The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 7, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 7, 1894
Page 5
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THE WPEB l*m MOINE8: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, EEBIUJAilY 7, 1894, EAlLWAf f IMS Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Fan! lOCAti TRAINS WES*. No. 1 departs at 8:58 a to No. 0 departs at...... 4:30 pin Ffelghts that carry passengers- No. 93 departs at... il:55an No. 71 departs at 9:15pm TRAINS EAST. No. 2 departs at .". 10:12 am No. 4 departs at 5:50 pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 76 departsat li-.oopm No. 94 departs at l:4opm K. F. HBDKICK, Agent. Chicago & Northwestern Railway. North- Mixed 8:18 a m Pass 3:33pm Freight 10:00 a m South- Pass 2'.40 pm Mixed 6:07pm Freight.... 10:00 am Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a in; arrives a Des Moines at 8:15 p in. Lv. Des M. 2:30 a m Mixed connects with flyer and arrives at Chi cago at 8 a. m. F. H. VESPJSB, Agent. THE CITY CIRCUIT. The Bode Bugle is a new paper. Reading room lunch Saturday noon 15 cents. Reading room meeting Friday after noon at 3 o'clock. A little girV was welcomed at Frank Stacy's last week. Prof. Palmer's readings tonight the Baptist church. Today begins the season of lent. Easter comes March 25. Geo. Bailey will tell you anything you want to know at his office. S. S. Sessions voted in committee yesterday to abolish capital punishment. Marsh Stephens was commander general of the Ledyard wolf hunt yes terday. Get-mania voted to incorporate with only two votes opposed. City officers will be chosen. . February has opened with as fine weather as is ever seen in Iowa—anc Iowa has the best, Letters are advertised for Mrs. J. P. Hall, M. W. Keenan, Ada Johnson, and Baptinek Mpusel. The Algona Cemetery association will hold its annual meeting at W. H. Nycum's office Saturday evening, Mrs. Geo. Carter of Irvington died after a long illness Friday. Rev. Davidson attended the funeral Sunday. A jack rabbit ran down Bancroft's main street last week and hid in the lumber yard, according to the Register. The Methodist revival is very successful, 20 converts being made last night. Prof. Follansbee is an effective worker. School exercises are being arranged for Washington's birthday, Feb. 22. The state superintendent has prepared a programme. Charlie Smith is now assistant cashier of the First National bank. He is an expert bookkeeper and has earned his promotion. Sam Wing left his washee washee yesterday and repaired to Eagle Grove, where wjth other celestials he is celebrating the Chinese New Year. Henry Weaver has captured between 40 and 50 mink this winter. Mink skins are worth about $1 now. In pioneer days they were worth from $5 to $15. Miss Coate, the new high school teacher, came last Wednesday and began work a.t once. She is very highly spoken of by all during her first week. Chas. Laage has introduced a pair of fancy bred chickens from Knoxville. They are called Red Caps and are very handsome, He will breed a flock x>f them. N J. Skinner has dissolved partnership with his brother, Geo. W. of Bancroft. He takes the Algona business, while his brother remains up north. Melzar Haggard met Geo. Andrews on the train going south one day last week. He says the opera company is on the road and doing a good business. They want to come to Algona again in April. The, Ramsay postofflce and Levi Good, the po_stmaster, wentout together. It was not till he got a petition to have himself relieved that the department acted, and then they discbntinued the office. The sinew ""'"< are to give "The Wolf is c" ^ill" tonight at the PalmeP reading have Secured a revised version of that famous song suited to the reoent Occurrences in Kossuth. All the Wolf hunters should turn out and hear it. L, C. Chandler is back from ten weeks'stay at Des Moines having his eyes doctored. When he left he could hardly see to get about on the streets. Now he does everything but read, and is improving. The Methodist church Sunday evening would not hold the people and some went away. Prof. Follansbee said the only way out of the difficulty he could see was to tear this one down and build larger. The last days of the old "district school," next Tuesday evening, proni 1 ises to be a very entertaining affair. The programme will be given at the court house. A lf,rge number of pretty old scholars are down for parts. Today's Poster gays that S S. Sessions has introduced two bills regulating nvretgtt insurance companies. It addf,-; "These mea'sates show that CiOl. Sessions is giving 'the subject of Insurance considerable thought, and at ibe is here for business." s. Allred & Ifrownell began, \ti- g the Cordingley stOck Mprictay. , »« *»» r '.*.' i _."_•* l»i _ rownell will nttve charge of,,the store and will gift in a full * UR&.J ley will rent the Cbrdingley buifd;ra£. Uhey appear to be 'first class business men and are aa -excellent addittcm to Algona. Fine music wnd a fine, prog readings by iProf. Pajfmer are gramme at tbe Baptist, church, Mr. Palmer'is one ftf.itjif'—"* ,e of ie pro- iHight. ._ _^,. Vi ... jltured readers whoever cjitae^jip, AUrOna, and a big audience should, ttytyi '(hit. His selections«*e humorous"and'fpathetio, chiefly. 'Squire BBaymond iyent'% Ledyanl last Tbuipiaiiy to prfcs&,$e/three Ger- manla people on wecjjiahge of stealln a hog ftrem one, Torjnfk, Torwic and his 'hired man .Md tracked the *feig1ti W^^;*jlQ%§9fSa).> Flaps, covered the freshly removed hide c the hog under MeKefittan's house. , A jury was called, and though the hide Was clearly proved to be the one worn by the stolen hog, a verdict of acquitta was rendered. Last week one of the bondsmen o Sam. Zickert, the Bancroft booze die penser, began to suspect that Sam. wa planning to leave this section befori visiting the grand jury, and came down accordingly and withdrew his nam< from the bond. Yesterday Sheriff Sam son went to Bancroft to secure Sam. or have him file a new bond. In a recent letter Dr. Geo. W. In gham says: "Arthur Tibbetts, Dr Forbush's old-titiie clerk, is ranching 12 miles south of Olympia. He has lived there some two years after hav ing lived in Australia at Melbourne six years, and for shorter periods at Ypko hatna, Japan, and in China." He is t son of O. C. Tibbetts of Fenton town ship. The bill to allow small towns to issue bonds for water works, etc., was reported unfavorably by the legislative committee it was before. The reason given is that towns can now issue' warrants for such purposes and then bone their debt, and that there is no need o a new statute. Representative Ses sions made a strong fight to get the bill through. Next Monday evening at the Strang school house the people of Cresco, Lotts Creek and Union townships arc to meet to organize a society for tnutua 1 protection against stock thieves. The numerous thefts of hogs, poultry, etc., have made such a society desirable. This society takes in about the right territory for a wolf hunt, and is likely to bag more game. It is after the right kind of wolves. The bill introduced by Mr. Sessions to Imve costs in cases where people, who put clouds upon land titles and refuse to give quit claims, assessed against them, was reported favorably. W. B. Quarton was before the committee and argued for it last week, and Geo. E. Clarke, who drew the bill, was also active in its support. The bill should pass. If it does it will relieve a number of land owners in Kossuth. Wm. Cordingley goes out of the boot and shoe business after 26 years experl ence in Algona. It was back in 1867 that he bought a lot where Dr. Sayers office is for $200 and built .part of the suilding he has since occupied. As ;he town moved east he changed to his present location and added the front to lis present building. He has grown " of business in all these years and will hereafter devote his time to moro enjoyable pursuits. The programme for the Grand Army jean supper at the court house, Feb. 22, consists of an address by Dr. Sheetz, The Day We Celebrate;" by Mrs. rlorton, "Our Duty;" by Rev. Dorward, "Our Allies;" and by Mrs. Nannie Setchell, "The Boys in Blue." Music will be furnished by the glee club, and volunteer stories will be told by lomrades. This will be rendered after he supper. Everything is being done to make this one of the best meetings 'et held by the post. Wm. Hanson, who proposed to come rom Luana for our big hunt, writes a otter lately in which he says: "A ing hunt does not amount to much. You cannot kee'p the men in line so ..hat the wolves will not get through. I have seen it tried. We are coming )ut there in a week or ten days if the veather is not too cold and try' and Hive some sport. Will you try and mvo a place where we can keep a loiien dogs. I think we can get some game if it is plenty and there is no >oisonout," Harry Moore received a letter from !ongressman Dolliver Monday morning innouncing that he won at the Fort )odge examination, and that he should eport at Annapolis about May 15 for nal examination. Dr. Sheetz has vritten to find out if Harry cannot go o some nearer point for a physical ex- mination, before he goes to Annapo- 1s,. Harry's success in a sharp exam- nation is a great credit to him, and if TO passes, the physical test he will pend four years in prepanng to help maintain Uncle Sam's supremacy on the ilgh seas, A number of townships ai'o having ebates and lyceunis this winter. A rood thing for any of them would be E. McElroy's series of lectures on his- orv. He has been having growing ucfiences in Algona and been giving a ery interesting as. well as instructive eries. We. have no doubt that any of ur neighboring town! or townships ould secure them at what would be mall cost to each attendant, and there s nothing they could do better than to pend one evening a week with him in laming of the wonders of the past. District number one in Buffalo town- hip has been having a school teacher trouble that reads like pioneer times. Miss Elsie Toothman of Burt is the teacher and one thing and another haye occasioned a feeling that led to a trial before the township directors last week. A, K. Kennedy of We'siey represented those against the teacher, and W. C. Danson appealed for Miss Toothman. . The boarA by a vote of four to three decided against the teacher, and the cftse will be appealed to Supt. ReecU Until the case is settled comment on it would be out of place. With t^ 'Republican stuffed on the $l,^50,pol3toffice plum for four years and the Copier about to be stuffed on the sanje'imum for the next four, it has be- tioovea THE UPPER DES Homes to clcfsb'mething to keep even. It has ac"' ' l 'ingly invested in, a new vapor le which will be up in a few 'Says which is about as handsome 'motor as is now made. It electricity and rune with, gawrfine gas, and can be put at full Bpeeti In a minute and stopped as quickly, Jl will enable us to attend to the newspaper business more efficiently than ;ew? after it x is in, and " we are here f» 'thatpurpose." Last week after tfofe Stem about the rumors as to the whetea'bouts of Julius Pletb, had been p^llsjied, a letter was received by N. & Skipner from Mr. Pletb, dated fegl&fte, 111, In it he refers to the reports 'thtit have been in circulation bete/about "his having gone to Denmwrtf 'Btfftjve'ify vigorously do- to mssfc 'ill feet and able is '.6bJi|ittQBs. As we '' a genial possible from our wishes to injure his standing in any way if he is really tr> iflg to do the fair thing. The social union programme las' Thursday evening was one of the best yet given, Dr. Kenefick said that people who simply sneeze at the grip make a great mistake. He gave a history o: that disease and some good advice about preventing it. Miss Gertrude Clarke very entertainingly told o some of the distinguishing traits of the modern American woman. J, T, Chrischtlles, in one of the best papers oh music ever read in Algona, or anywhere else for that matter, entertained and delighted the large audience. The meeting opened with a vocal solo by Miss Grace Gilchrist, which was very fine, and closed with one by Dr. A. L. Rtst, whose singing is always enjoyed. It seems that the 24 people who came from Bancroft last week Tuesday night to attend the dedication of the Odd Fellows'hall had to sit'in the Northwestern depot and see the special they expected to ride homo on goby without stopping. The conductor had orders to "carry passengers from Eagle Grove to Bancroft." This he interpreted as meaning that he should not stop at Intermediate points, and accordingly he went through Algona at good speed. The north bound people had already waited till towards morning, and sat the night out. They have now presented a modest claim of $3 each for the damages they suffered and ought to be paid without any dispute. The grand army and relief corps gathered in force last evening at their hall the occasion being the golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs A. M. Johnson. After visiting and enjoying a social time Dr. McCoy for those assembled presented Mr. Johnson with a gold headed cane, and Mrs. Nannie Setchell presented Mrs. Johnson with gold bowed spectacles and a gold pin, both making appropriate speeches. Mr. Johnson rallied sufficiently to respond, but Mrs. Johnson expressed her thanks later to the members personally. The worthy couple, who have thus reached one of the exceptional milestones of life, came to Kossuth in 1865, when he came from the war. They have had the respect and esteem of everybody, have reared a well-known and respected family, and are enjoying in old age of peace and good health. Way they pass many more happy years together is the wish of all their friends. Now that the telephone patents have expired Algona has gone into the business with a device of her own. Dr. arfield has invented a telephone which he makes himself, using a mag- let to secure a current, and which for 'our or five miles will carry sound fully as well as the electric current machines .uid which is very simple in operation. Se has turned out the woodwork himself and charges the magnets with ap- mratus of his own contriving. Every- ;hing but the call bells is of local make. len Fountain puts up the wires and luts the machines in place, and Algona s likely soon to have an elaborate system. The machines sell at very •easonable prices, and we look to see ihem in demand in our neighboring ;owns. There is no electric battery to >e kept up with them, and when they are once in place they work without any further attention for an indefinite period. Notice of Dissolution. Notice is hereby given that the firm >f Skinner Bros, is this day dissolved >y mutual consent. The business will je continued at Bancroft by G. W. Skinner and at Algona by N. J. Skinner. G. W. SKINNER. N. J. SKINNER. Feb. 5, 1804. Girl Wanted. To do housework at Mrs. Gardner Cowles.' FOR sale, a good, new milch cow. In- [uire of C. M. Doxsee. NEW sauer kraut at Langdon & Hudon's.— 4612 WHEN you want GOOD crackers, by ho pound or box, go to the Opera louse Grocery, TWENTY-FIVE per cent, off on former price for silverware until March 1, at !. G. Bowyer's.— 46U AFTER March 7 Miss Marie C. Klein will be prepared to do all kinds of dressmaking, Booms in A, D, Clarke lock.— 40t4 Two GALLONS of good syrup and a hree-hooped pail for 75 cents at the Opera House Grocery, CALL on F, S. Stough for arctics. He sells them cheap. NEW stock of carpets, portiers, lace urtains, at Galbraith's. ANGELINA is the girl tb get to make r our Wea'a, GEO, L. GALBRAI'TH & Co. always ceep a big 'stock of shews of all kinds at ,he lowest p'rices. Y'b'u can gefe ; a i P. S. StoughB, at cost now at WE 'ar6 "closing out our stock jot clothing 'at big bargains. Geo. L. Gal- braf:tQ :: & Co. . P. S. STOUGH is closing ilankets at cost. f his FOR real estate time loans'^' the very owest rates, make inqui^'at the Kossuth County bank. A DOzfEN brood sows 'for sale. Inquire of W. H. CoB-njir, three miles northeast of IF you want nice oYead, get Angelina to make it. it t'he Opera House Grocery. BUY the be^t. lead. Take feb Hudson.-46t8 White Swan in the other, Langdon & PARSNIPS at Langdon & Hudson's. Bi|cfcl»a'« Arelca Salve. The best salve iu the world for bruises, outs, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, lever cores, tetter, cbapj&fl hajjfls, chilblains, cornuAd all sfcig. eruptyonsi aud positively cures pUea A SURE EKOUGfi "PLUM," Such is the Algona Postofftce, which Falls Into the Hands of Bro. Ifinchon. Me Will Drop Out of Newspaper Work and Become a Veritable Nasby— Bro. Starr's Plans, A euphuism of the spoils system is "plums." A federal appointment is usually referred to as a plum. In the case of the Algona postofflce plum in in the accepted sense is a correct designation. In the first place the salary is $1,700 a year, $500 more than the county officers get. In the next place the money order fees amount to $150 a year, which goes to the postmaster, In the next place $300 is allowed for rent, which actually covers that item. For fuel and lights $58 is allowed, which covers that item. And lastly $38.75 a month is allowed for clerk hire, which covers that item. So the postmaster gets clear $1,850 a year or over $150 a month, and if he has a relative to take the clerk's fee, ho receives over $190 a month. This is properly a "plum" in these days of Grover's reign, and this plum has fallen to Bro. J. W. Hinchon. When he will come into possession is rather indefinite as yet, for the senate has to confirm the appointment and bonds have to be h'led. But the change will likely occur this month. As far as any plans have been made Mr. Hinchon will take the present office and outfit. His daughter will assist him in the management. He says he intends to devote his whole time to the work of he office, and will drop newspaper work altogether. The Courier will be ;urned over to Ike Finnell, who will ;ake entire charge and become editor in chief. , Mr, Starr, who goes out, has likewise made no definite plans but says he will jo back to work- on the Republican. Whether he and Mr. Mayne will both stay is not settled, or what they will do n case either drops out. The change when it occurs will be a considerable >ne for the newspapers, but THE UPPER DES MOINES will pursue the eyen tenor of its way 'whatever happens, sorry to miss Bro. Hinchon's occasional advice .0 republicans, but glad to welcome Bro. Starr back and to see Bro. Finnell promoted. And now that there is no show for .he old settlers, who used to vote the lomocratic ticket in Algona when they md to write their ballots with pen and nk, we congratulate Bro. Hinchon on lis success. THE GOLD WATER BEIGADE. 3ood Templars Will Center at Algo- iia Friday in Annual Session— An Interesting; Programme. The regular annual meeting of the Jood Templars of the northern district vill open next Friday at 0:30 in the morning and hold the fort at Algona until Sunday evening. The association comprises all the neighboring counties and a large number of delegates will be n'esent. The published programme is is follows: Fill HAY, I'EIiUUAUY 9. Morning— 9:80 a. m. Opening ceremonies n tho district degree; report of committees on credentials; conferring the district lodge legreo ; appointment of special committees. Afternoon— 1 :30 p. m. Reading the journ- \\ of last annual session and of special essions ; essay, Edward E. Olliver, Eagle 3rove lodge; song, liuthven lodge; reoita- ion, Amy Darnell, Bradgate lodge ; instrumental music, May_ Wright, Eagle Grove odge ; general business. Evening— 7 :30 p. m. Lecture by G. W. C. Hill ; music will be furnished by Algona . O. G. T. ^ATURDAY, FEBUUAnY 10. Morning— 9 a. m. Song, Bancroft lodge; laper, Why I am a Good Templar, by Rev. j. E. Webb, Ruthven lodge; discussion, ipened by H. A. Higbee of Eagle Grove, ollowed by Chas. Skowis of Ruthven; general discussion ; recitation, Fred Boydeu if Bradgate lodge; election of officers. Afternoon— 1 :UO p. m. Paper, Mrs. Bristol of Bradgate; general discussion; nstallation of officers; recitation, Kate HucUstead, Bradgate lodge; appointment if standing committees; general business; losing ceremonies, Evening— 7;80 p. m. Gold medal con- est or special programme. SUNDAY, FKllHUAKY 11 ( Forenoon — Attendance at public worship; p. m, Good Templar love feast in charge >f Anna Harris. Evening— 7 :30 p. m. Union Temperance ervices. t Will Bo Presented JflS&t Tuesday Evening After thfe Jvirtiknor of Fifty Years or So Ago', Next Tuesday evening a unique en- lertaininent fa premised at the court house. The 'p'ro'gramme is as follows: " The District ! School" as it was will give ts closing exercises, consisting of exainina- ,ion of sottjo'bf the best scholars in reading, spelling, 'tJHd geography. The class In geography Will be particularly interesting, as we haye'by great expense procured a work both'ufaHiue and profound. Songs by the Bchobl ; «nd a troupe of singers well versed n' ttite'science of Do, Ra, Me, Fa, wiU discourse some sweet music. |?/ '-Scene second will consist of some very itie productions in composition and declamations, with a dialogue or two by the finest speakers. Below are the names of some of the scholars : Sallie Lucinda Scudder, Bubby Scudder, Patience Jennings, Phebe Ann Perkins,,. Prudence Cartwright, Deliverance Petti-; jrew, Charles Christopher Coleun Columbus, Benjamin Franklin Squlbbs, Handy B.j Spearing, Gretchen Suyder, Thaddep Coh-j staatine Quackenbush, Ephriam Wftcback, Jerusha Pouud, Johnathan Pinch, 'Philander Suodgrass, Jemima Squashblossom, Sam Jones, Eveneser Leauder Stub'Ds. TEMPJSBANCB PASXSBOKN, Teacher. Admission, 25oj children, lOc. WATEE WQBgB ASP Hates Have Been Materially Lowered in Algon* Since the Waterworks W«re Put »fc— Ttlie Courier Mistaken, Last weefe the Courier commented on an item in the Cor wfth : Crescent and said: "BOorwith had-a$p8tem of waterworks fibe would pffiy^st the same rate <# ifowwance §be dees' ow. They charge their top rates just the same.*' Like so many of the Courier's statements this lacks the substantial element of fact, While on brick and iron clad buildings the fates have not been much changed by the addition of waterworks, the changes on wooden buildings and rows have been marked. Thus THE UPPER DBS MOINES, which was pa,ying four per cent, for insurance, now pays but 2J per cent. In the block west of the Kossuth County bank the old rate was 6 per cent on building and 41 on stock. Now it is 4 pel* cent on buildings and 31 on stock, In block 27 the old rate was 6i on buildings and 4i on stock. Now it is 3i on buildings and 3 on stock. In addition to this change in insurance rates the protection against fire by reason of water-works cannot bo overestimated. Algona is practically insured against a spreading fire with her stand pipe full of water. Notice. Notice is hereby given that by the sale of their business to Fred. S. Norton the firm of O'Neill & Getty is this day dissolved. In order to settle > our partnership affairs we must require prompt payment of all accounts due the late firm'; and either of the undersigned is authorized 1 to sign in liquidation. SAML. J. O'NEILL. WM. GETTY. • Dated AlRonu, Iowa, Jan. 22, 1801. 45t2 PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Mrs. Geo. Hunter is visiting the old home in Wisconsin. Glen. Fountain is being visited by a brother from Milwaukee. J. W. Wads worth has been off in South Dakota for several days on business. Chaplain Lozier was at the Methodist meetings Monday evening, stopping off on his way through. Mayor Boyle was in town Saturday. He says the big K. P. ball at Whitte- moro was a great success. Mr. Whitson, a veteran, has gone to the soldier's home at Marshalltown. His property .was sold on the street Saturday. Miss Francis B. Matthews is here from Canton, N. Y. visiting at Dr. Sheetz. She is a cousin of Bert Matthews. Mrs. S. H. Kerr and Mrs. Weible have been here from Rolfe visiting Mrs. Chas. J. Doxsee. They returned yesterday. Prof. Gilchrist was in Algona yesterday visiting his daughter Grace. He is looking well and was welcomed by his friends here. Grant Hawkins was in town Monday on his way home from Bancroft. He is making a success of his paper at Morning Suri in Louisa county. The railway ticket agents have an annual meeting at Los Angeles in April and will take a trip into Mexico on the way. F. H. Vesper expects to go. Mrs. R. F. Hedrick writes from Daytonvilie, Fla. to Mr. Hedrick that she and the two children are nicely located. Mrs. Beale, who used to live in Algona, is there. The town is oft Indian River below St. Augustine in the finest orange region of the world* Mr. Wheeler and his family went to Des Moines last week and Dr. Morse is now at home in his house. Df. Morse's old house is occupied by our new lumber man,.Fi S. Norton. Alex. Younie was over from West Bond and spent Sunday in Algona. He reports that G. S. Wright was mat 1 ' ried Friday but we did not get the lady's name. Wo join in congratulations. THE WHISKEY PEDDLES SKIPS. ij. L. Colby, wlio Was Convicted l^flet Week ntSwca City, Escapes ProBa the Constable. L. L. Colby, the whiskey vendor who was captured in Svvea City last week and fined $400, pla.yed it on the constable who had him in charge and is 'at large. The Bancroft Register tells the story: "The constable went to get his team, leaving the prisoner in charge of a former deputy. As Thompson got ready to depart first, Colby concluded to come as'far as Bancroft in 1 his company, which was agreed to by the constable. They came several miles together when Colby suid he guessed he would drop out and wait for the constable, and come on in with him, He got out and waited in the road until Thompson wns out of range, and then scooted across the fields to some farmer's place and hired the swain to take him to Fairmont, from where he took the 8 o'clock passenger for Albert Lea." Afterwards the Albert Lea house sent down to put up his bond of $600. An appeal has been taken to the district court. If Colby stays away the county" ian afford to forego his fine. If he shows'up he will be attended to in the best style Mr. Raymond is capable of. A Conspicuous I J nck. Carroll Herald: One can't help but 1 notice the lack of constructive ideas or suggestive hints in all this discussion the liquor question. The State Register, Gate City, Sioux City Journal, Hawkeye or scarcely any of the lead- Ing journals define their ideas on the subject. They demand the modification or repeal of the present law, occasionally intimate that they don't like .his or that suggestion, but rarely' suggest what they do want. It is said that ;he legislature should be free_ to act. [t will be free in any case, but it would act more wisely if aided by the best bought in the state, such as directs ihose great newspapers. A Million Friends. A friend in need is a friend indeed, and! not less than one million people have found lust such a friend in Dr. King's New Dis- 3overy for consumption, coughs, and colds. If you have never used this great cough medicine one trial will convince you that it has wonderful curative powers in all diseases of tliroat, chest, and lungs. Eaohbot- ;le is warranted to do all that is claimed or money will bo refunded. Trial bottles free at L. A. Sheetz' drug store. Large bottles 50e and one dollar. 1 LADIES' and misses' jackets in all the .atest styles; also new stock of dress goods at Galbraith's. Over Wants," and How They Are Supplied. DO YOU WISH a load of wood? I have a list of those wishing to sell wood and can supply you at a moment's notice. DO YOU WISH . a load of hay? It is my business to supply such demands. HAVE YOU ANY jobs of work you wish done? I shall keep a list of those desiring such work and can supply you, GIRLS, DO YOU wish to do housework? Why not register at the Intelligence office and have a place secured without so much trouble to yourselves? WE TAKE DO YOU WISH to sell wood? I can find you the quickest buyer. FARMERS, DO YOU ever bring in a load of hay and wait all the afternoon on the streets for someone to purchase it? Why not come to the Intelligence office and examine our list of orders for hay? DO YOU WISH work by the job? It is at the Intelligence office that orders for such work are left. DO YOU NZ2D help about your house work? Save yourself all that worry and trouble of " finding a girl" by letting us do it for you. DO YOU WISH the names of those who desire sewing done and you can see'the list by inquiring at the office. DO YOU NEED help in your offices or stores? We will cheerfully place before you a list of those desiring such work. someone to sew for you? We shall endeavor to keep a list of all persons in the vicinity who do such work. PLACE YOUR NAME with us if you desire a situation. We will do all we can to serve you, as it is to our interest to be as useful as possible. Do you wish a dray or delivery wagon without staying in the street an hour or more? Leave your order with me. Do you wish the address of any person? I will do my best to meet such demands. Do you wish your life insured? I can do it for you. Do you wish your property insured against wind and fire? Visit our office. All other wants of any nature cheerfully attended to. BUSINESS MEN in need of information only attainable at the county seat wttl save much time and trouble by corresponding with Daily reports of County Records furnished on subscription. Special attention given to posting accounts, bookkeeping, and «*n4 guarantee q«r

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