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The Durham Sun from Durham, North Carolina • Page 1

The Durham Sun from Durham, North Carolina • Page 1

The Durham Suni
Durham, North Carolina
Issue Date:

Russians Surge Irito Osuga Rail Center In Dash Toward Smolensk Direct Threat To Important Port Of Sousse Amor Iran Armored Spearhead Commands Fiilrnnee To May Drive Wedge To Seaeofthi Only 50 Miles Away ALLIED HEADQUARTERS North Africa March 6 Allied tirmored forces have captured the important town of Pirhon In central Tunisia In drive eastward that now threatens Kairouan anil the vital Axis reinforcement port of Sousse The capture of Pichon was accomplished by American forces The first troops in the town were armored patrols consisting of infantry and armored cars By taking the town the Americans won control of the entrance of a pass that leads to Kairouan 1 The drive carried the advanced lax Remission Buck Is Passed To Committee elements at the Allied forces to within about 50 airline miles of the roast of Tunisia If the offensive can be sustained the Allies might ba able to drive a wedge between tha northern and southern Asia forces to Tunisia by cutting all the way arross to Sousse Nazi Salient Before Moscow Is Dissolving Red Army Retaking Villages At Rale Of Four Per Hour MOSCOW March 6 (UP) The Red Army stormed into the railroad town of Osuf a 16 miles south of Rzhev and overran 29 other towns and villages today in its drive for Smolensk key base on the central front Hie Russians now had raptured 113 towns and villa fee in tha past 30 an averasa ot nearly four villages an hour to their breathtaking advance south end southwest of Kxhev that was rapidly wiping out tha dangerous enemy salient before Moscow Soviet forces also were pressing forward northwest ot Kharkov and west and northwest of Kursk and the capture of a number ot additional settlements on thesa fronts was reported Red Army units driving down the Rzhcv-Vyazma railroad tilled (00 officers and man in a stubborn bat-tta that at dad with Sha aOpUir ot til Osuga railroad ztaUtti toe Soviet mid-day gosnrtzmiqp said Three plane 57 tank and eight gune were captured Osuga lice 54 miles north of a ma southeastern anchor of tha era man salient before Moscow and 30 miles northwest of GzhaUk easternmost point held by the Asia on the central front The other 39 towns whose capture was announced in the mid-day communique were identified only as "south end southwest" of Rxhev which lies 140 miles northeast of Smolensk main concentration point for Asia forces on the central front Germans Resist lUUerly The Germane were offering stubborn resistance with t-inks and ln- fan fry according to the Friday mid- WASHINGTON March flJfS The Senate farm bloc today pra-jnight communique which reported pared for debate next week on a bill to defer fanners by demanding Mp(ure of 50 inhabited place The rupture of Pichon gave the Allic control of an Important road that runs eastward to kairouan SO mile away From Kairouan the revision of military strategy production of enough food WASHINGTON March vea i Growing alarm over pofential food dwugea today eet off a congre nasal race for remedial manpower! bgiibilton and brought a farm biocj demand for immediate executive acton on the production program CHASING swift (error Of the eees skims through the creamy Caribbean an the lookout for lurking submarines Tha Navy mosquito boat is armed with machine guns torpedoes and depth charge Great Fleet Of Sea Ferrets LoosedAgainst U-BoatPacks Junior Drhlroyers May Be Important Factor In Victory WASHINGTON March O-tUFt- Essen Hit Heavily As British Turn Bombs On Industrial City 1 RAF Roinlfcrs Fail To Return Indicating That Approximately 500 Took Part In Haiti A great fleet of destroyer csrnrU JJtltte Jap the controversy over the newest submarine mK'h ye to should era Is in the making today wnwltod Sixty of the stork sturdy tittle Representative Carlson (R Kisi warships whose Job 11 will be to'uhor of a bill on the Ruml plan protect convoys agninrt undersea! said today he would ask the com-i-TT'" surfer and air raulcrr have been 'mil to to vute again on a modified rn tf souMc-SbeiU isitroad launched Some already art in proposal to skip a full tax year Mjumc htoiUu isiiroad service Although opimsing outright Ll" The Mtm which sro Hlly of toxek majoriy i mint- SMirmm nriv ho 35 committeemen have Indicat- ir recent weexs is imUntTrtm bringing tortorviH w'nnea to abate part of th-igit which Marshal Erwin Rom- toZ- Unil uf ohlustiona to ease the hi' 0 'P" me wniiaa naviims -rcai uc-j svtm and supplies to hi torces tn central pwdene will be plred on Ihcmto 1 taw fmltoMo TirntMa winch rolled 'through the h' much 01 Kassci inn and threatened to vT'ito Chairman Doughton (D-NC) rail Allied Un a tew yu 'E 11 Navy yards and a lha fH committee to meet i dozen privately owned shipyards tackia Urn problem again I Enmy activity on the northern era apprwhlng tn production of Under tha aubcommtlleei plan Tunisian front died down and Al-1 iuli- 11 Tul0r rB" whj taxpayers would thetr HM3 lied patrols seized tlia Initiative and will relieve many destroyer fur rtiUma and pay tha first and sec-made local gains a headquarters in an unsuccessful attempt to nut flunk (tor man positions and to rut off the Nazis route of retreat across Kerch Strait into the Crimea Apparently Will Regin July I WASHINGTON March 1-m-Tbe lasue on whether A merles' individual Income tax payers will have nil of one Income taxes abated today shaped up fdr anidhet vnl in the House Ways and Means Committee A eubcommlttee setup to drift "psy-st-you-i" compromise after the full ronimittce rejectatt the skip-a-yesr phase of the Beardsley Run plan two week ago approved yesterday a system to put all or the 44000000 income taxpayer on ai current collection bus July 1 But it dumped back fnta the full corn- ed Tojo at saying that "1943 I the year In which the issue of the World ba strengthened" I I if it means a longer wap-to assure 1 LaillUCrtSOII Germans Claim Caucasus Success By The Asaaclated Preaa The German High Command declared today that two Soviet division! had been wiped out oilier badly mauled and more Ihnn 1000 prisoners taken as Kussfan attack at tha Kuban bridgehead In the Csurssui wera rr pal led The communique broadcast by the Berlin radio and recorded by Hi Associated Press in New York said the fled Army had "suffered extremely heavy loaaea" communique said A total of 30 enemy tanks havo been destroyed since force started their attack In tha jnor'h Eront dispatches said that British efehllhd contact with nltih- See YANKS Page Two LONDON March e-tfh-Roy I Air Force bombers made a "very heavy end concentrated" attack on tha great German industrial center of Essen last night in the tenth consecutive night of essauitt against targets either in Germany or Nazi-held Europe lha Air Ministry announced today Fourteen of the big British bombers failed to return from the trip to Essen It Was announced -Indicating that perhaps 300 planes took part in the raid First reports from the German radio indicated that the Btows were heavy end that several other towns in addition to Essen were hit A DNB report heard by the Associated Press said (ht 14 British bomber were shot down the claim tallying exactly with the British communique Last night aircraft ot the bomber command mad very heavy and concentrated attack on Essen the Air Ministry communique said of our bombers are misting The DNB dispatch said several loealttiea In western Germany wera hit and that "civil buildings" were destroyed and lossn Inflicted on the civilian population Tha sit of Krupp armament works employing I7SNJ0 persur Essen has been raided 53 time Concern over feeding and equipping armed forc a weU as civl-iuns as displayed in numerous mpdol quarters producing parallel trprala for prompt action on teU to keep iiricultufi lubof William (be farms and to mobilize a non-1 ron iR-Kan) indicated today he meitount Army of 05000000 men would make a formal reply in a sod women for war production 1 rTa? At the same time an unofficial' Howe ywterday in which Lieut tom bli organization composed ot Coi ri ott C) representative from each stale recor himself nrtd to take to the White Huuse brother a demand that Government agency WASHINGTON March dealing with farm problems Th Houw Republican leadership required to reach quick agree- WM wportwi today to have told nt on a coordinated food produc-i Lamberuon R-Kan) Is Reproved combat duty with the fleet More than 300 DeV-the Navy designation for destroyer rr-s have been ordered Secretary of'jRp sWl Jllty Alllkt the Navy Frank Km who re-: as- i waled details of the ship for thei 1 4)M 1 lilt) Iflir first time Mid that the building program wto beginning tv show real progress General lledikl Topi indicated to By The I'nlled Frrsa Tokyo Radio quoting Premier Scourges Center Their Blom On Japs At Lac from Med Jrnane tn a bitter street The is the result of wartime dy that official Japan believes it "''scuslcl the town after convoy experience snd a peris! must win the war this year or fecr 'ursd jf study of British Corvtt type ofdefest scoi veiMlz by Rear Admiral Lj The Tokyo broadcast heard bywrt Swl JenBn' At (30 A I Cochrane chief of the bureau United Preaa at San Franrisco quot in yesterday! fighting The previous mid-day communique had nounccd tha seizure of 53 towns and villages The other outstanding Soviet advance during the past 34 hour were in the area west and north want of Kursk where the Russians were pointing toward Konntnp important railroad Junction 100 mile northeast of the big Axis base of Kiev on the Dnieper The midnight communique reported the capture of 10 town end village west of Lgnv 37 miles west of See RUSSIANS Page Two Tcxnn Killed In Tornado San Augustine I Haril HU roESetelr lhort but dlJ4ttl0Ui tornado At least on person was killed by the 13-year-old Ezel Bruant who was hit by a flying timber while he was riding pn a bicycle struck lata yesterday SAN AUGUSTINE Texas Match Weary residents of San An-service records of President today began the unhappy velte even before Lieut Col kJi veil even ora ora uni v-m MhuiUiM horns- that had of aliipa Crichrane said that nhito jt was not the complete ai the submarine protitom if answer to protitom if will go War must be The British still had strong posl- a long way toward iirovding it To statement was made In re- lions in the Sed Jenane when they Larger than a Corvette and spouse to a lesniution by the House withdraw for tactical reason Th smaller than pres-nt dy detroy- of that of the town was not re-era the "Da" Is about 3MI feet long hnn'e (Japan's) fighting power must garded serious so long aa tli0 ton program Representative Fulmer D-SC) appointed head of policy com- neats a pm-? of 13 to draft a suggested ingram when the cBamze I re agriculture picture muddled there must ba a decision hether production was to nrunr prouucHon to 'treated by general rice to See FLEET Fag Two Coordinated I and And Air Offrmive le Taking Shape n-MzcARTHUH'S HEAD-j QI-ARfERS Australia March tlA-Allied planet have renewed j'lieir triphammer blows on La I Japan's biggest remaining base tn jNbw Guinea after wiping out the last enemy survivors of the battle I of the Bismarck Sea as they sought 'to escape In lifeboats barges and rafts General Douglas MaaArthur i announced today 7 Th Allies were believed hatching a coordinated land and air often live against Lae and the adjacent Salamaua area along northern Nw Guinea Allied tool pushing northeastward from airdrome at Weu already have) 1 1 driven Japanese advance forces' Quentin Wounded In Africa WITH THE 8 ARMY IN TUNISIA Feb Lieutenant Quentin Roosevelt 33 of Oyster Bay eon of Brig Gen Theodore Roosevelt has been wounded in action on the Tunisian front Young Roosevelt forward observer and liaison officer for on artillery unit and grandson of tha late tx-Presldent Theo- ss-iTHiomi inw- dore Roosevelt was struck in the bark either by machine-gun bullet from strafing plane or by a fragment of anti-aircraft shell during a German Stuka and Mreacrsehmitt raid yesterday on an American artillery unit In a ravine near th plains lead- tog to Kernel ins Pam- Axis May Try To Knock Out Arctic Supply Line To Soviet puDIR on me nousr uoor yesvraay Authorities alto heard a by Representative Lanham (D-Trxtu unidentified girl had Fife er incentive payments iwho desenhed Lambertson's eriU- outside tha town fJI increasing tempo also brought iC)IR and improper" Daylight brought relief to hun-f weie developments: I Behind the applause from the dreds of person who shivered Expressed detennination by mmonty ude it was learned toy through a cold damp night with no toralor Bankhead D-Ato to force tba ory of how Republican toad- electric lights no water supply that Senat vote Tuesday on his bill rrs had sought to get Lambertian could be considered safe and to tto drop the both In the in- nm eases with only tha clothing 1 tereMs of the party and for the that they had on when the tornado public on the House floor yesterday Authorities alto heard a report that been killed Elliott Roosevelt wrote his Con gressman in defense of himself aod Republican ea Capiroi HI1 after a totter from the Pmdent soldier son was made uki ot national unity Girap SIiom Will Stay On Rationing IJl WASHINGTON March A (pekesman for the Office of Price Administration today deerrtbed as -puntlv wiihfjl thinking" rumors low priced bracket ration -purely wiviji that shoes in tow priced were to ba taken from th Around Capitol Square Too Many Bosses May Have Cost State Services Of Cecil Bell 'North Carolina and there are now WiNst SWl he Weather Tfe ia IS: TU Cuaitaa: nala mw afttraam rjto mu Mw toe soaai Zr- IS to Bsan'siaa: aws ano-r nun- am-otfic: otnew: rK? n'm 1 am Sis IV as ftn -e-e-a-feo Ij a IV a vf rt TT 1 Tk am plsriOSMssnaest TT'! an 2 it 2 in lZ By LYNN MSBET -thru planto-one at Morgarton one Prediction made In at Charlotte Tirpitz Scharnliornt And (rruf rppelin III Xorwaf IlfTulmout LOaVDON Msrth 6 LfV-Wirio sj'cutorion escr the possibility 'hat th German wr planning a major attack on Allied supply line Russia was firred today by pub- of dispa'rh to two Lon- WASHINGTON March I ho Inlerprrted Guftey'i rt which fiiilrd to A auggration by Sriutur Guffey Utemnt that thr la "no Amri--tai th snurro of their that no irsom-in bra a ran Uwlifron which says a good pnwrrful onccnlration Arc entertolnlng aod lb Ron finirth term for Prosidrrt R-jm- President cannot servo four terms Orman fighting ship beta praod af Ha varied caaila i veil if too Amcrteaa pr' pi want in tn Whit 11-hjm" a further avi- jra cvmMsd in tha Trondheim frslarra bat: to keep bun in off tr armurd from denc that um Democrat wrre arrl lirr both Democratic and Rrublran trying to inject politics Into the Tbre la 'a war mder way and Senators today the proles! that this effort I ri Th- TnerraDh mid th paper Mppite have been cat 'is no time to talk "The New Dealers eonitsnlly '1 CaMrqsently Th toil eamis Guffey told th Sera injecting politics Into the war rfTi2rt wsV tae reraft aeetton ha been eeeaewbal re- tn a prepared speech Mr i-tion and blaming the other M- daead bat by prinUg to Rumevit acSnnpUi rente dur- tow tor dtorg it" he deelarad I VZZ -f- T' ttoI r-Hra In Mailer size few bar irg 10 ye-roto the Whte House I Senator Lucs ID-Ill) L-T to American pto time supporter of th Presidents rtlsra to lour Presidents by wfcal do acd-polwtag said bo thought A was no Son readers may be sore tost what they ar keep firm and get time tor cither Democrats or Ro eorcvriraton when paper cendiUmis retaro nd of thorn to ml our wives not pibliesns to bo talking about pot- Tr-r PmP tost Hi German to normal the eamira will re- to suit too convenience of party lira The Republrrar are Just as attempt to br-k out of their ban ambition or politic a usual" active in politics as the Democrat UwS hides wavs suggested the Senator Brooks bU re- be asserted Sea AXIS Pag Twe Wav after wave of Allied planes drawn from oil categorise of Moe-j air arm blasted and atrafed tha Japanese airdrome and odje- Comics ww Parlies IJccry list Rrprt here Out soon in the 94 end )(Cccil BeUL InduetrUI engJneer fnrMd eveiUble office space the Vin-i jRfs erv not Kllirf and thera-ltht State Department of Conenra'skonwSaIam office is would be released by OPA fortioa and Dwebpmtnt vould thu State mie Private employment hae bera re no Irfentwn of taking --confinned Bell wifi aevar hit rein-' -Whan a food man leaves ih lower triced short off the lions with tha Sufa on March tmploymeni for pnvata busi- ZZ the ipr-kewcaa sud pub-land with the Nations Carbon tha queaboa 2way amea ifirn that flail cheaper Company He hopes and expects j1 ho bam In the preaent vMiaiiy give dollar for dollarila bo aaudned to duty in North thoro are aavtral anewert-jj a the tLdher pnred CaroLsa probably at Wmston-a-i Money la one of them the private ihere is mm excellent la hia capacity as repreeen-buinear autbid tha Sute but It modenelT priced Joot-ivo of the State Department Befibtfiit that Bell was mtiuenced! ii jLflwHne of the beat bcy jov wh wrranbie for fvt-OBttray by saijry Mam veam can fie-" ttinf Kabanai Carbon tatcratcd to1 Set KXSdTT9 Fafit and on at Wrnston-rimilaUng'thia column mm works ago that Salem Because cf central location 5 1 ii 6

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