The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 7, 1894 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 7, 1894
Page 2
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MOB USDS THE TORCH, THE UPPER D18 MOINE8: ALOQNA. JOWA. WEDNESDAY. MARCH 7, 1894. MINERS SfcT A BRIDGE. tO MftMldl tat* OfecWNiit by Oov. —.^<»l> oitthitihlifcw. the Militia rtnrt tH nttttCr At-mcd—Mof6 l-'IffliUnff jg J-IJttly. Kanavy-aha vnllcy nt the Kaglc mines W. Vn,, March 3. — A special at ,'.'::u) n. m. states that thirty men hn<l Jlrod the Cahln Creek bridge at about 2 o'clock. No herpes of saving it. Mnrlin.1' law hiisi been declared at Eagle and the town is under military authority. POWKI.I.TO.V, W. Vn., Mnrch a.— The strikers nrc preparing to attnck the miners here, They have assembled in Mich numbers and in sueh'throatening manner that Sheriff flanks'has" telegraphed (! 0 v. McCorkle that troop* sire needed nt once. CUARI.KBTON, W. Vn., March .1.— While intense, excitement still exists throughout the over the trouble there is little change in the" situation since yesterday. The sheriff is strongly hacked by his posse, and General Moore's MI rid Mayor Hank's, sent out by the governor with lull powers, are rcudy to declare mar- linl law ut, any moment. It is reported that LOGO strikers are assembled at .Montgomery for a new attack 'on Wyanfs guards at Kugle mines, and that .the governor has been nskcd for more troops us well nas' to retain those on tho ground. The strikers now outnumber the troops and have Winchesters, while the militia have, only army guns. The rumored -attacks on Powell ton and other places arc all with a view to finally closing in on \Vyant of the Eagle mines. Oov. McCovkle wired Major Hanks that he would not send troops unless absolutely certain that the sheriff, with a, strong posse coinitatns, was unable, to main order. W. T. Atkins, the rioter who was killed in Wednesday's tight at Eagle, will be buried to-day, und it is feared the strikers may be aroused by inflammatory speeches at his fmieral. Oov. McCorkle fatihrftl tot th« tVwsk. NttW YonK, March S,—ft. G. BilJi'd weekly trade review snys: More works have resumed or increased hands or hours than have stopped or reduced, but numerous reductions in wages continue to lessen the purchasing power of those at work. The demand from distributors is nlmost exclusively for medium orlow priced woolen and cotton goods and boots and shoes. .Some salesmen and traders find indications that stocks of the higher priced goads relnaining on hnnd are much, larger than usual. The bankers judge that much of the demand for commercial loans is virtually for renewals to carry such unsold stocks. In all branches of the woolen manufacture the demand is yet below the Usual mark, but it Is somewhat im .proved in worsteds and dress goods and lead ing mills haver been taking woo quite largely, so that in three chief mar kcts the sales have been 4,898/300 pounds for the week against /i, 106,200 last year in part because scarcely any foreign wool has been imported foi months a,nd supplies are short Western markets are also broader without improvement in price. The most encouraging feature of the week's record is the dee'rfcase iu number and '•' importance of failures. For the third week of February the liabilities thus far reported, are only $3,880,340, and for > the three week's of 'the month only , $11,420,4J8, of which 83,04.1,837 <l werc of manufacturing and 85,281,0.1.) of trading concerns. The number reported in February is 1,MO, against 2,080 in January, and the full liabili-. ties were probably less than $15,000,000. against «30,040,-1!)7 in .January. In November and December the amount exceeded 5500,000,000. )<'or the last week the failures have been 204 in the United States, agaiust 20(i lust year, nne forty-two in Canada, ng'ainst forty-live last year, scarcely any being of much importance. PITH OP Important Events Reduced Their Lowest Terms, tc CONQRESS/ONAlt. The financial history of the World's T'air wns presented to the house in the form of a report. .Secretary Herbert gives an pxpfana- tion of the trouble with the Carnegie company through its furnishing inferior armor plate. Senator Hill pleaded for concessions to eastern manufacturers before the hnanco committee considering the tariff measure. ' Messrs. Meredith and Funk hod an I V, ot ' n . miissttcre . """Hn the Black Hawk, NOTABLE BfeAtHS. tlcnry Michaels, n Clothing facturcr of Rochester, N. V., died at his home. He Was <J years old. -John Loncrgan, a pioneer of Chicago, died at his son-in-law's homo. He was born in Tipperary in J807. Oen. .lubul A. Early died at Lyneh- burg, VH., the result of a fall. He was born Nov. 3, isifi. Mrs. Margaret OalloWay, ex-slave, 1 ir> years old, died at Alton, 111., whore her youngest son, r,:l years old, lives. I. Dr. W. F. Poole, librarialn,died at his home in Evanston, 111. .Tudge J. W. MoDill, of the interstate commerce commission, died at his home in Crcston, Iowa, Jacob C. Horn, present at Fort Dear. o an ,. , altercation in the house over pensions Moxlcan , « nd civil vvars.died at Winnie' """"" and a fight was barely averted. Ily a resolution of the house n. sub- canne, Wis. Hev. Ur. .R VV. Patterson, ono of, Uie o e ouse n. su- 1 • --,,..- ---- .-,, .,„.,. ,j,, u ,_,*, ,,,,i- 'oommitteo of the , buiJdings committee P at , nan f h . s of *"« Presbyterian .clnu-ch, will investigate the Chicago postotiicc. " " ' ---- '" "~""— T < .tirr1nrt/-l f *ii>44-!i..iJl.. i . . -i it -. T . siittihide toward the Nioa- raguan-Mosqitito trouble is watched with interest by the government offi- Treasury statements show an .excess of expenditures over receipts in February of about,1W,Ot)0,0()0. • of Colorado repudiates the secession circular issued for signatures by the mayor of. Ceorc-e- town. The District court granted an in lutietion restraining Commissioner Loehren from reducing Judge Lotff's icnsioh from S72 to $50. ° A resolution looking to government ronlrol of the Nicaraguan canal n trod need in the house. A bill to died at his home in Evanston. Mine. Janet Monaeh Patny," distinguished contralto singer,' died at Hheflield, England, at the close of a song. Henry Chapman , Ford, a former president of the Chicago Academy of Design, died at San Francisco', Cal! Prof. Carl Wilhelm Knudson. tho astronomer, died fi-oiii JJright's disease at .South Norwalk, Conn. lie was born in JBJR Mrs. Allen Francis, formerly of Illi»-..!,. .1 I 1 . i \ r f i _ i J * noi.s, died at Victoria, IS. C. Sho in-' traduced Abraham Lincoln to the g-irl trip. , The 1 fted River and South wpsterii may be taken by the ttock Island with a view to n Chicago-Mexico line. CRIME:. Patient Williams died at the St. Joseph, Mo., insane asylum from a beating given him by Attendant Jack- sou, Stripped of clothing a thief escaped with a blanket for covering, in the interior of Eric county, New York. Lon Tyc, a Marian county, Kentucky, neg'ro, is reported to have been skinned alive and then roasted for killing- n. girl. Joseph Wall wit/, a Trenton, N. .!., convict, choked one keeper into unconsciousness and shot a second dead. Joseph Horjan,who threatened Vice- President Stevenson by mail, was sentenced to eighteen months imprisonment. William E. Hnrr. cashier of the St. Louis National bank. St. Louis, Mo., was arrested on a charge of embe/y.le in tint. •..Murglars killed Township Treasurer Henry Cold-man's wife, seriously wounding- him and secured $700, near Exeter. Mich. in a tight, of miners near Charles-, town, \V. Ya., ono man was killed and cloven wounded. Troops wore ordered out. AFTER THE Attornay "MEDICS." on Kipcrt lias three other companies in readiness to march at short notice, and says he is determined to use every effort to . prevent violence. ItoUom Talks Testimony. CHICAGO, March ;..—In resuming his argument before the jury in the Coughlin case yesterday, Assistant prevent the Illinois t.'cri- ral's monopoly of a, Chicago river pier vas introduced 1-y Kepresentativc Unr- borow. l-'or a brief period the deadlock in the house was broken, but the mem bcrs soon fell into a tangle again. Senator Morgan's final report on Hawaii snys Stevens erred in establishing a protectorate. Charles W. It, Korr, Lord Dunraven's representative on tho Vigilant during tho America's cu.p" races, is dead. - . Father Arthur I.C'arr of .St. Patrick's church, UochcJle, 11).. died from paralysis at St. Elizabeth's hospital, Chicago. Harrison f. I'lummur, the portrait painter, died at his homo in Maverhill -Mass, lie was SO yours old. CASUALTlEbr State's Attorney Botlum pronounced TRAIN ROBBERS FAIL. • Engineer <>/ the Jtoelc Inland's «;hl<;n<ro li*|>r<!8« ItutllKRH to Stop. ST. JOSKI-II, Mo., March 3.— Five men attempted 1o hold up the enst-bound Koek Island passenger train three miles of thi.s city hist evening nt 7:25. Torpedoes were placed on the track and one of the robbers industriously swung a danger signal red light. Engineer Patrick McKinney at once divined the purpose of robbory and put on ;i full head of steam. He und his fireman crouched down to the door of the cab und not a minute too soon, for when the robbers saw the move they II rod a volley into the engine and cab, but luckily hurt no one. The train diishod through amid a .shower of bullets, this bandits wild with rage, firing iritothu coaches as they passed and creating consternation among- the- passengers, ,jvho eniwlctl dpyvn vn-ler thesi>ats "ami liid tlti-ir valuables. \Vhou tli<> train reached Ktockbridyu it ^/ouuO over 100 bulVHs had iiil it. 'sages were at oncu soul Imck to this city nnd u force of police is scouring the country. The robbers wore white masks, but none of thorn could be recognised. As the 'engine whined by one (1 f the robbers called to the engineer with an ,,af.h, say ing: "Stop that engine, Mc-Kinncy, or we v,ii] kill yon." At the time he emptied tlic i-ontents of revolvoi-s into tin; cab. The train was the regular Uock Island passenger for Chicago. This .robbers arc undoubtedly the same gang that has twice successfully held- up l.'urlingtoiUrains. The scene of the att.enjiptcd robberv is within » few yards of wlu-.e the 'first JJurlington robbery nci-.iirrcd iHontlis ago. Otticcrs are after {•ling. his views upon expert medical testimony in no uncertain terms. He declared that he would rather trust himself to the mercies of the. horde of cannibals in the Sandwich Islands than to place, his life in the hands of some medical experts. His address for an hour or so bristled with an attack upon a portion of the medical testimony introduced iu the case. Court adjourned till 10 a. Monday, March S. in. next, ANNEXES FIVE TOWNS. I'opulatlon b'j Cincinnati Itii win samo two the JncreiiiiflB &t>V6nil .Tr, Ohio, March f,.—L'nder the. authority of an act of tho state legislature tho Cincinnati boart't of legislation last ni«-ht passed an ordinance annexing to the city the adjacent, villages of Westwood, Clifton, Avondiilc, Linwood and Riverside. Mayor Mosby «i;;ned the ordinance making it immediately effective. This will add from .lO.OOo'to 1.1,000 to the population of the city. Sonic of tho villages may resist imncxalion by an appeal to the courts. 'tllO "rilUlllllTCT" Oil IJOHK Me Kline, Loyno.v, March f..—The Times this morning prints a column article on Uoss MoKane of Coney Island. It says everybody in a position .to jiuliro believes that his downfall will have a derided inlluenco in tho way of purifying elections throughout the states of tho Union. KigMoen lives were lost in the east- r..,. .,„.,, . . , , | °'' M .«o«st storm, mombers of the crews 1ai as thcstHtedepartmewtknows j of the Henrietta and" Resolute. At Linden, -Mich., near Flint, a platform collapsed ami twenty-live or thirty persons wore more or loss injured. Republicans of the Tenth Indiana I ''"-vis 'Mi-others' toy and notion house Ambassador Hayard will not resign his place afc ,St, Jiu:io.s' court POLITICAL. AFTER THK "MEDICS-" ji.Ucniev lloftam TnlkH on i: M >i:i-t Testimony, CKICAOO. .Muroh.!. — In rchuming his argument bofore the jury in the (.'oughlin ease yesterday, '.-Wistaut Situ to' N Attorney liottum pronounced l:is views upon expert medical testimony in no uncertain torms. He declared that, he would rather trust himself to the mercies of tlie. horde of cannibals in the Sandwich Islands than to placo his life in the hands of some medical exports. His address for an hour or .so bristled with an at -tuck upon a portion of the. medical testimony introduced in th case. Court adjourned till Hi a. iu. no\ Itlonduy. Miiivh , r >. Krt.KM-:, Ore., .March -V - Lai=l night All»i:rfMot,s and hi.s father ijuarrcK-d uiid David <'olcman, a farnu-r living jicqr by, took side.-, with tin; father! Young Moss at once wont to Colu- inun's house and commenced shouting at thu family. He lirst attacked the juarriod daughter of Coloman, killing ]jt-r instantly. Ho then .sbot anothei daiightor through the arm and finally Attacked Colcmun, whom ho sbo* tjii-ongh the abdomen, inflicting fata The "Nmvx" Not For .S:i)e. The owner and editor of Hie Miami, Missouri, News, requests tliu publication of quite a different statement than appeared in these columns a few weeks ago, anil we willingly give space to tin- following editorial from that paper: "Some tune ago owing to continued ill health anil the encouraging information from our physician that we must either S° to a warmer climate on this mundane sphere or bo hastened to ono in which delinquent subscribers abound, \ye offered The News for sale, and would then have sold it at a sacrifice. January 1st wo began using Dr. Amick's treatment for Bronchitis, prepared by the Ainiok Uiemical Co., of Cincinnati, and wo are to-day, so far no we can observe, entirely free from any bronchial trouble —in fact wo have hud hut little trouble MUCI.' the first week. Our many newspaper who have so kindly advertised our business forsulo ivill obliuc us by saying The News is not now oil the market, as its owner, thanks to ]) r Amick-s treatment, will be ablo tore mam in God's country a while lonn-er ror the benefitof those who arc Buffering from Asthma. Bronchitis or Consumption, we will say we thoroughly believe tlicy can be cured. The treatment is not a patent medicine put up to sell to Tom, J)ick or Harry, but it is a scientilio treatment discovered after years of study by Drs, W. «. and M. L. Aniick, two of Cincinnati's lead- intf physiuians, and both for many years professors m the Cincinnati College of Medicine anil .Surgery. Anybody can obtain snfliciunt of the medicines to show they can bo cured through tlicir family doctor free ot charge, but the free medicines are sent only Uirouyh physicians." district are distraught over a light for the congressional nomination. Iu u letter resigning from Tammany, Congressman Dmiphy says it instigates ballot-box frauds. Ho implicates Uieli- ard Crokor. Chairman (Jowily of the Indiana i-o- jmbheiin ..•f)mmittoo ha.s issued a circular of instructions as to party oru-an- ixatiou. Democrats in convention at Musko- gon unliesitatingjy condemned the referee system of dealing out public patronage. According to the secretary of the -Vow Orleans exchange, increiise iti L-ottou over the year before was nearly u "0,i)00 bales. Not more than half a. iloxen men wore at the Danville opening of the Illinois Equal Suffrage association. Silver men iuUsiid to block appropriations and every other form oMegisla- tion to foreo a vote on Jilaml's bill. JJesolutioiis were introduced in tho house to investigate Judges lirowor Jiii't, Kicks. I'ardoo, Jiouttyund Dnndy. It is probable the government will (nuisfcr to some palriotic society tho care, of the Mutuo of liberty boucon light, H.V creatiiiK- an uii:iiitlioi-i:;od funil members of tho Ohio legiHlatnre are held tu bo acting illegally. 'I he "Cireator Now York" bill passed the legislature anil only awaits the governor's signature to become u .'law. Iowa legislators ai-o a^ain ut at San Francisco was destroyed with a loss of swoo.00.'); insurance, W7r,,000. COMMERCE AND FINANCE. bankers is improve- expected in iic»or<ling to over the temperance question, fooling tin- iHj.iuNsity, yet foarino- tograpplo it. Mr Heed's roci-nt .speech on tho larill 1 will probably bo soul, broadcast by tin: ro))ublican national ooinniittoo. Tho populi.sts iH-oposo making Kansas tho lighting ground thisyoar, whoro their batteries will bo eunountratod. Organi/.ors will awaken and roinstato tho IKI.OOO .lolinquont meiu- bors of tin- Karmers' Allianou in Kansas. ., ainonn- Chicago that the tide has turned and mcnt in busiuoss may be from now on. liank clearings at (Jhicago were $1~>.'•'>,mi: for the week,' .^.OSll.p?:;: de- crcasn crmpared with .same week last year, ;;l.-l. Failures throughout the country continue to show a decrease in number nrid relative importance, reports, Ka.-nino-.s of the Chicago .street railroad companies ure'1>egimiin# to show badly, and brokers expect further do- creaseK. At the various banks in Chieiigo it is .said that there is a slowly growing but pronounced demand for money. Chicago Masonic Templo association has at lust retired its floating debt, and begun lo accumulate a surplus. Money continues in iimplo supply, with no notable increase in tho domain! at the banks in Chicago. Comptroller of tho Currency Kokols tho financial condition ol' tho country as greatly improved. 1'M'ancis L. Logan, confessing t.o'ln-. ccndiar.y fire.s in different sections of tho country, is under arrest in Milwaukee. _John Callyhan. a farmer, near Ka- cJne, Wis.. vvas murdered by a trump who entered the house and 'demanded money. '/'. 'i'. White was convicted of hanging Sec-rotary .Morton in cfligy at Nebraska, City, Xeb. Jn a lonely Wichita. Kan., shanty the body of an unidentified man was'found. He had been murdered Two prisoners in jail at Mountain Homo, Ark., wore riddled with bullets by a mob that overpowered the guards. •Charles II.. Harlan shot and killed Charles F. Moore in a quarrel on a, ferryboat at Jefferson City, Mo. Cornell trustees have voted S.'.OO to be used in finding- the students responsible for the recent fatal hax-ing. William II. Hoadly of Lexington, Ky., distiller, confesses to forcing warehouse receipts. Ho has gone, to Mexico. Mrs. Anderson, Mountain Homo. Ark., accuses her husband and two others of the robbery and murder of •Jasper Newton. Charles Clark, a farmer, near Middlu- point, Ohio, was out to pieces with his own ax by Samuel Scitz. Matthew Johnson was executed by Sing Sing prison for tho murder, of Kmil Kuckclhorn. Mother Mtimk-lbaum, notorious the country over as a. shoplifter, died at Hamilton, Out., of a complication of diseases. FOREIGN, In the Cc.rmun reiehstiifr it WHS denied that (ho military members intended to resign, as reported recently. (Gladstone's final speech in tho English house of commons will be made the keynote in the coming campaign. Two members of tho American hunting parly were killed by wild beasts in _the Sierra. Mailre niountain.s, Mexioii. RAILROAD NEWS. Tl\o:mti-|)a.ssagrooint'iitof the western linos has boon dissolved by a unanimous vote of.the parties, thereto. Oklahoma populixls will send del«v K-ules to Coxey's unemployed army which is to imireh upon \,iiu.'tou .Viiiy I. ' l.'eholiilion for woman siiirrago amomlmontto (ho Iowa constitution WHS defeated in tho somite by :jc, to Judge Key. of the Federal district court of Tennessee, denies that lie will •ctiro. Me is 70 years old. cut, by';. the as was ox- I'rom tho as- go at St. Jujurk'K. -Moss then himself. went Jjo;iJc aia iyi» l-uriutr v'.*, Iowa. March :;. --«,'oorgo u .farmer living nt-ar l-'air- Ji»ild ID Jefferson county, while diV- :i xyell struck natural gu h , whijji gut with such force, us to compel l<> ubunilou the work. The in m::!;iu- him For IlaiiKlnt- Morton Iu NKHHASKA CITV, Nob., JJareh 3.— Scachria T. ^Vhito was arraigneil before Judge Chapman for sentence yesterday for hang-iuy J. Sterling Morton m olligy. Tho court imposed a fine of S:.'()u and ci»;ts. A motion for a uvw trial was overruled. White's attorneys then prepared papers fur appeal to the court. Wwii}' AnurcliixtH I'AKJS, ^Jurch o.— -The police show no signs of risjftxingr their activity against the auarclnMs, twenty six of wbonj were arrebtei RtLIGIOUS. ouis over an Mc.Muhon burn bis Trial of Father Phelari, St. L< ehargod with slandering Ilishop i-iim .if Lincoln, was postponed to .March 1:1. Public services <if the, stndonls volunteer eonventiou at Detroit attract, crowds which tho oiliirt-lie.s <-.-in not accommodate. . The \Voria-s \V. r. T. II. is p.-opar- niga loinperanee petition to bo pre- MMited t (1 aii the, rulers on earth. lioi-Ufonl, 111., i. s aim-mod anonymous letter to Fiithor threatening to blow up o, church. Catholics of St. l.onis 1U . U niu l;ii,..preparations to urgauixe an anti^ American Protective Assooiation league. A converted burglar and horse thief /resh Irom prison is carrying- on a suo- eeshful revival near Alton, 111. Jiishop Jionacum of Lincoln has ex- •onimunicatod Father Corbett, the No- braslca priest who Mied him fur libel. Kov Wallis, Sagimiw, Mich., Cou- /, called ]),-. ^Vasliburne, Methodist, a coward iu the pulpit. The tiSul of cx-iU-icM MueXuuwa ut ussueia- Southern ratOH .. were Louisville ,<-. Nnshville, pooled by its withdrawal .sooiu.tion. Contract for the now hri.. n . „. Paul, -Minn., lias boon lot by interested liuo.s to a St. Louis firm. Reading receivers will probably issue Sfc-MJuo.oiJO coal bonds <„, the strength of a special master's report lo tho court. Orders have boon issued to the Erie to hold common freight, trains at. terminals over Sunday. About .-s.HOO men will rest. Talk of building the ,,|d Superior An- Lino by tho Canadian Pacific for u Cliiouyo line i.s revived. '.Judge Maker decided tho L;iko Krio must receive and forward cars between a Muiicio factory and UK, l!j,,. ],-„„,. yards. Louisville vt Nnshville and t'hatta- noos-u A st. Louis have withdrawn irom the .Southern IJailway tion. Ifpon applieation of the Evan.svillo * Torro Haute, a receiver has boon appointed for the Richmond feeder. OillciUs of Chicago linos have decided to pay no further attention to tho interstate commerce law. A suit has boon tiled at Kvansville, Intl., which is rcfrurdotl as initial to a receivership for Kvaiibville und Kicli- mond. Effects of tho Adams Express were shipped from Milwaukee to Chicago, the company yoin-j- out of business there. , Judges Culdwell and Sunborn have ordered :t conference to be hold at Omaha., to adjust Union Pacific wages. Otiieials of other liuo.s are laboHn.'- with the Louisville and Nashville to keep it in tho Southern Association. Judge (Jrosscup dismissed the rule committing railway mon for contempt Hi refusing to give testimony. To tost the personal liberty law labor Headers ut Minneapolis" Imve sworn out warrants for Soorailwav oilieials. ' From March ] rates' to all California viu, ull lines will be less by political intrigue associated with he Franco-Russian alliance involving 'orsous of prominence is a i'aris sen" iiisurg A tin I" MI tion. Interest in Mru/.il is eoiilered in presidential election, throwing the shailo the warfare of th on Is. President Poixoto's Hoot is still ut Hahia. The rebel warship Tamnndre is preparing to jiul, to .sea. Ji'iissiims and (.'ormatis are reported to have fought, a battle on the frontier, i" which .several were killed. Humors of tho retirement of Mr. (•'hulstone from oflico are being renewed anil are agitating in England. Irishmen in Cork are stirred up by a visit of John Morley. They want action on their amnesty demands. II.V a vote of -Hi;-, to :.' M. Wilson's election was invalidated by the French chamber of deputies at J'n'ris. Count von Mirbaoh attacked from Sampson llibbert at Beaver- Falls, Pa, Mary C. fWvis of Emporift, ICan., hn* been dfVorcetl from John- Davis n seii* ond time. Four dogs at Yankton, S; B., have had hydrophobia, and a wholesale, slaughter of canines has been ordered. (•ov. McKinley will speak at the mooting of the Minnesota League of republican clubs in Minneapolis March 28. Emma Seiglcr was awarded a verdict of $800 against the Hig..IAv,ir ,,iilro.-Mi 'or the killing of her husband at I'r.', janu. Ohio. Pennsylvania's World's Fair business is been closed up and $100 of the 3300,00.') appropriation returned to the tale treasury. Sarah Steel, 11 years phi, sued the Citizens' (ias company of Anderson. Ind., for .110,000 damages for injuries received in an explosion. ' The property of the .Southern Iowa company, including furnaces in Tennessee, has been 'sold under • foreclosure, and the concern will be reorganized. Michigan tax title sharks have been Set back by the Supreme.court finding 1 that such sales are invalid. Judge Willis. St. Paul, decided (hat, newspapers taking,sides in a case 'on trial was contempt of court. Jlev. John T. Kcllain of Norwalk, Ohio, ono of the oldest .'.Methodist preachers in that state, has become insane. " .- " . • .' • The city council of Tiffin, Ohio, has been enjoined from letting a ten year contract for lighting the streets. Kd Lowtlier of Cadillac, Mich., was found dead in a lumber camp. A blood vessel iuui burst as the result of an old injury. The Missouri Supreme court has sustained the law making it a felony for a bank officer'to receive deposits when the bank is failing. The bodies of two children drowned lit Massillon, Ohio, have been recovered. That of Fred Cego's 11-year-old daughter is still missing. Dubmrue, Iowa, will offer a handsome bonus.-provided'.-the Chicago i Sugar JJefining company's plant is removed from Rochester, N. V., to Dubuque, Isaac Wrench, a Reatty, Ohio, glassworker, is looking for his wife and SI.', which ho gave her to settle a grocery bill. The woman loaves three small children. (iov. McKinley has pardoned Enoch Voung. who was serving a life sen- tcnce for murdering Isaac Uensley in JS80. The pardon was secured by Voting's daughter. There are. IliO cases at the smallpox hospital, Chicago. It may bo nece.s- sary to quarantine new cases ut pa- tieuts' homes. A. W. Lawrence, Hutchinson, drowned himself near Emporia. Kdward Briggs was found dead in his room in a Oilvenport, Iowa, hotel. Lukas Bocrrichter was instantly killed while cutting wood near Hoi- hind. -Mich. A falling treestruck him. Attack-oil by two negroes, Mrs. Lena Bohrens.laid.both of them out with ;i, spado, nearly killing one, at Berlin J exas. Julius I). Mc.N'anmra, Newark, Ohio, compromised his .•?:.'!,000 suit for taxes by paying Treasurer Miller :$U0,000, The receipts of gold at the Denver mint for this mouth will bo about S:.'18,000, breaking the record by several thousand. ' , Officer Timothy O'Connor of Chicago single-handed, caught five bur»-lars Kan., up at the Deoriny and locked them street station. Friends of the movement for ue"To I emigration to Africa will hold a. stutv into j convention in Birmingham -March :.'l. Ala. Kusso-Cermai] tho reicbstag. jjected to pass. the commercial treaty in Tho measure is ex- MISCELLANEOUS NEWS. Mrs. McDonald, widow of Hie Indiana senator.husNued lii.s law partner, John M. lUitler, for money withheld. Cirape growers of Ohio have formed a. ••eombine," alleging as the business is now conducted there is no profit. Kaunas farmers .secured ¥»7,0(10 dam- :ig-es at Emporia against llox.ior liros. for briiiK-i»K- Texas fovcr amon},' their cattle. Natural arc b<>ing eirculated in Colorado for the silver states to secede and join the Republic of Mexico. .. John W. Puncher, who disappeared from Columbus, Ohio, twenty-four years ago, has boon found in Colorado. Mrs. llillman, Topo.ka, wants the New York and Mutual Life charters revoked unless they pay her husband's insurance policy. Ceil. .Miles is to be transferred to Now York to Jill tins vacancy caused by Hen. Howard's retirement. An infuriated Newfoundland do- frightfully laoera-ted the 4-year-old son of Police Lieutenant.OHl'ara, at Chi. eago. The child may die. Mayor Hopkins vetoed the ordinance giving Carroll avenue to a railroad ami the council .sustained him thereic. MARKET REPORTS. mrge as has Loon-found in quantities near Fail-Held, Iowa. An unknown Finnish woman was found frozen to death by hunters near Oskar, Mich. Frank Myrthon, u janitor in the KocUford schools, has been discharged, because he was too familiar with young- girls. At, McComb, Ohio, a Nickel 1'lu.te train was stopped while the crow tried to save, the life of a woman whose clothing- was afire. By u change in the Missouri's channel the big draw at Omaha is mm- over u sandbar. Navigation is blocked. Four barrels of honey wore taken from a. boo tree by (Juy '.Man- near Ba- roJa, Mich. As much more was wasted. Residents of Beutou Harbor, Mich.. were startled by a rumbling noise and a .shaking- of the ground which lasted a minute.- itert .Vcheller won a wrestling match CHICAGO. <?AT'n,r.—Common tu prime... UC«;H— Sliijipinp grailus S UK Hi-—Kali- to choice ... WIIKAT—No. :: roil l'.'OKN—No. '.' OATS-NO. :.' .........'.. HIJTTKK—C'lioict! t-reamei-y PuTATOKS-.-t'cr lJU AI.\l?i - * I 35 Sll @ 5 10 @ 5 W) •» fe -15 ' M Kvu-.Vo. I.' i)7 CHUN—No. :.'while -|-[ OATS--NO. a wJiiie .......'. ;y. ST. LOUIS. tt ; ATTI - 13 1200 Hcus -17) W n BAT-NO. ^ Keil .'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Ooi(A'-Nu. y OATS-NU. i ''..'.'!.'.'.'.".'.'" -MIJ-U'AUICEi;. WHEAT—No. 2 COH5i-No.3 ',, OATS-NO.'J White on,, liAUI.EV—NO. i . .. " ' JtVB—-\0 I '.". " KANSAS Cl'i'y. I??. 31 to 81'. •JS ,, \ C'ATTI.K ...... Huns ........ .SllKKl- ...... WHEAT— Nf. COKN— No. -.>. lUTS--\Vl)ill! I 30 NK\V llecl VO«K. @ -I S.I 4B -I Si III- -J 5') BU 4! — No. e 13 a -M .1 /• •' >'** ' f T - ' * *° ' - ' J^iidtU-,. l£w»t.".. .rjftk,flE.,".U- J a*A,'?i a © <£» 3(3

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