The Evening World from New York, New York on April 23, 1891 · Page 2
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The Evening World from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1891
Page 2
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H" " 2 THE WOULD: THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 23, 1891. . '" it ' MOURNINB FOR CLEOPATRA. H, I Oontaral Park Monngcrio's Queon K ft to Bo Stuffed and Exhibited, K I B , Staa Wi the Klnrst Specimen of the Kv E Female Itoyal IJenRnl Tiger H&' ? In Aincrlcii. Ei 'k RT i Cleopatra, Queen of the Central I'ark Mr- Kv fy nagerle and ot the hearts of all vtailora to the H'f, fit loeil Zoo, has succumbed to grip and pnen. V f monla titer painful lllneia of two week. K'l, Cleopatra was familiarly known as "Kitty." K;" f tine waa the flnett epecureri of tie fe- aaHu! f& male Itoyal Bengal tleer In Amcrlci. Her ad. C" fl? mlrera were lesion, anil trr death will tr B :'" a caneo of real sorrow to hoita nf chll-lrrn anil MN s many grown people, for aao vv aa uot onlj a BmSf $ jnagolflccnt and b-anllful ti;res, lnr' Bk ft Hnewj, aclle and graceful, tint a pood itlspc. Hwf aittoneil animal, Maying with a bail or other & ' tor like lime kitten, to tic riellgnt uf lici HSt A visiting frJeodA. HSJVp Dr. Uenrge 9. flunllnitlon, of the College ot HB1 'L rhyslclans and burgeon, alter a careful au- K; 1, topsy, says; BKh fi ' Klttj certalnlj illeil nf rnenmtnla, and I BVv aee no reason to unabt that It vva a sequenco BK v to the grin. Her lane' rrescnted all the n- HBfi P pearanceof huma-i lungs eflcr lam pnenmo- HK ' ola. A'l of her otitr organs were irrfectly Bj fc health, aava for a few spots or inhorcululi H E on herllver, eosiie mlpht liavr llml tor fnn H'. fr had ahe not been at'acksd by the rrerallinc ln- Hi K flueoza. Rl.o waa a will.noanshtd bent ami K; 1 well developed. " K i Aa related In Tnr Kvhnino Womtiaomedays K-, S ago. Dr. Conklln, Curator of tnc ..louaacrle, K ,- laid that Cleopatrt came down with all tne BB y symptoms Hut characierlrp crip In men Kj Si sneering, eougltng and lnngno'uus lassitude K '(' Itlsdlftlcult to doctor a aid. tlgrras, lor even H' ii gentle aud kind Clco.utra becine adiuger- BHj ona beast when a'tacked by sickness. Coil BBK ,' lleer oil was administered by ponrlngit on the K 9" patlent'a lieauilful, velvety pawa lhroa;h thn Hsn' grated roof of her cage, the tlgrcaa, true to Bj the Inatlncta of ths cat aperiea, larplng tie HBBH baity, atlcky, greaiy atuff off her fur wltn her PH' tongue and thua taking the inedicine Into her IKKi' itomach. K Cleopatra wonld not eat, hnt when ahedll VK. partake uf a little freih hurai meat a powder Kflg& of Iodide of potaah waa hidden in It. HK& nut the poor tlgreaa grew weaker and worn K daily, and yeaterday the gave up tlin airuggle. K; Uer breath came hard, l'ntuiiionli en HP atrangllng her. The air vcaalclei In her lun H&- cloted, for the lunga were almost solid. At HP .S0 o'clock In the morning ane tried torlic, HJ to her fret, allpped In her wcakneas, fell tuck HKI and died. jBVf Curator Conklin actnally ahed tears, and IKXp Ilughey Downey, the keeper of the lion home VL and nurse to the sick t'gresi, mourns as It he EJ6 had loat a chllik Be' Old Tom, Cleopatra's royal mate, who has HH'' DeeD separated from her In her lllncaa, ceemed HK to realize that something had gone wrong. BKfi lie ran wildly about hia rage, emitting a pe. Bs' cullarcrr. and when tne limp body or bis BE spouse waa removed from the scono of dcatn, HEf the big tiger a'.iod clo.e up 10 trio gratlnr, IKc' sniffed the ir. trrmblrd like au aa.irnand EKEj!' snorted with fierce auger that boded evil 10 KBv n7 "Tin; thlni; tlivl intent no ne within tench IK of his powerful cIkw, or drlpp 11 1 faugt. RkT Tne pnniher', the lc"anl, 1110 n)cna and HHkSi the lions In the h'iii' pjrlnok of I lie cTclirv Ef meat, und ran wlliilv about irelri acre, .lack, KV tne big Hon, roaring lu a way to moke one'j PKi hair stand up. BftjE Y.itn Smiley, i'ie o'd rhlnouero'. ami Mlsi KKSe llnrphv and her fat bniiv ptereil irriourly HKEn mrough the L'railnji attlie scene. K Cicopatra w cius.ilir.'dtliediiest tpeclmen H IntheCemral l'nrk crllecllon. hie was lm- K ported by llairrniierk, the Hamburg Hinnul Kj? dea'er, anl bnughl by Curator lonklln for HL 1uou l 183r' '" be Hie ilfe of Tom. Htic R weighed 310 rotiuOs when In liealtn, but ha 1 E waslert iii very murli tu her Ion.; Illnei. HRK' Iler skin will beinounted for the .Mnitnni nf HHrafc Nlllonal IlUtory, and Cleopatra's form will be HBhCE preserved, brsldo that of ciowloy and otmr HMr, favorlleaof the children. Iler iitad hus icen J'Hirffi sent to the College of I'hirlcbins ami luigcoui, llir and Ur. V. li. Dlnlsan, Ilenn ot the college, BfaVKef w1" exaullt10 tne ''ralu ' llc Inioreita of WlC. aolence. IB BLOGKbD TWO Mi THUS. KHf? Captain Fitz)atr;ck and His -f Sohooner in Trouble. 9QBf t-'ap. Jl,in V'-. 'trick. pir ot tit HKa' schooner V. 1, 1 c beloogiug o Mehrhot Kl,. lire., ol Lllt.e t..j, win prlsoucr lo-iloy H beforoUulteJ Mates Cr.minlniontr .'lurieiul K' In Jersey Clly, charged wltn detululug the K' mills. k Oapt. FltEpatrlck aalleil d-wn o ilvkcn- B;. hi re oino' KVl wltt a cargo of brlok. Fm, Aa the achnooer approach) d li ilr.iw.brldri VL of the Delaware. Ljckwjniia and Weura Bsb- k Railroad the bridge was thrown open uud the K'C schooner was Leaded to pass throiiuli. H, There was a strong floo 1 t ile, aud when the HEi- craft risctien the south ldcol the brloge she Ks stock faat. Trjebremade fait a hawser to Hf tho abuimeuuot ihe bridge and captain acd IB. crew seemed to lest cotiteut. KKjL Irslnso; pjsscn;er cjri arrived rrom oppo KtHtfl "e directions, anl were campelled to come to K1HJ& 0 a standstill, aud this continued for over au BR&, hour and a half, trains being blocked back ntKlH Into llobokrn aud extrnuing acrosa the IWBMsV' ' mesdnw nearly to East Newark. SrKK Among them waa the Ulnjtunilon mill, VHKiP bound West, and the Buffalo iz irsi, bound KISf- Bait. 9W JNlnhanrta gathered at the Irbi e nnd ex. kKab pressed iiidlgnat ou la nnmeisird term., 'wits' "'' " Ihey could have got on b.mrd t.f the ".Bitrf& would hao handled the Captain DirTO roughly. rnwae 'lliey threa'eutd him, and he went Into tho ' l). cabin, returning nl'.u a molvn and threat. .kauw ened to blow the head off anyone who at r Ww'st tempted to come on board. " aTMvfki At ,h lequesi of Uuiit. ltclaener, (.'apt. Y iltipatrlck came ashore, and ta he trent upon . aWCiKa thunrioce he waspouuied npon, uiiarmed of if IvwUHr "' 'evolvcr and pUceil under arretL f KIM In court Cspt. rltz sabl he did all he 1 EirJSU could, but no one else lent a helping hsnd. I sMtlUat.r Ho was held for trial. r aWrnrj - J.uJjSi" NEARLY BURNED TO DEATH. Htate ABnker Severely Injured In Trylntr '"" BVCa t0 Savo Hls Employer's Bdop. jj, HmHJ; Oottlleb Cerklcr, u Jourueyuuu biker em. if MK' ployed by Herman Doll, at 1,697 becond BbKK'' avenue, waa badly burned about the head, neck L'bHk and hsnd-, while trying to exilcgulth a tire '3B? la the batery at i. 50 o'clock tMtuiornlu;. K BWBtfl " ''", Kone tp from Ihe baiemeot to the Hr lldewalic to get a urta'h nf tre.U sir. when ne BbBj' heard an ezplotlon In the bikery, and returui d BMMMasja to and tne pjce in tlamia. His efforts to ez. BBvaBk UoguUh the Are tfsulte.i as stated. BBV Dut alight damage waa dose to the bakery. HSykUlflf "Pop" Ryan Burled. V' George Ityan, for slzteen years the state HBBnU doorieeptr at the Union Bqinrs Tr.eitre, wss IjWAK' burled this afternoon irom his home, 1CB KHT Third avenua. Top," as be waa famllUrly KBWflr1 known, wss about slibty.ave yesra old. snd BH joajia tail all Ihsplaya produced at the uolon m BwShI' StSJire lliaatr, and repeat the casts of many W 9Hc " lbo. He dlad Tuesday night from pueu. m MBKE MMlaroMUUng from trip. IT 'flsliH ttBBBS ' ill s6rslsBBUslla, irii k.P..ffirt.tKgyAitfahiKaK t ilWiaSL Jf & k JOKES ON GENERALS. How Grant Missed a IncoIn's Birthday Celebration. Soada Now York for Chicago in His Invitation. (en. Micriimn Smolcliijr n Clnr Stump In n IIIr I'arnilo. l'.x-Aliterni.iti lieo. (Ir'jnrv it cnnil follow, Mini iniliciilv will Untiy III' It ax 1 liiu'U-fiill it ax 1 r 1 1 Mtuili't nt th" p nrli'. tl 'Kit l "I ur'ut Hi' lell (i Htiin In n'hiiM, rrlwji, dilpprr way tint mlili uti"h tu ltt ri-tt, 'nit lie run ipilt mir Itilllnir with iilmiiliiti nli-riiptlioi-t wlli'll ftll'Tn la lrHluest to ilo, mill tlint'a Jutt wlttt li" illil .111 til" np riitjnii ot i rnll from "Tin' i;.ulni; Wollll'n" I I'lllllllM'I'llt MvoiMor 'leoriti. linil tolil two little Morion, .mil mIiIIc oil" of tli.'in wnt polltlcnl, tin otlior iwitii't, but il ivi'lnl'.i'il into tlie tlrtt oti ao nut i:t'l tli it It wllf limn 10 w 011 ! 1 1 1111 rltM. Ml llpi'K in Is 11 Imsi In tlin Ventli .Mellllllv II'Mrlrl I! .n.llill' nil polltlrM, mill 111 i- It p""-.i'Ilt S rollll Mill4tllllt I'littmntter of iw Y01 k. " nn lusprD mi: ntr rsvunrr." "l'o. itli ill invinnilpi" Well, liere'ri one nliout tleiirnil slrmit It Tat -i'eii .i.'iirt iiko tilie lltli ot IVliruarv," snlil tho brink mini from 1lio Scvcntli "I WI18 it tlio 1,1,11'olU ('lull. ."li (Hilton ilm i, mill tliere worn m or tun o tin r kiiemln'rx pri'Ni'iit, lemlliip: mill eiiiokliirr, u In'ii nlon about 'J o'i lot k, there win n r!nir nt tho door. I went to the iloor iuNi'lf, mill there 011 the Mtoop wut (leii"riil (truiit. "Of cotiiM 1 w.ih rliiil to eeo hliii. lint I wiiiiil re I 11 llttl" wl nt I'inilil li ivo hrnuujht tlu (li'iiornl ilnnu to the 1 lub, for It iwt 11 mlKht) illBiiirrepiilil" nlKht oil of tlmir 1, ninl li In 1 pvlilentlv nine In hit iwiirliiKe I I'm 111 hU Mttj-i-t'M'iitli Htll'Pt llllllMI. "Well, tlit (leni'inl w ulkeil In, took oil Mi fmnlllnt' ca;it! iiveri'iiut In n lni-''ieiiti'lk'' tiny, n'ul, lo! he vn. nt-tlii'il In full I'venliK ilrett. 'Still woiiitprliiK. 1 li'il him Into the rii,ii!on room mill did tlu licit I 1011I1I to eiitei t.ilu 111 m. 'Wi' inn' (li'tunlh iilimi' there. So-tioilv Ji.lni'il ii. lor the r.itlier wns liinl. A Hit nil hour i.n'iit In thlt win, iui iilen KoeniPil to iitrlko 111 v illa-iIukuIhIkmI p;iieHt; Tor nfter n moment of 1 ogltntioii ! nslo'il' ' m I inlet nl.t'ii lu the liimr?' ""Win, tli'iiiTiil, hnt hour'.' Il 1 now 111 iiVIopI,, 1 ln.ilU'il, more put llll III 111 I'Vl'f. 'WiMl ; hoie'' ln'lP tire the people " . .. "'Oh, I snppoHi. tln pnthT kpept tho liuji nt lurn1.' 1 r tp'.li'il. 'I'm eorrj iIiitp nr mil itrnr" ' nt to-n'.slit. Hail our men known nu wpre 'itiiitnir, I'm oure thru1 Mould1 linMi lieen 11 lurj;p iit1enil.ini r. lint ' ''11.' (1r11cr.1l hiiililoulv took hU el-p;nv from 111. in nitli unit 111 ikln n ipilek jwi't v, Itli hi-, himl lltheil out of hit poi ket mi elm lops. "iTiai a tuk vaiTKR?' AfkniTiiB acsritiu .see help,' Mpl Iip 'I Ihouelit nn were koUik to have Miur lttuiil 1 elelirn-tlon on tlio eve of Llin'olnV lilrthilnj, unil I to tent .1 Ami of Invitation from juitr heerenry." "There waa imi bIkii of niiRer or nny other eniotlou oave perplexity, .mil ns tho ili-iieral n-ld this he drew from the envelope n. ptriounl notp of Invitation 'To he p-etent at tho Llnrnln Club'a nnniinl I.lnrolu dlini'ir.' It vn alc;iicd 'Thoimui SI. nneh, Secretary.' " 'Vlneh'.' rinrh?' sulil I. 'Why, !en-eral, we liave no inetnber of Umt tiniiie, We were nbllRed to fnroRo our cus-tennnry celeliratlon thlii year, ami there are to lie no t'erelte here to-nlKht.' "I wild It nt jrmitly n I could, for, Eternal Vigilance Is the 1 rice of health. Hut with all our precaution there are enemies alivajs lurking- about pur j stems, only waiting a ravorable opportunity to auart tLrrotelva. Impurities In the blood may te hidden for years or even for generstlons, and suddenly break fortb, under-ralnlnr health and hastening deatb. i or all dts-eaiea arising from Imiure blood Hood's Bsrsa-parllla Is the unequalled snd unirproaebad rened). It Is King of them all, for It conquer disease. C sura to get Hood's Sarsaparllla Bold by sll drugrista. 1 1 sli for . rrepand only by O. I. HOOD CO., Lowell, Mass. I0O DOsEN OM nOLUAU t THE GRIP'S AFTER EFFECTS. Why You Do Not Oet Hack Your Strength. There U no diitM. nhlrh Iitm in lit train no mnj' wmk, rerfono, dttt1ltitl and dlicouritvi niitlcrri a thn it rip, lVol who hf had IhU ftlKfmawdonot rcofr thlr alrengtli rwdlif, hut dar aftr day attend to tt-mr employtntnt in a w(!irnel aud fitiauwtfl condition. trmUnt tird nd tanfiitd all tbe limn If thla nertou wraknfa Ualiowad toriin, a middan altadk of (iroatralion, )if rt laiture or paratri mij- rannlt. Thniroftt atrvncthr)inff anl fnvlforatlof mad I rin to til's in inch can" a, a well at for Nprlng dt blllty and ita RttondAnt tow h'ood. woak nrrf Rtomich, llr and kldnfj durifoi, (a Or (lr9vn'fi Nffflirit ' '''" r' tt frf'7'A flW hmt'h rifMiif lilt tnnfif Purely ?egftttil and harmleaa. Drue atn, 41.00 iniihiVlIr'M hVY " tf it had nt ben lor Dr. (lrfn's lfrfura oA'iiiM '""i ' h'lnf iAI ihnr J had tho villi and It lft lii proiitrfttod, eatrrmslr norfuil, limbs hlllT In the Joint., bnwola blosted bill end Infallible terrible In lull I tnt 11I11111.I n 1 iitnplete t. rerti, and could do but little work of any kind I ronmrm oil lo tsko Ir (Iroono'a Nr-vtirs, and at thootidot one woek waa better, and nrw am able to doa full day's labor. "l'HAI(I.i:H II. hTHVKNH. "South rmnghatn, N. II." tfllr (liffno, tlio auiooaaful apacialiat In rurlnrall forma of norToua and chronic dlaoaaoa, :if Weat 4 tli at , New York, cau bo ronaulted Vfr, poraonally or by Iftter. Call, or write htm about your eaio, or send for aymplom btrnktollll out, and a letter lillly oiplalnloe yoar dlttaM will be returned free. Komoliow. I foil that no were !n oni" way on mr il"leitta " 'We hill' pi iPiilnlrd (linnt, linlf to hlmti'lf. mid turiilni; the envelope In his limit) at If mining. " "I'IiIh Ib n iiiieiT to do," he liVed. TlK'ii lie lioriitluli-d the pnM'lope eloae-1, and tln'ii liiuitlii'il heiirtlly nnd patHPil tin" I'livelopi to nip, " 'Vh, iIpihtiiI. thlt letter wnn post-liinrki'd nt t'lileiiKo,' 1 until. " 'Yi-t, I'm naked lo intend the Lincoln Illnuir nf tli ( lilemro I.liinuln (lub. I nor ip t, tuul h"ro I mil to i?n to III' ehtiekled the tdleut innn from (laleun. " 'Well, well! ill (10 mid make Hiimo enllt In Xhln nelKhliorhood that I proin-lacil to mnki) n Ions time .mo,' until (irant (rood linmori'illv, and then he hustled into that rape eoat and waa off 1 ".sppnklntr of (Irnnt remind me of MiTmau. Who vim think of one without th other?" ran on the limber toCKito of the bent Ktory toller In tho IVderal liiilldini: "In Mnv, 1R77. Hip Htntue of Tlta (IrepiiP Hallerk, the pnet and limn of the "orlil, ;mlui' man nnd pnlltlrnl force, that ntuiidt 011 thp Central l'ark JInll, vim uiiii'lli'il with inueli iere-inony. "Wlilt tier mid Ilrvnut wero there, and Wllllim yVllett Itutler dellMT"d nn iTililri'tt. It wni a lieaullfiil day, and there at u pnrade prior to tho ceio-inour. "The l'l't-riili'iit Svaa lieio. Hajen had onl Jutt t.iken hit neat, nnd thU town nt vert niiirli oaelted oter It, lieeause thlt It n lteiuorriitli' town, Tllden trim a New Yolk iniiti, nnd Di'inoerntt lie-lleied that Tllden mid not Haot tdioiild line Iktii liniiiiriirati'il. "Will, It ,u:is tin Idi'il In ili'tall a guard of honor to paeh earring? In tho piivndp, ninl It fell to in lot to lie detnlli'd I., ride niv liorxo 'leslde the piirrlase in M'lileli rode lien. Stieniinn. niiothrr niUitnrv niaii mid two Inillet. "You nee I wnn then, iw now, a input-ber of tin' Si'ienth Iteirliuent. "The pirmle panted up I ifth nvoniio, and all nlotitr the wav Kliermau, In lilt full VPKliwMitnl, ' tainted liv the lurn, women nnd iHUdti'ii who throngi'il th' nldi'W nlkt. Hit hat wiih oil most of the time to these nilnilrem ami friends'. "Tin' e'.iupllrlM and honesty of 'Uu-pie liilli' lias been 11 li.MMiril tor a fr'tierntlnn, nnd preaontl.N (lenenil Sherman pallid from a poeket Nomewhere a illsropiil ilile looklni; 1 litnr xtuiiip. "There were nliout it iltiien pulfa left In that 'butt,' and Nheniinu put It lie-tweett HU Hps and lieKiiu to feel lu Ills vrnt for a innteh when I heal d one of the .miiiiik lndlet exclaim l.i a horrliltid tout" " Tntlier ! ' " 'llelli. I what's up.' An.vthlnir the matti r?' r.'tiirne 1 th'olil warrior, look-iiiK nliout I1I111 lor tlu i-iiute of the es-1 Imuatlon, "Wfien the miuiib; lady eaid plemlliiK-1 "rather, tun me not golnp; to smoke tJint that" " 'Coiiree; win not? I haven't had a einoke tlnee thU mornlnp;. I.uekv I saM'd thlt Mump. .Smoke won't bother joii. will It?' " 'Hut. fniher, think of all these pen-pie lookliiK at Mitt. What 111 they think?' " 'Oil,' lunched Sherninn, 'thei don't nilnil tne Thei all know me. I'liere't no nt,- of mv pnttlnK on airs.' "With that the (ieneral etrrtek a mntrh on hit heel and wn soon litxii rlatlng In a comfortable smoke. " REFUGEES FROM PISAuOi. 11 Tho Andromeda Arrives After an Exoiting Experience. The Hrlilih ahlp Andromeda arrived this morning from rernvlan ports and anchored In the Erie tlasln, Drookljn. Capt, Andrews reported mat while the vessel wss at rtsagus, In Ihe latter part or February, the town was being; hotly bombsrded by the revolutionists, who carried It by assault. Many of the shells ilrett donnztha bombardment passed over the Andromeda, but the vessel escaped serious dsmage. Kiva hundred natives of Ptssgua ned from that elty lo terror and took on the An-dromeda, claiming the protection or the llrlt-Ish flay. Death of Rsv. Father Corkery. The runeral or Rev. Father Daniel J. Corkery, pastor of ot. I'eteraltoman Catholla Church, at New Btlshtoo, 8. I, who died last niht wld be held Batnrday, froroBt. Feter'a Church, Father Corkery. waa M ona Ume pastor or Bb Jamta'a ccurch In thU city. DtinmsT la ehlldraai eared by llnnu'i TxxtMiao C-oaoliL. rrkwDa. Uivf.trUl, . MAM BROTHERS. SPECIAL DEPARTMENT. Mk Bmw Bof s'Livariss Oysters mi Oriving Oeafs. Bart aiders' 6oaf s Mgsrons. Waiters' Jaokefs, White fcfs and Aprons. Barter Goats. Oooks' mi Bakers' 0ats, Oaps and iproi.s. irosers' luteliers5 ireters OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL 9. SATURDAYS 11 P. M. GRAND ST., CORNER ORCHARD. KRfiUS IS OUT OF DANGER. Fortunate Outcome of tne Murderous Assault in Lyndhurst Woods. Several Inconsistencies In Ills Talo of Kntlccnient nnd Attncli. Ilelntlch Krans, tbe young German who waa murderouely assaulted In the LvndhnrstWoods Tnesdav ulght, Is reported to-day to be so far Improved as to be able aud anxious to leave Tatcmon's St. Joseph's Hospital. He still carrlta the bullet In his neck, bat It apparently itliea him little trouble. No clue to bis assailant's identity his been round as yet. Chief of Police (Ironl, of rnttr-son, held un Interview wltn Krana at the hospital thla morning, but learned nothing that will aid In the discovery of the would. bo murderer. While Kraos has apparently been very will-Ins: to I ell all about himself and his mysterious assailant, comparison of his stories to dtf. rerent persona stiowB several Inconsistencies. llc nowaaya that In July next he will havo been in America three yearr. Yet he told the clerks of the Libor llureau at the Darge Office that ho arrived In this country less than a year ago. Kraus oxplalna this by saytue that he he told the Dargc Offlco people the truth, they would not aiust him to cet employment. Kraos sayato.iljy that he had no large sum of money, either with him at the time of the assault or unywhere elc That he never possessed ns much as f3C0 at any one time lu his lire. In fact, ho claims thst he had only a cents when he encnued to go lo work on the JerscT milk farm. Inatead of ulvlng 1 ne stranger to nnderatand tnut he had meana to buy uu Inttresl In the dairy If everything proved satisfactory, he aaya ho apologized to htm for not being able to return a treat In a saloon where tho pair drank Kraus taking sarsapatllla and his companion bock beer. Tula occurred twice, according to Kraos, while the twain were 011 their way nptown to the house of Kraua'a annt to get his clothes. Ihls aunt Kraus refused to locate, either by name or addrras, ae he says, to avoid dls. agrceat le publicity lur her. It irai learned, however, thai sue la Mr. I.-unlng, of 160 Seventh street, uud that It wav the nsmeof her ton, George Lrunlng, thai appeared ou the copy of the Herman paper found near the scene nt a.sault. It was In this paper that Jvraua had wiappcd hla butcher knife. (Jeorgo Leunlng waa taken to Castle Garden by Detective tlrodcn last night, but none of tho people there had ever seen him, anil upon the explanations given by him and hla mother he waa released from custody. Young Leunlng said mat Kraus had lived at their borne tor two weeks past. He told Leaning that he had no money, having lost all his savtngs In a button builneaa at 41 Kllzabelb s-.rret. Trior to this, Krans told leunlng he had worked for a year as salesman for Belferd Ilros.,bntcherr,alC13 F.sst Kitntj. sixth street. After leaving the butchera he had tended bar In a saloon in hlghtri avenue, near Twenty, third street. Leunlng said Kraus had been In America four years. Tne theory nt the detectives Is thst Kraui. thronih vanliy, had boasted to persons he met at t'astln (isrden about having made large anms ol money In America, and that he was overheard by parties who planned to lure him away and rob Dim. . ai BELASCO AND MRS. CARTER. Tnoy Have Gono Secretly to Europe on a Short DuslnoeB Trip. The rnmor that David llelasco, the play, wnght and Mrs. Lslle Carter, the actreaa, had silled lor Europe together caused considerable surprise this inornlnr. Their departure had been kept somewhat or a secret aa they silled on Ihe City of New York a week ago, Mr. Utlssco occupied a alattroom with Hamilton Alee, the historiographer of Stanley's tour and author ot "Or. Bilk" Mrs. Catter wsa accompanied by her mother. Mr a. Caihe-rloe It. Dudley. Mr. Deluco'a Wends explained thst there waa nn intention of maktna a aecret of their going, aa several f rlenda saw tasm oil on tbe ateauiahtn, bnt It waa not thought boat to an. nnuno Ihe fact until the butluera upon whlca they went to Europe bad been accomplished. E. D.nice, manager ot Mrs. Carter, ha-re. celveu a cable statins that th business might be oniahed within a raw dsya, and thev would return within lata weeks, lit denied that their ae ptrtora bad anything to do with Ao'or Arthur Dacre's salt for brescjf ot contract, f J&JUJ1blk&Mt&iJ? MtititebUto isMaVxsVJaVsl BROOKLYN'S FORTY THIEVES. Their Work Eesults in Eeports To-day of a Dozen Burglaries. Miiny Houses Broken Into, liut Only Ono Arrest Una Been Made. Hetornt at Brooklyn Tollco Headquarters thla morning show that burglara have been at work In all aectlona ot the olty daring the past twenty.rour hours. Early last evening aeveral boya were seen coming out or an nnoocupled house at 151 Lawrence atreet carrying several aulta or clothing. Chased by an officer, they dropped the bundle and ran away. It waa round that thieves had forced an entrance through a rear window and had stolen arf.clta valued at 100. Henry it. King, a business man at 60 Cedar atreet, this city, reported to the police that 1-la house at 63J Wlllougby avenue, bad been robbed of a gold watch and chain. J. ti. White, ot 205 Qulncy atreet, reported that while leaving the bridge to take a oar on the Kings County L road his diamond scarf-pin waa stolen. John Itaby was locked np at the Filth Precinct, charged with stealing u watch from John Harvey. The watch waa round in hla possession. Fcter Meyer, a sailor on the United States ship Concord, waa arrested by Detective Key. noldr, charged with stealing a gold watch from Daniel Johnson. John Shea was employed by Robert Raphael to chop wood. Mr. Raphael subsequently round that a fluting machine had been atolcn, and It was round that the machine baJ been Hold to a junkman for 15 cents. Demutn liro. , stable-keepers on Newtown Creek, reported that a set of harness was stolen from the building. Cbarlea OfTerman, of 1W1 Atlantlo avenue, reported that 1110 front door ot hla rouse had been broken open and a quantity of jewelry and clothing atolen. At 12.80 thla morning the 'ront basement door of tne reildenue 01 Everett Peele, No. 7K Lexington avenue, waa found to have been broken cpen and the house ransacked. The fanillv were absent Godfrey Albrecht, ot 63 Columbia atreet, re. ports having been robbed ot fHu worth nr cloth, log. The police have a clue to the thief. Mary Fitzgerald, Who keeps small dry goous store at 840 Illcke street, fonnd that the tear door of her at.iro bud been broken open and gooda valued at fSl had been stolen. GEHTBAL EHJOINS LEHIGH. Legal Bomb as Well as 1,000 Men and a Hoso Beady. An Injunction granted by Chancellor Alex. T. McGill, was served this morning on the Lehigh Valley Railroad and the Morris Canal and Hanking Company In Jeraey City, restraining tliose corporations Iroui "obstructing or In. ttrferlug with the railroad consiructeu lo and from the Grilling Iron Works by tne Latayette Railroad Company. " which la a branch of the Central Railroad of New Jersey. The defendants are ordered to show oanse on May i why the Injunction ahould not be made permanent. It waa reported last evening that tbe Lehigh Valley Company would make a raid with M0 men ou the Jersey central track near the Gritting Iron Works lor, for the men were assembled at the Lehigh Valley sheds In Greenvllli. Ihe Jersey Central oSltlalv acted on the rumor and had fully 500 Italians at th? Gritting iron works with orders to resist any attempt to remove or destroy their property. blx Lehigh Valley men kept watch until day. light at the works, but nj others from thai Company appeared. The tinning Iron Works Company, apprehen-alve of damage to Its fences, which the Lehigh Valley aaya are on lie ground, had a powerful Are engine: with steam np and hose laid, in readlnesaall night, and twenty men wero on band to drench the Lehigh Valley gang ahoald tbey attacarthe fence. Capt. MoKklg and twenty policemen were on duty all nicbt. All was qnlet at noon. - w s. Burned ;the. Dakar, Not tbe Bread. Fat boiled over In Herman Poll's, bakery at lew Second avsnas, ati.too'olock this morn lag. and eaoaed a in by wnteh Gnatave cirklsr, an amployee, was eeverely burned, OtaerwUnthsaaaass waaallenu -a ' iavf 'laMEikV ffifrVfiAiSft'i ' New Building. Admittedly tho largest and. fluent Shopping Re-nort in tlio City. A stock that has never heon surpassed. Prices, as usual, the loirest in the city for goods of superior style and quality. UNTRIMMED HATS. Children's untrlmmed Milan Flats, very pretty, worth Oc, -- for Friday and Batnrday only.. ZODi New Nelllo. Illy Caps, In alj colors OOC. Yachting Caps In plaids or plain . - colors 45Ci Hoys' navy bluo Straw Hats, with nav) bluo Hands, sizes G to 7. ZuCi Girls fnney Mraw Hats very pretty: trimmed with Gros ,. .. Orain satin edgo Ribbon iMi'rU Largo assortment of black and colored fancy straw lints In all leading shapes ZoCi Flowers. Long and short Sprays AVIId Flowers, l'oppiep, Morning-Glories, Daisies, llluetts, Hut- JQ. tcrcttps, Ac, from lUUa U Infants' and Children's silk and muslin Hats and Caps GrcateEt Tarlety In the city. Bloomingdale Bros., Tlllitn AVE., COK. 50TH ST. DEATH, BUT riOT DISGMuE. Suicide of Young Joseph S. Blumenthal la a Now Orleans Hotel A Relative of tlio Assemblyman Dies and Leaves a Strange Messace. A despatch from New Orleans received this morntnc states that Joaeph tf. DinmenthaU a Now Yorlc commercial traveller tor 8. Oppen-nelmer & Co. , dealers In bntaiurs' supplies at BO and 83 1'earl atreet, committed suicide last night In a hotel In that city by taking morphine. arrived In New Orleana last Thursday. It Is said that ho then appeared depressed in spirits. He went to his room laat ntght and waa fonnd lying dead on his bed an hour later by a friend vvhu called on him. l'nero was an empty morphine vial un a tablo near him. A letter written by Blumenthal waa found, addressed to J. Kronthal, a New York commercial traveller who Is at present In New Orleans, requesting him to notify the suicide's brother, Louis Illuraenthal, of 12 Vesey street: Joseph lllumenthal, 151 East Meventy.Ihlrd street, and S. Oppenhclmer & Co., bis employ, ers, ol his death; also requesting thatthe news of the occurrence bo broken as gently as possible. On tho envelope were scribbled a few lines asklngtbat tne matter be kept onto! the news papers, ending with these sentiments: 1 prefer death to disgrace. My fondest love to all my dear ones." Though nothing was round among Blumen-thal's effects to Indicate the motive that prompted him lo take his lire. It was believed that llaanctal crabarraaments baJ been tbe canst. Ihe newr ot young Illumenthal'a ssd death created a genuine snrprlae among his relatives, employers and friends In this clly, who regarded him aa a young man wltn an nnnanally bright lulnre. llc wsa omr twenty-four years old, and belonged to one of the most respected families In this clly. He waa a nephew or Assemblyman Joaeph lllumenthal and a brother-in-law of Kultor HauKtr, ol 1'uck. The suicide's home was with hla parents, at H" Last beventv-lhlrd stteet, a lew doors away from Assemblyman lllamcnthal'a bouse. An Ktknino Wor.LD reporter conveyed the Intelligence of illumenthal'a death to bis employers, 8. 'ippenhelmer A Co., this morning. Tbe memuera of the firm were greatly aur-prlsed, aud said they were at a loss lo account for bis rash act. Said Hi. K Oppenbtlmer: "We have Just received a letter from the young man dated at :vew Orleana April SO, la which ha apeaks encouragingly of his trip. lllumenthal bad been in our employ about two months, and It waa bis first trip on tbe road. He had done remarkably well, and I was so pleased with bis work that I wrote him a few days ago a complimentary letter. " He waa a very attractive and accomplished yonng man, and came to na on the recommendation of Mr. Ilauser, hla brother-in-law. He had travelled In the West for four or Ore yrArs, aud appeared to be an excellent saler. man. What caused him to kill himself I cannot understand. He was not a drinking man, and his accounts, ao far aa we know, are straight. "Besides, It there wjs any deficiency. It could only be ttlvlal, and wonld certainly not warrant him In ending his life. " The request made by the suicide that Joseph lllnmenthal, of No. 1SI East beventy-thlrd aired, be notified of his death, aa well aa bla brother Ixuis, had not teen carried ont thla morning when an World reporter called. The house la occupied by the family of Assemblyman Blumenthal, who Is In Albany, and the latter'a wife bad not heard of tbe young roan's death, sue was nnsble to assign any reaaon for his suicide. He was of a enter-Inl and annny temperuament. she said. At 14T East Beventy.lhlrd street, where the yonng man's parents reside, It was aald thai none ot tna members or the family were at home, A dome silo told the reporter that Us family ill t, " S.-iiaiUt w. -' -jtii-jiM v m m LeBoutillier Bros. BLACK GOODS. Are OaTorlnj? excellent values in the following lines of Black Goods: 40-inch lupin's Black Glial-) Cfn lie, reduced from (5c. to ) GUui 40-inch All-Wool Grena-") dines, former price, I h 0 $1.00, now !....VJ! 23-inch All-Silk Grena- dines, heretofore Bold nP at $1.00, now J " UUl 42-inch All-Wool Surah) Serge, reduced from - nP $1.00 to j ,"Ul 45-inch All-Wool Henri- n etta, usually sold at qMP $1.10, ib now J UUI 48, 50 & 521.23(1 St. had been notified of Illnmenthal'a death, but ahe did not know what action would bo taken. A meht message was received earlr this morning at th office of Isaao Homers A Co., whnlcsalo liquor dealers, at 12 Vcsey atreet, addreased to Louis Blumenthal, brother of tbe ulclde, who li employed thire as salesman. Louis Blumeutnal bid not yet arrived. He altende 1 the Old (Inard's banquet last nluhr, and was not expected until a late hour lo-dav. lllumenthal was considered one of the most expert penmen In the country. He was unmarried, nnd bis body will be brought to this city tor burial. SOUNDING WORLD PRAISES PILING UP THE ROLL OF MERIT FOR THE PEOPLE'S PAPER. Hovt Gutle ik Co. Are t'arrvlnar Out Their (ilgitDttc Contract oY einyioar Ho Ulnar rrnfhfnl, Trenehunl Thlnarn Abont L' Mo Far ro Good, but There la Mnch More tai Come. - -sgrrr: mootii and buiie J" ' 9 AwSL"S as awell-balancod raa-I fLA chine or aa a awift. i&"5 sailing elipper, the 1 aoOHtj, P'"11 suggested by O. j iri Otide A Co. and y' S adopted by TnnWonLD V jff ' n"'De " c'rcn'r I' oS Yftfr roM lards for the :S&-?Mkf presentation of n thon-V?Sfa "nl lisfPy tbongbts "yS?5? ' -t abm,t Tbi! wohi.d ' " the whole to rnn on for 1,000 bonis and to cost the neat sum of l,ooo, goes on without a break or halt. Trom tho very start it has been a snecoss. The artist quickly put tlio neat and telling phrases upon the broad white sheets and the other artists with brush and paste cet the sheets right side up with care each on its appropriate board. Yesterday's mil was from Torty-second Street, on tbo Third avenue line, richt up to the end of that line at Harlom. This div. Dosed of twenty-five out of the thirty in the day's quota, and the other five were put on the lower end of the Sixth avenue lino and covered the South Terry station, the Battery place depot and the two platforms at Hector street. There was tho same close watoh kept of the doings of tho Daste-pot publishers of this advertising literature. Now and then a particularly plquaut one wonld bring a amIJe, again the statistical ones brought exclamations of surprise at the magnitude nf the figures, and every digit of them as trna as Holy Writ. No. 44 was put in tbe form of a doctor's piescriptlon, set in uood. plain English, too, so that every one can read and carry out its good advice. There is nothing nauseous in such a prescription as this. Careful readers will note tbe numbers as they go piling np and be prepared to vote as soon aa the week's allotment is in place. There will be 150 in this week's list or seleo-tions for voting, No. l to 150 inclusive. Jot down your first, second and third choice on a postal card and send to Box 2,364, New xork Tost Office, and If your choice corresponds with the first, second and third as fixed by tbe aggregate of all votes rent In, then a crisp 10 bill or a shining $10 gold piece will be sent ou- Tho first in wins In case of ties. Tho list In Sunday morning's World will complete the first 150, and then if you vote right away all tbe ballots should bs in and counted up by as to be announced in next Wednesday's paper. Vote, not early and often, bnt prompt and early. 1'esterrlay's contribution to the grand aggregate of 1,000 rati from 31 to 60 on tbe list and read as follows: More evidence was submitted to the Ex. else Commissioners yesterday tending to show that tbe Lav-err Brothers, proprietors of a saloon on the northwest corner of Twenty.seventn street and Seventh avenue, had violated the Sabbath law. , The defendants did notnfler any evidence in their own defense. Their license for No. 1101 Seventh avenue expired yesterday and they wished a renewal for the mirpose of transferring it to No. ami boventh avenue, the opposite corner, which they have leased from May 1, It la understood that the City Iteform Club is watching tho action ol tho Excise Commissioners. QT Ajhiavjmanta Itraordlmrj. J. I. 1884. 645.400 copies o! TltE WoniD were circulated par weak. 181)0. 2, U1U,453. JO If ijentv j on woold wish In loan. -m And nnd rmjr bnmnaaa alack baa frown, llood payloc ouatamara von'll own 11 an ad. put In The Vosin. QQ " The laborer la worthy of his hlrs." ' tts and cats It by advancing la Tbe vTokld "tvanl" colulnoa, Q4 Loot heads find nroftt In th eolomea of Oi THE WolD ,TR.S publlahsd par montb during 188!ti 1,765 par month, 181)0. Q K " I.lka aniala' vlaita, few aud far batwwn, " Qu SucoassfolrtvaiatoTiiE WoELDaroaoaa. QC lUal Batata, rasl tats'. I OU Ihoraalls falsa, tboraay, Untftas roo hnd It advert (aed. In Iba Dew York Wosld each day. Off From crave to lar.from lively to Mvore," O I Baplalna the conUaU of Tata WoaiD Hla loae. , & CO., BROADWAY, GOR, GflAnD Sll On account, of a liackj ward scanon we havo del torniined to unload ourl Spring; stock no mattorl what thu loss may ho. Wei have .solcclort 5,000 GpbI tlomcn's Suits in Sackt,l both single and double! breasted, nnd .3 and 4 butl ton Cutaways. Tho nirel torials comprise Cheviot,! Worsteds, Cassimcros,! Tweeds, Diagonals, Cork I screws, Black and Blno.1 Cheviots, Hawthorne Cli6a viots, and Black aud Blrael Serges. Tho above suits! wero mado to sell from S15 to S22 and a WBIT. TEN GUARANTEE will be given with every suit that tho material is all PURE WOOL. This salo will positively terminate on Saturday night. Up to that time you can choose a single Suit from a stock of 5,000 for In order to make a sue cess of this great sale, vio will also oiler one thou sand Boys' Suits that wero markod $1.00 at S2.00 per Suit. BROADWAY, COR. BRAND ST. O Q Mttlo .lack Horner t in a corner, OO Ills hair Try neatly curled i lis frit quite a pleasure. In readfaf u treannra, Th cb'ldren'a page of Tnt World. QQ A boon totha poor OJ II 'J HK W ORLD to bo llir. For plenty ot work A Want" ad. wUlaecure-. A f SUSPENSION OF BUSINESS ! fW zJ eauari by tnjud(etion tdTVTttaina- rhteflf oniitfiof lb Would from your iUl, A 1 Tberocsmo to tbla beach "a poor exllti 4:X Krin," bbn hadn't a human to how hr the tJ, A Worio Want" lor ten cents ahe pet tn. despafrin. And elm irot acood place and a horn tot oar! A O Tbewsntf of mankind, to hire and wire, ybaaW To buy and toll, tn ewap and thrive A list of thm even tho uolf'et duunta, liut they're named nd tilled in TH , World's daily " Wantal" 4 O You tnuBtbeaboTeiuepicion.aaldCxur 6bO to hie wite. Said aba Get out. you loafer, you're tn torment of ray Inn, Icoald adrertu and get a far better niaU than you ' liutaa rb hd no World "Want,' poer thiitg, what could ho do A A Ri Um a WonLD "Want" ad. when nee 4 K ' A word totho wise is euffieient," ybJ Tho Would n late newe is proticient A f Tallcotiirons! lU.Oil'J columns of WoWJ 4:0 Wants" printed tn l8K."i Naraber printed in 1U0. Jl,0O5. Art IF I WFRE YOU Jc I Ana wished work baa. I'dpiitlnTuL Wopld A three-line "ad." A Q IaAKGB BUILDING SLOC'i coluransej 4:D Wsnts puhlihed dnriug IRDD In TO Wobid. lO.UTO columns published 1887s in 1HHJ, HU. A f MANY THANKS for the situation wbtssl tktJ got through Tils WonLD ' Wants." Kf 'Tn not enough to help the feeble op, eJVF Bnt to support htm after. That's wbyea, WonLD Want ' turnsKf row's cup uk To pleuty and cheers on a man vita laughter. pf - THK tLOOD-TIDK of proanerity ij OX rescind throuih Would "Wants." By nos ODponooitlts printed during the six months IMKI. lh,2Ul; lb0. a.MS. ftO "rlelter to have than to wish." WOM 0i " Wants "obrlaie wishing fruitlessly. KQ DONT RTRUOOLF. 1L. m fJO for exUtenie. Yon can get an easy lrrtsf through a World "Want" ad. ff A "Still constant In awondrouseicellencs"-04: World "Wants." 5 ft "Wren fortune smiles take t he adsnUsVj O Fortnne smiles alwayson World 'Wantt fc.2 " A feast of reason and a flow of sool" O O The StJNDaY World aoes e? ery week enri K PT Opposed to erery kind of Jobber, O I Iue World prevsnu official robbery. KQ "Children am poor men's rlebes," Woilt JO " Wsnts" are their best opportunities. K "A tresis known by its frnlt, not by t World " Wants" are known by their results a Distance lends enchantment to tha f OU The Worid leads ald-juit read tfcs "Want"da. through. !,. m i i FIRE MARSHAL LEWIS DYING. Contrnot'od Pneumonia Whllo Trnelt-In or tbe Brooklyn Firebusr. Flrc-Mantial Levru, of Brookljn, U rapottKl to be at deatti'a door, and his demise la expected every moment. Marsaal Lewis Is ona ol the principal witnesses in the esse of Hngh ti Miller, the aelf-coe-(eased nrebur, and it waa tnrounti his won oi tho case that bla lllneaa waa oroo ght on, Lewis spent several nla-nis In damp cellar! waiting lur :ho nretm7, and on tne n jht thai Miller waa arrested Latvia waa called ont ol bed at midnight. . , 'ibe nitht waa cold and the Marshal coa-trscted a cold. ., He etayed up until Isto the next dar until after ne had wrong- a confession from and aeveral dava later this oold developed into the "grip "and pneumonia. About two weeaa ajo hla health Improve and he took a ahmt wale A relapse set In ana he has been In bed ever since. . 1 his mornlnir the patient waa verj weak w his pojaiclan ordered the telephone to"0" of me hou'r, aa Ha ringing distnrbed hint. Tne door.bell waa also disconnected. CORPSE IN DRJrVEBB'S STABLE. One of the Vonderbllt Family Employees Found Dead. Charles Foster, a harness dinner emptor'4 br vt. W. Ssward Webb, of Ml fifth avenov, waa found dead In bed In Dr. Webb's statiU (1 West riftv-dftb street thla morning. Death had apparently occurred several hoars belore Ihe discovery ot the bo.1y, and II i sjj loseil to ha lue to heart disease. TheCorosst will inyestltate,

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