The New North from Rhinelander, Wisconsin on November 18, 1915 · Page 3
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The New North from Rhinelander, Wisconsin · Page 3

Rhinelander, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1915
Page 3
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'.'*..-•' • . __-_ Better Service to Our Depositors |g~ HElCamS STATE BASS • »>• 3 ft4 • - TCJt) *)*•• - »* * »J» J*»- 1JJA . «V»ft tS-TS* TTA >0««- ' 14 us- too «4jo- «o* -H xji * J!"' 4J»- 1444 <0*fl* S4« ue* '111!: !J l**i» *4.» • *•• —- >s TJ»»I- »»J» «*•«• »J - «»"•• issi: *MM» • >a> »SSJ{ . »•«» '11 flit 11041 — —'. ' ' «««tl This neatly printed Burroughs-made statement is the modern way of ehowing you the condition ct your account. It urea you the inconvenience of turning in your pass-book each month. This bank has always tried to give you good Eervice. It has safeguarded your funds.' It has collected the cash represented by tho checks you have deposited. It has delivered the cash ordered paid by tho checks you have issued —even furnished you the. check blanks. It has returned your cancelled checks as receipts. It has kept a record of your transactions, accurate to a cent, proved every day. Now vro give you an extra-tangible service. .Instead of leaving your pass-book (your only receipt for deposits) to be balanced,-and calling for it later, you find your statement of account with cancelled checks ready for you at the first of tho month. Or you can have them any day in the month that you wish, at a moment's notice. The statement is printed, neat, accurate—made by machine. MERCHANTS STATE BANK Rhinelander, Wisconsin • P. S.— Come in and see how we keep our customers 1 accounts by machine. Our methods may suggest how you can render similar service /& your customers. Giving service pays. II1015 Iron Hirer, Via. — A special train twenty cars earning over 5,000 head of sheep to the [Chicago market, were shipped out of Iron River Friday. This cotuti- ' luted the largest single shipment of sheep ever made from this part of jlht: state. The shippers were L. C. .Piper and Fritz and II. L. Carlson land Valentine Drpta, and while 'there were in the neighborhood of '1,000 head of native stock, the greater part of the lot was made up of Montana stock brought into the Iron River country this fall for finishing upon the cut over lands. Ladjsmith— In consultation with Major Em- ,manuel Rossiler, of the Wisconsin 1 National Guard. Robert K., who 'is one of the principals in the move: menl for organizing a company of militia in this city, received a great I • dealof encouragement from the .ma-1 • ior in connection with the idea- Ma-1 'jor'Rossiter expressed himself ' .being very favorable toward raising of a company here. lie i I stated that in a talk with General 1 .Chas. King the latler informed him of the probability of increasing the ! number of regiments of the nalion- 'al guard from three to sis in the near future, and, in the event o_f such an occurrence, Ladysmith. with an I independent company, would stand first in being incorporated into the national guard. Ironwood— The first fatal hunting accident ol raised for the'home.** An Investig>- ( • lion showed that at SOI Main street,.' : Menominee, where the rescue work , waj supposed to be going on; there was a tailor shop. The donors hare their receipts, at least, signed by the .'dashing woman as "11. Ilutcbinsoa." - . Grand Rapids-— - - ~ ~^~-~.. * Affairs of state are at a standstill in Ihe city of PittSTilla due to the resignation of-a majority of : the .• council. The trouble arose when ,* the street and sidewalk committee condemned a sidewalk belonging to' C, A. Lodewig. The proper authorities went to tear up alhe walk, but found Mr. Ladewig on the Job with the the shotgun and a threat to shoot first man laying his hands on walk, his idea being to leave Ihe walk until next spring. The street. and sidewalk committee, composed of G. W. Severos. J. J. Ebbe and R. \V. Lust, resigned, due to the mayor's failure to enforce the law. These resignations leave the council without a quorum and necessarily official business is at a standstill. LftCK DF DIES _. A Wausau dispatch slates that pa- the • per mills at Brokaw, Rothschild and losinte are feeling the shortage, of yestulTs. Before the war the Mara- lon mills paid $10,000 a year for yes. Now it costs much more, and s inferior. D. C. Everest, one of Ihe fficials, says he is doubtful of the uccess of the attempts to make any- ine dyes in this country, while W. ^ Edmonds is inclined to think the . Jnited States will eventually pro- luce as brilliant dyes as Germany, at a reasonable cost, if the industry s protected. In case of severe short- • III II HI U I I THE CITY !N BRIEF *H 1 IHH-H II I I I I 11** 1 the present season in this county occurred early Friday morning when i Victor Nonlberg, a well known resident of Ramsay, _accidentally shot Xordberg was n't l H * ' ***: NOW IS THE TIMETO BUY l«l Miss Mabel RoUe, violinist at the SALESMEN—Big money, big line, himself with a rifle 1 inch dry soft 'wood. Brown Bros. Bijou for the last three weeks, has. all necessities—Groceries, paints, hunting about seven miles north of I Lumber Co. 'Phone No. 78. tf returned to her home in Wautoma. f oils, stock food. Sell at wholesale. Wakefield and was out early_in the 11 VAJ« JTIIULIC A1U« J O« I* I C. LU1 II CXI IVJ lit I I1VJ114& li* 11 *IL* i VHA*** ; vr>>-»f JIY^-V u »v>^-v*» •>*%.*• u« " »*vs>.«. .***•»-* ,.__».....— — ^ - — - "•• La Pace has returned to During her short slay in the'city she Goods and house nationally known, morning watching for deer. He was i-a i age nas reiurneu 10 ^j » , • »i._.i. ...»._*i—t,!t^^»^,« . :„,.,,„ standing on a stump holding the n ' New North for all the news. Thomas Leith of Slonico was in the •city Monday. -Mr. arid Mrs. J. A. Sanns spent! Sunday in lliles, George Shouldice has ^returned from a trip to Escanaba.' \ Mrs. D. Dujinski of Merrill ^uest at the Shorey home. FOR SALE:—Good found -draft absence of made a number »f friends who look j Immense crops battle between the Gophers and irectory Uiere. | FO R SALE— Second is a ber c heap. Inquire of C. A. Gonro. I Sundav School F °R SM:E CHEAP:— a gasoline 'engine, six horse or with i hand lum- Chicago University. Minnesota prov- r A: Gonm Jed the victor by a score of 20 to 7. Dr. Wendall basemenl - of j church Saturday evening. An ad- Miss Anna Brice of Wausau re- mission of ten cents will be charged, turned to her home Saturday after a t ' ' ' few days visit here. Fred Lang of Minocqua shook bands with Rhinelander friends Monday. , FOR SALE:—Good pulp forty in town of Tomahawk Lake. Enquire ShreveporVLa.—"I had a bad stern- al this office. - - aeh trouble for years and became BO Mrs. Axel Lindegren and her guest, i weak I could hardly walk or do any Mrs. Oscar Bergren, lefl Monday for work. My^appetite was poor, nay food Spirit to visit relatives. . Read the NEW NORTH. chine. Wis. and John Burbat, wood McNaughton, 236 W. Lake St, Chicago, 111. N18 THE YOUTH'S COMPANION CALENDAR FOR 1916 The publishers of The Companion will, as always For the accommodation of thei logging crew the Park Falls I.umbe company has just completed a set o camp cars said to be the most luxuri \oulh_s ant ever put in sen-ice. The new at this 'camps consist of twelve cars,accom Mrs. Maurice McRae left Monday for New London for a visit -with relatives. John McElron^ foreman al Heir's camp near Monico, spenl Sunday at his home here. A.B. Wilson has discontinued his tailoring business here and has entered the tailor. employ of Brown, the BAD STOMACH TROUBLE Yields to Delicious Vinol ' « t wooM not digest, I bloated and was very weak azsd nervous. N4-18 season, present to every subscriber modating a crew of 150 men and al hfc , Arthur Meen was here from Isb/ peming, Mich., this week on business connected .with the Rhinelander Creamery 4 Produce company. He has charge of the company's northern Michigan interests with headquarters in Ishpeming. Subscribe for the NEW NORTH. Sidney Raymond has started a logging camp within sight of the city of Crandon on Lake Metonga. I tried many reme-1 He will employ about forty men, will Isaw Vinofadver- cul 1,200,000 feel and will ship Ihe for work in th entire train is clectri iwhose subscription is paid for 1916, [(heir requirements L ..|a calendar for the new year. It is a {woods. The entire uam i» i->n.n. gem of calendar-making. The decor- lighted and heated with a vapor sy. -•:„« .:„.. r. _=.», .,.., «|,e main Uem, one car equipped with a boiler a calen-Ismail engine and dynamo, supplying tised and tried it, and now my stomach logs lo Mason-Donaldson Lumber trouble is completely cured and I am well."—E. L. UAESHALL. Visol U guaranteed to tone up the tired, over-tared and weakened nerves of the stomach end create strength. Deafness Cannot Be Cured by local sppllcatlon*. as they ezonot reach €&• diseased portion of the ear. There it eal? en< war to cure deafsex, and that la ty eaattltctlonal remedies. DeafaeH la Caued by SA tafllmed cosdltlom of thema^ Cons Itnlcr of th* Ecstaehlaa Tube. Whea '- this tah* U toaamed loa har« a nuntllsr Kovii4 or bnp«rfect hearlac, aad when It la entirely Clpa«d. Deafness U th* resalt. aad calea* th* tafianuaatiom caa h* takea cmt a&d this tat* restored to Its eormal condition, hearbc «U1 tw deatroyed forerer: sin* casra rat el tea u* euaed ty Catarrh. which Is nothing; hut an Inflamed comdltioa of th* mvcona snrfacea. - ' . W* will rtT* On* Hondred EKjIIars for any caa* of IXafana (cxurd ty catarrh) that casaot t« cnre4 ty Bair* Catarrh' Ctre. Ccftd for circalara. tree. ~ . P. J. CHKNET ft COL. Toledo. Ohio. Sold ty mtrtstj, tic. Tak* Hairs Family Fin* for eon«t!j>«.tloa. CHIGHESTER SPILLS company of this city. Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Stone returned Sunday from a hunting trip in the vicinity of Ihe Stone farm north of Ihe cily. They met with no success _ _ but J. J. Remo who called on them "Do^you wish to get about $1,500.00 Sunday morning put out of commis- on real eslate .security. See Lawyer sion a buck of good sire. R. J. Morter. If Mr. and Mrs. A. LaMotte have returned from Minocqua where they have made theirTesidence since last spring. Mr. LaMotte has accepted a position as a member of the Bijou orchestra. Sideboard for sale cheap at the New North offlce. ^ U. P.L. Whiltier came over from Crandon Monday, called here by the death of his mother-in-law, - Mrs. John Reiin. Mrs. Whittier was with her mother when she passed away. . • A new set of 'shock absorbers for automobile, for sale cheap. Inquire at this office. ' * ' BRAND ative mounting is rich, but the main purpose has been to produce a calendar that is useful, and that purpose has been achieved. CHIROPRACTOR NELSON Going on my third year of successful practice In the city .of Rhlne- lacder, Wis. Office and Residence 209ii So, Brown SL Tele. 217-4 'manner resulted in a big sum being heat and light. The cars arc substantially built and well finished, and present a more sightly appearance and are even more comfortable than the average city residence. Hurley— Ironwood people vi-re recently- fleeced to the extent of several hundred dollars through the cleverness of a pretty woman solicitor. She collected money from a number of Iromvood busines men for the "Rescue Home Association", Menominee, Midi. Her cheery smile and winsome age the output of colored paper would be greatly reduced, but the otal output of paper would be kept up, most of it left natural coor. CONTAGIOUS DISEASES Rhinelander physicians have received a new set of instructions from the state board of health for the report of communicable diseases. Cases of diphtheria, searlet^ fever, smallpox, cerebo spinal meningitis, Asiatic cholera, typhus fever and bubonic plague, typhoid fever, measles, whooping cough, chicken, pox. raumps, crysipe las » tuberculosis of any organ and Irachema must be reported within 24 hours. A special form of blank is to be furnished physicians for reporting cases of venereal diseases. Diphtheria and membra nous croup cases must be quarantined at least 14 days. Minimum quarantine for scarlet fever is 21 days, for smallpox, until all crusts or scales have fallen off; for spinal meningitis, 14 days; for typhus fever until after complete recovery. — OLD MAIL CLERK RESIGNS After serving many years as mail clert on the Monico-VVatersmeet train B. H. Grant has tendered his resignation to take effect on November 1. It is learned that he will devote the future to farming and will make his home on his farm near. Monico. Mr. Grant feels that Ihere is more money in the soil than there is in being a faithful servant for the government. LADIES! A.k 7~r D r \rzint fcT CRT-CUES- TEi'3 DIAMOND EKAKD rn.T.S ia KZD and GOLD Betal'.ie born, tealfd vita Tux so OTBUL. • IAMO9D BBAaD riLLS, for twratT-CTC jear* regarded a* Best. Safest. Alvayt Reliable. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS FOR SALE Double dwilling on Park street* two story, twelve rooms, well located and in good condition. Owner lites in the West and cannot look after it. Will sell for $1700.00. This will net at least 10% on the investment. A good buy. 40 acres $ mile south of town; all cleared and fenced; no buildings; as good soil as can be found in the county. There is very little good ' land close to town that is on the market. This is an opportunity that should not be overlooked. , Acre lots adjoining city limits at $200.00, easy terms.'] "INSURANCE THAN INSURES" TIUE TJUtD EVERYWHERE TESTED BARMES-WEESNER INSURANCE AGENCY Merchants State Bank Building. FOR SALEi—A Orst class mechanical foot starter, new, for Ford car for sale cheap. Inquire at this office. *"•*... Mrs. A. Barney and Mrs. L. Mase entertained Mrs, W. Sawyer of Minn- apolis Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. I~ Mase. Cards were played. Mrs. E. Herrick won first pnie and Mrs. Straub received second. Light refreshments were served and all reported a good tune. Cot rates on household goods to Pacific coast and other points. Superior service at reduced rates. The Boyd Transfer Co, Minneapolis, Minn. ' tf. The November and May committees of the Priscilla Society give a five o'clock tea at the home of the Misses Brown on Friday evening, which was'a most enjoyable affair. A kitchen shower had previously been arranged for Miss Forbes as a surprise. When the large well filled clothes basket was brought into the room. Miss Forbes was speechless with surprise. The basket contained nearly everything needed for a well equipped kitchen. FARMERS ATTENTION We bay peeled ^hite cedar posts and poles .•when delivered to our cedar yard near the red bridge on north side of city. Call at our office for prices. Brown Land & Lumber Company. Merchants State Bank Bldg. .N4-28 Mason Miller, ' a . former well inown fanner of the town of Pelican, who has spent the last year or more in the state of California, returned to Rhinelander Friday. Mr. Miller says that while the west is a great country he does not think that it has anything on northern Wisconsin and especially Oceida county and he is. mighty glad to get back here. When he went to California he made the trip by wagon, making I camp whenever night overtook him.| The Paper for YOUR Home .UST abofeall, be a balanced newspaper. It must contain news of next door, the next county, state and country. It must have its share of entertaining features for the young mind and it must be a clean newspaper. It must be a help, not a menace to humanity. It must buUd up and not destroy. It must play a square game and in the open, for a government "of the people, by tho , people d for the people." It must be a newspaper wath a conscience *li* ____ * i ___ CT .^«,n^ „ TTfYrvrR TiPWKTvmer. All this you are certain and must be essentijdly a HOME newspaper. of in this ideal combination— THE NEW NORTH $1.50 AND The Milwaukee Journal $2.50 (Wteotuia't Greatest DiDy Hewip*p«) *a «« ToUlVthu $*AAJ money on this combination in the State and la issned B«Ten times a week. Special Club Price, BOTH $3.50 OU the best It » independent in thorough manner by cable and telegraph. At a great expense. staff correspondents are stationed at Madison and Washington to report completely the workings of the legislative bodies. We know that in combining with The Journal in this special offer we are i the best possible. Will You Mail The Coupon? r i i B I I THE NEW NORTH , RHOTELANDEB, WIS. Please send me Combination of .your newspaper and Milwaukee Journal for ona year. I enclose $&50. Name *• • • Address *.. »•••••»« Route Box -

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