The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 31, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 1894
Page 5
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vm MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JAHUABY si, ISM. »•*-- --. .-... .. 7 .• .' mmmm^ t^p^nf m jf Jl*M<P ^aai^ iiAfii^M^^^^v^«Hi emnlnttfta Owing to the failure of Mir, Hayes to get his money the business will continue at THE NEW EMCKLAND under the old firm name- Mr. Hayes will stay as one of the firm's salesmen. The great rush of the last two months has broken our stock and left many odd suits odd overcoats, odd pants, odd flannel shirts, etc. These must be sold before our great spring stock arrives. It is a rule oi * not to carry odds and ends from one season to another. They are all piled on three tables and $1 will buy $2 worth of goods. Come and investigate. This you will call hard times prices. If you haven't the ready cash borrow it and be the first one to make your selection from above lot of first-class goods. We aim to please our customers and give full value, and sometimes more. If any of our customers during the past year got goods from us that were not as represented, let us hear from them, as no misrepresentation by our salesmen is allowed. Trusting the year of 1894 will be a prosperous one to you all, and trusting you will not pass us by, but come in and see us, as we will always have good goods and great bargains for you all, we thank you for past favors, and remain yours, P. S. Our immense stock of Spring Hats is in. Come and get the correct style.- L &r, OCX EAILWAT TIME OAEDS. Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway. LOCAIi TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at 8:58 am No. 9 departs at 4 :.'?0 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 93 departs at 11:55 am No. 71 departs at 9:15pm TRAINS BAST. No. 2 departs at 10:12 a m No. 4 departs at 5:50 p in Freights that carry passengers- No. 70 departs at ll:00p m No. 94 departs at 1:45 p m H. F. HBDHICK, Agent. Chicago & North western Railway. South- Pass 2:40 pm Mixed 8:07pm .Freight 10:00 am Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at Des Moines at 8:15 p m. Lv. Des M. 2:30 a m Mixed connects with flyer and arrives at Chi cago at 8 a. m. F. H. VESPER, Agent. Iowa North- Mixed 8:18 a m Pass 3:33 p m Freight 10:00 a m THE CITY CIRCUIT. Sheriff Samson is sick with fever. An effort is being made to get Bishop Newman here to lecture. A little daughter at the home of John Altwegg brought sunshine last 'week. Dr. Morse's residence hereafter will be in the Wheeler property. He moves today. Dan. Cloud of the Ashton Leader is visiting friends in the county, and was a pleasant caller Monday. "Come to the reading room Saturday next, Feb. 3, and get some nice baked beans for lunch. Price, 15 cents. Mr. McElroy's topic tomorrow evening will be ."Pyramids, Temples, and Tombs," His lectures grow in interest. A party were planning to go to Whittemore last night-for tho big ball, but the Odd Fellow dedication prevented. •>.-'. A handsome new counter and railing gives the Skinner Bros, loan office the appearance of a city bank these days. The Catholic ladies will give an oyster supper at Grange hall Saturday evening from 5:30 o'clock till all are served. J. M. Farley of Whittemore bought a handsome Mehlin piano of E. G. Bowyer last week. This is one of the high grade pianos. One of the pleasing events at the normal this week was a very interesting talk before the commercial law class by W. B, Quarton. A man was here from Rock Rapids last week trying to buy H. J. Winkio's hardware store. They all want to get into Algona for some reason. Marriage licenses have been issued to John Sp^ar and Jessie Severiens, E. M. McChane and Attie Lerning, Auton Molla and Gertrude Ochiltz. The annual army supper for Washington's birthday, Feb. 22, is to be a specially interesting occasion this year. Big preparations ave already being made. Mr. and Mrs. Klinepeter of Prairie have gone to New Mexico in hopes that the warm climate will benefit Mrs. Klinepeter, who is a great sufferer from rheumatism. Covenant service at the Baptist church next Saturday afternoon at 2:30. Sunday morning there will be the annual roll call of the church. Every member come. Letters are advertised for F, T. Beers, A. G. Birdsall, B. P. Dawson, Chas. Fisher, M. Gabrield, Geo. F. Holstein, E, D. Hutchinson, Guy Leslie, Libbie McKinister, l^ouis Otler. J. J. Wilson has gained five pounds since going west and is much improved generally. He thought at first of coming home when he heard of the fire but wisely decided not to. Bowman was sentenced last week at Clarion to two years in the penitentiary in the forgery case, on the verdict of guilty brought in by the jury. He will not be sent, however, until the appeal to the supreme court is heard. The John Grove hardware stock has been bought by David and F. L. Boals, who are now in possession. Charlie Witham was going in, but the Boals brothers finally took the business. It is a good store and the boys should do a good business. The school board have ejected Miss Minnie L. Coate of Wauseon, Ohio, to take the high school room in place of Miss Jordan, who has resigned. Miss Coate comes with the best of recommendations having for some time been principal of the schools at Bismark, N. P; N. J. Skinner has one of the Des Moines Duplex typewriters, the newest and best machine yet invented.. It has two sets ol each letter *nd two ke --. -IT ~rx~-, •• **alfHWwl once. It is a great invention and has the inventor and the factory. The trial of the Whittemore bear and whiskey came off Thursday before 'Squire Clarke and it was found guilty on short notice. As a result at the northeast corner of the court house are the fragments of a lot of whiskey jugs, beer and cider kegs. The whole lot seized was spilled out on the frozen ground. Sam Zickert, a Bancroft restaurant keeper, was brought down Saturday before 'Squire Taylor and bound over to meet the grand jury on the charge of selling liquor. He came with a bond already made out and waived examination. His hearing will come at the same time with the saloon men .from Whittemore. Next Wednesday evening Prof. Palmer will give his readings at the Baptist church. He was professor of elocution at the Wisconsin State university a year and then went to Boston where ho perfected his art. He is one of the most accomplished readers on the stage and his entertainment in Algona will be one of the pleasant events of the season. The insurance men are here today to settle for the loss on the Wilson mill, and H. J. Wilson is over from Emmetsburg. The whole policy was $6,000 but not all on the mill. The loss will be heavy at best. Miss Lenette Wilson will continue the business at Algona as usual, supplying the town office from the Emmetsburg mill, The Social Union club will meet Friday evening and a very entertaining programme is promised. J. T, Chris- chilles will have a paper on "Music," Miss Gertrude Clarke will talk about "The Modern Type of American Woman,"and Dr. Kenefick will discuss "The Grip." Vocal solos will be given by Miss Grace Gilohrist, and Dr. A, L, Rist. All are invited. Harry Sheetz and Howard Robinson attended the examination at Fort Dodge and found about a dozen there to get the Annapolis appointment. Prof. Wildes put them through a rigid examination but did not announce the result. That will come some time this week. Ernest Wheelock did not go as he found that defective teeth would beat him in the physical examination. The Methodists are having stirring meetings and Prof. Follonsbee is proving an exceptionally effective revivalist. Three meetings are held a day, a business man's meeting at 9 o'clock in the morning, a general meeting at 2 o'clock, and revival meeting at 7:15. Sunday morning and evening there will be big meetings and at 3 o'clock a mass meeting. Everybody is invited to attend. Geo. M. Bailey has opened a new and desirable institution in Algona. It is un intelligence office. Anybody who wants help, wants to work, wants a load of wood, wants a dray wagon, wants insurance, in fact anything, can get it by leaving his name and order at his office over the Algona State bank. His advertisement tells what he proposes and is worth careful perusal. The LuVerne News has the Algona postoffice disposed of and says: "The Algona postofflco contest has been decided by the appointment of Jas, Taylor, This is a decided change in the pro- gramme, as Mr. Taylor was not understood to be in the race as a candidate. So far as we are able to judge, the appointment is a good one and will give general satisfaction to to the patrons of the office." O'Neil & Getty have sold their lumber yard to F. S. Norton, who comes from Howard, S. D. The deal was made last week and Mr. Howard is now in possession, He is a young man, has had considerable experience in the business, and will be a popular manager. Neither Mr. O'Neil or Mr. Getty have decided what they will do, Mr. Getty came from Minneapolis expecting to make Algona his home and we hope to see him find another business here, and also Mr. O'Neil. County Attorney Raymond went up to Swea City Saturday night and came back Tuesday. While gone he secured the conviction of a whislcey peddler on eight counts and had him fined $400. The man goes as L. L. Colby and represents an Albert Lea house, and has been at the bottom of all the trouble in that locality. He demanded a jury trial and got it in Swea, and got what he was entitled to. Mr. Raymond's aggressive action is putting a stop to illegal selling, is gaining him the credit that he deserves. legislatures. Mr. Smith was chief clerk of the house of representatives in 1860 and also at the special war session in 1861 called by Gov. Kirk wood, when J. E. Blackford was representative. These were two of the most exciting sessions ever held in Iowa. The city council met Saturday evening and discussed the matter of a crossing under the Milwaukee track to the mill. Nothing was done and the matter was laid on the table. Some were opposed to an under crossing where the road is now, while no one advocated changing the road so as to bring it out at the Free Methodist church. In view of the fact that no change is likely to be made at present, it is well to remember that there has been but one accident in nearly 20 years, and that many of the other accidents at crossings reported since that occurred have been out on level country. Those who remember the successful "Deestric School" given some years ago in Algona will be interested in the announcement that a new entertainment of that character is being arranged for Tuesday evening Feb. 13. It will be entitled "The Last Days of the Old District School" and will not be after the stereotyped pattern. Among those enlisted are Mayor Call, Dr. Sheetz, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Stacey, Mrs. Pettibone, Mrs. A. D. Clarke, and others who know what the old school was, besides which very fine music is promised. The full program will be published next week. One of the incidents of early history was recalled by J. C. Heckart while passing through Irvington. Away back before the war when Irvington had two stores, a saw mill, a public hall, and was a competitor for the county seat, Mr. Heckart was a photographer there. He had a room in the Orcott house and took daguerreotypes some of which are still in existence. When the war broke out he quit photography, and Irvington has never had a gallery since. Irving_ton's last struggle for supremacy was with a brass band in 1867, and for awhile no such musical organization could be found in the United States as flourished there. The Lu Verne News is inconsolable. The Wesley bank has advertised that taxes can be paid there and that is accepted as evidence of a deal with Col. Spencer. Now the fact is that there has never been a time that banks, land agents, and others have not advertised that they would pay taxes for people leaving money with them, and the News is at perfect liberty to begin the business tomorrow. Every bank in the county can advertise to do exactly what the Wesley bank has, and all will get tax receipts when they pay in the money, just as the Wesley bank will. We hope that the News will investigate the treasurer's office sometime and learn how it is managed. The "sparing" match announced for Thursday night would have been the fake here that it is elsewhere on the road but for the fact that Algona has among her business men a boxer who trained with Corbett at one time. A local purse was raised for him and he went on the stage and gave the alleged champion of the show a few lessons in boxing, After a round or two the show man pulled off his gloves and said he had had enough. Our local boxer did not desire any notoriety out of the affair and only boxed for the fun of it. But that he is the cleverest man outside of the ranks of the first class professionals may be readily conceded. From 60 to 80 tickets were sold. home in Iowa it is a good one. Mr. Cowles has spared no expense in making it right, and the society have done their part in fitting it up. J, V, EINOEON GETS IT, This Morning's Register Says He Is Appointed Postmaster. A Washington dispatch this morning includes the name of J. W. Hinchon in the list of postoffice winners. This is undoubtedly authentic and ends the contest. Congratulations are in order. FEESONAL MOVEMENTS. John G. Smith is in Des Moines. Rome Wood worth was out from Chicago on business one da,y last week. J. C. Heckart came up Monday morning to visit his aged parents, who have both been quite sick but are now improving. Miss Cornelia Inglmm attended the editorial meeting at Carroll and went to Iowa City to attend the wedding of a friend there. Dr. Garfield started for Sheldon Saturday on account of Prof. Simpson's illness, but received word that he was better and did not go. Thos. H. Lantry starts today for California. He will go to Kansas' City and meet his brother Barney, and visit him, and then spend a few weeks on the coast. Horace Parsons was up last week to visit Kossuth Mends. He spends most of his time now at Eagle Grove, but has lately been at Belmond. He had not seen that place in some twenty odd years and he says it has changed with the rest of the northern towns, ADJOTJBNED SESSION. The County Board finishes Business Left Over from the Regular, and Allows a Lot of Bills. The county fathers met Monday for the adjourned January session and spent most of the afternoon considering bills. One resolution, however, was adopted for which they are entitled to public gratitude, and that is authorizing the auditor to have a now pump put in the court house well. Considerable other business was done yesterday. THE POOR FARM. J. O. Rawsonjreported on the affairs of the poor farm giving the property now there as follows: Span of horses $ 350 Horse, yearling, and two colts I7r> 21 head of cattle 420 39 head of hogs 313 Wagon and two mowers 70 Horse rake, drag, 3 corn ploughs 30 Total $1,257 There have been five inmates on the farm in 1893, two have died. The following crops have been raised: Wheat, 800 bushels $170 Outs, 250 bushels 50 Hay, 100 tons goo Barley, 80 bushels 34 There has been $521.18 of stuff sold from the farm, and $622.36 spent on the farm besides the steward's salary of $300. DOCTORING THE POOR. Dr. Dunlap of Ledyard had the only bid in for the north end district and he was given the contract at $90. Dr. McCormack of Wesley made a bid for the south end, but the board thought the matter had better lie over till the April meeting. Later Dr. Dunlap with his bids. THE BRIDGE PLANK CONTRACT. There were four bids in to furnish, the county bridge plank. W. W. Wheeler had the lowest and gets the contract. He is to furnish four cars at Algona and one at Bancroft at $24.60 a thousand for the best oak as specified in the bid. ROUTINE REPORT. John Sabin claim of , $12 for hog- killed by dog allowed. Auditor instructed to lease school land for grass purposes. Annual reports of J. L. Reod of Fenton and H. L. Simmons of Lu Verne approved. From the domestic animal fund to county fund $300 transferred. From school fund to bridge fund $1,000 transferred. Bond of L. T. Clement constable of Ledyard accepted. Bonds of E. B. Cassell of Sherman, E. C. Tuttle of Algona, and Wm. B. Leslie of Ledyard approved. Notice. All persons are hereby warned against purchasing any notes signed by us or either of us, as the same were given without consideration, and on account, of fraudulent representations, and will not be paid by us. ALBERT MARICLE. 43t3 w. H. MARICLE. LADIES' and misses' jackets in all the latest styles: also new stock of dress goods at Galbraith's. Xotlcc. Notice is hereby given that by the sale of their business to Fred. S, Norton the firm of O'Neill & Getty is this day dissolved. In order to settle our partnership affairs we must require prompt payment of all accounts due the late firm; and either of the undersigned is authorized to sign in liquidation. SAML. J. O'NEILL. WM. GETTY. Dated AlRona, Iowa, Jan. 22,1804. 4nt2 A DOZEN brood sows for sale. Inquire of W. H. Conner, three miles northeast of Algona.—45t2 ^T'-* T _• * T- " •»•«"•• *sr« letton at Lewis H. Smith ie one of the secretaries of the Pioneer Law Makers association, which is to meet in Des Moines Feb. 14-J5. Judge Wright is president. An excellent programme is published including addresses by many ol the $fee state on topics A large audience of Miss Safford's old time friends gathered Monday evening for her lecture, and enjoyed hearing her again, She talked on the "Man Who Thinks," which included the woman who thinks, for, as Prof. Eggert used to say, "man embraces woman," and told in a most entertaining way of the struggles the world has seen in reaching the good new times that are upon us. Miss Safford's voice has lost none of its silvery tone and fine modulation, while her physical strength has increased perceptibly in late years. She is lecturing and preaching all the time and building up a strong society in Sioux City. She has not been in Algona for some time and her return was welcomed by all. Ground Feed la the Best. H. J. Resseguie, at his shops on west State street, grinds feed for 10 cents a sack, and has ground feed on hand for sale at 80 cents a hundred. It is the best for stock of all kinds.—41t8 Over -A-lg-ona State Wants," and How They Are Supplied. DO YOU WISH a load of wood? I have a list of those wishing to sell wood and can supply you at a moment's notice. DO YOU WISH FOR real estate time loans at the very lowest rates,, make inquiry at the Kossuth. County bank. WE are closing out our stock of clothing at big bargains. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. MAY BUD tea—sold only by Langdon & Hudson.—44t2 BE sure this week. to see Angelina, any day LANGDON & HUDSON import their own tea; so you always get the same. WHEN you want canned goods of any variety go to the Opera House Grocery. F. S. STOUOH blankets at cost. is closing out his Visitors were in last night from Wesley. Bancroft, Burt and other lodges to assist the Odd Fellows in dedicating their new hall. Chairs had been brought in and the audience was comfortably seated when Grand Master Evans entered and began the very interesting ceremony. At the close of the ritual work he gave as pleasant and entertaining an address as,has often been heard in Algona, At its close, the visitors inspeotedthe handsome heard the goat, and congratulai Odd Fellows on their, jaew Jip,j»8,, have » feajll, S WHITE SWAN is the flour you always want. Langdon & Hudson.—44t2 WE have some more of that good, old-fashioned maple syrup at the Opera House Grocery. GEO. L. GALBRAITH & Co. always keep a big stock of shoes of all kinds at the lowest prices. GLOVES and mittens at Slough's. ALL kinds of dried fruits very cheap at Langdon & Hudson's. — 4412 IP you haven't seen call at the n Angelina yet y Opera House G ou ro- should cery CALL on F. S. Stough for arctics. He sells them cheap, Nsw stock of carpels, curtains, , at a load of hay? It is my business to supply such demands. HAVE YOU ANY jobs of work you wish done? I shall keep a list of those desiring such work and can supply you. GIRLS, DO YOU wish to do housework? Why not register at the Intelligence office and have a place secured without so much trouble to yourselves? WE TAKE the names of those who desire sewing done and you can see the list by inquiring at the office. DO YOU NEED help in your offices or stores? We will cheerfully place before you a list of those desiring such work. DO YOU WISH to sell wood? I can the quickest buyer. FARMERS, DO YOU find you ever bring in a load of hay and wait all the afternoon on the streets for someone to purchase it? Why not come to the Intelligence office and examine our list of orders for hay? DO YOU WISH work by the job? It is at the Intelligence office that orders for such work are left. DO YOU NEED help about your house work? Save yourself all that worry and trouble of " finding a girl" by letting us do it for you. DO YOU WISH someone to sew for you? We shall endeavor to keep a list of all persons in the vicinity who do such work. PLACE YOUR NAME with us if you desire a situation. We will do all we can. to serve you, as it is to our interest toj be as useful as possible. Do you wish a dray or delivery wagon without staying in the street an hour or more? Leave your order with me. Do you wish the address of any person? I will do my best to meet such demands. Do you wish your life insured? I can do it for you. Do you wish your property insured against wind and fire? Visit our office. All other wants of any nature cheerfully attended to. BUSINESS MEN in need of information only attainable at the county seat will save much time and trouble by corresponding with me. .reports of County Records furnished on subscription. Special attention given to posting accounts, bookkeeping. write, to and .TO? see what we gan <Jo, and, guarantee our " ' ' .•te '"'

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