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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, August 30, 1946
Page 6
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HuueMKHfoMMmunm (1 HOPE STAR, HOP!, ARKANSAS Frlv/jy, August 30, 1946 — ,4 ?,"'_,, ^ . , ? n w r c a i « i\/ 11 v r t., «-» " ••« «-« »•« - " - . • • ' — Bob Hope. Joan Caulfield Star in 'Monsieur BeaucaJre' * ' ' ' • B . . -,-.---' - -.. " " ' '*' "^ ^^ m * f* r*7-l. . ~~~~m" t ', _..,^^ nl! ,;« ti,« nnvt A. ' *•• i . ki__. r>_.,:~.i, *.i Suspect Confesses Vote tn OnnoSG LLb. Hilarious Comedy at Rialto Sunday ^Bob-Hope, his co-star Joan Caul field, and the rest of thc cast of Paramount's "Monsieur , Beau- catre," wear 18th century costumes, but despite this, the film, which opens Sunday at the Rialto Theatre,, is more aptly termed ny- steiical, rather than hislorical. For Hope is at his wit's best in this costume comedy, and that means unrestrained hilarity. The late Booth Tarkington must "be chuckling in that heaven where go great writers, to see what Para mount has done to his exciting drama of romance and adventure in the days of Louis XV and Mad ame Pompadour. The excitemen is" still there, but it is now lin excitement of anticipating the next lope 'escapade, and they come a imile-a-minute. Writers Norman Panama and Melvin Frank, most certainly Holywood's top gag men, took Tark- ngton's characters, his locale, and the title of his story, but little else They gave Hope an 18th century setting for his 20th century jags, a romantic costume for his riotous tomfoolery, and the palaces of France and Spain to thoroughly outdo any court jester. Bob plays Beaucaire, barber to Louis XV. He goes a little further than most barbers in making himself annoying, and the king sentences him to the King size Gillette, the chopping block. Hope flees France with the aid of, and disguised as, a French nobleman. The real Duke, busy at his pastime of wolfing, forces. Hope to be received at the court of Spain as France's greatest swordsman 1 and most dashin? loved. What a situation for busy Bob. and what a iiesta of fun he makes of it! His sword play is a scream, and his love play is laugh-packed. Joan Caulfield, one of the most oeautiful and accomplished young actresses on the screen today, lives Opens Sunday at New New SUNDAY Suspect Confesses Shooting'Man Near Paragould Paragould, Aug. 29 — —Greene County Sheriff Pat Robinson said today that John F. Willcut. 36. of Morning Star had admitted shoot- in" J. P. Abcll, 29, near hero Aug. Abcll, who was seriously wounded, is a patient at a Memphis hospital. Sheriff Robinson reported lha Willcul confessed after Ihrec hours of questioning. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Phil Hergct said Willcut would be Preview at Palace on Sat. Night The story of the poor boy who, through hard work and great personality wins fame and fortune in the world, was the stock in trade of the late Horatio Alger and it made his name a household word throughout America. Actually, laughable as the Algcr stories ma_y be in this enlightened atomic world Fate has a way of repeal- ,--,,,, m.i6>-i «mi« •••..- ..... - ...... ing Ihis homely story in real life charged with assault with intent < Ab ' 1 * every so often. lo kill and attempt to rape AOciis Thc lalcsl example ot Ihe rags- young woman companion. He said lo-iiches theme is Louis Jordan, ("Willcut probably would bc given a currently starring with Frank Wil- mental examination. ir.*-,rt,-t> niMmt-fluniv Vnlprie 1 ur;ii n «t fr,»«moHv nf .TnnosoorO NOW and Saturday "Shadows on the Range Strange Triangle" BOB HOPE ' and JO AN CAULFIELD teur Sunday Features PATRIC KNOWLES Marjorie REYNOLDS JOSEPH SCHIIDKRAUT CICIl KIUAWAY CONSTANCE COLDER 1:00 --3:04 5:08 -7:12 Last 9:16 NOW and Saturday "Days of Buffalo Bill" "Larceny in Her Heart Roy Rogers with his pal "Gabby" Hayes, in a scene froai "Song Of Arizoaa." widi Dale Hyans. Opens Sunday at Rialto V.llll<-Iii>j k?n*i»i»ito 11 »*•* — •»- •• -son, Emory Kichardson, Valeric Black and Millon Woods In "Beware" his first, all-negro feature, which opens at the Palace theater with a special midnight preview at 11:15 o'clock Saturday Highland goes on a continuous showing Sunday and Monday. Thc box office will open al 1 p.m. on Sunday, and 2 p.m. on Monday. Thc film, an Aslor Picture, was produced and directed by Bud Pollard under thc supervision of R. M. Savini. Joidan's bcginninngs in show business were much Ihc same as many another great slar —only tor him it was more so. Disappointments, doubt, jobs with cheap outfits in small halls, wondering where the ncxl meal was coming from, all became a parl of Ihc daily existence of Louis. It was tough, but as he will tell you himself, il gave him Iwo Ihings which are largely responsible for his success loday; a chance lo observe audiences of all lypcs and learn what they want, and an opportunity to tudy Ihe various reed instruments and perfect his technique. That he vorkcd hard ai.'d studied long Is proved by thc fact thai, loday l.i» s Number One sepia recording ar- ist for Dccca Records, as well .as he idol of swing fans across the nation. Ul I l-Cli (JWHIlllll*»lrtWII» Willcut, formerly of Joncsboro and Alabama, was arrested at Falkville, Ala., by FBI agents and Alabama slate police last Sunday. He was returned here Tuesday. "At least, you're the third parry. Bob!" A scene from "Monsieur Ucauc.iirc," starring Bob Hope, Jo.in CuilliclJ and P.itric Knowlcs. jp to, and amplifies, the rave notices she received in her first tilm, "Miss Susie Slagle's." Miss Caulfield is very lovely, her natural gifts enhanced by her enticing costumes. As a scullery maid with ambitions to replace La Pompadour, Joan makes an excellent straight man for her suitor, Bob Hope. As a breather from the ^ope merriment, some legitimate love interest is supplied by Patric Knowles and Marjorie Reynolds. The former plays Bob's noble benefactor, and Miss Reynolds portrays a lovely Spanish princess. Others in the supporting cast are Cecil Kella way, Reginald Owen, Constance Collier and Hillary Brooke. George Marshall's expert direc tion doesn't miss a single trick. He races thc picture through an hou and a half of thorough enjoyment with the action reaching riotou proporlions al Ihe wind-up. Paul Jones, producer of six previous Hope howlers, has hit the jack- poi with his lucky se.venth. This one is all mirlh. Hope and hilarity. Who can ask for more? -o . Moscow Makes Changes in ; ( Greece Envoys Athens, Greece, Aug. 29 — (/P)— The Soviet Ambassador, Adm. K. K. Rodionov, announced today Law Protects Men Wanting to Join Union By JAMES MARLOW Washinglon, Aug. 30 —(IP}— How freely can an employer speak to his employes about a union they are thinking of joining? This story will atlempl to answer that question. It puzzles many employers because of two things.: 1. Freedom ofj speech is guaranteed by the constitution. 2. The National Labor Relations Act, passed in 1935, says an employer shall nol engage in unfair labor pracliccs against his em- ployes. (An example of what thai acl calls an unfair labor praclicc: H an employer Iries to prevent his employes from joining a union.) This week the National Labor Relations Board issued a ruling in the case of a New York company. The union had complained to the board, which enforces the labor relations act, thai the company had tried to keep its employes from joining 'the union. The ruling said in parl: "Slanding alone and in Ihe ab__..-.- sencc of olhcr evidence, ihe prc- K. K. Rodionpv, announced loday scn t a tion o£ an argument (by an lhat the Soviet charge d afaircs 1 employer), lemperalc in form and in Greece would be Firsl Secre- con taining no intimation of rcpri- lary G. Tchernossey. Rodionov sal may not support an inference Ihus indicated his departure for \ Qi cocrc j on . Moscow did not mean a break in ,. But tnc situation is quite dif- Soviel-Greek relations. fcrenl where il is clear lhal thc Paying a farewell call at the cm lo r . s purposc j s no t merely Greek foreign mimslry, Rodionov to exprcss his views, but rather to Morris Asks Dr. Newton to Resign Fort Worth, Tex., Aug. 29 — (UP)— Dr. J. Frank Norris, famous Baptist fundamentalist, to clay demanded thc resignation oi Dr Louie IJ. 'Newton, president ol thc Southern Baplisl Convention al Allanla, Ga. In a scatching dcnunicalion o Newton, who recently made a 3.) day trip t o Mpscow, Norris charged that thc baptist officia has endorsed communistic Russia and the regime of Josef Stalin. "Time magazine and olhcr pub llcalions. said Dr. Norris, "hav ridiculed him for being swallowcc un by Joe Stalin and his gang. . Time calls him an innocent abroa and makes a sap oul of him. Dr Norris continued, "they di to Dr. Newton thc boa constriclor act. They first slicked and slimed him and then swallowed him. Thc Fort Worth pastor, who also holds another church in Detroit (Thc Temple BaptisO, today revealed that he had sent thc following telegram to Dr. Newton. "Since you have come out and endorsed communistic Russia, the worsl bunoh of bandits in history, you should resign instata Ihe high Vets to Oppose Nominees in Crittenden West Memphis. Aug. 2D —(UP)— Every nominee for Crittenden couiuy otiices will bc opposed by veterans in thc general elcclion In an attempt to oust thc county political organization, Jack Coughlin, veterans leader, said today. Coughlin. a newspaperman and one of Ihe organizers ot a veterans group, said veterans would run as Independent candidates against every nominee backed by thc county political organization. "We ai-e willing lo fighl io the end," he said. "We don'l believe we have honest government. The elections arc dishonest." Coughlin said Ihe Criltendcn county veterans group planned a mass meeting Saturday night a which definite plans would be made for backing candidates in thc November election. "We arc goinf, o make specific charges at tin nccling," he said. Coughlin said three lounccd their candidacy agains ncumbcnt candidates in thc Dem ocratic primary bul withdrew bt ore Ihc election. "One was«scarec off, another bought off and th hird was talked out of making th race," he said. U. S. ; British 0 Zones May Be United By JOHN L. STEEUE Washington, Aug. 28 — (UP) — lans to join Ihc Brilish and Amor- can zones In Germany are :'ar ad- anced and should be announced horlly Stale Department officials if/i aid today. Thc conversations for economic inity between thc two zones are aking place in ncrlin, but are icing' closely followed by officials lore. , ... Keynote jn the plan is expected to bc a drive lo boosl coal produc- ion in Ihe northwestern region now under British control, British officials reportedly have been unable thus far to push coal production anywhere near pre-war ,cvcls. U. S. officials predict lhal , one of Ihe chief benefits to come * from unification will bc application of American mining know-how. Al leasl one important difference between American and British oc- cupalion policy still remains to bc sctllcd. , British administrators have al- Icmplcd whal was described as Hanking May Have Lost 500,000 By MILES W. VAUGHN Tokyo, Aug. 29 — (UP) — A full investigation of thc infamous rape ..„,.,„._, ,,_ . of Nanking may show that as Baptisl convenlion. many as 500,000 innocent victims "Here you come out endorsing est office among southern baptists, namely president of thc Southern IV- \_ , * i V o u iv* • The County allows its equipment to bc used'by individuals "while he judge tells us he cannot do anything about our county roads because of scarcity of equipment and labor," Coughlin continued. Also, "there is widcopcn gambling and prostitution, especially where •joints' cater to negro trade." Only one county official, Sheriff Cecil Goodwin, could be quoted today He said thc administration had backing of veterans, possibly even more than Ihc veterans party. They arc thc levelheaded type." As for Coughlin, "he is ncw here. He hasn't lived here long enough lo vole." "And speaking of Rag Wallm of Earle, he only brags about Ihc lime he managed a successful campaign against us in 1942.' Wallir, said he was strongly ii 'avor of thc veterans group. o U.of A. Has New Professor of Military Science Faycttcvillc, Aug. 30- Col. Harry J 11 I IJLUU \VHlil. >» M.J -.•*,!*»...-«•—»across-the-boards revival of Gerr man economy." This policy represents an cfforl lo re-open coal nines concurrently wilh recon- truction of railroads, stimulating loci production and other manu- acturcs. , U S. occupation officials regard his attempt as foredoomed to allure. They have urged that all effort be concentrated now solely n boosling coal outpul and manu- were killed when Ihc Japanese sacked Ihe cily in 1937, war crimes trial evidence disclosed today. The 11-man court trying 27 lead- ng Japanese suspects heard a report which staled lhal more lhan 300,000 persons were known lo lave been killed. Invcsligalions slill under way may confirm that an additional 200,000 victims met death at the hands of blood-crazed Japanese soldiers. 'The report on thc fall of the city was drawn up by Chen Kwang-yi, head procurator of the Nanking dislricl court, and read into the j evidence. "Sad wailing was heard everywhere, the report said. "Trie ground was strewn wilh corpses and blood ran knee deep. In one inslancc, a group of 60,000 persons, including children and aged people, were starved for several days and finally machine- gunned and bayonctlcd, thc report said. Thc bodies were doused with kerosene and burned, and many were thrown into the Yangtze river. Japanese military police arrested civilians on grounds Ihcy wcrc "soldiers and killed them on the spot. Joe Stalin and his bunch of inter national ganslcrs while our Secre tary of Stale Jim Byrnes is fighl ing them tooth and nail in the Paris Peace conference. And the very day you endorse them, thc> shoot down two of our unarmed transports and we are now bring ing home the dead bodies of these unarmed airmen. Every principl of decency demands that you re sign." In W. B'arrick has assumed his duties as professor of military science and taclics al Ihe University of Arkansas. 'acture of mining equipment. —. Ihis way Ihcy believe, rcconslruc- lion of olher industrial, enterprises would be possible in time on a firmer fooling. Thc U. S. and Brilain agreed to unify their -/.ones following long but unsuccessful efforts to. get France and Russia lo come in wilh Ihcir zones on a general program for economic unification. American officials cxpecl Ihcsc results from Ihc U. S.-Brilish plan: 1. Food — Food supplies of Ihc two regions plus '.food imports will be jointly administered. Such « system is cxpcclcd to assure a diet at least as well-rounded as that now applying in thc agriculturally rich Soviet zone. 2. Transport — Unificalion of tho railroad system of the two /.ones, il is believed, will stimulate .manufacturing cnlerprises and simplify exchange of bolh basic resources and componcnl parls necessary for fabrication of finished products. 3. Communications — Stops already have been taken to join the rkansas. ready have been laKen to join xne Colonel Barrick, a native of Ncw lwo arcas more closely through ni-cn-ti »,/nc mvirinntnri from the un m c( j telephonic and postal communications. These arrangements will bc pressed. , Jersey, was graduated from the U S.' Military Academy in 191U. His service in World War Two included 37 months overseas in Australia, New Guinea and Lcyle. He came here from Fort Benning, Ga. o Albany is the oldest chartered city in the United States. Crime Partners Die Hating PALACE THEATRE HOPE'S ONLY COLORED THEATRE On Highway 67 Hope, Ark. t The Maestro With A Beat LooiVs a LULU.' !le 2S,^d U V™^^^ ° biCCUVCS I Nashville^Tenn Aug. 30 -(IIP, ^r««*«^^ - « "I f So'r. Lincoln MndVeagh, entered ^^^^^ffiS ^day for,, crime^ in which they ad°caUcd on Leon Y^M™"! pccS"'an'd had ^ to cach olh £ r ", ,, , , , ™««, -...^or general of the for- d o"e Deviously other thmgs to , Th S, lwo mcn had "ha ed each Jign office, while the Russian en : K on °. Pjcvious^y otncr tmngs othci ... since soon after their ai voy was closeted with Slephan6 ai | c ° tul '|^ir' n i" b ^i« ^,^ u,,,|rcsts, officials said. They poulos. ' er, Greek foreign office |cou.age jo.mn.^ ^i wh.t does Ihu ^iguagc of -mean. A c Laboi Laler, UreCK lOrcign Olliuu i-r u n -..j mn-in'' At Ihn T nhnr <-'l u «y " Ilu " 1;i w' 11 - "uijuiin. , sources said MacVeagh had point- feft^B^V o ^ \ c ^\ h £ ww stcw ?, rt counl ? r Uv ° y ? al ' S ag ^ cd oul lhat two Athens ncwspap- "clalions Bodra s otuccs, tins W ds Lu ff ma n, who made a ;in; nrs. in reporting United Stales tn ° KO'' ;/f'eo loToll h is cmuloves statcment '•, cllor ; ltl . n « .'»s guil a Sl c^rle^ C vi^Kd MOT wAt^e S.fiS § KKr^ ^^ ls , ^g^Sf L ^?nt n"'^ Acling; Secretary of State Dean denounce H if in denouncing 'V hj-T p.-cdicament, followed him six hoson the words "and in case , ,_{• ' i 1?.. °??. n ;.... 4 ° a _ " ..L_°Ti,..~ minutes later. Hicks make no . FEATURES f 1:00 -2:46 - 4:32 - 6:03 - 7:49 - 9:3!: If DOORS OP6N SUN.'— 1*45 ~ BOTH THEATRES ' * 9 ALWAYS A GOOD SHOW •- in A_IJ_~ c,.,.^«t,^,, O f state Dean l"^"""' 1 '"^ " ", VH "^.""""r"'" "-' f lhis predicament, ._ -_ rtv:«iu B uu t..u w^., 'and in case 1-- «<; indo ^ srn h. v t^co^ci-ce°Tlicm minuics . lal , c !'' Hicks - mu l t i C "? there is any Irouble.' MacVeagh } n p v J°' n : . or . uy lu Lul - 11 - 1 - Ll "-' u slalcmcr.l Ihis morning , though was said ?o y have pointed out lhal '"lo not 3«mn8 , ast n , ghl h lok] o£n ,. ln . the phrase was not included in , 2 - Hls dtnuiicidUon is nol P au killing trie for a crime 1 didn'l AcheK announcement. »Inlo^Tro,^Mo n n/ Examulc- com1 " 11 '" H ° « sUcd - rthilt Ta ,l clc ' Rodionov's note naming a charge employes fiom^. J°'Y S f a!k hc ^ .(b U»'am be sent his wife in Indiana d'affaires and his 45-minute con- \ ll < bctoic or allci his lalK, ne iiiea kj „ her lo aUcn( j ] ns funeral. aalld ^ es ^"j^abiy case d thof mc n 1 , nt ,?/ csted m thc umon or Uc -' ''--"tension here. Stephanopoulos was said to have wished him a pleasant journey and a speedy return, o • to ..._ . niv-u i.mi.^-^v^v. m uii. u...w.. w^ v.w i Luiinian's wry comment to a moled Ihem. orison guard who remarked that. In olher words: An employer can f. tnings r j 01 y t ] oo k so good today," tell his employes whal lie thinks was .. we ii_ they don'l look no of a union, bul he can I say any- ^QJ-^Q lhan Ihcy always have." Ihing which could be interpreted Tne fjrst break in Ihe case as doing any of Ihc lwo things list- ca me when Hick's handwriting was cd above. found to be identical with that on Cnmnnian Cosfr •?? far V 11S st °ry,, h . as <? calt onl >' a note in the bedroom where thc VOmpaign V-Uil W ith employers talking to groups , oup i e were shot. Both men later MrMath $2277 of employes. But can an employer ig^jj c(J | n f cssions though Hicks JVIC/Viarn **.*.! / talk to his workers individually ' esrbally repudiated his in subse- _ , , „. /irrii aboul his ideas on a union? oucnl teslimonv Little Rock, Aug. 29 -(UP)- This was the opinion given al Uie qucnl l !!l!!I!rZ:- Sidney S. McMath, successful jn LaDO r Relations Board's offices: I his bid for Democratic nomination Ho could f ree i y exp rcss his opin- as prosecuting attorney in Ihe jon if tnerc was no tnrcat or cocr . eighteenth judicial district told j imp ijed or stated in whal he Secretary of Stage C. G. Hall lo- L aid day lhal he spenl $2,277 in his For instancei nc m jg ht say: -j campaign. think thai is nol a good union" McMath, leader of a G-I up- 'f na t mi°ht be all righl rising against the political organ- But suppose he said; iizatlon of Mayor Leo P. McLaugh- t | la t is not a good union. lin of Hot Springs, defeated Curlis 1 & Ridgway, way has county Circuit court contesling elcclion. Methodists Study Hospital Plan at Paragould I Memphis, Tcnn., Aug. 30 —M 1 )— think Methodist hospital authorities here Your say the proposal that the hospita " j. _ i f\n i. . _i i ....: j .. i :.. n it Mayor i^eo i-. .mu^augu- that is not a good union Your say me proposal inai me nospua ot Springs, defeated Curlis ; o j n i n g j t W on'l do you any good " operale a 100-bed hospital in Para •, present prosecutor. Ridg- Was thai phrase — "Your joining gould, Ark., is contingent upoi s filed suit in Garland jt won - t do you any gooc i" _ j ust completion of the Paragould build Circuit court contesting the itrirf ... .,,.., th unl h nfi . Morris Hccht of Hot Springs, third man in thc race for Circuit iudce in thc same district, told Hall he spent $634. Hocht It-ailed I both Circuit Judge Earl Will, who was renominaled, and Clyde H. Blown. HUGE SNAKE Giant snake fangs as long as ti"er clav.-i,, front an extinct reptile, were found in South America. Scienlisls say the poisonous ser- ncnt rnui-l huvc been CO Ic'ji iv..j. itself couldn't do the man good? Or was the boss trying to tell the worker he would bc demoted if he joined? If the union complained to the board about that conversation the board would have to decide what the boss meant. So the line between what a boss can ad can not say to Jiis workers uboul joining a union seems pretty iliin. Puerlo Rico coast. literally means Leslie M. StriHlon. Sr., chaii man of the Methodist IlospiUi Board, said he met yesterday wit! a group of Paragould men —Mayo G. W. Hammond, Dr. J. A .Dill man, the Rev. R. E. Connell, an Ray Menwethcr. "1 told the group lhat if the hot. pital is completed, I will recon mend to Ihu Memphis board vlia we help equip it \viih v lj l-''"' sul. .•jcripiiuu. Him icjsc and ope rut it," Slralton suid. The hospHal is reporied uboul D per cent "Beware, Brother, Beware" "Pon't Worry 'bout That Mule" "Salt Pork West Virginia" "Land of tho Buffalo Nickle" "fiood Morning Heartache" Our Doily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor ——Alex. H. WMhburn Diversification Agriculture's Oldest Success Story The ancient business adage says, Don't put all your eggs in one basket. . 11 That goes for business and invcsl- mcnls— and for farmers as well as town folk. ' Among farmers it is called diversification—and diversification is certainly thc oldest and surest success story for agriculture. Thc latest illustration to crack thc news is Washington county, up i ayctte- villc way. In a program al Lilllc Rock yesterday honoring Washington county it\was said thai "a diversified economy buill around agricultural products and packing and processing "'plans, was developed through the enterprise and resourcefulness of its citizens." "Enterprise and resourcefulness were necessary because we were located so far away from big markets," thc statement concluded. And that's a fair slalcmonl and a fair conclusion for lh,c agriculture of all Arkansas. No one knows Ihc future of collon, once Ihc grca cash cron of thc South. In divcrsi fication lies the salvation of agri culture al a time when all the na i. '/ tion is uncertain over cominf events. For when eggs arc dividcc among many baskets— to pel back to the old adage— some of those baskets arc sure to gel saiely through to markcl. * -K * BY S. BURTON HEATH (James Thrasher is O 4 n vacation) Power Politics Because Yugoslavia is a liny country thousands of miles away, ,-ind the United Slates is a migh'.y world power, il would be very ca- to overlook the significance of Hope Star WEATHER FORECAtT Arkansas: Fair and slightly warmer this afternoon, tonight ana Sunday. 47TH YEAR: VOL. 47—NO. 273 Star of Hoo*, 1899: Press. 1927. Consolidated January 18. 1929. HOPE, ARKANSAS; SATURDAY, AUGUST 31,1946 (NEA1—Means Newsoaoer Enterorlw Ats'n. So bright is the light of Ihe Cuban firefly lhal a few of these s insects produce enough illumma- f i tion to serve as a lantern. r VALERIE BLACK MILTON WOODS-FRANK WILSON EMORY RICHARDSON LOUIS JORDAN and HIS IAMOUS TTMPANY ORCHESTRA MIDNIGHT SHOW- SATURDAY NIGHT CONTINUOUS -° »AY and MONDAY BOX OFFICE OPENS —1 P.M.SUNDAY — 2 P. M. MONDAY (Phone 1138) ADMISSION 25c Departure of Molotov Brings Speculation By R. H. SHACKFORD Paris, Aug. 31 —(UP)— Sovicl Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov slipped secretly away from Paris by plane for Moscow today pro- umably to confer with Prcmiei Slalin on the bogged down peace conference. The trip was Molotov's first to vloscow since Ihc peace conference jegan five weeks ago. ' No advance nolicc was given of lis intention. Bul when asked about a rumor of his departure, a Soviet embassy spokesman confirmed il without hcsitalion. Thc spokesman, hosvevcr, declined lo give any information on the reasons fo rthc Irip Ihc probable lenglh of Molotov's absence from Paris, or even whether he planned lo return al all. Conference observers assumed that Stalin had summoned Molotov to Moscow for a ptrsonal rcporl, The trip came when 'ihc conference was tied up in angry recriminations between thc bovicls and wcslcrn powers, and when feeling between thc two blocs was stronger probably lhan al any time since Ihc war. ' In Ihc conference ilsclf, the It- Hitler's Expensive Retreat Probably Only Place Where Tea Cost $25,000 A Cup By TOM REEDY (For Hal Boyle) Bcrchlcsgaden, Aug. 31 — (/Pi- Think no more of a billion pcngo nolcs, of black markcl slcaks at ten bucks a bite, of broken down used cars at $1,500 — once upon a lime tea here cost $25,000 a cup. Heinz Kocrncr, young sun-tanned former Wchrmachl soldier now employed at the fuehrer's "Eagle Nest" alop thc mountain .provided Ihis Information. Heinz doesn'l have much lo do cxccpl answer Ihrce mounlainside lelcpnoncs which keep ringing con- slanlly. The telephones arc used vo keep Iraffic moving only one way al a time on thc narrow, winding, breathtaking road to thc fantastic hilltop hideaway. This young German obviously had been here when thc place was re- slriclcd to a super sclccl clientele, although he labored hard to give ihc impression that he had spent much lime as a prisoner of war in used cxccpl to entertain at tea Ihosc "gucsls" who had scilicet some deal wilh Ihc fuehrer at 1119 Obcrsalxburg chalet several thpu- . . . i T TT_!._». n «!,-1 iKttt -t v\e . the Eagle's Nest" and he had lo have ccn Ihcm lo know lhal. Thc Trench Army "libcralccl" every- sy our the current dispute between two countries. If it were true lhal Yugoslavia is just a lilllc nation, standing alone on her own feet, that had done some damage in a childish tan- MJ1IIU LUHIIt't,*- »" l » %,.»..^..«.. - "- ti-um, then surely we could afoid to accept her grudging amends r.nd give Tilo whatever salisfaclion re might find in thc last word. Unfortunately, thai is nol the case. Thc mailer is not really one (Jt(nU> A i i(J JIIHLI.V.I •»• •••" * -— ---- ./ i between little Yugoslavia and thc big United Stales. It is between the Unilcd Slates and powerful Russia. Tito is merely Titos puppet. He never has been anything more. He is a Communist agent, trained in Moscow before the war and senl back to seize his native land for 1(1 II IV V.UHl\iA^;il\.^ lVUV.4t| V..W -•• r alian political commission adopted Ihc second article of the Italian trcaly drafl dclincaling the proposed Ilalian-Frcnch frontier. Thc action brought thc conference up lo one of ils toughest problems—the frontier of Ilaly and Yugoslavia, involving the Trieste is sue. The article adoplcd loday woulc turn over lo France four smal Alpine arcas. Ilaly agreed to xhc session of Ihrcc, bul objected to giving up thc Mont Conis plateau the Monl Ccnis proposal was ap proved bv a vole of 10 to 0. Thc five Brilish dominions anc India abstained from voting on the zmont Ccnis proposal. Thc commission had debated thc issue for three days. II rcjcclcd an Australian proposal lo set up a special subcommittee to invcsligalc. Allied nations showered down documents supporting assertions thai Ilaly damaged Ihcm to the exienl 01 $10,000,000,000 although hing lhal remained in the place vlicn Germany fell. Heinz lold wilh Ihc emphasis of i man who knows whal he is lalk- ng about that Hlllcr visited this dizzy retreat only ;fivc times, that Gocring had been here only thrice ind Martin Bormann, the dcpuly 'uchrer, only len times in all. Each visil was for lea only. Thc house ironically is called a tea house, although it can bo rcachcc only through tunnels which would bc impassable if SS or Gcslapo mci were there as guards. Heinz said Ihc retreat never wa *_»ui:i aciif.»ju» b ^n«"-" . u ~ T rt" ,, ' r. sand feet below. Heinz said that the retreat had cost $2,500,000. Eighlccn visils by the three Nazi big shots probably came to about 100 cups of lea. Thai's $25,000 a coup in rough figures in any language. , You can' I get any tea at Bcrch tcsgadcn now. or even a drink ol water. Germans lend Ihe place anc with what seems like very aloo reluctance take visitors to thc top in the fancy bronze elevator, they show tourists thc big glass en closed room where anyone so in clincd could build a few dcluc of granducr through thc drifting clouds, if he chose, and the few bare, cold looking appointments. There arc many more Gcrmani isitors lhan Americans or other Allied people. It is a three-hour limb on loot up the hill, out the like loving Bavarians enjoy it..j They scowl al jeeps and their occupants. One of xhcm wasn't beyond giving the wrong directions, or the trip back, directions which cd to a narrow patli that only . a cop could negotiate — and then Housewives to Get Lowdown on Prices Today By GRANT DILLMAN Washinglon, Aug. 31 — (UP)— Sccrclary of Agriculture Clinton P. Anderson promised to tell housewives today what foods will bc kept on or lakcn off thc price con- lrol list in September. He was scheduled to issue at 3:30 p. m. (EST) thc first official list ot scarce agriculture commodities required under thc ncw price conlrol law. Hems now under control but not on the lisl automatically must be dc-controllcd. German War Crimes Verdict to Be Given September 23; Defendants in Final Pleas cru GcVmlny *Aug. 31 - In a final outburst, Gocring as verdict in the nine-month- sorted he was ncvcrtnclcss "siand- old Nuernberg war crimes trial ing bacn ol everything I have 23 ' lhC tribUna °"Xhc only motive which guided was made by as was my ardent love for my " on the Almighty and people as my wit- Lawrence announced that thc in- remain scaled, pleading ill health. ech milit-irv tribunal would ' y , deicndant made his speech ceran o e o . jasi mnute speeches c aes, rian an - — BoUi agricuHurc and OPA officials lh e f^ only diucrcnce is mat they agree they arc not sufficiently by s noutmg ms » inocc » cc sl °™ c \, B l 03 . i nimc in terms of continents, we in has been free of Pvci again m an impassioncu u . . 1*1 eii i J jiujjwi. 1.01 lit jujv/viw HUCil «o meal, sugar and fals and oils were cerlain lo be on Ihc conlrol list. Sfun il SepL^ " D wh S n W °^ froin to .ccStomg place >n the ??l«fc *, beVe ,Jl.g.in.tH6r. | dock, using ^ r^microphone. followed licss, defended nis con- .duct as foreign minister with thc .-defendants sat in declaration mat Germany sought ir's box, Gocring opened much ihc same things as the Unit- of last minulo speeches cd States, Britain and Russia.- t. . . _. i 1 11tV.«. n «i*r i-i«» t e\ *•«*•! rtn ic tnat i nPV mann Gocring and his fellow dc fendanls and seven Nazi organize Can't Prosecute So Spy Ring Is Released By DON DOANE Frankfurt, Germany. Aug. 31 — (/P)-Col. C. F. Frltsche, deputy U. S. Army intelligence chief in Europe, disclosed today that all, but one of 15 Germans arrested on. suspicion of Soviet-sponsored espionage in the American occupa- lion zone of Germany have been released from jail. Col. Fritsche said the only one still in custody was Walter Kazmarek, alleged leader of the Kus- con . idors <t(-il Vi«J lll^.T (t i \> «i v fc »vv»«».— »„...-,, plcnliful. Meal has been free of i :„,:,„,„"„,_„ - i terms ot cornaors. conlrol since June 30 bul retail mm "{. ( L t 'while-faced Rudolf Hess "in 1939, 1 met Slalin in. Moscow ceilings arc scheduled to be re- L Ga ^£ ~ in | "unleashing a and he didn't'seek a peaceful act- slorcd Sepl. 9. • |ionowtu_ r"..i" ^VrijiJ..,- .(.„„ I tinmoni -" ..p sairi. "Tho conducl of OPA will nol announce thc ncw retail meat ceilings until next week .but it is already clear they 11 be higher lhan on June 30. The • ' dressed fo lowed uocrm,?. unicasuing a r. "«"«••"" »"• -..r^r "„ j,:_r „> storm of abuse; Hitler's one-time lemenl" ,c said rhc conducl of jrccariously. Another B avarian, employed /A.HULIHJI JJU v 01 ILI 11, X,.M.[-*W^ — ~ --T Ihe Ncxl itself, was not beyond denying Ihe exislcnce of a. rcslj room, although one was clearly visible through quarters used by the German attendants. There's a big sign al Bcrchlcs gaclcn lhal says: "Properly of United Slalcs military government. But don't believe that for a mm ulc. Thc Germans think they own it. or beef cuts, three cents more iot x>rk and eight or nine cents for amb '. cilings, which go ccommcndalion to OPA. Russia, away from the legal government that was fighting wholeheartedly wilh the Allies against 'u'ndei- Tito, Yugoslavia has no independent existence. It is a province and a tool of the Soviet. It docs nothing, internally or extern„• . ally, without assurance thai Moscow approves. • . . ,- When Tilo. had. American, planes •'"shot do\vn,'he did it in full knowledge that Stalin approved and would back him — if, indeed, he had no explicit orders from a Soviet government' that ostensibly is our ally and friend. . . Thc issue lhal has been- raised is not one of national dignity. A Newfoundland can ignore the yappinj of a toy terrier. H is an issue o ,,, actual reparations claims were expected to approximate half of that Comment From Arkansas' State House By BOB BROWN noWS' ^ r on ln «l bu rule sugar and shortemng scarce. Officials llicn would have scarce. Officials llicn would have documentary proof where to decide if the amount of sugar how hp could have known and shortening in bakery products | ve V ytn mg that •happened under would justify continued controls on eve, y thing .thai .nappe eg sum. f , France submitted a claim for all Italian property in France and part of Ihe. Italian war industry. [t was the first revelation of French intenlions wilh regard to Italian reparations. The Uniled Slalcs and Britain have made no claims. ,, , -. • Brazil offered .'to. .-.collect '-her claims by taking Italian properly in lhat country. Mexico asKed $5 400,000. Belgium asked for $60,000,000. Thc military commission accepted with Jiltlc debate a Sovicl revision of an original Belgian amendment on atomic research by Ilaly. II leaves Ilaly free lo engage in peaceful alomic research. SL. *• ~ . , ____ . ______ .. i 4V. n t T4 *i 1 ir Member Asks Resignation of Hospital Board Little Rock, Aug. 31 — (/P)— D IA C Kolb's resignation as r.upc Little Rock, Aug. 30 —(UP)— intendcnt of thc stale hospital wa House hunters are having it tough ncc eptcd ycslcrday by the inslitu these days but pity Ihc 3,500 bee tion's board of conlrol, which a keepers in Arkansas who are try- pointed Dr. N. T. Hollis, a ho ing to keep more than eighl billion pjtal slaff member as acling s honey bees encased in hives—wilh pcrinlendenl. practically all lumber car-marked Al the sall for veteran house building. man Henry ~., A. Gay, inspector 'or thc Ar- WO uld submil his resignation iu i agree kansas 4P iarv hoard, says the Governor Laney and suggested the Sonic housing snortage for bees has hit entire board do likewise because uc ^ s , w m ^ c on the scarcity. HSI. Ihc slale and that keepers are even rjt is lime to put in a ne\y.tcam.J^ rhe 'a ec b n trol bard "-aeknowledgcd going so far as to tear'down barns*!-'. Donham referred to what "^ they were in short supply when IT lumber for termed recent "disagreements and refuscd to rc control them. fl * ' "" i '* • would would attacked the cntiro predicted ...- ; . appear who under ...w man in 1UBU was not considered a crime against peace."_ II look an entire hour lo near Gocring, Hess and Von Ribben ^^ ld ' ITlalCJ^, dllCgcVA J*,nt*>-fc w» .... — . --— - sian-sponsored clandestine organization known as "Free Germany. He declined comment on tne. reason for the release of thc other 14* suspects and would not say whether charges had beciVfilcd against Kaz- Frils'chc would not even, say, when the 14 were freed. AUAvere picked up several months' ago as a, result of what the U. S. Army- described as ."evidence -of, Soviet espionage and subversive political activity." They were alleged to have operated in the Stuttgarl,. area and. to have given information to Rus- Is. , trials wnich Nov . _, rk p r 20, 1945, was packed to the doors 'into "effect to- Ior thc wind-up -of Ihc drawn-out into cueci io | ».. n! « n f t ] lc O ne-limc Nazi officials againsi h—y The SnOUlCQ iiuu jaww* ^/tiiv-v*. *i*tf .!.*.*.•»-.»«..•- ..--7- courtroom, .. remodelled Lord Juslicc Sir n Geoffrey Lawr• • ---• ->-'- -'--•--> -KT_.. 'cncc losl paucncc. "I musl remind thc defendant Hess thai he has talked for 20 minutes and he will be treated the same as thc olher defendants," the crimes ember, but.thc list of possibililics I ^£0'.once arrogant Gocrina kept •Acfcwas « 50-50 chance that his sh^P.peernige^esavcrlcd controls-would bc dropped on some; P™„ \ hc f 0 ,^ P^ 1 ^0! ruits and vcgclables in view f fi Sca u ol i ?or hfs conducl prospective .big crops. Controls "ft™ high, stroni? voice Ihc for c •\lmrst certainly will bc ended on I " l a ?"»"• ok . P . -V many minor items. In a high, strong \ .... mer reichsmarshal made an courl president declared, ignoring Hess' objections. The gist of thc other defendants' pleas: Field Marshal Wilhelm Kcilcl: "it is not my intention to minimize that which took place." He put the blame on Hitler as the real instigator of the orders. . . When an order was given by the fuehrer, Bt to , amolior. jc any ' hd faUed lo baked goods. i a , If a commodity is not now under i wd:> control, Anderson's certification thai il is in shorl supply does nol mean that it automatically \vill be I.CIIUC..L t U11 der control; Either OPA or At the same time, Board cnair- t the d econ trol board, according to Henry Donham announced ne| th(J itom j nvo lved, must first Hitler, even though he admittedly was the Number Two Nazi. "I wish lo state emphatically," said Goering, "never did I decree a murder of a single individual." item involved, must first , >^,..^ or perhaps all dairy prod: , ucls ;will be on the, scarcity, list. an uiuci wao given wj ^*\* A^^**..^., •-,- t he said, "I acted according to my piona duty as I'saw " U * >r>6 " Ernst crimes "onlylo^Tnc smallest ex tent." He contended he was kept in the dark about the anti-Jcwis program, but commented, "The anti-Semitism of Hitler as we knq>v it was barbarism." , ., •; Alfred Rosenberg: "Adolf : Hitler drew more and more unto himself people who were not my comrades but my enemies. Ours was a struggle for a noble idea.' ' •> on American troop mo "This operation has be on for five months," Frischc sai "and they may: have been , released months !; ago. • 1-, "This operation is still- continuing .and ,we, cannot disclo s se,infor- malion now -that might -aeopaaroUze. our future operations.' i , •" He declined 'to discuss the question of, whether the Germane can legally be .proseculed for.esplpnv- ago, except to say that the., 'decision. on that has not yet' been final- A 'military government legal officer in Stuttgart said lasl night that "we found we could not legal- lv" charge the 15 men w|th..es- H VT^VU .,'••'»' •myfs coun- he suspects. md shfids .to obtain building of a toy terrier. It is an issue o gagc in peaceful atomic research- world peace. Even a Newfoundland Tnc Sovicl argument that Ita y can nol afford, very long, lo let| should not be denied Ihal ..right himself be pushed around by a —i^^ u,, t v, n iTniirri For a long time now we have let Russia push t,s around ; ignore her was supported by thc States. The proposal now reads thai ]lal .. sna n no t possess, construct I publicity," and "exaggerated ports of dissention" within the refused to rccontrol them. It Ihcy arc on the list, the can review its decision in light of Thc bee industry in Arkansas is ports of dissention witmn me can rcv i cw it s decision in light of definitely on thc up-swing, says board. _.*i__ < n whether prices have risen unrea- Gay and adds thai it brought in The board defeated a motion to SO nably and controls should be cn- _u».'.» fAnn nnn lo^i -,,no,- Ho thinks "vanato" the uosition of business U^vr./^ • • •! about $400,000 lasl year. He Ihmks Dec keepers will make close to a naif-million dollars this year. Gay's figures show that there were 85,000 colonies of bees in Ar- manager licTd by J. C. Markham. Dr. Kolb's rcsignalion was lo become effective loday. Donham said he thought the governor should be given an oppor- The new OPA ceilings on live hogs will, bc $16.25 per hundred pounds (Chicago basis), up $1.40 over June 30. ceilings. On cattle, the overriding f-oiling i =,,=ac -r« nf Tulv 1st an increase crnor should DO given an -jyijui- Qn cattle, the overriding ooiung nf 14 OOU colonies over the " prev i- tunity lo appoint an entirely new , $20 25 ' hundred , Chicago board if he wished. - as aainst 18 on June 30. nf 14 OOU colones over the prev - ous vear And hesc bees produced board if he wished. ? U r,V y nnn n m?nrii nf ho^ncv last vear ' Expressing "deep regret thc " widc Publication of c m those hoi blscuHs , -basis, as against $18 on June grades, thc maxi Increase over Junc 30 Russia push us arouna, IKUUII; »ui ]lalv » sna n not possess, consvruui acrccmcnls wilh us, interfere witn or cxpcr i m cnl with any atomic our internal affairs, even slap us. arrns .» jj also prohibits thc mass physically. , destruction of weapons, guided Her fighter planes, just lor spoil, 1 m j ss ji os and manned torpedoes, have harassed our transports over Tnc commission approved occupied Austria. While she banned clausc8 calling for the permanent American flights over Siberia nor dom jiiiarizalion of Pantcllena, planes daily cruise over our Alds " Lnmpc-dusa, Lampionc, Lmosa I . . _ „ ,, KTnttr 1 lll'rtl 1 f* 1~ ' * - — • • • • ' , ' Expressing "deep regret" over F choice grades, thc maximum uHs thc " widc Publication of, c ssension pcrmlss , blc Increase over Junc 30 Hl produce close among board members," the board s $2 .25. For choice g.rades, the ins ear-and cha,rmane year—and ,. u ,,^j -w „ ... 20 cenls a t 1—the keepers of thc bees are doing all right. , . Thc apiarv board's chief function in Arkansas is fighting "foul rood," a bee disease. Through thc a,m Pianosa, Italian islands in the hcr cal's paw iiio, sue "»a ..-.,., mediterranean and Adriatic, and two unarmed American transports thc cur t a j| mcn t of u'orlifications on ..!-..->! r-lntlMt lOn..^lii^!iinnr1''^ini1v Ulrtuva u«i*j **••*».— ~r ii Kan defense arcas. Now, th hcr cal's paw Tilo, she has lwo unarmed American trai.-, ,^ ^ _ shol down. , ™,,I;,,H Sardinia and Sicily. Grudgingly Tito has complit.a Th(j Balkan economic commis- with much of our ultimatum. "c sjon adoptc d a clause confirming has released those shot-down -111 ei s Romanii , n al -mislice terms, under known lo be alive. He has t,i\ en whlcn noman i a pays Russia !?300,full military funeral honors W 000 000 j n commodities. those known to bc dead, tak i U s ^ crclary ot stale them from the mass giavc '"^Byrnes may soon reply to thc as which — until we talked tough-^ic Uon by y. M. Molotov that the had contemptuously tossed their Uj , lcd Slatcs was inlcrfcrmg in mangled bodies. He has given old- , ffall . s b scnding a gro ui crs lhal no more American planes o[ hcr wa ,. ships to Greek ports arc to bc shot down. wc next week. The 45,000-ton carrici All lhat is well. In addition, \sc s FrnnWjn D . Roosevelt wit have a right lo an apology om and dcstroycr oscorl W1 l «. 1 ™ U K 1 J\ C ,L! "P p .^ Jh a " d .hn make Ihe "courtesy call." sc of a sulfa drug and the dc- \™° L 1 , 1 , Iruction of badly infected colon-1 team, cs, Gay says that thc disease tig- re has dropped from 10.07 per IXUnruil ill' v/i-r,.. ••-- i---. . .- ll,n iinclcvUiling compliance with the understanding that Amciican ulaui'S are to be lei alone. We should not bc satisfied until \vu gel those things. We" luwe been pondering the Dc- partniciit of Commerce statement thai Ihc per capita income in this country last year reached Ihc .ill- lime high of $1,150. Per capila means "per head oi •for each person.' So Ihc Department of Commerce is not saymt hat your family, if il was average •'for each person." So the Depart had $1150 lust year. We arc to d that you had $1150 for yourself $150 for vour wife, $1150 for you hi"h school son and $1150 for you Snide school daughter. If you weren't below average your family of four (which isn't la from the national average) had .?4 (iOO income last year. And a fam ily of three, which is a bit umlei •lie national average, had $3,450. Wliut, then, we have been wondering has become of that vast majority that has lo live on somewhere around $2,000 a year for thc whole family'.' — o Hundreds of Vets Aided by Legion; Offices to Close The American Legion today wil close temporary offices set up to * aid veterans in filling out furlough pay forms. The temporary offices aided hundreds of Hempstead vet crans in filling out forms during the past few days. U is believed most county vet crans having pay coming already have scnl in applications, u J'f have not and need aid. contact In local veterans office in Hempstca charitable institution in Arkansas which spends approximately !U,500,000 a year and cares :"or 5,000 patients with approximately 500 employes. We have muffed thc ball and it is time to pul in a ncw Puppet Ruler of Manchuria • Wants Peace Editors^ note: Ernest Hobcr- echt, of the Uniled Press Tokyo staff, has inlcrvicwcd Henry Pu-Yi, former puppel emperor of Manchuria. The interview is the first to bc obtained from the former Japanese puppet by a foreign correspondent since 1934. In the interview Pu-Yi appeals for an end of civil strife and foreign intervention in First Bale for County The occasion for Byrnes rcpl. robably will bc a plenary sessio icxl week which will discuss th Greek request for the confcrcnc o recommend consideration of ui Greek-Albanian territorial disput jy the foreign ministers counci When and it he replies, Byrnes irobably will make one of his strongest denunciations of bovicl actics. . r Today's program called lor morning and afternoon sessions of Ircaly commissions. German ROW Lives on Post Garbage Dump II <J IIC1 .) »•• ' V*|J (.*>-•-* »• w . . • - - » enl lo 1.23 per ccnl during Inc asl la months. While there arc more than 3,500 bee keepers in thc stale. Gay lames five who have more lhan ,01)0 colonies—or hives—under heir care. They arc H. B. Culchall of Foukc; Vaughn Wilson of Belli- cscla; Ray Fischer o f Little Rock' V L. Arnold of Newark and J. E. Gooch of Pine Bluff. Men in the 200 to 300 colony class arc S. J. Head of Crossctl; Homer Richard of El Dorado; C. L. Thaxlon of Blythevillc; Gordon Brown of Little Rock; anc Irvin Trovathan of Gilmorc, All o these men make their entire liyint from bee raising. And )n addilioi lo the sale of honey The number of interconnecting clcphoncs serving the people of ic United Stales is approaching 0,000,000. tU LIHJ pill*- «»• itwit — ,i ,-.--- ^ three mon-Gooch, Head and Rid) ard—received a total ol ^0,00 from thc sale of bees and quec bees last year, Gay says. Thc Apiary inspector says tier are two principal breeds of bee used in this state-Italian and Ih aucasian. The Italian is the belle >roduccr bul is wilder i'"" ays Gay, it you want a gc train of bees, "you'll choose tn aucasian." , . And in case you arc wondcnn le beekeepers keep busy all sun ler They take off their first ho y—or "rob a hive"—early in M; ml continue al regular 15-day i crvuls until October 1st. Forl Dix, N. J., Aug. 30 — (/T)—A German prisoner-of-war who said he never had left the military reservation but had spent 10 months in the woods near thc post garbage dump gave himself up to authorities today. . Thc lean, sallow-looking- Pw surrendered to a civilian guard, saying that he had escaped lasl Oct. 27 from thc mess hall jn which he had worked, the public relations office said. . Fort Liix's regular conlmgcnl of PW's was shipped to Ctcr- many last Junc 19. Thc prisoner said he had come out of thc woods daily io nick bils of food from thc garbage dump. Often he was aolc to prepare these pirtlclcs Mito a hot meal, he said, by using the fires on thc dump. Thc public relations office said Ihc prisoner uav no explanation for his escape. About GO percent of infantile changed from Junc 30 levels. i o FUC LDAY ; '• Portsmouth, N. H., Aug. 31—f/Pl— A birdie kept Dr. J. H. Robbins busy while competing in the Abcnaqui club invitation golf tournament yesterday. It. was the stork. He was called from the course thrice during thc day to deliver babies, one girl and two boys. The Question of Peace Or War Hinges on Russia's Post-War Ambitions By DeWITT MacKENZIE AP Foreign Affairs Analyst llclman Morin, Associated Press chief of bureau in Paris and a re- jorlcr of vast experience, iclls us hat "the peace conference ap- jears now to be haded fur failure ind people in Paris, bol hforcign- crs and French, bolh those wno uiow and those who only i'ccl, are more profoundly depressed today Hum lit any lime fired in Europe. They feel World War III al ready is in sight," continues Morin. "They feel it may not COITIL Ihis year-or'next year bul iherc i little duubt any longer among pco pie in Paris that il will come Bul if the Soviet has any nation t trying of intrude on ihc -prcroga any lime since the last gun V.nrrmn " Governor Ben Laney will not nish thc study of the slate's clcc- ion laws until after the Democratic Stale Convenlion in Little Rock Sept. 6 and 7. "1 want everyone to feel perfectly free to discuss thc election Jaws completely it the convenlion," he says. . .and says thc governor, his .17-man .'iigh- wav advisory committee will probably not meet unlil lho latter part of 'September. It has been postponed because of Ihc convenlion and Ihe two-weeks trip to Mexico planned by thc governor and many of his department heads. Ihc trip starts Sept. 7. . . .Frank Clancy, head of thc auto licensing division of thc Stale Revenue Department, says he will work for a complete revision of the auto taxing Jaws lin thc next session of the legislature "They arc all antiqualcd. says Clancy, and pointed to some set up in 1911. He advocates a complete rewriting of the licensing There no longer is any doubl ncix aboul Ihc totally irrci-onciliabli. policies of Russia and Ihc bloc o Slavic nations which stand will her on thc one hand and those o the cast on the other." Now of course Morin isn't prc dieting war. He is just doing a jo of objective reporting about wha Paris feels. Ho leaves it io us t fit this information--in with oi own observations. For if we awake these parlous days (anc Heaven help us if we are not) \\ will have been studying '.his cris vhich presents i.hc greatest prol em with which thc world is lace Arc we headed for war'.' Docs t! 'act that the policies ot Russia on nc one nand and Ihc western allies on thc other arc indeed irreconcilable moan thai the issue must oe settled on thc batllc-ficldV cod . .Arkansas railroads with interest the >- CO pen China. By EARNEST HOBERECHT Tokyo, Aug. 30 —(UP)— Henry Pu-Yi, Japan's former puppet emperor of Manchuria, appealed today in an exclusive interview with the United Press for an end to civil strife and foreign intervention in China. It was thc firsl time since 1934 that Pu-Vi, now in Russian cus tody, has been interviewed by ; foreign correspondent. Pu-Yi declared that any natioi which interferes in China's intern al affairs will bring disaster to China and to itself and he called for HII end of factional strife in his homeland which desire to obtain custody over him in order to try him for war crimes and treason. "Thc future of China is bright," Pu-Yi said, but the most important thing is the establishment of her internal peace. I believe that £&£ Bilbo to Have Mouth ration ~ By J BRYAN PUJMAN V", •NemOrleans,, Aug. 31 -- ,l SentfTheodbre G. Bilbo D - w'ofe•"surgical, pajamas t .ste'ad^pW*iis''*ti«4atrgBl«t»—, «-,— shirt and diampndstickpm, as.hos- pital' orderlies wheeled mm ,into>? , Touro Infirmary's operating room, t "The Man" Bilbo was undergoing an operation for an inflammation of the -mouth/ ' ' • ', Hospital.. officials said the oral operation; -reportedly necessitated by an Unfitting set of artificial teeth, was not serious. ,«., Bilbo, who campaigned successfully in July for re-electipn-w, an. ivory-pure white supremacy platform,, was as lively as a schoolboy last night-as he lounged-in ms room in red plain pajamas. . , Although he was born mi 1877, Ihe portly senator announced >that tie was ,only 43 years of dge. But lie placed emphasis on the fact that he would be politicihg until he ' "I told my constilutcnts tb*» other dav that tms means I'm good ior two more terms," he asserted. He reiterated that he had no use for the FEPC, poll tax repea.1- and anil-lynch legislation. t • ULIV IL i»to»v^;ji| v-j 11 v i *JA id tv. w«^* *•*«••» *'J\ist liHc vnc poor*t iticy re *^ mission to Greece, said today a ways w jt n us . They're a darnnable protest would bc lodged with thc i sorc on tb c body of politics putjor- Grcek government, for unauthorized war( j by crackpot ideologists Who use of UNRRA trucks for both mill- don 't ) )a vc anything in common lui-v anrlnnlii ipal iinrnnsps. ...:(U *Un A*v\oi-ir»an wav of life:' The firsl bale of 1946 cotton to be reported in Hempstcad county was brought in this morning by Cliff James, negro farmer of • thc Deaneyvillc community. H. O. Kylcr, manager of thc Union Compress & Warehouse Co., said Ihc bale weighed 540 pounds. Greece Uses Trucks With No Authority By U, S. CHAKAUES Athens, Greece, Aug. 30 —(/P) Bucll Mabcn, chief of thc'UNRRA mission to Greece, said today a ways w protest would bc lodged with thc i sorc on Grcek government, for unauthorized ward b ivc 'of the western nations, or of misting unwanted communism nlo Ihom, then war certainly is ncvilablc. . From the western viewpoint .Rusia Ilius far hasn't shown much of ic spirit of Sir Walter Raleigh in prcading its cloak to save milady >cacc from muddying her feet, 'robably Moscow feels thc same dboul the west. However that may be, post-war lislory clcarlv records lhal the Soviet Union has been absolutely nflcxiblc in ils drive to enlarge and Soviclizc its '/.one of influence. The program has been carried out by unilateral action—all take and >o give. In this way Moscow has extended its domination westward into central Europe, and has over- all patriotic Chinese want thc strife to be slopped. "Any olhcr country trying to interfere will only bring disaster to China and lo ilsolf, as in thc case of the Japanese," he said. Pu-Yi, who was brought here from Siberia to testify at thc war crimes trial, is being held in a Japanese house a short distance from the Russian embassy. During the interview lie spoke some words ..r ir.trtliL.-l-, Unl Cm- Ihn most Ijai'l lary andpolilical purposes. Maben said •lOO UN.RRA trucks were cslimalcd to have been used to transport persons to a Royalist rally last night i n Constitution Square preparatory to thc voting Sunday on thc fate of the Greek monarchy. He had just returned from thc Thcssaly region where, he said, as many as 40 trucks at a time had been commandcrcd by military and police authorities for the movement of personnel, contrary to a contract made with the Greek government Both these cases will bc protested, he said. Maben said thc government previously had requested UKC o£ the trucks for oilier than relief purposes, but the UNRRA had declined. In the two cases cited, Maben said, the government did not uncon- with the American way "These bills are cle&..^. _—„--, slitutional," he added, as an after thought. Negro, of course, was a. natural topic of discussion as Bubo reclined on his bed. 'You've- heard talk that I'm I I l(J II I tW I YJV.V* JIV. «J(*«ir— -.-of English but for Ihc most parl the questions were handled by a Russian interpret cr, who submill- Itcd each to a Russian colonel be >rc translating for Pu-Yi. Once the Soviet officer objected a question relating lo thc Chi esc government's attitude towarc Pu-Yi. on the grounds lhat it would llltU V> V I I (• I u I *-•«*» v j '~-1 — • ran most of the Balkans. And also is reaching in Asia. islurb him. Let's deal wilh this bluntly. As I sec it thc answer depends on whether Russia lias about reached Ihc limit of her ambitions in the way uf expanding hcr zones of inflation, or whether she intends lo keep on going. Jf Moscow is about satisfied—and Marshal Stalin is reported to have said recently that it didn't have much more to ask Ior—then il slrikcs mo that war is nol incvit- I .V.I.. OU lo l i:av->ni'fc» '•• ••*-4»». This expansion now lias arrived at a particularly explosive stage. Russia is aiming al conlrol of vnc Dardanelles straits — slralcgically one of thc most imporlanl waterways in the world. U is of vital interest not only to Turkey, which now controls it, but to Britain, America and olhcr western countries. Moscow also is trying to oust John Bull from guardians;) of Greece—last remaining footholc which any western power has ii thc Balka'ns. Obviously this is a dangerou moment. It's one of those time when smart folk Ircad lightly — distinctly not a time for hob-nailed military boots. In don'l believe Russia or on other nation wants war —in an event not at this juncture . Ihc Thc interpreter added lhat news taper articles telling of China's lesirc lo gel ils hands on Pu-Yi lad been wilhlicld xrom the form- :r puppet rullcr "since he is now a happy as a boy." Pu-Yi spoke freely of current Chinese problems and of his "rescue" from Japanese domination by ,ho Russians. He related how lie WHS interned by the Russians "after ilic Soviet army defeated the Japanese Kwan- lung Mancnurian) army." At the time of his "rescue," he declared, thc Japanese wcrc preparing to force him to go to Japan - Just as former Japanese Gen. Konji Doi- even :"ile a reouest. Polilical violence increased in Greece. Thc ministry of public order said 21 persons had been killed and 32 others kidnaped by Communist bands in thc last 24 hours. Slayings occurred in Macedonia, Thessaly and the Peloponnesus. O : Three Die in Memphis Plant Explosion Memphis, Aug. 30 (/Pi— i \Jl+ YV<- »tv-i.» *« v — *.- -_-_-- . ,_. against the Negro? I'mi the.best friend the Negro has had and the only one who docs anything for him. Of course, I think that we should deport them all back to Africa," he declared. Bilbo said he had "3,000,000 toed, up to go," and that thc right thinking Negro knows that I'm his "The only trouble is," he said, pausing, is that if vou don't believe in social amalgamation witn the Negro the damn Comnumsts say you're against them,, Communists, he added, are th» "most intolerable segment oJ the population," He was incensed because they ad "the audacity to throw a icket line of Negroes and Corn- mi nists around a radio statum ist because I wai going to mane broadcast." j , • The senior senator from Missis* ippi opined that such people do ol believe ill freedom of speech. On his way to New Orleans from. Washington, Bilbo left the.manu- cript of a book he has written sit Kingsport, Tenn. Its subject wiu be the treatment of the Negro and. A father-and-scn weHing team and their helper were blown to bitb yesterday in an explosion which rucked the bis Trumbul Asphal Company of Delaware plant here The men were engaged in a welding job near a lujgc asphal sliU when Die explosion occurred Another worker nearby, Ben jamin Herman, Jr., who was shak en by thc blast, said bc bcUevec the acetylene torch the men wcr hara had forced collaboration pro- using caused thc explosion, positions on him in the past, he; The victims were 39-ycar-olt said IT. H. Wolfe; Howard Wolfe, 16 LVvlll I lUt Clli nnw j«-"« »-— -— • j Soviet Union for one badly needs a long period of years :"or rehabilitation from lho last war. So thc danger doesn't iie jn anybody's desire for further conflict. rash gambling lo Il resls in c\ cr- America and Russia, rich in men and resources, compacl in territory, naturally protected, seem invited to an expansion that, accordm to eternal custom,wraps itself in doctrine but thai in the last resort is in unfolding of power. —Charles Dc GuaUc. T. H. Wolfe; Howard Wolfe, 16 his son, and Henry Glcecc, abou 50. the helper. A plant worker salt several other workmen had le tho immediate area only minutes before thc explosion. ocial equality. Raid on Whiskey Still leads to Negro's Arrest A 55-gallon capacity .whiskey still and two barrels of masb were seized near Ozan yesterday, Sheriff Frank Hill announced toqay. , He was accompanied on thc md by federal officers Quillcu and Mcr- rick and Dean Parsons. Arrested at Ihc slitl was AJithony V'ulks. negro, whose bond was fixed at $500. . . Hope city police 5asl nicht seized 10 cases, 384 bailies of untyxcd from an automobilc_ driven ——o beer from an auioiuouin; IUIYW Connecticut is known both as the by a negro enroute to **«s c ott. nutmeg slale and Ihe constitution | The beer did nol bear AiKansas tax W ! -\ IllAl L- ttatc. libels. ^•-«*- ',.* ?<><&.< •«£-

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