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The Evening World from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 4, 1889
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I' wii 'ffMSRHMRIllHHEcRflBflBB ' Bead Sura's Great Novelette. ' -SStl 'FT, V" "7 i ! H L f - Sy jW'Z """ CIRCULATION fOR riRST lUBfwL PRICE ONE CENT. NEy youKi TrESI)AY, .1UJE 4, 188!). PJUCE ONE CKNT I flfli .? EXTRA EXTRA BLOWING DP THE WRECK. Dynamite to Play Its Part in the Conemaugh Valley Catastrophe. Tlie First Organized Work at Clearing Away the Debris. AND STILL THE HORROR GROWS. Minds of Bereaved Ones Turned by the Pressure of Grief. A Crazed Woman, "Who Danced, Sang and Smiled in the Valley. THE HERO. WHO RODE TO WARN THE PEOPLE. V : ItrtcilL TO Tilt KTKNIXA WORLD, Johnstown, Pa., June 4. Itailrond coin, ruuuication witb the outside world was ostab. lisbod at noon to-day, the first relief trniu having just passed over tbe bridge across the improvised trestle nud track, and up the incline to the Johnstown depot. Tbe train was loaded with thousands of pounds ot assorted provisions and 2,000 ecflns.M D.tNAMlTE TO TUQR AID. The Wreck at .the Ualrond Bridge to Be Blown I'p. nrrciAi. to thb bvbvixo wobid.1 Johnstown, Pa., June 4. To-day the first Intel igeutly rganiztd work of searching for tbe bodies and cleaning away the debris be. (.Tin. and Arthur Kirk, an expert from PitU-bi rg, w ith 200 men, will soon begin blowing up tlir jam of debris at the east end of the Ptunaylvama IUllro&d bridge with dynamite. '1 bis debris covers an area of 1,250 by 100 fei t, uud under the wreckage are supposed to be the bodies of 2,000 people. 'i here is no possible way of recovering any of these corpses, nor freeing the river of its ghastly burden, and hundreds ot men spent tbu morning vainly searohing tbe still smoulder ng ruit.s lor tome trace of missing re'o-tives or friends. Fire-engines from Pittsburg were industriously ploying streams of water from the Conemaugh on the dying embers. 'On the other side of the river, in what was the business portion of Johnstown, 35' i mi n were engaged in catrylug the wreck, age from the street to the river bank, where it wan placed in piles and burned. Tliis method of clearing the streets is adopted in order that no bodies may be destroyed by flro. Otherwise the wreckage in many sections of the city could be burned ns it stands, for there is little hope of recovering any property. An Evbniko 'World representative made a tour of the devastated little city this morning. Ti.e first through train over the Baltimore and Ohio brought in tbe second detachment of Tire Wobld'b corps of reporters and artists. On this train were two members of the Philadelphia Belief Committee, Messrs. Nell and Tuinblestone, and Mrs. J. H. Qaysby Mid Miss E. Fend, sisters, who hnd been on visit to New York and hod returned home expecting to And all their relatives lost. Mrs, Qaysby was met at the station by her husband, Col, Qaysby. The father of the ladles, Mr. Feud, and Mrs. Gsysby'g little daughter had also been aved. The ladles stayed at tho Continental Hotel while iu New York. Beginning at tho B. and O. temporary station, down to the point of the river, houses and buildings of all descriptions are piled up in heaps twenty feet high. How many bodies are buried there no one knows. The town officials are overwhelmed with ouestlons by those soeking information, Alexander Hart, the Chief of Police, and Irwin Ilarrell, tho Burgess, nre struggling to satisfy the crowd as host thoy can, but of course their force U wholly inadequate to the demand. Burgess Horrell told Tub Ktkmino Would reporter that provisions nud money would be , gratefully received, but asks that all relief committees be made as few In number as possible, for it was impossible to house or feed them. Adjt.-Qen. Hastings said this morning that at least 2,200 bodies had been recovered thus far. Many of the large number of bodies to-day are being recovered in the borough of Cambria, which lies a quarter of a mile below the Pennsylvania Itailroad bridge. About 10 o'clock a number of corpses were taken out of the jam at the bridge. They were all dlsilured so badly as to bo unrecognizable except by bits of olothing. Pittsburg gets her water supply from the Conemaugh, and she fears tho decomposed bodies will breed a pestilence. This afternoon she will send 2,000 men to work on the ruins. CRAZED BY THE HORROR. A Woman Who Danced, Nana and Laughed In tbe Dreadful Yall.y. riFBCUL TO TUB BVBVIXO WOBLD.l JonNSTOwN, Pa., June 4. A woman was seen to smilo this morning as she came down the steps of Prospect Hill. Bhe ran down lightly, turning uu towards tho stone bridge. Bhe passed the little railroad station where tbe undertakers are at work embalming the dead, and walkud slowly until she got opposite the station. Then she stopned and danced a few steps. There was but a small crowd there. The woman raised her hands above her head and sang. Bhe became quiet and then suddenly burst Into a f ronxied fit of weeping and beat her forehead with herlhands. Bhe tore her dress, which was already in rags. ' I shall go orazy," she screamed, " if they do not find hU body." The poor woman could not go crazy as her mind had been already shattered. " He was a good man," Bhe went ou, while the onlookers listened pityingly. " J loved him and he loved me." " Wnere is he ?" she screamed. " I must find him." And she started at the top of her speed down the track towards the river. Some men caught her. Bhe struggled desperately for a few moments and then fainted. Her name is Eliza Adams, and she is a bride of but two months. Her husband was a foreman at the Cambria Iron Works and was drowned. Hers is not the only case of dementia. Tho awful scones of Friday, Saturday and Sunday were too much for many of the sur-vlvors The sight of the bruised and inflated bodies lying in the streets of tho town and along the river banks made the brains of tho strongest men spin around and their hearts sink. Its effect on weak women can be imagined. The body of a beautiful young girl of twenty was found this morning wodgod iu a moss of ruins just below the Gambia Iron Works. She was taken out and laid on the damp grass. She was (all, slender, of well-rounded form, clad in a long red wrapper, with lace SCENES AMID THE JOHNSTOWN RUINS. A Citizens' Posse Driving Off the Human Vultures Who Prey Upon the Poor Victims of the Terrible Disaster. at her throat end wrists. Her feet were encased in pretty embroidered slippers. Her face was a study for an artist. Features clear cut as though chiselled from Parian marble ; and strangely enough, they bore not the slightest disfigurement, and had not the swelled and puffed appearanco that was present iu nearly all the other drowned victims. A smile rested on her lips. Her hair, which had evidently been golden, wits matted with mud and fell iu heavy masses to her waist. " Does any one know her?" was asked of the silent group that had gathered around. No one did, and she was carried to the im-improvised morguo in the school-house and will probably fill a grave as one of the "unidentified dead." 'Tho effect of the circumstances hero on different people is a curious feature. Borne are rcraleBS, some are silent, some weep, whl'.o it seems to make the foreigners and negroes want to fight. Lite last night tho Hungariaus who live in the upper part of the town, in what is called Conemaugh Borough, became boisterous. Their houses are near where the gorge w.dens out into the valley, some distance, from the centre of tbe city, where tbe seventy-five policemen wliojwore sent down from Pittsburg are quartered. The exhausted nud sleepy bluecoats were exasperated at being ordered out, and made quick work of the brawlers with their clubs. Soma negroes who had shown signs of rioting were warned that they would get a similar dose, and they, too, subsided. These- outbreaks there have been two or three of them a: a not due to intoxication, but are the natural result of tho extraordinary order of things now prevailing here. - HEROES OF THE FLOOD. An Unknown Faal Itevere' Wild Hide Turougli that Valley of Death. FrrTBBono. Pa.. June 4. Buried beneath the wreckage in the Conemaugh Valley lies an unknown hero, who sacrificed his hfo in a noble but hopeless cause. When the pent-up waters had beguu to break their way thronch tho dam nud Wore they had rushed forward on their pathway of destruction, a great bay horse came galloping through the road that leads towards Johnstown. Abovo tho clatter ot his iron-bound hoofs arose- tho voice of his rider shouting a warning : " The dam is giving way. ltun for tho hills, tho valley will be flooded." Men and women camo to their doors oh lie passed and looked after him wonderinglv. They bod often beard alarming rumors about the waters ot the Conemaugh Lake some day pouring down upon them, but they had not, so they smiled and wondered and thought the wild rider some lnsauo man perhaps. But on tore the great hay. and like Paul Revere of old the rider shouted out his warning as he sped along. Nearer and nearer he camo to the doomed city, and almost desairing grew his cry. His foam-flecked horso labored as ho toio along, but on and ou he went. Behind him came a sullen roar. The tor. rent bad broken loose and was pursuing him. Over tho ground that he had passed in bin noble mission it rushed, hurling together trees and houses and human beings iu one terriblo medley. Forty feot high it camo surging along, Tho unfortunates, who hud not heeded the warning, were caught iu its relentless maw. With lightning sjeed it poured forward hx i -1-WJuA, V-u,..fl . . . , . , . ,. , pursuit of tho bay horse and the daring rider who had tried to rob tho torrent of its prey. The horse sped fast, but the waters flew faster still. But it was an unfair race. Clcsowns the torrent behind him at tho Pennsylvania Itailroad. and as horse and rider got upon it the great wavo overwhelmed thorn and they wero lost in tho whirling flood. Another bravo man who risked his lite to warn tho unfortunates iu tho doomed valley was John Q. Park, a civil engineer from Philadelphia. Early on Friday morning ho saw that the dam might burst, but thought that au outlet might savo it. With a force of thirty Italian laborers, ho sot to work to prepare another sluice. After this had been douo the water still continued to rise. Fast it roso, too nearly n foot an hour. Another outlet was cut, but it did no good. Then tho young engineer mounted a horse and started to warn the poople in the village of Bouth Fork, which was juvt bolow. At breakneck speed ho went, shouting out his warning. Hundreds of people took to the adjacent hills and thus saved their lives. Benching Bouth Fork Btation bo telegraphed toJohustown, and two men were started through that city warning the people to flee. Somo heeded but othors did not bolievo there was dauger nud remained to perish. Mr. Park says that at noon of that awful day everybody in the Couemaagh Valley knew, or should havo known of the danger. But thoy had heard tho cry of n olf so olten they did not heed it. m i THE PRESIDENT'S SOLICITUDE. lie Is In Constant C'ommnnlcatloa With ov. Denver Concerning- tho stutterers. llPrCIALTO TUB EVKNINO WORLD.) Wasuinoton, Juno 4. The President will see no one to-day except luetubots of tho Cabinet. Ho iii iu constant communication with (Inv. Beaver, who says ho hopes aid from the Oov eminent for the Johnstown sufferers will tsko the form of food. He also asks for pontoon bridges to sid in the recovery of bodies. The President will preside over a meeting of citizens hero this afternoon to raise funds. m SOUGHT TO RELEASE THE WATER. An Action Aanln.t the t'onemaucb Dana llreun Home Years Asia. llflCUI. TO TUB IVISIKU WOULDl Philadelphia. June 4. In commenting on tho causuro directed from somo quarters towards tho members of the South Fork Fishing Club, a local paper says editorially: " There are somo facts which should bo taken into consideration before indulging iu a wholesalo condemnation of those Pittsburg citizens who aro so uuforlunato an to own a reservoir which was unable to withstand the extraordinary and unforeseen pressuro to which it was iubjectcd last Friday morning. "Tho peculiar situation of Johnstown, in a narrow valley ut tho junction of two uioun-tain torrents, has instilled into tho minds of some of its people a quickened sense of danger, and this gave rise several years ego to u rumor that the Conemaugh dam was unsafe. " Tho Cambria Iron Company, which ha so much at stake at Johnstown, and may be supposed to havo as much Influeiico with the Cambria Comity Courts, even en the 'mag-nato ' theory, us any or all ot tho Pittsburg Clubmen, took tho mutter up and instructed its solicitor to institute piocccdiugs in couit to have the water released. The solicitor informed his company that such action would have to bo snported by evidence that the dntn wos unsafe. " To secure such evidenco the Company employed a number of engiuecrs to cxamiuo mid report upon the dam. These engineers were the best obtainable by that Company. but after a thorough examination they reported that tho dam, as originally con. structedand as enlarged by tho Club, was perfectly safe. " This indorsement of onginocrs employed by those who wished to condemn tho dam settled tho matter, as tho Cambria Iron Company accepted their judgment that there won no danger to be apprehended, and the contemplated legal proceedings wero aban. doned." GOTHAM'S UNSTINTED AID. ANOTHER 1NP0URINO OF BILLS AND CHECKS AT THE MAYOR'S OFFICE. Yesterdny'a Itellef Fund Donation. Hid Fair to Da Doubled In Amount To-Ilar Mnrlellr. and limine.. Firms I.rndlnff Aid England Stirred to Mymprnthy and a Hood Hab.crlptlon. New York's compassion for the grent sufferers iu the Conemaugh Valley continued to pour out in tho form of money contributions this morning. The early receipts at tho Mayor's office indicated thnt tho large amount raised yesterday would bo uioro than doubled to-dav. Private Secretary Ciain was kept busy for two hours opening tho morning mall auu piling up the rhrcks and bank notes which tho letters contained. Among to-day's contributions was a check from Prince &. Wbitely, of 04 Broadway, for &5.0C0, the gift of tho London Stock Ex. change, directed by coble from England. To facilitate tho work of the Committee In hurriedly forwarding the money received. Cashier Buckhout, of tho Fourth National Bauk, established a tort of branch liauk iu tho Mayor's office, with Secretaries Speer, Whitlow nud Scott, of tho llolicf Committee, to assist him. Ono of tho touching Incidents in connection with the collection of tho contributions at tho Mavor's office was tho appearance of a poorly clud laboring man with his mile. It was a 2 bill which had been given him out of chnrltv Inst evening, and he said he couldn't bring himself to using it for his ou n wants, which are many and presslm:, but felt impelled to give it to the poor sufferers at Johnstown. Archbishop Corrigau, who could not attend tho mooting yesterd.iy became of his absence from the city, sent n note of rtgret to Mayor (inn it and Inclosed his check for i'ito. Mayor Grant's telegram to tho Belief Coin, mitteo at Pittsburg authorising a draft ou him for 50,000 was productive of the following despatch of acknowledgment: l'msnUBO, June .'I. Your despatch rfccivcd. We are or helmed with your iiiauuitlcent donation. It is worthy of the iiucuiticcnt city oer which you prrmde. Wm. McC'ukem, (hautnaii. Scrgt. Bird, of Policu Ileudqiurlors, brought to the Mayor's office tn.'i wtilch was collected this morning from the detective of the Bureau. That the reports of suffering iu the stricken valley are not ovordiuwn, uud that ull contributions aro needed nud will be properly applied bv an honest local committee, ih shown by tho following telcgraphid communication received by the Mayor this morning: Johnmows, June '. We arrived here on Mptcial ti am a shoit tune ago. and from a nil. cottln pluci aie watiMlcil tint tho extent of tlieduaatu hat not been .xasr-eratcd and tin-not lie, TliousamUi of liWnir aic pru'xed for food and clothing-, while the dead are still unburied and Ijing hcmatli tin 1 in it n. l'ood and clotlniiu i isiuriug in trom near-bv place. What m nai. ted inoxt fiom New link and dixtaut ploco is money, vim h la to ts i -IH'inlcd in pnMiik' the livuig for charing up the debris ami cat mg for tlio dead. The (onuiilltie Hi iharue i. rnpablo and eaie-fill, and tluie in liudaiuu tint moii.y n ill be Wanted. KllMkTll. ClIAHliLHUN, IMN1K1. I'. Kll.UiOO. The, total amount of rush donations re. eelved hj the Mavoi yesterday was 'JJ,tif).0o. The totnl contributed, including this sum, was $7.1,000. Among to-dnv's other contribution" re. ceived np to noon nt tho Mayor's office, tho totnl of which wus over SlKl.tXK), wurobtrniton ,t Storm, 250; Bliss, l'nbyan 2, Co"., 400 '. Nihnfer liroa., 2S0 ; Samuel Moan, 2M) , V. T. Sherman. 4100; William (Mtiunun.tCo.,2()0: Nutlmu Struus. fcl.000: Levi Strauss A Co.. tKO Purlin Association (Sol.B. t-tiluiuon). if'itK); Sidney Dillon. 4600; roterLaiig, 5u0: J. J, Astor, 2,600. W.W. Aster, Ji.ooOi Pork ,t Tilford. 500 II. P. Miller. tlOOt H. Herrmnn, Sternbach ,t Co. . .200; M. O. l. Borden, BO0j Wlnslow. Ilaulor A Co.. 1,000; John Fox, 200t Samuel Hiker. 8250 J. L. A E. 8. Biker, 500 ; Con hert Bros,, 2JU; Phelps. Dodgo A Co.. t2.&00. Kx-Judgc Henry Hilton wired from Sara, toga a contribution of tu.000 to tho Mayor's fund. ? Further subscriptions amounting to 20,000 were recehod. HtrnuskyA. Co.. dry-goods merchants, of Enst Ono Hundred and Tweuty.flfth street, havo decldod to set aside the profits of tomorrow's bualuosH at their store for the bene-fit of tho Johnstown sufforers. and promise to send tho amount reallred to Mayor Grant to swell tho New York relief fund. Tho f nud in the hands of George V. Smith, of the Cambria Irou Company's New York offico, for the relief of the Hood victims has reached au aggregate of $1,200. Palest ins Commandery. No. IH. Knights lemiilar. of New York City, made nu appropriation ut its conclave last avonlng of &250 for the Pennsylvania flood sufferers. The umount was sent th'ough tho Grand Coin-muudery of Pennsylvania for general distribution. HROOKLYN'B 1'LAN OF RELIEF. . ToUco Commissioner Bell has decided to utB. l.e the city's billot-boxus In collecting fundi to aid the Johnstown sufferers. They will bu placed in all tho pollen stations, ferry-houvos, railroad depots, at tho Bridge entrance, factories, norkshop. and as many stores as possible. The imllco will supcnl.o the ar-lanuemeiit. Aiming the contributions received at Mayor thapiii k office to-ila. no check for $.-ili from tin- Hunday.fchool or tho Central L'ongiega-tioiial Church. The meeting to-night at Col. Hiiin's Park llieatrn proinlses tnlm a vely successful one. All the prominent citizens and officials will be there and there Is no doubt that a handsome sum uill bo realized. FOR THE FLOOD SUFFERERS. Coroner Ferdinand Levy, as Grand Master of the Indcpuident Order of Sons of Benjamin, has issued a rircular to the 14U lodges attached to that body throughout tho a nieiiiberslilp of oer fifteen thousand, reimrHlinuluimedlatesuliscrlptiiiiisinaidnrtlin sullerers by the Johnstown disaster. A liberal response, Is expected. All contributions should bo sent to the Grand Lodge In this citj. GENEROUS CORPORATIONS. The Heading Itailroad Give. SIO.OOO and the 1'rnn.vlvanla L'ouipnnr 835,000. fsrrciAL to thb BVBMixn wost.n.l PniLADtxi'iiiA. Juno 4. Tho Directors of tho lhadlhg Itailroad authorized the officers of that LIST EMI II THE ENDLESS SEARCH FOR THE DEAD. I 1 w tasaaaaV - 1 sg Hbhh '.fli f 'mmK. ' 7-sfl Hunting for Lost Relatives and Friends Amid the DebrlsJAIonj? J IBhJ, flj Conemauph's Valley. fi' fH! f j'W -- - - !lv ''l W j:Abbb1 Company this morning to subset ibv 110,000 in aid of tho Johnstown sufferers. Tho Directors of the Pennsylvania Company al authorized their Company to subscribe $'.', 001). As individuals the officer of the Utter Com-pauy subscribed f .1,000, and President ltobeits gave Ids check foi another f.', nhich makes a total of :i."i,00() subsctibud by that Corporation. TROUBLE AT CLARK'S WORKS TWENTY-FIVE SPECIAL DEPUTIES SENT TO QUIET THE STRIKERS. Twenty-five special deputies were font to Bar-iison, N. J., by Sheriff Davis, of Jeisey City, tn-da). Tumble among the strikers at the Claik Tint ad W'ori.s is icportrd. and a riot i feared. THE MONUMENT TO HENDRICKS. The Maine Will Ho.n Arrive and Dr l'larrd lu I'nsliioii. limllL TO TUE WOBLIi 1 Inpianaivlis, June 4. -The Committee appointed to trcct a iiionunuut to the late Vice-Plesideiit Mindrieks ispnpaun.' to liogm work iikiii the striictme at once, and within a lew das the ground will be bioken at the Capitol Building and aiiaiiu'Cimuta made forputtiiu in the foundation. Sculptor Park Ih expected to I turn from Ital) vvitlnu two or time, vutk with tile bronze statue, and it will lie p.aicd iu i Ixi.Hioii a soon an eibli . Tl'e monument will ocuy a isiint iu the southeast conn I of tin Cavitol giouml-. with a I'tmcut walk riiiiiuui.' tosiid aumudlt. It mil bv sol in adla!iiutid.shated ph'lof grass and the 1 ligiilt vill laci the soutlussl. A ticelil letter ' hum Sculptor IViK- a that the bioni wmk I has pioicedcd lunch better than lie hid e-, petiil, and toi this iinMiu Iu will be euulile 1 to put tin whole in two month miller than a autli-lpstnl. 'I lie ( oniuilttce lias now about t 7,0110 ou hand and uougli mole subscribed to insure tin completion of the work on the scale at llit iioni'iI. 'J he statue It-elf will cost I ii, (UK) uud I lit- lest of the tiiumy will be CMHiidcd u the foundation and base. lliniiYi iimiNE is it commended Ty sinter u-siitel tor headaches tioiil au caue. .' QEATH THERE, TOO. IK1 1 .Br 1 Ja? sbsbbbV Jl Williomsport Has Its Terrible Story iBBM of Suffering by Flood, 9H', m- i-HB -sssH lis Disaster Only Oiersliadowed by tbi I H, ' M Horror of Conemaugb. f HVr lm I iLBl'na I I Tho City Cut Oir from the World few J. HB',Vv Over Three Days. aHB ' nH jw bskbI "r fiafl VjKf sbbbsbk Ibh ! BssHam i ifl fsrxciAL to tbb BVBHma vobld.1 SEiIbsbIH. ' tl'fl Wiu.iAiroBT. Pa., June 4. This city has ImIbbLV f W boeu shut off from all communication with vIibbsH ' si the outnldo world sinco lost Friday, nud It la , 'vIlliH'1 fl only w ith extreme difficulty to-day that new 1 IbbbbbT JtM is gotten out of what is belug suffered here. IlilH 1 ifl Tho town has been the sceno of a disaster w if lK.,! fl which, without the calaiaity at Johnstown J JbH. : pfl to overshadow it, would have excited Jk' 9 HViupathy everj'vvhere and consternation?!! . X ShV 4 fl through the vicinity. 'bsbb ( fl Forty-eight bodies of persons drowned In m tB h. - Williauuport and vicinity have been, re- ' IsbsbbbT ' V covered, and many more are missing. m fHft t' i -fl The loss of Hfo may mount into the bnn. f sbsbB' 4 'S reds. 1 jBB.. x 9 These people lost their lives lu houses or in M HHV"' i- fl tho panic of trying to get away. I iaflBjf M ' B On Friday night the river wns ten or , 3 hBB: ' I twelve feet deep, on Saturday morning it was "' fBHS ifl thirty-sovnu. ' fBHS '', fl Tho panic won dreadful. The greater part -if IB "' B of the town was submerged to a dlstonoe of 'it iflBB ."JB six feet. 4 HB ' ' 'imk In other places it was much deeper. The M fHBBj ; .H lurabor loss at Wllliamsport and Look Haven HJ v- ,.vBj will amount to three and a half or four mill- M iiBBB it fl ions of dollars some any more. i,aHBf ' IH Tho havoc every whero is droadfnL Most f, (GBBT ''u fl of the farmers, for miles and miles, have lost ' lMR:,-:' ''fl their stock and crops and some of their horse J isBflfllfV 'fflj and barns. In one ploco were seen thirty dead 1'flflz 't VflB cuttle. They had caught the top of a hill, J ? BBJk i J'H but were drowned and carried into a creek flvl ' 1H1 that had been part of the river. 4 flBl ', fH A mau named Oibeon some miles below M t yflfll J flH Wiliiamiport lost every animal but a gray HjflBj i' V :flfl horse that got in the loft and stayed there, & I .flB flflj with water up to his body. 3 liflBv flflj A woman named Clark Is olive with ail Ji mHB$ ' aflfl cows that she got upstairs, J jl 'HB i' ; Hfl Aloug the edge of the washed-out traek 'IIMjBb i TbBI fiimllies. with stoves and a few things saved, r BB ' "-H are under board shanties. gM, 'jHB( ' , IJ I'p to last night people in Willinmsport V.' HB,,- ' flj knew little or nothing about Johnstown or O; 9Hr HH what had been happening elsewhere. da jflB'-' 'JbH The less is aw ful. There have not been J fyflB iflfl many buildings in the town carried off, but .!jsBt ' IbbB there are few that are not damaged. There rcreliflflp flfll is mourning everywhere for the dead. Men 'JVB)t l' flsflj look serious and w oru uud every one is going Jal INK . 'flssBl about splashed with mud. nfflB" - iflsflsi VV r"iBB V- bbbbbbbb BASEBALL STANDING OF THIS MORNING). ifiH! 1' IbSB WVnBBBH , SBflBBBBJ The I.ensn. wMHbI' t' sflsfll '"! 4rftasH ' s- ibsbH H-ua. I "'I. ' I Won, Lfl. ml. iilUitBBM 2. '( TBBSbB llu.lon '.: (1 .7N0 Chlcaxo 14 IN ,fW fftfrH ' 'U PMI'd'p'i. " 1'- i)l:l IMtibur. ,. j:l lit .4IU MltasH ; - .almsH .w Vots.. tr lit ..vi7 indUn.pV jo at .a-i.1 'JvinsHv ; i.'l.T.Und . 17 14 .34B Wadi'ast'n 7 18 .-'SO ft -ftal ' f BHH Anierlran A.Mtclatlon. -SicViJbbI " ' flU 'w .. ffH'r ' ' -bbsbbI ll'.u., UM. r-.l. Won. Oul, c.l trnV iiK JsBSBH St bouln... ." ), .7n t'lnclnusll. SI 'M ..MU Mffl ItM 9ssbb1 Atlllrllc . .-"O (.' .A7I Btltlraon IH IN .MM) ill A'tl IbBH Hiookl). .. ''I 111 ,'riM Caluiubiis.. Ill -':! .Ulll BfIHl bHsH R.n.'.titr -Jo In sgu 1-uui.Tiiio. a ua si fflsfl- ' bbHsbI Allaulle Association. Jlf-iSlH'' ' iflDR rr HnMm- sbH ll'u. lu.l. r.l. Worn, ion, r.i. 'iJlilliM bsbS .i.t.r citj 17 n 7:111 X.'ifk... 13' II .V---' iFrflsW,. S bsb1 lUrttord... IN 7 . 7VII bo.ll 8 1& , s MUiltWt'i ? Worcr.l.r. Ill II .04(1 Ksntou.. . 7 IH ,UhU jUfsflJsBWk i'tLV Wllk.b're. K N .Will lUt.n 2 SO .OOO alnlDI ' aH InaoHsHB eSBBBBl Dallluiure uud Ohio Trarlt Clear. 11119 '' ' HH All Ir.lii.ruiinlntf uu sinedul. tlm. So d.hurs, no .SsS!ISbU' ' I BBSBB trsnsfsri.. Tickets to llsltliuun. WAtblnxtaa, Johns. 'liBClaJBBHS' ;! ' BSBBt limn. 1'it suiirit. l'luiuli,is Chlcaxo, Cifnilnmu ma TtKvBBBV t. bbBH Ut. boms .nil sll oiot Vt. V I:VsibbbV? --V ob.B SfltSBBBH i1 , i BaBBBl Proiniit In Artlan but Nu llurulnc (rosa XIIibH A iflfl it.ii i'.if . cauiku'i h. v . it umlaut), fiw -fSCssKB' ' i jLWm RbHssbV a pbsbbmb yflHjyfBHflg ......... . .. r - l 'H. ' iMKamBBBBBMasflsBflsBB

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