Evening Bulletin from Honolulu, Hawaii on October 22, 1888 · Page 3
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Evening Bulletin from Honolulu, Hawaii · Page 3

Honolulu, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Monday, October 22, 1888
Page 3
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i . f' r-i ., V-. m iW. ' . i A p? i F . svMvennvtv HDMOLULU CARRIAGE 00. llrick slaiul : Men.li.ntt, ami Fort street. Telephones, !i85. inch 9-88-ly MONDAY, OCT. 22, 1888. l j. 'an "."lU'aaj-vj.i.'jLL" w ARRIVALS. Octal Stmr Mlkalmla fi oiu Kau.il Stmr Jim Jlsikoc liom Kunna Selir llccla from Kuulitu Sehr LuKa from Kohala Bktuo V II Dlniond from rian olsco Frnn- DEPARTURES. Oct 21 Stmr Mokolll for Moloknl nt fi p m SlmrVlvu for Moloknl nnd Kunu at noon Stmr Knaln for Wnlauuo and Wnlnhui at 0 a in Stmr Klnnu for Voleanonnd way ports nt 4 p in Stmr J A Cummins for Koolau at uoou VESSELS LEAVING TO-MORROW. Star Llkrllkc for Kahulul and liana at C p m Stmr Mikahnln for Kauai at 5 p m S ti Australia for San Fianclseo ut noon PASSENCERS. From Kauai per stinr Mlkahnla, Oct 21 Hon G N Wilcox, fj W Spitz, O W Spitz,. V Q Smith, Mis GW Wilcox, Itcv .1 B Ilaualkc and wile, Judge J Kala, S Aukai, P P Kanoa, E Kaaloa, Hiss E Paris, Miss A llompke, C Ahln, It A Maeflc. Mis E ltpwell, 3 Chinese aud 60 deck. From San Francisco per bktnc W II Diiuond, Oct 21 Aitliiir White. CARGOES FROM ISLAND PORTS. Stmr Mikahala 810 bgs sugar, 2C0 bgs rice, 42 bides and 50 bgs pin. VESSELS IN PORT. U S S Brooklyn, Wilson S i5 Australia, lloudlett Bk D Metallic Brit bk Carnarvonshire, Williams II B M S Cormorant, Jasper Nlcolls Ship Daniel Baines, Strover U S S Alert, Graham IHtO'DBi rant, Leo Bkino W 11 Diniond, Diew Bk O O Whitmore, Ward SHIPPING NOTES. ' The W S Bowno took for San Francisco on Saturday S,002 bgs of sugar, valued at 639,740.7-4. ' ' ' i i ... i i ' . ' . i LOCAL & GENERAL NEWS. An English girl wants a situation. .-.O , Mn town. R. A. Maciic of Kilauoa is in Mu. Justico Bickerton Chambers this weok. sits at '&' The "Paradise of the Pacific will be out in lime for tho Australia's mail. The Board of Education advertises for tenders in our by authority column. Bn sure and send a copy of the 'Bulletin Weekly Summary" to your friends abroad. A Chinaman was fined $3 this morning for selling a bottlo of Hoyt's German cologne on Sunday. The snug little sum of $114 contributed to the Police Court morning by nineteen drunks. was this 'Mr. and Mrs. II. A. Pai melee and daughter leave on tho Australia for a tin co-months' visit in the East. Good-iivk and pleasant voyage to all pabseiigois doparting by the Australia. Be sure and como back. The Hon. Henry Wateihouso conducted the servico at Kaumnkapili Church Sunday moining and tho ltov. J. Bicknell in the overling. The annual meeting of tho Planters' Labor and Supply Company will bo hold in Honolulu, Monday, October 29th at 10 a. m. The ltov. S. Kapu, a graduato of tiro North Pacific Missionary Institute, was ordained a pastor at Ilau-ula, Koolauloa, Sunday morning. Ho has received a call from tho church at that place. In the Polico Court Saturday aftor-noorr, A. Kennedy, manager of tho Honolulu Steam Laundry, was sentenced to pay a lino of $200 and ho imprisoned at hard labor for ono month for having opium in possession; The Australia sails for Ban Francisco at noon to-morrow. The mail will close at tho Post Ofiico'at 11 o'clock. Seo that your letters and papers aro pioporly stamped and dropped in tho ofllco well ahead of closing time. Mu. and Mrs, Jus. G. Spencer and ton leave by the Australia to-morrow. Thoy will visit San Francisco and Los Angeles, Mr. Spencor'B fathor rc-Hidirrg at tho latter place, and return home on the Deeonibor steamer, Bon voyage, The steamship Takasago Marti will bo due hero about November 13th from Yokohama with Japanese Bho will leuvo again for that port on tho 17th. Messrs. W. G. Irwin & Go, are tho agents aird a notice from thorn appearb in urrothor column, On Satin day a nolle pros, was cn-torod against llobt. Cowes, steward of tho Australia, charged with smuggling opium, Altornoy-Uerreral Ash-ford said Unit the ancst of Mr. Cowes had beori made urrdor a misunderstanding of facts, and upon a full investigation ho was satisfied that Mr, Gowca had nothing whatover to do with tho opium hi question. i BmxiwiTWT.wmiitflgmpWfiaCT Attnrliclo on IJriucn and Uridnls nppcirs in the San Fiantiseo "V)k-niiiiner" (i( October 7th, ami includes n. portrait of Mrs. W. (J, Irwin. A tokpi:i)0 book, containing secrets valued at thousands of pounds, lias boon stolon from tho torpedo school shop, Vcinon, stationed oil" l'ortsmouth, England. Two dudes are lodging in Alnkcu street, and ono of them missed his wateh on Sunday morning. In the mawkish manner common to dudes, the loser staled that tho "ticker" was u family keepsake ; otherwise ho did not value it as it was only Bilver. liofore going to tho Folico Station, however, the other dude found tho missing watch, having placed it in u drawer for a "lark" (joke). Ho thought it was "so dwedfully funny yaw knaw." Thcso two beauties leave by the Australia to-morrow. EVENTS THIS EVENING. Band concert at Emma Squaro, nt 7:80. Honolulu Social Club at 7:30. Harmony Lodge No. 2 I. O. of O. F. at 7:30. POSTPONED. In consideration of tho serious illness of Mrs. Capt. Whitney and at tiro request of her medical attendant, the band concert announced to take place this evening at Emma Square, has been postponed. A HANDSOME CANE. Messrs. Wcnner & Co., the well-known jewelers, have just finished an elegant piece of work. It is a walking cane of sandal wood with tV boar's tusk for a head. Tho tusk came from Hon. Sam Parkar's ranch at Mana and is a perfect specimen. It is mounted with gold and bears a monogram on top. The gold mountings aro engraved in a very skilful manner. The cane has been made to tho order of Mr. W. J. Broderick of Los Angeles, who intends it as a present to a friend. ii ii. 1 1 in. i 'i ii i KNOCKED DOWN AND RUN OVER. This morning Mr. J. Srmonson was walking into town from Palaraa, when nearly opposite Liliha street he was knocked down and run ovor by a hack driven by F. Blackburn. Siraonson was picked up and carried home and at once attended by a doctor. It is not thought that any bones are broken, but he is very badly bruised and shaken up. Blackburn was driving at a good pace and was getting out of tho way of a team at the time of the accident. Ho has been arrested on a charge of heedless driving. BOOKED TO LEAVE. By tho Australia, Tuesday, October 23rd.: Hon. W. G. Ii win, Mrs. Irwin, child and maid, Mastci Ben Holliday, E. D. Tenney, Miss Cameron, W. J. Broderick, wife and child, Miss Mary Dyke, Mrs. Lacy, C. W. Macfarlane, wife and child, E. M. Walsh, Mr. and Mrs. J.uncs, lion. H. A. Widemann, II. Snibley, Mrs. C. L. Wight, Miss Anna Palis, J. R. S. Kynnersley and wife, M. Dickson, H. C. Bryant and wife, 11. A. Paiinelce and wife, Miss Lottie Parniclco. Capt. D. T. Mannix, Hon. W. C. Wilder, Mrs. Farnsworth and child, J. W. Barnes, C. P. Downing, It. Stewart, W. A. Bowen, Miss White, Mrs. Ilcnson, Miss Shea, M. M. Tompkins, B. Hoover, Mrs. E. McDowell. PIH AND SCOTT'S ACENCY. Attention is called to the Advertisement of Pitt and Scott's Parcel Express Agency in another column. By sending parcels Jto Europe, Africa, and the islands "of tho Atlantic by this agency via Australia the rates are much lower than via America, and there are less transhipment and complication than by the latter route. The Australasian Colonies are reached direct from Honolulu by this agency whoso facilities for parcel delivery at tho antipodes are very great, and their system complete. This agency will doubtless prove a great convenience to Hawaiian residents. Parcels ordered from abroad arc also received and foreign orders placed by Pitt & Scott iu London. ITEMS FROM JAPAN. Tho "Straits Times" says that II. M. S. Orion was to lcavo Singapore on the 25th Sept. for Brunoi, whero sho was to hoist tho British flag and proclaim a British protectorate. The Canadian Pacllio Steamship Company's steamer Duko of Westminster, which left Yokohama on the Mlh Sept., arrived at Vancouver on Sunday tho 30th September. Captainer Lee, of the Canadian Pacific S. S. Abyssinia, reports on arrival on Saturday from Vancouver, that on Friday tho Mth Sept, at 10:35 p. ra., in Lat. 8G 39 N. and Long. M2 27 E., ho passed a small rock or reef within a distance of about 2J miles, which is not indicated on the charts. At tho time there was a moderto N. W. breeze with flno clear weather. Tho sea was comparatively smooth, hut was observed to be breaking on tho rock or reef which was just awash. Capt. Lee had obtained most reliable ob-seryalions of Latitude at noon and believes his chronometers to have been correct. Ho thinks this to bo tho samo reef reported as seen by a Russian man-of-war in 185D and again jn 1870, but further to the N. E. THE WEEKLY BULLETIN-26 columns, purely local matter-Mailed to foreign countries, $5 per annum. wsrfiWrwrr itjm'uf'araii.'ijjil'i HAWAIIAN OPERA HOUSE. rr.uroitMANcr Tvr run Honolulu AMA1KUK MIXSTUU. C03IPANV. The Honolulu Minstrel ouiptiny, resuscitated aird rcconstruclcd,mado its first appearance in a now scries of cntcitainmerrts on Saturday night, at the Hawaiian Opera House. Whin the curtain roso at 8 o'clock the house, down-stairs and rip-stairs, presented to tho performers a perfect sea of faces. Every icscrvablo seat had boon secured before tho opening of the doors, and all thoso not reserved wcro occupied shortly after the doors opened by people in waiting for tiro first opportunity to gain admission. A good many persons had to aland throughout the evening wherever they could jam themselves In. The Iioubo retained this plethoric condition to tho close of the performance. The raising of the curtain revealed to the audience tho Minstrel Company in a curved line of fourteen blackened faces, home of these wcro familiar, from having appeared on the same stage, on sundry occasions, with tho company in its pris tine days; othcis were strangers there, this being their first appearance. The company has lost several of its old and prominent members, Notably Harry Von Holt, Armstrong, Morse, and Bishop, of whom tue three first named aro absent from country, and their place are filled by an addition of new blood. W. II. Hoogs and W. II. Charlock occupied one end of the curve, aud rattled the bones ; at the other were U. J. Ordway and 15. K. Biven, who operated the tamborincs; A. 15. Murphy was interlocutor. The first part of the entertainment consisted of songs and choruses. U. J. Ordway Bang "Hide away;" J. Bright, "Put my little shoes away;" W. II. Charlock, "Telephone in the air;" C. D. Wili-okai, a Hawaiian air ; E. It. Biven, "A new Dude in Town ;"-R. E. Hal-stead, "The Lighthouse by the Sea;" W. II. Hoogs, "I owe ten dollars to O'Grady." Tho singing was very good, .both the solo and concert parts. Several repeats were insisted upon by the audience. The pleasantries with which the songs were interspersed caused con siderable amusement, those having local point and application being especially applauded. At the first several of the best jokes were losf to most of the audience through not being fully heard, but tho speakers seemed to measure the hall more correctly later on. The latter half of the programme was made up of a negro sketch played by Murphy and Biven, banjo solos by Ordway, and n local burlesque portraying day and night events in Honolulu. The entire company took part in the builesque. The day events represented a variety of local characters calling in succession at rfslaud for a milk shake., and amongst them a well-known mule and its rider. The debut of the mule created tumultuous applause. A dude, a Frenchman, and a native woman were capitally represented. W. H. Hoogs played the policeman to perfection. "Honolulu at night" represented a gambling scene, and how the police are hoodwinked. The pleasure of tho house was testi-liecTby frequent and prolonged bursts of laughter. The evening's enjoyment was augmented by an ollicient orchestra, in which the indefatigable Berger and the cvcr-ready-to-lielf" Myron Jones exhibited their musical skill. W. G. T. U. Following arc the officers of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union elected at tho annual meeting for tho ensuing year: President, Mrs. J. M. Whitney; Vice-Presidents, Mrs. C. M. Hyde, Mrs E. G. Beckwith, Mrs. S. C. Damon, Mrs. E. W. Jordan; Recording Secretary, Mrs. R. J. Greene; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. L. McCully ; Treasurer, Mrs. L. B. Coan ; Auditor, Mrs. A. Bowen. THE COLONELCY. Onr reporter called on Col. Ash-ford Saturday evening, to try and verify (or have contradicted) some of tho unpleasant rumors of 'backstairs" work in connection with tho withholding of his commission from August 20th to October 10th. The Colonel stated, in effect, that much of what he knew in connection with the whole affair was common report, and the Bum.ltin must have heard of It ; that ho had never "threatened to test tho constitutionally of the Military Law" (as .the "Advertiser staled in a recent issue) ; that ho could see no impropriety in the Bur.-i.i'.nr,' publishing the text of tho commission, if deemed of any public interest; hut beyond that, as ho held nnd intended to act under the commission, ho hoped the Bulletin would not think him discourteous if ho said nothing farther on tho subject. Tho following is text-of the commission : DlU'AKTMIJNr FOKEIGN Al'FAIKS, ) Honolulu, Oct. 10, 1888. j Coi V. V. Ahirroitri, Commanding Hawaiian Volunteers. Sir: 1 have the honor to inform you that after your name was certified to the Minister of Foreign Affairs as the nominee of both battalions, for Colonel of tho Hawaiian Volunteers, tho majority of tho Cabinet not objecting, a commission was prepared for you and presented to His Majesty for signature. After taking time to consider the samo, Ills Majesty declined to sign such commission. Subsequently it wan decided at a meeting of the Cabinet, that tho Minister of Foreign Affairs should present to you n certificate of your election, and a statoment of tho facts in tho caso, and placo you in command of tho Hawaiian Volunteers. In accordance -with such decision, I hereby certify that you wcro duly elected Colonel of tho Hawaiian Voluntcors by a majority of the field, staff, and lino olllccrs of both battalions. Aird you arc hereby appointed Colonel of the Hawaiian Voluntocrs, from this date aud directed to take formal command thereof, reporting to me all of your proceedings under this appointment. I have the honor to hi, sir, your most obedient servant, Jona. AusTrn, Minister Foreign Affairs. SUPREME COURT OF THE HAWAII AH ISLANDS OCTOBER TERM. MO'OULLY J. Satukday, Oct. 20th. Kuaualewa et. al. vs. Kipi ct. al. Ejectment. Motion filed 19th for a new trial. Granted provided plaintiffs do not file a disclaimer to i of the land. Defendants note exceptions and plaintiffs filo disclaimer. C. Brown fo plaintiffs ; W. O. Smith for defendants. Kahananui (w.) m Kahauanui (k). Divorce. Being heard. i q Foreign Parcels Express. THE undersicBcd are now prepared X to forward parcels throuch Pitt & Bcott's London Agency, to all parts of Europe, Asia and Africa; and also to Australasia direct, and to the South Sea Islands via Australian or New Zealand portB. Tariff rates, which are remarkably moderate, liavo recently been fur-nislicd and may be learned upon application. Parcels or heavy freight can also he sent for and brought to Honolulu from any part of Europe through Pitt & Rcolt's Agency, and may be insured at tho port of departure if desired. Special orders for European coeds can bo placed by Pitt & Scott in England or through their agents in other parts of Euiopo; and the packages forwarded by any route that is best, at reduced hcary freight rate if the packages are largo. J. E. BKOWN & CO., Hawaiian Agrntu Pitt & Scotl'm Express. 78 lm ForMotaa&iJitoi The Nippon Yusen Kalsha's Al Steamship "Takasago Maru," Brown, : : Coumandeh. Will be duo hero from Yokohama on or about the 13th November and will leave for the above ports positively on tho 17th of the- same Month 1 Chinese Passengers for Hongkong will he transferred at Yokoliama by first steamer leaving that port. BSyFor Freight or Passage having sapcrior accommodations, apply to m, G. IRWIN & Co., 78 td Agent?. NOTICE. DURING my absence from the King, dom the Hon. W. V. Allen will act for mo under a full power of attorney in all private matters, and also in nil estates in which 1 am assiimco or agent. W. C. PAUKE. Honolulu , August 85, 1888. 29 'Am ELECTION of OFFICERS. AT tho annual mooting of the stockholders of the Honokna Sugar Co. held this day the following gentlemen wcro elected officers for the ensuing year: F. A. Schnofer Pre-ldent, J. Hoting Vice-President, J. Hoting Troasmcr, II. Konjes Secretary, M. llclnerny, Auditor, H. RENJEH, Secretary. Honolulu, October 10, 188). 70 41 ELECTION of OFFICERS. AT tho annual meeting of the stockholders of the Pacific Sugar Mill, the following gentlemen were elected ofilceis for the ensuing year: F. A. Hcliaef cr President. O. It. Bishop Vlce-l'resldcnt. J. II otlng Treasurer. II. Retries Secretary. J, H, Paty , Auditor. H, RENJES. Secretary. Honolulu, Oct 17, 1888. 4t ELECTION of OFFICERS, AT the annual meeting of the stock, holders f tho Walanae Company held this duto the following gentlemen were duly elected to serve as olllccrs for the ensuing year, viz: President II. A. Widemann, Vice-President O. N. Wilcox, Treasurer A, Jaeger, Becrutury CO. Ilorger, Auditor CO. Dercer. O. O. BEItGElt, Secretary. Honolulu, Oct. 16, 1889. 74 lw ELECTION of OFFICERS. AT the uniiual rnectinE of the itoek, holders of tho Hllca Sugar Co. held In Honolulu, October IB, 1888, the following officers were reelected to suivoduiing the ensuing year; W. Q. Irwin President, John A. Buck,...MtVlee-Iresldent, ! Secretary, Treasurer, II, M. Whitney. Jr Auditor. W. M. QIFFARD, 73 lw Secretary, 1J. S. Co, business item:;. Xot leei liwlrr t if html ra t rtlf'l 10 "'' per lino for the, Hrt Inwilivn, and c.nto J r lint ti tru ad'Htlonal it en .'Ion. ESSRS7D0DD & MILLER hfivo lint received ox Austrnlla another lot of that PHILADELPHIA LAGER BE&R" In ktga, which they are oB'crlncto their customers. 73 lw HANCE for Investment All tho furniture Rtid fixings for a lodging house of 35 to 00 tooiiis. Also the lespc of a n.rooincd lodging hoiuo, In a fine locality. Rent very low. Lenso ?lA years lonccr to rim. Euqulro nt this onicfs not RYAN'S BOAT BUILDING SHOP. Bear of Lucas' Mill. I tUl1 M - 1 '. i j i NOTICE. FROM and after this date I will not bo rcspounlblo for any dobts contracted In my name by my son Vincent Fernandez without my written order. PETEIt FERNANDEZ. Honolulu, Oct. 15, 1883. 73 lw A. M5.8PROULL, CiYll Engineer and Surveyor. Fort Street, Honolulu. oot-10 8S-3m Something- New ! "Whose "ad" is it? Why, HABBY 8Al'LOU'8 Who has opened a Coffee Saloon, on Hotel Street. A Hot Dinner la provided Every Day from 11 :80 a. m. to 1 v. m. ty Come nnd try his CorTce, ctc.-t CO tf THE MUTUAL Life Insurance Co., OP NEW YORK. Cash Assets. Decombor3I, 1887 $118,800,851 80 Those who desire Bate and profitable Life Insurance are Invited to apply to S. B. ROSE, Honolulu, Qcnoral Agent, Hawaiian Islands. oct-0 88.1y BY TIE S. S. ZBALANDIA -DUE HERE- THIS WEEK -FHOM AUSTRALIA- The Leadin Millinery House -OF- CHAS. J. FiSHEL, Will rccoivo a fine lino of Dress Sillts, Satins, Lawns, SaltceiiH, Orotolis, Lace Curtains, And a general assortment of fine Fancy -AND- Sfapie ETC., ETC. Which wo will olfcr nt vory low iirices, CHAS. J. FBSHEL, The Leading Millinery House. Corner of Fort & Hotel stroots. July 17-88 Surrah Silks, i& ill- i Mm fci K$ & 05 FORT 'STREET. Boys' School Shirts, Boys' School Hats, Boys' White Shirts! gW AT VERY LOW PRICES A fulMine of Citwhams I A A Lerie Assortment of Wo will close fca -'CREAT REDUCTION- SHOES ! SHOES! For Gents, L.idies, r 2031 -S T H EO-rS &; COMPANY. AND OF- Sent a Furnishing ioods, &c To lie Mill in aw store ii Hie Kiiflom ! Sept-17-88 NOTICE. MY ofllco will bo closed from tJeptcm. bcr 22nd to October 37th, during my absence from 'the Klnirdom. M. 18. GROSSMAN, 36 tf Dcntibt. OS Hotcl'fit. NOTICE to OBEDlTOltS. THE undersiencd having been duly appointed nnd qualified us Admin. . istraters with tho will annexed of the Estato of Samuel Gardner Wilder, late of Honolulu, uccciiHui: iieroiiy nowy all persons having claims ucainst said decca-.cd to present the sinie, duly au tucntlcftted, with the proper vouchers If any exHt, even if si'cuicd by mortgage, to Wm. F. Allen. Esq., at the liank of Bishop & Co., Honolulu, within six months from this date or they will be forever barred. A. P. JUDD, W. P. ALLKN AdminlHlrnttrs with tho Will nnuexed of thu Estate of S. G. Wilder, do- ceased. Honolulu, October 1 1, 18S8. 70 lm Gold Storage ! People's Ice & ltcfi iterating Com. nany having lately buili Tv Largo ltcfrlgorntors at the Ice Factory, are now pi (.-pared to stoio Mcat.t, Fruits, Vegetables, cto., in same nt reasonable rates. The rates will he given to parties desiring Cold Hto rac accommodations by the man. ngcr at tho Factory, llolh Tele, phone? ut the Winks, No. 15!l. J. K. WILDER, 00 lw President. Whale Boats, TN mihwer to several ciiqulrieii eou-Wlmlo Uoat Frames, we X cerulni; have now In eourso of coiiptinetloii, S Whale lloat Frames 7J feet by 32 feet long. These f mines mo bent In one piece of oak, and held U shape, thus requiring liltlo tact to set them up ami build. The full frame for such boats, Including cants, 4,r sections In number, Is solil nt 823; with laigcbteiiis on keel, aud ready to plank $40. Thoy me not Intended to be clinker built, nor as thu dail Imported w halo boats pi opcr, but mo Intended for tough use and dumbl lily, yet light wlthtu. for llhhig iitul trading purposes. Wo have exported tucift frames mid Intend doing so, mid make this offer to uniatcius and others desirous of trying their hand, with plenty of leisure nnd small cunh to make uhiibhicsj. Will bend frames to any given model from 5 to L'5 tons, Al&o on hand for sale Buifiunl Ple&suru Boats, Stoms, Knees nnd Tlmbeis. Mutual Telephone No 3U5. DOWER & SOX. 70 tf Boat Biiildcis. nwijji'inwrjjiejuiwuu.jjw -"SJ H !1 M " fit 1 'i a ss dti s fSP - , full line of Batiste X WMle Dress ! '; out at a SHOES! SHOES! Misses & Children. O Si j S. EHELICH, G3 & 05 Fort Street. 3B -31- i'l'. FINEST ASSORTMENT Minns FOR BALE 5P ONE line Milch Cow, price, 8125. Apply nt tho Bulletin Office. 01 Stdoaw MIIS. 19, B. CAMPBELL, IJrcBHiimlcliitr, Seo., 3o. Has commenced tho luiaincss of Dress mnkinii, CutiinR and Fitting, at her residence, No. 7!l Ucretnnln street, opposite tho Hotel. The patronage of the ladies is respectfully solicited. Satisfaction guaranteed. sept-tt-ly " ' " i . . i - .... i i i , . i i . , NOTICE. HAVING been appointed by H. H.H, Princess LUiuokalanl to be collector of all rents due of her lands, therefore, notice is hereby given to all tenants nnd lessees to pay all rents to me at Kapalama, Honolulu, Oahu, at tho time aud date specified in all the leases, aud I am alone authorized to give receipt for the same. Parties com. nit: to pay tholr" rents will please take notice that they must bring their last receipts with them. J. HELELUIE. Honolulu, October 8, 1888. 07 2w Certificate of Registration of Copyright. DKl'AnTMKNT OP TIJE iNTEIUOll, ) Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands. J ENOW all Men by these Presents, That, iu accordance with the pro. visions of Bectlon 2, Chnptor 8, of tho Session Laws of 1888, J. M. Macdonald his tiled In tho ofllco of the Minister of the Interior an application for a Cerllfl. cate of Copyrluut for a book entitled "Tho Honolulu Business Directory, be. tag n piofcsslonul commercial and trade adilrehs book of the city and suburbs, , corrected up to duto of Issue," which said application is acxorapmiled by- the oath of the said nppllcant that he fa the orlidunl and first author of said book. Now, therefore, this Ccttlucate is to grant unto the said J. M. Macdomild, hta heirs or assign for the term of Twenty Years, from the Tenth Day of October. One Thousand Eight Hundred and Elghty-eiglii, Ih6 exclusive right to priut, reprint, publish, use and vend the euUI book throughout the Hawaiian Kingdom, ' Iu Witness whereif I have.cauud this Certificate to be Usued at Honolulu; this Hth Day of October, A. D, 1888 and the Seal of tho Department ot the Interior to be hereto affixed. '; JONA. AUSTIN, MlnUtcr of the Interior, ad inttnm. 10 am -j y -W .12 C P- 4 A . i M l &'. - r 3&T i - if fi ifiimiliiteiittiiillif ' jfeK4-.la-.

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