The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 14, 1894 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 14, 1894
Page 9
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14, O'OSS\P ,'OOING AROUND, Mrs. Gladstone owns property. at Niagara Falls, Canada, She owns three acres of land xvorth about £1,000 ftn acre. VanderbiU family hold $47,* 05(5,000 df Hailed States four per cent bonds. These bonds are registered at the treasury department and the annual interest paid by the government is $1,322,000. Two of the young 1 women students In the Michigan university walk two and one-half miles a day, rain or Shine, from their homes in time to attend their classes, and are alwaya well prepared in their lessons. United Stutes Senator Perkins of California has been visiting his native town of Kentiebunkport, Maine. Ha was 13 years tjld when he left his homo suddenly, going 1 upon a long sea voyag-e as cabin boy and later before the mast. Mr. Howins, a citizen of Boston, has temporarily in his possession one of the gloves .worn by Queen Elizabeth at her coronation. It is richly embroidered in gold,, with the orb, crown and ostrich 'plumes, the insignia of English royalty, and was evidently made to lit a hand of more than ordinary size. James Wortp-lcy, son. of the well- known Washington hotelkeeper, while removing some personal effects which his father liad put away in a closet many years ago, came across a curious relic. It was a coflreewood cane, highly polished and with a gold head. Engraved upon the head was the inscription: '"Hon. Charles Sumner, from a citizen of Liberia." Alexander R. Shepherd, oneo "Boss Shepherd" of Washington and execrated as the lowest type of politician, is now a rich mine owner in Mexico. He is a man of groat influence in Chihau- hau. His hacienda in the mountains is a veritable fort, to protect the property from revolutionists and bandits of the country. Within are the homes of Shepherd and his employes and the ore crushing mills. The recent sale of the West Chester, Pa,., Village Kecord, : a- historic little newspaper established fully- seventy- five years ago, is not so much an-item of interest as the fact that Bayard Taylor was once the Record's office boy and afterward a compositor in, its printing office. Several other men of subsequent consequence, among them Chief Justice Paxson of Pennsylvania, set type in the little composing-room of the Record establishment, Once when Senator Vancu was making a stump speech in his state of North Carolina, he was interrupted by one of the mountaineers who had brought to the meeting a strong taste to study finance. "Tell us about national banks!" ho demanded, breaking in on 1 one of the senator's flights. "Tell you about national banks?" repeated Vance. Well, all I know about national banks, my friend, is that it takes two names better than mine to get any money out of one of them. Foil tho relief and cure of a cold in the head there is more potency in Ely's Cream Balm than in anything else it is possible to prescribe. This preparation has for years .past been making a .brilliant success as a remedy for cold, m tbe head, catarrh anil hay fever. Used in the initial stages of these complaints, Cream Balm prevents any serious devolopraont of the symptoms, •wtiile almost numberless cases are on record of radical cures after all other treatments have proved of no avail. France is building an aluminium torpedc boat. . SCIENCE AKD THI3 INCIlKAStNtJ tSfi OP COMPRESS £0 AIM. to iVhleli Compi?«»il*«t Air In Put— A IttK Electric Seur.-li- l.ltflit— A Hnril Nut to jfrtttitc. An Important feature of modern progress ,ts tho widening use of compressed air. Compressed air, utilized for power purposes, has boon known to tlic world for nearly L'OO years, but its employment for sinking bridge caissons, operating rock drills, coal-cutters and other mining ni.icliinery, manipulating air-brakes, tunnel driving by the pneit- matlc process, etc., aro-fitmillav-to ,thja ; generation, and servo to suggest the wide possibilities of this power in the service of the engineer, scientist and manufacturer. W. 1'. 1'ressinger, in enumerating many of its uses, mentions tho -advantages which, accrued from the disposal of sewage by air under pressure at the world's fair. The territory was divided into sections, each having its own ejectors, Into which it drained. These- ejectors operated alternately, the pressure being turned on and off by automatic valves and, tho contents forced to. their destination through cast-iron mains.- Another interesting utilization, of coin- pressed air at Hie world's fair .was the- painting of the large buildings by means of a spray. Instead of being laid on, according to ordinary practice, the paint was pushed, under tremendous pressure, through a hose pipe, and the painter played upon the surface to be painted much as a gardner waters the lawn, in the dome of the Horti; cultural building the painter stood <70 feet above his source of supply, aud was enabled to cover a large amount of space in an incredibly short time in this way. Compressed air is further employed to operate tho steering gear of vessels, to supply d Ivors in submarine operations, to mold patterns iii foundries, and to supply jets for cleaning the seats of railway cars. Physicians uso it for treating patients by moans of spray, and hospitals are equipped with chambers in which the patients breathes air at a pressure of 80 or 4.0 pounds per square inch. Another adaptation of compressed, air is to raising sunken vessels, by placing collapsible rubber bags in the hold anil inflating them to a pressure of GO or 80 pounds per square inch. It. is proposed to adapt this principle to all new vessels, thus making them unsinkable in case of accident. Kach ship would be' divided into air-tight compartments, with doors properly, packed, each compartment being supplied by a tui>c from an air compressor. A suitable system of syvllches would indicate any compartment that had been sufficiently injured to admit water, and the water could be instantly ejected. oral edfirtation and the development of an increased sense of parental responsibility. Another meims advocated by t)t. JoMes *for lessening the doatJi rate the .placing of greater .restst.ctlonp on, the srtJe of opiates. The industrial population should, ho urged, be encouraged to move to the healthier suburbs by improved train service and reduced train faros., rarticiilnr attention was also drawn to' the excessive, number of deaths from improper feeding. X«»* Injurious Insects. In nn entomological resume of the Agricultural Department it is stated that farmers make a groat mistake when they shut their pyes to the advent of new ami hitherto iinlonown insects, aiKlregard 'the -so-called bug Ininter as a useless siiupl'oton. For Instance, the sugar-beet web .Avorm.-is an enemy that should be promptly dealt with. This newcomer is a moth which appears in great numbers in July, laying its eggs on the leaves, which are eaten by the youiig larvae to such ah extent as to kill the plants. The remedies suggested, after 'a careful study of the insect's habits, are the deep plowing of the soil so: as to bury the immature insects aiut the harrowing of the land to expose (hem to their natural enemies, quail, meadow larks and other birds, as well as mice and many small quadrupeds, •\vhicli devour them in great numbers. But. the -Didst .effective irneans is the spraying of •• tho leaves with paris green in Avater,- which should- be- done late in June or early in, .Inly. ..As 1 this pest ap- Ten Million Acres of land in Nebraska are still open to homo- utead entry. Full information .as to where they are and what they're like may be obtained by writing to the U. S. Land Offices at Alliance, Bloomington, Broken Bow, Grand Island and McCook—all in Nebraska. If you want to BUY land—not preempt it—write to J. Francis, Gen'l Pass'r Agent, Burlington Route, Omaha, Neb., for a copy of ''Groat Opportunities in It's yours for the asking. Nebraska.' A married woman's description of an Ideal man ia a picture of the kind she did not get. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most' acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met With the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and'it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug- A Iliird Nut to Crncfe. Ev«ry year t.h.6 livelihood of tho "cracksman" is becoming more precarious. Electricity has been a sad thorn in his side of late, and now, in addition to the embarrassments of electric telltale alarms, tlio safe burglar has to cope with u material that practically defies tho keenest and bost tempered drill that it is possible to innlco. The strong rooms of a now safe deposit company in London are constructed throughout of steel, the doors being faced further with a solid plate, half an inch thick, of patent compo safe steel is may bo gathered from a description of a recent drilling test. Tho position of the holes was selected variously and at random, and the steel used in tho drills was ordinary high-class Sheffield tool steel. Subsequently Styriau tool steel ami Mushet's self-hardening steel wero also tried. The drills were first tried with a temper corresponding to the usual "purple" for driiliug iron. Later some wore tried of a very stiff strong form, completely hardened by being plunged in cold water and uutem- pered in any way. This condition corresponds to that of tlio tools found most suitable for cutting chilled iron. Other drills wero tried ranging through all degrees of hardness, from the last described down to Iho softest "blue" temper lor cutting iron. Tho drills were lubricated by petroleum oil eliiofly, but in the course of the trials other lubricants were used, such as water, spirits of turpentine, paraffin, malt vinegar, acetic acid, lemon juice, solution of soft soap and vegetable oil. The results were in ono sense uniform; no single plato proved penetrable. The hard drills crumbled up under tho pressure whenever th<jy came into contact with the hard steel lamination, while the drills of the softer class were turned up and burned by abrasion. No matter Avhat lubricant was tried the result was the same. With sucft a material as tliis in tlio market the "cracking" of safes is liable to become a decayed industry. In flint Life. Dr. IT. It. Jones gives some suggestive details of the perils and protection of Infant life in England, lie finds that the chief causes of excessive infant mortality aro found to depend upon ante-natal conditions (leading to death from developmental diseases aud hereditary diseases), insanitary conditions (including overcrowding), conducive to excessive mortality from zy- motic and lung diseases; social circumstances (poverty, ignorance, employment of women in industrial occupations, etc.), leading to neglest and consequently excessive mortality from diarrhoea, convulsions and infantile atrophy, and willful neglect and crime. suH'CK'-ation in boil were A Jlijjc Electric Scareli-Mslit. One of tho biggest electric search lights iu tho world is to be mounted a Sandy Hook. Gen. Maglor, the army Chief of Ordnance, will purchase a monster light for experimental pur poses. The apparatus desired, incliul ing tho light proper, the dynamo, the steam engine aud boiler, will cost- be tweeu .150,000 and $10,000. The woriqiugs of tlio big electric search-light at Chicago, on the roof ol tho Liberal Arts building, suggestei that; experiments with another large light would be valuable. It is likely that the German linn which construct ed the Chicago light will make the lighi for Sandy Hook. The bid of that com pany was ij)5,!)00. while the next highei bid was that of the General' Electric Light Company of this city, .$11,500 ii amount. Tlio search-light has, by its- use on shipboard, become an Important part of torpedo warfare. It is absolute ly necessary in the operations at night, and the more powerful the light the less will the attacking party be able to do. Gen. Flagler believes that the searchlight will be very useful In tho coasl defense forts at the large ports, and it is with tho view of ascertaining the utility of those lights that tho present apparatus is to be bought and experiments conducted at Sandy Hook proving ground. The system comprises the light proper, with mirror about 00 inches in diameter, furnished with an horizontal arc lamp. Tho Inechanism must be capable of giving the light a rotation in an horizontal and a vertical plane, and a governor must be provided to permit of electrically training the apparatus from a distance. Tho dynamo must produce an intensity of light of about i!00,000,000 candle power, while the energy consumed in the lamp must not exceed 100 amperes by sixty volts. Dentil to the Croton. A correspondent of a leading scien- tilic journal writes to ask for some recipe that will relieve him from tho pest of croton bugs that infest his house. Prof, llilcy, in reply, states that the main difficulty in ridding houses of this nuisance is due to iho fact that people will not take enough trouble. The mere scattering of something on the floor once for all is going to have but little eect. IS'otiling Is better than to use thoroughly and persistently California buhach, a home-grown pyrcthmn powder. This should bo blown by a small bellows into all cracks, holes and crevices in the infested room just after nightfall, and the room should then bo closed and left until the following morning, when the servant should sweep up and burn every specimen found upon tho floor. A repetition of this process for two or three nights will probably work a temporary cure, but as the insects breed rapidly, and migrate from one house to another, the operation may have to bo repeated after some mouths. gists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, %yhose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if ottered. Patents, Trade-Marks, . found to have a definite relation to intemperance. By far the largest number (over 28 per cent) occurred during Saturday night, and ou that night about 85 per cent of all the apprehensions for drunkenness took place. Dr. Jones also (•liters on the aue-stlon of child insurance. Contrary lo the general opinion held, his experience was that child insurance could not be connected with willful neglect in any large uuiuber of cases; but there was 110 duubt that the majority of the chilUn-u of the industrial classes la urban districts wwe insured. Freveniiou of exws.-ilVf mor- Uiliiy now} eflMum prot/xjUon of young cluldreu wore very dijfteult. llej lance njpt $>$ £lasefl 04 tajproyeiftfftj Jg Wealth of the Whole Woirlil. In 1SS5 Professor Adolph Soetbcer.of Gottingou, Germany, published an essay on the production of the precious metals, since; become a famous refer- timated "total monetary supply of the precious metals," at the close of 1885, in which ho places the supply of gold at ia,aG4,000,Ooo marks, and that of silver at 7,843,000,000 marks, a total of 21,207,000,000 marks, equal to about .ttf.aoo.OOO.OOO. Since then the coinage has gone on merrily, so that now perhaps there are $,00.0,000.000 of gold and silver coin. That would give about $0 to <jach man.'wouiiiu and child o» xho oarth, accepting the usual estimate that the population of the world is, la, rowod numbers, 1,000,000,0810.—gfc peared only for tbe lirst time in it is most likely that it will soon spread .to other localities and, as the common rale is, ;»attadb mother- plants. Another destructive insect described is tho cherry-tree tortrix, which' defoliates the tree and constructs nests in the form of webs'- completely around and entirely enveloping the tree. Spraying the trees is- the remedy suggested. The appearance of the Colorado beetle in the far south shows tho hardiness of this persistent insect,, which is not supposed to be able to withstand the heat of a southern summer; but the change of habits in many insects is one of tlio tilings learned by entomologists, arid this is to be taken into - account by southern farmers. It is suggested that as in India castor-oil plants are grown in the houses us a remedy against the abounding mosquito, this simple remedy might bo tried in America. It is recommended to grow the plants in pots out of doors, a.s they love the sun, and bring a few thus grown into the house; for a few days at a time. It is said that if only a dozen leaves of this plant arc brought into a room and hung up tho swarming insects will quickly dis appear, and no more will enter as as the leaves remain. 8ta£l*aian-— Do you let you* have the last word? BfSncvdidt—Do t let her? M'm! It's easy to tell that you know nothing of married life. Handors—Doctor, t'm gett.ingf so dear-sighted that I cannot recognize people ' on the street. What shall I do for it? The Doctor—Umphl Why not pay your debts? First Girl—Freddie took a great deal of wine at dinner yesterday. Second Girl—I noticed ii First Girl —It went to his head. Second Girl-Dear mel what a lonely place for it to go. Tom—Somebody ought to warn Mrs. Prettiface that that old fellow Smirks, who's paying attention to her, is a miserable flirt. Jim—Heml Better warn Smirks, Mrs. Prettiface is a widow. Mandy—Land sakes, Josiah, these city folks aro awful plain spoken. Josiah—How do you know? Mandy— Didn't you notice the gentleman standin' by the carriage we passed? Josiah—Yes. Mandy—Just as I got opposite ho said right out loud, "A handsome lady." That Shattered Conversation., '• "Henry," said Mrs. Binkins, "do you think this will bo a hard winter?" "Ofcourse it is," replied Mr. Blnkinsj "freezing makes oven the water.hard.!' And Mrs. Binkins silently ppndored on what a nice thing it is to have a smart man for a husbaud. An Offset. "The wall flower," remarked ^..philosopher, "is often the only girl iu the ballroom who can cook a dinner." ; ."Yes," responded Miss Worldling, "and the girl "who* dunces 'is' the Only one Svlio can digestit." __^ Neat-lug tho Grave. In old age infirmities and weakness hasten to close the gap between us and tbe grave. Happily scientific research and'' pharmacal skill have allied themselves in furnishing us a reliable moans of ameliorating the ailments incident to declining yours, and of renewing waning phvsical energy. Its name is Hostotter's Stomach Bitters, a widely comprehensive remedy in disease, nnd an inestimable blessing to tbe elderly, tho feeble and tho convalescent, llbeu- nmtic ailments, trouble with the kidneys nud lumbago aro among tlio more common ailments or the aged. These are effectually counteracted by the Bitters, which is likewise a prevention and curative of malarial complaints, dyspepsia, constipation and biliousness. It is highly promotive o£ appetite, slp.op and the acquisition of vigor. Times are getting better. This is proved by tho fact that the days are not so short us they were. Somebody's Good. To make our own troubles tho means o£ helping the troubles ot others is a noble effort for good. A woll illustrated instance of this kindly sympathy is shown in a letter from Mr. Enoch L. Hanscom, School Agent, Marslifiold, Me., an old Union Soldier. Ho says: "It may do somebody some good to state, I am a man of 00 and when 40 had a bad knee and rheumatism set in. I was lame three years and very bad most of the time. 1 got St. Jacobs Oil and put it on three times and it made a cure. I am now in good health." Texas leads the states in cotton and cuttle. Sixty Thousand Farm Renters arc invited to become farm owners. They can do it — and this spring, too — if they move to Nebraska. ' Write to J . Francis, Gen'l Pass'r Agent, Burlington lionte, Omaha, Neb., for a copy of "Great Opportunities in Nebraska." It's free. And if' you contemplate a change of location you'll find its contents simply invaluable. You never notice how near an alarm clock is until It "goes off." Yon Asthma? Dr. B. Sohlffmann.St. Paul, Minn., will mall a trial package of'Subltlmana's Asthma Curo" free to any uufferor. Ho advertises by giving It away. Never fails to glvo Instant relief m worst cases and cures where others fall. Name this paper and sond address for a free trial package. An English locomotive is to go 100 miles an hour, As a Simple Yet Effective .Remedy for Throat Affections, BKOWX'S Buo.vouiAr, TUOCHKS stand first in public favor. They are absolutely unrivalled for the alleviation of all Throat irritations caused by Colds or use of the voice. When you borrow trouble you will confer a favor by not returning it. Man's system is like a town, it must bo well drained, and nothing is so ejlicient as Beecham's Pills. For sale by all' druggists It is an awful good thing for a when he gets caught the first lime he goes wrong. " Hanson's niuglc Corn Salve." Warranted tocm-oor money i-ofuuded. Aslc your drucBlstlorlt. I'l-iuo 15 cents. Too much nursing will kill almost anything but a petty grievance. Slilloh's Consumption Cnre Is soli) on a guarantee. It IMIIVS Incipient Consumption, It is the best Cough Cure. 2S.ctn,,OOc-u. & The postage stamp teaches the wisdom of sticking to a thing until it gets there. Cne'n C'oiigU nuisiini Js tho oldest air I b<;s>t. It will bruiik up u Told quicker than anything else. It Is always rultable. Try It, The man who attends faithfully to his own business is not noticed half as much as he deserves to be. A stingy man is never contented. Resignation, Sack —I heard thftt the girl you have been going to see so long is to be married next month. Tom (sadly)—It's true, shelfl. Jack—That's' pr.etty tough on you, isn't it? Tom (resignedly)—1 guess I can stand tt. Jack—Who is the happy man? Tom—I am. Numerous unsolicited testimonials daily received by its proprietors, clearly demonstrate tne 1'act that the reputation of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, the infallible cure for alt affections of the throat and chest, has suffereo no diminution in the last quarter of a century. _^_ It won't do any good to pray for the South Sea Islanders as long as you won't speak to the man who lives in tbe next door. Keep Salvation Oil in the gymnasium. It is a sovereign remedy for cuts, strains, bruises and sprains, to which acrobats and athletes are liable at all tunes. It is the greatest cure on earth for pain. 35 cents. Germany has 5,000,000 savings bank depositors. SIX TONS OF 11 AY PKH ACKE. That is seldom reached, but when Sal/.er's Extra Grass Mixtures are sown his is possible. Over fifty kinds of grass and clover sorts. Largest growers of fnrm seeds in the world. Alsiko Clover is the hardiest; Crimson Clover is the quickest growing; Alfalfa Clover is the best fertilizing clover, while Salzer's'Extra Grass Mixtures make the best mendows-in tne world. II' Ton IViU-Out- TlilM Out, iinrt Sond Tt With 14c postag.e to the John A. Sal/.er Seed Co., La Crosse, AVis., you will receive eleven packages grass and clover sorts and his mammoth farm seed catalogue: full of good things for the farmer, the pardener ahd'the citizen. w A man never.appreciates What a good servant his memory has been until he forgets something. Beware of Ointments Tor Catarrh that .Contain Mercury, as mercury will surely destroy the sense of smell and completely derange the whole system when entering it through the mucous surfaces. Such articles should never bo used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, 'as the damage they will do is ten fold to tho good you can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., contains no mercury, and is taken internally, acting directly upon tho blood and mucous surfaces of the system. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get the genuine. It is taken internally, and made in Toledo, Ohio, by V. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free. BSFSold by druggists, price 75o pur bottle. In the race of life the man his neighbor never seems to had "got left." who outlives feel as if he Tho (irciltcHt Krilll, and Stock Country ill t.Iio World. Keep your eye on the country through Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas, now being developed by tho construction of the great through line, Kansas City, Pittsburg & Gulf railroad, completed and in operation between Kansas City, Mo., and Pittsliurg, Kansas, .Toplin, Mo., Neosho, Mo., Sulphur Springs, Ark , and Siloam Springs, Ark., and rapidly extendiug^to FortSrnith, Ark., lexarkana, Ark., and the Gulf of Mexico. Remember Bonton county, Arkansas, has taken 1st premium for fruit at all National aud International expositions. Copy of paper giving full description of tho resources of the country through which this lino passes and will extend into, mailed free upon application. Grandest opportunity over offered to tho homeseeker. JAMES DONOHUH, General Passenger Agent, Kansas City, Mo. Wyoming is twelfth iu cuttle and fourteenth in gold. S4 To Culiforiiln. This is our Sleeping. Car Rate on the Phillips-Rock Island Tourist Excursions from Chicago to Los Angeles or San Francisco, via the Scenic Route aud Ogdcn. You can go with Phillips, the best of all Excursion Managers, for lie has each party accompanied by a special agent who goes the entire trip with patrons. These personally conducted.Excursions leave Chicago twice a. week, Tuesday and Thursday. Wo have also a daily tourist car service, via our Southern Route, through tho beautiful Indian Territory and Ft. Worth to Los Angeles and San Francisco. The tourist car rate via, this route, the same. Apply at Rock Island ticket ofllce, 101 Clark Street. JNO. SEBASTIAN, G. P. A., C. It. 1. & P. R'y, Chicago. One reason why some men are so leun is because they have thrown all their fat iu tho lire. Home Seekers' Excursion. The next harvest excursion via the Mis souri, Kansas & Texas It'y, will leave Hannibal, St. Louis and Kansas City on Fob. 13th, for which tickets will be sold to all points in Texas at half rates, limited for return to thirty (80) days from date of sale. Similar excursions will bo run March IJJth, April 10th and May 8th. For further information address your nearest ticket agent or James Barker, G, P. & T. A., f^t Louis, Mo. The more healths a man drinks, the less he will have the next morning. Se» Colchester Spatllng liootsuav. in oilier column. Vermont is fourth iu copper and seventh in hops. Spasms. Convulsions, Dizziness, Fa Spells, wervous Prostration and tuose ens conditions, brought on by functional dttw orders are jpermanently cured by Dr. Plefce Favorite Prescription, It's a stfengthoiito nervine and restorative tonic, prfes'cRbW ' an eminent Physician for all those distre Ing " weaknesses" and irregulnvties common Mrs. ADAM Denft. Albany Oci-Tts Co, t Pdu-' writes: "Dtt. ft. Vi PiERcB: Dear SOtr*. My sister, Miss Con delfa Merkel, had Sh Vitus's Dance. Ho» • head and . right arm . moved or twitched constantly; . she : could not walk without be- . ing held under ho* arms, She tried four doctors, but without' good. After flftefea months,- -having been Slven up as a hopeleas invalid, I bought bet Dt>< Plerco'S Fiivorltft Prescription; in two months she was well and strong." tees a papera from burglars and fir*. Every Farmer and MorcfcitAw owen It to Ills fatnllv to proton himself. S«nd far circular. W. 1. -SOOTT, 60. Bcnrboru S«--toet, ClilcrtBo. 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L., DOUGLAS S3 SHOB Jequals custom work, costing- front- I $4 t" $d, brat value i'or the in oner- in tlic work). Nunm am! price- ilnmpcd on iho bottom Every 1 niiirwarmnlcd. Take no snbsti. , lulc. Sue Jouilp.-ipcrs for fait description of our complet* Alines for ladies anil gen. ctnen or sum! for //. ., Instructions . ,, how to or. derby mini. Postage free. You can get ihebcaft bargain:i of dealers who push our slices, Cheap Homes? In San Luis Valley, Colorado. The Garden Spot of the Boc..y Mountains.,.. GO,000 acres of lino land, all under lir-it i-lasa Ir^ rl^atllix eallttl*. with perpetual water rlj ; c*. f.,r ialo- cheap, 0 } cars tlino, 0 per cunt. InU i-eat. Grains, Grasses and Vegetables Grow Hereto Perfection. Crops nure; no tylones, nn h Uvnrd^j. • abundnnce of puro artesian WM. r; ullnlatiMiMi-iiuu'bd. Wo huve i-hurnhOB, ruhools. rnllroailH and w. i>.. nnir- kots. For mapH, circulars and full information, aiUli-eME? JAMES A. KELLY & CO., Agents, Colorado Valley Land Co., MONTE VISTA, COLQi "COLCHESTE R " I'or Fanners,Miners.K. It.Hands aiul. otlit'rH. Thttottl'tirorlupsolu t)xtund*£ th<i whole U.-iiKlhorUiu sole down to| the heel, pi-oieetliif Iho shank ins illtchlng, dlfe'shif;, &K, Best ijuallty throtieuoufc. Is the MASTER Mothers' •m -Is a scientifically prepared liniment. —every ingredient of recognized value, and in constant use by the medical profession. These ingredients are combined in a manner hitherto unknown, and WILL DO all that is claimed for it, AND MORE. It shortens Labor, Lessens Pain, Diminishes Danger to Life of Mother and Child. Sent by Express on Receipt ot Price, $1.50 p«r Bottle. Book to "MOTHERS" mailed FREE, containing voluntary testimonials. ^S°W by All Druggists. B8ADF1ELO REGULATOR CO., Atlants, Q«. m II ' •II M' II' WELi MACHINERY Illustrated catalogue showing WEU, AUOERS, BOOK PBILLS, HYDHAULIO JETTING MACHlilEBY. etc. V flPf Tlii!s OUT ftiialoua Jt wiiBflu postaseaua geife a W S'Atoptpot Q\ir"aet?beit>Kll" BatfJsl), at J'oruaola i« , , Oe.yB,M!(l 9up M«.iun»ptl» Pww Seed CfctoloKUei gr 10<i (OF cat*- lo«weftoUl« EUruj QnOo Swupl^ai e , clover sample* We are tb<slws«ftgj-pin-ers of 7*rm otten. (ji;»iiaee inH Olimr 8iw Is. <»&.. l« Awerlgg,\y AND SENT FBEB. ull u.' . Have boen tested and THE PECH flFQ, CO. Sioux City. Iowa- IS S. Canal St., Chicago, AGENTS WANTEPI AGENTS *~^ W **™" W ™ W *" FUH a "'' : " > 1 '- v;; " IU "—--" RAND, McNAUY & CD'S, WORLD'S FAIR ALBUMS The most completely illustrated World's Kaiv Souvenirs. Largo Size Views 10sl§ iuclies. ReiH-oductious of Original Flu>- togrupbs. " •3:i() Vitnvs. In Silk clotli liiudiag. SW.OO. (Gilt, edges.) Iu Half Leather biudiug (gilt edges), Si.iiO. lu Full Leather B'U'g (giltuagw), 46.00. 101 Viows. Board Covers, red edges, SI.00. Cloth Covers, plum edges, tI,SQ!, For teyms to ageuts, addresi K.ViNU, •filuNAf.l'Y * CO., 1UO Adams St., W. N. U.—iX M, US7 No. 7, Wtieu answering aiha»iisu«?uts fciualy this • -

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