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The Daily Telegraph from London, Greater London, England • Page 12
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The Daily Telegraph from London, Greater London, England • Page 12

London, Greater London, England
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THI DA I LX TELEGRAPH THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 26 1935 12 Gerrard 3686 7 MATS WED THL'KS 230 LYRIC EVGS CONWAY BRIDGE CONDEMNED FEASTI OF CONCERTS £28000000 WAGE CLAIMS EUGENIE LEONTOVICH OPERA BALLET ROYAL OPERA COVENT GARDEN London and Provincial Opera Society Ltd in conjunction with The Imperial League of Opera present GRAND OPERA FESTIVAL FOR TWO WEEKS ONLY from September 23rd under the artistic direction of raEiscMUTZ NEW Evenings 830 LAST 2 WEEKS by Jacques Devai English text by Robert Sherwood ERA Ni IS SULLIVAN ALLAN A YNESWORTH EVELYN ROBERT8 MATINEE TO DAY (Thursday) 230 at 8 30 BUILT BY TELFORD 100 YEARS AGO BIGGER PUBLIC FOR THE BEST MUSIC RAILMEN MINERS AND ENGINEERS 1 Lem 3K78 TO NEW STRUCTURE COST £75000 INCREASES RESTORATION TO-NIGHT Turner Andreva: Widdop Fear Sale Eaton white 1 vni tor SIR HOMtr BEL HAM Bart JtOAHOA S' tiodkaya Is Bniwnee Sale White SAT' NEXT ATIN' EE at 20 IEH PREISCHITZ De Poras Andreva: Widdop Fear Easton SIR THOMAS BEECHAM Bart Sa next evg 830 A Oct 5 at 230 LA BOHEME Peril Andreva: Nash Pono Bottom Baracchi Dua Conductor CTARENl RAYBOULD Sept SO Oct A at 8 I BVLLO IN MASTHFF A Ort 1 at 8 15 IL BtRPIERE DI SIMGIIA Oct 2 at 730 SIEGFRIED (in Enljh Oct 3 at 8 30 KOANGA Oct at 30 DER FRElSTUTZ The management reserve the right to make any alteration in Cast or Repertoire which may he rendered neceesary by illness or other unavoidable cause LONDON PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA 200 15- Prices tax) Boxes £5 and £3: seats Service of the Midland Bank) Surprise is often ei pressed at the wide variety of services of a modern bank some rendered at only a nominal charge and others at no cost at all You may not fully realise the extent of these services and if so you are invited to read the 32-pagc illustrated book bearing the above title It describes the facilities enjoyed by customers of the world's largest joint stock bank and contains sections on the following subjects HOW TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT CURRENT AND DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS ADVANTAGE OF USING CHE0UES FINANCING OVERSEAS TRADE TRAVEL SERVICE FACILITIES FOR SMALL SAVINGS DAY AND NIGHT BANKING BUSINESS AND PERSONAL SERVICES SAFE DEPOSIT SYSTEM EXECUTOR AND TRUSTEE BUSINESS A copy of the hook may be obtained free on personal or written application to any of the 2130 branches of the Bank or from the MIDLAND BANK LIMITED HEAD OFFICE POULTRY LONDON EC2 Affiliated Companies Belfast BankingCo Ltd Northern IreiandiTheClydesda Rant Ltd and North of Scotland Bank Ltd Scotland Midland Bank Executor and Trustee Co Ltd at 2 30 steadily improving musical taste is largely responsible for the exceptionally busy winter concert season which is just beginning This was the view expressed by Wilfrid van Wyck the impresario discussing the forthcoming season with a representative of The Daily Telegraph yesterday Programmes which now attract large WEEKS audiences would have been regarded as ex- 6d-5s 6d tremely advanced and consequently as SAT 230 very risky undertakings only six or seven I years he said The improvement in public taste has had a marked effect on the number of important concerts to be heard this season which promises to he one of the busiest London ha had for years Orchestral concerts ui particular are increasinglv popular There will be an wiaiuks ti lutUKAH 8 production usually large number of them in the next few months and only the tremendous cost of bringing foreign orchestras to England prevents their being even more Among the visiting conductors will lie Erich Kleiber who will he heard with the PHfENIX (Tern 8611) 830 Th 230 London Symphony Orchestra in the first of GODFREY tearle RACHEL BEKENDT id Mr Van Tuesday concerts at UNGUARDED Hall on Oct 22 At other concerts Immune sncceee brilliantly Tima jn the series the artists will include the Prague Orchestra under Vaclav Talich the Chamber Music Ensemble of the Berlin OLD VIC (Waterloo 6336) EVGA (excev Mon) 745: WEI) PFRR GY NT with Grwir Music and AufmPttted Orchestra under the direction of Herbert Menses William Devlin Ion Swinley Lp Genn Keneth Kent Cecil Trouncer Vivienne Bennett Florence Kahn PALACE Ger 6834 830 Wd Sat 230 CHARLES production ANYTHING GOES A Musical Comedy by WODEHOUSE and jGFY BOLTON Lyrics and Music by COLE PORTER SYDNEY HOWARD JEANNE AUBERT JACK WHITING A DELE DIXON PETER HADDON PLAYHOUSE WC 2 Whitehall 7774 EVENINGS 845 MATS THURS SAT 230 Gallery (unres 10 to 10 Tern Bar 7981 12 fi 10 7 8 5 Box-office COLISEUM Charing Cross WC 2 FROM OL'R OWN CORRF'SPOMIFYT CONWAY Carnarvonshire Wednesday famous suspension bridge across the Conway has I learn been condemned by the Ministry of Transport A new bridge free from tolls is to lie limit at a cost of about £75000 bridge is not in any immediate danger hut it is felt that as it allows only one-way traffic it cannot continue to carry the enormous burden to which it has been subjected in recent years The Bridge Commissioners the Conway Borough Council are reluctant to end its days and schemes aiming at retaining it have been discussed with the Ministry One suggestion was that another bridge should be built alongside it The scheme adopted however besides in- volving the destruction of the old bridge 1 and the building of a new one wide enough By Our I NI HJSTR I AL CO ESPON DENT Two important decisions affecting the wage claims of miners and railwayman I were made in Ixmdon yesterday The increases to be demanded by these trades and by the engineers involve 2000000 men and represent a total of nearly £28000000 annually A joint meeting of the three railway trade unions decided unanimously to make immediate representation to the comianies for the restoration of the remaining per cent of the cuts made in 1931 The General Council of the Trades LTnion Congress decided that the General Purposes Committee should be ready for consultation with the Mine Federation regarding the claim for an increase of 2s a dav for all mineworkers JOAN CROSS as she will appear in the first Lnglisli production of the original version of Moiissorgski's Boris Godunof" at Wells on Monday Telephone Temple Bar 3181 EVGS 8 30 WEDS THURS SAT9 at 2 SO Sir Oswald Stoll present BALLETS de Leon WOIZIKOVSKY A NEW ENGLISH R0SINA Valentina BLINOVA ton WOIZIKOVSKY Ruth CHASOVA Andre ECLFVSKY Nina TARAKANOVA Ivor YOL'SKEWmTI Nina BAIKVSKA Valentin FROMAN and FTLL CORPS DE BALLET SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA nMfr th direr! on of Anstole FISTOULAR1 FRANCE in IMMORTAL GARDEN is no play like this in Star i Meanwhile members of all engineering tor two lines of traffic will provide for the i and inetal trade unions in the London area widening of the main road through the i called to special meeting on Saturday are a town and the demolition of some buildings STELLA ANDREVA AT COVENT GARDEN TODAY (THURSDAY) (Mat) at 230 pm LES DFI'X POLKTHNELIes Ql EE NS AMOITR SORCIER BIROSK GRAND DIVERTISSEMENT TO NIGHT THURSDAY) at 8 30 pm CAR NAVAL L' AMOUR SORCIER BIROSK A PRINCE IGOR Several entirely New Ballets will be introduced during the season EVGS THE THE LON DON CELIA JOHNSON ROYALTY Philharmonic Orchestra Wilhelm Backhatis Elena Gerhardt and Lotte Lehmann OPERA AND BALLET The recital season has already begun and the first Albert Hall concert of the autumn will take place on Sunday when Richard Tauber will be heard At Covent Garden a season of opera is in progress Wells will ocji the most elaborate opera season it has ever given with Boris Godunof on Monday The ballet season at the same theatre starts to-morrow Sir Thomas Beecham will be the principal i 1 oonductor of the Royal Philharmonic season of 12 concerts at Hall which opens on Oct 17 In addition ho will conduct the London Philharmonic in the Gerrard 4517 4518 8 30 MATS WED A SAT 230 PERFECT The Star WIND AND THE RAIN LOStlKST RUN VOW ITS 2ND EE4R ROBERT HARRIS ffireeted by AFRIOL LEE CLOSING AT Nightly 840 MnU Thur Sat 230 (Ger 7:431) NEW PLAY by Richard Garruthers With Shirley Houston Mark Daly Joan Marion Anthony Ireland An injeniouN play" George Bishop in Daily Telegraph SAVOY 8 45 Tu 230 (Tern 8888) Gwen Ffrangeon Davies Osear Homolka CLOSE QUARTERS By Somin adapted by Gilbert Lennox The play produeed by Iren- Hentschel You will not find anything to heat it on the IIS-- ot the world today' -D Klprtss Prices line Tax' 12 8 7 8 8- 5- 3 8 8- 2I- GAIETY MONDAY Sept 30 at 8 45 rOLR WEEKS SEASON BALLETS JOOSS ancien prelllninary to a joint conference of these i unions at York on Oct 10 to consider a further wage demaad During tic last 12 month wnee increases The bridge has been cherished by the town amounting to a total of £14000000 have both for its picturesque apjiearance and the been gained by trade union action accord-revenue it produces in tolls It was built ung to a recent TUC statement following a disaster to a ferry boat in 1806 when 12 lives were lost 3O00000 RAILWAY CLAIM It was opened tn 1826 having cost Mr John Marchbnnk general secretary £10000 and taken four years to build It of the National Union of Kailwavnien told served as the model for the Menai Suspen- me last night that the executives of the sion Bridge the future of which is alsoNUR the Railway Association under discussion 1 and the Associated Society of locomotive Engineers and Firemen had agreed to ask the companies for an early meeting to dis- rP I I lb 1 I) I I cuss their application for restoration of the DvuiY 1931 cuts The result of that meeting will he rejBirted to further joint meeting of the three exe utrvea Representations will also he made to the companies by the Railway Council for the restoration of cuts in the i pay of nearly 100000 shopmen The restorations claimed by the railwaymen total approximately £3500000 for 580000 employees Thirty-one unions in the engineering and metal trades and more than 500000 operatives are concerned in the York joint conference By an agreement made with the Engineering Federation last April all adult male workers in the industry have had an increase of 2s weekly They Bv Campbell Dixon With on excited crowd filling the street outside and even standing on the railings of I Leioester-square and a squad of policemen holding hands to keep a gangway scores of film stars and other celebrities poured into the Leioester-square Theatre last night to see the premiere of The Dark It was the most notable film event for months The fame of the silent version Thurs Fri Sat: GREEN TABLE" ALLADE BIG CITY BALL IN VIENN A (Tern Bar HMJ Mon Tu Wed: BALLADS BIG CITY BALL IN VIENNA Ro office open ST Tem Bar 1443 1444 EVGS 830 MATS ICES A FRI 230 LESLIE! BANKS THE TWO MRS CARROLLS with LOUISE HAMPTON "MAGNIFICENT ACTING FROM A BRILLIANT CAST" Morning Post Courtauld-! I McCor-1 WELLS Rosebery-aveECl Price fhl to 6- REOPENING TO-MOBKOW Fri) Fri Eyp -30 BALLET (L Rendezvous Hie Rakes Progress Uarnaval Sat Evg 8SO BALLET (The Fa-- Progress Uarnaval Cnmt Noisette Act III Mon next 7 45 1st NIGHT OF OPERA SEASON BtRIs GODUNOF Tuew Oct 1st at 830 BALLET Lrs Reodezvoifc- Rio Grand' Le Sylphuies) Wed Oct 2 at OPERA (LA TRAVIATA) STAGED 81TY" WITH AGONIZING INTFN Dailv Express By BON A VI A Stlla Andreva who sang the bird music Siegfried at Oovent Garden on Tuesday took upon herself a much heavier task last night when she made her liosina in The Barber of The soprano parts in opera are proper field of socialists singers who music lietter titan most sopranos we have heard in recent years Her fioriture were impeccable in intonation which is what famous sopranos seldom are and she showed an judgment in refusing to overburden the melody with unnecessary trills and frills In the lesson scene she sang Ombra leggera from doing full justice to its bravura and refraining once more from turning liberty into licence Her conception of the part however left room for improvement It seemed based on an absurd tradition which makes of the quick-witted ward of Don Bartolo a pert minx the sequel to the proves that Rosinn could have been nothing of the kind Miss Andreva moreover tended like most members of the company to over-act the part HEDDLE ALMAVIVA Acting was not the strong point of the performance Heddle Nash sang well Nothing could have been sweeter than his By A I arlington voice in the two serenades of the first act The performance of The Apple Cart and one rarely hears so admirable a change which was givpn at the Cambridge Theatre of tone and mood as that made by Mr Nash last night was so much below the standard when Almaviva as the blustering soldier one expects of the Macdona Players that turns to express his longing for I profsise to say very little about it It presence But he was far too busy about was not sirticularly well cast and it was the stage and surely Almaviva never dreadfully slow grasped the blade of a sword when he meant Esme Percy who is never a swift actor to replace it in the Scabbard had a nodding rather than a speaking There whs an exception in the Don acquaintance with his lines Consequently Bastbo of Vincenzo Bettoni a delighful at every turn one missed the incisive sense piece of fooling which was also perfectly in of wit which Cedric Hardwicke used to give keeping with the character of the needy to the character of the King Also in greedy scandal-loving gossip of Seville He Oriel attractive-looking Orintliia really convinced us that Basi delight one missed the sense of superbity which in finding himself at the very heart of the at Hall Two other important sPries of concerts at Hall will be the Sargent season beginning on Oct 14 and the BBC Wednesday night concerts which start on Oct 23 with a programme of Bach Beethoven Brahms and Alban Berg The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra under Dr Furtwiingler will be heard at Hall on Nov 29 and 30 and at the Albert Hall on Dec 8 Among other artists to he presented at the Albert Hall by Mr Harold Holt will he Yehudi Menuhin John mack Fritz Kreisler Paul Robeson and in the spring Grace Moore THEATRES ALDWYCH 830 230 Tem 6404 THE DOMINANT SEX LONDON'S BEST PLAY (TENTH MONTH) Decidedly a pta not in be missed' Tela-" As convincing as life tandnri Tte opt exciting plav of the Post V' hou ee this piav eus-Chrrm "GRIPPING HAIR RAISING STUFF Daily Sketch ONE OF THE BEST ATTEMPTED MURDER SIEVES THAT HAS EVER BEEN PUT ON THE STAGE Bystander 1 GUARANTEE THIS PIECE POWER TO MAKE YOU HANG DESPERATELY ON TO THE ARMS OF YOUR SEAT Daily Teleorap A which made groat stars of Ronald Colman had claimed an increase of 2d an hour for and Vilma Banky and reports from all grades which would have cost America of a wonderful performance by cjoOOOftOO annuallv Merle Oberon had led connoisseurs to That demand will be renewed at York expect something unusual with claims for working conditions on the Few were disappointed The story is pre-1931 standards and probably for the simple and familiar Two men love the same 40-hour week girl They go to the front One is blinded The TUC stands pledged to support the and dreading to claim his Federation in its effort to raise wages Hence decision that the General Purposes Committee should confer with the federation The national delegate conference ealled for Oct 17 will decide what action can he taken towards enforcing their demands A national stoppage is contetn- pity dtsapiiears Just when his friend is about to marry the girl an acquaintance brings all three together again and all ends well There is not much action and no very-original situations But the treatment is so careful the direction so skilful and the this how your friends look at YOUR lavatory? Your friends say anything about things like that but they do notice them Why risk being thought careless Harpic makes it so easy to keep your lavatory-pan really white no need for tiresome unpleasant brushing just sprinkle Harpic and your lavatory-pan becomes spotlessly white odourless and thoroughly sanitary Use Harpic And use it last thing at night then it works undisturbed for several hours Ask for Harpic in the new easy-tlow tin prices 6d 1- and 19 ALHAMBRA (Whi 2525) 615 90 Mxtnp Weds nd Sts at 230 Sir Oswald Stcll prseots Anne Volt's productiOB TULIP TIME A Comedv with Music THE PVSMKST PHY FE FOR EE IRS GEORGE GET STEVE GER AY JEAN OOTIN SYDNEY FVIRBROTHER BERNARD LIFTON Phvs iiiduding tax' ifs fid to is 3d CAMBRIDGE Bernard Shaw Season EVENINGS Mats Thu Sat 230 (Tem 0058) THE APPLE CART STRAND (Prop Levy) TEM2660 To-day 23i A- 83a Tues Thure 230 (Smoking) THE JOYOUS Daily Telearaph 1066 AND ALL THAT A REVUE "ONE OF THF GREAT LAUGHTER SUCCESSES OF THE The Star NA UNION WAYNE CLARICE HARDWICK! CHARLES HFsIop HUGH WRIGHT 178th PERFORMANCE STREATHAM HILL 815 St 230 Musical Comedy LAUGHS 1 LADDIE cliff RENEE IIOCSTON ESME PERCY BAPBARV EVEREST ORIEL ROSS JAMES CAREW VAUDEVILLE 8 30 Mon Sat 2 30 Mary BRIAN Douglas BYNC Dorothy WARD Chariot Revue STOP-GO I acting of Merle Oberon Fredric March and plated by some of the districts Herbert Marshall so sincere that the story never fails to hold Mr March has never done anything better MISS TRIUMPH As for Miss Oberon everything America WAS IT AN EAlITHQl AKE? says of her is true Half-a-dozen pictures have been enough to place her ainortg the first half-dozen actresses on the screen Miss Oberon and Mr March were there to see their triumph Others present included Our Own Correspondent ST HELIER Wednesday Various theories are being put forward to account for rumbling noises heard here COMEDY 8 30 Tu Fri 230 Wh 2578 HENRY KENDALL A NANCY NEIL in SOMEONE AT THE DOOR A NEW THRILLER 130th Perl Ttvday THRnIER Daily Herald LAUGHTER AND TU HILLS Trie VICTORIA PALACE Vic 1317 EVENINGS at 30 Mat Wed A Sat 2 30 SEYMOUR HICKS VINTAGE WINE with II I I A N'EILSON OVE ROAR Ol LAUGHTER OVER 4(10 PEHPS Popular Priixs la to IQs lid WYN DHA Teni30288 30 WS 30 DIANA VVYNYARL) in SVTEET ALOES "THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERFORM ANN NOW TO BE SEEN IN LONDON Erenino News Edith Evans ust give This Orintliia seemed merely vain Barbara Everest and lames Carew in their original parts as the Queen and the American Ambassador were of course more at home than the rest Unhappily neither appears till the last act CRITERION EVENINGS 8 30 I Whi 3844 Ahte Tuee and Sat at 2 30 LUCIE MANNHEIM in NINA by Brjno Frai tngih verson by Hubert Griffith CECIL PARKER HUGH MXLLR JOYCE BLAND Producer by OWEN NARES tangle in which they are all involved was greater even than the fear of sword and that even a coward can have his loyalties Figaro and Dr Bartolo were well if unad-venturcusly portrayed by Leon Ponzio and Aristide Baracchi respectively The orchestra conducted by Robert Ainsworth played fairly accurately but missed some of the finer points of the score DOMENICO SCARLATTI TOOK LONDON Brushing In tiring and unpleasant Mora-over see that hidden bend In the pipe I Tbs brush reach the stains there I BY STORM Krenfao taadamt OfR JOHN MARTIN HARVEY Sept 23 Grand Th Temple Bar 7171 '--i- WED A SAT 2 30 to-day Some of these are A big lorry I Very rough sea Distant heavy firing I An earthquake 1 Early this afternoon isolated report from various part of the island began to reach Mr Rice the Engineer Whatever it he told me appears to have been mostly faint rumblings If it was an earthquake very few fople were aware of From the nortii of the island the reports were firm Ten earthquake shocks felt and the per at Bonne Nuit Bay found cracked But the instruments at Maison St Louis Observatory recorded no earth tremors and ne Hiliee say the cracks in the pier were probably caused by the heavy seas prevailing DRURY LANE EVGS Bom MATS MARY and ELLIS ELGAR BIRTHPLACE FUND PICTURE ACADEMY To-dav TR U'MENDE Meiurv de In -sante morr" RADIO COM EMORATION Boris Ord broadcast last evening a short recital of Domenico Scarlatti's harpsichord sonatas or Ksercizi per Not only Bach and Handel were the famous musicians born in 1885 but also the younger Scarlatti and Mr Ord's recital as one of no Let story So a m-i les ol broadcast concerts arranged in Stns Daily: 240 em 8 40 honour of bis 2501b anniversary by Professor THEATRES Oxford St Ger 2981 MCND (A) 10 4 28 A) 229 No evening vh4w To- JAZZ (17 Hayniarket 2nd Month! In MI IL'tsirv No ShnwN Daily: 240 i Mr Douglas Fairbanks sen I-ady Ashley Mr Noel Coward Mr Jack Buchanan Mr Charles Iiughton Miss Elsa Ianchester Mr Douglas Fairbanks jun Miss Gertrude Ijawrence Mr anil Mrs Relierl Donat Lady Hardwicke the Earl of Brecknock laxly Milbanke Lady Simon laxly Bridgett PouletL Ixrd Brownlow Ixly Diana Cooper Lady Oeorgiana Curzon June Iady Inverclyde Mr Wells Sir Harry McGowan Sir John latvery Sir Bolton Kyres-Monsell Mr Somerset Maugham Lord Lurgan Mr Horc Helisha Miss Jean Parker Sir William Llewellyn Mr Augustus John the Brazilian Ambassador Sir William Kothenslein Mr Wixilf Mr Mark Ostrer the Argentine Ambassador Prof Julian Huxley Mr Jesse Ijiskv the Chilean Ambassador the German Charge the Soviet Charge the Swiss Minister the Czechoslovak Minister Mr John Maxwell Mr Hchach Ixiril Clonmore Mr Michael Baicon Mr Graham Mr Sam Eekman jun the Portuguese Ambassador Mr Richard Tauber and Miss Diana Napier IVOR NOVELLO GLAMOROUS NIGHT Devised nttn nd cumpowd by IVOR NOVELLO Produced by LEONTIS! SAGAN LYN HARDING FUZXRETH WELCH TREFOR JONES MINNIE RAYNER LIFFORD HE4THFRLKY BARRY JONFS CARLTON rus 111 I Butiftir lSlls -40 All Srnts BooknPlri Win 1 1 CURZON Curzon Street Gro 4100 Pr-m Ml SIC IN THE BUX)D (U) nni John THE SONG OF CEYLON U) trom 1M' I JksT 9 10 EMPIRE Leic-sq Naturally 2nd WEEK! CLARK GABLE JEAN HARLOW ALLACE BEERY (A) Showing at 100: 12 25: rtUOC AX 18 from 10 tril I WHAT TO DO IN GAS ATTACK LEICESTER SQ MERLE OBERON HERBERT MARSHALL in Frederic DUCHESS Catherine-st WC Tem 8243 EVGS 83(1 MATS WED SAT 2 30 (Smoking) EMLYN WILLIAMS in his own plax NIGHT MUST FALL MAY WHITTY ANGELA BADDELEY WE HAVE NEVER SEEN AN AUDIENCE MURE THRILLED AT A THRILLER MOKE AMUSED AT A FARCE OR MORE TOUCHED BY PATHOS THAN THEY ARB AT THIS REALLY REMARKABLE The DARK XNGEI 15: 9 Pric Dent Mr Orel bad already played some of the sonata on Monday aud on Tuesday (jwenn Knight sang two antalas from MSS in the Vienna liofljibliolliek The eserciri are of course sonatas in the pre-riassical sense of the word being short pieces in an elementary binary form But content this music is extraordinarily varied piquant and alive and the listener marvels at I he originality of the style which is different trom everything else in contemporary music Professor Dent has made the interesting suggestion that Scarlatti was influenced by the guitar music he heard during his long residence in Spain Mr Ord played the sonatas with much address which was fully demanded for several of those plaved are virtuoso piece It 0 AN AMERICAN PIANIST Cleansing with Harpic Is so essy quick Just a sprinkle It sweeps righl round the bidden bend snd cleans everything Killa germs prevents odours WOMAN CENSOR FOR HOCKEY March THE Pro(r si 12 215 4 30 Bookable te fid LONDON PAVILION Fritz KORTNER WYNNE GIBSON in Th CROUCHING BEAST A Also May Robson in Stranners All Daily Progs brgin 11) 12 45 3 30 615 8 55 Suns 5-30 MESSAGES OF APPRECIATION The fund for endowing birthplace as a permanent memorial continues to receive support alike from musicians and the general public Many of the contributors send messages of appreciation in which they recall the delight which music has given them Of particular interest ure the tributes from those who have taken part in performances of his works whether as soloists conductors or members of a choir or orchestra The next list of subscriptions will be published in The Daily Telegraph on Saturday WHERE TO SEND CHEQUES Cheques and contributions may be sent to The Elgar Birthplace Fund co The Editor The Daily Telegraph EC 4 Alternatively they may he sent to The Elgar Birthplace Fund co Sir Landon Ronald The Guildhall School of Music London EC 4 LONDON DEMONSTRATION What to do in a gas attack from the air 1 will be demonstrated to the public in I Toynbee Hall on Saturday by the St I John Ambulance Brigade The demonstration will be inspected bv A J- Righarn of the War Office DRESS DICTATOR EMBASSY 815 Th Sat 230 Pri 2211 Vladimir Rosmg's Production of RIVALS I MARBLE ARCH PAV Mavfair 51 12 ELISABETH BFRCSER in FSCNPF MF NEVER" 1 (A) with Hugh S-nelair 135 415 6 50 925 Col 8 Symi Water Babies (P) nm-dy U) NEW GALLERY I Tom Ralph Lynn no with Yvonne Arnaud Rohrt-on llsre 125 410 0 50 Just a sprinkle of HARPIC -that's all it needs A Musical Version ot Sheridan Play arranged hr Monscll and Herbert Hughe with FREDERICK RANALOW BRUCE CARFAX ELSIE FRENCH WINIFRED CAMPBELL NORMAN WILLIAMS BETTY FRENCH The much-debated question What clothes should women hockey players wear? is to be left to a woman dictator to decide room at the hall will be converted into an The All-England Hookey Association ar rad station has appointed Mrs Smallnmn the1 Seven thousand men and women have I Warwickshire County player as censor en trained by the St John with full powers to make dress regulations Ambulance Brigade in London for duty in She will hax-e the support of the association evPnt in any decision she mav make 9 Id John Rnlt-s in Orrhii to Yon lA) Nows NEW ICTORIA 'ic 2544 2000 sts Is on I 12-1301 Reduced Prices 8d is 6l i Uwlx i iHirt:" lUe Mi A I BOROUGH lU) lm Its Young SHANGHAI (A) New- Ar Sty-e HUTCH A RP 1C MIC CO LTD HULL AND LONDON GARRICK (Tem 8713 LOVE ON THE DOLE Mat WED A SAT at 230 IPOPULAK PRICE8) ibvgs BoU PLAZA Terrific Success! Held BING CROSB5 TWO FOR TO-NIGHT with Joan Bennett Ui El) EVERETT HORTON in "THE Albion Metcalf an American pianist making his first appearance in London gave a recital at Wigmore Hall last night The programme included a Chopin group and first sonata Mr Metcalf jiossesae considerable technical ability and a fair sense of rhythm There was much dexterously played As an interpreter he was inclined to remain aloof from the music or if he employed emphasis to do so at the expense of balance Some of the Chopin playing accomplished though it as suggested a acknowledged in the black-and-white reproduction of a coloured DAtLY TELEGRAPH original A i I the programme that was neatly and or The Elgar Birthplace co The City Guildhall Worcester All contributions to GLOBE Shaftesbury-ave Gerrard i592 urivatk secretary to Door open 1015 16 r- 1 1 I I 4044 EVGS 830 mats med sat Nicholae hannen In this way the association is hoping to deal with a problem which has arisen as the result of its decision to permit the wearing of the divided skirt Knees may he bare and skirts divided but the main point of controversy is When does a divided skirt cease to be a skirt and become shorts 2 30 Greer Ma ARSON in GLYNN HEART FAILURE IN GAOL I A verdict of death from natural causes was returned yesterday at an inquest on Alfred Joseph Bn -tetidorff 56 who was found dead in a cell in Wandsworth Prison He was serving a six -sentence It was stater! that he was only Fund Chamberlain the Fund will be columns of The POLYTECHNIC Lang 1744 HI 1 1 DOG JACK lU) ni (' (IJ) The Voir of Britain KiB! Frirrme 5 830 lary ACCENT ON YOUTH GARDEN LOVERS will find Mr Tbiimmi weekly article fall of helpful information It appears together with the announcement of gardening advertiser EVERY SATURDAY Every club or county intending to adopt light work in the mail bag shop and ap divided skirts will have to submit a specimen pen red to he quite well Sir Bernard Spilsbury said that death was due to heart disease REGAL Marble Arch Padd 8011 Coram 1225 Rud Vallee Ann Dvorak rtweet 12 25 325 9 25 Marian March Riehnrd (Yomweil Unknown Woman (U)- RIALTO Coventry-st Cont 1-11 ABYSSINIA (li) See and know the Truth A A fert Pnjtnn in le ic Hn 3IHH ROYAL COURT Sloane Sn Slo 00HL MrnSleine Carroll Conrad Veidl in I AS A SPY (A) 1 3 50 640 930 Mso The Story of Gtoriou Exprdiiimi ENDURANCE (Ui EXHIBITIONS Reproductions on art paper of the picture of birthplace can he obtained from the Photo Sales Dept The Daily Telegraph Fleet-street EC 4 for 5s each The proceeds will lie given to the Elgar Birthplace Fund ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY to Mrs Smallman for approval The divided she said yesterday must look like a divided skirt and not i like shorts It must not he too short or too wide In future you will not find anv-I thing on the hookey field which lias not been WOMAN STOLL Kingswa gsway Open from 1045 Riinsni w1 Vu-rU Oberon 10 SHAVING CREAM and face lotion combined "THF SUARJET PIMPERNEL" (A) Affair- Eoar ROBERTA (J) Pwitivfljr t)i- Finest Show in Town Ui to 1 30 pm 6d to Is rtd later fVJ to A PTAY WHICH PUTS ACCENT ON WIT AS WELL AS Emng SUndart "jnTTAU AjaWRAJBLY ATKD KLD for many a IjXNG DAY Daily HeraM AS IN BR lie LLANTLY A4TED A Wilson Star GOLDEBS GBEEN Nightlv 6 30 9 ORACIR FIELDS and OMFANI GRAFTON Mas 1424 830 (Sats 6 9) IN seen A WORLD Aiwa gay dy lined and modern" "Times" A "Tel" HA) ARK El hi te hall 9832 FV (5 8 30 MATS WED A THURS 2 30 LILIAN BRAITHWAITE ISABEL JEANS HEATHER THATCHER In FULL HOUSE A New Comedy by IVOR NOVELLO Hubert barren The ROBERT ANDREW Plav produced by LESLIE HENSON LESLIE BANKS IN CAST OF NEW FILM GRFAT AUTUMN FLOWER SHOW NATIONAL HALL OLYMPIA TO DAY Sept 26 10 a to 6 pm 6 pm to 930 pm Sept 27 10 am to 5 pm TIVOLI (Tem Bar 5625) 1000 sts 16 111451) GRACE MOORE in "ON WINGS OF SONG (U) 1240 2 50 5 715 930 Colour Silly Svmpt Who Killed Cock (1 New TUSSAI THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL" (A) (Leslie Howard A Merle Oberon) 30 610 9 20 "PEOPLE WILL TALK (A) (Charlie Rinarles A Marv Boland) 140 450 8 26 li lt- IN A FILM REM A A LE 1 1 ECUS Some of the most remarkable photography and trick effects ever seen on the screen have gone to the making of Dante's which begins its run at the Capitol at the week-end There has seldom been a more difficult picture to make Fourteen thousand men and women worked for 18 months some 50 miles of film were shot You see lost souls toiling up great cliffs a sea of boiling oil trees from which suicides sprout all the torments described by Dante The scenes on which Harry Lachman the director and a small army of technicians worked for over a year take perhaps five minutes The rest of the picture is a fast-moving modern melodrama about a young Spencer Tracy and how his greed for power and money bring disaster Mr Tracy as always acts with superb and the picture is good VARIETY ENTERTAINMENTS HOLKOKN EMPIRE Hoi 5367 6309 AMBROSE ft HIS ORCHESTRA und KvHyn Ll! Vrnnut Bros Anderson A Allen Pter Fannin Hatton A Mnn-rs cirmrip lsfpr Muldoon 4 PamsHI A Boy PALLADIUM Ger 7373 6 20 9 Mats Wed Th 2:40 ROUND ABOUT REGENT! I ArRAHu sheidon MADAME EXHIBITION A tn nxm mrier rian u-Lro rv Qrwiiv-c iiuin iitmiM i- ha Devil- 6 Lib- -Icannc lvpreu Ernie Uerrurd: Hannah Watt: Ac Several Bift Preentntiona Baker Sin Dv Sundays 10-10 Admission Is (ki (including Ui) Children under twelve 6d LATEST MODEL: MR ANTHONY EDEN A PIAY THAT CONTAINS AS MANY LAUGHS AS THIS IS ASSURED OF A FULL HOUSE FOR A LONG Evening Standard AND IT WITH LAUGHTER IVOR NOV ELITES Daily Mirror By Our Film Correspondent Leslie Banks has joined the cast of the Garrett-Klement picture A Woman in which Anna Sten and Henry Wilcoxon are starred He will play a Russian soldier Fedor Otsep is directing The shooting of a peasant carnival begins to-day and will proceed throughout to-night and the two nights following NEW SCOTS PROFESSOR The King has on the recommendation of i the Secretary of State for Scotland the appointment of Dr Ernest William Henderson Cnnckshank Professor of Physiology in Dalhousie University Halifax Nova Scotia to be Regius Professor of Physiology in the University of Aberdeen in the place of the late Professor It! MacLeod Len Bennon comedy singer and drummer in the BC dance orchestra has I received a good music-hall offer and Mr Henry Hall has released him He will i leave the "BBC on Oct 26 SHIPPING FOUNDRY EXHIBITIONS Sept 12-28 OLYMPIA The hnest Working Exhibits ever seen in London Daily 11 am to 9 pm 13 DAILY (Except Sunday) 10 am 7 pm until FRIDAY OCT 18th inelndinf Zm Ttti half of which will given to the fund 01 St Hotpital and the Hriieh Antique Dalcti benevolent Fund Hall of in the Great Visit the ANTIQUE FAIR AND EXHIBITION GIKOSYEAOIK NON-STOP ENTERTAINMENTS PRINCE OF WALES 2-11 30 Is -5s Bkahle fid VOILA I-B8 DAMES Gillie Potter Drri Hare Edward Cooper 50 Petulant Pretties rHE a 1 1 4 i business man latl Mali WINDMILL Picc Circus 4th YEAR KEVl DEV IILK 65 (3rd i 1 1 JO Iji! iiert starts ni Liv Fi TR 1 1 I NTVRFM LITTLE Tem 6501 National Th Evening 8 15 Mats Wed Sat 230 ENTERTAINMENTS CRYSTAL PALACE TO-NIGHT at 830 entertainment Bnlhnt nonchalance FINAL DISPLAY of Brock FIREWORKS 4 IKK Sli Items CotoMttl Fire 1 icture Spitliead Review 50 000 Firework A'o Exhibition of Statuary and Art Courts the world' finest collection of clttssicftl reproduc lions Special Adm I 'ft (inc tax) Child prooue Tundr LADY PRECIOUS STREAM south PERFORMANCE TONIGHT LYRIC Rhr (441 1 to 7 inc he Port ot Authority has been awarded two Grands Prix by the Inter- national Jury of Awards for its stand and in ART EXHIBITIONS INTER COMFORTS IN THE HOME RYSTAL PALACE Sat next National XL it i An exhibition of tilings IisidumI pviall tn add to your BAND FESTIVAL IHt MbRCHANT VENICE I comfort th: winter- HKA L'8 ANSARD ALLERY Palace 1000 Guine 12) Cheap rail fare Free car park (owner' risk) 200 Bands competing lor Cryst--1 na Trophy and other prires totalling Entrance in Upper Grosvenor Street OPENING TO-MORROW at 1 pm models at the Unix-ersAl and International Exhibition at Brussels The exhibition remains open until Nov 3 MAXS ED BANDS OONCERT 830 pm 196 Tottenham-court rd Opp Goodge SI ores 2000.

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