The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 7, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 7, 1894
Page 5
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THE tPPBR Dm MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7, 1894, We will fill all choice applications for farm loans at 6 per cent, interest and a small cliarge for our work OPTION OF 00 OR MORE at any interest payment after the first. No insurance, no fuss, and money ready when promised. A. D. CLARKE & CO., Algona. EAILWAT TIME OAEDB, CHICAGO, JIILWAUKEK *. ST. PAUL. LOCATj THAINS WEST. No. 1 departs »t 8:58 am No. 0 departs at 4:.30pm Freights that carry passengers— __ No. 03 departs at llsooam No. 71 departs at 0:lopm TRAINS BAST. No. 2 departs at 10:13 am No. 4 departs at o :oO p m Freights that oavry passengers— No. 19 departs at H :0 ,9 p ™ No. 94 departs at l:4opm E. F. HBDRICK, Agent. CHICAGO * NOBTHWESTEBN. North- Mixed 8:18am South- Pass Mixed.... Freight. . 2:4.0pm . 6:07pm 10:00 am Pass - -Freight 10 lOO a, ui A* iei£"w .... *v •«- — -— Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at Des Moines at 8:15 p m. Lv. Des M. 2:30 am Mixed connects with flyer and arrives at Chi cagoTt 8 a. m. F. H. VESPBR,Agent THE CITY CIRCUIT. Supper at Congregational church tomorrow evening. School election comes next Monday all over the county. Lunch served in the reading room next Saturday. Price, .15 cents. The Bancroft beer taken last week- will bo tried before 'Squire Clarke Saturday. A. D. Clarke & Co. have an essay on money this week which will profit the reader. J. M. Cowan was a little too high on the Garner school house. A Minneapolis firm gets the contract. • D. T. Smith now drives his own ox- press wagon. Ho has bought an outfit and has his oldest son helping him. T'het'O will be a meeting of the Library association at the reading room Friday, March 9, at 3 o'clock. The Epworth league will give a dime social at the homo of M. P. Randall Saturday night. Everybody invited. The Buffalo township school contest case will be heard by Supt. Reed next Tuesday at the Pratt school house in Plum Creek. Look over the new advertisements this week. Algona has some artistic " ad" writers, and they keep the goods they tell about. The county gets an excellent new settler in O. E. Dodds of Burlington, who bought tho Dr. Hudson farm and who moved in Monday. The West Bend army boys have their supper and literary entertain- 'mont Friday evening. Some Algonians are planning to attend. The case against J. P. Sutton over at Emmetsburg on the indictment for beating a Palo Alto man out of a horse was continued at the recent term of court. W. C. Davis was up one day last week before 'Squire Clarke charged with stealing rings from harnesses one night in Union township. He was not convicted. Letters are advertised for G. Arlington, Jos. Holden, O. P. Johnson, Fred Jones, John Lane, John Mandice, Lma Nelson, May Sarchett, Maine Sculby, J. H. Welsh, D, R. Fraser was over at Sioux City last week buying a new well outfit. The brothers now have the best machine there is made and will soon be ready to do business. The new boot and shoe firm which succeeds Win. Cordingly have an advertisement this week. They have fitted up a nice store and our readers should call on them. Old friends of Dr. and Mrs. Hudson and alkreaders of THE UPPER DES MOINES" will enjoy Mrs. Hudson's description of life in the San Jacinto valley, which appears this week. Prof. Dixson has moved into the house vacated by Fred Puller and Dr. Glasier is now iu the house left by Prof. Dixson. Fred, has gone to the home left by his mother. Marriage licenses have been issued to Louis Doege and Christine Dickman, W. Bruhns and Mary Baas, John Olson and Cecilia Johnson, R. G. Bruns and Martha Oppedal, Robt. V, Bowman and Mary Msenbarth. Blind Boone is giving better concerts than ever, and will be at the Congregational church next Tuesday evening. Reserved seats on sale at Hay & Rice's at 35 cents, general admission 25 cents, children under 12 years 15 cents. Curt Polliver, whose place up north was searched not long ago for boards tateen from the Northwestern railway fence, came down last week and pleaded uilty before 'Squire Clarke, and was nd |10 and costs, in all about $20. evenin the noted traper- we of her entertainments at the opera house in the interests of tho Episcopalian society. Hor mimicry and imitations aro praised by the press everywhere. . Last week was as remarkable for the opening of March as has ever been seen in Iowa. May rarely has finer weather. The river was open, the snow gone, tho roads muddy, and Saturday night a very heavy thunder storm was on. The wife of Rev. Faulstick, Lutheran minister at Whittemore and Penton, died Sunday morning as a result of typhoid fever. She leaves three small children and a baby of six weeks. She was a daughter of Wm. Stammer, living north of Whittemore. R. A. Price, while pounding the bag in the boxing rooms, left alighted cigar in his mouth and the bag coming back unexpectedly hit tho cigar and drove the flro into his eye, burning him badly and making a serious wound. It is not thought, however, that the eye will be permanently injured. The report made by Auditor Doxsee of the work done by the supervisors with the three mill bridge tax during 1893 should bo considered by every tax payer. A few years with only the present tax at their disposal will make great changes in the county. With the one mill of the township t:ix to use they can accomplish much more. Perry Burlingame received a letter last v.X'ok in which the news camo that his cousin, a young lady in Now York, hud just been married and that becoming provoked at a charivari party she had fired into them five times with a revolver and twice with a rifle, killing ono man. She is now under arrest and !n pi'ison. We admire her -pluck, but ihe ought to have aimed better. While wrestling last week Thos. Bennet had a bone in his leg near the ankle broken, and is now sitt'ng about norno with splints on. Harry Dodge ilso last week sprained his wrist in a wrestling bout, and Sheriff Samson is going on crutches on account of a sprained knee which he got by slipping while boxing. Athletics are good for the digestion but hard on the bones. While at the world's fair Frank Nicoulin saw a Russian sleigh he took a fancy to and this fall he has been having one made as near like it as he could. It is about done and is as handsome as could be wished. It has board runners with iron curlicues on tho end, plumes on the dashboard, and upholstered seat. Next winter ho will get out a number of them and have them on the market. Deputy Sheriff Brunson went up to Bancroft last Thursday after Zickert again and captured three cases of beer and brought them to Algona. Zickert took a team and skipped across the lino and is not expected to return. He is about tho last of the boot-leggers in the county, 'Squire Raymond having routed the whole lot and convinced them that the law will bo enforced in Kossuth so long as it is on the books. J. E. Blackford called to mind a curious item of history in connection with the Hag day exorcises of last week. When the stars and stripes were first decided upon Washington wanted a star with six points and it was Mr. Black ford's great-grandmother, Mrs. Ross, who argued in favor of a star with five points and won her point. Mr. Blackford's grandmother was about seven years of age at the time. Tho city election passed off very quietly Monday, although there was considerable interest taken in two wards. In the First, P. H. Vesper was chosen without opposition. In the Second, Thos. F. Cooke had 49 and S. H. Pettibone 61. In the Third, Frank Parish had 40 and John Magnusson 79. In the Fourth, J. P. Nicoulin had 65 and E. N. Weaver 18. The council now stands Wadsworth and Vesper, Garfield and Pettibone, Cordingley and Magnusson, Hutchinsand Nicoulln, Algona's pugilist, J. R. Brown, went up to Bancroft last Thursday evening and it is reported that $100 was offered to anyone present who would stand up before him for four rounds. It is alsc reported that Brown and Keefe oJ Sioux City are arranging a fight to come off at Algona soon if the authorities do not interfere. The bootleggers having been routed, we see no reason why the prize fighters should not come next. If there is any law to keep such loafers as Keefe out of Algona it should he enforced. A special train could not be secured for the Burt musical entertainment and the roads were too xnuddy for driving and the number did not go from Algona who intended to. But several were up Friday evening aed report a very enjoyable evening. Amojig them were Mr, apd Mrs. J. G. Smith, la speak.- teff of |$ Mr, Ssiitti say* t^ <t>e e»ng- ing 1 was unusually good. Tho prinei- ml costumes were rented and the )thers made at home, and the cantata was splendidly put on. Wo hope our 3urt friends will pick a night next ,ime when the driving is better and ihe moon is out. S. Swanson, tho Minneapolis well digger, was in Algona last Thursday ind the contract with him to put in an eight inch well was completed. He Degins at once and is to work continuously until the well is done. The contract is that the city pays him $1,000 or a well 333 feet deep if that is required. If a flow of 125 gallons a minute is secured at a less depth it is ,o be accepted. Tho city furnishes steam for his machinery, for which an allowance is made out of the above orice. The work will begin this week jr next week at the latest, and Algona will soon have a reliable water supply or know that one is not to be had. Wm. Johnson, an early comer and well known resident in Cresco, died suddenly Sunday after a few hours sickness, heart trouble being the cause. He was buried yesterday at Whittemore. Mr. Johnson was 79 years old and camo to Kossuth county in I860. He was born in New Brunswick and married there. Among his children are Mrs. Mina Mill is, Mrs. Frank Potter, and Mrs. C.- E. Anderson. There aro c'.?;lit altogether, all well .mown in tliis vicinity. Mr. Johnson was a st hool teacher and a man who read n great deal. His views on public questions wore radical and ho enjoyed discussion and debate. Ho was kind iiearted and genial in his manner, and THE UF.PEU DES MOTNKS enjoyed his visits which were quite frequent until iho past few years when he camo to town seldom. At the meeting of the Algona Commercial club last Wednesday evening Goo. Hamilton was present and made a proposition to put in a brick and tile factory, and a • committee with Mayor Call at the head was appointed to draft an agreement covering his terms. Ho asks only that a sufficient amount of tile be contracted in advance at prices named in the agreement to insure a ready market at the start. His prices are as low as those given by other factories in the state, and save the freight to buyers, which amounts to about one-third of present prices. This is a very fair proposition and all who will use tilo this season, or who expect to soon, can afford to order now and so help in getting n homo institution started, which will so materially reduce the cost. Tho sample made from our clay is as fine as any tile over shown m Algona. The largest audience that has yet been out attended tho Social Union club Friday evening and listened to three practical and entertaining papers. Mrs. Edith Hutchison discussed the preservation of the forest trees in a very thorough and interesting way; Thos. F. Cooke urged tho value of military drill in public schools, both as a matter of physical training- and of preparation for possible war; and Miss Jessie Smith, who was for some time a teacher in the school for tho deaf at Faribault, told how they are educated in one of the best papers which has been given bo- foro the club. The recitation by Miss Lennette Wilson was Samantha Allen's reflections on the non-admission ol women to Methodist conferences, and kept the audience in n roar of laughter. Mrs. Chrischilles and tho Congregational chqir furnished the music. Miss Wilson was appointed programme committee for tho next three months. •\Vnnted-Mlce-50O Mice. Owing to the short notice given I have decided to fill another 500 ordei on Saturday, March 10, 1894, only. Will pay 25 cents a dozen in dozen lots for full-grown, healthy, live, brown 01 white mice, at Loan Exchange. N. J. SKINNER. N. J. SKINNER. Money. SILVER prunes at Langdon & Hud- son's.—50t2 CELERY salt at the Opera House Grocery. ' FIBERED cod fish, something fine, at W, P. Carter's. GEO. L. GALBRAITH & Co. always keep a big stock of shoes of all kinds at the lowest prices. I HAVE sold my boot and shoe stock and will sell at cost. P. S. Stough. N. J. SKINNER. Money. HERTZ'S sweet pickles at Langdon <Sj Hujson'e.—50t3 '"~" *£ ~~ HEBE'S horseradish flour at tb,eOp, g{$ Houss Grocery, THE MAEOH TEEM OF COURT. I'lio rluiiilcy Will Case tho Chief Suit ol lutcrest-Soiiio Criminal Mutters. Judge Carr and Reporter Grier irrived from Emmetsburg Monday norning and began business promptly. Till this morning the time has been argely taken up with motions and preliminary work. THE GRAND JURY. The new grand jury for the year was present. The following members act at this term: D. H. Hutchins, J. M. Walker, Thos. Hanna, W. W. Raney, and A. N. Leonard. CRIMINAL MATTERS. The appeal of L. L. Colby, the whiskey vender caught at Swea City, was dismissed Monday and the judgment of $400 affirmed. Yesterday A. C. Ripley of Garner appeared to defend for Colby and at onco tried to u t the case reopened. Colby was faking orders for an Albert Lea house ind claims he is not liable. August Anderson of Swea City is leld for selling liquor and will bo tried. Aug. Grimmcns is held for letting jrairie fire get away from him and will be tried. C. Honohpn is held for getting T. Holts: to sign a note for him on f;ilso >rotenees. THE PLUMLEY WILL CASE. The case to set' aside the Plumloy will is on for hearing. Geo. E. Clarke ippears for Mrs. Sluullo to break tho will. Judge Cooke and W. B. Quar- ,011 are for the defendants. It opens ;omorrow. WANTKD—Two boarders to occupy a nicely furnished room. Apply to Mrs. T. H. Conner. N. J. SKINNER. Money. WHITE SWAN flour, only $1 a sack at Langdon & Hudson's.—50t2 NEW vegetables at tho Opera House irocory this week. MAY BUD tea—sold only by Langdon & Hudson.—50t2 FRUIT Puddine, assorted flavors, at W. F. Carter's. MONEY to loan on long or short time. Geo. C. Call.-tf N. J. SKINNER. Money. noan attainments. Upon learning lust Miursday that it was tho 1st'of March, " o hitched up his Pegasus and making double-twisted knot in the lines, rove out the following delicate tribute: March, hack ham, lomes in like a Hon and goes out like a lamb. All will agree that tho verse is par- icularly appropriate, coming as it does it this time. THE A. Hough & Co.'s stock of lutn- >er at Irvington will be sold on Friday, March 9. N. J. SKINNER. Money. INDIAN River Florida oranges, finest grown, at W. P. Carter's. PANMALT coffee, 15c a pound; try it; it W. F. Carter's. DON'T miss the canned goods sale on Friday and Saturday at tho Opera House Grocery. CLUB HOUSE olives at Langdon & Hudson's.— 5012 ^_ DID you ever buy a can of corn for 5 cents'? If you haven't you cnn at tho Opera House Grocery next Friday and Saturday. N. J. SKINNER. Money.. ONE-THIRD OFF on watches, clocks, jewelry, silver plated ware—until April 1. E. G. Bowyer, jeweler.—49t5 THREE pound cans of fancy yellow table peaches—two cans for 25o at W. F. Carter's. BLIND BOONS IN DES MOINES. The Capital Describes the Concert He will Give In Als°u» Xext Tuesday Eveiilug. Blind Boone is to play in Algona Tuesday, March 13. The Capital of last Friday speaks of his appearance in Des Moines: An audience numbering nearly 1,000 assembled at the University Place Church of Christ last night to hear the talented blind musician, who has made so many visits to our city, yet who always receives a hearty reception. His playing is simply marvelous. His wonderful rendition of Gottschalk's "Lasl Hope" brought tears to the eyes o: many listeners, while many pronounced artists in the audience fairly envied his ability to play Liszt's ''Hungarian March." Boone is especially happy when singing plantation melodies, am he sings them with a peculiar pathos that wins the hearts of his hearers. Stella May has very much improved since her last appearance it this city, and was repeatedly encorec at every appearance. The concert was one iu which every number was enjoyed A Spring Poet. Fort Dodge Post: It may not be generally kaowp, hut it is a might, truth tbatJ.-gr, Ryan is ^ poet of no FANCY white clover honey, only pound, at W. F. Carter's.—49t2 N. J. SKINNER. Money. 15o CHOICE dry-picked duck feathers for ale at Boarclman Bros. & Co.'s cream- ry.— 50t2 PEEBONAL MOVEMENTS. County Surveyor Tellier is attend- ng eollege at Alt. Vernon. Mrs. W. J. Studley went to Lyons a ihort time ago for a visit. She writes ,hat her father, B. A. Lillio, died there •ccciitly. Henry Goddarcl left for his homo it Elma yesterday morning accompanied by his father, who will make i month's visit. Thos. H. Lantry is home from his California trip. He says ho would not rade an aero of land hero for a farm here if had to live on it. He likes Iowa better than ever. A. A. Brunson was in Des Moines a day on business last week. Ho looked over the legislature a moment and guesses that if anything is done to change the prohibitory law a local op,ion law will be adopted. S. S. Sessions came from Des Moines Monday on the vacation taken by the egislature on account of city elections. Ho says from this on the liquor bill will be the subject of discussion till it B disposed of. He expects Gov. Jackson's signature to his bill quieting iitles this week and then it will be a aw. Judge Cooko came up from Webster Jlty Monday for court. In talking about electric lights ho says that at ionic tho city runs them in connection with the water works and furnishes ight at from 50 to 25 cents a month for each lamp, which is very low. Ho says also that Webster City has such a well as is now proposed in Algona and has in unfailing supply of water and mains ill over tho city. The water works vnd electric light plant both pay a jrofit above running expenses. • N. J. SKINNER. Money. JELLY, all kinds, only 50o a pail at W. P. Carter's. ^_ _ ONE HUNDRED pails to soil this week, two gallons fancy table syrup and a good 3-hoop pail for 50c, at W. F. Carter's. SLICKEU'N grease—Golden cottolene, at W. F. Carter's. FOR SALE—Two fine yearling Jersey bulls. W. H. Clark.— 4912 BOWYER has three new Mason & Hamlin organs to dispose of; cash 01 time, Call and see them and get his prices.—49t2 IF you don't- think I have sold out call and get prices and bu 'convinced F. S. Stough. LOOK at our counter of canned fruits and vegetables for lOo a can. W. P Carter. TWENTY-FIVE pounds of nice, New Orleans sugar for $1 at W. P. Carter's WE are selling hanging lamps a cost. W. P. Carter. ARCTICS, rubbers, and boots and shoes at cost- F. S. Stough. Wants a Premium. The following letter caused a laugh in the court room Monday; Miu*A,Y TW ., Feb. 88,189*.—County CierL Kossutto Cowty, Iowa—Dear Sir-. Pleas inform how Wtton, bpunty they are p»yio Ior wolv«» a»4 W tbfX %*e »*>*»» toe sam tor yaung «| oi4 in y,we wpb&.wd, j think tae county would he ^M^iBRflP S^WFjj'^"^^^'' .*P^<^^W «*ei- •mght. If tho county is willing to 'make n inducement in tho shape of a premium. will send one out to your county that 'ill thin them out very good, as lio is a rnctical hunter and' trapper. We noted ith interest in papers the preparation for soneral turn out hunting day, we also oted tho result of the same. If the report fiis true it was only one wolf that lost his calp. Respectfully yours. C. C. HANSOX. udgo'Weaver Scores a Grand jury. At Fort Dodge lust week Judge S. M, leaver addressed the grand jury as e discharged them and said:' Gentlemen: Permit mo to say to ou, kindly but plainly, that you have iiled to perform tho duty, which, at 10 opening of this term of court, ,you ook a solemn oath faithfully to per- orm. I learn upon good authority hat abundant evidence has been submitted to your consideration, not only o justify but to demand the indictment f willful violators of the law against quor selling 1 . If such evidence has ot boon laid before you, it has been, at our easy command for, as I said to'you rhen you were first empaneled, it is a nittor of common notoriety that there ro numerous places in this city whore :ie law is openly, flagrantly and im- udently violated. Your oath in terms bligatod you to inquire into public (Tenses of every character and to re- . urn indictments in every case whore on "havo or can obtain legal evi- cncc." That you have not done. la hus addressing you I am not actuated y my private opinion as to the wisdom r rightfulncss of this law, but speak imply as a court whose duty it is to co the law respected by its officers. Hereafter, gentlemen, when the law s violated to your own direct personal njury, when tho assassin lays his dd upon your person, when your, are obbed of your property, when your wn home circles are invaded and your ons and your daughters are led to ruin >y men who regard no law that inter- eres with their criminal inclinations,- ust stop and reflect how much the ex- ,mple by which you tho sworn officers f the court havo encouraged and up- lold one class of criminals, may have timulated the wrong of which you then, omplain at the hands of another class. You can not wonder that life and prop- rty aro somo time imperiled by riminal violence or that rioting and urbulenco aro not unknown in your ommunlty, when you whoso official uty lies at the very foundation of the nforcement of the laws, by your iagrant disregard of your solemn ob- igations undermine and destroy . the espect of the people for the authority if tho state of which they should bo oyal and obedient citizens. You are xcusod from further attendance upon his term of court. Slot Machines Must Go. As a result of the late religious re- aval at Washington, Iowa, war has )cen declared against tho nicklo in the lot machines in use. Tho city marshal has ordered them all stopped, Parties not complying with tho order vill bo held for running gambling louses. It is probable that the order vill be generally obeyed. WE'VE " got a little list" of bargains or you. W. F, Carter. GOOD improved farm for rent. W. F. Carter. NEW stock of carpets, portiers, lace curtains, at Galbraith's. QUEEN olives in bulk at Carter's. LADIES' and misses' jackets in all the Latest styles; also new stock of dress goods at Galbraith's. to f^4inlS^MftM^-l>Ji_^ FOB real estate time loans-at the very lowest rates, make inquiry at the KoS' suth County bank. TWENTY pounds good dried peaches for f 1 at W. F. Carter's. CURE FOE HEADACHE. As a remedy for all forms of headache / Electric Bitters haw proved to be the very best. It effects a permanent cure, and the most dreaded habitual siclj headaches yield to its influence. We urge all who are afflicted to procure a bottle and give this re% edy a trial. In cases of habitual constipP tiou Electric Bitters cures by giving the needed tone to the bowels, and few caaea long resist the use of this -medicine. Try It once. Large bottles only 50 oente at U A. Sheets' drug store. 8 WHY don't you eat corn? It's cheaper than hay. Four cansStandard Maine- packed foe 8os at W. F. Carter's. WE are qlgamg put our f»topk J&-".

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