The Evening World from New York, New York on August 17, 1889 · Page 4
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The Evening World from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 17, 1889
Page 4
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mw . .. n , . - "" I fli,ji,.'j. -- I AY AS MISTAKEN FOR A DEER. Set "" """" ft rUrtnte Fell, of Tills Uily, Shot Dead Wk in (lie North Woods. W? ELLIS ROBERTS, OF UTICA, FIRED. fflt Turn BuhIImo VartUt Oo to thr Sum liter p lick in the rnrtti Mornln -IVfl How WE? Tttti.Coer-Ml Ton, Which Led to the SF W Error lit Died Almotl Intlantly BV .4 I'rrv J'romlilni l'n(f Sluilcnt. E lirrrUL to THr world. 1 P IIojie. Jf.Y. , Alter. lil.-Clareiire l'tll. joutitt wT New Yorker. wa accidentally aliot aiuf MUetl at' rcttcnUy lnorulnc in ttie mirth wooil near K Moose ltlvcr by Ellis Ilobuts, ut Utica, vvlioliiis- mki took him for a tlecr. B- Fell and twocompatiions.CoxaiiilHuslul. wet e K' camped rear lliu liver with their ititiile. Win. W J'oll, an old nooiUiiiuu. At ii o'clock In tlie jfe limrnltiK. when the mint mi Jnst ilsliiu fiom M" the wood and the ami ut Ill-Kins' liluato creep up, they made their way toward fi the deer lick, lly a fatal coincidence Hola-it K and a coni)ianlnn named blimnati. who had Jr their camp about a half mile above Lake Er. I'anialla, had clioiii the name lick. They ar-'& rlrtd there about ten tiiitintt In advance of the ft other party, and with rille ready quietly waited K for the coluiuir of the game. In the woody had. G own the lllilit wan itidlatliict, and nb- K Jct were not dearly discernible at ft a ureat ditlance. It wa llobert'ii flirt EL CTPeiltnce of the kind, and vcrhap W he wai a little excited and eaxer to secure the K- flrtt ahot. He did not hare to wait low,'. Hud- ft denly, in the opponite direction, wa heard V the caution hreakiiiK of twlc and the ft unmistakable moving- of shrubbery, 'flint B: the founda ccaiied. The two liuutera K were ready with their weapon with 'ft ihetr attention centred in the direction fiom ft which the tound came. A movement on thoir K 3wu part had evidently warned the Kami'. Tho Br sounds began again and the young men acre on W. the qui vhe. Huddetily, about ten rod m? away. Itobeit 'aw a tau-rolorcd ob- H( ject. evidently the bark of an animal. Oalckly m- aa hi excitement would peimit liltilllr wa F liroimht up to hi slitmldur. Me took a quick k sialit and tired. The ulijtrl dropped, f With n shout nf exultation ltobi'itsruslicd for- l ' Ward, followed liy Hhermau and the Kiiide. Hplti- K ner. The ititerviiiliiK dUtatiie was quickly K corered, and lin-tead or a deer laid low bv a bnf. Wg .st. thev aaw I'l-ll lytiiv in ttie anna of his H i tilde, the blood EUMiiiiK from a wound in bin h fight side. Ho wore a tati-coloitd coat. When 3-s tvtbett realized what ho had done he won over- -'E .owe with srlef. t'ell maili- a cry when he wan IB atrnck. but nevarHpokcafteinard. Hediidlu K , ahort time. m It was n aad paitythat returned to the little K camp. The two jounit men were iinoU frieuda. K- Owing to flic dfntance fiom any telegraph or my telephoitf tatldli, tliu nrnM hud to bo K tiriicd milea tlirouEli the wild country IK by I'elra enmpaniou. Cormier II. W. jK Warner, of ltiou, was aummoiicd and held an O inqnenton tho liody at Hiartei'a Hotel. White R Lake CoriieK. at 4 o'clock thla afternoon. The W jury late to-nlglit brnimht In a Mrdlct of acci. ML dental "hooting Atll rxouerated i:oli"iH. The E?. liody arrived at Itionville to-niulit aud waapre- IIUC pared by Undertaker I'hauncey for ahlpmeut to li JE'' VW "ork. p)K Doth or the principal in thin aad accident are SI Mr- yoniw men. Tell a twenty-one yearn old lu L law Heptrniber lant. HIm father i- counccteil wltn the WKi Una or A. ft. Kpablinu A Co. . pnrtlMK wixmU IE lnauufnctniern. Uobertu iinnlyHeventcenyeara n old. He in the koii of (leoiKi' I., llnbtrtu, of the K Utlcs Urvnlil. nud u Kmtid-iiuphuw of kllia il. BJw llobeitn. AxUtant United Htaten Treasurer at V ' New York. H (,'larpnce Oneat Tell wax a law i.iudent at Yule Km; Cilllese and the only ehlhl of Mr. ami Jim. Walter 1 T. l'eil. of No. M17 Went Knmtceutli xtreet. He Bwr went to tUcAdlioudai'kn alKiut tlirtu week ago ft' as tho Knot of Jamea Uuiliil. jr.. on of Inl'Bt- tlen. Hnated. of Trek'kill. N. Y. He waa a I8W member of l)i. TliouiaH Aruiitnup'K llaptlHt 'IiliR'. Church on Klfth avenue. Hu gained a latge I CK number of friend' while at collego and w the ljtm j'realdent of the Yale football team. Mr. Tell, VIE.' hi fntlnr, iimm-HoiI b letter from hia K on ye 'enlay mointiig. tellinu him that Jp he waa enjoying lila vacation and II - that he expected to leave lor a huntiuv rxnedl- II A lion after deer on the loth. He would have It Iieen twentv-ono earn old next month, and va ! ;t r alnitit to begin bin Hecotid yearV eouiro at Yale. i II Mr. I'ell said lant night to a Wimi.D reporter It '. that he did not know Mr. ltolicrt who acci- B dentally ahot hi ion. and that the body of hit ,, - only child would probably arrive in thN city II . to-day. ' A JEWELLER'S SAFE LOOTED. 11 ' HkltralC'rachanien Vlk Av ny with SS.000 jj ( Worth of Jewelr. II i tifrciAi. to -rut: wont.n. 1 ', Boston, Aug. 10. When Jeweller Morne, of tl Treraont atrcct, looked at hi safe tlili mornitiK jj s it tvu apparently all right. l)ut clover inn pec i tlon ahowed that a hole half an inch in diameter if had been blown between tho lock and the com- jj ; blnation, the tray, emptied of their valuable If ! content, were lying on the floor together with It i a dark lantern, a aciowdmir and a bltntick. ! ' Uurglarn, who were undoubtedly proteinionaN, l i had gained eutrance to the cellar by boring a Jj - hole through a klile donr to the building that H opened Into a narrow alleyway. In the cellar jl ; waa ateoladder, which was placed under the If I aljow window of the atorc above. From the . Udder it waieaay to amaih the lioarda under the 8 h nhow-wlndow Into the "tore aud then begin fe. work on theaatc. UC Thaplnnder obtained wa panned down to the (W cellar, here tliu burglara evidently took their jW time aorttng It out. Several article in the hon ft: ce that uad not been coimldered valuable C- enough to lemove to tliu bo fe at night wet e not IrW touched. Only kolid cold article and lewelij X. were taken. Thene oonvii'ted of no watche. 1'.' f m. diamond pin. 1'.' diamond Htud. valued at I JE from (10 to WOO each; I'J Pair of Uiamoud a Ik. eaning. valued at from IJO to smjo a iair: u III' diamond bracelet. 30 diHiuoud iluga, valued I V at from Sn to V'.'i(i: a quantity or luoie ilia- 3 It. iqouda, aome of which vere to have been re'et, t 111 $50 lucaah were taken. Thr total losai ft. ooo. K The police think they have a clue to the thieve. I I ' THEI'LIi GO IT ALONE NEXT TIME. !' S- Tkrae Two Yn Mm tram Ilarbadoe II m Wlili They llnilii'l Unit mn fuclr. ' IS. Alfred I rnnis, twenty-one year old, and J? hit brother Alcrrnoii, teveuteen yeata old, tr came from the Inland of Ilarbadoe to thin city mk March lait to earn a livelihood. They had JiV 41.&00, and acting, the) claim, under the TIE' advice of their nitric, Arthur R. Kuight, nf No. Kjgf VOM Third avenue, patted with 4H50 to atart a K liquor Kaloon in which the uncle aud tlieiiuiUcn R were to be partner. A mouth ago, the receipt uot being large enough to pay tiie three, the M oungmen, at the uncle uggetion, vvlthdreiv JjR and took a mortgage on the valoon tor the 13 tt amount of their ttivetuii ut. 1 k. When the uncle tailed to make theAugut payment on the debt according to agreement, . thenephewa ought tofoieeloHr, but dicovered W that a brewer bade pnor lien. They then In- ft urvieed their uncle on thin point, lie ; wuh B violence, ihey declaie lie rceuted thMr Mlt F witliaclub. At any rate the lad were piUouei ft. in theMorri-ania Court yesterday, and Juntiie u. Taintor committed them mr trial on uchaige of fe aatatilt. Their rnnnter-chnrge of aault agauint r Knight traa diainiined anil the u cle departed to ' . remime charge of the aloou. The lad Aie pun- fvlering tlila, their til l lemon lu Amitiean Jn-tice, aud woii'Uriugwheie their IttOU In to come from. PIHB I'nel Ham't tilfi I Nnw Yurk. gfflmTP larrcut in rnr onj,i ujfvf SiatcC'amp. 1'i;i;i;hi;ii.i. Aug. lu.-Tne ea- mtjtgfS. coatt battery, coniintiug ol ltodman gun Hr J and four mortar, va to-day formallv prci-ented Hi i;, tnthcHtate of New oil, by the I'uiUd btnte H If flbVcriilliciit. Ilefore the picxciitatlon Co1. D vi McOiath and Lieut. Hamilton voluuteeied to Far. u paint the big Hodman, nud armed with pot and WW) m hriibh pioiteduij togivctheina gllKteniiigcoutnr U tt vurnUli. 'Hie rouith l'roiioullattnlli)ii and WW JJF the Heventj-l'niiilli llcgimeut weie dmwn up Ul W' behind the battel; it t noon, and "lien Capt. BCB. Oreer handed the kej of the mngairiiie tiillci, TftW ' l'nrter. cuiui to a pieyeut uims nhllc the gun lli thundered a alute. The War and Stripes on SB tile llag.po.e gave ulaee to thr Htate rlag and the KK' ci-i ur. ove". HB 'J'hu canju ulll b cbiad todiy tor the iteatou. UmMmf mwMmmii.iX' n,, ,,,, BOSTON LEADS ONCE MOKE. BECKLEY'S lWO-BAflCER 8KST THE .NLW YOHKERS 11A0K A NOTCH. A Dark Clend ll Over Ilia Heme at .Itmrle-Artlmr Wkllaey. Tor flaad and flufflrleal Itenaaa, llaacea tka Caa-C'aa I.yaa la tie llelenaed Yletarlaa far the Beaneatera aad Ike flkicage. National League hlaadln. i'fiv.. U'oh. Lnit, tittt l-'ny. ft, tln.ti.n K7 fr". U'i U M .KVi N.w Votk 0 34 Jt 1(1 ). .!H l-hPailelphla N 4I HK jj fll . leveland 111 4H 4 7 lj Vh Wwhlnftoa bJ SO Oil IU u.i ,l American Ameclallaa Mlandlng. foil- Ti P'r riavf't, '.. Ll. luntj. i''y. '" Ml. Iml 07 Itt if! tl 4$ .Ojl llt.-.kljn. 04 HI jKI II 4 ')ll lltltlm'.. . Ill .Ml !JH K 1j ..JIHI AlhlMK IM1 (Vi im 10 ') o7K t'lnelnnall (HI t,'l 44 V 4 .M K.u... Cily... 1)4 :iK ,'itl 7 411 4H !uiiiniiiu.... im no irj h 4a :w7 loularlll 0? MO 17 4 4U '.'0l tirrrtii. to I UK wont.n. 1 1'iTTHnritn, Aug. 10. A dark clond hangi over the hotiKcof Mutrie to-night andtheie I no balm in Oilead for the aorely wouuded .New Yoik. In aplteof the vigor with which tney chaaed the ball over the flinty 1'ltUburg diamond mil the atretisth which they expended at the plate to-day they once more find tjf nuelve on tho tcoud tound of the ladder. But do not be deluded by thl little incident. They will notiemain there long. They have only come down to get a freth gtlp for a higher apring. They are like Tom cata and cau tight better on the bottom. "Wait till we got a whack at tie Dmitnna " i theli cry. A young mail named llrckley own the town to-night. He li an In-ofTenaivo looking young chap, but he probably contalna more bate hit to the iquaie inch than any man in the couutiy. Hia bate hit area I only equalled by hi perniciona habit of bringing them to the aurface Juit In timo to Mil the heart of vlattlug player and partlaana with niiicry. Doth team were outride the fence In the ninth Inning of to-day' game. It v. a a picket fence, and the ponitlou vva lather gingerly. On one aide lay the fair tleld of victory mid on the other the gloomy ditch of defeat. Hnddenly thi hopeful )oung man Ueekley gavo liia team a lioiit into tne land of hanplueai. and yanked "tho people "over in the ditch. They keeled over very gracefully aud "aplavlied the mud higher than a Mulberry atreet teiietnent-houte. At laat account! nothing but their heel waa vi.ihlc. Dot will they rlne again ? Kchn and Jim Mutrlo ui e unatiliuou iti a ing "Yc." "The voice of the New York turtle will again be heaid in the land," y Jims and all the player believe it. Iu the ninth inning, with the acore ntandlng at foul each, Duulap wa pent to diet baas by Crane, a ft ort of a feeler. Htaley atruck out. Thi little weakue of llUley'i hail ticcome a cheatnut during the game. andbeond a fewclaailoai remark the bleacher were silent. Miller, after aeveral pieliml-naiy tlouriahea. aueceeded in putting the ball ut whero noliody on earth waa expecting It. Uunlapfted to arcoud. Can oil' rly naa gracefully caught by Ward. Then Howe, tho old ex. Detroitet, Idled tho ba with a meanly hit to left Held. "Who aie the ucople?" came lu a hoarae whlauer from the director' box. It Wat Manager Mutrie. Ill hat waa pulled down over hi eye, and a Wheeling "toga blazed Ilk a burning rag between hi teeth. He waa ftlmoat dead with hert ill.".e. When Deckloy came to the plate everybody took a reef in their auapender and waited. "Will he hit aafe again ;" Mked a New York partlaali abaently. " Of courao ho will," lepliad an Allegheny crank. Hardly were the woida apokenwhen " nangu" Ileckley' bat auapped agatnat the ball and It went tlylug out between Oore and Tiernan for two bane. Huch mutilng and racing, inch grunting and Mraiuing were never befoie loen. 1 he old reliable Ewmg atood at the plate with hlityca atlcking out llkeacrab'a. He wanted that ball. He needed It iu hi btutlioa. cut he did not get it until the Ian l'ittabnrgtr had croued the plate. The New York had a chalice to letrlevu their fallen fortune, but they wero unequal to the crucrgenoy and a headntone vva placed over tin temporary gravtnue of the Nework. upon which weic the word: "Here lie t tie people." The game waa by no mean free from caaual-tie. Whltuey 1 at precnt alUleted with a large, tine bull on III left hin. It 1 an eipeclal pet mid he watehe over it with great olicltude. During practice (omebody kunckedltichaidton a grounder. Danny wanted to give an imitation of a man catching another at third bate. He threw the ball to Whitney, but the throw waa low. The alleged man wa coming down the bate line like the wind, and Whitney atooped in the rapid. eay way that ball-playert niaume whenever they mean to eat up a ball. Ill heal l-lex aphcro paed thiough Arthur' hand and hit him on the boll. Kor a tew minute the crowd waa eiiteitalned by the night of a hitherto quiet, uiiauming man dauemg the cati-can. The ladle looked on in awe, while Arthur pranced around, kicked at imaginary hat held high in the air and conducted hliuaalf iu an extraor-ordinary manner. When he flnilhed hia wild orgtt he wa almost agaimt the left-field fence. Hia boil I a thing of the pat. Inthetecoud Inning, Rich-ardwoti, in picking tip a grounder, tore open hi ore Auger and letiredin favot of Hatfield. The only notable featmea of the game on the New York aide were fine catchea by Oore and Waid, and Connor' and Uilourke' batting. Manager Mutrie ha telegraphed tor Hlattery to meet the turn in Jloston. I.) on will be teleared upon the urrival of the team in New York. The iun were made a follow: Iu the flntt the New Yorka made a tun on Ewing'a bate on ball aud Connor three-bagger. 'Die home team tied the jenie in the aecondon an error by ltlchard-nn. Hanloti' acrltlceaud Dunlap a single. In thetH'oud New Yotk again took the lead with a run made on a bane on lull and hit by Crane and Oore. The i'ltuburg again tied the acore iu the fourth on ntiigle by Ueekley, error by Crane and HattUld. and a pained ball. The New Yoik again went to the front in the fourth with a run made on mi en or by ltowe, Whitney' Mingle and Carroll' wild throw, Pittibmg took the lead with two run in the aixth. made on a iugle by Ueekley, a two-bagger by Jtuehtie. a paaaed ball and an etror by Ward. New I oik tied the coro in the rue Inning by O'ltoarke' three-bagger aud Whitney ningle. In the ninth a bane on ball. Ingle by Miller and Howe, aud llrekley'a two-liagger gave the l'lttiburg three run and tho game. The acore : PiTTiuciio. ah. n . k. m Millar, v ." 1 1 4 o o o o ti o o o Cmoil. r( . .' (.i 0 10 1 0 0 10 0 0 llowii. ,' 1 ! u 'J 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 ijit.ij. lb o : 4 1-: o, Q o o o o o l l'lld. If. S o o '5 1 O 0 0 0 II '.' o Kufiiu-. :ib 4 : t t ; o ooooit 4 0 0 4 0 0 I 1 I) 0 3 :l UuuUp, Uli . i! 1 1 o 1 10 0 V II ' bUI.), p. . 4 O 0 O 1 O 0 0 4 0 0 0 tuun . a'u V t'!o il '& s Y u a a "5 , Von ah ii ku ro. ax an in.o ae n lb Uoro, cl T. 0 1 '.' 0 Q 0 0 0 0 (I I) Tivrniu, n :. II 'J tl 00 O 0 0 0 0 'I hiu. t . 4is!uanuuv I'wiiiw, ih ,' n i io o o :: o i o 0 i, :i o o 4 4 ',' l Q o o ii o Wirit, '.'I, ... :i (I o u 4 I o o o o o o U'Knulkp, If. 4 '.' '.' 0 0 0 II 0 0 0 1 1 wtiitnt jr. :iu . i '; ; l n o o i o i rrano, i -:i o l o o l 10 10 0 1 Hlch'ii.ou.'U 10 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 rmu :tj 4 li U7 i n 4 l i '. '': 't 'l.oiv uul tui bmc lilt b) battvtt blt. I'utihut ii i n l o " p n :, t Sw Vcirk I I 0 I II 1 II II li I flllK'Hlt. I'..Aii 10 -At!ulto,'. 1,10',. tntnul lluna-l'IIKbur, D, N Voik, 1. IUi.-lU. lllu-rcotior,U'ltuurk. Tmo.Ucm lllc -KtiUu,trRourkr, llv k ey. IK.ubl.' Plrr -ll Id Dd Uouliip, 1'n.M.l Bll-V.wln. 1 VVlldTPlli-bM-Crme.l. i'lniof liu Due huur and furi).ttve imuutf Luplrr-Mr. li- Saratoga l.lkelr to He the Choice. ' CityCliamberlam IliehardCroker will goto Saratoga to-day to leuialu until after the meeting of the Demo-Tulle Slate Committee, Mayoi tlratit. though a member of the State Committee, will not attend the meeting W. 1'. Mitchell and lhnina Ciiitignti :ile alieadyin Saiatoga. It neetii to be pretty well agivod that the Demo. I rri'tli' Statu Convention will ulol'held in Suia. VJiti (Lit, prohal'l; about Oct. 1 oi ','. "MY OWN C0U8IK.CRAXK" Ma Lather II. Marek Addreaara C llUen lleorge Praael Train. Luther II. Marnh, fiom lli rrttcat In tho Hi-terior of tho Hlatc, tLt apaln bi foie the public through tho iiiidluui nf a communication tou friend. A letter from lilm vvb lecelved jctot-day by Ororge Franci Train, the Saga of Mdl-ton Square, it made Mr. Tiain ifel aojojful that he Immcdlati4y acnt it lo Thk Would. The letter laaa follow: Mr Ow Cochin. Okaxk: Alt hall aud thtiikml lMln. Ynurl"ltreuirht me with my pinion nted, thnwlng the itlreetaeMcif your atni. It were illscuft toblt auruh, much more prrow on the win I lleht lor moment for llieeoiirlnvof a te ply and toeipre rpreciation for jrotif on ueatra rt lnrniriell pl iriend ti iruur hlrh Jubilee. I am fo far away -too rnny leue twiwpen n-to pmilt ru to receive lhuJoyturut and lnstruetlon I rUoiil'l gl fromaltendttire I truii tint tne rlnrlou phylrl power ami eln-Itelly bave not drrtit yunr frin' lliroitjn lh tet of tWleiuinnane to wbVh you ar aiinlectnl. i lirr ! lw)f! pUcMo tr nd fi.v "Hold, rnnurh," Th bwpir. aa utul, are partly ilht ana runlilraliv nrow lu lhir romment about yourhiimblandernkrc"i. Therelinn ute lnt-Unirtlpf io re Itfy thetr tatiornt. for the lwi rourtudltlonal error Into their atteuiptnl eoir-i'. rur'lnnUnrei True, 1 hve written a btok and III In pre, but theyhtve wbollr mlukn liaiulijert and upr. It I o at varlanr with irnUiiien I have heard yon einr thai I Writ will not commend It-elf to our dialiiiguiabed "Cltlien." It touebra what, to inn, are the vital themta that ruufmnt u here. 1 aire what I et and atlvttlt. It I not iiilii", I am tli reorder. tb"aolt rrioiier," Hamlet a a, I fryou rill ttiluk. lint they mad our folk, our faratl) of audi material thl they will deliver wbt tbey lllat In be th truth, thuuah, a nir uameaake, I.utber, uid, there wareaauiany devil around a tbr are 111 on the roola of your great iltr. If tbecouiuauuli' lion to m are uu, fanciful, deceitful, then hav ianUilt rouie downmoumeltkbRuiliii;iloud. lut, If troe, then inmt f eept th revltlon a the word of Ood; it tniraclt Iru and Jeutabi n on. 1 oe nooa i not lor you, good U'orgr. ou ar tooAruly. et In your opinion to be moved, I fear-thouah I do not take you to be one of tho Home of whom Ik low) who would rather that dlaa. tei hould coin to their rar than that Ibelr ex-pretaed conviction should be held to be fain. 1 know that you, (leorre Franc! Train, are loral to truth nd to every good tblnr. You will txlleve my tattintnt of fu-t to the manner lu which t hnu eoininuutcatloii were received and the taltn-fulnett of the record. ..... liut you may attrlbut thtm to hallucination; you cau hardly luiarinel could b deceived a to th manner of their coining. It lpleaant, cxeeedlnrlr, tome to b Ire from thlvryot buaint Illi t liberty to ne mr time It emth good torn. ''A trr white citf-ten " runana a rood deal. I think at veuty-lx It la a good pun to give up th chase for ambitious emolument and quickly vanldiinf honor and Kit time to the atudy of that Hie which inuit aoon eoue. I hop rou attend th uietlDa of the Recreation Club and lauccn upon them the avaUncba of your eloquence. I am In retlraey aud Mclualon, wbtr I can direct my atudlc and eoutemplatlon a I cbooae-iroln from on place to another at th humor ttkeani. having eertaln point along- toy be ofauppllttto tall back upon. War I In th rlty 1 ahollld etm It a prttllrire to til on a bench In In umbrage of the l'ark. and. a of old. luKrrbauK thouahta upon the ulgmof lit with my btloved cousin. Thin In vritr, . Luxn It. Uabsb. PERSONAL AND PERTINENT. That trial of John L. Sullivan seem to be a kind of Mistiaslppl bubble. The Hilling family will have a reunion at Springfield, Mat.. on Sept. 0th. Toor Josh it dead, but the purveyor of billingsgate are nuuielou. l'hlllp W. MeKinney. nomlualed by the Democrat for Governor of Virginia, waa aevcrely wounded at the battle of brandy Station. Thl ought to give him the support of lliddleberger. (len. Crook aay that Sitting Hull hat no reputation among the Indiana aa a brave, but only a a medicine man. Sitting Hull will begin to experiment with the Elixir of Youth before long, in all probability. Edgar Kawcett ay that Thackeray "never appealed to him." Tour Thackciay t Hi last day would have been Oiled with gloom could he have kunwn thl. Wonder if Fawcett'a work would "appeal" to Thackniay? (len. Knapp, of Auburn, N. Y. , who hat been made Chairman of the State llepublicau Committee, la a tniall, genial man, with a patriarchal beaid and humornu eye. Hu like good to-lie. good company and good living. Mrt. llebecca Sidnor. who riceutly died in Wiietowu, N. J., at the age nf one hundred and four yeaia, wua wonderfully active woman np to a few week ago. Kor forty yeara he had mokedaplpo six or eight time a day. President HarrUou aud Ex-Tietldent Cleveland spent Thursday night on Long Island Souud. Cleveland's Mcaiuei waa one hour be hind Harrison'. It U really too bad that they did not ni range to tiavel together. Theyconld have dlscuaicd public qucatiou with something which la distinctly Sound beneath them. Brown-Snquaid now hold the chair of experimental medicine in the College of France. He ha a wide practlco at consulting pliyitlcian iu dlf eases of the neivons system. He haa been especially aucceasful in treating ob'cme disease of the spinal column. While pi actising in thi city hu atatted, in conjunction with III. E. C. Scguiii, a medical Journal entitled Archltvt ur ."cienHrtc mid Practical MnXlelnr. Dr. llrown-St.'quaid wa born iu 181 H, but It not in hi dotage, aa aome hasty people have asserted. In fact, he doe not look hi age by ten crt and hi mind 1 aa clear a ever. J. P. i'aike. of New Mexico, speaking to a Philadelphia reporter of Marehal Nagle, who hot Judge Teny, laid: "1 know Dave Nagle vi ry well and wa equally well acquainted with Judge Tern'. Nagle Is a good-natured, courageous and manly fellow. Impulsive but tellable and deserving. He was Deputy Sherift at Tombstone, Arl.. at the time of the widely published unpleasantne between Sam Hamilton and Sam Turdy, rival Tombttone editot. which culminated in an agreement to fight a duel, Nagle waa one of the vecondi, and with the othei concerned crossed the Mexican Hue fur the meeting. Ilefore the pioceedtnga began the affair vva compiomiicd, mainly through the eftoitof Mr. Nagle." Mr. and Mr. Mackay, of Ilotiauza fame, aie at the Louuburg Hotel, liar Harbor. A writer In the liaugor Commrrcial tliu refers to Mr. Mackay: " A woman atnpleratherthanlarge or over tall, but ol commanding stature and presence; Jet black halrandu.vebrow,theUttererV arched, and thick, dark, brilliant eye, a slightly olive Mu. well-cut fcatutes, a little Inclined to Itoman prominence; shoulder, bust and arms of tatuesquv mould; n tmlv regal-Iooklug woman, conscious of her power and coue-quencc. but equally suggestive of laige gen-ero-tty of nature. What amazed tne most was hei vouthfuluea. Fiom her history, whl:h it prettj well known, sh" ought to be a woman upward of fifty; in actual appeaiauce, however, the look about thiity-tlvo at tho ntuiost, and I stood quite near her under n strong light. " Sir. Tanner' Indlgnnnt Denial. WvsuiNQTuN, Aug. 10. Tho attention of Pension C'oiuml4iouev Tanner waa to.dsy lalKd to a published interview with AtsUt-ant Secietaiy ltui.y, in which the latter is represented a speaking of Secretary Noble' relation with the Commissioner. "Assuming Cleti. Hussy wa lepurtrd coircctlv," said Mr. Tanner, to.dsy. " I object most decldedl) to lu creating the impreniiou that there are any pei-sonal ditteteuce between Secretary Noble and mix If. Mr. Noble it one of the most lovable of men; a man of broad vitw. and while there inuv bi- some official ditlerencet between u these difleretice are not of a personal character. Any statement tending to create anv othei Impression l untrue," ua Attala at tbe Wkllr lloate. Wahuimiuin, Aug. iu. President Harrison and Mi. llalfoid uaehed the Whito House thla afternoon aftt ran absence of two weeks. Mr. lUlfoid fcy that tlu had a pleasant trip down trom Fall Itlvtr on the Pilgtim. 'Ihe water wat a little rough, but uot enough so to make it uncomfortable. At Jersey City they took theilrst I'l'iin-OlvMun ltailioad train to Wathiugton. Aa few HpliMiuie aware of the ltltierary nf the trip, there ncie no dcmonstiatioiis or Incidents on the railroad Journey. Ml. HnirUon will take the Piiiitati lo-inght at Fall Hivvr uud reach Washington to. mm row atteruoou in time tn Join her hiixliHiol it h staiinu auupr.ici.ed with uiiu to Dr-i l'Jl. RACING AT MANr 1'OINTS. MiOOliAMME AM) l'l'.OH.UJLE STAKTEHS FOIl ; THE LAST DAY AT MONMOt'lll. Iteault 1 raierday at .ariloii, Ilrlalilon and Chicago T.lln 1'rtibnbte Marl, era Karlng In F.nrland I.okI Hay of the lliauil Trailing Clrcnlt .tterlliig al Kocheater. The racing reaton at Motitnoiiili Patk for 1SKII end to-day with the last race llial will bo mi over the present trail;. Tl n th" meeting ha not been an iiijoyable auccin l Kiliai" realized In a stealer dcunc ly the Executive Commlttiu than the piiWlc. Ilaclug al Monmouth vva Inaugurated In IBTo. and at no meeting slneo haa there Ik en a until) wit wealher a durlni,' that nove ending. Thcie were othir causes that made the im.ot.iif iu a mtatuin linuccinnlul, the chiif ot which vvtru the rain ami mud. The pin-grniumc for to-day 1 a grand one, although many an; named a runner for tho Caitcietand Jciscy hiudirap who will not stiti . Hut. si they have not hern dietared nut by tlieli own-els, the Aaani'istioii iiniivt consuki' tlielii c staitoi. first Ilace llsndirip Swei"iak, fir all ac. at t'.T, eteh, with )?0 addsd, ot wtiuh Jl.iO lu thr arcundaud soOto to third, n lurlotits lb LI. VutuYum .... IlH tlladatoue 10'- 'lorn llood ... UH Orator , ... JO'. Illue Hoc. . 10UiVlllaMaid b." e'llmai . .. 10, Sreohd Itsc - Carters! llsodlcap, awtbtk for to-rawdda, it 100 tach, hall toifelt, '.," onl If tlrelrd by 4 e, M of th day bsfur th rac li run, or allOif dtcltrwlhy Aut 1. ltli .IKHI aklJ, of which 111,000 to the second uu SJoOO to tb mild, lhrr-uuftrter of lulls, '. it. Ril;'lilk e, Ilutlloslon, bt Powhttan 110 A. Urlmorit'a ch !. Psdlshab, br lit. lllal. lit! M, llrrue'a cb v IUiicik. by froquola IlH C. Hattlsr'sch. e Uiraorr, by Macaroon 114 J. A aud A 11 .Murrbs b c Cltll Servicv, by Ilnform , . 114 W. L Neon's br i, Bsnuutt. by llaioud'Or 114 I) II, VVIlbsra'sb c by Klnllke-l-n lun 11!) K. IJ, NlanU's lir e ljalph Oarard, liy Muscury 11:1 Madison Blablr'ah. i: Uo, by Iltn d'Or ll'i hnt Anita SlaUs's ch c. Ilundursa, by Uiiu- auad 100 I, U. Wllbtrs'tb, u. by Kin bluest Cyrlon . 107 VV L. Hiott'sch, c Chaos, bv IUjtod d'Or ,, 107 II. II Morlls'n ch. c Jrrsey Pat. by Pat Mslioy 107 Auburnd' t)tbl's cb. c, Klua: Ilaxvin, b King Ban ;.... 100 A. ,1 Scott's b. c. (iunwsd, by liuutiar 10". Acoid atbl'b c Uraairiy, by Kraperor . . 101 A.. I (,'aiistl'a b f , by Ktratford -Msudln 1 0.1 J Daly's b I Cam C, by Sensation . , ... 100 Prtaknea Ruble's lir f LWonts. by ln;rllof . OH U ,1 .VUCatty Jt Hroa.'cb f Candor, by Hsyon d'Or . ' . UN J. 11, llaifln'sch. t Hos'tto, by Jo Hooker 04 Third ltacp Handicap Hwtepstskr fur all a v :I0 acb. with 11,000 added, or which C.'oO to th Mcundsud S3 100 to tbi third, on mils. 1. lb Dnfaaltsr lift Dyr lull Nlu 108 Kilpah 10'.' Fourth lUc Jsrssy lUndlcap. a swespstsku for lhr-yr.olds at a 100 acb, half fortslt. 'onnlylf drciard by 4 P II. ol th dy l.tor tb race, or tlO It dclar.l by Ani, 1, witti .'),000 addsd, ol wlilch 1,000 to th ohd and ViW) tb tb third , mUs and quart r. Lb J. II. llin'a ch, c. Halrator. by Princ Chsrll . lv!4 A. .1 Uassatt'a br, e. Msdstona, by Vanderbllt 11K S. S Brown's b. c. J. A II , by Ultnnlr .. . . 1H AuburndalsBubtt'sb. c. Jay Tympanum lH A tltlmont's b Zephyms, by KhuSshfir It) S. 8. Urwa ib e. Cortsi. by KlnaAltonio 10 M. Yount's b. e. Uc Aaaln. br Ooonaaf .... jo Malta VIII rarm's b. v. i lood Tld. by Vlood 14 D. D. Withers' br. c Hlujtard. kyTom Ochlltr 113 D. D Wllhsrs's br, e. Cynosure, by Tom Ochlltr llii D. J. McCarty A Bros.' ch c. horenlo, ty Jo llookr ,. ., 110 D. llldon' tilU. e. Sam Wood, by LouffslUiw.... 104 W IL McCrti'ob . Waldo Johnson, by Viator 100 W U, tal's ch. 1. Clalli.a, b Klnfflsher PA K. K. Uuhs's li c. JullD. by Hajon d'Or , 11.1 rlfth Hac Itandloap swespstaks (or all gs, at U0 each, with fl.ftuO added, ot which 3.M) to th Mcond aad (ISO to th third , mil aud a quart r. Lb. lb. Irirtntl 1X4 Oonnmsr IU'-' Tristan lot Itltbab IlH Thodlua 10:1 tjirebmont 07 Ualon .... Hfi Hixth Race. -Purse CToO, for thr.yr olds and up-wsrdi sslling llownoei horse entsred to b sold fr 13,000 to carry full wtujht ; tbr-qurtr of a mile. Lb Lb. Foff.t Kto lir. Howland 100 Kld II 1011. M.JO 104 Nllor . . 100 Kerrl 00 Rupert 100 Patauue 00 HevsnthRc.lurs 9760, tor two year olds; selling allowano! liortea entered to be sold for )',500 to tarry full walght; Lb. I Lb Sani llorse 1 Oil Folly 07 Mtlll Wllllsms tOjk'oinell 07 Inatiht,.., lor. Oarteret UK King VVilllam 104 last Time b., Usnlsru 1U0I , NOT LIKE STORY-BOOK TARS. ..-- BARE-LEGGED AND SMCDQY-FACED SAILORS ON A BRITISH MAN-O'-WAR. One or Her Ilrltnaulc fllajeaty' North Atlantic Squadron lu New York Harbor Tor! to Ihe ((ueen and to I'reddcnt HarrUou on Dantd llovr the Tourmaline 1 Armored aad .llauned, A Ui ititdi inan-o'w ar'n-uian in hi bare legs aud with smudgy face ha none of tho glamour about him that aurrounded the epicl-aud-span tar with which Marryatt peopled all hi ship of the line. Peihaptitle because the tailor in real life i altogether at variance with the sailor ofilctlon, or that the Bailor on visiting dayal tigged up for inspection and anmlratlon against actual utility at other period. At all event that wa the possible view that would have been taken yesterday by the visitor fortutintc enough lo get a glimpse on board Her Britannic Majeaty'a coivette Tourmaline, which Ilea tnchoicd off Liberty Island. A score or mule of stocky tar in bare feet aud Jacket tleeve rolled up to the shoulders were scrubbing canva and swabbing decks. There wasn't even the odor of tarred tope about them, much lest the flavor of romance, and the manner in which they didn't pull their forelock when Hiokeu tn wa positively disheartening to auy geunitie lover of sea-furing literature. Beside this, the gunner was neither grim nor crizyled, nor did the bo'sun shift hi Quid when he spoke, nor betray a tolling gait when lie walked. A commonplace, every-day foit of lot, every mothti' son of them, without tan on their faces or nautical phiascs m their pcch. Theic w (is just a suggestion of the savor of tho aca in the afternoon, when the Kimlish Consul-General and the Commandant of the lhooklyn Navy-Yard were leceived on board with a aalutc of nine gun each, to aptead their leg for a half hour or to under the hospitable luahogauy of Capt. Ilylea tnd to toat the Queen ot Eiig-land and the President of the United Ktates in crusted port. Immediately after that the lad w 1th amudgy facet and bare leg set about clean-lug ship In tne most unioinanticmanneruossible. The Commandant and the Counul-tleiieral in. siK'Cti 1 the vessel, exp levied their apptoval aud i went asliorr , , I 'IheTouunaline belongs to the North Atlantic and West India Souadron. and is en route for I Quebec, from Halifax, where she left rive men i who it nuiio attractiveness in. the bright. eved lave of that sallow' safe hnibor than in the I prosaic work of a gun deck. She I three ycat I out from Kugland, and on her houiewaid tilp will go tothe Bermudas, wheie she will meet her relief. The Tourmaline wa built In 1H7.1. i ','. !I70 ton burden end carries -40 men and ofiicera.rthe l a trim-looking ct aft, brig-rigged, but cairyiug spare yards on her miryen-inant. Her maximum peul u about tint teen kuotn, aud she is driven by Hunthorne inuipoutid etigiueanf S.300 liorsc-power. The main bat-tery of the coivette consist of right U-ineh hrwcch-loadlng Armstloiig --mis. loug-muled, wicked-looking fellows, and ugh: ."i-lmh gun of the same make. The u-uicl. iH'rnadr throw a 100-pound projectile and the .l-ltu'li a oO Doumlei. I'onr of llicse. on Vavastin inntint. ing. are housed in "si unions, ' iiaut ical buy w in-don-, located fore and aft on the starboaid and poit tide. The gun in the ponon are used a stein and Nvw chain, aie of toiu rang' ami when brought into uction aie apt tn bring a rceitiK enemy to trrtns w ithout iniu'h I'l-retuon j . n addition to this aimament the Tourmaline Carrie a secondary battel y consistini; of live Notdeufrlt and tint e (iardncr guns. She is a three-decUer, and what would h" the fun deelt on r. line or battle ship, is the berth tie -k on the corvette. Hhe isbullit proof alKie the walei. line, ha a wooden lowir hulland dinw twenty feet of water. .No visitoii, were admitted veteida.v. but ihe vesstl piobnbly will be thrown open to public inspe. turn to-uinriow, when the Joll.v tai will , wcai shoo, nliliitiiK lacr an 1 loll when they 1 .vMHJiitllLMld!il!'nu,ilav. I COULDX'T SKR IH.S " JOKE." .1. BRICK IS.MAY AUOfSES THE WRATH UF ' AMERICAN l-AbSENUERc', Aa .Vlaunalna lllieelor el' the While Htnr I.lar lie ,1IaUe at Wpeecb an tlaard the Truloolc nful PhI III I'oot In II Com. nmdnrr Hnlemau Urlle Ulan n Tnri ! Letter nod (Mher t'.iaaenccra I'rateal, Did .1. Ilriicc Isniay mean it or did he not? Hed ho the l!nt'h big head no bad that he could htt'tio good In AnieiirnM. and British phligtii o thick 'hat l.i thought he could safely Insult the Aliicilcan putruus. without whom thrid wimld be no lnolei on hi Whlti Ptarbiead slid butter, ot did he mcnly get off what a well-known K.) chance place banki r call " a bluii-ikrniK lilvtri'ool Joke?" Thoo art thcuticn-tioti which tho paiseugui who conn ovci on th" Teutonic .iru ashing. 'I hen i some differ-i ncc of opinion, but none lo whether Ml. Isiimy ha put hi foot lu it, Mr. iemav liitu-ell thought en hcii the storm attiick him tuoiuitig and he found that In: had not bun happy, tosav tin hant. Mi. Uma in managing diiector of the Wl.lte Star Compan . He look to Amcilcan for the most of the busliicas of that line, and he lias alwny been esteemed u man of sense, though there hare b(en tlti'ci when lie ha given oflenie here in New York. He came over upon the initial trip of the Teutonic, pi elided, hi frietids aay unwillingly, at a thaiity comett given on behulf of the I.iveipool Orphanage, at which the American paengei weiv asked to put their hand In their pockets. and theie made the blundci lug fpecch w Inch railed down Amei 1-can wrath upon hi head. The patenueisdlflei somewhat uj to the precite language, but the geneial npininti wa that it wa not a successful speech, and wai lu anything but good taste. Coinmodoie Batemati, who Called Mi. Itiinay some what hIibi ply to account, ar y that the latter made a very unpleasant comparison between the English membci of Pailiametit and the American member of emigre. He wa holding up Sir Lionel l'layfair to the admiration of the pasnengei a and wanted them to nndeistatid that he wa u very diffeient bird fiom the Atnei-icun Congressman. Other passenger, who take a moie lenient view of the remuik. ay that he not meiely tiying to say that whin a Biltish member of Pailiutncnt commanded he mut obey, which he would not have to do if it wc an American Congressman who issued the mandate and he were an American. However humoiou the intention, tho eneet wat uot taking. Ihe matter v,a dicued in the smoking-room and Coinmodoie Jiatemau next morning sharpened hit wit, loaded hia pen and indited a letter which pleated the ear of the Indignant coterie. It was dignlfled .in tone and sbaip in substance, aud called special attention to the vctybad tatte, to say nothing nf bad butinea Judgment, of a uian In Mr. Ismay' position shirring American Congressmen when he wa looking to American for patronage, especially at a place wheio he had invited American to come aud give to an English charity. Thi letter, the contents of which Mr. Batemati refused to disclose, wa not long in finding the managing diiector. who passed the greater part of two day 111 trying to con-vluce the angry Commodore that he had meant no harm. Then Gen. I', II. Kelly, a two-millionaire of St. Paul, sailed in. lie waa mad clear through, and in a straightforward Western wav wa bound to show it. " Xou have a line ship. Mr. lunar. ' he said. "We think it i." wa the modest reply. " Don't yon think It would bean improvement to have managing dlrectoi at home, especially when they try to mako apeeche ?" asked the irate Westerner. Mr. Ismay again explained that he meant no harm, aud he waa a very distressed man In consequence. "I don't like to say much about thla thine," ald Commodore Batemati yeatcrday. "For my part in It I have no regret. For I do not think Mr. Ismay ahowed either taste or Judgment in attacking American Congressmen, for we have some men in Congress a good a any English member of Pailiameiit. Hut I have no wish to puisne the mattci. I think it waa Froperly resented by American onboard, and know Mr. Isniay regret having aid it. It wa worth while to see the way Mr. Kelly went for him, aud I think other did not let the occasion pat. I havo no peronal objection to Tne AVnni.n'tt nublUblnir mv note, but it would no reel J be in good taate for me to furnish it." J. Adrlance Bush, or No. 10 Wall street, said ho thought Mr. Inmay's remark had been mis-construed and that he merely tried to be funny. . .... "There i no American more sensitive than I am about hi country," natd Mr. William J. Uemorest.who waa a passenger on the Teutonic, "aud, therefore, quick to resent any slum that may be east upon it; but 1 must aay the incident on the Teutonic w as greatly exaggerated. I sat betide Mr. Isniay when he made hi speech. 1 know full well ho did uot intend to insult us. Home people are moie captious than others, and those were the people that drew uch extravagant lnfetence from tho speech. We have a great appreciation for our country, but at the name time that appreciation should be allien to common sense. I should never have drawn audi an inference unless I wanted to be captious. All thi talk about the indignation of the American passenger is bosh. There may have been ome talk in the smoking-room about It. but among the passenger in the cabin no mention was made of it. During the entlio voyage Ml. Ismav manifested a friendly teellng for the United State, and after the speech he talked with me about the inference othcra had drawn fiom it, and he as. nuredmeofhi friendship for America and hi desire always to maintain that friendship." " All t it talk about Mr. Isinay speech must have been confined to a few intensely patriotic AmeiicaiiB,'' aid Mr. August MamuielMorff, "for I knew nothing of the trouble until I aw mention of it in the New York paper, upon my arrival. Bo you see tho indignation could not have been nniveital among the passengers." j A IlrleU Instead at Bracelet. Capt. McLangtdln, of the Old slip station, house, yesterday captured Thomas Douohue, twenty yean old, the ton of the Janitor of No. lot! Broadway, who ha been committing a scries of thefts from the various occupants of that building. The place It occupied almost entirely by jeweller aud dealer In rolled-gold On Monday Henry J. Hlldenbrand opened his sample case and found. Instead of a number of ring and bracelets, a brick neatly w tapped in paper, Donohuehed dope the trick. He made a full confession. He ha stolen about 91, olio worth of good. Patrick Callahan, of No. 10o Barclay ticet; John James, of No. OD l)ey street, and James Winne, of No, ho (lieenwich street, were arrested last night on the charge of receiving tbe stolen goods. Pat Itlvrtle' Receipt I a Forgery. Emmet Edgciton, the real estate agent who wai attested for alleged latceuy of $700 fiom Mist My ttie ltemiugtoii, was an signed before Justice Ford at the Jeffeison Market Court yes-tenia). He denied that he received scent fiom MUs Heuilngtou. She wanted to hite the furnished house No. 11.1 West Thlrtv-flrst stteet, he said, but she could not get it. A leceipt lor Ihe money was produced, hut Edgerton said he did uot make it and lieu r signed his name like that on the receipt. It was written in pencil upon n piece of note-paper, and he declared it a forgerv. iltinlngton said lie wa not wealthy, nor wa he a church member. He was put under 1,.".00 ball for examination. y. CRANDALL & CO.' 4 3d Afo. & 37th St jmmwf r- rtb.iht-a ihi VOTa HAn rAiiuiA.;.: jCfJr?rffci$$hjp ii th' fl- Th n?w?n Ij'tfKAfgrSjy -1 pi1 ti t1,rIgn nf our XZRlHSZiflrtwrZl inai! trunt $5 00 lo yf yC Vg t.M cata RKMCUOrH NOTKJCS. JKV (IKOIUiK FKANL'IH TRAIN'S PhVriltr V Cliureti Ilccfpttun luctRtaJfr' .Sunday nigbt. iii raitjtnjc ishfol r.tMttl' ranilnw tire' Panic J Hn.otuli'm' itobvf jileiri' Ucattil JacVion' t'altoiil l'aiaon I)ciirt LOST, FOrSP ANO I-KWAUDS. IOSl -On IlinrMUt. Ann 15. Itwien Jtr? Lily j anil Mfi Orernwlcii af , Now York, a ronuuulatloij iHkrl, 1 be Hndti ulll p:w ti iu lu tlit aoia at 1ra W. L. DOUGLAS 83 SHOE. GENTLEMEN. jr ""Vv l r'nluu tor thl, Shi1 jffi( y ovir .ill oilier elSlve j oilvirllx.l, aiei '& . - .a It contain loiter mr- 22m J539LrmLX tiriui. in. more stjiiib, ffy "r- I brlli-rrlllhiir ami duritile. eA i t I ltcltfslMlliraiuetalsat- 2 SjfiJK I 1fjetliu. Il ruiei uinre A vuaaWSf ntriney for t lt- coiiMimrr. I P?aav lis eut si ecus Is tint-to I " - I.Mrlt. It IJlllmt be .In i "v X pllrsttsl lir any otlii-r ylt yl umiiiitflcliiur. It Is tbe A V- -y K. It In tie wnrhl. and lu' ef; vV - v At a lanrer d, matst il'an nny I 1 V r other MShunilverllieil. CR nnfl will I. paM to m iwriti wlio will proie 1U)UUU tin- nbuic statcnii-nts l.i In iniirui . I'.vil line nn ft. S4. t.l.'lu. t3.fl0, fi.tK. V Mio for Men. Mr IU and tne lloy im tlielx.t. I.oillrs l em my .'! ami tl'J tflimi, wlili li ire nf tin liel in.iliil'it. Isst t.vh' am) tiot ftttlni'lii HiewiirH. M'. I,. Ilnlieliv. llniektnii. Mn-r. CAI'TIOV. -AV. I., lloogli"' nniiif Mini iirlcn ri lntiiii"l on ImiIIoiii of all ioh ndver-llel hv film. Tnl( mini' i'lntmp.1 tn 1h Inat n good, V. I.. Iliitigliia' Slincanre the bl ' Mil in- lor the urlro In the viorlil, i r.,r sai. i ii-,ii. t.v. tutu, in:i; ihu. :j.vs..s;i .. 4411. l."itMI!il ate."hf :t'-'.. j-i . Htli T , JI4II Uranil st II. UNO (!"" !! ViMiiie II S.'-i and '.7 Clinrrh st h'.' stnl :iv! lli..i.rv . Illl, .".'I tlrri-nwivll st , i'.II "ml "l.t-i,. '.'"!, av :i:t wv.t I'.'.itii t ."ii.'i ihi t in iiiti iiiius.1, i.'iN tlrnit cornr llrsnit lAtmJ'A onier Htli n. snollllist IIKOOKI.YN' til'i Hill 1 'niton st ,11;. 'Ill, yil, nr..ntsy '.'" Inlmnlil si. till Mtrtl; . 111! I'lstlilish ste. !lj llrail'lst 1 11 r Court and '.'0 I'ulioii st, ,IKIIMh I'lTV 40 and 4H sud'.'OO Nfvtaiksvs, IKI4 North ate 4lT(lr.i;M 4H:lnm inunlpswste NKWV11K HI slid V.'IO Market St. I I Oil Mprlugfirld atr H4i llroad . sressfSfSf JAMES MEANS' TT1: m $3 SHOE If M VLSTYLE UNEQUALLEQ f, MiJN DURABILITY ErAA, M'ERFECTIOM Pull lines nf the ahote shot, for sal In NI1W YOIIK CITV by 11. Kerrl iV Son, Ml Nassau si . Jit, llntTun, a'.'O Bimsrr, near Prince st , .laeub tl- llrrnslrlr. roi H;h ate and Ulli st. . Ilurlimin A: on. ol.'i Hth ne ; I'. Noonrin, .'SO, :ill'.'. 704 Ilroadwa) . J, I'orster, HUH :id ale ; SI. Mliolllrr. aiT'J lid e. Ilrvdeeker A' Inrrl. tl.MI :id . . I, AVoire, ttT'J tlrand si I. A. Suillh. fill At. C, llnrrt llnrrls. Illl reenwH-hst, . I, ,11, Itosei'lhnl. 8. Ate A Il ninn MnirU. r'- Ituit.rjr. .In. Vlcl'linll, 14lu:!d te . Weinberg iV Hon, '."'0 lttv In lllttinivI.YMi ltlf.lerer. KM Pulton st , Vleuile, Kill Mirlleat . Noonilll, 111", Columbia St. , Ilrndrr, "1 1 Grand st , Trueiiiiiii, .VI'.' Dili e. In JEItSGV CITYl Kidd, 1'17 X.wtrk ate.; Ulltcnnater, 34 Newaik at In NEU'ARKt Wtlon, 8u0 Broad st. In I'ATKUHONl .Meyer Bro... 1H1 lo 187 Main st JAMES MHANS'S t-1 and 4 shoe, snd Packard's '.' SO sIims sprcltltjr UOU AN. '.".lj Bowerr. A IA0r WORTH KNOWING. DR. TOBIAS' Venetian Lint POSITIVELY CUHE8 CIIIIOMC ItllPt VIATIS.VI, NEl'llAI.CIA, PAINS IN THE MMI1S. IIVfKOH CHEhT, rlimK TI1HOATH. I'OI.DH. STIFFKNRU JUIMS. t'ON rKAUTKD MUSl'LES. WAHKANTKU foroter FOHTY YKAKS to cits perfect sstlsf.cllon or the money retunded. A BOTTLK HAS NRVKK YKT been returned. Sold by all druacists. Prke y." ud ftOc, VIGOR RESTORED! Nrrvou Prostration, Impolenry. Atrophy. Premotlirr Decline, ilraraiilr Deray, A;e., with all sttendlnc rtlts. from wlialetsr rauss, are mockU and i.nmanentU .-urml lij lr. t'ATIWN I'ltllSCII VITAI.IZKIIr, II Itqtttyultt pcijti tcflAout mi ujlth-lrIIMrs. PULL VIOOn ANUlOMPt ETT. Cl'ltr. OIIAH- ANTran Sold t wholesale and retail br A.. I. HITMAN, Proailwav, rnr. Hare lot t.. New York City l lllll.TO.V IMtllfJ CO., llrooklyn. or by mall or express, sealed in plain parcel, ou receipt ot 5 rice. 91 per package; 0 for SJ.'i, Address I'ATON IF.n.rll'KCIKICCn., Iloslon. .Mil. Falllntor-rnation aud itrern teatlmenyrts. c Dr. Snow's Foot Cerate L . Cnrea eore feet anil all pains resuHInf L "from continued walklna or standing- Il BVataiaasfiSintaluabtefor froated. aweatlnc and tender feet Price fjo cent. Uewre of Imitation. For ale at Walton's, Kill at, and Qltt st. ; BlootniutdaU'a, 3d ate. and 311th at. i ot ll leldilu draugltts' and ilry-ioud. bouses. Standard Perfumery Works, s.lllnz cents. 18 Mercer at. tiny UapsulM arrs.l In 4Vf S Lavrhours, without lacont.oience, thoerjUiryy teMilI.ctten. in which boyaiue. uu.L.,t'lWl BindlniectiOD.Iall. RAILROADS. CF.XTHAI, RAH.nOAD OF NEW .1KKSEY. FOOT LIHEKTY ST., NORTH ItlVEK. TI1IK TABLE, AUO. l', lbMO ForEuton. 4,7, B.4.'. A. M. . 1, ;k43, 4 30. 3.43 P. M. UunJsy.hi A, M. 3.30 Kit. For Bethlehem, Allentown. Msnrri Chuhk, ic., 4, 7, 8.43 A. M. i 1,3 43. 5.43 P.M ' For Wilkebrre, l'itt.ton and rternton, 4, 8.4.1 A.M. : 3.43 P.M. Tor Lake llopstconc. 4. 8.43 A M. ; 4.30 P. M. Hundays, 3, 7 A. M. For Bed Bank, Luti Branch, Ocen Orot. v la all rail, 4c.. 4. S 13. V 30. 11.13 A M, ; 1,30, '.30, iltiO. 4, 4.30. 3 30. 0. 10 P. M. .Suudy, it A ,vl 4 P. M. Sunday trains do not stop at Ocsn Orot or At burrPaik. For Allatitle Hlthlsnds, tla Matawaa and Keyport, 1.30. 5 P. M. For Uakewion, Mtnchestsr, Toms Rlt.r and Btrosfat, 4. rt.ia A..M. 1,30, 4 30.P. M. . Per Be. ch listen. Atlantic Citv, Vlneland and ftldg. ton, 4 A. M , 1 30 I. M SANKY HOOK ROUTE. From Pier 8. It , toot Hector st.. roil I.OMji UltANi'U. AisBL'KY PAltlv, OCHN ttUOVK, Jic By pilaiiYl strsmors .MON.MOl'TJI. sfANIIY lllltlK, ST.,I(H1N'4. 1'or llls-hland Bescti, H.ahrlaht, Monmouth Bescli an 1 l.on rlrnc'lM4.:lO, 7 t7i. II, 11 A. M . 1, 3.30. 4 13. ."..HO P. M " A M., I P. M. For Uberon. Anbury Park Ocean drove anil Point Pleasant, 7.45. 0. 11 A. M , 1, 3.30, 4.13, 3.30 I or i.a'kewoiid, Toms Ulter and Iliruegit, 4,30 A. M. : 1 00. 3 '10 1'. M - Fur Bench Ilateu, Atlantic City, Vlneland and Bridge-ton. 4.30 AMI OOP M For Atlantic HWhlanne, 4 30 0 00 A M '1 00 Sat-nrd.ronb . 3 30 4 l.!, 3 30 P. M. . Sunday 11.31) A. M. 1 OOP M MIORTFST AND Ql'lOKF.ST KOUTF. TOU 11111. vlH'I.PIIll. ItAl.TIIIOItli AND vv;ton, BOl'Nli ItllllOK IIOUTE, Via Central rtallrosd nf ew,Iere and Philailrlphlt and Ite.dmc Ball c,d, and Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Irlte mot of l.lliertt M , N It PBllalelili.aat4.O0.7 4,j h 30, n nO, 1 1.00 A. M. , 1 30, '.'.30. 3, 13, 4 00, .'. 00. 3 30. 7 30, 15 00 P M. SI'MiAAli, H .10. tl :tlj A. .it. , 1 30, '.'.311, 3.13,3 00. 0.30. IS! 00 I' .M. For llidtimor and Waihlngtnn dsi'y st 8 30 (11,00 eicept Sunda; A M , 1.30, ' 30, 3.13, 3 00, VI OOP. M. Train, lease at 7 43, 11.00 A M . 1 30 4 Of), 3.30. 7 30. I'J.OOP M hste connection for ltesding, liar, n.bure. PottsWlle, 4c Psrlor rsr. ou all train. Sleeping car. en mlduljht trains. TicVet and parlor-ear seata ran be '"cured at 71, 4 13, 1 "01.041. U40. i:iy:i Broiy, 73 7 llth ate , 'UH m l'.'41li st.,i:i3i'a.t l','3iht .New York. 4 Court I l , Kill l Fulton at , 111 Broadway.Brooshn New York , Tian.ferl onipn will tall tor nd check baggage freni i hotel or resident, tu destination. TockaWbemhT JAVIACIA HAY. AUVHU V, lilt IMK'KAWAY, VIA N. V OIItOU..WAY IIFAI'll RAILWAY. I.I.AVr I.O.MI ISI.ANUI ll'V II All. Y. 0 3 k no, ii.v'ii, io. at i .11.40 a m. .i.i:..s!.;o, 3. 10. 4 43. ,- 4?.. 7 0f, t.lll, II OO, in !.'. I M Sl'S'ltAVS tl.NbV. 7.10. 11.10. HI III. IO..',"., I 11 30 A M . 1'. 43. I l.i, I 43 ,'.'.13, '.' 13. 3,13, 3 43. 4 13, 3 I iull 13. 0. 11,7 00. i 33, h ud, 8.3o. 0.00, II 33, 10.0.1 P. M. ITIOM FOOT EAST 34MI ST.. NEW YORK. KOIl AHVCilM; ANl I'AJt HOCKAWAY 7 -ill. II 30 A. M . l.'.'tt 3 30, 4 oil, .Vol) hundsy.-0 VO.IO 30 AM. . I. ill. 1 311, ''.60. .3.40. 7 3IIP.M AlX'lltAlNK fur ARVER.rJ sml FAR ItOl'KA-WAV !! iru'ii Louglilaud Hit Uenat, I.ODg l.laud City. isMllftiiiMiiiMi '.Avuiiaiuntisi CONEY ISLAND IIUICIITII.V IICACII. lT IIIMIIIITON Iti'.U'lt. Culver Route, Sea Beach Route, Bay Ridee Ferry, From Foot ol Whitehall Street Terminus of I I IM Tl:l II.I.I.M. IIHtlADWAY S....A ' llt.l.T LINK. ltrleonric"nrn'. Ilvr RMt th 'Mint r"Tt,,. tsUnd tU.SI.A 1IKAC1II snd OTt.VIIll IIOIITIW l.i,. W-hltansli 'trail Mft iro n J. llli ) j i,j ,".i ksll-heur.nrjii 10 1,1 V S. n III still I, ij h V MiimUy.rt. 10 A. .vL vni iiir-hoirlr rita III T to I. Ill P. M. ou etery ill minute. tiultllJ.lOP' d Il 40 and III till Itetumniz, uini train. iit. jj.,1 ltisuudinyst 11. lu 1. tl. i.xcurs.ou licn.u.iOouii, TO-MORROW " ,Mi.i:it da m:tw i:i:k BAPT1STE PYNAUD, tui: .t.M)i:i'i i. rniiM'ii athi.etiZ WILL DIVE A TOWER ISO Foci Hitfli Into ti N0fc At 'i nd 4.30 P M . IIHO-s.SAVk tjAMmu'.SK. SEA. llOCKAWAY BEACH. I.t l.llYlllll shm 1,11 JM-M- I Take M. Y. & Rocxawav Beaca Rallwiy ,V.f'r'.A.TVP-riitR WIUK. HROOKI.yN. aU Ali.lnilnum ttiU (iieAficrri. axu iakin feat. America' Day i..,, Sunnier Resort ..Hl.-.ijij.LW. (IftA t4' sslE3lHVaiiai I t (RU, RVHH it-aH ssSSsias,A D w ru. A w . 1 1 r dmWM rT" nvkm il wWL iiii4mi (tJtui't mB nt JH m H K. 1 mk lli'tnterleat AljK W nfjAvwH B ti Mm run hjft V AfHHHrA H ltl i'Vfl'V,a0'IH'V'av'NH lOlllttm, T ' kS VatJaWH aiV S 1 I ahtH idja coiii, it CS RB H i w BB thj. Sofjaf-ribrl' ti- ymw Wbm uB JL V V I H Ir tit n, i rin. H ral mB W fc wW Kenowned llli n LjsLWjpay Idlll Maaaaaa aaaaauaaaBa Bathing It.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.a's rii'iitif. vowiiuc mWBmwMm Tivn TCMr-TFuirn lkitr, rirll, N. II lirrtlCorlkniiJIM tf 4l,4ft to 'I A V.,ltM.C 1S9,SC0. S u V M Jn11i Wtitrf. Ur-V.ljn, too. 1I..H, llwiA Mtl"l' 1 IS,14 -r . lM ttitrt,Iit B,Tt7 f Q, 10 0. II 0 A. U 1X4 , VI, 1$, 4 I J, ft. 41 f.M. KCTURN N(.tKvauiilUiil tlinoat hor1f tintlll p, it MUtt Ikuvti ffil lliir HfO'lT Trli SnnJiyi. IOC FX( ri(-tN "tf'rrrH iv. iron mmm mm. Conev Island nnd Loni? Branch. Week t)st Tira-Tlil 'or Ooner I.landi ritOM WK3T!KlllHr.. N R -II. 10 11 A. M., II M. . 1, J.4.V 3. 30. 3 lo. 4 10. rh II, 7. Han4 0 P. VL FhdM Plllt (NEW! flo.l. N. lL-(tlatt.rr n'ti ststionelerateil r.ilrod.) hlf an hint later. IcAHKTOC'ONF.y ISLAND ANl ffTURil, .0 jTi ron i.orti iikanoh- WKS-rUIDST. 11. ll.-tl.30A. M od3.:lOP. H. PIKR(NKVV) O. 1. Jt, ,rt -10 A M. ud4 P. A LEAVE OCEAN PIF.R-1' If, andtt li. P, M. pari: io i.ono iirancIi and kbt(jr 1 1 UK.NTH. HtNULK PARE. f,0 CKNTH. MANHATTAN BEIGH, Trnlrm Irnm foot ol Rnt 31th 8t., N. V, (0 'M eicept Hundsj.). 8.30, 10. 'iO, 11 "0 A. ti. lL'.'iO. 1 '.'O tl ,'VOHunnir.onlr), and half hourlj troia U.itO to ll.-'O and 0 40 P. M i VVIUTi:ll.M,L ST . terminus ot ltttd rallroilt bourlt 7 to to 11.10 A M., and bait bonrlr (rant 11.40 A. M. lofi iu P. AL Buniuurs bourlj from 8. Ill A. M to II. 10 P. M. UIIANII AKTHIlNtlON AND EVKNI.Na COM.'EIIT.S, litMinitps IM'Ovh'AHAHI.T? HANII. .JAii'" ''last hays ot' i'iiipii kVlmV EVP.MNU KXOEPT SUNDAYS sni HO DAYS. JAPANESE YILLAt.F. IN PAVILION. BOWERY BAY BEACH The mote beautiful and popular Family Saromir H wirt, uulj 0intnutt flail from NVw York. AccMS.Mf. by ntcgant at am boat 'KaiELINt" trom Itarlera Hridtr. Ka-t KKHIi flt.and :id are., 10 and Vi A.M.. .. :t l."i,4 :U).Und8P.M .directly to Uraod PUr. Bower Uuy Hach taia l.'Vc,. acurion 'JOc, children fie., fxurnton 10c, , alMiby hone r nil road from tWd at. (A luria) fcrr. from tt A.M. til) midntcbt. Par IQc. T di), ttcanifr MUKHISAN1A -extra trlpr.:)0 P. M Grand Concert on Pier Every Day. llllli: It'Y HIIOIIUI.A (ll.KN. - l.AMT 3 aNlA.-Fron hl'MIAYS. i:id st . Ii.!i5 A. M. : OtasmUr vtiinvivc 1,11,1 " ll;i" AM- I'AST 1 .lltlKMM. nml 'r;).MfsllAYM.-Ii3d at. AFTKKNUON. 8.63 T.l A.M GREENWOOD LAKE. WKIINBSIIAYH. , l.AlT3 r'''NIAyM.-ua -ir.iirviv.2 nays, A M. ind st.,ti.&.i; Chtnr .VIOICM.MJ.,, Hi 00. Kundars. P. M - . y;id st ,l,0."i'hmhrsBt.,!iOO trsfl ftn i. vst i Vi:dm:siavh.- LONG BEACH AMI POINT LOOKOUT. Trom foot of Enst '141 li St., N Y., ft. 41, "J. J J 10 r,o a. ai.. "l.-'o, a.r.o. .M.r.o. 5.50. ,o.M, H.OOP. M. Nunday. 4.40 .'O.'-iO. "10.40 A. U.'Laj. 'i.00, '.'.no. 3. f,0. '4.80. '7 00, i 10 P. AL Counett for Point Lookout. COLLEGE POINT FERRY nEAirrtFUL sail up the round. Bundar but. hourly until tl P. M. Dalit, lut. El 00th St., 5, 7, . 11 A M. ; 1. tl. 5. 7. 0 P. f.L PARE l6 CENTS IIMSIIINC IIANKS- Dally, Hint boat from Nort 1 Ulnr. HANC'OX, Deyt..7.30 Tickets 7B blsclutitUkel t.f.i. N1U PERTAIN, PUol 17IS111N(! UANKS-Dally. 00 cents; Udi.' orcla Jn ticket., oOo ; steamer Hcbujl.r ; . Moral a World. Hsncoi. SPOKT1KG. NEW YORK JOCKEY CLUB RAGES Itnco Course. Westchester, N. Y. INAUGURAL MEETING. Opening Day, August 2Dtb, And Continuing Aug. 21, 22, 28, 'Jt" 'JT, 28, 20, 150, 31. (illANII NTAMI, 81. SO. LADY' TICKKT. Sl.OO. Fluid will be freo to the public. The l.illy t niclul Programme wl be tllatrlbiitccl freo ut the grand stone liitllroiid lure from Ilurleni River sU tlou to racecourse and return CO cent1 l.r.ONAKD V. .irKO.ME, Preslilenl-T. II. KUC'K, Srrreinr). ATONMOUTH PARK RACES -LONG r.RANCI l'JL . ,1.. I'.ter 'lut'.diy, Tliur.dsyndSaturai until HaturiUr, An IT, commencing i i. tlO P. M. Central Illl of .V 1. I.inerty 11 l-erry. ti.l.i. Al 11. li. A ,M 1'.' itO, l'i 46. 1, 1 !J0 PM., P?"! .aula Rlt . C'ortlsmtt snd De.bron.. .-It. racrlf. 7 J. 11.10. 11 illl A.M., l-.'M., f.'.'IIIP. M. (1 l.La5 urday.onii), ltont.. la rSandv llouk. from Plt.,'" .tllector.t.. 7.4. !. 11 A.M.,, 1 P. Mh " , Round Trip. lucUitilns i.dnil..lon lo ritq. l,tu, 1 J. II. 1'tn.TEH. sec. A J. CABBaIT. Pr- COTsliRCEBt SCHOOLS. ETC. De La Salle Institute. t'KN'TKAI. IARK. WOI'TH. ( isanr' i ntrsnee, 108 Wtt .IHtli st.) REOPENS KflNEsDA V. SEPT. 11 Ipl.YTE0 Ml'. Al'ADI VIII' AND lUrllNEttM COURIBJ-Ues-ulsr Lconn iu MiiunsstU's ml Military Drl A llinlti-U'lred lur cataiuim aildrrs. UltOI'llltlt JAMhH. Dlteet; RR.VTj estate. I'liiintrv. nOt'Sh LOI'o. ',' jil.VI feet. Ireo and clear.onN J.r. Italiioaii. IIIVUN AWAY to rlisj i.e.iple Room P.. 1 i 1 llro.dwy. ft. Y. i.Oii Court s , llrtiiklyu , :i."i .Mniitaomer) at , J.rny City, a J Uruadst,, ."i(.lt, .N. J.

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