Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 30, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 30, 1946
Page 4
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Words Up to ifi 10 to 20 21 to 25 2G lo 30 31 to 35 30 to <!0 41 to 45 40 to 50 .. HO ft 'StAft, HOPS, ARKANSAS Friday, August 30, 1946 By Roy Gofto fey Chick Ytutfig; ...BUT SLAG SLATER OF THE GRAY SOX THINKS DIFFERENTLY... YOU WERE ' "/ GETTING IN A RUT V --VOU NEED T'CALL TH'POLICE ...MAYBE THEY CAM LOCATE VCXJVE BUYIN'3 THE KIND. ( A LITTLE VARIETY V. li IN VOUS? LIFE J IVE GOT THAT HICK STORED AWAY, THEY'LL HBVCR t PINO HIM ' PHONED HIS HOTEL A DOZEN TIMES, SKIP. By Michael O'Mallcy & Ralph Lane VIC FLINT By Dick Turner CARNIVAL By Galbraith OKAY, MELCP.OFT.' you FOR SHOOT VICi IT'S JU&f SIDE GLANCES SOMETHING FLINT.' WHERE SI AM let 'me sleep in that big leather chair in the hotel lobby. DROPPED C IHDEED.'.IT'S AUD WE WAtIT '. BRCAKFA By Leslie Turner WASH TUBES CAPTAIN EASV! WHEN YOUR PUBLIC 5W8VTIONS, DO ; VOU STOP TO THINK OF THE EFFECT! DO. m I os THE5 g p^iE'AT LITTLE CHERUBS' fpUKu i /" • Orti THERE HE 15! i I NS&NT j \T3 THM STMUE YOU TO MEET WS5 / FPXM LOS lOCO TOBY ORION!, wsaBHfcB: . w UNCLE E^sy :NN RE^,CH souis cw TOWV.S! By Walt Disney WPR. 194S BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. M&. U. ^. PAT. OFF.' "Can't you simply tell the boss how much more every-, thing costs?- Do you want me to walk in_\vith_you_as a : " " " witness?"^ ' A CHICK.EN CROSSES ''\Vc 1'ccl \ve should do something to counierncl the im pression mode by the dollar haircut!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Hershberaer FUNNY BUSINESS MERCHANDISE, WE'LL HAVE.To DO SOME TALL EXPLAINING ' Rusry STOPPED HER / J WHEW ! THAT DRIP is -BEIN<£ USEFUL M*i*mumttmw I , , <THE FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE /. By V. T. Hamlin r**-"J hadit cross-strung today so we could use it for a bed riiig, tool"'". POPEYE ALLEY OOP fi-—=3;;CpPR. U« BY NEA SERVICE. IMC. T. M. BEG. 2 THKE5 S HAVE LEFT MOO-TOWN ANO ENTERED THE OUNSLE--THE UTTLc Thimble Theater OilMOSAUH I I COULD RULE TO ACT.' A THE \\ORLO .' m THEV'S AN OLO W INPEEP// I CAM STORV THAT ^ WELL IMAGINE h OMCET /A PRINKS k WHAT THE GET THE WATER CASk, WIMPX WE ARE GOIN' ASHORE FOUNTAINS WHO POINTS WITH LIGHTNING A TOGETHER, l POHT WORRY, VA'LL SOON BE HAPPY QNCET M0f AS "HAPPY AS VEC FROM THE LAFPIN BOTTLING WATECS By Edqa* 1 Martin VJtU. , U.tU.0 UP TO etc OU3 tH? FINti, VJfiVX, 1'U. SOU UP \ in-* i-.,w, km; mtm:s »vei.|,-.m:. ii.... m,hi.t> kuiiirs m::;cRvi:i. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople Fl BRACE YOURSELF FOR A ' .' 3UST A9 t WAS A.W LABORATORY FOR A . OP FEXJERlSH SCIENTIFIC \ V-V-YOU'Y HE'S A SALES-MAN YOU BACK ACrfM? I TOLD VOU AW HOUR AGO THAT G-c HOTEL POSTCARD BROTHER 3AK6, TH& BIG LEECH/-*—HE'S COMING M COMCEMTRWlON'-*~ U(v\.'? DOCTOR"HOOPLE ? THAT'S GROTESQUE HERE-AND ME MUST SOME NEVJ SUCKER-DECOV HE SI6MS P(?OFESSlOMA>ULV, DK. 3A.COB UOOPLE / i; DR. 3ACOB HOOPLE WHOOP'S .' BuMOE By Fred Hat-man RED RYDER H£Rt"5 A CK& VMERS TOU \iT'. T^^T, SAME YOUR BREKW ^tW' '' : "-' TliUNOtR Y*4ERE1S REP RYDER? LAOSTONE- WITU SKETCH =• STAR, ROPE, A ft K A tf 5 A 5 CLASSIFIE Ads Mult Be to Ottlte Day Before Publication Number of One Three^Six 'One©—— D .8 .00 .75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 Days Days Month .0 1.50 4.50 :1.20 "1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 2.00 2.BO 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 :f>;oo ;00 7.50 fl.'OO io;so 12.00 13.50 15.00 Rates are for Co-.itinuous Insertions O'.ily • • All Want Ads Cnsh in Advance • Not Taken-Over the Phone Real Estate for Sale THREE ROOM HOUSE .WITH bath, on-South Washington, near . Basket Company. Price $2,250. If interested see Floyd Porter- fl?ld. 20-Ot NICE FIVE ROOM HOUSE, BATH\ built in features, baok porch, lot and half, on E. 14th Street. Floyd Porterfield, 28-31 Help Wonted WAITRESS WANTED. MUST have experience. Phone 973 or Hugo Elkins, Hillard's Cafe. 29-Bl Wanted to Buy APARTMENT SIZE GAs COO'K stove, and bathtub. Must 'be -in good condition. Phone 1 Mrs. W. F, Hutchens, phone 1110-W. 28-31 For Sore JUST RECEIVED, A CAR LOAD of Wheat shorts. Get yours while they last. Hope Feed Co. ' 24-Gl MODEL A FORD, ALSO TEAM of mares, weight 1100 pounds, age 5 and 8. Gordon Butler, Rt. 1. «ope. 24-81 TWO PIECE LIVING ROOM suite, Can be seen at 118 West Avc. D. . 28-31 FURNITURE, -MIDDLEBROOKS home, 1004 South Main. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 3 piece living room suite, bedroom suite, odd beds, chests, breakfast table, chairs, kitchen cabinet, tables, costumes, telephone stand, chair, 9x12 wool rug, odd chair, mattresses, pillows, bedsprings, slats, garden tools, washtubs, electric fans, gas cook stoves, heaters, cooking utensils, dishes, Edna Middlebrooks. 28-31 GOOD 3 ROOM HOUSE. MOORE'S Grocery St.. Market. Phone 76V. . 29-31 9 FT. DISAPPEARING STAIRWAY wilh frame. Phone 438-W or 801 __ ' 29-3t 3 PIECE LIVING ROOM SUITE*. 2 gas heaters, occasional tables. Can be seen at BIO West 4th St. 29-31. ONE GOOD SIMMONS PRE-WAR baby bed and innerspring rubberized mattress. $25. Phone 867-W. 29-31 TWO POUND FRYERS. 1012 FoT- ter Ave. Phone 059-W. 29-31 LARGE GAS RANGE, TWO ovens and broiler, six burner ton. Priced low. Phone 313. 29-31 14-FOOT BOAT AND trailer, $125. Robert R. Rider. Phone 435-J. '30-31 LESPEDEZA HAY, <30c PER bale at barn. West Bros. Hope, Rt. 3. EEGISTERED .JERSEY cnlf 10 months old. Also 30-6t BULL ABC . washing machine in good condition. See Roy Foster, Blevins, Ark.- Phone 2164. 29-61 Notice FORD and FERGUSON TRACTOR equipment for hire. See Charles H. Beck, Box 179. Route 2, Shover Springs, hear Otwell's store. 20-61 Cards Increa Lead Over the By WALT BYERS New York, Aug. 30 — (UP) — Vice President Jim Gallagher's boast thai his Cubs would take care of Brooklyn was ringing in Manager Leo Duroclier's cars today as his battered band of Dodgers arrived home by train from that wild-and-wooly purl of the "JPoge Fair Enough By Westbroolc Peglei Copyright, 1MB By King Featiiren Syndicate. New York, Aug. 29 —I have assembled all the objections of the No\y York Stale .Republican organization, or machine, or gang, ns I would call .it if I were writing about the perfidious Democrats, to the nomination of Maj.—Gen. William J. Donovan for the United Stales Senate. Here they go, on the floor. In thc first place, allhough it is good politics lo name the man with (he best chance of winning the election, the party leaders, or bosses as I would call them if Ihsy were Democrats, take too much lo themselves Mien they try io turn down the best available man, who is Donovan, and arbitrarily ynakc IT i. o. . , ry nc wcsl ° thc llucist)11 1 his .superior ability and knowledge river Eleven games ago the Dodgers strutted out to conquer the west, two games ahead in thc National unavailable to the nation. This consideration is especially poignant, a word 1 picked up'out of the NEW Republic, in view of the fael that T ~ -• ... v..~ ' ' ^> n"i Jl*l 1 Jt^JJLUJlll,, 111 VJCW Ui. lilt J.UUI IIK1L League race. But they wearily I Soviet Russia already has drawn trotiped back into town today, two- and-n-half games behind the'Cardi- nals and wondering what hit them first blood in wantonly killing a crew of unarmed American army Jlyors in Yugoslavia. I wouldn't go I t, ^ . m^iii jjyuis in i UUUEslll Vlil. i WOlllUll I KO two afternoon;; running at. Chicago, j as far as to say that Bill Donovan /vn irishman s ire and the hottest i^:-_ .* i\.- o^._.-, __ .... oall club in thc National League proved the Dodgers' downfall at windy Wrigley Field. One quit Saturday recently, Gallagher, a thin, bespectacled little irum, ac- pei sonalitics of the Soviet conspir- knows more about the politics and acy against the western civilization, culture and religion, partic-' ularly in the Balkans, than any .. - , - - ---- - other American but :he certainly the eastern teams of "quii-:-.-.-oiild know more about them than th~i i -° n* Docl fe'F!' s l !'l ct iiiciieateci: anyone else in the Senalc. that his Cubs could whip Duroch-1 What T say is that the parly lead- in, iM gs -. 0 l« aJny *I 1VC>11 day - lcrs Ou eh1- lo remember that 'they. Ihey did.it Wednesday, A io 3, owe a first duly to the people and and again yesterday, i Ui '>. That I have no right to flinch because double dose enabled Hie Cardinals ; they Ihink it would be difficult to to grab their biggest National I elect Donovan and offer Lieut.— League lead of the season, two and i Gen. Hugh Drum, instead, because a half games, when southpaw ace • ~ u Howie Pollet hurled his fourth shutout and 17th victory of campaign, a master' " '" SPOUTS ROUNDUP New York, Aug 30 — •*— Only two of the six clubs in the Georgia- Alabama baseball league hnve ilu> same managers who started tho season and one club has changed twice. .Other minor legatie teams have made as many as four managerial shifts.. .11 leads you to wonder Jusl what (besides good players) makes a good manager, . One smart baseball man observes thai pilots, especially in the minors, are "just drawn out of a hat"., .Another -points out that Branch Rickey selected'iikely candidates last spring and hnd 1hem report at Sanford, E'la, for preseason training with Ihc result that Brooklyn farms have made an exceptionally good showing this season. ..Wonder why some "chain operator doesn't organize a real school for manager. They even have schools for umps, though a lot of them act us if they had flunked out. I Suits Jorge News item: Pasqucl sues Mickey Owen for $127,000. J Pasquel into court is going To find out just how' much is Owen? He's learned that though he outbid 'Rickey It ain't no fun to take a Mickey. Sports Before Your Eyes Cornells grid coaching staff is high oa Fullback Joe Martin, who is even bigger and stronger than when he played for Carl Snavely in 1041. .. Bernard Docusen, who makes his Garden boxing debut, tonight, is a good bowler and a first-rate pool player but he never learned to punch a light bag, which most fighters consider an essential part of their training. . . Billy Evans, Southern Association president, has almost reached the point where he's losing, money in income taxes under the bonus arrangement which gives him 1 cent for each paid admission over a figure which the league has long since passed Observation Ward A couple of girls were arrested ut the Louisville ball park recently for using a beer bottle 19 rebuke a customer who was booing Chuck Koney, Red Sox farmhand who ^has been tabbed thc "second base Si- Arthur Siegel observes: 'Thais nalra . . .The Boston Travelers Arthur Seigcl observes: "That's a new version of the Louisville slugger. Daily Workouts Next Monday Memphis Again Licks Crackers; 4 Games Apart By The Associated Press One wild inning gave the Memphis Chicks eighl funs lasl night and allowed them to beat Atlanta, 12-4, and come within four games of the league-leading Crackers. they think Tom Dewey can carry | The score was 'tie at 4-4 as thc Drum in or his coat tails. I donllChicks came to bat in the sixth. on and , , , io u victory over the Giants, yes- in a campaign as they profess to I three errors. Three Atlanta pilch- leraay. have. I say the objections are per- ers were driven from the mound. U-s hard to recognize the hot- K0 nal and matters of rivalry and New Orleans and Nashville div- . ictory of the i believe they do have any such mis- 1 They scored the eight' runs rUil, five-hit, 4 givinfis about Donovans chances I three hits, five bases on balls - 0 na fooling Cubs these dnys. They have anger ' ' T»ic State Federation of Labor, tional League and playing a major role has been Fo.-clham Hank Borowy, the fainting righthander who pitched the Cubs to llu pennant last year. Borowy, who was taking his ADMIRAL • RADIOS • Battery & Phonograph Combination Bob Elmore Auto Supply ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Night Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark. , showers in the middle of games earlier in the season, has won three games during the Cubs' spurt, beating the Phillies Aug. 20, the Giants, Aug. 25, and Brooklyn yesterday for his ninth victory, which pulled the Cubs to within six games of the Dodgers. Surprisingly, the Dodgers' "big three" — Pee Wee Reese, Dixie Walker and Pete Reiser — played assisting rols in the Cubs victory yesterday. The Cubs scored two of their runs on errors by Reese and Walker and in the ninth inning, Rosier — the big stick man of the Irio — grounded weakly to the pitcher with the bases loaded, ending the game. Borosvy pitched H l-:i innings with curveball ace Ray Prime retiring thc last two Dodger hitters. At St. Louis, the Cardinals' sure- fingered defense turned in four double plays behind Pollet as Terry Moore, Marty Marion, Erv Dusak and Clyde Klultz each drove in a run with a double. Del Ennis' 13th homer of the season, with two on in the fifth inning, gave the Phillies their second straight victory over the Pirates, 5 to 2, before Pittsburgh's smallest crowd of season — 1,124 fans. A walk to George Kell, Due Cramer's single and Hank Greenberg's infield out gave the Detroit Tigers a run in the 14th inning and a 9 to 8 victory over the Red Sox. Dave (Boo) Ferriss was bidding lor his 24th pitching victory but escaped without a decision 'as the Sox used five pitchers and Detroit three, counting starter Al Benton Dizzy Trout was the winner; Bob Klinger the loser. The YEES MAINTAINED T1R The Yankees maintained their three-game lead over thc Tigers' and moved to within 12 1-2 games of the Red Sox with a 12-h'il attack, including Joe Gordon's llth homer, that gave them a 9 to 1 victory over Cleveland. The Chicago White Sox' night game at Washington was rained out. At Cincinnati, the Braves increased their fourth place National League lead to eight and a half games by defeating the Rods •! io 1 behind Ed Wright's steady, .six- hit pitching. Bama Rowell's two- run homer in the sixtli was thc big blow. NOTICE PICTURES FRAMED NICE SELECTION OF NEW MOULDINGS CLYDE FRITZ PHone 399 AVENUE B GROCERY grounds. The record rotten unionism is so scandalous and the complacency of the boss unioneers is so notorious, .as Governor Tom Dcwey certainly knows 'from long, experience as a prosecutor and as governor, that a smear from this quai ter should be regarded as a badge of honor, and an endorsement as a frame-up. The smear consists of a charg£_'hat, as-United. States District Attorney, Donovan some unioneers to prison about 25 years ago lor dynamiting a pas-, senger car on a struck railroad. Donovan pleads guilty of performing his sworn duty, in, the interest of law, order and good government. To go right to the top of the A. F. of L., I would challenge William Green ,its president, to cite a single occasion in which he similarly responded to the obligation of good citizenship to help the prosecution in any case against any dirty criminal in his official household. To come 'down to a more recent time and dramatic particulars I would point out that not one of them offered a word of: testimony or even private informa- : lion to Frank Hogan, the district attorney of New York county, in, the long and expensive campaign, to convict their thieving, plug-ugly colleague, Joe Fay, of the operat- 1 ing engineers. Now it is beginning to come out ; that the anti-labor smear was only' a euphemistic substitute for some-: thing nastier. Inasmuch as Donovan didnt take the hint and quit, the inmates of thc smoke-filled room are beginning to monkey with a religious smear. Incidentally, this is not the same smoke- filled room that Ickes, Hopkins and Sidney Hillman used. That one is in Chicago and it is much bigger and smokier. This is .Hist a little smoke-filled room in Syracuse. This smear would have it that Donovan, a Catholic, is in wrong with Catholics in New York because Mrs. Donovan is a proles- tant. I know religion .as an issue usually it is whispered and not printed but I see no reason to i'ol- low that rule. Donovan knows of its existence and so do the Republicans who are against him. They wpuld roll their eyes and holler "dirty pool and "bigotry if anyone should mention Jewishness in connection with the candidacy of lleibcrt Lehman for the Democratic nomination but, within their own party, because they can't halter Donovan, they are rpeeating this gossip or poison and using it as an excuse to turn him down. They say it makes him a liability on the ticket. I dont like to employ that "they REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R Get Ready FOR FALL By having your winter garments cleaned and pressed. We Pick Up and Deliver 'Plenty of Parking Space" Cleaners • VH^vBilHi mr Hatters HUGH B. HALL, Owner 991 N. Fergvion Phone 76 ided a doubleheader. New Orleans won the. opener, 5-4, and Nashville took the afterpiece, 2-1. Jesse Danna was credited with winnin'g the first game. Pete Mallory, whose wide curve had the Pelicans helpless, received credit for the nigmcamp. The Mobile Bears moved within half a game of the fifth place Nashville Vols by sweeping o twin bill from the Chattanooga Lookouts, 8-4 and 4^0. The Little Rock Travelers defeated Birmingham, 7-2 .behind the six-hit pitching of Sid Peterson. It was Iht Rocks only win of the tlvree .game series. Peterson was backed up by 14 hits off three Baron hurlers. Tonight's games: Atlanlu at Little Rock Birmingham at Memphis 'Chattanooga at New Orleans Nashville at Mobile. o Baseball Scores National League St. Louis.<4*New York 0 Chicago 3 Brooklyn 2 Philadelphia 5 Pittsburgh 2 Boston 4 Cincinnati 1 American League New York 9 Cleveland . Detroit 9 Boston 8, (14 innings') Chicago at Washington postponed-rain) Only games scheduled. Southern Association New Orleans 5-1 Nashville 4-2 Mobile 8-4 Chattanooga 4-0 Memphis 12 Atlanta 4 Little Rock 7 Birmingham 2 MAMA SAYS NO Worthingtpn, Minn., Aug. 28 — — Classified ad in the Worthington Globe: "Come to the big circus for kids — by kids. Trained dogs, fortune readings, sideshows. Across :crom Morningsicle Grocery. Mon., Tues., Wed., etc." Classified ad in the same paper the next day: "Attention! Big circus for kids— by kids, i-ostpcmed by thc kids mother." Yesterday's Stars By The Associated Press Howie Pollet, Cards — "Blanked the Giants 4-0 .with a five-hit effort for his 17th victory. Phil Cavarretta, Cubs — Drove in the winning run in Chicago's 3-2 victory over the Dodgers with a seventh inning single. Dizzy Trout, Tigers — Pitched six and two-thirds innings of scoreless relief in Detroit's 14-inning, 9-8 victory over the Red Sox. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press Chicago — Jimmy Fields, 16(5, Boston, knocked out Sam Hughes, 168 1-2, Detroit (2). Fall River, Mass. — Steve Ketchel, 200, Fall River, Mass., knocked out Johnny Davis, 188, Brooklyn, (7). Portland, Me. — Ed Moniz, 143, Fall River, Mass., stopped Mau- lice Reauchene, 14.1. 1-2, Brunswick, Me., (7). By United Press North Adams-, Mass—Sam Baroudi, 161, Akron, O., outpointed Johnny Eagle, 161, Detroit,' (10). Waterville, Me.—Jackie- Fisher 200, Waterville, knocked ouf Billy La rose, 180, Springvaln, Me,. (lj Monday hopeful youngsters will begin a two weeks grind lo decide who will start the Bobcats' opsn- ing game of football seaHon with DeQueen here September 13. Many alieady have started working out daily in effort to gel in shape before thc "skull-busting" stalls, probably lale in the first week. Equipment has been issued and candidates are eager to get started and although many are 'in training', Coaches Dildy and To)- lett can't be present at -workouts until September 2. With 13 lettermcn back and 33 reserves and new prospects expected lo report, chances for a winning season are considerably brighter than in the past two seasons. The backfield is' not expected to cause much trouble as leltcrmen and reserves are knee deep in that department. Wilh old timers like Buster Rogers, Jack Bell, Jack Wells, Charles Reed and Recce Miller back in uniform, newcomers will find the going pretty tough for a backfield berth. The line is prelty well heeled with lettermcn and if new prospects develop as fast as they should Coaches Dildy and Tollett have a good chance of producing a winning team despite u stiff schedule. Practice, starting Monday, will be held twice daily at 9 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. until school starts. The Cats will use the Notre Dame system. The public is invited to attend all practice sessions. State May Have to Cut Roads for Federal Aid Little Rork, Aug. DO "-(/i'l-" Arkansas' rounty fiigliwoy system shonJd be reduced lo appVrrvfmale- ly fi.OOO 7niles if federal aid is to IJP obtained for construction and maintenance work. Public Roads Administration officials have indicated. Counties have submitted 10,200 i miles of roads to the PRA and the government a«,ency reported at | a conference here yesterday with members of the County Judges As- osocialion thai it feels this-is loo large ci mileage for vhe counties to construct ana maintain adequately X X' X." Slightly more than 4,000 of thc 10,2(iO miles have been definitely identified by the PRA -as part of the principal" secondary highway syslem, said A. C. Siegel,. of the PRA department of esign. Additional mileage probably will be approved, however, he added. Trappers took 953 -weavers pelts in Alaska during 1945. thr> firr.1 uiiplinc f ,f Ihn Tj g A . n "i' A ,"' C..)tj)s hud a (op speed of 47 miles an hour, and rottlU Stay aloft two hours, carrying two men. This was in 1909. .-' FOOT LONG HOT DOGS DELICIOUS ,| CHEESEBURGERS Bill and:Molly,back'.td ' Serve: You. T "CURB-SERVICED — 720 West Third"— DE LUXE CAFE "BILL and MOLLY" Nine U.S. Presidents have died in the 20th century, but not one has been born in this century. Alaska produced 14,Tli skins in its 1945 crop. fox COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES JOB PRINTING Gentry Printing Co. Phone 241 Hope, Ark.' "Complete service for your car" MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION Now Open 24 Hours Daily 3rd & Laural ' Phone 303 Ho word Lamb, Owner LIC NOTICE 16th Street- from the High School to the Springhili Rood IS NOT A PART OF THE CITY DUMP. We have the names and car license numbers of several people who have thrown out garbage, cans, rubbish along this street. From this date on all will be reported to the police and health authorities. Also we reserve the right to return this garbage to the owners front lawns or driveway. PROPiRTY OWNIRS say form in reporting but it is the best I can do under the, circumstances. "They have *aid il to me, and I don't mean any little ward politicians either, but men who make decisions or want to. I went to Donovan about that and he said he never was a professional Catholic in politics but that, in religion, is a Catholic, nevertheless and confirmed information that I already had that he holds two papal honors, the La- tcran Medal, received at the Vatican, and the Order of St. Sylvester, presented by Cardinal Speelman last Jan. 30, at his home adjoining St. Patricks Cathedral. They were awarded for his "humanitarian wor-ks in the second world war. Another consideration that is supposed to make Donovan a liability is the fact that he campaigned for Herbert Hoover against Al Smith. He just supported his. partys ticket and that is all there was to that, and the present party leaders surely would damn him if he hadn't. For still, another smear, Donovan, as a lawyer, included among his clients some of the Du Ponl interests and the Aluminum Corporation. That is good work for a lawyer, if he can get it, but Franklin ID. Roosevelt never suffered from the fact that he was a second-string attorney for the New York Stock Exchange and whooped it up for John W. Davis, the lawyer for the J. P. Morgan interests, when Davis was the Democratic nominee for president. Just when they arc beginning to get off their knees after spending the last H years on the floor, the Republicans are acting like a lat of Democrats, fighting among themselves and smearing their best candidate for senator with stuff that the other side wouldnt dare use. Having said they couldnt carry him. it remains io 1 be seen how hard they will try if he beats them in the convention. Not a single young war veteran in either party has shown sufficient class or stuff to command serious consideration. In the Republican convention it will be Donovan, a major-general but a civilian by trade or- drum, a retired lieutenant-general. The .Democrats are choosing between Lehman and La Guardia, both flops in the European relief business, all though Lehman, of course-by contrast with La G., has a 'respectable previous record and probably will be the nominee. William R. Herndon Photographer First National Bank Bldg. Second Floor PHONE 493 or 114-J PORTRAITS ^ Commercial and Advertising PHOTO-COPIES Discharges - Legal Documents 24 Hour Service NOTICE The Self Service Laundry on East 13th Street, will open Monday, August 26th at 7:00 A. M.. Will appreciate your trade. W. C. Roach A. L. Johnson Owners LAWN MOWERS Repaired and Sharpened. 30 Years Experience I specialize in Repairs and " ' Sharpening .-" '" M. C. BRUCE Phone 1107-J So. Main St. FOR—Dependable and Quick • PLUMBING SERVICE • PHONE 933 No Job'Too Large or Too Smah • ANDERSON BROS. • Harry Scgnar, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs Phone 382-J 1023 South Main St. YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new Deds made too — One day service* in town — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere Bargains In Secondhand Furniture ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 152 411 S, Havel COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main Sewing Machines Call us for guaranteed Repair work on all makes machines. 23 Years Experience We cover buttons, make button holes and do hemstitching. We buy, sell and exchange machines. | C.W.YANCEY I Singer Dlst. [$13 S. Walnut Phone 578-W BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumblnfl Phone 259 Heating Hope, Ark. .Doug /"^JTV Carl Bacon \*l I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 REED MO'TOR co. 108 East Division Si. Mechanics: CARL JONES FRANK YARBROUGH • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Paint Shop WANTED White Oak Logs Forked Leaf White Oak and Cow Oak Clear and Clean Overcup Logs For prices and more detail Apply to: HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Arkansas Have Your Discharge Copied for Furlough etc. 24 HOUR SERVICE Shipley Stydio 220 So. Walnut Hope, Ark. GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING Batteries Recharged Shop Equipment is no better than the man that uses it. . For Your Repair Work,-see HOMER COBB Highway 67 Phohe 57 NOTICE .' ' Tilt-'Roy Venetian Blind Co. 1123 County VWe. , Texarkana, Arkansas . WE • CLEAN 'EM ' ^ • REPATR 'E-M • 'PAINT 'EM • ADJUST 'EM • • RE-CORD 'EM • RE-TAPE 'EM Manufacturers of New Custom- Made Metal Venetian Blinds FREE ESTIMATE, PICK-OJP, DELIVERY, INSTALLING ALLGI's Interested in TRAINING; ; Contact - " Vet Office or B. L. Rettig . at the airport r • Flight Instructions • Rides ® Charter Trips HOPE MUNICIPAL AIRPORJ : Agent for SCAT Airline is for t>o you get a 'dividend on your fire insurance? Each year our companies return millions i.of dollars to policyholders. You can. also .save at least 20 percent by Fost0r-E!!«s ! MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY Non-Assessable Legal Reser/Jre 108; East 2nd F?Hon^22 4 1 PIANOS - ] Just Received — A Large Shipment FACTORY REBUILT PIANOS - "Direct From Chicago" - - --»- • Looks like new • Sounds like new • New guarantee „. »..T» ^ , . • • - »J» n T- If you are interested in buying a piano call or write One of our representatives will call on you. CRABBE BROS. PIANO OX "Texarkana's Only Exclusive Piano Co." 515 Buchanan Avenue Texarkana, U. S. A. Wanted! TELEPHONE POLES All Dimensions — 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week RUFUS MARTIN. PATMOS, ARK. C ASH » • ' n 10 Minutes! Borrow money from us on your car, or almost anything of value. We'll lend you all you need if we possibly can, regardless of where you live. The more you want the better we like it. Ten minutes usually gets you the cash. Aik for Mr. McLorty, at Hope A«to Co.

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