui Co..(:iianiherlalD r S. Itt L m —Cleanses tho Nasal ud Inflammation, Heals Taste and Smell, and ( or Cold iu It la C'u 1MOS..OC Warren fit FAHM8, LIVE STOCK wanted MAKE S5 a Dav DES MOINES 7tb & Mulberry; evil mute* free. ^ _ , , . 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Colorado, the Rocky 00 ooo acres of Uuo land, all under first-class JrrlKatloB canals, with purpetual water rights for sale uheup, 0 years time, 6 per Grains, Grasses and Vegetables Grow Hereto Perfection. Crops sure; no uroliths, no cyclones, no bllz- ztu-ds iibuutlunue of pure urlesiuo wattr- i-li- waio unoqualed. We have chor.-hol Bcb'oois ri ana pooa and roil Futormattou, Agents. Colw.^o Vslley Land Co., markets. JFor luups c £QtQ, McELREES' WINE OF CARDUli jitflliO 'V J I FW Female Diseases, j; i»»t»»»»»»o»»^ »»»»<>»•»»»^»i' Jtte»tip»

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