The Herald-Sun from Durham, North Carolina on August 28, 1949 · 45
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The Herald-Sun from Durham, North Carolina · 45

Durham, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 28, 1949
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- ' Section Four— Eight Pages Sunday August 28 1949 Inrhatn JSJj Features Editorials Books and Music Precious Items In Smalt Pachagee Federal By (KOMI I LOUGH Jr Herald luff Writer If you were of tho bottlnf m try what odd would you offer for tho lurvlval of t ono pound eight-ounce baby? Well don't think youSro lot a sucker bet You haven't became medical science and (killed per aonncl at WatU Hoepltal are working mlradee with thaee early arrival! aavlng infanta once given no chance In a aecluded yea and even hallowed lector on the third floor of tho hoeplUl a preciaton team of Bin nurses headed by Kuna Margaret Brown and directed by Dr Arthur H London Jr are giving M-hour care to thne extraordinary little charges The results are astounding The marvaloua aet-up at Watti operatei under the Federal Govern ment-aponao red Premature In fant Care Program Theaa- Fed oral fundi are adminlitered through the SUte Board of Health to approved center The Watti center ia a $10000 ' expenditure which hai been de ecribed by State and Federal health authorities aa one of the beat in the Nation The program is deiigned primarily to aave llvea and lower tho death rate of premature babiee by aaauring excellent medical and nuning care under proper condition! and to relieve parent! of the expenie brought about by thii highly specialized treatment Eligible for thii program are thoie able to pay tho entire cost thoie able to pay but part of the-expenie and thoie whoae financial itatui la iuch aa to prevent them from paying anything Available fundi are Umited and precaution ia Uken to determine that the program ii not buied Application for thii serv- THIS IS THE ISOLATION ROOM the smallest of the unit's four rooms which is reserved for babies who are found affected with some malady and who must necessarily receive special attention Through the windows of this quarantine de- fartment can be seen tubes of oxygen which is piped into each incubator hrough another glass Nurse Graepel can be seen ministering to the needs of an important little creature A specially designed air conditioning unit which cools and heats with never a variation of more than four degrees is an intricate part of the department’s equipment There are glass window slides designed by Lamar Bruce Watts’ master mechanic to enable an infant to be removed from one room to another without the danger of glass accidentally coming down upon his body N Cs Catawba Grape By MACK BELL Among the unsolved mysteries of North Carolina— to ba added to the disappearance of tha Lost Colony tha mystery of Peter Stuart Ney and tha unaccountable vanishing of Theodosia Burr from Tarheel shores— is tha origin of the Catawba grape It Is not known for certain whence came the grape which yielded the first American wine to receive really serious and respectful attention Tha wine brought praises from the New England poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in a poem "Catawba Wine" Most historians of wins and vine believe it was found on the banks of the Catawba River in North Carolina Ona early vltlcul-tore authority said it waa found in Buncombe County near present day Asheville ‘Evidence seems to show that tha Catawba grape wu found about tha year 1800 It was introduced into general cultivation by Major John Adlum soldier of tha Revolution Judge surveyor and author of the first American books on grapea This grape the Catawba -was tha first native grape to be used widely Its Introducer Major Adlum kept an experimental vineyard in the District of Columbia where he began in 1823 to distribute the Catawba At that time American grape culture centered around Clncin-' nati A shipment of Catawba went from Major Adlum to Cincinnati to Nicholas Longworth grandfather of the late speaker at the House Longworth who wu called the father of American grape culture shipped the Catawba grape throughout the grape-growing centers of the country About the origin of the grape Major Adlum said ha had taken cuttings from a Mrs Scholl of Clarksburg in Montgomery County Md in 1819 The Scholls had always called the grape Catawba Mrs Scholl's father died before anyone ever pinned him down as to when he got the grape So the Program NURSE MARGARET BROWN in charge of the WatU Hospital Premature Infant Care program is shown in the auapect or observation room taking an auxiliary (under the arm) temperature of one of her tiny wards In this particular room the infante are closely examined to ascertain if there is a presence of disease Nurses entering this little reception center must change uniforms to assure that no germs are transported lev muit ba made fa Durham Health Department Supt J H Ipperaon A prematura baby li on that weigh! five pounds eight ounce or leu at birth origin of North Carolina's Catawba grape will remain forever a mystery There is also much mystery about the Catawba's botanical pedigree One authority F E Gladwin uys that most agree that the Catawba's derivation is from tho pure labrusca tho American vine Others have contended that the Catawba is a hybrid A Dr Munson said that It contains soma vinifera — or European— blood perhaps transmitted to some wild vine from one of the first attempts at vineyards of European cuttings Whatever its Tarheel origin it was an early success Major Adlum thought so too Of the Catawba h uld: "In bringing this group under the public eye I have rendered my country a greater service than I could have done had I paid off tha national debt” The Catawba established tha everlasting fame— as well as fortune— of the house of Long-worth It was a gift from Long-worth to Longfellow that inspired his poem on Catawba wine Tha Catawba today is one of the two grapes grown chiefly for wine-making In the Finger Lakes region of west ‘central New York in the Chataugua grape belt along the shore of Lake Erie in the Hudson River Valley and in Ohio and Pennsylvania Information is not too easy to get but at least there is one winery where it is bottled and sold in the Old North State But shame to the name of the Old North State their vineyards where the Catawba grapes are grown are ia South Carolina! Right now tho August sun ia ripening these large light red awet grapes For white wine and champagne the Catawba grape is execellent It makes one of tha best dry wines and a splendid sweet wine as well Red wine fermented on skins of Catawba Is ros colored and the wine has the look of bleached straw Color depends on tha degree of ripeness of the grapea the soil aad tha method of making Provides Specialized Care For Premature Mum Since laat January a total of 78 iuch biblea 39 mam and 37 female including thou born at Watti and thou brought in from lurrounding area have bene-fitted by the ipecial care at Watti NURSE GRAEPEL returns a mite of humanity to the nursery proper after a trip to the treatment room to what is believed to be the perfection in cribs Each of the 20 incubators at Watts are equipped with automatic and individual oxygen supply and humidity and temperature control In 1880 Alamance County lad in cotton manufacture with tee-tori es in operation and work on the 13th begun at Big Falls In thou days there were only 73 ' such mills In North Carolina When the Wilmington Street Railway Company began operating two hone can daily in July 1888 over five miles of track in the city limits much credit wu given to the energy and fore i i ? - f The coit of thii program is of coun nacruarily high espe-dally m inasmuch ai ioma infanta hav to ba kept in the unit for u long ai three month Soma babiei naturally don't develop ai fait Uka on weight and reach tha itage of a normal baby aa rapidly ai other The center U n withdrawn from other parta of the hoapital and so completely guarded by thoie In charge that without being enlightened one geti the feeling that hia mere pretence In thii area ii nothing leu than a uerilegloui lnvaiion There are four aeparate but eloaely allied compartmenta In the unit When a newcomer Ii brought to the center it U firit placed in' the auipect or observation room Here nurui and doctor! make a minute examination of the off-apring After thii phau la completed the infant if It li adjudged free of diuau la given haven in ona of the unit'! gleaming white and super-equipped incubators Thii room ii called the nuriery proper What an ultra dormitory it ii! Every man-made device known to promote comfort and welfare ii available Perfectly air-conditioned lighted and apotleuly clean thii will certainly be the grandrit living accommodationa on of tha delicate darlingi will ever know' The tad point ii that he will have to be told later Juat how fortunate he waa In his younger days If after the baby li checked in the auapect room and found to be affected with some malady he ia placed in the isolation room Here he auumei even more importance He not only enjoyi tha ume awell crib and ' facilities but alio boasti ipecial attention from the nursei and doctors And if he but realized that he wasn't considered a curio but rather an influential being he'd probably auume that man-of -distinction air The fourth glau-enclosed compartment li tha treatment room Brief Bits sight of John D Bellamy builder of the historic "Bellamy Mansion” than In 1849 North Carolina had BOO mites of railroad track cither completed or under construction At tha March term of Superior Court in Ash 'County in 1809 Judge Francis Locke found one Carter Whittington guilty of perjury fined him 10 pound Eng- NURSE OLLIE GRAEPEL is shown removing a nonchalant little fellow from his sanctuary so that he may undergo a routine check-up in the treatment room Two of his roommates seemingly ignore the intrusion by their highly-trained guardians ono either sleeping or "plsying possum" while the other elected to turn his head as if camera shy Here tha mites are given whatever care is needed to remedy their condition When tha diminutive intents are not born In the hospital they are brought to Watti in a unique and portable incubator usually by a public health nuru This incubator too is equipped with an oxygen unit and a complete crib in itself It has a handle for carrying and ia light enough to handle with eaie Before the babiei are discharged from the hoapital— they usually go horns when they weigh over five pounda— come instructions for the mother Instructions in methods of feeding bathing and dressing are given This basic and simple information on how tha normal baby grows and develops both mentally and physically ia ' given in an effort to lay tha foundation for good habit training and a sound mother-child relationship Tho mother is given an opportunity to ask question! and have them answered Whenever possible the father is included in this program Here is what you have been wanting to know What goes on in tha daily lives of a premature baby while it's in an Incubator at the center? The wee infants are bathed every day in oil-no soap and water They are weighed every other day and temperatures are taken every three hours by tha axillary method (under the arm) A special formula milk is fed to them every three or four hours in the day There are four different methods of feeding: small bottle (one ounce) with small nipple medicine dropper regular size bottle and the Gavaga or tube method of feeding' Tha babiei are so isolated that they are not unusually subject to as much disease as the normal infant Soma have hlir and soma don't Just like normal offspring Cry? You bat they dol Of PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE LOIS COX of the Durham Health Department is shown testing the oxygen in one of the portable aluminum incubators supplied for the si of premature infants from their homes to the hospital removal Of North Carolina History lteh money and sentenced him to stand in the pillory for one hour at the expiration of which time both of his ears ware to be cut off and nkiled to uld pillory until the setting of the sun The first boat passed through the Albemarle & Chesapeake Canal near Elizabeth City on January 8 1851 tho lumber barge "Jkiterprlze” of Wilmington Del towed by the steemef "Calypso” course their wills do not earry tho voluma Ilka the regular six seven or eight pound babies And the outbursts might be lessened also by the incubator but they can let you know they are around What do they look like? Some folks might say they resemble 100-year-old men midgala but there are others who are Just as quick to claim they ara just about the prettiest bits of humanity God ever supplied with breath DR EDWARD KINCSBERRY and Nurse Brown ire shown In the treatment room checking1 the heartbeat of a little prize package who because of his early arrival is providing his parents with a choice tople of conversation for many years to come Guilford County was originally settled by Quakers in 1730 In 1730 one Timothy Hanson planted the i t seeds at Phileum Pratens c in Currituck County whio1 he developed into fodder grass or “timothy hay” William Drummond North Carolina's first governor was hanged at Williamsburg Vs In 1877 by Sir William Berkeley governor and heartbeat And the nurses vow that tho prematures ara bound to be tha cutest things living because there are so few of them Hospital authorities aay that there is no visiting problem in the premature center That's because visitors are not allowed But what about tha poor parents? Well they might be allowed to taka a peek through tha glass now and than but they cant touch their little dears fr && Minimum Wage Proposal By BIGRID ARNE AP NcwMeetures Writer Washington— If Jumping ther-mom- and a dozen amendments don't interfere Congress hopes to decide shortly whether to raise tha minimum wag from its present 40 cents an hour — and how much to raise it The Administration wants to take It to 73 cents an hour It would Increase the pay checks of those who earn less than 79 cents an hour (if that minimum is set) and work for companies that sell in more than one state Congress can pass laws affecting interstate commerce It cannot make rules for business conducted entirely inside a single state So a Jump in minimum pay would have no direct effect on millions of workers How many workers would ba directly affected will not be known until a law is passed and interpreted by the courts But It would affect Indirectly all workers who now get leu than tha new minimum Labor experts here remind you that workers leave Jobs for others that pay better When much of that happens the low-pay employer usually has to pay more It would also affect workers now getting more than the new minimum First It would put a floor under their pay Second many labor experts uy an Increased minimum tends to increase pay all up the scale The worker who gets only 40 of Virginia for his part in "Bacon's Rebel ion" at Jamestown Va In 1930 Winston-Salem and Durham held first and second place among the cities of the world in tobacco manufacture In 1789 a stage coach line ran twice a week between Washington N C and Eden ton and thence to SuffoU Va an all-day trip Babies They have to adjust themselves to the situation realizing that the intents are receiving better ear than they could get at home Of course the mothers da not get that attached feeling until tha baby ia discharged and placed in their arms And certainly it must seem strange to parents that tha little fellow they have for ao long been anticipating does not seem to belong to them at all Ail the pent-up affection reserved for tin moment must be delayed But if anyone dans insinuate that these little darllnga are not getting tha tenderness and love of a parent they are absolutely In the wrong One has only to watch the faces and actions of their nursei to know that the title "Angels of Mercy” was not misused Tha Premature Infant Cara program don not end at tha hospital Public health nurses visit the homes before tha baby la brought there to ascertain that everything is in order Then other visits are made by these nurses to see if tha parents are following their instructions Health Supt Epperson has expressed the opinion that tho Premature Infant Care program illustrates a foresight and enterprise which will prove a boon to mankind Similar units are operating la other cities in North Carolina Duke Hospital which cares for Negro as well as white prematures is operating in limited fashion until such time as their new nursery is completed At that time the Duke center will also become a teaching unit to train nursei in this socialized field There ara units at Biltmora Hospital in Asheville Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem and a center is under construction at Rex Hospital in Raleigh Centers are planned for Charlotte Memorial Hospital in Charlotte James Wslker Hospital in Wilmington and possibly la Greenville T " - V Jfc i: t'-i X&uVsNE cents an hour earns $10 for a -40 hour week or $833 n year If ha were jumped to 73 cents an hour he would get $30 n week or $1590 a year The Commerce Department says tha great middle mas of America's wage earners now earns between $2000 and $4000 a year That 40 cents an hour minimum was act in 1938 when w were struggling up out of the depression Prices generally were only half what they are today It was set to bring lower paid workers up to a living wage The Labor Department now argues that the minimum should ba almost doubled if tho main objective is to bo kept— that is a living wage for the low-paid worker The minimum pay workers are for the most part not mem- bars of unions Since tha war they have had to struggle along aa prices jumped and watch the powerful unions increase their waga scales three times Aa the pay of union people went up much of the goods they turn out went up in price As prices jumped tho 40-centa-an-hour Joe could buy less and less To tha extent that he stopped buying sales dropped People who have to stop buying because prices are too high are always a danger signal to economists Government economists my we would all be on more solid ground if these lower paid workers could again earn e minimum waga that had jumped at least as much as living costs have jumped Economists grant that these higher wages may mean that some manufacturers will have to charge more for their goods That means you and I win have to pay more for such goods But uy soma economists tha average -"you and I” among American workers hns had soma pay Increases since the war— so if be must shell out a little more hero and there he will still be paying out for something ho wants— a higher "floor” under his own wages

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