New-York Tribune from New York, New York on November 5, 1859 · Page 5
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New-York Tribune from New York, New York · Page 5

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 5, 1859
Page 5
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THREE OAYS LATER f ROM EUROPE AICHTAL OT THE A MERK A. ? The Great Eastern Not Coming. ? ?*? TU I Fl! A NCO-AIST III A \ TREATF, -o him in It. lux,?<, IVns ?? with "51 i)i .?: ??. -?a> HAKTINTAN LOAN Ok OXK HlNUKKf Mil LKffi fBt tur laaasnia Tfi aoa*ra Co ? Lou H Wait ? Nai kvii i r., N. B., Friday, Not. I. If if, Tat Koval Mail r'i-HMirJnji <'af'. H which left Liverpool at :\ o'clock a, m. ajj t> ?. arrived ut HuMiix at I p. rn. of fcTof. t, The oMMakA) ViHii'f*-r?'tit. from New-York, Od I, arrived at Southampton 00 the Off ning of the the 19th. The ute^ti,.-!.!' ? ity ot BoJtaWAWO, ffOai NeW'Tork <Vt. **, arr.vt-d at Qaj OaaAoa.) Ht 4 a. rn. of the VOth, and at Meet] 00). arty oa lac oaatajag of Iba Hat. The steamship North IliOliiaO, from (Quebec, (), t. 8, reached Mv*XpooJ tit ?? \. ni. of the Sfth. Th<-America left Ha!:f: x at ]0 p.m. on Thnnclav for B Hton, where she will I e due Saturday m^rninir. She- rn-eed i>ct. 'Z.S. at I p. aa., ai the OU Head 0 Kinwile Koyal Mail ateuinnhip Asia, from New Turk for Liverpool. THE TREATY Of PEACE. A Zurieh lelegnun ot laW Utk nayn: The prinrip i! j-iin'e of the Treaty of I'eaee bOtWOea France and AuetriH, hi;'iiei! Iiy the I'lenijiofentiaries, hut nor v.-? ratified by the two (ioveinim nte, are ae followr: An ? tri? fcirmt up l...r ? ,c Mantua anil IVechiera. tuet an tar an the tronto r hue, jixexl by Special Coia B.ife-jon, to France, who Uanal* rn il t<> Piedmont. iViiaioim acjiiiit-d in Loaaberdy an to oa potd by tha HI (iovi tTiir.ent. Piedmont is to pay Austria. 40,000,. t*J0 florins, and he tttf* n .1 If tor t.'ir r-titUi* of the dbbtof Most* Lombard \ cm-tin, making the dobl iti ail tnumfernd to Siinliniii 'J. ?0,000,000 francs. The two mat ranting Powers will unite their ai ort.- laor> doi that rodbni in the adiiiiaiolialiai should be tallied ?ut hy the Fope. The lights ol the Dukes Ol TlMTtfy. M'sleah, and J'ailiihHte expressly it-served to the two Einperoin, who will aoeiet wi'h idl their powoi In Iba fonaatioa cf u ooafeeVfatioa all of the States of Italy. VoaeAia, un.h r Austnaii rule, is ti, (orataaftoi the CoaJodoif> lion. Batii cations wili be ? Xi banged at Zurich within fifteen d;,y-, Ii will I?- ajajaj fi .in the above that the trti.ty is merely an amplification <?) ?M ViOamfcaWOO agreement. A Zurich telegram <?! the Viet announcce that Count Cohort do \\a* :hut morning attached vsnii apoplexy. JPotu phjsifiarai wore attending him, hot than were little aoaoa of l;ih noow rj. THI PBOJECTED CONGBE8& The Pane I'ayg iiitiiuatei- ol its own kti.>wledge, that in u Cougtes* accepted in principle by tha English fiovernment, the only POWOIB to bt t? i?'? -? iit? -?1 be? anie the fin Ht OtMO, will bo I'm .Itnont, ami tie PppC and Napien titiilet lettam evtutiialilies. Th*. aduiie oion ol Spain inigiit N national, but BwOaVfl and Porta? pail luivn no aOfeki n. The Jndt'pt'/ul "i-r Ii. >gi mj$ that OOt of i Ompliwoai to lS*u|H>!eoii, Ataatrio ptopoaod that the ( osgroi i ?latNdd en in Porioj bal ibia wai docUaed, and ?m cJiHtitee i,..soie.i Braaac -. The policy of England In taldog pOfl it' tht Coaayaoi moboiaajoaavaaood by the press, and gaaoiallf Iho arifiinieiitH were ngrHtl tt. Tkt London Timr* and JBoro/d arc both iivc;- c to Eap^taad Joiaiagaaj K;r.. penii I ooirreee on Italinii iitlann. Tht tttmdhti /'..../, Lord PadaaBratoo'aoripia, noaart* flint it wenian ulle utaVaaj withtba baflaoaoaof K& lund iiinl ihe bnpe* of Italy, to e.\jfct any Euglinb t-Uttt?Hutu, ut all wort 1 v of the name, would hiuan! fun own repotatitMl und the national honor intrusted to bin chic, by eiiterin/: a OongT*** of which the tiH-js jnuy he in the i tt* ntiou of the Znricli Treaty. The aaaaa lounuil, in another niitorial, pagarda the Itaban coaiplieaUoBi a> ?orj a riooa, aad th* position ol 2Vu|K>leoti an ex in niely i mbarranein^. He hus under lakeii ill. ipss ial prof ? uoa ??! the Papal GoToraatant, and ale-, ot Itali.m lib, rty, while I' p..wer aad Julian liberty ate in opOH wVfluro. It in ..Inn -t o. t tolvtaWtko BTomgin will bo attacked bytbePapal tioope. It in also i er'am tin t at tbe flint aWMOO Of armed intei venti. n in th. OnffhiOQ, the troops of Gari Jhaldl will aweep bof?TO them every vei-titfo ol Papal mlc. Uadortkooa eiroanaataaeea,Um intervention of ?Aiieiiui vsni bo anticipate,1. \\ !,.it part would PiaaO* then play, and what ext. i.?i? -11 woubl tin RmtTITI qai I lion then been me ? Tht Toft entluden by saying (hat Tfiigllob alBooMoa tt?I Tir1" eSorta to arorl tl ? daa? Mio wkiob ihrooton Europa. QU \T BKsTAIN. The liirectorsoi ibeQroal Eaatorn held a meeting ou board oa tbe 19th, aad it is authoritatively an MWBOOd thai the depariure >>t the reoael i>:i- booi post aajaad n*m ii i. and ordaiagiven laal all paaaaao boos y laoorvod be rataraott. No tinao will be laoi lor tao iibiieatlbntic royan until good ptxagraoj has booo made in Ittlng oat the ship i'i thorough ses-going com [ ie'enee? ai'd ?.?<?'??' tii. o> -?!. ?? aiitlioritieo, there ia lio likelihood of the Vi-vuu'e Ix-ine; uutde l?i?fore next S|?iint;. The ship world remain at Holybeadaboat ten days longer, and li en go to Soiithamnlon lo CQOB ploto 1 ei tttatgr, alV i vv 1 h n ti In t" Isiaboo ii niokoa ot. It In Mated ihlit, in her nffOaOBl OOad trOB, tbe Di? rectors will Mit mi.|t tbe abip troin Mr. Reotl RaaaolL Ti e Diiaetuw of iba Loaaloa and NotAbwoataru ?aitwa] Contpaay gat e a grand banqnel at Holy bead totbi Din loraofth* Ureat 8bi] Company on the I'lh. The Mar.oes of ( handon presided,' and aaaoagtbogai I w. r- Mr. Qmdotone, Chaneollorof the baebssaoor, far Joan Pakiagton, and man) Lnftteti tioj Ma ? commerce und politic*. Lie apooohoi Wtre ;:!! boatfal ol ihe ?BMOOI of the ^Teat ehip. Mr. Mi Ivor m tbe ere of bis renaariti reiterated Iba.atalcaanat thai tbo Caaard Ooaapaai an baiH'iig h nteumt r considcniblv larger than the IVrsiii. hul not * laigt t!. (1:. ..t Lu.t. ni. IVince Napoleon, after mhnntely laapoettaaf the <?-eat Eaotoraal Uolybead, paidaiyina riaif to L v *rp<sd and Manchester, and tboa loft IB UI ItOOAMt Ray aarts aaajkoa n. The faaoral of Boboit Btaaboaooo t.wk plaeo t?t WOaMiaotOr kbbey on the Vlri, tn presence ?>! :, ,r.< t Coni'ouree of people, aad with i very ilt tuoti: trillion of r>sp?-<t. Ihe Al'lsry was cr..vvde"d, and tbe ut'c-id ante included most flistirujTllshod men of ntnk und pro* 2'tasiona. Mr. Stt-pht ne-'ii hcpue.ithe.l ??9,000 t;. rubl e institutions. At Newcastle, S tu b ?land, jv a Ids, and Otbet tOWM in that locality. a*JaMM wttn auei emied duntuy a portion of the day "of tbo foaaial, iuai manv dcna t.ntrat. 11 of rOopi > I t.^>k place. T'r V1' ,:.'</ Chrom. :. Miy - that Menara. Heurtlaiore A RpWaartij nbwtib ktae, vioated Valeaaia tbio woob^ and eel OB iiKit a series o! t xpe: inen'.- Oh tbo Atlant c aa^blo. aawoaragasaanlto ibooaoooooof Iba ?attar taking, t>ot!i aa roganbj the raaaacitation of tb* old aad the layiagot lb*aoweabte, was hi the aaecadaat.* Th.-ae" goafjeaaoa foaad roooi iu the *?Htc of tbe oablo to di^ecmiruitc new cue* nragrmcnt to its frietids. UtTMT. LoxL> ot, Sil ir.lay. Ihe I'll lit fittrt (Cttj Attirlo). dated Fudav ??ven baa. mi\s: ?? the IMda have aaporioaoado s'iv.dt"i n - steUon. 1'he market ojiened at u redueliou of nea.-l? <>ne utmrter itelow the pricen ot )eslei?Ltv. and aller lao omsjo of tbo Stock feaebaoaji "ierra.Mii boawaaoai prevailed. The ib ti;r m? > Whh aettTM^OM 't Waxditliiull even lotet ?M bOOl Mil* d'lOIIWUlod btV low Vj per cent. Nl.Id wan withdravtn from ihe Ihtnk, hut Inrge purchiim s of Austntl an. inolodiag a p..rt.on of tao?llg,0giraceirod per -!.tp V..rk*hiiv. were made for exportation. The foreign exchan.-i i were Wendy, txitpt biBj Dfl BolglOAB, which MM rather lower. The i^nJi-n Time) City Article I, dated Frday even? ing, fays: A lelegTuui itoui Madlid. to theertevl Ibat tea Raaaaab Qovaaraaoaal bad) reoosved to detbtrs vwir )t_iiir.n? MortH-ro. cause,! finds tOOMB Wttb great beaviaaaa, and. ah hough it was afterward ahowa to be erroneous, the Bimple fact hrUlgtbatO Madrid paaoa* bad adviaod tbo leovecaaaoal to go to war, tha recovery at the ?lo-?> of the day wtin only partial. There lute be. n an increased deuiatnl for mom y '< -1 jj "tifl a few iMaWattiaM ;'?>k place al 9i perccut. lao ?arket for piilway st.u kaaypalhiatd witb be funds, aad^jji Ij docliai L Tbe Lruml tl aak, ol Caua-' , however, mtham cd om per cent, and the Atlanf u, m St. Iji?hi,iv uiid (irtui Wietem, of Canada, also im peon 'I TA? 7VtKf annouii'.- .o.oti.i r !*r?(e Kuaaian failur. l f Mr. ftufw 1 MUiT, :.ii ? nnin-nt manufacturer at M?*frw. Hit) li.ilili''?-- an ? MO,000 Merliny. It ii e* il ihm he hhh committed M|H? I, < w. albt i it VOW win'iy in BaaBhtai, and there Lit ? ??i ?JOWaUf. (real hihi -now. FKAM F. I m ' 'I IBBl the Kmpt .-or lOBMBi m grant an ilUtl.ei.i o ' . . .it I .i:.: ...n :.-..;ii 1?<.|.v- a, hut re .-v. .1 IBOM tri in im Dw hie-. Tb?I ? ai M : ???! f I' ?!i |i AmJii had Lail J'iiri- t' " I."i.don. The PaVM i nrn-Hjmnd? nt r.f 7'A/- Is>niinn I[rr,%'.1 rom.t.ui '" point i.tit the immense naval armament* r ? w i i :? [Ol 1 '?? u!.?r!\ at Toulon, where 00 HMI ti n': .'. ;.: ii* dupa on ^?>??'..?.' ioMMoI Tl.. BoOIM MM .I d! and declining. Tb*1 Kent-** rJoeed i. wry ou the Sal a: ?9t, 4.V. The ]'"' '' ? l< i fTihv -i- expedition hadbeen fTt*riiJ*A<l .a the Council <>t Miaietora, |? -.van Biopoooi la di? .t i, 18,000 i?.-n bal aotMag MMdla v>.v arrived at. Th< tri* ] k \\. ? 1.1 i ,)t |. h.e Ufnre lb*- end ot the ve kr. Tbi- Pari* ti.rrt .-j.- iidi-r.t of Thi IjinAnn Tim<>'*>J* ha ia Mill informed thai hai> ?? laimed aar war rzpenaet Inn. Sardinia, and tb.' Sardinian Knv i ? on ta Pan* I appooad to have nfcnBtt to tint fOOOtioo ?'f th- debt us vnfl a* the I'tichiea. Accounts from (bin I hii.a say, that the French f..rccrv.' ri'mi v.-.-.rr. i.'it by t'..ti/a<- and d t!,?; tr ev wfTo pre] itr.r,^ to ^hMndr.n T^'train and ntm | ( bniM. Tbl < niv potnt wh;<h th? Adnc-al will not ah;.no ;? Nu _? win re exten-ive tortttiettiioiM have 1- -ii raiood, and a aBftiOM will be left. ITALY". Monk ii VailleM .? rapooOad t" have wn't-n to Na? poleon ?ugge?!ing the ooobmIJm of the DojcWm by i..,..,}, I,.... y.. to pnreot eiril au bunking oat. The Neapolitan army on the Komaa frontier ffai in. M0JaBB> h woa tninored ihol troopt bad laaded Ht ?aeoaa. Conaiderable excitement prevailed in Piedmont on aecocal of t(,(. & oditiona oi ike Zurich Treaty. T 10 King oi SMrdiinii, in neiviag a dopoMtioa Ir.-m the ??tu polity ?.t Genoa, re hinatod nit intmtiftti tc drr fosd Iba 1 aim ot Italian ladenaadeaee totbeatni -t oj h>? powi r. He expnaaed the b..j.e thai the w iahet of wonM be "ranted. Urt Parii rorrenpondent of Tkt Umbin H>ruii aayi thai the object of the Bardiaiaa Minister for For? eign \r: ? i* viatiag Parii itoobtafan the Bonoiw't ronaent, peadiagIba Cootgnat, to im owopotiM <.:.trni Italy by Ph baouteac troopo, und tin app-m.: inen? oi Pi ni e (.'arignaiio h? l{"ijerit of the Duchien at d LooMiaaa. The i ommon Coaaeil of Milan had TOt?d lOO.OOtl fraaei U ward Garibaldi'i aabaeriptiaa I >r tbe pmrba t ? f mui-ket-. I: \\;.^ reported in Turin ?bat, in con'oqiience r.f Neapolitan wai^ehipi baring been tignaied ia a boatili attitnde oil the eoool of tbe Ifoonfltn. a Piednio:.?c*e IQOodTCB had l-een OMond rOOad into the Adriatic. Il i.- iircerted that tin rr DO been O revolt:'.:, noreatenl in Palermo, but that il waoaapuvj a L im.- atory pfiyii IM roboli won killed, but h loeki contirmntion. Jaatieeootrtbaaed tobe eaergetieaHyoartiod out in Parma. Neu airooti l ad takoa plaoa, Tit. raaniei I alitj had determined on the destruction of lac column on w hich the l ead of Anviti WOO plated. It was i xpeiTcd that the effect!re atrei ^-;h of the new Hardiniai army arill be 100,000. exclnaireof the lirle corj.i?, und militaty murine. In addition there will he throughout il .- Ktagd ;.. nl 600,000 National (ttianlH. ITinaac a! aflain in Naplea an npnMBtod MOrkieal, and a b.,.-i ? i ?6,000,01 0 wi - -; ken of. I.tTf -?T. Teata, Ort 91, Hie otlrial Piedmonleee Qttettt pabliahaa a aaerec anihoriahig the Kiuant Lai Mhtiotoi to ?ontnt I a loan of one million franca. byaaaMool tbaawnattoo oi tin mA ? oo the paboe debt t?. thai amount. Count Rogier, Miniater of Belgfaua, baa arrived hi Turin. SPAIN. Tin C.orr(*fj>ri(!tnt\a Iii.', graft bMHMBOM lh:kt in .a net.' - of nnaoliefaetory ileielaination* atade by the Fiiirwiriw' ot aforoeeo, the O nacfl o; Mlnlatan ha* r< -o|\< ft i*i iJUo nOOWM lo i.i nn.. I he MUM journal approval the action of the Ooreraaiaal in ordering the Bpaoiah Consul to leave Tauieva. The Spanish Bithopa, in imitntioti Oi MO PrOBl b, had cenmu m ed pablaaVfauj paatoral lottan in ioi om of IM temporal power oi the Popa, L trr.sT. M viutii), -JiHh. Tbe replv of Mm ore. - 10 ?M WOJIOMOea demanded by Bpain imi in-iiiu sulmfa< toiy, war seems imminent. \ council oi Miuiatere, preeiaed over by tbe tyeeea, haa at oo < ? vroked. Tl.. Spanish lunds du lined to-day mon-than .m- pel cent. _ AUflTRl \ ? It waaixpoetodlthol tha Bmpjaror of Austria would have an interview with the Bojparut ot RaMO a: Hieslan, on the ?3d of * kstober, RUSSIA. Maaati fJlcifbliU k To , tha Cowl Brokers at St. Peterabarg, hod aaatoaaeed their iMiMioa lo ntin fr m bnaim n al Iba i loot oi the year. SWEDEN. The Kiln.' Of Sweden WM about to BfOpOM the aboli? tion of the .-i van pun.shments inrhctc.1 upon thooj w bo quit iho Eetabbahed I bonh. TURKEY. Ali Patha, (Irand Vfadar, bus been fJHaaaiated. II" wot i" ?'.? laooratltd by MahoaaH Eajaaaila. Paad Paaha, .1 aaaalaoaxptcti 1, would bt dawwaaod. Two of the eoaapiraton had died at Knlelr. A Ttaael, whh (jreaeeian efaigronU on board, had tuen wrecked. Two hundred and three lives wen lo,'. COMMKRI I iL INTELLIOEKCE. 1.1*! ar 001 < oil,is From the Bnkti t ircuiar. |?'i h.- aanltl aWa ? i at aHtaahaj aaaaat y. pa-'ti -u l?ilj far All 11. >. .I.--. : et... - t.w.i ? to t'leii .. ?. i. Ilu '.Mi l dliiif qutlitiii of A me nein, pirti.-nlarly of Sew (h-lean? uti.l .Mobile, ihera had ' ? < n an adraaea al |d. Tu? mis* at Iha w*?\ af daatriptleaa. (bated up M OM lulrr. of a-kiehiaa?iulataciteak 1 .*??' I" ? ??? t: e ? :?et 1 i">i:::-tea'lT nJeaea Viiaay faetaday s.i-o hales, ui wlm i 2. OOwarefai ?jwrnlation an'.l e?|*?rt. T>.s mariet. U?e?f ataasfj a: the h ' m laa aalhulaul liniallaaii Kew-OHaa?a Kalr, 1| Da Mtddlta :: M Mi iila Fair, "i; Do. IvUdJUaa, 7| l'pleu.1, . I?.. MMdNaf 111 I". 'I he .lock ot t otton in prrt. acronlin? to the !?-t we.-lily rr tum?. IjaaM up Sl&.iVm kalea, c.:' whirl; 31.',0i\) aratt af Vmrfi.-an dr.. riff,tea** Mamiu.-tii: M Utakis.?The iidvice* frota Man .1-1 wrre MOtaeiaM* aeaaclaD] fur laaVa O?od?, a hick i.aJ a Jt w:.? r:.! MM. Barai llaaaxTa Cottoh adraaciag, particahuty the fair at ?I iied.'lir.' aualitlaa Tl.? ?ilr? of Ihr week in 1 i Iii . laeMh reet af l,irt iilaa | Plew<)rtaaaM ir? aitlaalia. MM, de Mm,i$tt.; the Meet la patt wai tAjttt) balai. O/aaar ef all m.rt-had .I. MaudroaalaVvahrr, \m.i>? dull >,nd ajfeM we?k. Cerrai Ina. (Hisleertlee, i"ut ?-.r> uurd io arlea. Ki< a bna, OraaadeBi Laaa tei hat dull TVa 11 lean bjatafta Lm i t BaiADi m n Itiaarr.?Meaara. Ri< h arj..n. Su. air k ( o. Ouute 1 ii ir .'.nil at tt fuS f. . Whsit ?1. > dill; Tel. a Ija/t; Wi..-. 10911 . Om ijntet b:t firm: i. i:.'.e. J-ii.,'.!. i. \Vl.i;. .- ..? ??: p r M....^ laud, Alhya J. Cat ri yen it }? can of Id. uu :iic-e Tlp? dev. Liriarooi Paortaiox M\:;ki r.? Miaata, Bighnad, aihya fc Ce., l; hardasau 8awea O Ce., Jaav attllawi k Ca., Mml at hart, n pari Beel m\ I?. iVra dull and in?c tue. t ;.t ^aeaMMtl would nay at k n ducticn froai aakint price i' n dull ..-id jiiotAtion? non;i:al. Lar.t lr:a at St .1 Je tor r. fil ing qtii?-ie/. arda-i tffillj tor fins, which arr tctzz*.. T?iiow brm: iataha f' M Lirxai i Paoovci If taxar.?The Broker*! Cbr? fiilar r*f*rti laaai -t. idy *' M (Or all Pata and M tar?: :< f. i ii ? . ? ? .'" ??? . '...? !'.??.?:? Mi.ih hui??::! at at -i vaan ui Iii 81 fat rainier aerte Crraa quirl Rub lirm BXaaataady, Phihvdelahia I 99% . Haitiraorr 7 a: I. F an Oiu ML I ivaaaa Otu M j.'-i .<. Ko.iv Hall and lowsr. Oaaaaaat t'i\ L InanaorTraraaTtaadaDatM IBM laONBOl M m;k> i *.? Par.:;.- Brother? report Bl'.tvn ?Tirr? v.-ry hat mmtf. 11 ?>s atcady at xS to cxSli for h.-th 1 sr- aid rs- ?. M <??H Rrrr. with a ptrti?! ad rar ?<> ?-' ' a I r.\ qi.:. : . I.:.:. t . FTKK d:.~ Mid w.-ak-T :~ pri... Im ?S,;..*ted. ..nd q-.itat.ena uivi-i ?aired with difficiittv l.ixaaa I'*?-?. ia in better demand. New-Veik. M I BaMaaj, BO PMa Oil? laaatlve Luaaaa tut. . Knae^jet. TaMXew dell at M'& SriKit? or Tra rs> ? - Kiss\< iktm?Iht LnatltO Moan market was?li;bt. !* it ore.'- .-? t. I- i tl.? .'iprl.v ??? ?'? t it. Thellieu the i'.ek of r'tif'and had de. Ie?srd. alucs tSs la?t werkiv te turu. X^-Vs.Oi?. Har Silrrr wa- quated at ' t ? DolUri. S III > ? ? '?' ?' Caeaaela mmi aa ma at *? ?m{, for hath d ? n. y and ????-.n ut. rU LATEST, Lrtaanoi .*.tur: I ii .-? .;. - CoTtiiv - Salra lo-dav. s ?eh.. . fwKi h ! V.>- t. .I ?. u. re r -p.- ? .latiaa and smart. >! '"*? ? ???? ? ^ -is ..1?. Ha>tAi".ri rr> ..ui't. but ateady. l'a.-> \ . . ...t. laaaea, S. tnrday Atlenjoon ? I l?y r*l-craph |?OaBMaXj sC-l ? ;^>. lor L vary at. I atveu u?the market il ?iuf dull. A.vt ;\ Sto k P.,-;'..' Brother* rc;?.>rt U.S. Kirr.?. t?Ott*l; Ma?-a.:hu e" Fhr'a. !??; IVr.navlaaaia Ftrra oi Urn, ttaVaaj, ? k ? . :. :*.r?". ??. ..a R .. ro? i S? ,? i Tins- >l. w at -. * b>n usalters.1 in pn.-e. f. S. Piiea, \<93t. *.J cy j. j. . f .vi.-.a picauttT? laqcirv at a u^Bt aivaac? it a- ? - Ibi -"'a ?!: Abvhaaka Fi???. is&r: Ksl i n ?itea s.'tfsi; Maryhtad Kivea, MBMi Ma?*a.huae?'.a I ''"<j". PvoaeylraaU Pleaa. Ml Ml ka . Ker.d of HT7. Slate: "Sits.. r?aSJ: Vir ?i ? >.\e- -a.. ?.'?'?,. d. I.v... j.iao. I ,.in..i. i sntrml Saare? . H ? - d ? * f? < - t ?;..? -. --:.t-v. .1? Ptaaa, VB)M tie .??-?.? rreela-id. ? . ... Mi icon t'eotral Kuhta. TJefH, .1 -tin ? N w \ er.. I .;.'-. >iira, ita?j. de Ss. ? Shir 7? ? -?.' Yr: 1 ctrd Morrafr SSffST, do. m ,r. i ?'? !'*:.?? * K-..l-n?d Meed, of I a*I. lultf 10*; d. 1 .4 J ' . I'eii,.;. l?.uia i entral Mira. f.rat Mortfar?. is* ?fr?. The l.n?J. n Timrt .if Petal Uj ri ^cr*. | lhal jf V. a. Fivea at >l, and luitvi- t'ei.tral Shjre. at CI .Its.ount Paurairrv. XI:. U. Lie L?;raa;c aad .<ay, MX.Oaa>atiMtijtMl Ota ?1 i?MidWf. V- ?l,n. tmi U-K Mr Owij Iv<? M /II?* end fnrnal. Me?da.-tss* Wketaaej Micgrmyn. *msvt. Iwj i...dr? t. aad Bi.r.s Jin W ia. two rhtirrii. tad uunr : Hn. Ti.orr.eSk?**>?" eitid; Mr?. Ktar*4 bare-? fnor rbiHrra ? id ihr?? -:?.. f. Mr* R>?a. LiMll, Taarniik?. uaae* -* x .1 i Views rett LW] BBU, ABeo. MmmL ft**} .'.?>t.r M. :. V. 1 fr-jT. ? i r. r \V <.^cj ( irrlsrtarj Carry, Omm ?nd hWN 0 i r vvt.-, /vlnw.n WWt?<4 V*.-rrror f?rd. CarteM- 1>?tj?.. Jarrant. MA**>4. jr.. < k'iuorr. J. on.i. c. Aii^r n. Corc? iT. Rum<u I ten Aii-a. Lttla (>'A> r.-?f Mirk-U May, CU-i Bri/f.t. rrtvr.. Mux Hutwr. Kit.* I ita-i.hnu-h, fluWor.l Uajt^xa, frr-rr Pnwr !???:. 8a*f4 ( Mfaeal ?--,sn Partsr Wet . BSCS*****, I jr nnli, Maj, i ort.uji Ii.riM. kirt>?. Ki <? !>.,? :. <?":.- h! - iv V.-r-.L-r. U ,)... ? '[>,..-; Mne'^-r *>Miituri ?!??] uiii-i arrotit t"-|.??iu D. KHi^Ht. i < < rovrril, Dr (rr?r- Dm Joaa Maatre f.f.r MARYLAND ELECTION, Onr retime from fi e Elect, ?n ? this State are Bar <??-n.pb.-t-; b*Jl indicate th*- r>- !? tK-n, hoynnd a iBBBOaV able doubt, <>f Win. H. PivmI Am.I a* Controller. M ith three I ?tMOMati awd three Am.-ncaan (?? ( "ii >.'rt-?r. Um r-turn.? foi Controller, as far tto leoaaYOtl, are ap ttmVm*: I SAO. 1KA7. ?<V\TU';tL?B.? fl?lBBBBB Up? Itapi. Am. Dem. Cnmal laa Pu.-n< il. Jan.-lt. Hc-k. UrisJlus. Fa.uaHJfa ' i" ' .. LSM - 3.(39 f^jturoterrtrnj... !?0 - - ?U Howard. - 117 Ti - Te',l?M. - - U' i'aralier. 5* - - *?? Cadi. 2 - - ?1 TrtaJ. t.40S "jTr 9.717 3? ' Om *v aid to r.w in. wurh r?T- l.m At;i?ni*B myor.ty is lti:. An eriu-n ma;. 1,169 j dn. in 'ST, 9,.14'.>. American t-'am, TW. to whicb the ..<mpl-'-> vote of Baltimore will probably add 1,000. Pot ( OBgn i ara ha.i IM n-turns of any imp- fffJJaM from tl.. let DaWaiat, arbj ??? ?- IMI 4kj N test JajMi A. Mcwk'. l?.-m.. nw ('.('. 1 ? \. (?(Baaaaaotv In ti e Ui Oil t, E. B. We;,--. r, Opprvifi-.n, has baaM plrcti.Jby :. sm^iJ u.aji r:ty .T hi:wi; M - llf-nn, l?ftii. The IIIH T>isiri. t ratMactsJ. M-.rrts.-n Harri?. Aawr> ii an, fas f'-Uows: B. -ISAfl--1*W-? v\,-i. f r -? : . :> Harrt?. A. Whrte Harria. 1. 90 ?7? IJ1 TM It. 81 1 775 107 M 111. 2i3 1.4?S 3+4 IM jv. ?5 |,7aa ri i tm V. tin ?I? ?4 ?.17 VI. ttlV UTK ZW 1 J*? Ml. IM I/**. 2i1 1.W9 VIII.I .Mat Ml 2 JO 41* Te..l .um tt n-J? itni 7,*a> llur I.', In HaTI) Harma'i ma; 3.3*1. Tl i ra ara ? few twntn PiTrlirrlf to eotM in <??: ntu t i ban ire the- result, and will not vary the ni.ii' n'y very .--seritially. 1) ?? I Vth DtaVa I re- laaBtl Ih ti.-y W,a*-: 1? ?\.-, Am. as foOowai -1s.-J9-1 HAT Warali Uarritoa. ima\, K^i-. a. Braatia.P. Daria, A IX. 11? Sdl JW7 XW X. Ka 97J 3M 531 XI. ;-M <*J 5.'?J fill XI!. *" M7 M M XIII. V? T? *?. xi\-. ?r-i w.. H w? xv. 94 M M M XVI. 14? Ttri 1* 6-J4 XV|I. 19 ?70 ?< VMM XVIII. ???? Ml 1.IT4 X!.\. 194 ?m 31S un xx. Jo. ?n >? UM Total.2?*7 ?.330 A*M l?e.W ?MaioritT for I>a\i?. S.7M; do ia H-'o, S,"2<.. Tli.-n !urns froui the Kn/hteenth Ward aOjdlaVnjtaJ |0 Mr. l)avi?'s major'ty. T1mVth Diatrktra?)1*??ta Jmtxk M. Kankal, Daaa., 11? follo"*-!?. -1S39.- -1 Vis t ? r, UeflaBaaa, Opr. Ktr.krl. Drei K-B Hiaaaoj. ? iso - m i tint i. ? ao ITT Wa?Lu.(ton .... ? 3 .'-H ? Tot si.IH3 .'35 4U3 In the V Ith I >:.-t ro t 04M*i|?a W. HaaJaMa, Oem., in elected over A. It. RagMT, < >pp.-l'loli. The Leiiialature is iA-inoeratir in ls>Ui hnun-han, ua hliowe: !??N?Tlt? .AmrHcar? R; Dernoerat. M. Hn -r I ?? M ? H 1 NMI - Nil 41. Une di-tl < t M ?.I 'o I?' heard from. I By Trlegraph I BaLTIHOaa, Kn.fay, Nov. I, 1899. The following Member* of l'.,ni/r..? ar. ile.t. i Harri?, Pnvis, ami Webster (Aiiiericiiiinl, and Stewait. Kunkel, und Bogboa |DoflBOl rats . This is tho earn hs at tie last I '? ?i.Kresriotml eleetion. Tlie State Leptdat-ire ataataJl M follow*: BOBBM, 33 .\i,.: rana, If Doainiial*. iaaata, I ABaericaaw, 1.1 Daiuinl* Ob* Dfabkl to l?Barfroaa. f?/'/?}' POLITICS. Aanucaa KoaViaATMM r. R a-ifmbtt, Bavtari DISTRICT.? The Americans of the Seventh a mal lv District c. iivtn. d last evening, at Browtt'i BQUard, corner >i*t!i avenue and Went Teuil. alrt-:. lot th. purpose of nominiitinir a candidate to r.-pn i tt that Di.-trict, w hich re.-u'.ted iu the iu-lorscment < 1 Mr. iiOiloiiih a rtintHiaij the IfopubHcaui Doaataoo. a sctic*t*f raoolatioBa confirming ihe ohcofa wotaraaf aadappforoA I. L AaoVraoa actad an nlialilaaaof the me., A. ('. Smith, jr., aad J. A. Hillerv, Scc retaric *,while BOOBa liticeu ctlicru were- uanicd ,tr Vice I'tceidents. Smimh Wvr.T^.?The Republican A~-.-< i..tion of lUa Ward held aa Inturaeting mncHag laat et lajagal H. tel.ic Hall, No. Ut Ka-t Hroadway. Dr. Su'?Jora?n ?tado an able sBooch in regard to tha peeeeal caavaaa, and tiwehed npoa the Htwptw'a Peiiy aftir, George Terwillig* .ti.- Bepabtiraa raadidate for aaasaher el a--. mMj Im tho Eighth DiatrisAfellowod. Be ad rarted at atari to tho pfiaciplea and pohcy eoaaected a ith the State i anraoB, aad arged ujs.n tho olocton of th. gart/ath Ward to aid tha BsrpaBbiican State ticket, aa tho aMiao boat caiaakbafod to paoaoct tho rightaaad laUnata of tho Knipire State. He then tombed BgOB .- -it'., ii..' l ; is, Bad ill UU eloquent MHatMr showed le.vv Miia.ibir. ni? to th. time-honored principle* of tue lv. pabtti aa auty woald to i ? tha Oaaaral Otwoia? mei t (row t!,h deirtadati.-n and corruption in wh . ii it is row thrown. Tl?ir r. ::,aik> wcr. r. c. ived with mark.-t t ap{ ro! alien. VfMM a MaggOBtlOBrabatlveto ?J rhaforaarogiatered voters, thoyahoald u n adt- bj Notaries Paht* BD I Coin:: aBSaoaert of Deed?. Messis. j. Bancroft Stereaaaad Edward M. BUdaaoro BaaOaaOadt0 pertoru. there ilutaa fur the Voters ol the Beveath Ward, rha ommmi CawaaafJooa r.i,.,r. that their arrj.i gi men's wen1 completetl for th? elec? tion. . nd tha tickets WOald 1?^ ready for distribution on Moi.dhj nit! t ui xt. X ',;n V.'i-i i:,t:c i: ? T ? !!? ? ? ' in- .?: the Ninth W..rd beb! ;.r, enthusL.ptie ritification tmet bag l..-t ev mm it, ?'? i ft kail in Bbeekcr Building-. Mr. s. H Patuati aoBadtha Bassstaag to aaakw. An i . ? iF. Dow.ooq. w..-rifted President. Mr. Dow made a rhort but ntirriiij.' npvevh, and a large nuiub.-," of \ ae-hnsiiiei.:.- tad loonowiaa were ala ted on tha ? :? aati at I Mr. Jataas Pair, 1?latioaa ntaiying tbo assBahaBtjoao. aVaoeaaiBg Slavery and tbo ayatem of wave labor, aad pledging tbe support of the iS'inth WaWd to the Ke{ ul inun cundi-Uter. an well as to pul down the At:., m: rl.iVe-;'?..!,-. i-.Ti-f >o pt- V-:.' tl.e sj r.: d of Sharery bNo tho Tas^ltoriea, were pmpsn-ej by Sim lair Toun-y. eeq., and unanimounly adopted. Sfsjocboa were made by the Hon. Jas. A. Brigg*of Ohio, SteWatt L. Wtwdford, and Fairaian. whuh wtie araritily iep}K;nat-a to, ?nd the m'.x'Miu d.i Iiot repar.ite antil a iate hour. SavaatTatatra Wab> KarcaLicaj Aiqociitiob ~ At iLe : pec UleellUk.'Ot tue liepllbiiCan AsfSKlB? ?0 of the .Vventeeuth Ward held in Allen street Uet t v?:. Bg, tl ? :n war u very lar^e utvndau.-e, ai:-J much i^tciett v.a.-taken .i. tir ; ? ? _P. Pmvkuey f resided. The prop. t r m. ...'?> .;? were our. and ' - ? - received a coni.;.ierab?e a M Bfhaj by the Oatai .- af p<-r^,nn previously elec. L Jatn?* Caabtag, \tr. af the Exeeatrra ('nmmi.tee. n - ported that tbo aocaaaary stsraa bod Keen taken to or ? i ? i. n. -e. - ia tha i :?. rer.: Districts ol the Ward. Tl e report of the f en-mitteo t,n In/pectors and Can Vussem, with nominationa, wan read by Mr. Harvey \\ . -. and af>r the adoption of a few peeessary atretnin:. BtO, woe i. : baa l. Mr. Coabiag ?tat.d thai tho aoU?hoto of tbo Sarea te?utb Waid were far laTwer than ev. r I ef -re. ThaHO won aaaiij i^m Iheaaoad a^re saae regrsteredUaaB tr.r hrgret BBtVaher polled at ??rj election. The object Mar?lo Blatter how en?itMaetir the BcptiMiran parly nnatht be?to completely overwhelm it with fraudairnt rote*. Mr. Qai ryr Fol*otn i idled the attention of the n?.?? t Lw la the great importance of the coming eWctioa, and the ur<,er.t te*ed there was of united The rtTrxxrv-, ae -a d. w<>. id pot forth ail tbe r pewer to l ixrfy ihsr atNtjaat, for it waned be an baaaaaaMai how ike Mai w,.Mi,( c.. hi Ike pNeadeal al ai* taaet. Tba Republican, sboald organize thenn-elvee into a Vi^ . IsJ,. e < 'nn:.:tee. a..d h t" prevent fraud. Every man crjjrht to make ?- n h vSoft to i irrv tr. - ale :. -n aa lev in hi. aower; and ti. - I o ?*>>n. when Bareed mnt .< a] ..??. mi a md ranka, Th- It-Set.ny; then adjourned. Ratal : : ;, .s kfXXTIM j\ in,- I*|..hti FVTH WaRD. ?A meeting oi the Refaahhaaaai ot the Eighteenth Ward was h, |.t ! ? ;-. !' - Pispen-?ry, turner of Sesond avenue and Twenty-third street, ITenry Eeeny. eeq., pre-ided. The ettendanc* waa large ard the prv.-eding* ? nrl naitsti?- throughout. Th. Her.. Charles S. Spcnr.-.-was the r.rxt speaker. 11- alluded to the lu itcrou* attitude of a eo-ealled " Pel PM I held a te\v day a riUiV tOadvitlc ? Uh ManataafUm ll ..0 argeOpdyha .** aa r: fttimaymwdkktm tut state a^eaaater. That met-ing, he Miid, wa- made tip of a few disaffected KepnbflV ..n I and a areat many Ikrookj AaMrkaaa, w th Jaaaai : Proehl tt ire head, having Bl its only parpose to de I feat Mr. M..t it ire. the Repoblk aa ? utaho for Bat a* n r He had 'her - . ? ? i Mr. i ?rdy ke ? ? ? Id ?-. tie ~ J aatfe aat hcine made af b.s nemo, and Mr. O.'s card ir. tl .? mort i g papers had eoairoaed ihe truth ? ?! hie prediction. Mr. Opdyke was a man of atorling arorta, whn desired ia -e? the principle* of Republi? can! B adiaaa I bt pnoareuani la himself. Mr. Spencer *p<.ke in higb terms of Mr. M.inierre't i quualitve ,,? a riti/.en, und his ah.liries r... repie*ea| the paopM ? tka State Oinata The aaeaker alhaJidio hi Mali af aat i h at lha Booth, and anal that front U i - slating order r. arn bat ? st.-p ta lha laarehj of a errvile tr.*nrrertion. He had r..t le .d tbe lesson of Snn lioaiingo, without aWtTfaaj taaaTaatkai fr-uii it, and bataaai hi had doae he wind thai lha Booth the aid ha warned ol be leu rer at band llotenietlevl that Jaha Bn a a, ?? I ia awaira led aeal. ?hnwld have a: aaaayaad ao aaaperate an u | ai hr had aaaa. yet it had aat eaaa withoal ha atfahVaBwa, That 17 men latd "> nr 'ro. ? have fr 'hr. r. d the whole Sr.tte of ITira na, ahaarad what a ralaHM was ?ltimi>eniig niniert rath them. Mr. Bpencif thi r. i lajaJaad erttieally lha trial of Jaha Drown, aad pi.ineed N t-> be i Ihne. Mr. ?*!? aeei eaoo) led abo to Mr. t lorwia'a aaVoaaej af the Pueitive Slave Law, aad aaid be daahad lo see ihat lav -?' ? V en .!??? n. lie a?er!ed that t" hi the aW> Irawai IheRevnUii ia | irty. When he iatnda ad the Poranaal Llbertv hill arbater before the Hone at Albaav. oat ol la llejmbiican nie rubere, ?<! voted ter it, [Apjplao?e.| II.- eoafnaad to aaimiiaiiig tAati^Slavery < rant, la donated lot thai ti e ,ia_t woald eoaw whea thi ?un araatld ahiaa npaat our i.htion arhhaajl n -hive. A aatiaa of naoliiihan nlify ia/r the aotaiaatioaa af Mr. Maaiern. and randidali i (or A .-? tnbly wen then ad.pted. A r}eeih in Oeraaaa am then delivered by Mr. Keib. It war a: pponl to the Uenaaa eiti? zi ns to sustain the cause of Free Libor, ?npporing the aoohaatkaai oi tbe Republican party. The raee lie I ad;.ail l ed. Muituiti Win. Ran i k iiav?A Ropablioo Hjua M< ? ting was held at the eoraer ol Third aveaae I and Piflj-aiath atreet beat ivaaiag, Deaadi MaCaha ia lha chair. Ahaad af aaaiai waa hi attoasiaaea, The mtrting wn* iddnand by M>--rs. Solomon C? Hull, T. B. \ in Bana, Parkin of Connecticnt, John Coop or, A.c. HOla, WQaoi . Dan el l? t oaorer, P ackaej, lad otben Tbe aweting* waa very OBtbai .The ? .iker?. ilinost w it bout anoptkkB, ap plied thaaaaalvai to their n -peetive duties with vigor and a good deal of eoicniiT ? im\ RaTtricATioi HaiTiaa is thk TwsaTr?iii id Wiid*?The Bepabtkaaaof the Pweatj-eoeoad Ward met Let avaafaaj at Btoooael'i Batt,lfo.683 Eighth .........-.i. ratify tbeaoi I D.D.Conovartov s>: alar aad R* bard Bo 1 tot Aaaaaablj. Robe Camp* u]., Vice Preeideatol the I wen?y.*..e..n.| vTard Chib, OMvaded tbe chair. A bvgi audWaca of eatbas sia-iii Ripabl i aaa w u in ittaadaaii a, aad lha pnaoaa> ings were . niiva ned by :h. pie~ ncei.l'abai)d.); ninsi,-. I The opeehen were Jooeph Lax, fonaarl] . i ?? n ' Inaaoerati R. Daiahahl Baahh, Jadga tj>aaehea> . lush, s. L. Hull, aaq., .'f ibe Hbath Ward, Mr. Diticu boefer of ihe Mm me Coart, und Jadge 1 ?n dual I. POLITICAL. ?A "Fnadhafl Daaaacrat'1 of 1841 writaa toTn T;tihi nk from Ibhaahoiih, Hot. as follows: W .? linr taiuked . .1 re<i,t<T ui fute:>, uid LnJ ?o iarrra?,i o\er !a?t year, L.'uL.'h* ibeal l y Krej^lit AireLt a' th" llnd-ou River Ra?rrid Dopet |a natu-i?zrd Batkaat) ?ho laakaaaataf ' f Bi'-r eruejoyrd upon thr Real t.. New York on the Th iradar ? > ... train, and obtauirj their (".; r, . n Kri iay. i?'-i !,y. thay teak tka aaeaaaaiy aath, aaal wata r. /utrred. A Railiaad Ajetr? tr* k the :r-,ir_ie.! eath aa !'i *h-ir reaidence Tili? ?'? the aaa aaaa, daaa Ike Real ?a apaaad, that the aaaaaa aflkai vi?airr hatr had to contend ?j.mst the paWM af il? e::i(.i jy-e?. ? 'id if I am n<S mi.'akeu, the CaaaaMM Bad their BeBBtejBBB will re, e,?e a r. i uke ? i.?f ih?y will le> likely ti reinernior. Oi l tlutlh*** Will ?:>e a ?<hhI a-l'- .n' Ol" l.elae'* The Kree-S.,il I?. nj.- rM. ..(HW ir. rinn in t!.. 1: !..?e f..r :: ? .1 11 with a very few taetatieai DaaaaS B.CaaaafeI Ca . aa ?r>-n- t wi::.ij< i....In it tl?t we w. ?? eil|.*r er r??>-ai- in '?i. ? |e-ak? of tie Rep.l.'l an? Oh.-, i, i|.enia..ea| u-i''< h'.ne^ aattaaanaBtr* aayi Iheyeaaal ie*.i. one aaftaa aaaaaaaataV jeu<e ot the tw.. [*Cir. u, tu.t *yj*i< At the New? Ii.-:. : ? Iii? ivwa lit fataa TT rrftrt if Tai 1V. t a c > a. R ??? / i? Ti ?.?*?. ; I . ? In' ifrruW. and i af Tht .%>????o ial TT N;te? l?e:. Ukr a dailv. bav 'our numbrra of Thr f>au'y ?um. Thr Uhu II paairi are '?*ru *J BafaMwiaa Wahh party taaaa Mr. fh i-. n' W<- are tr"-;c <*. l'J"! t-> I <.?..r 'or m? tide-wai'. r* weal f r:.ira to nnr rillare. It. a-^sial miaaion ?etntteaeteaal raitaWBa^aaaaaai what we meat io to ?m lie flu, i.. The R. |,i.l.i;,e.ia t4 thi. vi..?a.e a.e t.i have a <rand r*!ly or Saturday, at I o . I^vk P. M . when aV H..n John K. M. ire'ta/ra. ?n ' the il ? Charlra L. B-eii af ('"luiubia County w liaaMaaayoaahk" ?Trr Wa-hingt on cr.rrer[H.r.dent of The /"At.Wc/ phia Xortk Air.rruor. euy>: ? T'-? Prr?id?r.' wn at r,:.s ti,-.- lo fd the Preth Miaaiou bet. r- Ihr meetim; of CaeeTMB, b'jl he ha? al laat de ..;. J t- d a : -;p .etasrc; w::. - a::.-a-ted ?o tuaay "?? err aapiranta. Vlti n it waa prnpeard to recall Mr. Dallaa but H Jiid^e Roe^-reit of N. ai Vurk. w ia MmI urxed. and n. 1, tt.j fa' rx-d by tne P.-rtideot for tbe eiaert.-.l v.-u. ;? Hut ?in * I- ha. ..i.. ?t .. .1.1. a..! *:-:.oat u.\i\i.i a remunai, tl r ,.- '.!...? ? ? a I....I a.a' *.. .. r.ii.l Vtrritea wi.l hi.- lly r? ib ? m to ti',: Mr a ah.iea euho'it a .??arrje, tt B?y -r d:>? -Tsri-d Ctijre \czz. ' KiK-Y IK GlKUUl Li ri ti n.? Thi N' I-Yath A^eo....i< l Praaa, npreeialiag Tai Tauen, ?7oa A- I '!?]'? ii'-r, Jo:,r.;al of f '.ur.n.crcr, Ksprrtt, MrnTtU, Rare, Tirrrt, Man, Commrrrml A I'-rrtitrr, Cia/atag Pet, Pi* Dock, Demokrat, and Courrier Jet E'.a'* I i". and also all the country newspapers ol the >'.?'. . w ... -n. .: an aapaaial favor if Inspectors Llr^te n will r*nu. or cau.-* to bo s- ut. t? the near aetathgllpl t OaVa, trie remit of the approaching Fleet.' n. :.t Ihl ea.*l.t-rt poeelhle momeiit alter the aiiate ticket rhall have b? en rt.anted. All the Jple v,'.-M( h in the State V? dl be held Open till U a/aieek, or Inter, m election night; and if bopaoton, pclitkiana. editors, and telegraph operator* will aa* rvery daOj j iraal En tht st.ue may re.t~ i a'!y 1... |. to pubUia thi general result on the B-rritu following tht elettioe. D. B. CktAM, Gsnsru. A<t nt, AjMucvaied Freaa. Arr l ark, Kav. 1.1229. F : > in VaBICI ?TRriT.?At an early hoa* yeater ? ? I ' j h tire orcorrav) in the buiiding >*?? 7 i fir katrt t. wncd by Trinity Church CorjmraLuu, .?.?I ? i 1 v ( aft. W./.-rman a- a reae.-mrans. Han i.-.-e to :;? nr...'in! o: |SH wa- MaaVaMOl In ?and e,r.t *I ?00 in the Fac'.fir Insurance Company. The orhjhj of the In U unknown. Hn r Cut In atav?" MMafh ihon Ex ; rdirncy." i- the subjtit of a dtecourte to be delivered I the Chaith if tne I'uritaru. on L'rii<}n Sjixare. to ?t: -r. v. oven.naf. by the Kev. I?r. Iie<.. Ii. Cheever. _The new CTaaich edifice of the First FreeWeU Pop.--i karch, LaTanlj ijghlhMaael. aaarBnaaV v^y. Will Le de.ii?.aled to the worahip of Ord. wr.h \'t f'.-C'. :. -. :\ ..- ?-n:"!ToW. Tbvr* w.U be ahtW rrvuer aWhXJ the day. ?The Kiwht R. v. w Rl Mall ,ti ? - deal ll.-h.-p ? Moravian Church in America, died ai Eaeton, Pa., on M ad v. aged M y.-ara. ?T},e Her. WilLiia C. Wbkine<jn was ordaine-l and install, d paaaWaaltbe u Woosfer Place Hapt;.r i hun h et N?w Haaren, ob Th?r?lay evening. Sermon by the Bit.RaH ri il D. D ? 1 TU F. IS YASli V OF VlMQtb'l f PUBLIC FEELING?SENTENCE 0? BROWN STATE OF THK Ph'JSONKK. rorrr?p??iii U.S- ot Th* N V Triksin*. Ch?ki.I*Tow?i. V*-, No-v. j. Wb\ THE niMlM of PVBLir FTTUyti. Ti.?r*'ii!?riiiofChhrr-?|own.h y lataM '<wa w-eek to the n?xir which the conflict a: l/mrjwr'* Ferry cr* aO*d uoocij them, N cm to n -ume air* of c.aaipo*. ure. I( ui ?vi?l?*Dt. however, (hut a feeling of irre p nssible nnea?ir.cs* ?tili ImM hetr. The street* by ?fay are filled with gronp? of people discueeatig. with pn found M-n- uene**, the chance* ot renewed attacks, OH ?pe*, mmi ir.surreeUoc*. t'nder the walls ? ' I ?? Cfiirt-Hook the debate- Q0BBB to a warmth at once betray trig the alarm which a)! attempt to c- nceal. At night, the thnronuhfiuv? are gruei-drd by armed patrol*, whoarm-t. wul.< at dirt.action, all person* who wan? der frvm their homes, urnees lam esi ate proof can be t'ven ??? taw i.'.n.venee of their inivnti-n*. All stran? ge"! are regarded wth particular ?aepn ion. I'ntil within a day or two, each tiow BaOBBt wur labjootod to the rh-?e*t scrutiny from the moment of hi* arrival, and, in mar.y rase*, c&lhsi np*>n to declare his par [--es, and to make clear hi-* t'reVsIom ttd | ?? ? v;on with the recent movement. Thi* e.veeeive watchf-il ness is now relaxed in *?>me degre.?. but th- ho',.; regieter* are yet put ihn ugh re?pi!..r , ."ir-e* of . Oawfoj cxamuiatiei'., and all utilai:.iL*r e- ? BO ol per aonal appears' ea ..-e rWaod Watk thopeaaky of aoa> slant BOfOrvaafoa. The r?-e:dent of halt an hour. lgtuv rant of all about hin:, und nn-Kiiv-tant of any sort of rrcryuitirn, i* asti n.alied to fed himseli accosted by mime, generally with much show of courtesy, aud bam-eed with nnmeron? inquiries, m,?t amiably put, c. ;,. aBTafoO] his nativity, hi* avocation, his politiial sen ? iitj>, hi* plan* in lite, and aa forth. If comin I I t vi', bo n eelvee a emile of public eppr.'val. it say an I ret a ? i.l, be is in i i ?! ...i.vvi ?i by the trow n c.:' SOS*) y BaTjd Vjokasl opoaOB likely t" lulcr'crv w ith the traa i.i lility of the tieighborbtivd. It i* perfectly ch ar ti n: the Of excitement i* only an uucrtain calm, that might at any moment be broken in upon by freeh tnrbiilence. S?.nie of the inhabitants tbV t to ridn nie the idea of appro!?. n.-.i i s. ();hi-rs admit it fairly, and justify it. A gentleman in the Court-House *,pture. ibis morn inf. in answer, I boaVOTO. 10 a remark ot Col. Washington, tips-n thi* BBljBft. undertook to draw a sir, peafth ia*** ] BfoJl I ' 000 0t the North. Hn Bakod w hat W ould be the probable iouduct of a Vermont village community inthe event of a sudden and unlooked-for invasion by a party of lawlos I uia ii.tns, ac'inif Prow nw i-e, " in '? lietmiK e ot *s lal liU rtie* and conatitntional ri rht*.' "They would hide in the hay-lotl*. Sir, every one of then., s., d he, and as 00b0*h volanti-orcd to dispute Ibat I n, le apat tr.umphantlp 001 the psirenn nt, and 01 tlrldeled the ps ;l.l -e'lled. The ii.artial sp'rit of the region is shown hy the pnsinie of at least two military train-bands, which cot/.uiually pervade the stievN, eonietimes in a body, sometime* difAMOd aWMoljt about, in small sipnuls, or in pairs. |i aloOO OOt ajij>ear liuil they IN bnAes) upon w ith veneration. Kven thecitiren* are halt !.. ;? pud,ate the notion of their protection. Their un fc-.i.n.i:...* is OoaothiBfJ daatnaoiag to look upon. A part of thetn are ( ouiineutal as '.;mih.-, but the ti.iiji nty of tht in ate devoid of uniform. It is thought thot, in ' ,is?- of faojer, tin ir bayonet* would bo BeSjfoJ, and for this reason thoj are i boritbosl Indeed, any-attempt ol ?' ranker, to ca-ta aaOjfal upon I their glory i? reprehended with extreme severity. A i reporter of a New-York BOipOt it Oahl b) have poked mild fun at thciii, in a letter to that pafsar. Military rbOlloOtllalll w as tiled With iliillgnatloti. The Colonel wbo bus the loidiery in chaige vleiled the reporter, riddled him .-mail -le l oi inteirOgOjJOB, and b> oiated opoo - \\ hinatn n*. Thes?? were deb rryd, until tie CoioOOl should Spot iff hi- obj.-cti..ii-to what had bin written. S'lbsecjt'.cntly the Colonel d"-ided that, - a* he> himself had not yet seen th* obnoxious a'tn le, but bail only bOBWSloC it incnb ntally, ors-cticiiii ins Were whollv n<e?iie^s, and announced with aasarn that, iti the event of a re|>elilioli ot the joiniialiel * unnleueaiil levity, uneat would li'stantiy follow. THE |*M RT, AND TIHISR Wild AI'I'K\lt IN IT. The court-room ie fur BVOrybodj Ik* central point of intere-t. The crowds thai coiigrexute there daily ate so ?freut that il ha* been found iiceeeeary to ere, | rude *. aff'olding* of plunk to slu lter the official* from out? ride interference, and to enable them to perform th--ir I duties uninenmhered. The bavtM and confusion lire I pemetimes very irri-at. Th? pjOMfaa disposi'ion of the I Court i* rt murkahle. The picture during the gl**at0f purt ot this alt-moon, for example, wan eurion*. The apartment, which i* 00t aWgTS, was thoroughly filled in ?veiy pait. I in an elevated | latform at the rear *at tl.e tludge, lomfoilably reclining in hi* chair, hi- !. ? rOsAh*4f BtpOB thotobla belbn him, amid tho chaoeof I ,w-l .s.ks, pope fa, aJad ^rtlTtOfh, and hoUing upon his koanaa volume btggei thoavaJltlaareal. Jodga Parit?t a man rA middle age, short and etoutish, and with a count, nance singularly stem, by reanon of the sharp bneu about the mouth. His manner is mild and qniet, Bad there is dignity iu hi* presence, iiotwitheiuiiibng til'.' aspu^ig b-^s. Lawyers vvh.0 Live 'VftlV aVjWI i fn m the North, to vvati-t] over the interests of the Bros*, u party, eologtsa bia r of pre-iding. They j are paofioa in ptoioaa of his candor and integrity. Lt nii^-ii.? bufl} ? ver the arm of hat chair was Mr. Helte. ODO Of the I OQHael rtjectcl by B.owu. Beside ihe JoskjO, on euch side, sat row* of country magis? trates, 000 or two usiiuf a fravmeut of hi* table for tho siippott ol then leg*; the rest displaying wa unmasked bottOfJ Of bi*,ls all along ihe railing w hah edge* the platform. Side stairway* also were crowded with at tetitiv *|-? tutors. J ;-t b? low and in front of the Jodgo weie the jury unn, latawtly v? 11- awaka to oroty turn of priH ??filings. Near the center of the room, the h.wye-re sat around their table, many of them following ?.a! upward fashion, or pne-ioti. as it se-iu* to be here, oflOM This, and a tendeti. a to chestnut*, w< r.' the moel BOJ at I iritieaof the acaeiublage. The iia'king ol V tigUiia ehceUiuU lesounded all over the bull of juH,te, BBsj the tloor was thickly overspn-ad vv.:ii shtli-. tot thaa0| boworer, tha outs.,:,- -(..-.t. tors jx;d iLe eoncoufte of boys ia the gallery were U'o-tiy resJ-.U-i1 !e. Concerned ill the trial shared no such frivolities. Among the lawyer* were log tka I'l.-n. Thouiti* Ku-eeil. .lu-'geof the Superior Court of Massiu l.uss.tts. and otie of the most active} of the Republican leader* of that Commonwetdth. who arrived lrom lb -ton thi* morning, coming in answer to an earliest .?; Mai trom Brown. .is?.,iig h.s aid in me tfifal. Wbiek. koWOTOr, Wae le.ei.e.1 no Lte that the tbaa had pa? d It could bo u-fed opoa; Mr. OoorgoJeaaott,ol thaBoatoabar, ako alaa .civ-d ronlay, with a view of assisting in the defense of the , T. n.' j r - t er- Governor Wdlard of Indiana, who is the brafekot4a4aw of Cook, tka last rgptnred of ihe bund of inanrtrenfa, and who is naturally enppoeed to be searching tot whatever may appear to favor bia unlucky relative; and the Attorney-(ieueral of Indi? ana, with perhapa a similar view. Paeoloaa of tka tlo<?r araraaaadforpaaaoaeaaotaWietij upproprjite to the I OBaaV TWO i-fuivvart fellows, WatBOanaa, I believe, ..- i ? rtaiah :.. a ? - way of ihe Ferry oVhf, lay strrtched at full length, asleep, and snoring piti laoaly?orra<!ly disturbed from their repsis/. by men ?;.ry g-?rm. nt?, af times when it :ipp*>ared tha their heavy reapirariotis threati rved to in'rude upon the serenity of tbe Court. The prisoner on trial to-day was Edwin Coffio, a young inan e^tsmics^oaed as beu'.eaant ia Brown's orguni^tioB. . r.,at ail re.inarkable. His fare wean a stolid air, expressive of no strong emotion, but it is said be havi shown great resolution Badplack. After his arrest. wh?n he was coming down upon the railroad from Harj-or* Ferry to ChaHestown, be was pretty fiercely as?*?iled by a man who charged him with having indicted a few wound.- he carried about with him. Coppic sprang to hi* feet, aad quite a fariou? war of words en*i:ed; but ?he rtetoTital daai-s ot is^th were speesLly es'i.i ^..riie'i v-y af fj rraaai i Wkaj^pnao a aa a the . ?inel * m ntprn?j .texwtjtf4mdit4. aaJ (W veroVt wa* still raerr- rapedry armed at by tit* Jar/. In fee* than half-*n-?*en? they aajee^ . Tic- ('?-. _-m>r ax* rer*-n-ed by bin with no aura of -*r??bibt.T. except that bsr Bali hia under lip rioeely for a moment with hi* teenh, a* af rirmni ta> repre** hi* quivering. JOHS BROW *i RH I'MNi ?rtrtTT.jant, Darb k tha iliwoiK of the Jury in 0??ppie'e caao, aa order that no Urne should be waated, John Brown waa hp?tgbt irr tajO* jail to he ? vwd. He walked wifcB c .neater* Ida dif*. nlty, and every movement .^yenreaj to be attended with pain, ultfconara kit feature* gave no . \f re.-, -ti of it. It waa Im?. ?od th? gaatajrhfa gave aa alaioet deathly pallor U? Lw far*, lie eealedl h m.-eif near hin counsel, and, aft.t onoe resting hia b. ad np?/n bie right band, remained entire)/ le**, and far a time apparently urn-oraciou* of all that j s?*ed around?especially umx'tvecioae of the execra? tions audibly whisps'rod by spectalsirr?" H?d bhark ? hearted villain! heart aa black aa a stove-pip* T? and many m h. W bile the Judge read hi* de? auoaoa the pom:* of exception which had keen submitted, Br>>wi> rat very linn, with hp* tightly fompreswcf. ha* with no appvaraure of affectation of sterone**. IIa v? aa ?>>? a block of atone. When the Clerk djrv*?tesl him to stand and aay why sentence ahould not aa passed upon him, he r?*<? and leaned lightly forward, hi* hands reeling ou the table. He *poke timidly? hi eitt?irely. indeed? and in a voice singularly gent la and mild. But his aentence? came cmfttsed from aia m. nth. and he *? emed to be wholly unprepared to speak at this time. Hi* word* have already goas) bsjj your resdei*. hut the type* ca.i give no intima? tion of the soft and ten.ler torn *, yet calm and manly witha!, that tilled the court-room, and, I think, touched tha haarta af aaaaj whohad oooaa only to rejoice at the heavieet Mow their \ut.m waa to suffer. Thea th* Judge read the death senten.v, which ha* als*> l>ee? fully forwarded by telegraph. At ihe announoee ment t) at. for the sake of example, the) execution would be more than usually public, one indecent fal? low Is I md the Judge s chair shout.-.1 and clapped band*jubilantly . but he was indignantly chocked, aad in a n um.. r that Mated him to bobVfO he would da b. st to retire, a hu h he dad. It ia a question, nevar ihciWaa, if the genera! sentiment were not fairly aa I I. *. .1 bj Bat acton. Brown was soon after bd away :._>a.n ta his place of continetuoiit. hkown IS J Ml.. The juil of Chariest own is a meek-baking ?aliacav. Iu j enth, it must have been a respectable private reas deiice. lau now, in y. ?rs, it is given over te uaea of State. At present, it divides attention with the Conrt Hottec, opp.vitc to which it Stail-l*. It* vestibule ka thronged with visitors. The reception-rooai is never vacant. Toward evening, the guardians of the inaur rertior>ist*aUkH>ent their solicitude, and refuse ingreaa to all but the beet-vredlted applicants. At dusk, thia evening, this i.ception-noin was a buey aceuo. A brisk Colonel, whose name I forget, hut whose person I never can, on account of his tniniculotts development of hair, w hn h was bniidcd from behind, brought round over the forehead, um! tied in u huga bow-knot be? tween his eye?, was otyautzing tiie night pulrol, and superintending the loiiding of a number of SharpeVa ri^es, ready for uae. Hp was careful to impart confi? dential w 1.> i - to c. Mam p. i -oils, in a way so that all could hear, to the effect that be had that day re? ceived scon s ot telegraph notice* warning him of thia pHiticulur night, ue a iv? OB kwd '"-en arranged to coma oft without delay. People, however, were hula moved by this, und persisted in talking of the uuexpeoted I tpaOatOBOau of Browu'a execution for one whole month. Itn wn is as comfortably -.ituute.l as any man can be in u jail. He hu* a jdcaeant nwitn, which ta shared by Step).. ii*. whose recovery remains doubtful. He baa opportunities of occupy ing himself by writing and reading. His tailor, Avis, was of the party whoa* M-nd iu capturing him. Brown says A vi* ia one of the brave*' BaM he ever ?iw, and that his men t ist I re. iealy what be ajaaald axpaat tram ??> brave * f?I I low. lie is permitted i<> receive su h visitor* aa ha il. ? bea i<> MO. Ho ?tiue? thai bo welcome* every one, and that be is preaching, even ut pur? with greet! effect, npon the enormities of Slavery, and with argu Maaa that everybody fails t? answer. Hi* frienda sny, witli regret, thai in many of Ins recent conversa? tions, he ha* given stronger reason for a behef that be ir insane than ever before. Brown'.? wounds, excepting one rut on tbe back os* the head, have all now beaded, without suppuration, and the ?OAfl are ?curcely visible. He attribute* hia I very rupul recovery to hi* strict abstemious habita ; through life. Hi* appearance i* v? ry much the aaojsi as u.oial, whiih is ditcidedly unlike all the portraita of ' htm that have of Inte uppenn d. He is really a man of impoeing uppearunee, and neither his tattered gar ment?, the rent* in which were rauaesl by sworij-thrual*. 000 hi* ?cum d face, 000 detnict from the nianlineaa of his i.ii. ii. He is always B00*fO0i d, and every trace <sf dirquietude ha* left him. CtraiaOT ro the Hahi'ik'-i-Fkiihy I'iii-o^br*,? V'Ar A'ir- }'<>rit Juurnal of (Jommfrrt exhorts to clem? ency toward Brown and bis confederate* in the Har? per a-i'eriy invasion. Tht Aueuita CM**wSs*MMSaba< feirpondB (o th.- proposition n* tbe wvrd* following, every one of which we indorse and adopt a* our owa. The Hay of forbearance has passed. We are npp<>*ed to all excitement, we are lor oiodeiaiiou ou this a* oa all other qaOOtfOB*; but there is n d. ht due to the law aad to the South, and we in.-iat that it shall be paid, without abatement and to the uKennonl fail lung: 'J'hr Journal i,j (.'otimrrcr is mistaken if it expert* any e.'.-m.m-v to the prisoner* at Charlcsfown, from the Executive of Virginia, or any uianilsatation, from uiiy quarter at the South, of a disposition to deal gently with them. The invasion of Harper's Kerry ha* ea baaaOtd the forbearance of ihe people of the South, and created, from the I'otomac to tn<> Kio liranda, a feeling of iadignatiop of w hich our Northern brethren PBaot aware, because i? is t<a> profound to la* ea preseed in the noisy tr;reals in which the South naaaily vt nts her r*ge. tor w i< ngs wb>> u she euflera from th*? North. This aWliagoiAtiuda beyoadtha brigands, who are now BBOO trial at Cbiiriestown, to the piirty at tha North, whose teaching* ihey have illuatrut^l by trea .... , robbery and bloodshed, and to the eeetion whieb ?aba ts to the domination of such a party. It da? rn .let* that the brigand Brown, and hi* 'followers, shall sutler the extreme pen * of law for the crimes* f wh.i b tl ey baro b.-.-ii gtnlly; and that, bi^icefortli, there shall be no conreeaion to, or compromise) wiU? the At.I. .viiu-i t ialiatiCieu of the North. [ -?> w :.?t; Rspnblleaa. CasaiiaTOwa, Tbaraaby, Nov. 3, 1*59. The rounrel iu Brown * ease have filed exception* .-o 'he oV ' isaoa ol tbo Ooarl refusing the motion for aa ,.i e-t .,t ludjiii.ent, and will rarry the'aae to tl?a i oarl of Appeal? now in *?-**ion at Richmond. Mr. ( bihon will argue the u* boforo thai Court. It may b. taken up in tl .at Court immediately, bat, if not de . ,.v.! ls?fore t! e .lay fixed tor i!ie execution, tt i* ba? ll, veu tJov. Wine will grant a rej'rieve. Ti t thai of S.h.eld.- Creen. alias aeMONK negro, ia now going um. Mr. (in-wold appeared a* bis counsel. Jmlge Russell ol B-.sto:, i* also oa bis way here, tu take part m the defense of the priwiners. In tho ra mainder of the eases the same eouree will be porauad ?a bt those of Brown and C'oppic. The prsaocuUoa will prove their points, get a verdict, and the defenaa will move for in arreol Of judgment. Tlie deeWon of the C.,.,rt of Appeal* m Browa's ease will tbas MMbo the whole. It i- believed lhaf the Court will aentenoa all the prisoner* l?e hung on the same day. In Cook s ea M N hi ar rieipated that a pie* of guilty will be enter?-<i, and that be wiH make certain nrrebv tn.n*. up<>n the strength of wha.h a commutation of senfrrce will he sought. Steven* is ?tili in a dangeron* condition. Nothing but his amazing physical atrtngth and aa iron cooaOtu ttt i eoadd have enabled him to anrvive under woao'l* srffti ,?nt ro kdl three cr?l"iary men. Tbe excitement here i* subsiding though a rtrirt military guard i? ?tili mainta.ned. and the trials af thej remain..' / prisoner* are not expected to develop any new or interesting points. Mr. Hovt, one of Bruwu's ^nars-l, ha* rettsrnad to ?Madame Leedemier, well and favoralafy kaewn to tha pubiV as an elvx-utionua, baa been sagaged by Mr. liefoireet to give a serves of ret.italic?aa, or " rasal ingk," at the ball of the Palace Garden. ?Tue Hon. Joseph Holt, I' ?-? i., ,.t.-r-(,. m raJ, with hia ladv, left Waahingtou W^ioesLv awnuikg foi a I

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