The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 24, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 24, 1894
Page 5
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THE OTMB BAlLWAf TIME OASES, Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Punt Railway. M5CAT, -TRAINS WEST. B . RRftlT . K6.ldet.ajt8 at ;• |.;§g*g ' No. 71 No. 2 departs at No. 4 departs at No. No. 94 departs at .10:12 am Frelgh?s a that carry passengers— o. 75 departs at. '.'.'. 1:46 J """* R.'ir.HBDMCK, Agent, Chicago & Northwestern Railway. ft #111 be found in •'Pete Peterson,' if one wants a hearty laugh, wantsito ttet away from the sombre things of life, ' Pete Peterson' will supply the diversion." Call & Cowles have a full blood Indian carry mails for them on one of their ss It ..was a THE CITY CIRCUIT. Col. Spencer keeps Irving Dodge as his assistant in the treasurers office. The Burt cornet band will give concerts Friday and Saturday evenings at Burt. The Methodist church society gives supper at Mrs. Boals' tomorrow at 6 o'clock. -Letters are advertised for Earerting & Co., Jas. Kent, G. D. Nicoll, S. A. Wheeler. . Ramsay postofflce is noticed in the dailies ns discontinued, the mail now going 19 Bancroft. The Lu Verne News has changed its form and make up and has made a decided improvement. J H. Dougherty is again in Algona to stay, and is helping Frank Dingley. We are glad to see him back. nice lunch is Room eyery western routes. He tends to g»ja«» as well as anyone, and has his tomahawk along ready for a shindy• with those who have any undue curiosity— that is, we suppose he doesu ue is a graduate of the Carlisle, Penn., school, and a faithful public official. W F. Carter sold his fine chestnut buggy horse in Chicago about two weeks ago and has been advertising since for a pacer. He gets about 40 letters in every mail f^m men who can fit him out with a horse that can beat the record. We judge ^at he expects next summer to have a 2.20 horse in buggy and on ordinary roads. Old friends of Bert. Langdon will be interested in learning that he has in- ceflts. The literary and musical pro- grammes were up to Algona's usual standard, and altogether th< are entitled to great credit, success. A rumor was afloat Saturday that D. S. Ford had been appointed postmaster, and the look on B*o,.H nchon 8 face scared all the wolves in the Des Moines valley. But no verification seems to come from the headquarters of influence, and Bro. Starr still sits supreme, and the office thermometer has risen several degree with all the candidates in spite of the decided cline of temperature outside. UPPER DES MOINES predicts de- IHE that an AS TO THE COUNTY'S CASH, The County Auditor's ttepol-t, Now Being Convicted, and What It Will Show. made by the appointment will not be Fourth of July. Last week the first move was made towards organizing a county medical society. Drs. Garfield, McCoy PHdef Keneflck, Dunlap and F.raser of Lu Verne A Like Satisfactory Showing is Found in the Yeatly Report of County Su* perintendent Reed. Motse, of LedyaM met at .Di. ana a ru/noi UL j-.v. i «•— — - „,„,!(. Garfleld's office and appointed commit; Do not forget that a served in the Reading Saturday from 12 until 2 o'clock. Call's spirit thermometer J at 30 below last night. Mer- cury°therraometers went as low as 28. Geo. Simpkins and M. B. Chapin. have bought Col. Spencer's hay barn, the old tow mill, and will buy and press. Rev.' W. 'F. Laidley of Bancroft preaches for Rev. Dprward mormng rang and evening and evening next Sunday. P"», The thermometer jumped-down to 10 below Sunday night. That is where it belongs at this season and everybody feels better. Prof Stalker, who lectured on .tia- waTin Algona was called to Washington last week to _ testify before the congressional committee. Marriage licenses are issued to Henry Claussen and Anna Jergenson Jas Marso and Lena Schreiber, F. J. Chap man and Emma Patterson. Tickets for Miss Safford's lecture are on sale at Miss Dodd's, at 25 cents. All students at the normal and public schools are admitted for 10 cents The Methodist church furnace burned out last week and stoves had to be set for the evening service. A new one has been ordered and will be here this week. The Odd Fellow's invitations to tlieii have Monday instead vented a new door bell which be is now proposing to put on tho market. It is like an electric bell except that it requires no electricity, and it is said to be as near perfect as anything can be. It promises to be a great success. J. R. Thornton informs us that L. E. Murphy, who fixed up the farm north of the poor farm last spring and afterwards sold to Mr. Nynmn, died at Jessup, Jan. 11, leaving a widow and three children. Mr. Murphy was 81 years old and was a pioneer in Iowa. He made many friends in the county while here! all of whom will regret to hear of his death. County Attorney Raymond and Sheriff Samson are supported by all the leaders at Wblttemore in their vigorous enforcement of law and ordei, as they are by the county at large. They propose to keep Kossuth's record clear until the law is changed, if it is, and to prosecute anyone when evidence can be had. In this course they will receive cordial endorsement. About 250 men came in on the south end hunt Monday in^good shape without seeing a wolf. That Purcell creek bottom below Belton's was kicked over and over, but not a varmint was found. Even the stuffed wolf the boys had ar- r^anged to set up in the field did not ap- fees and set Feb.. 16' as the day permanent organization. 1 nere We begin to believe that Addi- 'it. He says there are wolves in the county. for are 20 doctors in the county and they are entitled to recognition on the state medical board. By organizing they "an secure this and many other advantages, as well as benefit by mutual discussions Who will say in view of this step that our medical brethren cannot dwell together in harmony. The result of the Bowman forgery trial this time is his conviction. Ihe jury found him guilty and an appeal will be taken to tho supreme court. The verdict is thought to be due_to a feefing against the blue sky business he was engaged in rather than to the SvideSce If forgery. Bowman is said to be looking badly_ and his health is failing. This was his first attempt at Sue sky and he is in hard luck as the inventors and originators of the swindle are still about in good health and at liberty. If he ever gets out he will try something else. Mr. Quarton says he is confident that the verdict will be set aside He and Nagle of Clarion are Bowman's attorneys. S S. Sessions has introduced a bill which is of considerable local importance It provides that whenever a pa" ty puL a P cloud upon a land title and fetuses to quitclaim to the owner on request, that he cannot come mto court after suit has been begun to quiet title Auditor Doxsee is completing his report of Kossuth county finances for the information and delectation of the state officials, and while the columns of figures his table discloses are not very entertaining to look at, they still tell a story that the tax payer cannot hut fool an interest in. Probably the most important fact they show is that the total assessment has jumped up over a million dollars the past year. Last year it was $3,555,246 for the county. This year the state equalizing board raised the real estate levy 20 per cent, and our total valuation is $4,818,052. The first effect of this will be a very perceptible swelling of the county funds os the tax levies remain the same. The Effect on Roads. Under this valuation the five mil township tax will amount to $24,090 The three mill county bridge tax wil amount to $14,464. And the othe taxes and expenses connected witl road work will swell what we spend on highways to a big sum. In view of this is it not apparent that tho county should be even more careful than ever in having.its work done on^a plan that promises permanent results? The County Statistics. Tho real estate valuation, after all exemptions have been made, is $3,641,561. The personal property valuation day with S. S. Sessions. dueed the Old Gatch bill hard to get It through. It Is reported that it is likely to pass the senate... ALL kinds of dried fruits very cheap at Lahgdon & Hudson's.—44t2 „ MB • '— ' IF you haven't seen Angeliha yet you should call at the Opera House Grocery. ___^ You grin, you smile, you laugh, you oar, you yell at the queer antics of Pete Peterson. 1 ' Opera house on Vednesday evening, Jan. 24. IT would not be hard to get up these old mornings if you had plenty of dry indling to start the fire. J. A. Ham- Iton & Co. keep it and dry oak con- tan tly on hand.—4312 AN EAELY-TIME BLIZZARD, The Story of One of the Storms tlmt the Ploneei'8 of Northern Iowa lie- member. The Boone Standard tells the story of the big blizzard of 1856 as follows: Thirty-seven years ago—Dec. 1 and 2, 1850—occurred the worst storm that ever passed over Iowa. The editor of this paper was then a resident of Charles City, in Floyd county. It snowed and blew steadily for three Kossoth County State Bank .V-' OAPlfAL.... • 180,000 incorporated under genefatlaws of Iowa. SSSS^^^S^^ business transacted. Passacro tickets to or from the old countrles sold n Wtt. «. IN«HAM .; J. B. JONES Vie* LFAV1SH. SMITH Cashier DIrectors-Wm. H. Incham, John 0. Smith, J. EI Jones, T. DhrlschllTes, Lewis H. Smith, J. VV. Wadsworth, Bai'net Devlne. . The First National Bank CAPITA!.. ;..;. $50,000 Special attention given to collections. davs. the second day so strongly that it •• * t .. .. J. 1. .. « n tntVt was impossible to see yards ahead, AMBROSE A. CALL ............ I). H. HUTCHINS .............. Vice President VVM. K. FERGUSON ................... Cashier Dlrectors-D. H. HntcMns, S. A. Fergua Philip Dorweiler, Vv. K Garter, Ambiose Call, R. H. Spencor, Wm. K. Ferguson. A. Ferguson, " A. The e over son Fisher is not a half dozen The hearing of Wm. Hefley of Whittemore on the charge of keeping glimb'ung'place dfsclosed the fact t to his assisting the his arrest was due officers in searching the saloons, and J1.UUG1D »" ov-i." •""-—o , 1 ' 1 vnnvtA that the gambling was technical merely He was fined the costs on his own confession. Mr. Hefley has refused to sell prohibited beverages, which is the cause of his arrest by the bums who are now in limbo. public exercises ^Tuesday for Jan. 30. Tuesday even ing is the time and the new hall the place. Beginning next Sunday Prof. L. fc. Pallonsbeewill assist Bev. Bagnell in a series of special revival meetings. He is an able and eloquent speaker and will be worth hearing. Last Sunday evening the youns people's society had a special service at the Burt Presbyterian church, at which some able papers were read by members of the society. Hamilton Bros, hear from Mr. Stoll that our tile clay has stood a good test. If the Milwaukee company will give a place for the factory it will be one of the features of our spring boom E P. McElroy's lecture tomorrow evening will be on " Ancient History. ' A larger audience greeted his second than his first, and the interest promises to grow as the series advances. F H Sla<*le recently read a paper before the Cerro Gordo County Teachers' association, and was elected seoie- tavy of that body. Mr. Slaglo is a tireless worker and successful teacher. Mart. Weaver went to Des Moines Monday with Col. Sessions. He is clerk of tho insurance committee of which Mr. Sessions is chairman, ana will have a good job as well as a pleasant one. We learn that the singers are arranging to give that time-honored sonl " The wolf is on the bill, I hear him howling still," at tho Palmer reading Feb. 7. We don't know ' whether the wolf hunters will enjoy this or not. Miss Jordan, who has had tho high We have long been of the opinion that house cleaning once in ten years is often enough, and now are satisfied of it In the first place you escape the bother of the operation for ten ydars And then when you do clean it is such a noticeable improvement that the compliments are many and sincere Since Orr papered our office last week and painted the wood work, we made this valuable discovery. It is rumored that we are to have another change of express companies in A gona, but it will be nominal merely The story is that the old United States company, which was the pioneer on the Milwaukee line, and which was ousted by the Adams, has now secured its old place again. If it has all the change will amount to here will be a change of name. D. T. Smith will be Sgont as heretofore. The American has the Northwestern line. A. L. Seeley left a memento of pioneer days at this office Saturday. It is ?he end of a pole which was cut by beavers. When Mr. Seeley came to the county in 1855 he found it, and has kepi it ever since. The tree was about 10 inches in diameter when cut and the gnawings of the teeth can still be seen on it It seems now almost incredible that beavers ever inhabited this coun : aer su and file a disclaimer and so get out of paying costs. It provides that in such cases the costs shall be assessed to the defendant, and also an attorney's fee of $25 for the first 40 acres and $15 additional for each 40 acres in controversy. There is a good deal of land in Kossuth that has been burdened with clouded titles, and the .owners have been compelled to enter court to clear thn record and pay all the expense. This bill was before the legislature two years ago, but was lost in the shuffle. JAS. TAYLOBrOB POSTHASTES. A T.nto Report Says tlie « Tall Sycamore" Will Get the Plum including railroads is 1,176.401 . railroads are assessed at a lit ti $500,000, or nearly one-third oUho personal property of "-" " tnnount the county the county. The contributes to the Some of state in state tax is $9,631,32. the other totals are as follows: County fund w ?'§?2 School fund *'818 insane fund 4*818 Pool-fund ' AlKona'B Taxes. The incorporated town of Algona pays $19,601,88 in tuxes more than a few or to move against the pressing wind. After the storm had ceased the snow was drifted terribly. We recall one residence, that of a physician, what was called a "story and a half" house, where the drift was as high as the peak of the roof and wholly covered the front of tho house, making it necessary to tunnel out from the front door. The drift and tunnel remained all winter. A few days after the storm, rain fell and froze, making a crust which bore teams over fences and across lots, any where-the most direct route could be chosen without damage tn anvbodv. The mercury stood 30 ae- grees below zero, and many lives were lost on the wide and unsettled prairies, and others carried mutilated ears and noses and feet and hands he rest -of their days. A particularly pathetic case was that of a family °f emigrants attempting to go north to Blue Earth, Minn They had passed the timber line on Lime creek and were caught by Money always 011 hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties furnishing first-class-security. CASH CAPITAL, 850,000. ALGONA, IOWA. Officers and Directors— A. D. Clarke, President, C. 0. Chubb, Vice Prest., Chas. C. St. Clair, Cashier, Geo. L. Galbraith, W. C. Tyrrell, Myron schenck, Thos. F. Cooke. General Banking. PRIVATE SAFETY DEPOSIT VAVLT.S. distributed as PROFESSIONAL. •^r^j-**r^*f-*^v~*~i^*S~*^**~** f *^ f *^~* J ~ : * CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. Dog tax State Comity fund ....... . County school fund County bridge fund County liiBane fund County poor fund Soldiers' relief fund «l that James Taylor has been recom- the Iowa delegation, and that he will be appointed. That is a decided change in the programme and not at all unlikely.? Estray Notice. Taken up, Jan. 12, 34 miles northeast of Algona, on the John Henry farm, a black sow, very thin. Owner please prove property, pay charges^ tier nwny.-44t2 05 47 Yesterday'sMinneapolis Tribune says ^^J 0 ^";;;::::::;::::::::::: i.Hioio School house fund *i'™z-. Municipal fund mended for the Algona postofflce by water fund The tax Tor school houso and water is to pay tho bonds outstanding. ne on the oncoming storm on the open prairie. At dusk the man unhitched his team and started to find help. His wife and several small children remained in the canvas-covered wagon, where they froze to death. The team was found dead, many weeks afterward, having " drifted" twenty-eight uulos before the storm The bo$y of the father wm, found, early in April, near Clear Lake, parti.; eaten by wolves. The country before that storm, was swarming with game-deer, elk, fox, etc. The storms o "low and rain drove them for food out of their, coverts to the open prairie W. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Over Kossuth County bank, Algona, Iowa. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block. S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Chrlschllles' store. SUl'T. REED'S It In and take B. M. BONK , school room in the Algona schools since September, has sent in her resignation on account of ill health. The board have not acted upon it nor chosen a successor. Miss Jordan will quit teaching for a while until she is stronger try, and this log should be preserved among the curiosities of early times. The card of Sullivan & McMahon appears this week and announces the addition of a new legal light to Algona bar. Mr. S. E. McMahon has jus graduated from the Ann Arbor, Mich., law school, and prior to his legal study, was at the head of the Livermore schools, holding a state certificate. He comes with the highest recommendation and will be of material assistance to Mr. Sullivan in his growing practice. It makes a very strong firm. A late copy of the San Diego Evening Sun contains an item showing that J J Wilson has arrived on the coast and'is feeling well. It is: "Hon. J. J Wilson of Algona, Iowa, who owns fifteen acres of very choice lemon land opposite the city on Point Loma and twenty acres just east of the city, _ is quartered at the St. James for the winter Mr. Wilson expects to improve - - • • - -- he has the latest songs, dances, and medleys at the opera house this evening. _. Peed Tour Team for 1O Cents. I am now sole proprietor of the livery and feed barn south of the Tennant house, and I will feed teams for farmers for 10 cents and see that they are properly cared for. So come along-the more the merrier; I am going to do business if I don't lay up a cent. Also furnish the best of livery rigs at prices t.^ni. nvp, fair. GEO. HUNTER. is Not Koliiiitl tho Auditor's Point of General Interest. The county school report for 1893 contains information not less interesting than that made by the auditor. It very material gains in many There are now 156 schools and 25 rooms in graded schools—in all 181 schools. The highest number of months' schools taught is 9.5 in Algona. The lowest average is in Hebron, 5.2, while 5.8 is tho average in Gorman The ay were chased often on foot and killed by dogs and with common knives. A fine carcass of a full-grown deer was often bought on the streets for two and one- half cents a pound. But the game was destroyed, the sharp feet of the deer cut through the ice crust and made their escape impossible. .Among the shows ways. buried beneath the de were no railways the The work of ""breaking out'' roads was ere coal. Do "Ha YOU bane know yolly Pete Peterson?" gud fallar." Opera house, Wednesday evening, Jan. 24. "AYE youst com haar from Log- voma; aye maak him yutnp his yob. — P. P. Opera house this evening. MAY BUD tea—sold only by Langdon & Hudson.—44t2 BE sure this week. to see Angelina, any day their his tracts in the near future, as abundant means and energy. A change is announced in the Algona state bank by which Thos. H. Lantry will succeed C. C. St. Clair as cashier, of New Unking the position April 1. Gapt. Midland Tyrrel and Mr. St. Clair sell then-stock vsi-iDuuo *- .- --£ ,. 0 Vo7, Ht and will engage in a venture in Wash- Monthly, was south two Years ago at andjilen^ag • ^^ ^ thA sama time Mayor Call was, and as| "Je^^Ue in Algona he has made • ' ds who will regret that he and who will wish him suc- his new location. Mr. Lantry Mrs. Jones, whose story Orleans is running in the LANGDON & HUDSON import own tea; so you always get the same WHEN you want canned goods of any variety go to the Opera House Grocery. NOW is the time for farmers to haul tile for next summer's use while the roads are good and they have time. As an extra inducement we will sell thorn during this month on 60 days' tame or 2 per cent discount for cash. J. A. Hamilton & Co.—4312 orage for the county is about seven months in the year. Tlie Teachers. There are 306 teachers employed, of which 263 are ladies. . The average pay ner month for ladies is about $30, the men setting a little more. German pays the lowest wages $25.60 a month LuVerne and Bancroft pay higher wages than Algona, $48 and 446 a month. The total paid the teachers during the year was §40,995.87. .Ihe average age of the male teachers is 27 years, and of the female teachers is 20. School population. Tho total number of school age is 5,859 Of these 3,106 are males and 2,7o3 females. The total number enrolled of K in school is 4,282. And the average attendance of these is 2,421. The highest cost a month for each pupil s in Biverdale $4.60. In Springfield it is $-1.50, and in Seneca $4.40. I" L1ed y |U ''} the cost to each pupil is but foi.iu, anu in Whittemoro it is §1.20. In Algona it is §1.41. The average for the county is about $3 a month. School Houses. There are in the county 163 school houses valued at S 103 057 In themi is apparatus valued at ip>, .40. Iheie ai e 840 volumes in the libraries, 891 trees in the grounds, and 180 rooms whore the effects of alcohol arc taught. Ihe "" ' the school house 1 has been about none of "the smallest entailed. This was done by the few neighbors turning out with their ox teams, each in tuin taking the lead until worried out, the rest following to beat down the> road. This reminiscence, from the writers personal recollections, may recall the occasion and similar incidents to old settlers in this neighborhood. DAMSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office in Gardner Cowlea' new building. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SUR&EON. Office, State st., one door east of Cordingley. Residence, McGregor St., east or tne public; school building. H. C. McCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Special attention to city practice. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. POB, SEVENTY-FIVE DOLLAKS. For sale, a two-horse boilor and engine, in good condition, and in daily use. It is just the thing for any farmer who wants power for running a feed cutter, a feed grinder, and steam for feed cooking purposes. Tho outfit is nearly as good as new, and is offered for $75-just half what it cost. This is tho opportunity of a lifetime for anyone who wants that kind of power. Time will bo given on good paper. Fox- further information call at THE UITEH DES MOISBS office, Algona, Iowa, or address tho publishers. O round Feed is the Uest. H J Resseguie, at his shops on west State street, grinds feed for 10 cente, a sack, and has ground feed on haiid foi sale at 80 cents a hundred. It is tlie J. M. PRIDE, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SUR&EON. Office over Jno. Goeclers 1 store, on State street, Algona, Iowa. T. J. FELLING, PHYSICIAN AND M. D., SUR&EON. Consultation In English and German. Office and residence over H. Qoetsch's stole, Whittemore, Iowa. E. S. GLASIER, D. D. S., SURGEON DENTIST. Office over tho State Bank, Algona, Iowa. the same time Mayor . he and Messrs. Jones and Ilgenfritz were together looking at rice lands he became well acquainted with her her family. I ^jj ^tepTnuThis'new duties easily and Next Tuesday evening the Odd l«el-| hft a vei f y successfu i banker, lows dedicate their new hall. F. M. Evans will be present and give an aa- „„„, dress and install officers. Invitations k were made by the Minneapolis have been sent out to a large number Journal arti gt who signs himself «*fcv i v ... i_ __„ n«H T n £1 I .. — . • F. S. STOUGH blankets at cost. '3k is closing out his WHITE SWAN is the flour you always want. Langdon & Hudson.—14ta $14)000> General Notes. There are 50 school houses reported EaillO nu "-"^ w~..-~ — t M 4 o best for stock of all lauds.—41th FOB real estate time loans at the very lowest rates, make inquiry at the Kossuth County bank. WE are closing out our stock of clothing at big barfains.. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. DENTIST. A. L. RIS'1\ D. D. S. Local anaesthetic for deadenluK pain in gums when extracting teeth. Drugs DR. L. A. SHEETZ, i and Medicines, be a very successful —, . . x j , 11 WE have some more 01 .—, 0 , . ». The wolf hunt cartoons printed las old . fa8hloned map i e syrup at the Opera minded iu the county which do not have separate outhouses tor the boys and girls. There are four state certificates held. There are 115 first grade certificates, 117 second grade!, and 57 third grades. During the year 37 had failed to get any. that good, Thefe are five deaf and dumb or feeble NEW stock of carpets, curtains, at Gal|*ith's. portiors, lace purposes only. an.a. Sta The total at- House Grocery. tendance*at the teachers' institute was nave ueeu DOIJU w"u «" — -—-o- ---• , luuuiuin «•* ».-Y ,.~- — „-• - tv,_| .. , , , of friends of the members, and the U Bart ,. and w ho ranks as one of the „ tfa »Butterfly dance" by four of handsome new quarters will be appro- c i eyei -est caricaturists in the country. fae prettrlest a nd brightest little la- priately opened. He furnishes a picture to the Journal ^3% the sta ge. Wednesday even- Next Monday evening Bey. Miss Saf- each d«V wj^^^jgjff Sffi | ing, Jan. 24. ford wUl give her lecture in he Con- g^fiK* &**!*. • HLfe*!*? 220. gregatiorial church and old&me Algona friends. •" t e need any will They and to hear the lee- see her again. [has a good The Midway Plaisance last Friday * ' evenings was a you IMMENSE!—The sale I am having on flour, at the new store. James .-43t2 ti,,ir «uy PEBSONAL MOVEMENTS. Notice. All persons arehereby warned against purchasing any notes signed by us or either of us, as the same were given without consideration, and on account of fraudulent representations, and win State : University 43t3 W. H. MA.BICLE. The Several Departments will the Year 1893-94 on Sept. 20. Now that the wolves are all killed, are doubtless planning to raise and hogs next summer, .;«ome4y comes at the opera bouse night. Kirk Armstrong has » good reputation as "Pete Peterson,'the papers epealf highly of the ' *—f . *T__J XV——.*. « nnmta neat sum. and it sum. Lots of work had been r--iioroui;«5um»'"<-«, •»*»» j~~ ~it~" on the booths and decorations, Mr. ta k en a 8 tep in the right direction, 1 - - - - • w beel gotten up for 1 was there, and Conner's Ferris the Baptist Cbri_ the P&lawiuin borne by Bro. F. S. Stough was at Hampton Monday on business. J. B. Jones was up from Des Moines on business Friday. W W. Wheeler's family join bina at Des Moines about Feb. 1. Mrs. J. C. Heckart came from Eagle Grove and spent Sunday with her ale- ter, Mrs. A. p. Clarke. Harpy Sbeetz and Howard Hobinaxm went to For* Dodge yesterday tor tbe examination tor nSrowion to CALL on F. S. Stough He sells them cheap. for arctics. Each department is thorougWy equlppgd IOT LAPIES' and misses' jackets in all the latest styles; also new stock of dress goods at Galbraith's. You can get a robe at cost no\v F. S. Stougn's. BUM*!'* AWtei S*lTe. bruises,

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