Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 5, 1946 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 5, 1946
Page 7
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8]^tki tfeoip^t. k<pnU<<uLwi,4e{ *M.«\ --- U, V-•£<. '"" J '- ssSpSssrefasEBwai!! ~™ "'.T ~~.r."rrn^rff» «"»,»•=*!»»«"•'>»» w -,i-- *• >«-- v~^iaas."s BwimmwMmSllMu'- ,..»«««- _»*.«!....»«-.* _«.~u*.»u~»> »»•«••••«««•»*»*•«.w HOPE S T A ft, H 6 P E, ARKANSAS CLASSIFIED Ad» Must Be la Office Day Before Publication "Number of One Three Six_ One<*Words Up t« 15... 16 to 20 .. 21 to 25 ... 2tt to 30 .. 31 to 35 36 to 40 . 41 to 45 48 to 50 Rites Day Days Days Month 43 .90 1.50 4.50 .GO 1.20 2.00 -6.0& 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 .75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.33 1.50 -are for Continuous Insertions Oiily m AH Want Ads Cash in Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone 12.00. 13.50 15.00 Real Estate for Sale Help Wonted FOSTER-ELLIS FIVE-ROOM HOUSE, NEWLY ' painted, papered, insulated, landscaped, 75-foot frontage. 121 East 14th street. Can be bought on GI loan, 15 years to pay at tour percent interest. No down payment required. Possession now TFIVE-ROOM HOUSE. GOOD CON I dition, West 13th street. STEADY RELIABLE WAITRESS to work in. cafe. Experience ^unnecessary. Inquire at Loe s (..afe • or Phone 222. "'•" Lost or Stolen 'POINTER MALE BIRD DOG, "" white with brown head. Hoot or ••tartbacR: Tag S94496. Return to 311 East 5th St. Hope. Reward. Jj*oV Taken Up FOUR-ROOM HOUSE NEWLY papered. 807 Foster Avenue. MONEY-MAKER: THREE-UNIT apartment, bringing $90 pel- month. Price slashed, 404 West Ave G. Three extra lots. barn. Fair Enough By Weitbrook Pegler Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. New York, Sept. 5 —The daily worker, the voice of the international communist conspiracy, has justified the murder of five unarmed American Army flyers by Joseph Broil, the Croatian Communist. known as Marshal Tito . In a Washington dispatch, published on Aug. 21, under the head: "Yugoslav Crisis was made in U S. A.' 'The worker said: "The U S. State Department ignored re peated Jugoslav complaints con cerning unauthorized flights ovei Yugoslav territory until two o those planes were shot down .This fact, which sheds new light on who c./-.TTrpiLT IWATMTTT cToirvT nTTV is responsible for the growing ten SOUTH WALNUT STREET DUX- . between the U. S. and Yugo ocks from business* ™™*«" " -'-'" TAKEN UP. BLUE MULE, weight about 750, II. miles south •- on highway 29. Owner- pay for ad ~ - upkeep. B. A. Clark. ,4-3t For Sale plex. two blocks from business . area.' Price reduced. NEW TWO-ROOMS AND BATH. 60 by 210'foot lot. sro.all but nice. P6asessien ir. 30 diys. THR'ES ROOMS AND BATH. lay. 150 foot lot,, modern throughout. DUPLEX 'APARTMENT, BRING- ing. S60 per month, can be bought on GI loan. FOUR-ROOM. HOUSE ON OLD ~LESPEDEZA-'"HAY, COc ' bale'at barn. "West Bros. Hope, '• Rt. 3. ' . ' 30 ' 8t was worker today—" bv the dail The American planes were flying on peaceful errands over a country which, by decision of the late President Roosevelt, was delivered from captivity under Hitler to captivity under Stalin. In submission to the Communist Conspiracy, directed from Moscow, the United Stales had abandoed General Drazha Mikhailovich, the commander of the Chetinks, who ihad set up thc original counter-at— — . , • --- -- ••<' -»-» • i i i i i mw out '•'I-' mv- \JLI^IIHH L,uki^ihwi «>-, * Fulton road, near Paisley school. | tnck at , a inst the Nazis. Because Newly painted. Make us an olfcr. .'Mikhaifovich was not less hostile 4(1 ' to thc rcd terror than to Hitler's CANDY CASE, SHOWCASE, TOT" 1 bacco case, all glass, two store "counters, small cash register. A. .* D. Middlebfooks, Jr. at 1120. South; • - Main or call 607. - 3-3t 1000 DOZ. FISH BAIT ON SPG ' highway. 2% miles nortli of Hope • on Douglas fajrn. . 3-3t ' 80 ACRE FARM, GOOD-HOUSE, " barn, Weal for stock. 31 acres in t'cultivation. Good land, electricity, ' 2 miles west o£ Ernmet, old 67. /t highway, adjoining C. P. ArnolA farm. 3-3t 1939 MODEL A FORD ROADSTER,. a Good" tires, good motor, new paint -' job. Bob Magness, Emrnqt, Ark. w . - . 3-3t 1935 PLYMOUTH AND MODEL A Ford. See. Herbert' v/hitten-,: 765 '•West Division, Hope. 4-3t ONE OIL CIRCULATING HEATER : good as'new. Joe D: Brown, ' Phone 24.-W-3. : 4-3t 100 ACRE FARM ON OLD CAM»den and Doolie's'Fairy road be• tweon Brock man's store anc /Willisville. 55 acres in culliva ition. Plenty water. 2 good houses 'pasture, barn. S. M. Martin, Ross- Cton Rt. 2. --v. 5-lt iTHREE ROOM HOUSE WITH .-bath, on South Washington neai t-^-n i t n^. T}»!n A tfri osn FIovC .5-6 '> Basket Co. Price $2,250. iPorterfield., For Rent BEDROOM. ADJOINING hath, working girl or man pre ferred. Mrs. Geo. Sandefur Phone '122-W. Wanted to Rent M, Mi. 'FARM acres and up. see =nS[IS,S^S Bolshevism, the communists . Moscow and the United States lection to meet your desire. • FOSTER-ELLIS 108 East Second Phone 221 -•;•'• s-3t Lost ,N ARCH SCREEN 'DOOR BE- tween Hope & Waldo via Rosston. . by the aid of American soldiers, Tito ultimately became Josef Sta- Bums'Chances Slim as Cards Hold Margin By WALT BY EPS New York. Sept. 5 — (UP) —The big guy took a long time getting here, but George Hunger finally arrived today. ..And as Manager Eddie Dyer of the Cardinals said, if there Is any one player who can bring the National League pennant to St. Louis this year it is the fast-balling righthander . from Houston, Tex. Dyer has been babying Big George along ever since he go out 'of the army two weeks ago First the tall Texas was Riven relief pitching job- against the Dodgers, Aug. 25th; then anothe relief job against the Giants threi days later, Dyer finally started him last Sunday, only Hunger— one of the Cardinals' brighles prospects in 1944 — wasn't ready and the Pirats knocked him ou in the sixth inning. But with southpaw ace Howl Pollet in bed because of a fever Dyer called on Hunger last nigh in a crucial spot. And he potire his fast stuff across the plate fo the full nine innings to cool off ih hot Chicago Cubs, 8 to 1, .and. kee the Redbirds two. games ahead o the second-place Dodgers who de feated Boston, 3 to 1. The ball looked as if it were streaking out of the sky as Hunger stretched his full six feet, two inches before whistling It past tht Cubs with .the same stuff ho had in 1944 when he ran up 11 victories and the lowest earned run average in the league, .1.34, before going into the service. With Joe Halten pitching eight- The Lady And The fish ,.• v "" . . .. , .— -v \ wun out; ricuiea UIIWMIII& cie»n.- lins governor and subdictator He hit ball the Dodgers meanwhile had studied Bolshevik treachery sounde d. a warning note when they as a science in .Russia and h a d de f ea { e d Boston for their. 13th vic- soldiered \vith the Communists in t ; n 1} garne s with the Braves Qnntn ' I . , i..i. ;tt i_.. *U., Spain. Howard Fast, a writer for many Communist publications, published a booklet in 1944, called "The Incredible Tito," .in which .he boasted that the money to finance Tito's Bobcats Slarl Scrimmage in Daily Sessions Coaches Dildy and 'folk-It broke 1 loose with u full-styile scrimniitgc yi-slotday ufternoon and fame out I of the "head'-bustiniC' with a number one pioblem; the team needs much more condilioniiiK. Niiturally it is hard to condition a team with only :i few days practice but it is easy to pick out the joys not in shape followiiiK u rough scnmmage session, Also practices luve had to be shortened in the afternoon due to a blazing sun the past two days. However, the boys looUocl exceptionally well following only a half a week of practice. The offensive clicked for long gains with Rogers. Wells, and Bell alternating in lu«- Kin;,' the pigskin. Sulton and Bear- e'en, a couple of lightweights, showed • up best for the "second backtiekl." Tfuirscloy, September 3/1946 The line probably will give' the mentnis their worst trouble as ton mnnv position I nek experienced '•mbslitules It will be n rough bin tic tor starting lm« positions and the ones gelling in condition first, will have an edge on other candidiites. Alromlv local funs fan K fair idea" of how the team is I. lo shape up. Spirit Is hiiih .and the boys are working hard. Pruclices are held twice daily. The man lied to his wife's apron string's-is lucky, these clays, lo have :i wife who will wear apron. It takes only two days for morrow i.o be yesterday. government' bonds now. It was a case of a beauty for a beauty when attractive Penny Hull of Venice, Fla., landed this 46-pound tarpon in Cult oi Mexico. Fish was entered in Sarasota County's International Tarpon tournament. Have Your Discharge Copied for Furlough etc. 24 HO.UR SERVICE Shipley Studio 220 So. Walnut Hope, Ark. ALLGI's Interested in FLIGHT TRAINING Contact Vet Office or B. L. RcHig at the airport • Flight Instructions • Rides o Charter Trips HOPE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT Agent for SCAT Airline I against whom they will plav the remainder of their four road i games. The overworked arches of Eddie Stanky plaved a vital role ?n ihe •rff i i, r\-rt ^t •) i-x • Cll II 111 L LllU 11IU1IC J LUJ.IlUIIi.C A 1 l.i_f O If found, call 2o6 or Cecil Dennis rctul . n to JugoslaJyia was provided » '"• bv 't'np inirit nnti-fascist refueee Yesterday's Stars By the Associated Press George Munger, Cardinals — summoned as a last or the ailing' Howie minute Pollett, sub hu gained his initial victory of the season with a 8-1 six-hit performance over the Cubs. Andy Seminick. Phils— bit two lome runs, to pa^» Phils to a 6-5 ictory over the Giants. Pete Suder. athletics— singled in Barney McCosky with, the winning •un in A" s" 4-3 ' win over the Y,m- <eess. Ed Stanky, Dodgers — his two .yalks wece instrumental in 3-1 vie- wy over the Braves. Chet Laabs, Browns — drove in all St. Louis runs with two homers and a single in 5-1 victory over by 'the joint anti-fascist refugee committee of the United States. Some Americans who contributed money and prestige to this committee may have believed that they were guilty of no more sinister act than the name of the committee implied. Some Americans pictured refugees as gaunt and hunted Jews in flight from Hitler, and the communists here again, as in many past performances, exploited with. ruthless cynicism the humane instincts oi' gullible victims. Innogenlly or knowingly, those Dodger rallies. He got a base on balls in the third, later scoring on I Joe Medwick's line single to tie the score at one-all. An error by Johnny Hopp, Stanky's walk and Pee Wee .Reese's single gave xhe Dodgers what proved to be the winning run in the fifth. SPORTS -If lush 1 RsJtetca. Jr. New ork, Sept. 5—(/P)—It you're i okina for a 'dark horse' in the | gled looking with George Von Elm in i i . _ •.. „. • - . National Amateur golf champion-' other overtime match, winning ship next week, how about i;'red Kammer ally of Detroit?....Fred virtu- up on the Baltusrol who gave money to the joint anti-i m j^ wo times at bat. 17th and the Bosox* 95th. Boston eot onlv seven hits off Sid Hud~ iif&^rss.Ms s^w-Wi-M llegcd to have vlth German and the White Sox. Hal Newhouser. Tigers Tanned "FURNISHED APARTMENT FOB lt working girls. Phone 8. 3-31 UNFURNISHED APARTMENT OR house for couple. Mrs. G. C. i Clark. Phone 795-W. or Miss. ...Clark at 328. 5-3t nine in pitching his 24th win over the Indians, 4-1. Dom Dimaggio, Red Sox — singled 1 in wmnina run in 4-3 triumph over the Senators. Joe,Beggs. Reds — relieved Bucy Walters in the second inning and blanked the Pirates 6-0. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press fascist regugee committee d i d finance the rise of Tito against the Patriot. Mikhailovich. Mikhailovich ound himself fighting both the and Tito's partisans and was "collaborated" Italian officers n thc later stages of his resistance n order to obtain weapons for the ight against Moscow. This may lave been true because, by that ime Stalin, through Tito, had become a more dangerous enemy of fugoslavia than Hitler and Musso- ini. A few weeks ago notwithstand- .ng the fact that he had rescued many American flyers who fell into Jugoslavia fighting the Nazis, and STOP AND CHAT ' with MOLLY and BILL Famous for STEAKS and CHOPS Overstuffed Cheeseburgers ond Yum-Yum FOOT LONG HOT DOGS with Chilli "CURB SERVICE" — 720 West Third — DE LUXE CAFE Cardiff, Wales 134 3-4, Trenton, Iko Williams. N. J.. knocker: out Ronnie James, 143 14, Cardiff (9). Bufalo, N. Y. — Willie Pen. 113 1-2. Hartford, Conn., stoppod Waltei Kolby,.13!i 14, Blasclell. N. Y., (5 , Providence, R. I. — Tony Costn 120 1-2, Woonsocket. R. I., ou 'pointed Charley Noel, 129 1-4 Brooklyn, (10). By United Press New York (Ebbets Field i— Her bie Kronowitz, 159, New York, out pointed Rapids, Pete Mead, Mich., (10. 157, Grand I open .. .. . . . o .. , ., ,„ H.il Nimuhniiscr ' the same year, and intercollegiate >~* "°2s>!«?£ ?r&SrBf»?'=';i£'":,nt: season — tying Boo Ferris of the Red Sox for top winning honors —with a 4 to 1 victory over Cleveland in the only day game. Backed by a 13-hit attack, Newhouser allowed the Indians six hits as the lege champ eur in previous years, but not in the same season. lotwithstanding his cooperation with the record of Americans and British. Mikhailovich w a s "tried" by Tito's Bolshevik regime and shot as a patriotic enemy o£ his traitorous countryman, Tito. The United Suites would not or could not save Mikhailovich from the firing squad of the dictator who, a short time later, shot down five friendly American aviators on a harmless errand who had lost their way .Here was a historic desertion of a friend by the American Government. Fast, who wrote "The Incredible Tito," is the author of historical distortion done in the form of a novel, paraphrasing the life John Peter Altgeld, once governor of Illinois. Altgeld was a radical in his time but no unmitigated hero, two games of the second-place Yankees who lost a night game vo the Philadelphia Athletics, •! to :l. Phil Marchildon struck out eight of the Yanks and allowed only iour hits for his 12th triumph of ihe campaign. At Chicago, Rookie Clifl Fannin held the White Sox to six hits and Chet Laabs batted in all of St. Loui's runs with two homers and a single to give the Browns a G vo 1 victory. Bucky Walters pitched one inning at Cincinnati and the retired with a sore arm, but Joe Beggs hurled the remaining eight to give the Reds a G lo 0 victory over the Pirates as tick Strincevich suffered his 12th setback of the cam paign. . . The Phillies worked six nits the limit' at the Polo Grounds here as two homers by Andy Seinimek and another by Del Ennis defeated the Giants, G to 5. White Plains NY— Tommv' Mrs - Eleanor Roosevelt praised Mara, 150, White'Plains, stopped the book, apparently in ignorance Al Seidman, (3). 154, Scranton, Pa., For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone . 413 Night Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BERWICK'S Electric Service 114 E, Third St. Hope, Ark, FOR—Dependable and Quick • PLUMBING SERVICE • PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too Sman • ANDERSON BROS. • , to birdie three on thc 2!!lh....That was enough; Joss Sweclser knocked him out in the third round. One Minute Sports Page The 'struggling' All America football conference clubs have played lo 129.000 fans in six preseason exhibition games, which looks pretty good tor the regular season opening Friday...and nui.y- and amateur championships I he it isn't Hist a coincidence Ihul " ' Ihe Giants-Lions (National League) exhibition was scheduled lor Friday in Buffalo, where the Bisons (A. A. C;i open their regular sea son against Brooklyn Sunday...as bandleader Kay Kyser, part owner of the Rocky Mount, N. C. club said when Pitcher Bill Kennedy broke the record w-ith his 429th strikeout: Must let Bob Hone snv something about Bob Feller." Cleveland Bob never did anything to match Tony. Napules, 21-year-old Cuban, who won.20 games and lost none for Peekskill, N. Y., in the North Atlantic League this season. Tony racked up his 19th and 20th victories by pitching a double GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING Batteries Recharged Shop Equipment is no better than the map that uses it. For Your Repair Work, sec HOMER COBB HighWay 67 Phone 57 No Overtime Pay Another amateur title contender is Maurice McCarthy, who set an endurance record of some sort in ,90 at 3 Merlon, Pa. . .in the quali- :ying round, McCarthy had to make a hole-in-one on the 3. r >th to tie for Ihe last spot in mutch play and he did it. The next morning he waded through u playoff with the other guys who had lied and then went 19 holes to eliminate Watts Gunn ..in the afternoon Maurice tan- header on Labor Day. NOTICE PICTURES FRAMED NICE SELECTION OF NEW MOULDINGS CLYDE FRITZ PHone 399 AVENUE B GROCERY of both Altgeld's real story but aware of Fast's political background. Louis Adamic, a naturalized immigrant from Jugoslavia, mentioned forty times in the official ..report of thc Dies committee on un-American activities, revealed himself as an intellectual but distinctly non-combatant Partisan ot Tito in his new dodger entitled "Dinner At the White House." The Roosevelts were entertaining Winston Churchill on an offi- Icial war mission and, \yith the curious courtesy for which they were noted, confronted him at din ner with this propagandist whose policies have thrown him into the companv of the Communists in the United States. Adamic, in common with the Communists, opposed the British plan to take the Balkan rout to Germany in the invasion of Europe, a course which Churchill designed to frustrate Stalin's program of Imperial domination REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R Pennant Goes to Crackers for 12th Time By The Associated Press For the 12th time in 46 years, ihe Atlanta Crackers were champions of the Southern Association Baseball Scores Southern Association Atlanta 4; New Orleans 3. Nashville 6; Little Rock (). Memphis S; Chattanooga 4. Mobile 3-5; Birmingham 2-2. National League Brooklyn 3; Boston 1. St. Louis 8: Chicago 1. v Cincinnati G; Pittsburgh n. Philadelphia G; New York 5. American League Detroit 4; Cleveland 1. Boston 4; Washington 2. Philadelphia I: New York 3. St. Louis 5; Chicago 1. o —• California's famous Ml. Wilson has been offered for sale for $425. 000—a swell opportunity for some: body who wants to gel up in the" world. Job Printing, Office Supplies and School Supplies Will have complete line of printed Christinas Cards Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co. NOTICE Tilt-Ray Venetian Blind Co. 1123 County Ave. Texarkana, Arkansas WE • CLEAN 'EM • REPAIR 'EM • PAINT 'EM • ADJUST 'EM . • RE-CORD 'EM • RE-TAPE 'EM Manufacturers of New Custom- Made Metal Venetian Blinds FREE ESTIMATE, PICK-UP, DELIVERY, INSTALLING Roosevelt Adamic's heir vvay. was persuaded and fellow travelers won Get Ready FOR FALL By having your winter garments cleaned and pressed. v We Pick Up ond Deliver "Plenty of Parking Space' Cleaners HALL'S Hatter* JQ8 N. FtffVKH Phonf76 The five young Americans died for that policy, possibly only the today. Repealing their 1945 triumph, the Crackers clinched the pennant last night with a 4-3 win over New Orleans which eliminated any possibility of their being overtaken oy the second-place Memphis Chicks. The Chicks, although beating Chattanooga 5-4, remained five games behind the leaders with only four left to play. The Lookouts assured themselves of no worse than a third-place tie in the i'inal lineup. The season ends Sunday and the first games of ihe Shaughnessy layoff will start next Tuesday, ^ince fourth place in vhe standings still is undecided, opponents :Jor ihe playoffs nave not yet been determined. The Mobile Bears climbed ;nto fifth place last night with a double win over the Birmingham Barons, BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone 259 Hope, Ark. "Complete service for your car" MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION Now Open 24 Hours Daily 3rd <£. Laural Phone 303 Howard Lamb, Owner LAWNMOWERS Repaired and Sharpened. 30 Years Experience I specialize in Repairs and Sharpening M. C. BRUCE Phone 1107-J So. Main St. COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs Phone 382-J 1023 South Main St. western civilization. At any rate, they were slaughtered without a chance to Tight when they lost (.heir vay and flew over Jugoslavia. The enemy who killed them, instead of guiding them to a safe landing according to custom among friendly nations, was Marshal Tito, the hero of Howard Fast and Louis Adamic. Incidentally, Adamic ad- mils that he refused an invitation lo figlit for the United States when, invasion of the Balkans was being, considered. But, like Charlie Chaplin he fearlessly denounced Hitler and shook his fist at him. New Orleans, and half a game ahead of Nashville's Vols who blanked Little Rock 3-0. Russ Meyer marked up his !3lh win of the campaign in holding the Travelers to six hits. Ted Pawelek smasned his 14th homer vo go into a tie with Atlanta's Babe Ellis for the league lead, and Joe 'otring- fellow belted his 10th circuit blow. The Crackers' pennant-clinching victory was not assured until the ninth inning when they put on a three-run rally to nose out the Pels. Up to then Jesse Danm, although "touched for 13 nits, held Atlanta to one :-un. In "Dinner At the White House," held Atlanta to one :-un. Ac "mic writes that Mrs. Roose- Pii.chhilters Hamner and Libs vPli's secretary .Miss Thompson, opened the Crackers :.mal -rame V V 1 . b , . *r, ' ...!.„ ,...:.:,.;.,„,] I with «inplps Oearharl advanced had Ellis said that people who criticized Mrs. Roosevelt "simply don t Know what they're talking about. Westbrook Pegler. for instance." ••I said it was too bad Pegler had stopped writing about sports," Adamic wrote. Browne,' Bluff, Scalise, Fay, Bove Gailmore, Morgenthau, IU- liott and Jimmy Roosevelt and ihe Communist traitors of a . dozen unions will concur in Adamic s regret. The man who brags about how much sense he has n*sn.'t any to brag about. YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For belter work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too — ALL WORK GUARANTEED One day service fa town — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere Bargain* In Secondhand Furniture Phone 152 411 S. Ha k el with singles. Gearharl them with a sacrifice and Ham- icr scored on an infield out. Cieslak got his lourth hit \o score Ellis and crossed the plate' himself on Relief Pitcher Shola's wild throw to first of Bales' bunt. Tonight's games: Mobile at Atlanta New Orleans at Birmingham Little Ruck' at Chattanooga Memphis at Nashville. Q-. . Take Care of Your Teeth— advertisement. Yeah—brush 'em every day, and never call a man who can lick you a liar! 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NOT WHEN I'VE JUST COME DOWN TOR A FRIENOIV LITTLE CHAT/ LET ME COME \ OUT, YORK (I'M I CHILLES.' J WHAT DID N" TELL THAT DETECTIVE, FlINT, NIGHT, MI5- SOMETHIMG / ABOUT ME, / PERHAPS ? NO, YORK / I TOLD HIM NOTHING,' HOW.COULD I? DEAR MISTHAt WHILE I HAVE A • WASH TUBES By Leslie Turner CA.PT.MN EftSV'.'pO SOU ] WHS' -ER- JAEIA3ER fAE 3 } VOUP- FACE ON OKINAWA,. /OF COURS2 AXE LOVWO. Y GLfcD'-TO PIPN'T THE VEOPL6 I HAVE RETURN \.SEE'WAKE .WHO.ABA,Nt>ONE.P ...I HES.tHEY.EUlLT THE GROUND V. YOU'RE CREW ON WA302.V... ARE... BIB TUCKER'S FROM SCHOOL AVSO TO FIND AUC.IEUT CHICORRO.:/.A PUEBU) BUT— /' FOR, A VISIT IN /SOIWONE; WHO CENTURIES AGO 1 - /HERE IAS V1UUGE I/CAN ANSWER MOVE TO : TWS •/•NOW...AND THEIAST V * rtvj mutSUUN: ABOUT THIS REGION. WAS MJRIJEREO WERE TWO SEARS AGO"! DONALD DUCK ;.','By •.,y/ait ii ,piJ?p'gY'-''i "Let this he u lesson lo you, Honacssy—NKVI'IH {<ive_a bullet daa'ccr :t hoi-fool!'"' "Inslcnd of f>om«« jiround having fun exploding'sitonis, '.* wlivdon'l Ilio scii'iilists produce- .some \vliiti> sliirls? Dad hasn't uot one J'or an- to burnnv!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberaer LISTEN, DOGFACE---! DEMAND , LOOK-HERE, RUS1Y-- r UAT IO> Mlf-k^ IM (V^PorLJAMnlcitr / / wr-g I iA/rikl /-\^lf \j YOU WON ONLY BECAUSE YOU HAW - 15- COUNTED THE CUSTONV CHEESE-ir\ PAIR OF BINOCULARS/ ;.. t ', *.Bjr CqrJ.Aijtldrsbn CARL_ H-MM-HENRY'S 'WALKING INHfS SLEEP AGAIN/ YES ---HE KEPT TRACK OF THE PEOPLE WHO WELL, HE WON IT LEGALLY/- — THERE'S THE MERCHANDISE, TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.' r" I.', *rr 'CPU. I9« 8Y Hf* ilUVICt, ,..c. T. M. R "We linvc no gnrafic, and. George says the car is worll; , " POPEYE . more than the furniture! ALLEY OOP By V. T: Hamlin HE SURE GOT fOOOo! \ BACK IN A\OO, KNOCKED tOU I MV HEAD.' ALOOP--3UT \ WHERE I BUT WU -4 VE'S COMIM'^tAA( I?./SHOULDN'T HA\5? AROUND IBBBhfW?—r<T GONE INTO THE OUNG.,.1 ALON5 5UT I WASN'T ALC!.. OOOL!\ VVA3 WITH M AND, MISTER OOP, I POJND IT.' IT.' Thimble Theater ULia, SHE ,.—/NAILED YOU... BUZZED...THEN. ) V AND NOW BANG! THE ^S 7 OOOLA'S <1 •>tJ 'TIS ONLY AN ILL VW.'D SLOWING VOLJR MAJESTY NO GOOD HOPED IT WAS POPEVE .'/ Ib A\AVS£ T8E~ AMNEEAL, i^fc-v ^w.. . i n& .-- / ^st^'Wi.^ J LIGHTS / ) \SON6.' WENT OUT.' >// *"7>^- /- ' <^ •Hl/VA A MAP <?F THIS PLACE IN A BOTTLE '.I. KIN SLAM A PALACE POOR ) IT'S INHORRPITLE By Edgar Martin;;';; " 1 DOV)K>R\C-,w; OV.' \_\\<t TH' PI2OF COSMKl LOOSt W TK THVSOVi ftSiOTKtR R.OFSO SLOCK T Tt-V OTrttR tMD Of TW ' DOKi'T rtlPIt I'M,. KIM. Ft * II HCS M M.I. , I I' lii. »..*.!!• 1:11 "VOOT OUT Tft Vl> "VWb BLOCK ! OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willionn OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople / /^'li''',' ''v- l / TMM'S AM / I'LL TAKE TH' ' /VOU'RE AFNE-1 :• NS SELL DOCTOR^ BOTTLE* jkSAKe/ WHEN DlD VOELL \> L-OOHLS Al PEOPLE STA.C.T _"-\ / Al.L RICHT, --^~' ( TLIRM OUT A AWFUL WAV MIDDLEMAN! -TO SHOP-- S SO WILL MV BUT IT DOES K.., WIFE, J. ELIMINATE /. THINK..' WORM, AGUe, COLD OF-me APPENDIX VMR\N3KLES OR DISUOCA.TED RED RYDER : SH£ 15 /A) ALICZ KORPBX: GOZ5 A&OL17 HER By Fred Harmon against every type of loss Do you act n dividend on your fire insurance? Each viar our companies return millions of dollnrs to policyholders. You can also save nt least i!0 |)er- cent by insuring with us! Our Companies Each Year Return !o Policy-holders' ' Millions of Dollars in Savings! Foster-Eilis MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY Non-Assesual:le Legal Reserve 108 East 2nd Phone 221 • , U can put you in awful fix. That's why we'd like a chartco So get its minor disorders cor- rected RIGHT NOW!

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