Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 29, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 29, 1946
Page 5
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U Pdgt Fout HOMSTAft, HOPE, ARKANSAS 6LONDIE By Chick Young OZARK IKE PLASTIC BALLOON TO THE STAT>CN TO (SET IT BLOWN uP THAT WAS BETTER THAN TAKING IT TO A FILLING STATION WASN'T IT f> .^ ^T CARNIVAL By Dick Tumor By Galbraith \J COPB. 194« BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. 8-2? COPR. 19« BY NEA SERVICE. INC.'f.'M'. REG." U.'s "PAT. OFF. "I thought I'd try to-gel all my Chris I inns shopping done this month, but the way prices nrc, :ill I've got is the stationery for Aunl Kate!" 'Here's one 1'ro.iu Sampson again, suggesting we give him a day off I" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosscr FUNNY BUSINESS By He>shbercer HR KING-, IP THAT HILDA GRU&&LE WIMS YOUR """V/ 1 '^,!^^ COLLUSIOSJ .' AMD WMATS MORE, "til mi. M FRIEMPS MEVER. To PATRONIZE THIS STORE AGAIN / If YOUR. GIRL FRIEND WINS THAT $10 ORDER,, YOL'R. WAME WILL BE MUD .'.'/ 1 ! • - • g —•— "We thought ft might bring back the few \vho broke out!" 1 1- co POPEYE THS- NEXT CUSTOMER. / AND i lllLJ/"! X*/n*^E(^ ri I Ittll I / m tm-m^L 1 ONE IWOUSAND// J COMES Thimble Theater ALL WE HAFTAl AHOY, OSCAR CO IS FOLLOW J in* FOUNTIN6S OF MYRTH?? BOAT?.; y* ISLAND.',' OH, MY GORSH!! I SHOULDX KNOWN IT,'.' THey WAS IM'A WIMPY DRESSED VOUSE PAYS US pi C-R-E-E-P-E-R It NOW, CREEPY?? T IS THE NAjWE, SUHJJ OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople M IT'6 TO GET UON\E AMO'RMD T SPEClfABM OF- F&lv«i>i^\TV MSRG'S A SIFT, 'SO^AE AROMMiC DKOOFLITCRTEEE, \jeRV USEFUL IF- you M WJITH LOSS OF I'NG A.LVMPsVS 4 SCAN/V To CHAS& ; A T£f?M\TiS OUT OF A LUAABER- FOOD ICEgDX / MOTHERS 6ET SRAY Thursday/August 20, By Ray Gollo Words TjiUp to 15 . fie to 20. ,121 to 25, 3 20 to 30 , i 31 lo 35 i 30 to 40 40 to 00 } TIME POR BATTING If RELAX, GOLDILOCKS PRACTICE...AN' .J\ ...AND LISTEN WHILE I H6-PE YOU'RE \ N '/A.-V'.. _. TH'GRAY SOX SHARP AT 7J^ NV ^"/ElT? SLAUGHTER Tl, , THAT DISH \~:^ UKV.. I>L ^5\^ BUGS/ TOD •1 THOSE THUGS TOOK MY PAL OZARK TO ftOOM..,00» ...AND WINDY ROM A BLOW ON THE HEAD, WINDY WADE FINDS • A LOOSE KEY TAG... OZABK/K&?, VIC FLINT By Michael O'Malloy & Ralpli Lane PLEASE REFER CAtlS FOB MEICROFT I-TMARCIA, I'M GOING TO POOR VIC/ I HAVEN'T THE HEART TO WAKE HIM. t Sw MOWL. YOU GO OM UPSTAIRS. MU SIT HERE WAIT LIBE4Y sat in that nice deep leather chair to wait. And when Libby came — ~~7* III JUST RUN / MONO UP 10 MARCIA ' MtlCROFT'S ROOA1 VftNO LET HIM SLEEr. / WASH TUBES By Leslie Turner fi WEU STRETCH OUR LESS A BIT WHILE WE'RE ; •(_ IU1RV TO GET IT THIS TIWE.etJT PON'T EVER VOU KIP5 CftN THWK OF WORir T OH, THERE SOU WAITING FOR WhSHTOgET CiNROL f>,NP MR. PAD-BLAMED THINGS TO CO! J P.RE.TOBV. 1 VOU'RE JUST IN TIIAE TO LOOWTTH' UNO.E EWY -HEV GIWNkE BftCK ) •>_; (AS CftP! WEET SOUR FWHEKi DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney WELL, WHA.T DO -.. ,(Y' THINK. OP IT ? •^ ^ /vOu< " STUPF ?J V By Car! Anderson By V. T. Hamlin ALLEY OOP >W WHERE IN TOPM6T 15 THAT BK3 JUSHEAD? J ( ' - By Edgor Martin HiWMi THie TIMt 01? DR^V ', THftT'^ ODD\ \=> ^\O^At 1 Y.V.N6 OOWN '? RED RYDER By Fred Harmon 1 U LET AWHILE BEFORE LITTLE 1 LOG AKlP A. 5TR&TCH OK, YOUR NECK, RIPER AMD HELP PlSCOVER 6IMJM UP PAPOOSE 1 VIE FIND OUT PRONTO ^ TOU •« ~.\J Y Yr^BE'CrtO^.' ^Lmf-7* \t - -^SK^r MJ^ - A'-- ' *r StAft, HOPS, ARKANSAS FIT* CLASS! AdS Must fie Tn Office Dhy Before Publication Otte Three SIX One® ..••••!—^——Day Dnys Days Month . 41 to 45 ..... 1.35 ...... 1.60 .45 .GO .75 .90 1.05 1.20 .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 4,50 0.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 Rates are foi' Cotitihuoiis i Insertions Only i * All Want Ads Cash in Advance * Not Taken Over the Phone Real Estate for Sale Lost WIRE BASK1P.T CONTAINING Kawleigh Products, Lost Tuesday morning on Kdgewnod and Second SI. if found, return lo Hope Star office. 27-31 Notice TIIREE ROOM HOUSE WITH bath, on South Washington, near Basket Company, Price $2,250. If Interested see Floyd Porterfield. 20-01 NICE FIVE ROOM HOUSE, BATH, built in features, back porch, lot and half, on IS. 14lh Street. Floyd Porterl'icld. 28-31 Help Wanted WAITRESS ' WANTED. MUST have experience. Phono 973 or Hugo Elkins, Hillard's Cafe. 29-Ot Wanted to Buy APARTMENT SIZE • GAS COOK stove, and bathtub. Must be in feood condition. Phone Mrs. W. F. HuleliBiis, phone 1110-W. 28-31 FORD FERGUSON TRACTOR and equipment for hire. See Charles II. Beck, Box 17!). Route 2, Shovcr Springs, near Otwell's store. 2G-01 Fair Enough By Westbfobk Peglelr Copyright, 1948 By King Feature* Syndicate. . New York, Aug. 28—1 hope 1 never grow up 'to political maturity because if 1 should then I might accept as mere routine politics the present attempt of Governor 'Pom Dewey and the executive committee ot the Republican stiite* committee to ditch Muj— Gen. William J. Donovan and norm inato instead Lieut.—Gen. Hugh A. Drum as the candidate for the United States Senate at the Republican state convention in Saratoga on Sept. .1. General Donovan's defects in this case arc virtues and General Drum's virtues are faults. Donovan is so strong in his SPORTS ROUNDUP A. A. meeting. . . that 20- C amp Mnrty Servo conference meeting ast month ~ nccn-ig ,he clidn't really nconrnph. h anything, thai lie doesn't have to com- I mil himself to support Governor Dewey in the 1948 presidential contest. He is big and strong enough politically to be his own man in the campaign without personal obligation to Dewey. This Dnwey is against him. i s why For Sale E.PIECE BEDROOM SUITE three rocking chairs, 7 ql. pressure cooker, battery radio. Sec Eai-1 Smith, Crumber Store, highway 07 East oC Ernrhet. 27-3t Cards Move to Ahead of By WALT BYERS New'York. Aug. P.O — (UP) — For real size, the St. Louis Cardinals' one-and-a half game National League lead clidn't look liko m'ch today. But it was the bis-1 jVboul as sure a "thing for're-elec- est one of the season ;:or the Red | lion as W( , ovcr find in politics Jii-ds and the way it came ;ibout, i ulld ,, o ri gures that if he can elect T the ninth inning on a rookies:., scnalol . who wou ld owe every- rst big league homer, sounded .an i thing i o him it would be folly to minous warning to the pursuing i, ot t -, 10 convention nominate Don6- ' title nnc.1 has paid oul-more Rood cash for Iwo lune-up :.'ighls preparatory to defending it nRninsl Kay ftobinson next weoU> . . And how rtobinson comes along with ihe statement ihal he'!l contribute his entire purse, minus training expenses and ihe manager's cut, to the 1'olice Athletic Ijgngue. Servo " Manager ... lit'tine the crown from Red Coch rane because of a guarante to Ked. 'Then he took on Middleweight Hocky Graziano for a "money" fight and had the expense of an operation on his nose added lo the costs. Since then he has had vo pay Jimmy Anesl and Bobby Lakin to fight him at army hospitals because he wasn't permitted to make "owed himself $9,000" (as ;r Al VVeill explains) after General Drum is just a nice old retired army officer who has been selected by the Dewey group as n K'C'iitlu, docile swept along pel who could in the wake 4 ROOM HOUSE, 3'X- ACRES LAND about 1 mile on Spring Hill road, Mrs. S. M. Murray, Phone 981-W. 2-f-St 4 DOOR DODGE CAR, EXCEL- lent condition mechanically, newly painted. See J. V. or D. V. Moore. 27-31 JUST RECEIVED, A CAR LOAD of wheat shorts. Get yours while they last. Hope Feed Co. 24-01 MODEL A FORD, ALSO TEAM of mares, weight 1100 pounds, age 5 and 8. Gordon Butler, Rt. 1. Hope. 24-Gt PIECE LIVING ROOM suite, Can be seen at 118 West Ave. D. 28-31 •FURNITURE, MIDDLEBROOKS home, 1004 South Main. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 3 piece living room suite, bedroom suite, odd beds, chests, breakfast table chairs, kitchen cabinet, tables costumes, telephone stand, 'chnh- 9x12 wool rug, odd chair, mat tresses, pillows, bedsprings, slats garden lools, vvashlubs, eleclrii fans; gas cook stoves, healers cooking utensils, dishes, Edni Middlebrooks. 28-5 GCfOD 3 ROOM HOUSE. MOORE" Grocery & Market. Phbhe 70V .•;.•• ' 29-3 9 FT. DISAPPEARING STAIRWA Wi'lh frame. Phone 438-W or 801 29-3 3 PIECE LIVING R'OOM SUITE 2 gas heaters, occasional tables Can be seen at 610 West 4th S : - 29-3 Dewey's rush and would owO his election lo Dewey. The governor _.-• !„,.,,, , , , rivan, who then would stand alon'e The Cardinals longest lead of I nnd not in Dcwey's shadow. NO- he year was built late last night at, bod cvcl , heard o r Dru m in pol- ,1. Louis when they came from be-1 iUc! ; untn a fow da y s ago . ind to beat the New York Giants,! This oppos i Uon to Donovan is all -2, to sweep a twin bill. Ihe Dodg- | Duwey - s 'cloing and H demonstrates rs had lost ni day game lo the Cubs I a porso nal characteristic that I Chicago, 4 to 3. and the Cards, lents havc noted He is unw in. had whipped the Giants m the sirsl TonVs friends as well as his op- .uneun fights. Do you wonder :hal Weill claims: "Marly ain'l going lo lei the lille go easy." What Everyone Knows The verbal exchange between Mississippi Stale and Army over Shorty. McWilliams, while it's tough on a good kid who also is a good football player, may clear the college football atmosphere a bit if the name-calling continues until next winter's Nalional Col- the whole college group starts hollering .next winter they ay decide to give Ihe NCAA p.o- And, if it should ice power iiappcn, this writer would like lotliing belter than lo listen in. One-MiriUte Sports Page Although they escaped from St. | charged with conspiracy. Louis, the Dodgers aren't safe yet. "These two were babes Three oC the eight shutouts they have absorbed this season were at Chicago's Wrigley Field. . .And it leads you to wonder' about xhe quality of amateur golf When a Brooklyn detective who swings crosshanded cops the New York sectional qualifying hoiioros. At least there'll be a lot of new names in the Ballhsrol tourney. . . Tsvo former Kansas fodlball captains Dave Schmidt and Warren Reigle 1944) will be battling for starling jobs at end on this year's Jayhawk team. Cleaning The Cuff Mexico City is angling'for a Joe Louis—Arturo Godoy light (What, again?) And don't think Joe isn't interested. The decision may be different-when the chump's man, agerial board figures the financial i angles . . , Girl Thief Faints When Accused of $12,818 Theft Chicngo ,Aug. 28 ~ (/P)—Sixteen- year-old Shirley Jane Daoski tainted in the arms of a bailiff when she and her boy friend were arraigned in fr.-lony coui-l today on charges growing oul of Hie theft of $12,810" from Her employer. The girl whom police quoted as saying she wanted "to gel rich fast" was arraigned on charges of' embesuclbmeiU and conspiracy to embezzle. Edward Jennings, Jr., I 17, on whom she is accused of lavishing most Of Ihe money , was losl in effoil lo set bond at $10,000 each. Bond was fixed al $5,000 each and the hearing continued lo Sepl. 10. "The'se Iwo were babes lost i Ihe woods of romance and found Ihe proverbial pol of gold and became king and queen for a day," declared Herbert M. Wetzcl, attorney for Jennings, in pleading follower bail. . Fights Last Night By The Associated Presfe Brooklyn— Elmer (Violent) Ray. 104, Hastings, Fla., knocked out Loo Savo.a, Patterson, N. J., 2). Cnmdon, N. J. — .)oey Maxbn, 1RO, Cleveland, outpointed Jersey Joe Waicott, 192, Cnmden, N. J., HO). Monlronl — Johnny .Greco. 1<K>. Montreal, won Canadian welter Chicafio 2 ;Washington 1 (12 innings). Southern Association Mobile'11-5: ^nattonooga 0-B. Birmingham 10- Little Rock 4, ' Memphis 71: Atlanta G. Nashville at-New Orleans, post* poned, rain. M wei , - ight championship, by outpoint- ing Dave ^aslilloux, 137 1-2, Mon- By United Press Bangor, Me. — Harry Hitlian, ;ame of their clay-night, double lender. 13 to 8, to take a :"ull name cad. Bul il was a black night and t looked black ;i"or the R'ecl Birds n the second game. A • southpaw-swinging rookie, ing lo risk the presence on the ticket of a big man, a man with .strength, and I think he does, in believing that he could elect Drum ovcr 'Herbert Lehman, because Drum is so naive and his selection _. ... Wall Sessl of FinleyviHe, Pa., was'would be so belittling to him thai it the plate and Bill Voisoilc had (the Democrats would much prefer list blaxcd two strikes past him'him .to Donovan as ah opponent. wilh pinch-runner Jeff Cms.-- irsl, two .out in Hie ninth innin;; ind the Giants leading, 2 lo 1. Then Sessi, pinch hitting for Pitcher Al- jha Braxlc, although he had made )nly one hit all season, put ;ill of iis 220 pounds behind Voisuile's lext pilch and senl il screaming agailisl the inimework -if ihe con- .er field, pavilion Sportsman's State College Teams to Be Best in Years By CARL BELL Little Hock, Aug. 29 -M— Ar- ONE GOOD SIMMONS PRE-WAR baby bed and innerspring rubberized mattress. $25. Phone 867-W. ... ~:: • " ,' 29-31 /*TWO POUND FRYERS. 1012 FOS- t'ei- Ave. Phone 659-W. 29-31 LARGE GAS RANGE, TWO ovens and broiler, six burner top. Pi-iced low. Phone 313. 29-3t 10 FT. MEAT.COUNTER. METAL box by Tyler. See Jack Simpson, West Ave. B. 29-It REGISTERED BULL CALF. 10 months old. Also ABC washing machine in good, condition. See Roy Foster, Blevins, Ark. Phone 2164. 29-61 ADMIRAL • RADIOS • Battery 4. Phonograph Combination Bob Elmore Auto Supply ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Night Phone 1015-J ' We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service E. Third St. Hope, Ark. Park for his :?irsl major lome run, the ball game and the one-and-a-half game lead. General Manager Jim Gallagher of the Cubs, who recently shouted his defiance of the Deciders, received strong backing from hi.s players yeslerday .yhen they Avon their sixth straight with two runs In the ninth. A single by Peanuts Lowrey, a walk to Bob Scheffing and 'doubles by Lou 31 ringer and Marvin Rickcrl sewed up Ihe game for Reliefer Paul Erickson, his eighth victory of the cunin.-iign. In a night game at 'New York, Bobby Feller, nlrikins out four, suffered his 10th defeat of ;ho .season against '22 victories as Ernie (•Jumbo) Boniujm uitched ihe Yankees to a 4 to 0 victory over the Indians before ihe Jargesl Might baseball crowd in history —71,551 paying customers. Thurman Tucker's Iriple and Luke Appling's fly ball gave the hicago While Sox a 12-inning, to 1 victory over the Senators and Orval Grove his seventh pitching triumph of the season at Washington. Oscar Judd nnd Blix Dpnellj combined to pitch the Phillies tc a six-hil, '1 io 1 Victory ovcr vho Pirates at Pittsburgh while in the r.nly other night game, Denny Gatehouse made his sixth pitching victory of Ihe season his best as he limited live Athletics to two hits i< give the St. Louis Browns a 7 U 0 victory. In a day game at Boston, the Tigers hammered four pitchers fo 12 hits to score ihcir rirst vriiMnui of Ihe season in Fenway Park b defeating the Red Sox, 7 lo 2. Roj Cullenbine's sixth inning home and Hank Grcenberg's 2!Hh in thi ninth were the big Tiger blows Ted Williams, shaken up in an au tomobile accident Tuesday, got one for four. Al Cincinnati, Johnny Sain Rainpd his 14lh victory of the season for the Braves with an 8 to •! Decision, while the Reds came back in Ihe second game of a doubleheader lo win 2 lo 0 behind Ewell Blaokwell's four-hit pitching. NOTICE PICTURES FRAMED NICE SELECTION OF NEW MOULDINGS CLYDE FRITZ PHone 399 AVENUE B GROCERY II is no pleasure lo comment. thus on a respected friend, but General Drum should have real- i/ccl that his position here would be undignified almost to ihe point ot servility and I think he must know that this little trick U no compliment or favor to him but rather the reverse. Dewey didn't elect him because he thought Irum would make as good a sen- tor as General Donovan or a good enator. period. This was no ges- ire of personal friendship, except j Dewey. He picked General 3rum because he figured he would jc .-.i "seat" in the Senate, :iot a -.enator, and a faithful political •uppoiler of Tom Dewey :'or the ircsidential nomination. The very act that General Drum would ac- :cul this stains, in itself, constit- ilcs a strong campaign argument igainst him, the stronger by con- rasl with Donovan's independence say nothing of his other points if superiority". Drum could lose md I think he would. General Drum is under personal ibligations to Dewey already through his appointment to the po ition of commander of the state .;uard. He lias done uncommonly well since his retirement :'rpm the regular army for, in addition to :iis pension, ho gets a salary from the stale and another :Vom ihe Empire Slale Building where he succeeded Al Smith by appointment of John J. Raskob. In 1944 he accompanied Dewey on the campaign Irip through Ihe west just as military dressing. Roosevelt had the advantage of Dewey with generals and admirals throwing salutes at him all over the place and side-boys and his own household -arrison of guards stationed on his place at Hyde Park and General Drum was taken along with/ Dewey lo show his three stais and for no other purpose. He wasn't even a member of the family circle in the private car at the rear end of the train and he couldn't give Dewey any advice on Iho way of the war because he freely said he had no access to War Department information, being retired. Now he is asking for criticism and inviting abuse, by permitting Dcwcy to use him in this political ruse. In consequence, a resnected retired lieutenant-general will be pitied by his friends and ridiculed by liis opuonenls who will include some of Ihe mosl blood-thirsly po- lilical cleaver-fighters of our time. It is not condescension to say ihal those who regard him well as a friend and admire him :'or his Virtues wince for him in anticipation of all that the New Dealers, in- kaiisas collegiate football this season will be al ils best in half a decade and al leasl as good as in the 1'usl pre-war campaign. Thai's straight from the coaches themselves. , " All of the seven college mentors participating in an Associated Press poll today said they believe Ihe brand of pigskin bailie in 194G will be 50 percent, better lhan it was last season. • Three said it would be jusl as good as before Ihe war, Iwo said they thought il would be better and two believec the pre-war calibre of play will not je reached this fail. Although Ihe mentors voiced this optimism, none was willing io ad' mil his learn would be as strong a; his last pre-war aggregation. The coaches poinled oul that im provements in football ihis seasoi will be noted not only in the fac thai the schools will Slave betlei players and stronger 'starting elevens but. also in that they'll fai strong in numbers. . "Small schools will have th benefit of the greatest reserve strength they have ever known,' commented Fof'rsl (Frosty) Eng land, new head coach at Arkana State College, Jonesboro. ''This will be true in the large schools, loo, bul Ihe smaller ioam at last will be able io call upon jreat depth of material and thus put up a good scrap the lull GO! rninules of the game and the full nine or ten games of the sched- Yesterday's Stars By The Associated Press Erv Dusak : ahd Waller Sessl, .urdinols — Dusak drove in lour uns wilh two homers in first iirne 1^-8 victory over ths Giants; essi's pinch hit two-run homer ilh two out in. the ninth won the econd game 3-2. Marv Rickcrt, Cubs -Hit a dou- le a.hd Iriple lo drive in two sains, is ninth inning double ling. the core and setting the stage j'oi 1 a -3 win over the Dodgers. Ernie Bonh'am, Yankees — Clanked Bob Feller and Ihe Indians vith seven hits and beat Cleveland -0. Denny Gatehouse, Browns—Lim- tcd the Alhlelics to two hits in '-0 shutout jobs. Ewcll Blackwell, Reds — Regis- .cred his fifth shutout victory with i 2-0 win over the Braves. Thurman Tucker, White Sox — Tripled to open the 12th and scored on Luke Appling's fly with the run Uial heal the Senators 2-1. Chicago Gangsters Told to Get Out of Shreveport Shreveporl, La.. Aug. 28 — (UP) — Two one-lime Chicago gangslers who later became southern slot machine czars today were ordered by police to "get out of Shreveport and 'slay oul" after being cjues- tioned in the death of a Houston, Tex., pin-ball operator. Marcus Lipsky, 42, local novelty company owner, and Loir. Schneider, 34, his manager, were arrested here last night and admitled to officers that they had been mem bers of the Paul Mann gang o Chicago. Police Chief E. G. Huckabay, probing for information in connec- lion wilh Ihe slaying of Eldon F. Conklin, 42, Aug. 18 near Houston, said the two men came lo Shreveporl afler being "run out of Dallas and Fort Worth." 30, Worcester, Mass., outpointed Herb Freeman, 140. Bangor, (8). Halifax, N. S. •- Bill tordig- ione, 14G, Boston* stopped Ralph Walton, 142, Montreal, 3). Baseball Scores By The Associated Press National League Chicago 4 •;Brooklyn 3. St. Louis 13-3; New Yor k8-2. Boston 8-0- Cincinnati 4-2. Philadelphia 4; Pittsburgh 1. American League Detroit 7; Boston 2. New York 4; Cleveland 0. SI. Louis 7; Philadelphia 0. Have Your , Discharge Copied for Furlough etc. 24 HOUR SERVICE Shipley Studio 220 So. Walnut Hope, Ark. HOT DOGS e DELICIOUS CHEESEBURGERS Bill and Molly back to • Serve Yoth "CURB SERVICE" — 720 West Third — DE LUXE CAFE "BILL and MOLLY" England said 100 candidates would report when Ihe Indians begin praclice Sept. 2. Between GO and 70 gridmen are expected at Ouachita. ! Arkansas Slate Teachers college looks for 55; Magnolia A. and M, and the College of the Ozarks for GO each and Henderson iSlate Teachers foi 35. Large turnouts also tire inevitable at Arkansas Tech and Arkansas A. and M. of Monticello. "The 1946 colegialo .. football season, us a whole and at" Henderson, should be as good as 'the hist pre-war season," said Coach Duke Wells of Henderson. "However, I think it will depend upon the physical condition of the ex-servicemen.' Athletic Dirctor Ivan Grove of Hendrix disagreed wilh 'the general belief Ihal 1946 football will be pre-war bul admilted that his warriors would be stronger than in 940—the last year ol football at ie Conway College. Yes sir, Johnnys home again nd he's ready lo make a lot of loise on the Arkansas gridiron omc September. Si. Louis Cardinals Heading for Attendance Record St. LoUis, Aug. 2G — (/P)— The -•ennanl-seeking SI. Louis Cardinals are heading for a new club attendance record. Their doubleheader yesterday opening the important four-game series with the Brooklyn Dodgers attracted 33,634 paid fans and brought the .club's attendance for Ihe year lo 721,449 — less lhan 60,000 shy of Ihe record figure. One pqrson wtis fined $100 and costs in : police court for scalping tickels. Six olhers were arrested at Sportsman's park yesterday and booked Cor operating without a city tickcl broker's license. NOT ANCIENT ART The mounting of torquoise in silver is not an ancient art wilh the soulhwest Indians. The Nava- ios began it in New Mexico about 70 years ago. REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-H Time to Pock Awoy Your Winter Clothes Phone 76 We Pick Up and Deliver Put them in Moth Proof Bags • Plenty of Parking Space Cleaners HALL'S Hatters HUGH p. HALL, Owner 208 N. Ferguion Phe PUBLIC OTICE 16th Street from the High School to the Springiiill Road IS NOT A PART OF THE CITY DUMP. We have the names and car license numbers of several people who have thrown out garbage, cans, rubbish along this street. From this date on all will be reported to the police and health authorities. Also we reserve the right to return this garbage to the owners front lawns or driveway. PROPERTY OWNIRS iluding the Communists, would do o him, as a bewildered memour ol the "big brass," should he 'take tht stump, subject to heckling sneers Tom G. l.'s. Sure, Donovan was a major-general and "big brass," but he is, also a civilian, and a politiciai with campaign experience and hanks lo his great service in the second world war as duel ol mi espionage and rescue system knov as the Ol'1'ice of Strategic Services lie has priceless experience unc knowledge the beneiil ol whicl Dewey would deny the nation. H is much more alert and aggres sive. He has everything that Drun las and much more that Drun nas not. . •. I won't go into the matter o whether Dewey is at the bottom o this. He is, nnd that is that anc Drum was trotted out after som friends of Dewey in the state Fed eration of Labor threw a smca at Donovan as an enemy of iabo which didn't stick. They went bac' a long way to an occasion who Donovan prosecuted some unioi eers who Had dynamited a vrain, forgetting that Dewey, himself, had sent a lot of dirty crooks of 'ihe union racket to prison and putting themselves; in the position of punishing a sworn officer of ihe ic'd- eral government :-'er fulfilling his oath of office. Anyway they aren't fit to carry Donovan's coat. Governor Dewey's record as governor has been so fine and his exploitation of that record so skillful that, as I say no can't :'ail 'co bo re-elected unless he drops dead. Bul, as to the presidential nomination in 1948, he lias done himself harm rather than good because he indicates that he would place personal subservience and loyally above abilily and independence in order to maintain himself on an eminence. The quality of his own personal friendship comes into question, too, when wo find him pushing a nice old iguy out there to be clawed up just for his sake. NOTICE The Self Service Laundry on Easf 13th Street, will open Monday, August 26th at 7:00 A. M.. Will appreciate your trade. W. C. Roach A. L. Johnson Owners Harry Segnor, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs Phone 382-J 1023 South Main St. YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too — One day service in town — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere Bargain* In Secondhand Furniture ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 152 411 S. Hotel COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main Sewing Machines Call us for guaranteed Repair work on all makes machines. 23 Years Experience We cover buttons, make button holes and do hemstitching. We buy, sell and exchange machines. C. W. YANCEY Singer Dlsr. 1)13 S. Walnut Phone 578-W COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES JOB PRINTING Gentry Printing Co. Phone 241 Hops, Ark. "Complete service for your car" MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION Now Open 24 Hours Daily 3rd & Laural Phone 303 Howard Lamb, Owner GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING batteries Recharged Shop Equipment is no better than the man that- uses it. For Your Repair Work,'see HOMER COBB Highway 67 Phone 57 ALLGI's Interested itt"" FLIGHT TRAINIHG; Contaet ; ' Vet Office or B. L. Rettig at the airport • Flfght Instructions • Rides • Charter Trips -' HOPE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT • Agent for SCAT Airline LAWNMOWERS Repaired and Sharpened. 30 Years Experience I specialize in''Repairs and Sharpening M. C. BRUCE Phone 1107-J So. Main St. FOR-r-Dependnble and Quick • PLUMBING SERVICE • PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too SmalS • ANDERSON BROS. • NOTICE Tilt-Ray Venetian Blind Co. 1123 County Ave. Texarkana, Arkansas WE • CLEAN 'EM • REPAIR 'EM • PAINT 'EM • ADJUST 'EM • RE-CORD 'EM • RE-TAPE Manufacturers of New Custom- Made Metal Venetian Blinds FREE ESTIMATE, PICK-UP, DELIVERY, INSTALLING is for Do you get a dividend on your fire 'insurance? Each year ,ouj* companies return millions of dollars to policyhplders. YOJJ can also save at least 20 pef- cent by insuring with us!,. .^ Foster-Ellis : MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY Non-Assessable Legal Reserve 108 East 2rid Phone 221' BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing Phone 259 Heating Hope, Ark. Doug ^I"TV Carl Bacon V*l I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repair* Phone 784 REED MOTOR CO. 108 East Division St. Mechanics: CARL JONES FRANK YARBROUGH • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Paint Shop WANTED P8ANOS Just Received — A Large Shipment * , * FACTORY REBUILT PIANOS "Direct From Chicago" , ; • Looks like new • Sounds like new • Mew guarantee ; o If you are interested in buying a piano- call or write , One of our representatives will call on you.' CRABBE BROS. PIANO CO. "Texarkana's Only Exclusive Piano Co." 515 Buchanan Avenue Texarkana, U. S. A.- LET US KEEP YOUR GAR IN CONDITION '••"'' ?.•/,' We have an adequate stock of parts for all .-;- J' makes of cars. . 'MANBEE' Wheel Alignment System and " ;"'.-' Wheel balancer. Drum turning lathe and 'ALLEN' motor tune up test equipment. . Come in for an estimate on any job. Shop Foreman . . .Eddie Craine T Mechanics— Ernest Rogers Bill Elledge " Cecil Godwin . E. W. Downs Gerald Reyengd HEFNER NASH CO. OUR MOTTO IS "SATISFIED CUSTOMERS" 314 E. 3rd. Byron Hefner Phone 442 White Oak Forked Leaf White Ook and Cow Oak Clear and Clean Overcup Logs For prices and more detail Apply to: HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Arkansas CASH--- '" 10 Minutes! Borrow money from us on your car, or almost anything of value. We'll lend you all you need if we possibly can, regardless of where you live. The more you wanf the better we like it. Ten minutes usually gets you the cash. Ask for Mr. McUrty, at Hope Auto Co. iA.'frM'flBs'S**!. ,,,-rt »**>•*--,,* ~.-.v —-,-,-• .— •...-

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