The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 31, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 1894
Page 7
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DPPEB DM MOINES; PwjBtttfltvn IOWA, WEDNESDAY, J ANUABY g IjjPi • Wfcat br. Bull's Cwtgb Syrttp h&e done fat "othefanof nearly two generations it 'Willdoforyoii. If you will try U once Sou will be convinced that (V is the best family medicine, and you will novel 1 be Without it. . _; times when a woman has no mercy on a fnari is when he comes to her store to buy a bonnet for his wife. The attention of base-ball players, who frecelveVomicls of one kind or another every day, from bat or ball, is directed to the fact that Salvation Oil is the best application itt uso for the euro of cuts, bruises bhd sprains. 25 cents. The only reason why some people are considered religious is because they make ft good, deal of noise in church. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement imc tend^ to personal enjoyment when rightly usea. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, •with 'less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attesl the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in 1ihe remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to tho taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative; effectually cleansing the system dispelling colds, headaches and i'eyers and permanently curing constipation .It'has given satisfaction to millions ant met with the approval of the inedica profession, because it acts 'On 'the 3£id neys, Liver and Bowels without •weakening them nhd it ia perfectly froe from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by .all druggists in 50c and $1 bottles, •biit it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrui do. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs and being well informed, you will uol accept any substitute if >oftered. AGENTS WANTED 1 AGENTS WANTED ' POK BAND, McMALlY & GO'S, WORLD'S FAIR ALBUMS The' most completely illustrated World's Fair Souvenirs. Large Six« Views lOxli: inches. Reproductions of Original Photographs. 320 Views. In Silk cloth binding. $S.OO. (Gilt edges.) In Half Leather binding (gilt edges), S+.iK). In Full IientlaerJB'd'e (gilt edges), $0.1)0. MJ Views. Board Covers, red edges, SI.00. Clofcla Covers, plain -edges, $1.50. For terms to agents, address 360 Adams 8t., Chicago, Ills. is tho greatest WCS^K ever offered child-bearing -woman. I liavo been u mid-wife for many years, and In each caso where "Mother's Friend" liaUbcciuiscditlias accomplished wonders and relieved much Buffering. It Is tho best iremody for rising of the breast known, and worth tho price for thut alone. MRS, JI. M. BIIUSTEII, Montgomery, Ala. Sent by express, charges prepaid,-on receipt of price, Sl.DO por bottle. BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO., i!"M iiv all <U-UKKist£» ATLANTA. OA. . I>OUGT,AS S3 SHOD :ustoni work, costing from i, best-value for the innnvj •world. Niiine and price d on the bottom Every .•arrimtecl. Take no substi. Soe local papers for full Ascription of our complete lines for ladies and yen. ^ tlenicn or send for 7A 1 V luslrnlfit Cntaloyitt "-"•- | giving in. i struL-tion:; , j. .. how to or. Jci- by-m:ul. Postage free. You en n irnt the best bargains of dealers who push our .-shoes. IT Balm inloenoh nostril. ,OS..f«l Warrou St.JN.V. POSITIVE CURE For tho evil eHeets of Hie errors Jf youth unit all private'ises. \ve can restoro you ta absolute manhood, qul<;kly nnil privately, rieml us !i"> eta. posMijco and iva will Honrl you bymijtoiii blanks and cataloKUQ (,'lvlns,' full description oi? euro. 1're- «crlbod aiul prupuroU by tbu bast medical nn- ithorltlea of the aae. TtNO AI.I<:i>IOAL CO.. .DK.S MOlNliS, IOWA. I'. (». H«x 3'J±. CAPITAL ClirNURSERIES, 'fTUIHUK Is no larger or butter wiiecteil stot^k Iu the 4- Nor h\yeat, iioronoanywliuru bottt-r aduiitcil to •UieuuBBOt'l'ralrlol'lanterii. Couiplutoliiullilaimrt- ments. Fruit Trees. Forest Trees, Small Fruits, JSvergreeue, Ornamentals, ete. An jiowst. rellablu Aifent wiuited lii'-ovfiry eouiity In tho Nurlhwetst <!oiupleti: Outfit uuU UiebOKtoi? terms oflei-od. 167O C. J.,. WATltOUS, DCS .lloiiuis, la, 1804 LIVED BUT TO MtHDM OR, JENKINS' RUPTURE CURE CO., iiuUdiiij,-, De» .troinoM, lo\va. I YQUfl MEAT WITH MASY JANE Dues perfect work: wives time, hiliuf iinij t/-oublo. 'i'bi.usaiida told, unlv I Kt.OU.' You «v:Mit.)|'ur,v.J:tnc. AKU'IIN jyl-'Kro in your eliaiifu. ,1. K. ; ('!;(;>.• " TUI^ 4M.'<>., ^iJv* .U(>:iU's, (owa. T Scwl Uf V'e. ?1 25 or f.'.,'0 anil ivr> « i-1 s'llp to. >ou.- eiiuiitwn |i«M. .1 baiiilHOino ono iiouu'd. i wo punml u." jive pound l«o.v t'f our HL-M r^owlftU'8 (tuU Boiabyuji. Watt 1 «««• friend's eyes B Ueu.sljQ opeoii Hic.i'Ox. \VOOU- THE THUOS OP ANt> THEIR RELIGION. Tlii'.V Huiutcd 'I'lipinscH-os itt Otttii-itotiiH .Societies to I'unlnli the Huninn Hucc— Methods of lillllnp !tnd Kobblng-—In On«S Onivn. Tliuegco. sinnmai-ily defined* is oi' rather was, a profession by which century after century, thousands of Indian males, Brahmins as well a; Mohammedans, bound themselves bj the most solemn oaths, and under re ligious ceremonies carried out with the sublimity attaching of old to tho Eleusitiian mysteries, to Uinito in secret societies whose purpose it was to punish tho human race, and thus to 'inerit the approbation of Bhow- anec, by whom rrieif' and women wero abhorred. This'ptlnishment, says Bailey's Magazine,- took the form o enticing rich travelers to become the companions of . armoc bands of thugs,. who, pretending to bo merchants,. or soldiers seeking service with the nmim, or with Holkar, Scindiah or others among .the powerful feudal princes, offeree protection and companionship to defenseless buuneas, or-''traders, to sahoucars (sowcars) or•• bankers, to nimindcrs on the road to big cities lauen with rupees, bars of silver or bills of exchange, which they had-received in payment for then crops. Kvon professional robbers, or dacoits, were followed for days anc nights by wary bodies of thugs, who attacked and murdered them when a convenient, spot in tho road or jungle was reached and robbed them ol their plunder. All this homicide was wrought by the simple agency.of a silk handkerchief, flung from behind ovijr the head and throat of tho victim, who was instantaneously strangled, antl in most cases his or her neck dislo cated by the dexterous application or tho bhuttotc, or stranglur's knuckles, under the victim's our. One essential preliminary to tho successful and undetected perpetration of all these countless crimes was that the lugg- hass, or grave diggers, attached to each baud of thugs were, sont in advance of the commanding officer—• the organization of these bands was strictly military-—to an indicated spot some miles ahead, in order to prepare tho grave for the victims about to bo murdered. Great skill was shown in selecting a fitting spot for the execution of tho inur dors and the preparation of the grave so that no evidence of the crime should meet, the eye. The spot selected was often on tho edge of a bushy stream, where tho unconscious victim was asked to descend from tho vehicle in which ho was traveling, so as to lighten tho load of the bullocks or horses which had to climb tho high bank on tho other side. Scarcely had the poor wretch's foot touched tho ground before the deadly handkerchief was round his neck and tho foul deed was accomplished. Tho burying party then ran forward, caught up tho body and carried it to the grave prepared for it, either among tho bushes or rocks or in tho bed of tho stream. Every member of the murdered man's party or escort, including women and children, was killed simultaneously by other bhuttotes or stranglers and within a few minutes tho bodies of all were buried together in one long and deep grave, into which huge rocks wero Hung to prevent the keen-scented jackals from burrowing down and devouring the prey. Tho murderous band of robbers then betook themselves onco more to tho road after a delay of a few minutes, and such was their knowledge of the country in which they wero operating that, under the dexterous guidance of their leaders, pursuit was virtually impossible. Scouts were continually thrown out in advance, on tho Hank or in tho roar of ••Bhowanoe's faithful children," and such was the skill and vigilance under which tho lives of thousands of rich victims wero sacrificed year after year that for centuries total immunity, not only from punishment, but oven from suspicion, was the reward accorded by Bhowuneo aud her bloodthirsty husband, Siva, to those scourges of the human race. Meadows Taylor, in his three-vol- umed work entitled "Confessions of .1 Thug," tells us that most of tho in- wmation supplied in his work camo from a ruffian culled Ameer All, who ;old him that, before ho turned in- 'ormor to save his worthless life, ho lad as a thug put to death with his own hand 719 victims. "Ah! sahib," 10 added regretfully, "if I had not jeon in prison for twolvo years the lumber would certainly have been ,000." When Ameer Ali was 5 years old his father aud mother were killed >y thugs. Tho boy was spared ihrough the interposition of one. of .he band and was roared as a thug. A I'rejjrlat'iiil I liver. Evidences of a provincial river lave been found, which in earlier ges drained Lake Michigan west- yard into what is now the Mississippi river. Some of the places where his river ran are covered by nearly two hundred feet of deposit, but the sift which occupies the river's bed is black and contains shells which show remains of earlier animal life, probably before men lived on this planet. In the bravo days of Queen Elizabeth the handkerchief had a sentimental as well as useful mission. In that day tiny squares of finest ..awn, finely and delicately wrought and edged with gold lace, were made purposely for ladies tq give to their lovers, who wore these tokous neati^ f'oldod in their hats. This ptoS«aee oi minA oi Hot. ft. Q. Downey of Stamford, Conn., was probably responsible for the saving- «£ the lives of thfrconjjregajion on a re* .cent Sunday, lyhilo ha 'was preaclt« ing 1 an usher informed him that thft church Was on fire, rfe requested the organist to Continue playing and the congregation to leave quietly, without tolling 1 ' >them tiie cause. iThe bu'ilding was" soon emptied without Any loss of life. A Paris beggar has been living very comfortably by hanging himself. He would choose a tree near where young children were playing, string himself up and groan to attract attention, so that they would run foi* helo. He would be cut down and restored and a letter in his pocket Would explain his attempted suicide by a statement of his destitution. He knew ho'w to attach'the.noose so as to avoid strangulation. A friend of one of Baltimore's most popular young men of wealth tells a story at his expense. The youth on a recent visit to Chicago was riding in a crowded car in that city, when two bustling women who entered exclaimed: "There's no chance of getting a seat here." The Baltimorean doffed his hat and invited her to. take his place to her utter surprise. The car became still more crowded and rnadame's snrill voice said: "Won't you sit in rny lap?" The courtly Baltimorean bowed again and said: "I do not deem mvself worthy of that honor." "Why, I didn't mean you. I was talking to Eliza.," was the indignant answer. A well-known English sportsman- was traveling in Spain with his wife at the time of the Barcelona explosion. Not hearing from him, his relations induced the foreign office to telegraph to the authorities at Barcelona to make inquiries. The telegram was this: "Arthur Smith, British subject, in Barcelona during recent outrages. Kindly make inquiries. Wire results." ' To this came answer: "Alan Smith is in Barcelona, lie is being watclved." This was followed by a second message: "Man Smith attempted to leave Barcelona last night. Now in custody." Shortly after Smith himself wired this to the foreign office: "Owing to your confounded telegram have spent twenty-four hours in Spanish jail. What do you mean?" BRIEF BITS. The oldest known pottery is that of Egypt; some of it dates from nearly 4,000 B. C. Last year about 35,000,000 packs of playing cards were manufactured and sold in this country. Scholars attending New York public schools have formed an Anti-cigarette smoking league. Alaska, with its islands, is said to have a coast line of u'5,000 miles, equal in extent to the circumference of tho globe. An electric launch from the Chicago, fair, parades the canals of Venice, where io has created a favorable impression. Petroleum, by a course of experiments made by tho Prussian {government, has proven a reliable scale pre- venter in steam boilers. WMt Atl<*3 Him. "What on earth ails Pitld»? 10 he hAv- !n# & fit?" ''No: ho lias a boil on his finger nhd •wants to pay hie fare, and he's trying to iise his left bond to get a nickei out of his H^hfcband trousers pocket." Orchards. Plnnt, encourngo your neighbor to plant. It takes to-day a bushel of wheat to buy a tH'ok of apples—orchards pay. Stark Bros.' slmre or co-opei'ativo orchards furnished without monoy—an investment for the well-to-do, ns well as for men of limited means and providing orchards which otherwise they might never get. A great orchard system on thorough, buslness-lika plans—something never before attempted. We practice what wo preach, show our faith in our orchards, "in our trees—two million trees, co-operative 6 per cent plan, ulrendy planted; over two million—over iiO.OOO acres> share plan and adding over half million a year. Farms with orchards doubling in value annually; a sure income. Our helps entiblo beginners to succeed. Write us. See adv. in another column this paper. Why He Thought So. Forrester—"HaHuppe said a while back that, ho was expecting some money soou. Did he get it ?» Lancaster—"I suppose so. 1 see he is carry ing his watch again." 1,<10 BUS. rOTATOKs I'EU ACKK. This astonishing yield was reported by Abr. Hahn, of Wisconsin, but Salzer's potatoes always get there. The editor of the Rural New Yorker reports' a yield of 730 bushels and 8 pounds per acre from one of Sal/.er's early potatoes. Above 1,410 bushels are from Salxer's new seedling Hundredfold. His new early potato, Lightning Express, has a record of 803 bushels per acre. He offers potatoes as low as $2.50 a barrel, and the best potato planter in the world for but $2. If You Will Cut This Out and Send It. with Gc postage to the John A.. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis., you will receive free his mammoth potato catalogue and a package of sixteen-day "Get There, Eli," raciish. w • " The winning ways of. the gambler fas citiate tho sucher. $1OO Reward, $1OO. Tho renders of this papor will bo pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded i.iHeaso that science has been able to cure in all its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure now known to tho medical fraternity, Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a const!tutioual treatment. Hall's Cntm-h Cure is taJcen intorunlly, acting till eotly upon the blood and m ucous surfaces of tho system, thoieby destroying the famuli) tion of the disease, nnd giving tho patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith in its curative powers that they ofl'er Ono Hundred Dollars far any caso that it fails to cure. Bend for list o£ testimonials. Address, F. J. CHENEY &CO.,Toledo, O. BSPSold by druggists, Tfic. The seedy man has reaped the financial short-crop. Asthma Sutl'erarn Who have in vain tried evory other meana or roller stould try "SchifTinanri's Asthma Cure." No -waiting for results. Its action is Immediate, direut and certain, us a single trial proves Send to Dr. It. Schiffmann, St. Paul, Minn., fo n Iree trial package, but aalc your druggist lirst. IN FOLLY'S WAKE. "How do you like, school, Georgie, by this time? ' Georgia—Oh, I don't mind the school; it's the teacher that makes all the trouble. Miss Porkopolis—Is it true that all Bostonians live on baked beans? Mr. Bcaconstreets—Oh, no; lots of them live on their relatives. Clara—Us girls are getting up a secret society. George—What's the object? Clara—I don't know, but I'll tell you all about it after I'm initiated. Kcrr—Where is Yokes now? The last time 1 saw him he was contending that a man should tell the truth in all circumstances. Biff—Ha is in tho hospital The moment a man can see that all is vanity he loses his desire to own tho earth. " 'Brown's Uroncliial Troches* are ext'ellnnt for the relief of Hoarseness or Sore Till-out. They arc exceedingly ef- i'octivo."— Miration World, Luiultm, Knij. The pastor who tries to parry his whole church on his shoulders will soon bo very lame in tho back. 'Hun human system needs continuous and cnroful attention to rid itsell of its impurities. Boucbnm's Tills act like magic. ~5 cents u box. Cut off a rooster's spurs mid you take the italics all out of his crow. Con's Js the oldest, aii'l best. Jt. will bn i :ik up a Cold qulek* er Hum ;uiyUiiiu; «ls«. 11 Is alwuyu reliable. 'J'ry 11. A niistako is apt to attract more attention to us than u virtue. 11 llansnn'r* niugCti C'nrn Salve. 11 Warranted to cure or money i-efnnded. Ask your druggist lor U. 1'rluu 15 edits. A Hoffc answer has often been the moo/is of breaking a hard heart. SliilollV, ConKmnptton Cure IxFoklniiHRiiunuitw. H eures Incipient consniim. Hon. JL u the. best. DouKli Cure. la.i;ls>.,fjOeL£. & Jl.oo. The devil hiia one arm around the man who ia trusting iu himself. See CoJcht-ster SpiuUng- Boots any. iu other eoliunn. Good fortune sometimes comes to soo us in a very shabby looliing carriage. It would bo hard to convince a spider that there is any honey in a rosebud. tnhnmftnlty to The most inhuman outrages, outrages which wotjld disgrace th6 6Ava£e, man perpetrates upon his own system by swallowing drastic purgatives wlMch convulse his stomach, agonize his intestines and weaken his system. Many people constantly do this under tho impression that medicaments only which are violent in their action, and particularly cathartics, are of any avail, IrrepnrAble injury to health in wrought under this mistaken idea. Tho laxativo which most nearly approaches the boniflccnt action of nature is Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, which is painless but thorough, and invigorates the intestinal canal Instead of weakening and irritating it. The liver and the stomach share in tho benign discipline instituted by this com-- prehensive medicine, whoso healthful influence is felt throughout the system. Malarious, rheumatic, kidney and nervous complaints succumb to It. Marriage Would Cure H!ni. IMr. Grumpps—"That boy will never be good for anything until he marries." Mrs. Orumpps—"1 suppose not." Mr. Gruinpps—"No. He's got to get over tho habit of hanging around the house." Walter Baker & Ca, the largest Cocoa and Chocolate Manufacturers on this continent, have carried off the highest honors at the World's Columbian Expositioo. They received from the Board of Judges the highest awards (medals and diplomas) on all the- articles contained in their exhibit, namely, breakfast cocoa, premium No. 1 chocolate, German sweet chocolate, va- nillo chocolate, cocoa butter. Tho judges state in their report that these products are characterized by "excellent flavor," "purity of material employed," and "uniform, even composition, indicating great care in point of mechanical preparation." A copy of Miss Parloa's "Choice Receipts" will be sent free to any housekeeper, on application, by mail or otherwise, to \Valter Baker & Co., Dorchester, Mass. THROW AWAV. There's no lp*ft at Any ttwJT atf weftrlnf ^ chftflng _., Which give only pnrtlal ______ ttt best, never cure, bnt ofteti inflict grenfc injury, ttdiie^ inflammation, strangulat matter Of DOW long stan or of what size, is pro and pertnnttently cured without the knlfc- and without pnln. Another Triumph In ConsenMStiva Ovarian, Fibroid and tttbtt- j varieties, Without, the fwHl* Of cutting operations^. • ' tJTT T? HnTT'M'fi'DQ however lartf«» JrlJUlJ 1 UMUllD, Fistula, ana other diseases of tho lower bowel, promptly cured •without pain or resort to the knll'o. arpAMTi in the Gladder, no matter how D IV/IN Ei large, is crushed, ptilverlasfl, and washed out. thus avoldlag cutting. Qfp'BTfl'f'TT'Dlfiof urinary pasaago to D 1 ItlU I U AiiJU also removed Without outtlnp-. Abundant References, and Pamphlets, on above diseases, sent sealed, In plain tin* velope, 10 cts. (stamps). WOHLD'S DISPJB- SABY MEOICAI, ASSOCIATION, Buffalo, N.x« I Thompson's • . . n • IVnttlici. num. noggin, tfaranfc, AT * LlPlrtfl ^wl»ir»liii>Miif«.Ol»ttfcBI»*l5. lAI T" I lIliK Fiirm'l'i>i>l«(S«rM,ei«, llrtrtKB, nt 4 I I IUU I'llll'iUO SIMM!t:O.,CbtMe*, III. Patents, Trade-Marks, I Examination noil Advfno no to Patentability oV Invention. Mund for " InviMitnrn' Onlilc, or How to del n "atcnt." PATOIOK 0'FABBgt.L, WASkmOIOy,. U. C $22J50 Ought to Oo Up. Mrs. Humorist—'•! see that dress poods ore going up, dear." Mr. Humorist—"That's good. T always did approve the old fashions of having 'em como right up to tho neck." Much Made. Monoy stringency is not the only cause of html times, and it takes very little money to make a good deal of happiness, as the following shows: Mr. R. B. Kyloj Tower Hill, Appomattox county, Va., writes that he was afflicted with rheumatism for several years, and physicians gave him no relief. Finally ho was rubbed all ovor with St. Jacob's Oil aud it cured. During his illness he had spasms aud was not ox- pecten to live. This points a \yfiy to many who think times hard, but who can find nn etiH.v way out ot their troubles. Prose and Poetry. Impassioned Youth—"Oh, Claire! Toll mo how you 1111 those lovely eyes with toars when, us Uainille, you shrink before Armand. Is it tho divine sympathy, the art, the soul!" Claire Tompkins—"Tush, sonny; 1 have an oniou wrapped iu my handkerchief." rnpnC; ^^11 I 1^ ..^ iiapcra from Imrtflars and t/l II I ^fji Every Knrmcr nnd Merclml >^ ABB B»X ^»»-. oweB j t tl) j,| s faiiidv to'jbrot<iet hlmnelf, Bcnrt for circular. W. L. SCOTT, 60 DearUorii Street, Clilcajro. I Bl^ill have a few nigh Grade TOtl SAIJS CI1KAJP. ' LLOYD EBERriART. Jo' i t. MV COCOA and WSGIATE Highest Awards (Medals anil Diplomas) World's Columbian Exposition. On Hie following ftrUclet, namely: BKOKFAST COCOA, ri;i:.i]iii.u NO. i CHOCOLATE,. OEltillAN SWEET CHOCOLATE,. VANILLA CHOCOLATE, COCOA BUTTER, For "purity of material," " excellent flavor," nnd "ttnl- lorni even composition." SOLD BY GROCERS EVERYWHERE. WALTER BAKER if CO.TDOifCHESTER, MAS&, OUT andsimil ItwlthOiipostaKoanil get a - Bamploof onr"OetTh«ruEII" Radish, lit for uso in 111 clayn,and our Mammoth Farm Seed Catalo^ua; orlCIo Cor cata- loKtio and 10*Kami Grain Samples; orl3aforcatalonruoand 13 gi-a'-sand clover samples. "We arntlio largest growers of Fai Hoeda. Potfttuu*, Grasses and Cloror SRO/IH, ot?.. In America.' 868"" SUMMER SNOW for 50years, llic, out? lianly iiratuh; comes true from seed—si'isilllii!; poaches nro hardiest. Stanils u to loiliy;. more cold tliiin others; :i(i-yr.-olil trees Mil bear -BEAR WHEN OTHERS FAIL. If interested in Trees, Fruits, lioses. Orimimmtiils, -write for Orchard Book,Guide,prices—will save jou money, ami MORE: mistakes. A Pointer—Wlieatr.0ii. lm..apples $-2; 'Me. apples nut pan $2 wheat. OLD OAK PROCESS Wholo .Uoot trees aro carefully proiiOKjuted regardless of cost by tlio ono known method that gives fniltfnl, lonjj- llvcd tro«s. They "llvo longer and boar&ctior."—&<.•<;. Morton. They Gft'iv/ -- ona customer planted 1ti,300 Without Losing a Treo. You can't get better at any price, nor equally ftootl fur loss money; ours arotho LOWEST PRICED Nurseries In U.S. forjioml stuck—scut worldwide (UirhiK 09 YEARS. Head the tliimxatidH of Iftlters from c.tistomors who order year af- tciryeiir. MeudonotasanilHsend tin; .second, tlio third, anil even tho L'Oth order, if not fairly dealt with. YOUR ORDER --wo waiitit.whotli- er for un« tree or ono million, lu:- canso we liavo Um stock to lill it — lOODacres Nurseries. Tested, uml hardy. 1st Ckolco sorts—:ai,noo acres in-cliarils in i!l Status. \V« ship everywhere, ship all Wintor—1" t'onl Kfoniiw cellars. Froe Packing, Free EXTRA COUNT(111'orlO.) —r PRFirUIT. STARK BRO'S NURSERIES & ORCHAHDS CO., 153L>, Louisiana, Mo., 01 ~ W «H! i L URING hard times consumers cannot afford to experiment with inferior, cheap brands ot" baking powder. It is NOW that the great strength and purity of the ROYAL stand out as a friend in heed to those \vho desire to practise Econ• in the Kitchen. Each spoonful does its per- work. Its increasing sale bears witness that a necessity to the prudent—it goes further. N B J. ^ • 4-J?9 Grocers say that every dollar invested in Royal Baking Powder is worth a dollar the world over, that it does not consume-their capital in dead stock, because it is the great favorite, and sells through all times and sqasons. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., 105 WftLl ST., HEW-YORK. Illustrated catalogue Bhowlntr WISUL AITQEBS, BOOK MULLS, HYDKATILIO AMI) JETTING MACUINKHY, etc. SENT ]i'itrn. llave boeu teetod and all warranted. THE PECH HFO. CO. .Sioux Ulty, 19 S. Canal St., Chicago, " COLCHESTER'" SPADINS. J BEST IN MARKET.. UKST1N KIT. UEST IN WKABIKQ QUALITY. • Tho outer or tap sole ex* tuntts tho whole luugtU- down to the heel, j>ro- U cling the boot iu dljjf- .riii!; and Iu other hard 1 1 work. ASK YOUR DEALER VOW THEM i id don't iiu put oft' \ Uh intcri-.'!- ffooda. ._ CO. MEND YOUR OWN HARNESS WITH THOMSON'S SLOTTED No tuols miuircU. Only a liaimiicr i to drive ami clinch Ilu-ju'easily wm | nuickiy Icimug the elmi'li a!.'M\hiti-|v smooth no liolo to bo unulo iu thy K-':t!lier nor In- ' ftr th» «-TH ts- Tlu!y are S1KCNU - TOUGH antl t "ABIE. . Sote.SSWn'bS 1 ^* 11 1C " S! " S ' "* i0nB ° r ; . A«te your iK-al«r fur (lirm. of si-!iU iOe. iu stumps for :t box of MO; a.«s»rtcU si=fs. HUDSON U^THQMSON^WFC.CO.. Wulthnni, .Hi<,s. * \V. N. IJ.--D. M nx to auy \ t |u

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