The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 24, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 24, 1894
Page 7
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•jhe Co«tt»1«>cm of * efclft*«6 *«f thin that oi aa tmfbrtttiiftt« »*hose liver cotoplairtt has *s- the chronic forfn. Tile eyeballs of . tbWtiffefeif assuitfis ft saffron hue, there is doll/baia in the region of the 6tg&a. affect«d, the totifus 18 codterl, breath sour, sick headaches asuaHy but not always occur, And there Is sometimes dizziness on arising from a Sitting poeture. Constipation nhd ' dyspepsia ate also attendants of this very 'common ailment, always in Its aggravated form, liable to breed abscesses of the liver. •which are very dangerous, f HostetteM Stomach Bitters wholly eradicate^ it^, well as the troubles complicated ..Sfitn^ *nd which . it originates. In chills- aitd fever, a eouipl'alnv which always- j.~™...,-j- the Bitters, tlie liver is Seriously involved'. Tills-fine alterative tonic removes costive- ttesB. and indigestion, rheumatic, nervous and kidney trouble and debility. It is an unusual man -who can oat heartily •while a woman is looking at him. F ntjitp If you nave* nob * received one of the — August Flower and German Syrup Diary Almanacs for 1894, send your name atuTa&dress on a postal at once, asking for Almanac No. 20 and you will receive by return mail, free of all expense, one of the most complete Illustrated books of the kind ever issued, ir which you can keep a Daily Diary or Memorand a of any matters you desire, "Vyrite quick, or they wil 'be all gone. Address, G. G. GREEtf, WOODBURY, N. J one of the first good effects «..t by users of Scott's Emulsion of cod-liver oil with Hypophos- jhites. Good appetite begets jood health. is. a-, fat food that provides its own tonic. ' Instead of a tax upon appetite and digestion it .is a wonderful help to both.. Scott's Emulsion arrests itu progress, of Consumption, Bronchitis, Scrofula, and other vvasting diseases by raising a barrier of heallhy^lcsh, strength and rie>vc. Prepared by Scott & Bowne. N. Y.,All dmggietg r jco — f»«ttH*y tftiufeitee MUU-t'ntm Aote*. Th»,Coimtry t}ohtleinan of December T has! the;:folloSvW rotted from Gen. i' 0;- Atidre ws of -St. • f aul: Ttife .nird' times- through, wlilfch we CeJ'passin'g will have li' ltl ;oii6 .favorable effect ott' agrMulj4ire. People in cities -.who iiavfe- expected , to "'accumulate Wealth Rapidly, l^tt \$o ; 'now; are suffering fro'ni "'the'long, continued business .depression; hav.e .been, inclineo/ ,to under valtle agdcultlire as too.slow a business;,:but now, they-witness the comfortable .and independent,, situation of tho farmers, theyalmost envy his happiness*. /They are'Sorry;' they have not farms themselves, and many of them will try to procure one. Ibe fanner is probably aware by this time thav'tnke it all in all','his occupation is one'of tho safest and best Ccrtam- ]y, he feels tlio depression Ms than any "other class. The hay crop of Minnesota tins sen- sou was remarkable for abundance and good quality! A little was shipped di- vect to England. Forage of all sorts is Very cheap. At present the farmer is gettitffe but 20 cents a bushel for oats, s;5.oO a ton for upland prairie hay, and $0 for, timothy. Early in the autumn the city jobber warned his customers they must pay up: Tho country trader notified the farmer likewise;; 'consc- .qucntly farmers who are in debt are soiling everything they can to pay thoir debts It is not improbable, thereioic, that forage will bo thirty per cent. higher in the'spring. Hog-raising is proving one of tia most profitable brandies of "f; 10 " 1 ; ture. Men who from their intelligence and skill, mny properly bo U-nned lar- niors. last year rluared nearly *;» " pl hop. 'weighing --U) 7 to 8 months old. sorts is' largely on year this stai' 1 !>'•'' wni'th of apples. The rss.anrt >V«iltliy_ prove productive vari'.io.s. Ov.i 1 very wai'ui *iv com oroi't exi'dieiii. IK That is agfftrft.1 that it is not, stHctly speaking, a rck'iieo, but is raft great practical pin-suit. tt de- tg t^ie j^'ejitest ain'ouht of observation and practical experience, yet certain sciences'bear on ft—such as chemistry, botany,'physiology and geology It, is il mistake to think that a kupwl'- >dge of ngfic\llhiral sclentilic principles is'.going to revolutionize agriculture. v e application of science direct to agriculture has* not-always been .pfo-. fttftble, but often has boon fho"reverse. Don't run away with the idea that a merely scientific mail will certainly make a good farmer. Many such theoretical men have failed; but don't blame the scienoe, but who professed a. knowledge of it. To you, the young men before mo. I especially appeal. ¥bu now have some idea of the high platform your path, in life occupies; 'awake, stir yourselves, quit you like inen. and bid dreamy rule-of- tunmb working on the farm go off to tlie, regions of ignorance. Say to yourselves we will slaves to the soil, to wait on it as our mistress; but say to It, I will' pi-apple with tli* principles of my calling: I will got a grip on'tlie why and wherefore of every operation on iiiy'fann, and them wo will fcee who Is master. to HOO pounds and SKK'U-raising of all rbo iin.".'o:i>'.c'. Last. to bo -na. Dvich- hanlyand -,u>v iTindfe '•»<• injured NT h wit. average ot VI best farmers. which was below tin* bushels per am-. . Om 1 however, who practice a rotaliqn of crops average 20 bushels of whoa per acre. Such farmers have a pait Iniliicnoc Milk. 'During last winter the Nebraska pnrimont station carried oa se«oral,.experiments to determine tho influonee of charges of- food and tcmpe-'aturo or quantity and quality of milk of dairy cows. Tho results of those oxpc'riments have-just bcdn published. The following 'are the conclusions arrived at: 1 Tlie use of the Babcock test was so nearly accurate. In tlio work ivciuiral that tho chemical anntysos for butter fat showed no appreciable difference; worth taking into account. 2. The change of ; food showed plain? Iv in the quality of milk, as a ration of poor qualify showed loss in per cent -of fat proscmt and one of rich nutritious food caused increase in per cent °«." V Tlio flunl result thovvn was, that .here was link- clian^ produced m tne total far day by <l.iy. but Ihn 1 - rilOngttS i" lit';' :-ent nf hit WM-.-O compensated in. I'lnni','!'* :n - il>o Vifld ot tl'.o cows. 4. The study <jl' t'ao rp:"<>r.l sn.rn might be i.-xpuL-t-Hl, a iVw or unexplained elrcumstanoos tn y unll. Mm- "COLCHESTER" I have in mind a. rniro for tho corn crop, maintains a high for tho whole farm. The-proof diversified farming ncsota in recent years has that farms, In various parts < rather high, prices l*f*ST,)Ot»TilUllj iiiiiiH'*- t !•», «-» ?ii of °80 acres, with good buildings, in f desirable community, 23 miles from Minneapolis, which lie has cair«* >' cultivated 30 years, spending his Inoltt* in improvements, but which ho now vvishes to sell for $10,000. Ju the southwest part of this state good unimproved lands sell at from $10 to ^0 per acre, and tliere is OIK; county in vlneh'Uiey sell readily at *'f I«;r aero. On tho other hand, railroad Imidb between hero aud Duluth, from which most of the timber has been cut, are boiii" sold for actual occupancy at ->ij n o a.u-e. In remote localities public fin be had under the homestead law which, however, requires a ivsl- dence of live years before title- can b.:- ihnw-!. as iiomalous which it will tak»; other and more extended experiments to solve. 5. 'Tlie-shirty of sudden storms and cold waves included ten obFerv.i'tions. Of these seven showed the dimimsiieu yield of milk, and in three tho yield was constant. Tho fat diminished m per cent in live observations, ri'inaincd constant in four, and increaswl in one observation. In each caso the cows were warmly stabled. FwFarmei' otliera.Tliu<iiitorortap«olooxtBiia8 the whole lontali ot Mio sole iluwii to» tlio heel, iiwili'Htlntf thn shunk in-- cUUJlJlng, dlBBlnff. &•;• B'»t quality throughout. After 25 Years was About twenty-five years ago I was afflicted with ti Uiaeaso which the doutcrs pronounced SCROFULA, i was treated by several physicians mid specialists without being benefited; and. I tried many blood remedies, without rellel'. recommended, and after takinp six bottles 1 am now well my sldn is perfectly clear, and I wouldnot bo in my former condition lor two thousand dollars. Mns. Y. T. BUCK, : Delaney, Ark. Send for Treatise on lilooJ and Skin Diseases maileiWtce. . SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLAKTA, The iA. »•« Cured by w3 * t-I? * w_? t \bont onc-thiiid ot the norlliom half of this state produces; or once produced, pine fovost, which is rapl.lly •!.J• no pains being taken for 10- Tho value of the lumbor cut 'fear was $18,000,000. In Austria, Gonminy and Sweden, and prooably some other countries, fortste are owned m- tlio "overnmeut and adninnstcrod so as to cowUnually yield a fair net iiicomo. Also, ftiiMioai-lnB imiinoIs and giune birds arc propagated. I he black coc-k, an excellont gnmn bird, t\vico a.s large as our prairie chicken, is eoui:7:on in §10 forests and markets of Northern Europe, but is unknown in this country. Mat To Open this Can. For Hog Cholera this Lyo Is a s uro I'tira ir used In time. Kor laaking soap, cleaning house, EOl'teniiiB water, it Uas uo cnual. Housewife's Friend, Best A valuahlo waahliiR receipt ill eauli tail, l^'or falo by ill grocers. It will surprise you. DR. McCREW IS THE OSI.V SPECIALIST \V1IO THEAT8 A I-t PRIVATE DISEASES, Weakness anil Secret Disorders of MEN ONUY. Kveiy euro guaranteed. 18 years cxperleucoi t yeitrs In Onmu». Write fur book. It, tells all. 14tU and b'aruani Sta.. OMAHA, •> Ely's Cream Balm <;loaii»es the Nasal und Jlviitore.s tlie Sense uC Tubto and Swell. UU'iU tho Soros. 4l>|jlj Balm Into eacb noitrll w Wrong Kind of FiirmliiB. A correspondent Of the Ucrinautown Telegraph, gives his opinion of the difficulty with many farmers in his end of the country as'to why farmers have a hard time to get along, and it is worth a careful study. His ideas are as follows: "There is being so much said iu the country about hard times and the scarcity of money, and as everybody has a cause and knows a remedy, I thought I would write to tell your readers what I think is 1he cause. Tlio trouble is we buy morn than we pro- duel? There is too much flour and bacon "shipped hero, every year. Tho things wo ought to make at home wo aro, buying. "We let our timber rot and buy our plow slocks, singletrees, axo handles, hoe handles and fencing. ,-Wo throw away our ashes and buy soap and axle grease. "We give away our beef hides ami buy hame strings and slice strings. "We let our manure go to waste ami buv guano. "We buy garden seed in the spring and cabbage iu the winter. "We let our lauds grow up m weeds and buy our brooms. _ "We let the wax out of our pine and gum trees go to waste and buy chewing gum for our. children. • . -We build school houses and hire teachers and scud our children off to be educated. ' „, «« "We land a five-cent iish with a $* ushing rod. "We send a fifteen-cent boy out WITH a $20 gun and a $4 dog to kill birds. "We raise dogs and buy wool. And about the only tiling in this country that there is. an overproduction of is politics and dobtics." Common Scnve Ju F»riwl««f. From over across the ocean—at, the opening of au agricultural science .10 tbc-sf Ideas, \yhi'-h are Poultry WO<CH. For health, feed plenty of outs; for fat, feed plenty of corn. Draughts nre largely responsible f»r soro eyes and swelled necks. Tlie'old hens will bo tho lirst to lay now aud the lirst. to got broody. A cockerel mated to large liens usually gives large and vigorous chickens. The full-grown goose should average a pound of feathers during the season. Dry leaves lor the hens to scratch iu will afford tliem the necessary exorcise. Procure new blood every year if you would prevent your flocks "running down." Ducks should commence laying the last of January or tlie beginning of February. Chickens fat.ten faster on cooked than on raw food because it is more readily digested. Winter eggs are profitable! and it will pay to obtain them by proper caiv and feeding. A dull, sunken, eye shows defective nutritive power and lack of construction and vigor. If hens arc fed on nothing but com and wheat they will cease laying after a time. Because turkeys nre good fora gore it will not pay to let them go without proper feeding. Tho second year a lien only lays half t3io number of eggs that she.does the first year. Ono pound of cut meat and bone is considered the proper daily allowance for sixteen liens. Bran for chicks should always be scalded aud allowed to stand for a tune in order to soften. Anything in tlie vegetable Hue, provided, it is sweet and clwui, will form acceptable food. Ti; is not desirable to give too much ml pepper and ginger to the poultry. Once or twice a week is suiiicient. A good brcird is not alone sufficient to' make money. Good care, good food and good quarters are also uwessary. Attfiftftl *epoftV>( JJtentfen&tit' C. TJ. Collins, itt»pe«tof of small arms ! pffcoticfc in the deji&rtmfent ctf the Col- .of&d6, elfttes that the <*&rap(StiU6h3 in tftr#6t shooting have shoWfi th&t men With light blue eyes rank highest, followed in their order b.ydatk bltte, elate blue, light brown, dark brown and black. In the colored trcops .Sght blue eyes again stand at the'top. He further says that tall men fih6ot more accurately than short mett. • Three young girls of Chesterfcown, Md., v?ent'huntin£ and to their dismay were successful to the extent of a big. bear. Two of the girls beat the world's woman's record for tree, climb- itur, but tlie other emptied her gun at the animal, disabling it, then loaded and fired again, until the bear lay dead. Some days ago a dog, while chasing a fox near Plymouth, N. H., pushed his head between two ledges of rock in such a way that he could not withdraw it and four hunters worked all day arid night with/ drills to release him. It was then found that he had chased a hedgehog and was covered with quills. •• The'speed of the fastest railway traiii'is only a little more than one- half the v'elbcity'of the'golden eagle's flight, tliat bird 'having been known to make 140 miles per hour. The Condor soars higher than any" other known species of bird, spending nine-tenths of his life floating about at a height of over three miles. Two hunters went out in the woods from .Abbeville, Wilcox county, Ga., a few days ago, and bagged eleven possums in two days. In the islands of the Indian ocean a genus of luminous fun^i known as pieurotus, furnishes a species which is so abundant and in which the phosphorescence is so enduring that the native women use it for personal adornment in the hair and dress. It is said that the glow will continue occasionally for t'.vc:ity-f.v.iv hoars. A man in Biddeforl, M.r. who was buying- groceries at llic •:>'•_ - -".'c ise. made a tern'Jo uiisUik-' '''" '.''' '" ay. Instead oC t.V.3 <•,'.-".: -;-•'"' which ho thought l>o '•' " '''•"''• the cashier to li.ivo t .u -.-.'-i' corded, he passed out h's b;iulc showing quite a largo deposit to_ his credit The gro-jer p.-omptly notified the overseers of the poor. A Detroit minister called at a house to find no one but tlie servant girl at home, and aa he prepared to go away he said: "Give Mrs. Blank my best regards and say I will call to-morrow." "Very well, sir; will you leave your card?" "Oh, it's of no conse- quenee.'i'- "But.itJs, sir. ..There's one man coming to whitewash the kitchen to-morrow; another to beat carpets; a third to paper and a fourth to do some painting. If you don't leave your card we may get all mixed up aud take you for the second-hand man who is coming to buy the old range for St." left it. . . Rochester has a cricket farm. Can'l bis bsat«n! M*. 381o6 Monfld, HIS.,' wHtflfl: 8ttl*ation Oil «ltta ttbftderfttl inflammatory tftottnutism in my foot, cannot be beat." It Ih6 reason Women don't appreciate the telegram at half it* value..»s . that ft post- scjript CAUfc*Jt W added, without extra ch'rirg*. ji( _ ^.-•••*: -•';-. Every ones gives it ,the highest H. Oradel, I>rcgffL9t(. Walnut and Allison Hts CinciWtEcX, says this of his trade: "I sell my^share'of Dr.lBuH'* Cough Syrup and my custdjiiers that have used this preparation 'speak of it in tho highest flfl« itnodorrt fit* HoWn Property rtntfW *100 p*r fliOntn, all »ale ovtt-Ade ft*l RetHSVftl atOCk. W. Chatity is the fairest of all gi-ace«, like many piet«res, it looks best in relief* • As to a ta* on playing cards a goo d mau* ' would ceftAinly take a h/ind ill paying ** The world has 41 ,078 Cftnnoti; _____________ Jj; "THE fiev. W, J. WALKER'S Pnivi •*', i:; o to .i^ rebook, It is a bfid sign when a young >>]Wba««} begins to se* hla folks without taking his bride. ^ ____^_ Fucit.g AVorth Knowliip. In all diseases of the nasal mucous .membrane the remedy used must be mm-imta- tinK. Nothing satisfactory cnu bo accomplished with douches, snuffs or powders, because they are all Irritatm*, do not reach the affected surfaces ami shoulrt be abandoned as failures. A multitude of persons who had for years borne all the worry and pain that catarrh can inflict, testify to radical and permanent cures wrought by Ely's Cream Balnx The wise young man who asks "Pupa," takes ad'Vantnge of the telephone. In Olden Times. People overlooked the importance of permanently beneficial effects and were satisfied with transient action; but now that it is generally known that Byrup of Figs will permanently cure habitual constipation, well informed people will not buy other laxatives, which act for a time, but finally injure the system. The policeman's club and tho press club alone indicate hard work. A Mine Of Information. Write to J. iSranels, General Passenger Agent, Omaha, Neb., for information about Nebraska farmlands, and receive by return mall a free copy of ''Great Opportunities In Nebraska." It's a perfect mine of information to every one contemrtf&tiiig a change of location. When two girls lovo each othor desperate "y it is a great waste ot timo and energy. For Iliroat : Diseases anil Cotiglis so Buowx's BKO.VCHIA.I. TKOUUBS. JjiKe 11 dully jjood things, they aie imitated. "he yciiitinc arc scld onli/ in IMXCS. The world is sadly in need of au iiiven- iou tlmt will warn people wheu they have alkeil enough. _ H drowsy alter a.Eopcl night's sleep, there s indifz'estl6ri"aiid stonmeli disorder, \vhi:ili Beocham's Fihjjrilleiire. 25 cents :i box. The neighbor's ball dog may tench a man to lend a chased life. "Hanson's niugsc corn Salvo." Warnuitnil to oure or uunioy rerunileO. AM; J our stl'orlt. I'l'leo 15 ueii Us. Deaf Stt-1 inform ^ou ot tho benefit my tttf* bft» received from the ueo of your tttediolneii. I ninat' eay that ' your "Favotito Prescription" is the beat female regulator on earth; my wife has been cured by the timely UBO of it. I hoto been.urtBK the "Goldon Medical •r Discovery" and "Pleaoaut Pellet*,'.' and I am fully satisfied they are all you claim them to bo; *o, wlgb]ntf y0u -abundant success, nnd hoping that the Almighty God will continue His blessings toward you in your noble work, lam, PIERCE OB MtONEV IS EyeTfater, HPJIPNESS AND. HEAD NOISES CURfp, 11 b A !•" p"i"'liYnvi»llil,. htrViMhloiiii. Wil«p«f.|iehrtu UbHl RiKWMftil wh.Tnill tciiif.Mcli r»ll. S"IOtptp l>j-F.lllicoi,BG» IV»-.y,N .V. Wi Ho Turlnoli of proot»r H tt (Jim,, nn(f?lM, lUrnr.i, Fnrm Tool*, SnfM.Mri t'HICAGO 8i;AI,ECO., tlilrngo, 111. It's n poor mule tlmt doosu t work liotli ways. . liegeman's «nmphi>r J«»wi«H'Oly««irj.n^; C^'l'lWafiisWSs, &"!' o'-'o. uiii'i'lIUo.._Nuw Havun. CU The letter-carrier may not bo a royi personage, but he always has his coat o mail. • Con»uinptiiin"Cure •-- It rurtM InclplfiHl. i;onsuin» li Care. 2Scl.s..W)otH. &V1.UO. lu. 1552 books on geometry, and astronom> were destroyed iu Euglaiicl as Bavormg o magic. Sue Colcbcstcr Spudlng Hoots aav. In ollinr column It-is withiiomo men as it is with aom fences. They amount to little until they get a gate on them. no von WANT TO SISI.T. rT T Write mo full ilircriiitlon willi very lowest pvlco. LLOYD EBERHflRT. ^jgc^jjAVi- Send us "."o, $1.25 or $3.iib anrt w» «i-.l slilp to you, ebnrgps pnid, » liMiid.sonie one pouml, 'wo piiiuio or live pounil box of our Best i iiooolKicsniiilBotifcom. WnJ.U vmii- frlonil's pyn- w lion ^iv opuiis tins I ox, \N OO1>- C(iiil'(HMlo!i(.-r. Coun pnppf from biiralws itnd I''"- Kvnv. KamiBr.unil' Mnraliiuit . «re» II to Ills flllillv tn ll' -' ^f. Scn,l for f Dearborn Street 55 I still Imve a few lUffh <5rmlB l-'OR SALE CIIKAI'. LLOYD EBERHART. Jollet, III. SPECULATIOINS \V« foollltlos to »PCCI»I on- in tainiiw our inark.a loftnr, Kent ttoeviH 11. VJ\N WINKTjB .t CO.. Hrokers, 2;ii. ramimt. G. ;ii. LuHullo bt., _ ____^ ThoMiuy June l)l»li Wiwliei' lias V™ve<l i)oi-l-octly»iiUafiu:lory,ani\ will waul) *no ' dry tlio.ll«lioswlUioiitwoU!n«lli« liin|rt» or B0llln« Hie clothing na nieun anrt witji botlor polish Hum a itj oo doni! by liaml, Biivlim iwo thlnls of the time, hib"r iui.1 trmibli!. Soml ns *"( and wo wIL ipntl MnrvJnm 1 iruivninteutliis nbovu. Circulars Ire« A . St8. WiintcU. J. K. I'lirlnton .t Co..l)o»MolneB; la. N all receipts for cooking requiring a leavening agent the ROYAL BAKING POWDER, because it is an absolutely pure cream of powder and of 33 per greater leavening strength than other powders, best results. It PERMANENTLY OR NO No PAY UNTIL CURED WE REFER YOU TO 4,««>0 PATIENTS NO OPERATION* NO DETeNTION FROM BUSINESS. I Vidlny Nut. Hank, 1 De» References-J ( ;,. n ,,; ln SivvliiKs Bank, f Molna-. Write or cull for ("•|"»"it" > THIS O. 1C. Ml.LT.EK CO., 602 IOWA LOAN & TRUST BLDG. Des Moines lowi tartar cent. will will give make the the food lighter, sweeter, of finer flavor and more wholesome. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., 106 WALL ST., NEW-YORK school- \v«rtLy here: .Moles, Never let any animal gut in poor flesh. If you do your profit upon it is gone Tho expense of restoring it to good condition is greater lhau the pro- lit in any sort of stock will warrant. KlMJtrldty is actively engaged, every day, lu taking away employment from light and medium horses. Yet 80HU5 men go on breeding such, with a mistaken notion that there is yet an active demand for them. If one has plenty of yard room.where 1 cattle can keep clean and dry, we think it is a good plan to turn them out for awhile every pleasant day. Exercise, iresli air and sunlight help wonderfully toward keeping them well aud hearty. Tlie best permanent pastures are obtained on laud that is comparatively low- not wet. Higher locations are better fitted for temporary grass growths as it is dittteult to secure a permanent sod tliere, one tlrat will live and thrive season after season. Mr. \V. D. Howells has recently written :i long article to prove Unit writers are not " business men. We wonder how much space would be required to Drove the same of the majority of farmers. It is a fact that more attention to the business principles of agriculture would ofteu ixsult in making tbe farm pay mu-U better tbau it sow does. j , , FROM FOREIGN LANDS. The Socialist associations of Sicily count 300,000 members. The population of Italy is very dense, there being 370 people to every square mile of territory. In the year 7(50 A. D. Pope Paul I. sent the only clock iu tho known world as a present to Pepin, lung of France. The name means "red wood" or "land of the red wood." The original discoverer called it "the land of the holy cross." Yarrow is building a torpedo boat for the French navy made out of aht- ininum, which will be hoisted in aud ovu with great ease. One variety of the India rubber treu (ficitK elastica) has leaves of tlie deepest green ea'jh provided with a. narrow border of very bright red. In the harem of the sultan of Turke/ the supremo authority is vested in his mother, and she alone is entitled to go to aud fro in tho harem unveiled. BRIEF AND VARIED. The extra session of congress cost Uncle Sum about »:i,300,00l). Scraps of leather arts now to be reduced to a pulp and tlie pulp drawn into yarn. Statistics show that Russia produces and consumes a smaller quantity of beer than any othei' nation. It is said that if a wart is rubbed with the pared surface of a freshly cut potato three times a day it will disappear within a month. A house, modeled in the Japanese fashion, is uearly completed at Salem, Mass. It is said to bo the only Japanese dwelling in the country. The women of Belgium and Holland are noted for their snowy linen; they attain the desired result by the use of borax, a handful to ten gallons of water. A 1 difficulty has arisen about the election of a mayor at Jlythe, Kent, England. None of those selected will accept ottice and steps will have to be taken to compel some one to serve. MEND YOUR OWN HARNESS WITH THOMSON'S SLOTTED RIVETS. No tools required. Only a hammer needed to drive and clinch them easily and quickly, leaving the clinch absolutely smoolh. Requiring no hole to he made in the leather nor burr for tlio Itlveti They are STRONG, TOUGH anil DURABLE. Millions now in use. All lengths, uniform or assorted, nut up lu boxes. AsU your dealer Tor thi'in, or send 40o, in stamps for a box of 100; assorted sizes. UAKUVACTUIIGU 11Y JUDSON L. THOPflN {MFC. CO., IWSNE OF CARDUl Extreme^ torturing of F« Female Diseases, No. 4. vertisers. do aot forget to -*»y th»t \ <w tljS) ftd>-*)ftisieu)««t lu tJiU pa.w,

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