Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 31, 1946 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 31, 1946
Page 3
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Page Two BLONDIE STAR, MOP t, ARKANSAS" Saturday, August 31, 02ARK IKE By Cniek Young By Ray Gotto pAGWOOP, I CANT WITH THAT CAT YOWLING ON OUf? feACK FENCE THAT EMPTVjICftGWOCQ HOW COULD BOTTLE on? YOU THROW THAT THE SINK vl BOTTLE P; DON'T YOU IN Jr KNOW we GET A HANDY J I, TWO-CENT DEPOSIT BACK ON IT MEANWHILE LOOK.',..TH'ROOM'S WRECK/ NOLI MEAN) NOW r HAVE TO so BACK DOWN AND GLUE IT TOGETHER ENJOYING TH'6AA OZARK FOUND THIS.,, LOOK- FOR-O2AR.K THERE SLATS* //V TfPftFTH //V/V//W? W/TH TWO ABOARD, -' " THATS . WADE. FLOOR/ SIDE GLANCES By Michael O'Mallcy & Ralph Lane By Galbraith CARNIVAL By Dick Turner YOU WENT \ f NOW'WHERE ARE .DOWN A COUPLE \ V YOU OFF TO ? I CALLED YOU LAST NiGHT, GROWL, BUT YOU WERE OUT. JST YEAH, r WAi IN COLD CREEK ' PA5S, FLINT, LOOKING A T A BODY/ «h. mm cow ^ °N ovtR TO 5»N .1B&. HEADQUARTERS, OF TIMES'YOUR- \ SELF, MARCIA // YOU GIRLS GO MELCROFT/ // BACK tO YOUR ?3X I ROOM AND PLAY u » *!*« .; » A S &IN R| JMMY OR MlrH^ I/ &-=\*[ I SOMETHING; I'VE -'XL. \ GOT A PHONE CALL TO MAKE. WASH TUBES By Leslie Turner CWCORRO, HWIE BEEN TRYING ORION SFftftCHlN'\ TO LO «1E IT FOROgER FOR WHEN HE ...SOME OF TH5SE V ^ND ^ FEW LIK.E rwnlDen PUEBLOS WERE LIKE \ WERE SCicmiM WDr^?' BUILT CITIES OP STONE i )N ASM ROAMED THE SOUTHWEST:.': AND CANYONS.VOERE ABANDONED CENTURIES ASO! BODY FOUND NOW.lF THEY'RE BURIED NEW MEXICO! DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney - /1** BY HEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REC. U.S. PAT. WPR. U4« BY NEA SEBVICC. INC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF -1 told you there'd be a lot of kissing scenes, but there *' You can w 'P e lhat smile °. H% your.face! Mom snid to- was one murder in it—vou're never satisfied!" sen " >' ou > n ne.xl!" DOMAUD FIME EXTINGUISHER , CO. By Hershberoer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS FUNNY BUSINESS DID VDU TSLL MET RUSTY . £VE BEEM COUMTlWG TMH CUSTOMERS , ~ , ' Eve BESN WATCHING THEM TWROUT" ^"ffi!^- -^- VOUGO W MOW. YOU'LL By Carl -Anderson- '*•. ;* So LET : ME WIN rr—AKJD IT WILL MORE/ No \YEAM.BLrriF YOU WQM THAr PRIZE, IT WOULD EMBARRASS YOUP> &OY-FRIEND/ My Inisband kept bringing 'em home—so I thought I'd • make use of them!" ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlin , WHOA,' I'MOVER HSKE.YOU 'BIG, BLIND SO'N'SO/ OKAY, OL' BOY, I'M GLAD T'SEE YOU AGAIN.TOO, BUT WE'LL GO INTO TH 1 CEREMONIES LATER-RIGHT NOW. ! CERE'S GONNA BE A LOT B-KNO AROUND Thimble Theater WHAT!.' YOJttS, PLEASE SOCK ( I WISHT I KNEW J IF THE STORY A > WHO SOCKED \ IT??^/ ME ON'A ( WANTS 7D OUT SU/MPIM // BE TRUE. THE HERE, WjMPV, I (JSO'HER LOCK. AgOUN WOKLD IS QUITE J >THIRSiy FOR< YOU WONT 86 <50NE LONG, POPEVE?? THIS PRICELESS ••" By Edgar Martin VOU HPNE TOt-VbUt<=>. VOU f\H , &OOO POP VOU \ I \\.V5H 7. COULD Do THE TWKXb THE VJOMtKi OMT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR.BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople Of YJVU. TP>\<t . OfW THBN TWS 'to ^AB^<t . TUTV H\<=> ( DOWM,_PO\WHJJ ^fl/ I BET FLIES I GOT A POOPS. KEY, BUT SHE FERGOT TO WE HEAKD YOU \AlBRE IM CLIMK, BaTVMe j-EAVE TH'«SCREEKJ MOW—MOPE— rn AND MEDICAL AMDCfS^^S U SIDEBURNS ISH OoJ A MAM WHO PARSED THE FIFTH GRADE OMUY BV TOWN.' suRe.sosNE POSTPONED ^^• f Trt ^ " . ( CELEBRATiOMJ VOU GIT h, HERE'S DOCTOR. RED RYDER By Fred Harmon /<\£ UNTIE YOl THEKi TOU HELP^E THUNDER'VlHOAi l^'T RUI^ Un AWAt NOVO. ~ NEVsl R46 tt. MODEL Bttwwn la. m. «nd 4 p. m. STAft, > 6 P.fi/'; A ItK A N S AS Social Calendar September 2 V.W.A. of the' First Baptist church will meet Monday night nt 0 o'clock at Ihe Educational building of the chlirch. This 'is the regular monthly business and social meeting and n full attendance is urged. The W.M.S. of the First Baptist church will meet Monday afternoon at 2:30 at -the Education building of the church for Us regular monthly meeting. Members are asked to note the change in time. ** - - • The Executive Board of the W.ornen's Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church will meel Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the church. Circle No. 1 of the W.S.C.S. of the First Methodist church will meet at 4 o'clock Monday afternoon at Ihe home of Mrs. Don Smith. Mrs. Annie Boslick is circle leader. Circle No. 4 of the WSCS of the ,iFirst Methodist church will meet Monday afternoon at 4"; o'clock at the church with Mrs. C. E. Cassidy and Mrs. C. C. Parker as associate . hostesses. Tuesday, September 3 Si: MriVkg Auxiliary Unit 1 \vill meet at 2 .o'cioct; Tuesday n'ftor- noon at the church. A full attendance is .urged. ' ; Mrs. Mammons ;and Mrs. Mpuser Hostess.to B 4 P.W Club Mrs. Frances Haii-.mons and Mrs. Laveta Mouser were hostess to the members o£ the Hope Business and Professional Women's club at its regular meeting at Fair Park on Thursday pvoninc The president, Miss Mnjorio Wml- die presided over a short businoKi; session at which time four -now members were voted on. Miss Waddie also made a report nn the " r> cent stale board moetiiiK .In 1,11". lie Roek. Clever games nnd contests w.oiv enjoyed under tho direction of Mrs. Mouser. Delicious iced watermelon were served at ihe clone oc tho Klnsey- Shields Family Reunion Sunday. Members of the Kinscy-Shiolds families enjoyed a fiurilly reunion and picnic at the Elbcrt Collins government pond on Sunday August 25. Eight members of I lie families worn celebrating birthdays in the month of August: they were Mr. Lawrence May, Mr. Winfrod May, Mr. C.lendel May, Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Kinsey, Miss Jerry Sue Collins and Miss Jean Hums'. Mr and Mrs. J. II. Shields were also celebrating their anniversary. Fifty one members of the two families enjoyed tho delightful picnic lunch . served at noon under the trees. The afternoon was spent in swimming and making pictures. Out of town guests were; Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Kinsey and Misses Bonnie. Maxinc and Mary HelenMet- calf of Shreveuorl. Louisiana. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kinsey and family of Kilgore, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Waller, Mr. a,nd Mrs. J. D. Floyd and baby of Henderson, Texas. Mr. Winfred May of Tyler,- Texas Miss Jean Burns of Little Rock and Mr. Millard Burns of Houston, Texas. Coming and Going Mrs. W. C. Bright of Waldo has FREE DELIVE Beginning Monday, Sept. 2nd 8:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p. m. We will Deliver Groceries to Your Home WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT ELDON STEADMAN has .been added to help serve you better We Invite His Friends and Ours to USE THIS NEW SERVICE PHONE 709 SHIELDS FOOD STORE EAST SIDE OF POSTOFFICE 203 South Walnut Phone 709 BIG HILLBILLY JAMBOR SATURDAY NIGHT-8 p. August 31st at the City Hall HOPE, ARKANSAS FEATURING IN PERSON: Acts of Radio, Stage and Recording Stars • THE WILBURN FAMILY Of KTHS, Hot Springs, Ark. The family group that gained national renown at the young ages of 7 to 15 years of age when their talented ability placed them on the NBC network and in 1940 from WSM Grand Ole Opry from Nashville, Tennessee all doing vocals and playing their own accompaniment of five string instruments. • KEN BLEVINS Believe it or not? Although not a Ripley show. The Nationally known comedian from WLS BARN DANCE, the man that makes you laugh when you feel otherwise. Yes, Friends, he is the Blues Chaser of any Stage show. • HARMIE SMITH And His Ozark Mountaineers of KWKH, Shreveport, Louisiana. Nationally known Victor Recording-Stars will present their high class variety stage show you have been longing to see. TWO HOURS OF ENJOYMENT For Young and Old YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO MISS - SATURDAY NIGHT ONI Sponsored by District 10 Veterans of Foreign Wars Friends, they didn't let you down. Now support their efforts in raising funds'for the unfortunate Buddies. J. . arrived for ri visit with nor dntifth- ler, Mrs. 0. H. Edge and Mr. huiue hero. Mrs. Hamilton H. Hanegan has loliirned from Conwny where she iiltendod a stale meeting 6f Home Economic teachers of Arkansas at State Teachers college there. Miss Jessie Clnrice Brown is visiting friends in Waldo this week. Mr. and JVlrs. George Spotwood of Pomona, -California who have boon visiting Mr. .and Mrs. Theo Long nnd daughters, Carolyn Muriel and Mary Jane here left Fri- rlny for a visit .with relatives and friends in Dicrks and Center Point, Arkansas before returning lo their homo in Pomona. DOROTHY DIX thflt Mother's Duty to Sons Mrs. Muriel Dnvis of Los AngclcS California has ail-ived for nn extended Visit with Mr. nnd Mrs. Thoo Long nnd daughters, Carolyn Muriel and M.'iry June. Miss Ginnie Horndon has return- er from a visit with Miss Marilyn Orion in Ashclown, Arkansas. Mr. find Mrs. Hussell McClain of New York Cily have arrived for a visit with Mr. McClain's mother, Mrs. Lillian McClain and sister, Mrs Dcwey Putman and Mr. Put- inan and family. Mr. and Mrs. J. L.. Rodgers have as week end guest, Miss Blanche Drake of Patmos. Miss Drake will be violinist at the Formby-Brown wedding on Sunday afternoon at the First Baptisl church here.. Miss Hatlic Ann Field will arrive via plane today from a vac- alion visit with friends in Denver, Colorado and Alburququ'e, New Mexico. She has been called home to attend the bedside of her grandmother, Mrs. H. A. West who is seriously ill at Josephine Hospital here. Tabernacle Meet- to Continue Another Week A Youth Revival which was to have closed last night will continue another week at Hope Gospel Tabernacle, the Rev. H. Paul Holdridge, pastor, announced today, in reporting the meeting one of the most successful held at the local church. Mel Hargis, widely known pianist, and the Rev. Bracy Greer will continue nightly services. The public is invited. Every mother who works:' 'conscientiously at her job of 'motherhood tries to teach her daughters the tricks and Ihc manners lhat ?re the passport into society. Little girls are taught to curtsy, and l\ say: "Good evening, Mrs. Smith. How is your rheumatism today?' And: -"Thank you, Mr. .Jones, for the beautiful dolly. I'll just love it.' when they arc thrown in contact With elder people. And when they fit* to be bobby sockcrs find have their first dates, Mother tries to give them a line about how to treat boys; how to be friendly without being monopolistic: how to show a boy that they appreciate his attention without acting grateful for being noticed; how and when to suggest going home; how to start a comvcrsation with a dumb lad, and so on and so forth. But, strangely enough, it is a rare s lhin,g..for a mother to try to develop any social know-how in her boys. She permits them to grow lip with uncouth habils, to grunt when spoken'to, to ignore their elders,' and often not to have even decent table mariners. And whether this Is because she lacks the energy to attempt to polish up a rough-diamond, or whether she believes that suavity'of address'wijl come to a boy when he needs it, nobody knows. . Male Mien Important ' ., ? 4 is • a pity that mothers make this discrimination between their children because boys need to be taught their way around iri polite society far.more than girls .' do. They are not' so quick to observe and to cacth on; to. the proper thing to do-as their sisters are. So when Johnny begins ' to sle* out he-often finds himself in a strange country whose manners Why CRAWL When You Can FLY? SAFE CONVENIENT Air Travel Southwest Arkansas to Little Rock and Other Points In the State F-A-R-E-S Hope to Litlle Rock Iv. 8:58 a. m. ar. 10:15 a. m. $9.76'(one way) Little Rock to Hope Iv. 3:00 p. m. ar. 4:17 p. m. (Fare quoted includes Fed. tax) For Information, Reservations, Call SOUTH CENTRAL AIR 1 TRANSPORT Telephone Airport or 8fi6 and customs he docs not know and whose language he does hot speak, nnd he Is frightened and be: wildered and desperate. Many are I the letler that I get from these I lads, asking: how do I invito a girl lo go lo'lhe school prom with me? Should I give a girl a birthday present? should I send a girl flowers'if 1 am going lo take her to a pnrty? Will a girl expect me to kiss her good night if I take her mil? What should I talk to a g'ii> about? And a dozen other elementary matters of conduct whose answers they should have learned at their mother's knees. In one particularly pathetic letler a lad told how he bungled his first date by dropping the girl he took lo a parly a I the door and never going near her again, never seeing to it that she got any dances, or even any supper. " \nd when I look her .home." he said "I jusl opened the car door and'let her scramble out herself, and all I said lo her was just 'So long,' and she has never spoken to me since.' So this little sfereed is an appeal to mothers lo have a heart and use a little.common sense .in dealing with their boys. , Realize that Johnny isn't' always going to'.be a lillle louse-headed .kid.He is going lo grow up and want to step out with the girls. So' teach.him, at least, all the approaches to the favor of the'lair sex. Teach' him how to write a nice.note. How to help a girl on with her 'coat-without wrecking her costume'. How to dance without crippling Susie for life. How. to carry, on a cohversa- lion.' And how to order a good dinner..:.,. .-..• «[.•; :U-••:.•.,..•..:.;,. '•. ...•.-. No boy can have a greater asset than good manners. (Released by 'The Bell Syndicate,) Inc.) Devil's Laughter Copyright 1946 by NEA Service By ALICE M- LAVESICK Psychiafrisl-s Have Found Heirens Legally Sane By ROBERT T. LOUOHRAN Cnicago, Aug. 30 — (UP) —Three , prominent psychlMtrisls nave found j that William Heirens, 17-yoar-old triple slayer, is legally sane, it wns learned today. The psychiatrists, appointed by the court to examine ine youth, will submit tliL-ir .findings when Heirens is arraigned Sept. 4 for the murders of six-year-old Suzanne Uognan, former Wave Frances Brown and Mrs. Josephine Ross, widowed housewife. Their i'inding will enable the court lo senlencc the youth to life imprisonment or possiDly death. The psychiatrists — Urs. Harry R. Hoflman, stale alienist, William H. Haiiics, head of the Cook County Behavior Clinic, and Foster Kennedy, chief neurologist at New York's Bellevue hospital — hav6 concluded their examinations and* have written a six-page report. They found that "young Meirens, an earnest, religious and iikeaolo student at the University of Chicago but a maniacal killer when Ihe urge struck him, is a sexual psycopath. They agreed, however, that under the-legal'definition he Veterans Promise Mo Violence in Campaigns ' West Vtomphis, Aug. 30 — W)^ A non-violence .pledge was made today by .spokesmen for the Cril- tendcn county veterans .who will gather at nearby Grawfordsville tomorrow night to launch a political campaign against hominees of the organizalion headed by County Judge; C. N. Bond. ** Jack Coughlin .newspaper puto» Usher and navy veteran, told reporters that the focmcr, serVicemcn would use no violence "either during the campaign, on election day, or after the election." "U any of the boys .have gun?.* said Coughlin, "they are being,told?, to bury them." "We intend to have a well-clis- ciblined campaign. We are against any arrned uprisings. Wo arc hot going to-be robbed, but there wjll be no violence." Eighteen million pairs of cotton hose were made in the United States in 1930. THE STORY:!, Cecelia Hart, was only 17 when I came to Jnnisfail that eventful summer to help out Cousin Ellen, who was the Filzgeralds housekeeper. Autocratic old Honors Fitzgerald, who ruled the household from a sick bed, frightened me but the friendliness of lovely Charlotte Brent and Professor Mark Fitzgerald, to whom she was engaged, did much to allay my homesickness ' Theri- ' Colin Fitzgerald" came home and everything else paled beside his magnetic charm. The next day I overheard Mark telling Charlotte that his brother had never clone a stroke of work in his life. Late that afternoon, Colin brought Beatrice Harrington and some other guests to the house. XII Beatrice and Colin were on horseback, racing along boside the cars, and there was a great deal of shouting and laughter and blowing of horns, and the horses pranced and roared coming up between the two rows of astonished sugar maples. Colin Fitzgerald on a shining loo. She had just got started on them when Mark came charging into the kitchen, and demanded to know what on earth Colin was thinking of. "In heaven's name," he said furiously, 'have you taken leave of your senses? Having a parly here a noisy pack of idiots and morons here to shriek and fill up the house with their stupid gigling and with your mother so ill? Bringing 'antics?' : '."' '' '"'.'•' 'Those idiots and morons, \ my gracious brother, happen to be my guest," said Colin. "And Mother tar from being upset, is delighted. In fact, in a moment of enthusiasm, she almost decided to join the party. She's mad about parties, she says. Of course, I talked her out of it. You needn't worry.' . '.'You fool," said Mark, almost in a whisper. 'You utter, completely selfish fool! How I keep my. hands off you, .1 don't know..' 'You'd better watch your blood pressure. 'You're getting along,' you know. Why don't you, for once in your life, act like a human being and go in and mingle with society? -Without waiting for an answer, Colin left the kitchen, and afler a moment, Mark followed. _--.... -. *i, Ht) L a i.nt.i \si i j.t OiUlJlllJJ black marc was indeed something I to see, and you might have I After Mark left, Cousin Ellen thought from his manner that he sail ? wiln an indulgent amused was raised in the saddle, though smile, "Oh, they're the great ones r "" ----- : ~" """ " --------- , there were no horses at Innisfail. The horses belonged to the Harr- ingtons. And Beatrice Harrington "-O- — •-«. *>4*kl f-l *. U ».* * \, 1^ AAO1 1 lllg LUI1 looked at him as he helped her dis- uu -' same soug ana aai mount as if she were glad that Strong-minded they are he, too, would soon Toelong to the them " • • Harringtons ou ~ . As they all poured noisly into the house, I ran lo Ihe kitchen, where Ellen was already taking everything edible out of Ihe refrigerator, starling to perparc hors d'o'euvres and sandwiches for Ihe invasion. We were bolh working like mad when Colin came oul with his arms full of botlles and Iwo cocklail shakers. 'Martinis seem lo be Ihe favor- He cocktails, 1 he (old us. 'Know how to make martinis, Liltle Saint Cecelia?' his. dark eyes laughing down into mine. "No, she doesn't," said Cousin Ellen. 'Leave the stuff there. I'll make them.' Her face was a study, what with her trying to show her disapproval of cocktails yet not criticize the Filzgeralds in However, Colin had asked her lo make cocklails. Make them she would, and they would be good, SPECIAL NOTICE This is SERVICE MONTH foryour Cars and Trucks •^n • * This is the time of the year when you should start fixing up and getting ready to face the months ahead. Lubrication plays a big part in the life of your car. The proper Repair Work done and Done Right will save you time and money. Your car is like your body ... it needs a doctor's check-up once a month. Stop in and meet our mechanics Mr. Chapman, Mr. Mayton, Mr. Thompson Mr. Williams Mr, Fred G. Stickney, Owner FRED'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Texaco Products 24 Hour Service Corner of Walnut & Division Phone 933 Hope, Arkansas for arguing. Sure, they were always like that. I mind .the when they were children. It Ume same song and dance then. both of She went on to tell me anec- dotes of their strong-mindedness, and she said while she did not blame Mark at all for wanting the house kept quiet on account of his sick mother, on the other hand, it was a great pity if poor Colin couldn't have a few friends in for a little quiet fun of an afternoon, after the long time he'd been away and all, She had to raise her voice while she spoke, in order for me to hear her above the 'quiet fun,' which steadily grew less quiet. But she chose lo ignore it, even after the nurse came down to ask us in indignation if something couldn't be done- about the frightful noise; Alter all, her patient should have first consideration, it seemed to her, and if this racket kept .on she would not answer for the harm it might do a woman who should be kept quiet and undisturbed. Cousin Ellen said she would see what she could do. Though it did seem to her that the room should be fairly quiet if the door was kept closed. To this, the nurse, with an air of patient endurance, answered that the sick woman demanded that her door be kept open. She wanted to hear what was going on, though it was so evident that that was the worst thing she could do. The nurse went sadly upstairs again and Ellen shook her head and sighed. And the thought occured to me then that if one of the Fitzgerald brothers should take a carving knife to the other, Ellen would shake her head and sigh and say, 'A, the Fitzgerald boys are full of pranks.' When I went in to the living room with .sandwiches and cock- taiys, there was a crowd around the piano acclaiming Colin's playing of the same songs that had annoyed Mark only the night before. They were all very gay and I was amazed to see that Miss Charlotte was among the gayest. Two crim-. son spots rode high on her cheeks, her eyes were blue fire. Her quick laugh rang out often, a trifle higher pitched than usual, and she sang with them all and was very gracious and friendly to everyone. This was in absolute contrast to Mark, who made no attempt whatever to hide his feelings of disapproval. (To Be Continued) Draft Board to Move Offices to Hope City Mall The Hempstead county draft board office will move Tuesday from the old Arkansas Bank Building to the Hope City Hall, it was announced today. The office will be closed all day Monday in observance of Labor Day. TALLEST IN CABINET Tallest man in President Truman's cabinet is J. A. Krug, secretary of the interior. Towering six feet four inches, he weighs more than 250 pounds. STARTS SUNDAY DOORS OPEN SUN. 12:45 » Both Theotres STARTS SUNDAY ao'y ROGERS in CITY CAFE SPECIAL for SUNDAY MENU Baked Chicken with Dressing Giblet Gravy . ' Baked Irish Potatoes with Cheese ' • •• Candied Apples English Peas Hot Rolls Cornbread Muffins Pie With Ice Cream Coffee Tea Milk- 65c City Cafe "The Home of Clean Food" ' Announcement: MRS. CLAUDE WHITEHURST has been appointed the Representative for the MUTUAL BENEFIT HEALTH and ACCIDENT ASSOCIATION OF OMAHA, NEBRASKA "World's Largest Exclusive Health & Accident Co." AND THE T UNITED BENEFIT UFEj:: \ INSURANCE CO. C 11 f i ' OFFERING / 1. Life time income protection for either sickness or accident. ' 2. Freedom from worry about Hospital Bills. Complete hospital protection for every member of the family. 3. Surgical Benefits. , • < f S'-j 4. Life insurance for every member of family,. f'-/ All Persons Interested in a Policy jT Contact ' ' ••: Mrs. Claude Whitehurst ' at 1013 W, 5th Street or Phone 952-J I 'Eat With Buck" Bring the Family and Enjoy Eating qt the Checkered SPECIAL SUNDAY DINNER - With Red Cherry Pie and Ice Cream a la carte Specials We have "U. S." Good • Sirloin Steaks • T-Bone Steaks • Club Steaks • Veal Cutlets • Fresh Country Pork Chops * Extra Select » Calf Liver OYSTERS • Lamb Chops All a la carte Specials are served with • SALAD • POTATOES * HOT BREAD or t TOAST Checkered Cafe Hope, Ark. 'BUCK" POWERS Phone

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