The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 7, 1894 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 7, 1894
Page 2
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•TUS MoINEM£,AL0$flY IOWA, WEDNESDAY, fBBftTJAKf 7, 1894; DOES IT MMN WAEV George W. Childa, editor oi, thft -Philadelphia Ledger, and a phtta-uUnropist Whose benevolence is known throughout the English speaking world, died at his homo in Philadelphia, on the morning of the 3rd. His death was tho result of a stroke of. paralysis sustained on the evening-of the 18th etf .January. •'Be had been 'overworked for sonic Weeks and the -stroke is-believed to have bccri the result. At fu-st he was not believed to he-dangerously ill, but he gradually grew worse and deatli was not unexpected. George W. Childs •was bwfln in 'Baltimore, on May 12, 1829, <rf poonparents, and by his energy and integrity bad amassed a fortune. He became proprietor of the Ledger in 1804, -a time when it was losing money.'everyday, and at the time of his death it'had become one of the best paying* .papers in the world. His numerous acts-of charity and his anxiety dor the welfare of his fellow man have made his a name dear to the hearts of humanity, and the news of his death •will'every Where be met with evidences oi sorrow. According to dispatches from Hawaii -tbei7th of-January was celebrated as ;a ntttionaliholiday. A letter was sent to Minister Willis '• notifying him that rthe day would be celebrated, and asking him if 'he would honor the event '-with-salutes from the United States ships in the harbor. The minister sent •a reply, declining to participate in any way in tho celebration. This action •caused-wild'excitement in government circles. Mrs. James Blair of Marathon called •on a neighbor,-leaving her two children, aged one and three at home. The •older-child got.a can of gasoline and saturated his -clothes. He then got near the stove, his clothes ignited and in a moment.he was burned in a horrible manner, lie died three hours later. Judge 1 Cox ot the supreme court of •the .District -ot Columbia, rendered a •decision denying theflappljcation of the Knights of Labor fcr an injunction to restrain Secretary Carlisle from issuing government bonds. He says the KnightS' of Labor have no standing in court.' Aavices from Brazil state that Admiral Ben ham, in command of the American fleet, was compelled to escort the American bark Amry to the wharves in Rio harbor in order to protect her from the careless fire of the insurgents. He had warned the rebel admiral but the latter did not heed. As the Amry passed to the wharf a musket was fired at her from one of tho rebel boats. Admiral Benham, on the Detroit, replied in kind, and his action was salutary. The reports are now thai tho rebel admiral has surrendered to Benham, but this news, while thought to bo true, is not confirmed. The British bark, Port Yarrock, was wrecked in Brandon bay, on the coast of Ireland, and twenty-six lives were lost Advices trora Persia state that an earthquake annihilated Kuchara and 13,000 persons were killed. Fifty thousand cattle were destroyed at the same time. Arguments were heard by Judge Cox of the district, of Columbia supreme court on the application of Grand Master Workman Sovereign of the Knights of Labor -restraining Carlisle from issuing bonds as proposed. The court took the matter under consideration. William Bush and wife, an aged and •wealthy couple of Luverne, Ala., was murdered and robbed. The State bank of Chicago has been authorized to accept trusts and receive •deposits of trust funds. George and William Zinu, miners, were fatally injured by an explosion in -the coal mine at Breezor, 111, A. J. Ames was arrested at Fort Dodge, Iowa, charged with embezzlement while President of the bank of Beresford, S. D. John Johnson was killed and Thomas €)arke fatally injured by the collapse •of a bridge near Camden, Ala. Ex-Vice-Presklent Leonard, a San Jose, Cal., banker, has been arrested for embezzling $173,000. Lee Sang, a Chinese higbinder, was hanged at San Quentin, Cal., for the murder of a fellow countryman. The safes of the Louisville & Nashville depots at Ashley and Beaucamp, 111., were blown open and a few cents taken. Edward lUidesal, who in November shot and killed Michael Horen, a Monon fireman, at Lafayette, Ind., has been admitted to bail in $5,000 by Judge Lang-don. William Hendricks of near Whitetown, Ind., paid an alleged nephew $500 for a brass brick thinking it was gold. The same parties failed to work ahe scheme on Uriah Verrnillion of of 'Iciiaf leB'- the TJnited Skies tot »l-)0,000 for military service,in 1802 was denied in the ' Supreme court of the United Stains. Ho gave a receipt in full for ,fS<(JOO iti the year named, bnt in 1880 began the suit that was decided adversely. The Supremo cctift of the United .States has deckled that the city of Lincoln, Neb., must pay Margaret -3, J'bwer, president of Iowa, $5,700dam- ages with cost and interest. Mrs. Power, while walking on a street i»\ Jvincoln Hell through a broken grating, sustaining -severe injuries. During ;a -shooting affray-at llich- mond between Clay and Bates Shackelford, Toothers, 'the latter was seriously wouaded. Henry Harrington, for .years presi- dent'of the city council of Cheyenne, Wyo., -dropped dead in -a saloon in /ARIZONA'S CLAIMS. Slixtcs Corn- Than Mnny Other bined. WASHINGTON, Feb. -3.—The senate committee' on 'territories has now under consideration the bill admitting Arizona as .a state of the Union. Mr. JoneS'Of Arizona said the area of the territory was so great that a line drawn •due north from s Chesapeake bay across Pennsylvania and New York to TJake Ontario, including all the American territory lying east of that line, would not equal the area of Arizona. Three hundred and ninety miles in length .and, iitioin width, it embraced jnore .territory than was included in .the 6'tatos of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland and South Carolina. It had nearly six million acres •of pine forest; 1,000 miles of irrigation canals, 3.200 miles of railroads and annual products to the amount of $2.1,000,000. Under the election laws of the territories every qualified voter must be a full citizen of the United States and a resident in the territory for one year, which prevents elections from being controlled by tho transient class. // a / CIPHER FROM BIARRITZ. K«clf>lentfi / tteftl«« to TO KNIGHTS OF LABOR. Graud Master Workmun Sovereign Makes n Stirring Address. CHICAGO, Feb. il. — Grand Master Workman Sovereign of tho .Knights of Labor declared in a speech here last night that the "black flag of anarchy is lloating over the United States treasury department at Washington, and that when the November election should come the working people of this country would rise in their might, and by means of the ballot change the condition of affairs," Mr. Sovereign's appearance here is said to signalize the beginning of a campaign of activity on the. lines of organization which the knights propose to carry on throughout the western country, and it is the general opinion that if the work can bo kept up as begun it will result in much good to tho organization. It was Mr. Sovereign's first appearance in Chicago since his election to the chieftaincy of the organization. th« Con- 1«nt» — Dr. Ucrx to Shed Light on Vntmink Canal Affair* —The French Duty on Wheat. LONBOJT, Feb. 3. — Hon. G. W. Spencer Lyttleton, Mr. Gladstone's private sectary, received a cipher dispatch from the prime minister, Who is now at Biarritz, at 5:45 o'clock yesterday afternoon. The contents of this dispatch were communicated to Earl Spencer, first lord of the admiralty, and Right Hon. Herbert As- qnith, the home secretary,, both of whom refused to divulge their information to reporters. Mr. Lyttleton said the dispatch 'Jiad no reference to the Gazette article. The Westminster Gazette says: "In reading Mr. Gladstone's statement, sent out from Biarritz through Sir Algernon West, it must be remembered that it is Mr. Gladstone's invariable habit to answer with scrupulous exactness each statement and to never make a general denial. Those familiar with Gladstonese remark Mr. Gladstone's present unqualified .emphasis." Tterr. Will Keep 811«nt No Tamper. PARIS, Feb. 3.— M. Roehcfort, in the Jntransigeaut, says Dr. Carl Hera is printing three volumes of letters, which he has received at various times frqm prominent politicians in regard to Panama canal affairs. According to the Intransigeant, ex-Premier Dnpuy is implicated, though he is not accused of having received any money. But he is said to have solicited favors for his colleagues. French Duty on Wheat. PAKIS, Feb. 3.— The customs committee has adopted the proposal of M. Melm to raise the duty on wheat to 8 francs with the proviso that when the price reaches 25 francs tho duty is to be reduced by progressive diminutions of 00 centimes, and the duty is to be removed altogether when the price reaches 33 francs. BIGGEST SENSATION IN EUROPE SINCE 1870. Talk of Mr. Uln<lntoiie'« Resignation Al: most CAUBOS ». Panic—Half-Ueartcd Denial from the Grand Old Man—Report; Generally Accepted Ai True. -Mr. Gladstone'? thts topic of <lis TRY TO BLOW UP A DAM. Attempt tit AIuilo Mr>. , 1'robiibl. Springfield, by Former ICmplovoM. i;!), Mo., Feb. Ij. — Yesterday afternoon a large .stick of dynamite was exploded under the darn of the reservoir of the Springfield Water Works com puny on the Sac River, evidently with the in. toution of wrecking 1 the. masonry. A large amount of earth was loosened by the concussion, but the masonry withstood the shock. Olh'cers were immediately dispatched to the scene and are now on the trail of the perpetrators of the crime. It is the impression that the work was that of former employes of the company who cherish a grievance against it. Thousands Starve at Cadlx. CADIZ, Feb. il.—The governor of this province reports that thousands of people, out of work and starving-, are tramping through the country and that, in consequence, ho anticipates disturbances iu the rural districts. Vaillaitt'K End Is Nenr. PAHIS, Feb. ;i.— Auguste Vailltint, the anarchist who threw a bomb into the chamber of deputies Dec. 9, will be executed probably to-day or Saturday morning. The Czar Is Out of Diuicer. ST. PicTKHSiuTTtii, Feb. 3.— The's health has so far improved that his physicians pronounce him to be entirely out of danger { Hart Trial Itusamod. RooicFORT), 111., Fob. 3.—The Hart murder trial was resumed yesterday, Juror Hart being- able to occupy his seat again. The defense continued the examination of witnesses to prove the strange actions of John Hart at different times. The case will not be given to tho jury this week. LONDON*, Feb. 1. resignation is still cussion here. Jt was 10:30 o'clock in the evening before an official statement reachet London from Biarritz. It was from .Sir Algernon West, the companion o: the Grand Old Man, and was issued as being authorized by the Premier, it is ns follows: "The statement that Mr. Oladstone has definitely decided, or decided at all, to resign is untrue. Jt is true, however, that for many months past his age and the condition of his sight arid hearing have, in his judgment, made relief from public affairs desirable. Therefore his tenure of office has been at any moment liable to interception from these causes, which are in their nature prominent. "Jt remains' exactly as it hart been. He is ignorant of th'e course 'which, events important to the nation may take oven during the remainder of the present session of parliament, and he has not said nor done anything- which in any degree restrain his absolute freedom or that of his colleagues regarding the performance of the arduous duties now lying or likely to lie before them." When this was posted on the bulletin .boards of the clubs it was read with amazement. Jt was regarded .is a denial which amounted to confirmation. The intimations which were conveyed between the lines were considered oven more startling in import than the fact that Mr. Gladstone might soon retire. Jt is not too much to say that Sir Algernon West's message, with its SHARP POINTS FUNNY THE Wit lUtt**,r*te<i~tlhe Benedict and the Pbro^ttiogigt— A Cftsc ot Unintentional, Slang *-- Current Witticisms from Various Exchange*. A Fatal Obieotio *. <'I can't understand why you en gaged yourself to Arthur Hally, Drhd possesses neither good looks nor fdf * tune, when you had your pick orf hal * a d62en rich and handsome feilows." "Tha others made me tired, Laura , Arthur was the only one of them who, hadn't been to the fair." A Natural Sequence. I J hrenologist—Yon have been married some years? Patient (in surprise)—By George! That's true. How could you tell? Phrenologist—Your bump of Hope is a dent.— Puck. What Wo Ate Coming To. First senator (in fifty-fifth congress) 1 —Do you think our minority can talk: for two wee ks longer? Second senator—Yes. The new sen* ator who stammers will consume ono week, and after that the ehapla'vn has pro raised to make filibustering pray era —Judge. < A Seasonable Opportunity. The winter season's snow fall Now on the pavement sloshes, And gives the chappie chance to call H'is overshoes "galoshes." my Competent. J'enn Inkley—I think 1 shall try liaud at magazine poetry. Faber—Do you think you are capable? You know magazines require something more than rhyme. Penn Inkley (enthusiastically)—Capable! Why, it's just in my line! I've jeen running the puzzle department of our paper for years!—Judge. Touched His Heart. Citizen—That big Chinaman got drunk and knocked down a policeman. rVhy isn't he arrested? Officer—Sure, now, give th' poor hay:lien a chance whin he's thryin' so lar-rud to become Amerikinized.—Ex- 1 Patents for Union Faoido land*. WASHINGTON, Feb. 1.—At the instance of Senator Carey of Wyoming the commissioner of the general land office has ordered to bo examined all the lists of applications for patents for lands on the part of the Union Pacific Railroad company which have been sold in Wyoming in order that patents may be issued. TOBACCO WAS THE CAUSE. MEYER POISONING CASE. tlio Defense Will Try to Prove that Alluded Victim Is Still Alive. NEW YOUK, Feb. :i.—The district attorney's ofllcu is busily engaged in preparing for the second trial of Dr. Henry C. .Meyer for the alleged murder of (Justave A. \j. lianni. The ease will be called in about a week. It is reported that Lawyer Charles W. Brooke, chief counsel for Meyer, has in reserve witnesses who will swear that they have seen the supposed victim alive since the date of the alleged murder. One of the principal witnesses against the accused has since stated that his evidence was false, but the district attorney is confident that he has sulliuicut testimony to secure a conviction. MURDERED IN THEIR BED. John Noonan anjl Stephen Douglas were asphyxiated by g-as at Lima, Ohio. Bob Burnett, colored, was publicly whipped at Kushville, Ky., for steal- jng meat. Burglars stole $11,000 from the sale -*•"-- irkadelpbifc Lumber company Ark Vandebog-art is held in §500 (,o answer t# 'a charge of bigamy boo, Wis. C. 1>OJ 8-t K Hiram Babney, a traveling' man, $sommitted suicide at the Park 111. , _, — ,„ ,i,_° \Villiaai Hush and Wife Are Killed Near Lurerue, Ala. BiKMiNCHAM, Ala., Feb. i!.—At Luverne, Ala., Mr. and Mrs. William Bush, living five miles from the station, have been found murdered. When the neighbors arose they saw the windows of the Bush residence open. Mr. and Mrs. Bush lay in bed, their bodies riddled with bullets. The crime was committed but a few hours before, as the wounds were fresh. Who the assassins are is not known. tjL-tutefor Wlua tue First Game. CINCINNATI, Ohio, Feb. 3.—Schaefer won the opening game of the three- cornered billiard tournament last night with a total of 600 to 483. The score was as follows: Sebaefer—31, 0, 10, 8. 0, 45, 28. 6S, 'JS, 5-J, 55, 0, 0, 4, 3,0, 58, 3, 31, 1, 81, 8, 19, 14, 1. 10 0,60. Total-CD',). Slosson-lT, 20. 1, 0, 5, 0, 33, 23, 15, 3, J 63, 83, 11, 5,1, 37, 63, 9, 19, S, 54, 17, 25, 4' 0,0. Totol-483. If umber of innings—87>£. Hi,gtiestrufls—Sebaefer, 74,; siossoo. c r Notobuo Cures tho Tobacuo Habit and Consumptive) Gets Well. Two UiVKUS.Wis., Fob, J. —[Special.] —Ureat excitement and interest has been manifested in the recovery of an old-time resident of this town, Mr. Joseph Bunker, who has for several years been considered by all his friends a hopeless consumptive. Investigation shows that for over thirty-two years he used three and a half pounds of tobacco a week, A short time ago he was induced to try a tobacco-habit cure called "Notobac." Talking about his miraculous recovery to-day he said: "Yes, 1 used Notobac, and two boxes completely cured me. 1 thought and so did all my friends, that I had consumption. Now they say aa you say, 'how healthy and strong you look, Joe,' and whenever they ask me what cured my consumption, 1 tcl^ them Notobae. The last week I used tobacco 1 lost four pounds. Tho morning I began the use of. Notobac 1 weighed 137& pounds; to-day I weigh 10'.), a gain of 41 ?£ pounds. 1 eat heartily and sleep well. Before 1 used Notobac I was so nervous that when J went to drink I had to hold the glass in both hands. To-day my nervea are perfectly steady. Where did J get Noto- bac? At the drug store. It is made by tho Sterling licmcdy company, general western office, 45 Itandolph street, Chicago, but I see l>y the printed matter that it is sold by all druggists—J know all the druggists in this town keep it. I have recommended it to over a hundred people and do not know of a single failure to cure." WT1.LIAJI K. GI.AWSTONK. 1'HK.MI.KK. vague but portcntious significance, will alarm Europe as nothing 1 else has done since the declaration of war iu. 18 JO. Before the message was received politicians of both parties eagerly discussed possible reasons for Mr. Olad- stone'.s retirement. Why should he suddenly withdraw? The first and most ominous answer which was suggested was that he sees burdens and responsibilities ahead far greater than he can assume. In other words, the Daily Telegraph was rig-lit when it declared three weeks ago that the aiithonties had been warned through the most trustworthy sources of information that war might be thrust upon England at any moment. Even Gladstone's friends would be unanimous that the Grand Old Man is unlit to undertake the fearful ordeal of a war administration. The excitement in political circles is greater than in years. The, sudden anxiety is akin to a panic in some of its expressions. All discussion centers on the interpretation of West's dispatch. Does it mean war? That is the question which everybody is considering, but which in the absence of light nobody can answer. While the liberal papers generally profess to be satisfied with the denial others are Inclined to partially agree that the answer is a riddle. 1 he majority of tho general public is inclined to think that the report is true. NEW CIRCUIT ORGANIZED. He DeHorvos It. After Den con Smithers had finished lis call on tiie pastor, the latter's little laughter said: "Papa, didn't the deacon say he idn't believe in Santa Glaus?" "That's what he said, love." "Then, papa, won't we have to try lim for heresy?" The Wlflb-ltone. . jerk—and then thoy eagerly The bone asunder rend; nd he with joy the bigger piece Holds up, and she the end. Vhy looks she pleased? She lost ber wish That they should married be. [ow strnnge! But no; the reason is He wished the same as she. The Runt,lc View. Adeline (country cousin)—In describing the ball the paper says your gown was trimmed with real lace and pearl ornaments. Stella—Well, that's correct. Adeline—So the pearls were not real then. Tkov Are Needed. Hamlet—Why is it, Simon, that they alwa.ys have bloodhounds in an "Uncle Tom's Cabin" show? Simon I^egree—To find the manager on salary days, my boy. Woman's Gullo. Mrs. Hicks—I told you Mr.s. Dix wa envious of our new dining-room furnis ture, and you didn't believe it. Hicks—Has she been here and told you so? Mrs. Hicks—No; but she sent over a box of boy's tools to-day to Dick. Hope Deferred. Cleverton—When do you expect to be married, old man? Dashaway (gloomily)—1 don't kno\V. Cleverton—Why, hasn't she set tho day? Dashaway—The day? Why, she- hasn 't set the year yet! Hard Times. She—John, I want S2SO. He—Another word, Maria, and I shall be compelled to hand you over to the police as a dangerous crank. About Even. Bagley—Are you square with the landlady yet? Brace—Pretty nearly, 1 guess. I haven't paid her a cent in two months. For the Time Ilelng. "There is a period in a woman's life when she thinks of nothing but dress." "What period is that?'" "From the cradle to the grave." Irish Wit. Meeting at Alanou City, Iowa, Kesults In Complete Association. MASON CITY, Iowa, Feb. 2.—Representatives of the leading western mile tracks at a meeting- here have organized the western mile-track circuit, stretching from Milwaukee to St. Joseph, Mo., equal to or stronger, it is claimed, than any trotting circuit in tho country, excepting the grand cir- uit. Milwaukee, Independence,Mason City, Sioux Falls, S. 1)., J^e Mars, Hawardcn and Council Bluffs, Iowa, d St. Joseph, Mo., are represented. Dates were adopted in the same order, bi-.g-inning with Milwaukee, Aug. 14, and closing at St. Joseph, Oct. 5 to 14. HART'S State DEFENSE CLOSED. B*- the Introduction of l>utttU Evidence at Kockford. ROCKFOBD, 111., Feb. £.—In the Hart murder trial yesterday the defense, after calling Dr. Huse and Dr. Butler to testify us to the sanity of the defendant, rested its case. The state then began the introduction oi evidence in * rebuttal, half a. dozen local physicians being- called, who swore they believed Hart to he sane. The state still has twenty-four witnesses wb-o will give evidence Tbecaije yirjll not mil DKS MOINKS, Iowa, Feb. 1.—The Watkins bill to punish prize fighters arid abettors of prize fighting passed ;he house by a unanimous vote. The jill provides severe penalties for both principals and abettors of prize fights. Charter of "Soo" Line to Jlo Forfeited. MADISON, Wis., Jan. 31.—Attorney Genoral O'Connor in the Supreme court asked leave to institute an action against the Minneapolis, St. 1'aul & Sault Ste. Marie Railway company to have all its franchises forfeited. That corporation owes the state of Wisconsin a balance of $23,948 taxes which fell due Aug. 10 last. It refuses to pay. The court granted leave to begin suit. The company's road runs through the northern half of the state between Marie an,d Mijmeanpljjs. 8§0 IMiotulcon .Economy. She (fiancee)—Well, we've estimated most of the expenses of housekeeping, and there's $400 of your salary still. Is there anything else? He (fiance)—Yes; the cook's hire will be $100. She—Oh, I mean to cook myself. Anything else? He—Yes; doctor's bills—say $150, In n Bad Way. "I saw a man to-day who said he couldn't bolievo his own ears." "What is the matter with them?" "They are so large that they magnify." He Had It. Customer (to clerk in book store)— Have you "Prometheus Bound?" Clerk (rather new at the business)— Yes, ma'am. It doesn't come unbound nt all. Tourist. He—Your itinerary took you to Rome, I believe? She—Yes. Fine old town. He—Of course you went to St. Peter's often, then? She—No. Unfortunately the rector wae away on his vacation.—Judge. Unintentional Slang. Mrs. Brady—Oi don't phat's the mat- ther wid it. Th' mon as sold it tould me it was made of seasoned lumber. Brady (in disgust)—Seasoned, is it? Well, the lumber must hov been seasoned in th' fall, thin, fer th'leaves are all droppin'ahf.—Puck. Necersary for Sailing. Charley Stasal—I wish, that we might sail forever down the stream of life.. Minnie Clipper—So we can—if yoxi will raise the wind. In tho Curio Hall. Bromley—The face of that Circassian- man looks strangely familiar. Haven't I seen him before? Tommy—Why, certainly! Didn't you know? That's Charley Hardface, who played on the Yale foot ball team last season. His father failed, and the thought of having to work for a living- turned Charley's hair white. He's had this Circassian job ever since. Mother—Why, Maud, I'm shockea! Uet off that table at once. What in the world is the matter with you? Maud—Oh; rats!—Truth. A Maiden's Name. "What shall we name her?" said Mr*. Darley as she gazed fondly at her born. ••We'll name her Yorick," replied Mr. Darley. Yorick?" echoed his wife. "Why, that's a masculine name." Indeed it is not. Didn't Shakespeare say 'A lass, poor Yorick?'" A Muff. He (at the daneej—I beg pardon; but when Mrs. Robijtsou introduced me I iled to catch your name. She (sweetly)—Ball. He—Great Ctesar—wljat a muff I And ['m PD the college team, too! UOVT About This? There's nothing new beneath the sun, they 'say (A statement that you've doubtless heard before); But then is not the world on New Year's day With newest resolutions bubbling o'er? —Judge. Kan Too Fast. Examiner—You want pension, you say, yet you don't appear to have been wounded, or to have lost a limb. Applicant—I lost my breath at the battle of Bull Run.—Ex. Always Hit It. Bloobumper—This barometer of mine is the most accurate instrument of its kind I ever saw. Spatts—Indeed? Blooburaper—Yes; it is always pointing to "change." Heroic Treatment. Servant—Mrs. Youngvvife wants you to send up five gallons of mustard, right away. Storekeeper—What is she going t a use so much mustard for? Servant—The baby is sick, and the doctor ordered a mustard bath for it. In New York. Editor—Mr. Coigns, how many fortune-tellers' ads have we to-night? Foreman—Two-thirds of a column sir. ' Editor—Has the astrology turned in his stuff? Foreman—Yea, sir; about colums of horoscopes. Editor—Very good; run the storv about "Ghosts in Mott Haveu" Wl th 1 spread head, and I'll soon send in aa editorial on "The Press us an Agency for the Banishment of Superstition "~ expert- three

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