Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 2, 1946 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, September 2, 1946
Page 2
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Social and Pertoaal »»hon» tta BetwMM • •., m. and 4 p. m. Social Calendar Mondayt. September. 2 Y.W.A. of the First church will meet Moritlay/ nighl at 0 'o'clock at the Educational building of.tha church. This is the rdgu- laf mohthly business and social meeting and a full attendahcp Is ' ftnptlst to The W.M.S. of the Flrsl Baplisl church will mnot Monday 'afternoon ati 2: 30 at the lidtioalion building of the church for its regular monthly meeting. Members are asked note the change in time. The Executive Board ,of the Women's Auxiliary of' the Firsl Pri'.sbytor.ian cihur.uh, will rneel Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock al tho church. Circle No. 1 of tho VV.S.C.S. of the First Methodist church will mee at-4 o'clock Monday afternoon a the home of Mrs. Don Smith. Mrs. Annie Hostick is circle leader. Circle No. 4'of the \VSCS-of the First Methodist church will meet Monday afternoon at 4, o'clock' at thu church with Mrs. C. E. Cassidy and Mrs. C. C. Parker as associate St. Marks Auxiliary .Unit-1 will meet at 2 o.'uioclc. Tuesday afternoon at the church.- A full, attend- , . The.; P. at Cloburnc Chapter U.D.C. at 12:110 noon, Thursday at Ihe -re creational: rooms of the,'Firsl Chrisl ian church. Hbslesses. will, be Mrs R. E. Jackson and Mrs. W. G. Al lisbn. J»t ARKANSAS ^ _OZARK IKE Hbfrfe S-.t Aft, HO By Roy GoHo A LITTLE PRACTICE WONDERS LOOK WWOS ' ' COMING DOWN THE STREET/ AWFULLY GOOD AT ROPING LOOK WHAT WE CAUGWt MAMA! GOING 'INTO THE SEVENTH INNING.THC GRAY SOX LEAD THE BUGS-3TO2. ~.SO WHEN'YOU CA/AE TO, AFTER TH' BRAWL, OZARK IKE HAD DISAPPEARED—AND YOU FOUND THIS ON TH'FLOOR, EH.. WADE? By Michael O'Malley'&.Ralph-Lane VIC FLINT MISTRAL WAS ABOUT TO TELL ME SOMETHING LAST NIGHT, GROWL WHEN THE SMOOTH MR. MEICROFT INTERRUPTED. LET'S GET OUT THERE QUICK.' / ABOUT TO TELL YOU OF THE STRANGE DISAPPEARANCE OF 50,000 PAIRS OF, NYLONS/ By Dick Turner MELCROPT ANSWERED. HE.. '• HINTED THAT MISTRAL NEEDED MARCIA AND WANTED HER TO COME OUT AT ONCE, CARNIVAL By Golbroith SIDE GLANCES YOU'RE LOOKING, AT A PICTURE WE TOOK LAST ; NIGHT OF A TRUCK THAT BURNED UP WITH. ITS DRIVER IN COLD CREEK PASS. THAT . WASN'T AHY ACCIDENT, FLINT-HERE, MARCIA NUGGET WORRIED ABOUT MISTRAL y&x &••'*$?• •.•',' hV.-r • f- ' Xj 'i -F W>n* $ ' •&•&£•:» i*i '$;4fc *> ffJU' i i:'. DON'T IET HER GO, LI8B.Y/ IF MELCROFT GETS HIS HANDS. ON AFTER. WHAT SHE DID LAST NIGHT, IT'WON'T BE PiEASANJ. Tuesday, September 3 By LeslFe Turner WASH TUBES ance is urged, VOU WOS.'VE BEEN Mf\PPlWG. W.U DfxV TO SEE . HE STOWvBLED ONTO IT, ftND BRCUGHT.-BACK f\..Lr\RGe.S\VMER BftR •TO-PROME HISCtNM>OF fXRICH VEIN'. •OF SU.MER NEf«&Y...BUT VJftS WU.ED VIHIUE'TR^IHG TO IOCME \T fNGMN! Thursday, September 5. NOBODY CAN I FIND THE-RUINS OF I ANCIENT CHICORRO, HOW DO THEf KNOW THERE IS SUCH * PLACE will be entertained wilh a luncheon \N6LL 70O IN THIS TWS PUEBUOf DESCENDANTS OF* THE PEOPLE WO Coming arid-Going, A SPANIARD'S DESCRIPTION OF IT, WRITTEN-FOUR CENTURIES AGO Mrs. Mllam Green and liltle son Joel; Miss Mary Frances Twin ant Mrs. Joe Irvin spent Friday in Tex arkana. • ' Mr. and Mrs. S. .11. Braanb and Mr. and Mrs. N. T. Jewel return- By Walt Disney DONALD DUCK WHY DONT.: S 1 -' BUY- A,.PAPER, "And laboratory tests of theater seats prove that Tasty- Qiohip chewing gum is by far the most; popular among i movie patrons!" _, - FRECKtES .- AND HIS FRIENDS , - ....... ~ SREGIAL PREVIEW TONlGHTMrlS . • . father is pretending that he's dieting for his Health .^ar-*^ FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberaer K£Pr ME: our |COULD WIN MAKf MIME A DOUBLET-MALI/ C3AYS, LARDS BITTER RIVAL. RUSTY, HAS BEEN COUNTING THE" CUSTOMERS AT : HAS COUNTED ; BfCMJSE HE IS CUSTOMER. NUMBER. lOOO/' By Carl Anderson LETS SEE" NOW—WE' HAVE TO GIVE: HIM *IO: IM MER.- Admission 3Sc Join the Fun, caddie always starts the record when Jones dubs one—he swore ofl^swearing!" ALLEY OOP "WELL, WELL,! SEE OLD OOP FOUND HIS DINOSAUR, AN' H5'S.BRINGIM''IN TH' FOOZV FAMItY/ 'WE RE ALLY SHOULDN'T Y VNE'.t, IT'UU NOT TAKE HAVE UEFT MOO-TOWN J LONS TO RUN WITH THINGS SO / TESTS ON / -WE WANT UPSET--SUT ( THIS DOODUEf EVERYTHING IN WE SHOULD BB ABteV BUG-- 1 ORDER WHEN WE TO. PROTECT OH,SHE WENT ABOUT ORGANIZED, ^OUT, WITH THAT r TAKE OM'THBM ^ GEOLOGIST CH^P MASS/ WHERE'S) AN 1 HIS GADGET-- Thimble Theater COULDN' ear HAH.'.' NOW I L SNEAKIN 1 6*<«<# KNOWS SUMPIN'.'f AT SOCKED ME SHIP.'.' TUESDAY VOUSE ASKEt? FR IT// WHAT??T By Edgar Martin TO USlt TO ^\6K\ ' With Major Hoople TUESDAY ByJLR. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE OUT OUR WAY OATH OF HVPOCR1SV lSTEM, APOMIS TRVIM' TO MAKE WITH THEM EEhi A& tRUtlAFOL AS A YOU POT \6REM BLOT ANMLY CRUST --~ER,X CREST "~~ 8V TO BE 30CTOR.'-"- I'D WASER. o "To i vou rAEAR.0 OF THE- OATH HIPPOCRATES YOU'RE SORB BECAUSE I LOOK \NITH A GOATEE, ^St^'T" SROV>i OKiE OM tHAT CHEESE -X>ROM FACE/ By Fred Harmon RIP RYDER -j A w ,.^. STRID& ', m -*vVMH\CHWAV? JL HOPE STAR, HOP 6, ARKANSAS Page Trtroer "* ed Saturday from a months vaco- ion stay In Battle Creek, Michigan. Mr. and Mrs, S, L. Reed, and dau> 'liter, Mrs. J> Di Ligpti .of. Houston, Texas left Saturday lor arr extend? Vacation in Long Beach, Callf^ The Doctor Soys: BY WILLIAM 'At, O'SRI.frNl M'.OV Wrlttch for NEA Service The htiir, Iffie 'the re;H. r 6f the DOROTHY DIX Ottt-of-Dote Parents Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Brunson and. family have' returned to their home ih Dallas aftor a. visit with Mr. and Mrs, Joe Morton, on Hope Route U. Mrs. l?aul H.. Jones and' little son,. Kdnnie are visiting Mrs.' Jones" parents Mr. and Mrs, H.J-. Glaze in Bearden. | Mr.' and Mrs. Roy 'Bruce left 'Sunday, for Pine Bluff, Arkansas 'whof'e thfiy, will make their hornet ' Mr. and' Mrs. R. L. Harris and son, Mr. Bob. Harris; of Tuscaloosa, Alabama have arrived for a visit •wilh'Mi«. and'Mi-Si Howard Byers and- other' relatives " here. Mr. L. J. Miller., left Sunday, for. Jhncsboro Where he will be a slu- lent at Arkansas; State college. Mrs. Jessie Hubbard of Idabel, Okluhomm is here for a visit, wilh Mi-, and Mrs. Ross-Bright-and Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Baber. , Mr. and' Mrs. , Waller Lown of Dallas, Texas have-arrived for >a visit, with Mrs. LownJs mother Mrs. Alice Nichols. • ' ' . jbody, receives- its nourishmeht •from the blood,'and it reflects the- staje Of one's health. Pefsohs 111 ifrom any cause niay notice a ,de- linite change in their-hai^ which will Imprbve'aB they.-dot 'Bho- half; like- the skin, ie constantly exposed to dirt and 1 smoke, and It should be* shampooed' at least; every other week. Dandruff'of'the common variety-,. ' : lti. which, dry- scales collect on the iscalp, is an Indication .of poor hygiene and not of disease. The 1 rare'ty.pas ot' dandruff, which are due- to dlseasei. should' be treated: by a^ phydiuian. Dahdruff' "cures'" are.essentially, cleansing agents-,, ahd 1 usually are of no greater value, thaf) -soap and water; <,'••.'•', Oil: Combats:' Drynfess Excessive'dcyness ,of the hair is ounteracledi by. keepihg the hair nd. scalp- eleuni. and by putting dditiohal', oil: on. it Any type of- il! (mineral: :0ll, olive oil; etcj vill. do, • • Excessive, dryhess may- be due o. disease;- Deficiency, of. the thy- oid. gland,: for .example, in, which Mr. James Herbert Miller am Mr. Kenneth. Miller letl Sunday for a vacation' visit wdth'frelnds and' relatives in California. •Mr. and Mrs. C: J. Rowc o Hope Route 3> .has- as- -Sunday guests; Mr. and. Mrs. J. T. Fulle of Pine Bluff, Mrs. W. H. Rr.escot urtd 1 grandson, Jimmie of Emme ,and Mrs. Raqhel: Teague and' son .Jackie of Houston, Texas. Mr.s. Rachel Teagiie, and son Jiackie of Houston, Texas are Ih guests of Mrs. Toague's mothei rs. W. H. Prescotl in Emmet. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Huckaboe am children, Raymond; and' Dolores, o louston, Texas arrived; . Suturdu for a weeks visit with Mrs. Huck bee's mother,- Mrs. C. J. Weisoi berger and' friends. other relatives an ! DEAR MISS DIX: We are three aistcf'S. 1 a hi 20, the oldest, the blhers are- close lo my age. Our parents have laid down for us the fbllowlhg rules ot behavior: ! Never date: a stranger. Never Stay out later than eleven o'clock. Kate all- boy. friends at home until •we feel we know them well enough -tp know they are proper company. 'Never trusl a boy out of sight. .IPoh't Ihrow ourselves al a boy. iNever lei a, boy know we care for •him. until we are sure he cares for us. Let him know, we can always iget someone- else. Never park and make love in. a, car. Never go to la dance, Make sure- the boy comes from a respectable family. Nb\V' we have plenty ot dates, but never the same one' Iwice be; cause' the- boys don't want to sit at home and look at the family album and have Mom and Dad listening In. lo overy.lhing Ihey say. Nor do ; they want to take a, girl lo a party IrjiiRer you put il off, the worse position you will be in. You will nave In throw yourself upon his mercy because he will have a righl In feel lhal you have .nol deall squarely with him. Your mother should not have asked swch a sacrifice of you. II would have been holler for her to have faced her loss Ihan to have dragged you inlo thu mess. DEAR MTSS DIX: How can I make myscU entertaining? When I go out with girls and follows 1 tlon'l seem to find anything inler- lo say. How can. I. 'start a Broadway hind several other valuable sirli-1 pcac<> conferees! For while nations ,,-les. may have ninny and conflicting By JACK O'BRIAN New York—Leo JJuroclu-. 1 emulate John Kieran on a radio sports quiz in the fall. .George Hull was Lippy's heaviest weeper when the Dodgers slumped. . . . Buddy Rogers, last decade's Van Johnson, is around town looking young and purly an the dny.s when ho had fifteen years ago's version of bobby soxurs chasing him Arthur Lesser. b a c k from ' France where he signed to become Maurice Chevalier's manager, is asking .sky-high prices for the .services of the straw-hatted Kinrr- now 57 years old. . .He ;I!M> became manager of Raim'! and Danielle Dnrrioux. . . . Duniollc is divorcing her husband in France; around. Frank Sinatra's bow ties are gelling more flowing than a five-dollar leclui-er's. .Orson will have to ne putient becomes over weight,' tie- skin .thickens: and' scale's, and he? movements becomes'. slow-and elibeuatp,, produces excessive, hair- Iry.hdssv - '.'••'• '.,. '-...'" : '•"'-, • ••• ' : Gray h'alr'.is.-produeedi.by.- an. excess of- -air ,,im, the-.'hair, '(-in' and around;. the.'httir.-'-ceUs::6r. the ih' dividual'-strands)... • v ;.'•'• .•>-,.-'• ••* • The. clainis'-:rnade..i6r-. :.-. vitamins vhictv ar.ey^uai:»nteedf to: restore the .original;' .colon :06"-halr ..are un r j* _ : .„•»'_! '• rtiL..J.,'' -,_!._ .. \,^., l n '-" £«V. r . tl^A.4/ . founded: sole' ' basiB^for' .tneSe stalementsf is; a, tew, expeplmenls on animals; .-In, which, exlftefne dlelaiT dificiencies,:p'r;oduced^ohanges it lair color;'; Ihe normal hulr-.colpi was restored',. ;ofc coursOj by foed ing : Ihe- anitrials normal; diels and exiua yilatnihsi. V ". Instead .oft.lry.ingilo. change gray hair, one should prize- it. In youni Individuals it; : Is. 'an' allractiv.e frame> for ai.y.puthful oounlenance while .in, older. ^ persons- -it is. a, pro the- aginj when they know eave at eleven o laye tr.iends in for a while at ight to; make fudge- and. sing and »lay gpmes because it makes Mother: and Father lose a little sleep. Do; you, think, outv parents are- bong fair to us,, and should, we con- Jruie to, follow, their rules? - •< . ' LONELY GIRLS Bit Old-fashioned: ANSWER: In. the main, your parents' 1 ' ru'lds, are good; taut your your' father and' mother .......overlook he> fact that oustoms ha'v'e change-since- they were young", and ; thai f girls are- to> have dales and conversation and keep it goinn HOSE ANSWER: *T.hc easipst way to start a conversation is by asking Questions. You must know tho tilings that the boys and girls you go wilh are interested in. Ask them about their personal affairs, where llicy have been, what they have done, elc., etc. Everybody likes to "we"cannot lu " ; about themselves. And once '••--- you gel them started' on that fascinating topic; you will find 'it hard lo slop ttjcm. (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) Welles goes for the submarine bows, with the ends tucked under uiu shirt, collar. Orson certainly will leave no idiom alone in the entertainment world. After touching almost all decency. Mickey Itooney and Jack Benny may hit the road a la 13ob Hope's recent highly profitable tour. Daily Bread Continued from P.ige One offer hope of a now era of political aims and desires, the. peoples '01 thrt world have a common and fornmanding interest. When the Paris delegates tire of searcliiiiH in vain for a. .common inU-icsl. they might well setllc on that of their peoples—peace. Build cupboards or sliding racks ; nlo Hie wasted space under stairs. Tiiis would be a convenient place 1 to keep bridge tables, folding chairs, and grimes. State Hopes to Keep Down Holiday Deaths Little Rock, Aug. 31—(UP) —,,„„ fmm .,,.„ K This long Labor .Day week-end-will P^f, 1 , °^ hUl ?J? be'a safe'and sane one if the Ar-l dcrful 3° b ' to0 ' bases—radio, screen and all moods ot the theater from Shakespeare to the daggy pant:; comic character he phiys in his own musical, "Around tne World,' 'he now has been signed to become a night club enlertiiinor. He'll dosagic act, .commentary on Hie stale of the world, topical material of any sort his elastic whim suggests and practically anything he feels like doing. Monte Prosc'r grabbed him up quickly for the Copacabana after Orson looked interested during what Monte thought was strictly a kidding conversation. But Orson was kiddinp on the square and 'the deal was set, signed anrl Orson will deliver. . . at $;!,500 a week. . . . He opens September 1. Customers should bo prepared for anything. A few weeks ago when Orson lost his radio script for his Sunday program-, he calmly ig- nored'the frightened faces of the radio employes and started read- did a won- The Common Interest Ralph E. Flanders, Republican senlorial candidate in West Virginia, roccntly voiced a sentiment which, perhaps because il scorns so obvious—or so unattainable—is all too seldom expressed. Said Mr. Flanders: "T" ers is lo serve the interest of people, nol of nations." ' How very true that is! And how simple ils general .acceptance light make Ihe laslcs of the Paris KIDNEY URINE Benefit wonderfully from famous doctor's discovery that relieve* backache, run-down feeling dm i to excess acidity in the urine People cvcrywlvic: are finding amazing relief from palnlu) symptoms of bl«dd«e Irritation caused by excels acidity In tb* urine. DR. KILMER'S SWAMP ROOT), fecis fast on tlie Mdneys to ease discomfort' by promolins'the flow of urine, Thlt pur«- licvbal medicine is especially walcom* .,fl- nt ,,nn,.r, rr,;l- where bladder irritation due to excel! lSk of-pC.ice-m.iK- B6!dily , s reS pon.!bla- lor "gettlnic up. at night." A carefully blended com 1 Iff Uf Bins' tl8». Ikansas state police have anything chance to get husbands, they have to do with it to-huvQ more liberty of action Out to repeat on Arkansas ex- than they did when every maiden ccllent record of no fatalities, on was'tied; to her motherV apron July 4, the police have taken extra strings. •For instance, in Mothor's and 'of accidents. Father's time parties began all Director Jack precautions to insure a minimum R. Porter has seven or eight o!clock, so Sally and cancelled all leaves of absenc efor Mamie-might be expected to get- the patrol, and thp men will be on home by eleven doesn't, get. going Mr. and.Mrs. C. -D. Mendenliall and soh, Dickie, of'Waldo and'Mr: and.. Mrs. F. E.. W.ilsoii and-son, Floy, Jr.,. of. Magnolia, were Ihe wieeic ; encl giiesls of. Mr,. ,and> Mrs. Johnny Green. . pe.r complement' for changes in the;,face. There are no. ., -absolutely safe hair-dyesi All 'Varieties have- give trouble at one time- on another. Accept Baldness Baldness, 'at certain type- seems lo -run: in. families., The condition is,, 6C course, more' common in- men, and. it it develops: before- the- Individual:: reaches. 'the -.age- of 30 thei:e-,is .not- -.much :,thafc can bedone: 'aboiil*' itv. in;• but nowrthe'party lull July, through Monday. „—.,.. ., 6 ... & «ing before-thai lime, Porter pointed out, that traffic so'naturally a boy isn'l'going to fatalities in Arkansas :cor 194d /iau take a-giri who will clra'g him a- climbed lo 246'as compared to 143 way from the fun when jhe is just | for the corresponding period last beginning lo enjoy himself. all Andy's admirers name of "Russell's .They seemed nor Monogram Pic Nor is any boy going 'to pay a year. Mr. and Mrs. TUifus TTcrndon, Jr and. family- motored lo Malverjv Sunday' to visit Miss Emmarene Toycr. Mr. and Mrs. George Dodds nnd' Miss Dorothy Dodds. and , Miss Clovis Wardlow have returned Inorrv a week -and visit to Lillle Rock and! Hot Springs. Mr. J. W'. Ray spent Sunday in Hot Springs visiting', with- friends. Births Mr. and Mrs. Hollen Baker of Emmet'announce the arrival' of • a son, born, Sunday. September 1>. Mrs. Baker will, be rcmonibortw Scalp'hygiene {qleanlinessV is just- as- important-for individuals, w.ilhi thinning' hair- as it Is for those who.h'av.a at'full head, of; hair, but it does not halt: tho loss of hair. Some of 'life's major- 'tragedies involve the oxir.eme depression which oftehi'follbwsi' v baldness •• in young men; the failure to ration- alise the loss- off hair"'has 1 required confinement- in. an' institution for the mentally ill 1 . Many.- young' men- who lose their' hair, feel ahatrtheir--attractiveness' for members'.of; the.opposite sex is gone. The' avanage-wof^anr however,, discounts, personal . appearance, in sfileclilig her male.. '_ Permanent-waving; .ot .the- nair, as-, a rule, is a har.mless: method of making straight, hair; curly, for notur.abc.urlx' .hair is formed-, that 'way in the scalp. Damaging reactions t° the mateplalsr used, have return engagement, if-, when he MONTANA HIGHWAY SIGNS icalls on a. girl', her mother and . , ,/ry, father sit within earshot of every- AHAnTlona v Mont V Au fu T, ( ) ~" thing that is being said,'not bo- A New Jersey tourist has taken a cause- the conversation needs con- cention to Montana highway signs soring, but because il makes every- and in a letter to Governor Sam body- self-conscious to know they Ford terms them "illiterate hard- are being eavesdropped. Nor is Ly betiUmg the dignity of your any gir.l going to be popular if her state. • • .,.,., mother and father do not put wel- But the governor thinks the signs come on. the doormat and make » rc all; ."Sht- He says they are their home a gay and pleasant .couched in the lingo of Jic pioneers _i ._ i " rinrl nT*o "1hn<5 in kppmnp \vith J\1on- In Rockefeller Center's Holland House Tayernc, Andy Russell in troduced me to three fans, who have banded together hundreds o their pals, under the Sprouts.". . mal enough. lure's .Roy Del Ruth says he really would like to hire Fiorello La Guardia, our ex-mayor, to play himself in the upcoming film, "I Happened On Fifth Avenue." John Murray Anderson will pro duce a play in the full based o the life- of Poet Robert Burns. . . Broadway's heat is affecting bin glars, too. . . a thief got into Spike Jones' backstage dressing room ;i(. the- Strand and lifted two tics, six empty coke bottles, two pairs of socks (used) and one pair of shorts new) but overlooked five $250 suits, jewelry, about 100 tics of 10 herbs, roots, vegetables,.baltamjDW Kilmer's contains nolliing harsh, Is. all* sclutcly non-habit forming. J.ust good*Inn' gradients that many say have a marvtloul. tiled. All drtiEirists sell Swamp Roof., place, to go lo. Parents dO' well to and are "thus in keeping wilh Mon- r.cmembor Uana history and surroundings." that- il'.is- a little absurd, for them to chaperon their daughters so drastically in the evening when Ihey that other people were watching work, all day in. offices, side by Colin, and Charlotte, too, that side; with boys. If the lads were much of the chatter had died not wolv.cs in the daytime, why do clown, lhat many were watching Mom and'Pop think, that they will silently, others murmuring to. each be-dangerous in the evening? other.'And somehow I was aware, Every girl has to be her own chap- also, thai neilher Colin nor Char- eron in Ihcse days. lotto lealixed-that they were the • center of attention,, thai Ihey were • DEAR MISS DIX: A few months carried away by the spirit of the ns the t'ornier lyiiss, Rulh.Aar.on.. been reported • in •. 'susceptible sub- Inferest Continues iir Tabernacle YbutK Revival Continued intor.ast marked ' the opening of the second week of the Hope' Gospel Tabernacle's youth revival. The Rev. Bracy Gr4er who preached the opening week will be unable to allcnd Ihis week. Instead the Rev. Elta. Slaats Pope of Texarkana will be in charge,, delivering messages 'daily. Mel Hargjs 'will continue playing inspirational music at both morning and night sessions; There will, be no vesper services today bul everyone- is invited' to attend prayer services at 7:30 p.m. o NAG ING ROBLEM New York, Aug. 20 —(/!»)— The ancient gag "get a horse" gol a different twisl yesterday.—and it ha^nenedl ini Brooklyn;, naturally. The perspiring, cr.ew of a police emergency truck spenl Ihreo hours hauling Kevin, a. saddle horse who slruyed from: his appointed 1 palh, from four, feet of fill in which, he became bogged. His rider, Brook- lynite Herbert Mensch, had'j.umpud clear. When'they finally, heaved Kevin back lo sbfet" Ihe bay was a horse of another coloi—muddy black. Good News For Folks Who Suffer From jocls. however-. QUESTION:. I have heard, ot a reducing diet .yvhicl). prescribes three daily, servings', of" ipe- cream for ten 'days. Itv is- saidi to result in the loss, of considerable weight. Would you recommend, such, a diet? ANSWER: This; is- a one-sided reducing diet..which I would not recommend. Ideal' reduction diets include almost'all the foods'served at each: meali. only! Ihpse o£. higl caloric-value being, eliminated. . ago my mother, came to me and told me that she was in. financial, dll'licullies and asked me fol' money. As she and my husband do not gel. along: together she begged me not lo lelli him aboul il. I gavo her all- Ihe money, lhal I had' saved, up^ and as lhal wasn't enough I look, some from* the household expense account. She assured me she Would! pay it back,, but she hasn't boon, able to do it, and now I am short $250. and the collectors are gelling, ugly about the unpaid bills. My husband was an orphan and w.as, brought- up in. a. home and he dpesn.'l. understand the- lies lhat bind, me- to, my family, so I tremble to think what will happen when I' have to toll, him about what I have clone. What do you advise? DESPERATE WIFE ANSWER: Toll him at onoe. The d;ance. Or was il with each other? s And IbeVK Iho- other two couple^ slopped and Ihere was no one on tfte floor except those two, dancing in silence except for Ihe music, the lovely waltz being played over and over, played unl'alleriligly by Bear Irice Harrington's, firm, creamy brown fingers. Over by Iho library door, I could see Mark, slanding quietly, walching Ihem with an unrea.dable expression in his eyes. His expression did not change and not once did he lake his eyes off Miss Charlotte. And when, all in a moment and witho.ul warning, her slqp falle'red, the color drained from her.cheeks and.she swayed, il was Mark who stepped over and- lifted her in his arms and carried her from the room past the crowd suddenly stricken silent, (To Be Continued) of Lav/rcnceburg, Tenn. AT THE FIFTH AND GRADY STS. Hope, Arkansas CONGREGATIONAL SINGING Led By JOHN CANNON. Devil 9 * Laughter Copyright 1940 by NEA Service By ALICE M, LAVESICK THE STORYr Colin brings home a> noisy- orowdrpf- friends. Despite, her, illness,, old; Mns. Fitzgerald is delighted, there's a party going oj). But Mark makes .no, attempt to. eonoeal his disapproval., There was a> bridge game about to start in the:; library. I', found: aards and helped with. the. chairs and table, served sandwiches and poured cocktails;, while Ihe players irankjy discussed the,. Fitzgeralds, ...... '-- no 'attention to me, natu- paying I nallv. rally. "W: hat do.'you think of Beatrice's Irishman?' know. someone lo STOMACH FOODTItTE IHD16EITIIN Do you feel blo«tt*d »nd mJser»bl* tfttr •very. meal. t*ste< sour, bitter rood,? If to, here- la how you m»y get bleued r«r Her from this nervous dlAtreus. Kverytlme food enters the atomach • vital gastric juice must flow normally, to break-up certain food particles; else th» food may, ferment. Sour food, acid: indir gestlon and gas frequently cause a rooiv bid, touchy, fretful, peevish, ner.voui condition, loss of appetite, underweight, restless sleep, weakness. To get real relief you must Increase, the now of this vital gastric Juice. MedU oal Authorities In independent Jaborar tory tests on liumsu stomachs, have, by positive proof shown that 638 Tonlo Is amiZlnKly effective In Increasing this flow when It is too little or scanty due to » non-organic stomach disturbance. This la due to the SSS, Tonic formula wb.}ch contains special until potent actlr vating ingredients. Also, 833 Tonic help* build-up non» s<rganio. wea^, watery Wpffld, to nu^ie tlouul anemia— so with a good flow of this gastric digestive juice, plus rlchced- blood you should eat better, sleep better, feel better, wo'rjc better, play better.. Avoid punishing yourself with- ovtr- doiet of soda, aud other alfoll«er«. to counteract EM and bloating wben what you/i so, dearly need is 883. Tonic to help you digest fosd for body strsagto and repair. Don't waltl Join the ho»t of happy nepp'e 988 Tonic. OM helped. of bottles sold. Get a bottle of Oh, I think he's oute," said an- olher. 'Cute? He's magnificent. Now I can understand, why she-waited 1'or him. Cut for deal,. Madge-,'• 'You know, I never heliovec there was such a person,' One 01 the men was speaking, now. V thought he was a myth. Do. they really come from Ireland, Diane? Quaint,, isn't it?' Diane said it. was fantastic am added that it reminded; her ot the time Anne- fell in love' with the Italian waiter: Madge said it wasnlt Ihe same a all., "This Filzgerald. is' a gentle man,' she said: 'He's just go back from Europe, you know. An< Beatrice is in- Seventh Heaven—o haven't you noticed:?' She hasn' even looked at anyone else sine he went.' The first man, looked disoon solately al his cards. 'And who he said, 'is lhal hateful little ma wilh Ihe baleful g)iller in his ey who wishes we'd all crawl back under our various, rocks and never come out again'.' 1 'Oh, you mean the 1 brother,' . 888 Tonio frojn your drugstore 888, Tonlo helps Build Sturdy Health. Madge said. 'L did sense a certain coldness, in his greeting, nosv that you speak of it.' 'Coldness? I'm firmly convinced thai Ihe man inlends lo put poison in our diinks. And sBflaking of drinks, I- want: another martini.' I look' Ihe empty shaker and left, Bassing through the living' room on my way. The music was still 1 going on, only now Beatrice Harrington was at the piano instead- of Colin. My first impression of- Beatrice was lhal she was all brown. Her skin was a creamy Ian, her hair lik« brown- saUn, and' her riding were gray. Dark gray nnd clearest, gentlest eyps I have ver. seen. She- played the piano with skill nd you could see she had been well- trained 1 . She was also most bilging about' playing anything nal was asked- for. There svas ;t incle around her singing, and here were three or four couples lancing around Ihe room and out hr.ough Ihe French doorsVonlo the enrace. I saw then that Colin was lancing, catching a glimpse' of him as r went through the hall door. When. I reached the kitchen. (Jousin Ellen wanled lo know where in Ihe world I had been. She couldn't imagine what kepi ne, il wasn't possible that even I would sit in the library and read While there was a parly going on and plenty of sandwiches still to make. She Ihen wenl on to tell .me lhal Herself had made a greal lo-do and Ihe nurse had. called Cousin Ellen up lo see if she could do anything with her. The old lady took a notion thai she was going ID/ get up and she- lold thu nurse loi gel otil her pearl clog collar and her black velvet dress. Between them Ihey had. finally gol her sot- Ued down again bul Ihe nurse had given her nolice and Cousin Ellen was exhausted. Feeling very guilty, I stayed in the kitchen making sandwiches and opening bottles of pickles and olives while Ellen had a "liUTe toydown.' After only half an hour she came back, however, looking rested and ready to tackle some more work. When I went back wilh another tray of refreshments, Beatrice Hiarrington was still at Iho piano. She was playing 'The Merry Widow Wai/.' And Colin was dancing wilh Miss Charlolle. I have seen many dancers since Ihan, and Ihe wallz has always been a favorile of mine. I still tiu'hk Ihere is no lovelier dance. And I still think thai I never saw il more beaulifully danced by Uvo more graceful people Ihan Charlolle Brent and Colin Fitzgerald there in thai room al Innisfail on lhat June day, with the late aflur- "I LOST 32 IBS.! WIAR SIZB 14 AGAIN" Once 150 Ibs., Tvllsa Reynoldalost />„ weight, weekly with AYDS Vita- / ^ mill Candy Reducing Plan. Now fiho has a model's ligure, Your experience may or may not bo Iho eame but try this easier reducing plan, Very First Box Musi i'/iow Risulli or money back. In clinical tests conducted by medical doctors moro than 100 persSisIosl Mlo 15 pounds averafic In n few weeks .with, the AYDS Vitamin Candy Reducing i'lun. FACTS YOU SHOULD I No exercise. No laxatives. No druga, l-'at plenty. You don't cut out meals, potatoes, etc., you just cut them down. Miniple when you enjoy delicious AVDS Vitamin Candy before Bieitta, Only SJ.iu {or 30 day*' supply. 1'hune John P. Cox Drug Company Phone 610-C17 2. Mrs. Claude Whitehurst Representative for Mutual Benefit Health & Accident Association United Benefit Life Insurance Company Omaha, Nebraska, Phone 952-J 1013 West 5th St. clollies. were I expect' . ed her lo have brown eyes, bul noon sun shining on their Dlijck heads, as they glided and whirled lo Ihe perfecl rhythm of Beatrice Harrington's playing. 1 stood in the doorway, unable to move* unable to take my eyes off them. There were two other •couples on the floor, but T hardly saw them. And then I was aware WANTED White Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Clear and Clean Overcup Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Post Oak Logs and Heading Bolts For Prices and more details Apply to: HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Arkansas Site Sale means that buyers can corne and see, select, order, pay for, and make delivery arrangements on tlie premises, right where tho samples are displayed. A sample of each item offered at this sale is on display at Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Arkansas, clearly price tagged. Competent personnel will be on hand to provide full information and assist buyer in expediting sale and delivery. «t Terms: Cash or established 3. credit. All checks payable • to: TREASURER OF THE UNITED STATES. If credit Is desired It should be arranged in advance through Credit Division, WAA, at the Regional Office in the territory in which the buyer's home office is located. Purchases will be greatly facilitated by bcnk letter of credit against which draft may be made for exact amount of purchase. m This sale has been organized , A. lo give priority claimants I nnd especially Veterans of Wcrld War II, ample opportunity to inspect this material. Veterans of World War 11 must present certificates; Federal agency representatives must present evidence of authority to purchase; representatives of BUKf.l businesses must present RFC notification of availability: state and loc:-.l governments and mm-prufit Institutions must present evidence of authority to purchase. Priority certificates must be obtained from the Veteran's certifying unit serving the area in which the veteran lives or has his business. 5 Sales to priority claimants • will be: (a) In the sequence listed. (b) Only to tho cateRory on the day or days specified. (c) On a "first come—first served" basis. 6 Ml sales subject to minimum • and maxhmim quantilu 1 :; ."is stipulated at Ihe site, and thu fixed prices csliililishej by V.'AA. 7 HiHht is reserved to wilh- , draw sll or any pni'l oi l«e property inehuk-d in this- sale at any time prior to a run- tract of sale. All sales ;:re subject to sales terms and conditions of V.'AA. No catalogues m.iilcd—de- tailed lists at U-.c hhottini': VETERANS CERTIFICATION OFFICES IN THIS ARV:A AKE LOCATED AT: War Assets Administration Certifying Office 10'J Main Street Little Rack, Arkansas ' ; : Go through' Levy to Main Entrance to Camp Follow "Site Sale" signs from Main Entrance Gate to Victory Theatr* 1 where you will register then on to the Samples Display Boom. . Service Club No. 3 r When You Can Buy . . . September 6 September 0 to 13 September 10 September 17 and 18 September 10 and 20 September 23 and 24 Sales to Federal Agencies / Sales to Certified Veterans—World War II J Sales to RFC for Small Business Salcsjto Stale and Local Governments Sales to KliRible Non-Profit Institutions Sales to Non-Priority Groups Sales Hours: 8:30 A. M. lo 3:30 P. M. No Sales Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays. What You Can Buy ... 8. TEXTILES 440,983 items, including: sleeping bags, cotton lilled comforters, wool blankets, bed spreads, and others. New socks, white trousers, barracks bass, shcHcrhnlt (pup) trats, cant eon covers, and many other textilu items. KITCHEN EQUIPMENT & UTENSILS 10,174 items Including: butcher and cook knives, over 2,000 bakinK pans, spoons, ladels, and new and used cleavers, and other items. SHOES Leather boots, combat boots, men's leather shcus; women's safety top slice;;. }^alo.-;hcs, etc, HARDWARE: LIGHT & HEAVY 050 galvanizing buckets, nas cans, water cans, fiarbaec cans, shovels, picks and pickmatlueks. hand axes, new and used wire cutUTS, bull and wire eutti-i's. vises, k-c tongs, water coolers, etc. MESS EQUIPMENT • Thousands o£ stainless steel and aluminum bottoms, cans, canteen cups, many sizes o£ pots, new and used mixing bowls and griddles, and many other items. BUILDERS' HARDWARE Carpenters' hammers, saws, mitre box, over 400 items, ._ MISCELLANEOUS "Tnivk'toot" sheet tly Paper, 15,500 cabinet type toilet paper, 800 batteries. CAFETERIA EQUIPMENT CC.B12 different types of 'otto. I.-M \v-i ; ml spoons, enamel and aluminum P'.u-hers, ana various t>yes oi planers. BICYCLES 1GO bicycles. \ (S Al LitHe Reck Regional Office Wallace Building, Little Rock, Arkansas I'rojoct No. LR-1GA-N

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