The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 28, 1894 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 28, 1894
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1865, ALGOHA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, FEBEtTABY 28, 1894, VOL. XXYIII-NO, 40. If Ton cheap goods, we have them for you, r> j>ut if you want--*' ' Gooc in the Grocery line, you surely want to buy at the S New Goods Are In, Our Fall stock is now in, and we have a complete line o± all kinds of Dry G-oods, Carpets, Ladies' and Misses' Cloaks and Jackets and in Dress G-oods we have an elegant line. In Clothing for men andjDoys we still have a small stock on hand which we are closing out cheap. We have a larger stock of Shoes than ever before, nearly all new, all of which we will sell at the lowest possible prices. I Have Sold Out And for the next 60 or 90 days will reduce my stock of Boots and Shoes , At Cost For Gash._ F. S, Stough, When looking For a eopj? stove or range remember 1 handle the.,., Garland Also Iron MiUigaa Paiati, Wood Pumps, Please sail and get prices and look my stock over* BONE BY IOWA'S SOLONS; The Seventh Week Closes, and No Definite Han on the Liqud? Question is Yet Reached. A Few Bills Have Become Laws and ate Signed by the Governor—General Legislative Motes. i)ES MbtNES, Feb. 27.—The republican members of the senate temperance committee on Friday agreed upon what is known as the Carpenter option bill, which is a combination county and municipal Option affair, creating election districts out of counties and towns of 4,000 inhabitants and over. The license fee is fixed at $500, and it is a complicated bill with some good features. But when Senators Funk and Finn returned on Saturday the committee went all to pieces and the agreement to report the bill favorably was undone or Withdrawn. At this writing the temperance question is as far from settlement as at the opening of the session. The fact is becoming more apparent every day that the house has a prohibition majority and. any change that that body consents to must be very slight. The senate is . more liberal, but is inclined to proceed carefully. It may be possible also that, there are senators who want the honor of furnishing the bill that shall become the new liquor law; this may be causing some delay, as it did in the senate railway committee a few years ago. The long and short of it is, Senator Harsh is wedded to his mulct bill and will stand by it a while longer. Senator BroVver is in love with county option and will not forsake it until the final hour. Funk is not anxious about any particular measure, so that the state may be satisfied. The river towns are modest and cannot now be blamed for any part of the delay. They are pressing no particular bill and say that they are not hard to please. This week will be big: with fate so far as liquor legislation is concerned. Time is passing- and the inevitable hour when decisions must ba made is near at hand. Saturday closed the seventh week of the session. SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR. The.governor has approved, signed and deposited with the secretary of state the following bills, joint resolutions and memorials: An act to amend chapter 13, acts of the twenty-first general assembly, relating to aiding the construction of highway bridges over navigable boundary rivers of the state of Iowa. An act to repeal chapter 62 of the acts of the twenty-fourth general assembly, and to provide for the publication and distribution of the report of the Iowa Academy of Sciences. An act to make valid chapter 21 of the revised ordinances of 1885, of the city of Winterset. A memorial and joint resolution relative to the construction of a canal from the Mississippi river to the Illinois riyer at Hennepin, in the state of Illinois. • A joint resolution and memorial of congress relative to a bill to limit the effect of the regulation of commerce between the several states and with foreign countries in certain cases. AN INSURANCE MEASURE. The house committee on insurance (Sessions, chairman) has favorably reported the following anti-trust bill, which would hit the spot; "If any insurance company or other corporation organized under the laws of this state or any other state or country for transacting or conducting any kind of business in this state, or any partnership or individual shall create, enter into become a member of or a party to any pool, trust, agreement, combination or confederation with any other corporation, partnership or individual to regulate or fix the rate of premium to be charged for Insurance, the price of oil, lumber, coal, grain, flour, provisions or any other commodity or article whatever; or shall create, enter into, become a member of or a party to any pool, agreement, combination or confederation to fix or limit the amount or quantity of any commodity or article to be manufactured, mined, produced or sold in this state shall be deemed guilty of a conspiracy to defraud, and be subject to indictment and punishment as provided in the next section." TO PUNISH DESERTION, Senator Finn's bill to punish deses- tion has passed the seriate, The bill provides that if any man shall without good cause desert his wife or abandon his child or children under the age of 12 years, born in or legitimatized by lawful wedlock, or adopted, and shall neglect or refuse to maintain or provide for such wife, child or children, he shall upon conviction be punished by imprisonment in the county jail not more than one year or by a fine of not less than $50 or more than $1,000, or by both such fine and imprisonment. Oral evidence of the fact of marriage shall be competent without the production of the certificate of marriage or the record thereof. The bill is an exact copy of the Missouri law upon the subject, WEGHSJjATIVE NOTES. It cost but $316.05 to inaugurate Governor Jackson, Bills of various kinds are passing one or the other house with great rapidity and the prospect is that the general legislation will evirpass that of any recent session. The introduction of hills goes bravely on. . The senate will vote on the woman suffrage resolution this week, Wednesday. The vote will he close,. It is thought that the bill giving municipal suffra ate—probabl The bill < beets icafl farmers will not grow sugar —the labor being to arduous. The petitions are generally asking for the retention of prohibition and for woman suffrage, with a considerable number asking that the "age of consent" be advanced from 13 to 18 years. The proposed new revenue law is expected to be reported from the senate in a day or two. It will not differ materially from the bill proposed by the revenue' commission. Its passage is doubtful. L. YouNG. Farm Loans. We are prepared to fill all choice applications for farm loans at our old rates, viz: Six per cent, interest and a small cash commission. Optional payments. A. D. CLARKE & Co. FANCY white clover honey, only 15c a pound, at W. F. Carter's.—49t2 ONE-THIRD OFF on watches, clocks, jewelry, silver plated ware—until April 1. E. G. Bowyer, jeweler.—49t6 THREE pound cans of fancy yellow table peaches—two cans for 26c at W. F. Carter's. THE reason Bircher can sell two loaves of bread for five cents—flour is so cheap at Jas. Patterson's new store. Cheap Money Again. Six per cent, interest for choice farm loans; optional payments. A. D. CLARKE & Co. JELLY, all kinds, Only 50c a pail at W. F. Carter's. • A FEW cloaks left. Will sell at half price to close out before spring. At Taylor's.-48t2 ONE HUNDRED pails to sell this week, two gallons fancy table syrup and a good 3-hoop pail for 60c, at W. F. Carter's. INDEPENDENT DISTBIOT FINANCES The Annual School Election to Be Held a Week From Next Monday lit the Sheriff's Office. The annual school election to choose two iliroctors to succeed Gardner Cowles and D. A. Haggard will be held at the sheriff's office Monday, March 12, from 12 o'clock till.7 o'clock p. in. The. following statement of district finances ia made by Secretary Doxsee for the year ending March 1: IIKCEIPTS. Teachers— Cash on hand last report... i $2,123 01 Received from county treasurer 5,01717 Received from county auditor 073 30 • $7,810 00 Contingent- Received from county treasurer..... .$2,788 97 Use of school house for institute...'.. 25 00 Ret. premium on insurance policies.. 83 15 School House- Cash on hand last report 8 389 61 Received from county treasurer 2,008 61 92,000 52 DISBURSEMENTS. Teachers- Paid teacher's salaries $0,235 00 Cash on hand 1,58100 87,810 00 Contingent- Overdrawn last report 8 00551 Paid for coal 1,00780 Janitor's salary 470 00 Janitor's salary depot 2175 Secretary's salary 5000 Insurance 90 00 All other expenses 40-t 40 Cashon hand 12757 School House- Paid bonds Paid Interest on bonds Cash oil hand ::::::£ $2,807 12 ...$2,00000 ... 38500 .... 01152 $2,000 52 Bonds outstanding and unpaid $0,000 00 The board estimate the amount necessary to maintain the schools for the ensuing year as follows: Teachers' fund $0,000 00 Contingent fund 2,000 00 School House fund 2,50000 Advertising 1'nys. This week we have seen families that must have houses to live in by March 10. If you want to rent your house, list with us. We only have two houses to rent at loan exchange. N, J. Skinner. TWENTY pounds good dried poaches for $1 at W. F. Carter's. . WE are still in the lead on good butter. M. Z, Grove & Son.-48 SLICKER'N grease—Golden cottolene, at W. P. Carter's, FOR SALE—Two fine yearling Jersey bulls. W. H. Clark.—49t2 BOWYER has three new Mason & Hamlin organs to dispose of; cash or time. Call and see them and get his prices.— 4912 _ IF you don't think I have sold out call and get prices and be convinced 1 F. S. Stough. ___ LOOK at our counter of canned fruits and vegetables for lOc a can. W. F. Carter. AFTER March 7 Miss Marie C. Klein will be prepared to do all kinds of dressmaking. Booms in A. D. Clarke block.— 46t4 ATTENTION, farmers: Salt by barrel at the new store. James tersou. the FRUIT Puddine, W. F. Carter's. assorted flavors, at MONEY to loan on long or short Qeo. 0. Call.-tf FIBERED cod fish, something fine, at Wr F. Carter's. Our Offer- to furnish you the best goods for the least money. Call and be convinced, at the Reliable Grocery of Langdon & fludson. CARPETS. CARPETS. Our new feyring Samples will soon be here at much lower prices ; until they arrive and to clear old stock we will sell SAMPLES now on hand at one- half original cost. Now is the time to select suitable pieces for Rugs, Upholstery, etc. Come soon before the assortment is broken, as they will go at prices offered. . i The Grange Stpre. Potatoes! Potatoes! AT THE NEW STORE. I have just received a car load of potatoes from northern Minnesota. They cannot be beaten for quality. Only 80 cents per bushel. And do not forget I still sell flour at 700, Fancy Patent |i.oo per sack. Remember, at the new store, Cowles block. JAMES PATTERSON HAVE you seen those T"* * New, Ever-soft SKINS, Steel Colored, at Studley's NEW Drug Store? If not, why not? 0, fc. wwp. [Successors to 0. L. Lund—EBtaWlsbeiJ 1880,] Sw sP- wSlff flPMHB iH^^ff ^ff^^ f^H? ^Wr iMM^w *W ^fl^w IJ^^^F ^^p^ ^p^pp ^p^pp£ VMliP Bid ^p ^Kijff

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