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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 9

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 9

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:

Ml Exclusive Associated Prooo Sorvlco in. PER r.iorjTiJ DAILY AND SUXOA VOL. LXXXII. OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, MONDAY EVENING, AUGUST 31, 1914. NO. 11. NEW BEGINS: 4 4 Futurist Artist, GAInPAIBN FOR HUE IS TELLS OF FLIGHT FROM WAR-RIVEN EUROPE HOUSE TO AC1 REPUTATION OF ON REVENUE 1(0011 VICTIM BILLS VINDICATED LARGEST II MSIH 1 Mass Meeting at Carmel Signs Resolutions Affirming Girl's Unspotted Character. CARMEL-BT-THE-SEA; Aug. 31. Resolutions affirming the unspotted character of Miss Helena Wood Smith, the artist who was murdered here by George Kodanl, a Japanese photographer, have been adopted at a mass meeting held here, and signed by ninety-six members of the artistic and literary colony, of which Mtss Smith was a member. Kodanl Is Jt An Oakland Architect Writes or Scenes in Paris Telling if fie transformation of 1'Ecole des Beaux Arts Into a Red Cross hospital, of scenes In Paris. and of the mobilization of the French army, Carl I. Warnecke, a young Oakland architect, son of Mrs. Carl Warnecke, 817 Forty-fifth street, has written an Interesting letter home. Young Warnecke went to Paris last January, and a few weeks later, In competition with 700 of the best architectural students the world, won sixth place in the examination for ad-mlslson to the Beaux Arts. Ha is 23 years of age. Warnecke arrived In New York last Sunday, where lie will remain for a short time. The letter is addressed to Ms mother and the family and reads In part as follows: "On Board Steamer Chicago. "To say that I should begin to tell you all that has happened In the last few days would be saying oulte a little. The anxiety and worry of my whereabouts must have caused you was no doubt quite a little. However, I assure you I have done everything mv power to get word to you since the beginning and have met with absolute failure. We sent a cable from Paris to Mrs. Harrison, hut I have fears that 11 never reached its destination. "I have hoped all the time that you have good faith In the idea that I can and have been able to cake care of myself. Up to the present moment of writing everything has gone very nicely. "Now, I suppose I should begin a long history of the why snd wherefore. You may well Imagine I little anticipated this voyage so suddenly to America, yet you will understand better after my explanation. "To the best of my knowledge my last letter was written from the little town of Mantes, where we three were spending a short vacation, previously to our proposed trip through Belgium, Holland. England, etc. This letter may have reached you I hope it did. If not, the one before was written from Paris. In all events we were having a most wonderful time at Mantes, enjoying all the pleasure, etc. offered to us by our kind French people. About Wednesday, before the first of August, we noticed in the papers, which by the way, we Just glancert nt. that there was talk of war Sacred College Opens Its Ceremonies in Scene of Splendor Choice of Italian Pontiff, by Tradition, Is Predicted ROME (via Paris), An. SI. m. The conclave of cardinals. :30 to elect a successor to Pope Phis who died on August 20. was Inaugurated today with Imposing ceremony. Mass wan celebrated tn the Pauline chapel In the presence of fifty-seven cardinals and their conclavists. There were present also members of the diplomatic corps, the Knights of Malta and the arictocracy of Papal court, who, for first time since August 20, appeared without the(r mourning dress. The Slstlne choir sang the Middle "masses. Monslgnor Massolla delivered In Latin an oration concerning the election of a Pontiff. The conclave is the largest In the history of the church, with sixty-six cardinals In attendance. Since the Spanish cardinals arrived the situation has undergone a change. Last night a reconciliation was effected between Cardinals Ferrata and Del Val, who are now lending a strong nnaHtlnn rnmnmnillnir twentv-flve CAIUi I. WAKXECKK. 'under arrest and has confessed to the murder. The resolutions follow: "Whereas, accounts in the public press concerning the murder of Miss Helena Wood Smith have given In groat detail the various confessions of the acknowledged murderer, Kodanl, and in some degree have repeated his statements in regard to his Intimacy with Miss Smith, many of which reflect upon her character In words which should not have been repeated, and whereas, some of these 'statements are likely to lie accepted hy people who did not know Miss Smith personally, and so defame the character of the dead woman, and cause great mental suffering to her friends and relatives, therefore be It "Resolved, That the undersigned residents of Carmel. knowing Miss Smith to have been above reproach, do enter an Indignant protest against the aspersions of her character and call upon the press to remove, as far as It Is In its power, by the publication of impressions which have been created." going on between Servla and Austria Hungary also the general talk of whether the foreign powers should prevent It or not. To all of this we merely said It was nothing, especially as the people with us rt)d not worry mucn. About Friday night, though, the situation took on a much graver manner, as there was talk or Qermany taking a hand In with Austria, and Russia a hand in with Servia. Then from out of a most won derfully clear sky fell this awful thing called war, wsrL It hit us, absolutely heavily, and left us simply powerless. It also hit the entire French nation, and (Con. on Page 10, Cols. 5-6) PAUL. T. CARROLL, Inc. A. jl votes, against Cardinal Maffl. The 'latter Is supported by the Aiistro-. German and the Liberal Italian element. i Vatican circles predict that this element In the balloting will give an equal number of fotes tn Cardinals Ferrata and Maffl, while Cardinal Gaspnrrl. Falconl and others are still regarded as probable compromise candidates. A pharmacy has been established within the conclave and male nurses bave been engaged for the sickly cardinals. The personnel of the conclave took the oath last evening. Inspired by Bacchus, Used Melon as Brush The artistic temperament sought an outlet in the case of Joel Wal-berg, not In Inspired creation, but tn destruction. Walberg wilt Ids wife and children out of the family home, 884 Fifty-fifth street, before he started on his matesrpiece, and then proceeded to free himself from the trammels of convention by giving birth to a piece of futurist artistry. The police were summoned as the best art critics in Oaklund, but were forced to break into the home studio to view the extiibition. They found tho artist contemplating his work with a look of intense admiration. A large and over-ripe watermelon had l)oen used to decorate tho parlor. As the watermelon did not give the desired tones for a perfect modernist polychrome, he mixed a little yellow ochre with the fruit to obtain the desired effect. An impressionistic battle scene was obtained in the dining-room by the shattered crockery of the Velberg family. The police failed to understand the psychology of modern art as exemplified In Wal-berg and took him Into custody on a charge of drunkenness. Mrs. Walberg had become acenstomed to view his masterpieces with equanimity and refused, to prefer any charge against the artist, stating hat he was eccentric. in POLICE FORCE DISMISSED Carranza Substitutes Constitutional Soldiers for Duty in Capital. WASTTTNOTON, Aug. SI. General Carranza ha Mrtissed the pollns force of Mexico City and substituted constitutionalist troops. Reports were received here today of fighting between General Juan Randeras, a former federal officer and some constitutionalist troops at Malco. HU6RTA CONTRACTS VOID. MEXICO CITT, Aug. 31. An official announcement last night stated thnt all contracts and concessions Kwarled hy the ministries of railroads and communications during the administration of rovlsional President Huerta would be declared void. ET, PASO, Aug. 31. Pr. A. 8. Bronson, an American. arrested by Texas authorities In connection with extensive operations of counterfeiters of Mexican Constitutionalists' currency. About JS00.000 in false paper currency was confiscated. Dr. Bronson was held o.i clurse of hazing in his possession forged Instruments. NOGALES, i Ave. .11, Gov-ernor Maytnrena was recognized as supreme civil and military ruler of Sonora following en all-day conference between Generals Villa and Ohregon and repre-scttatlves of the warring factions in Ire SU'm Saturday. General CaJIcs, who has been representing Carran.a, will lie relieved of his command and probably tried on a charge of ewntlng political Generals Villa and Ohregon will escort Alaytorena to Herniosillo. the State capital, ar.d Install him in office. FORBID 6H IPS CLEARING. ON BOARD U. 8. 8. CALIFORNIA. La Pa. Mexico Aug. SI. By order of Governor Maytorena of the State of Sonora, all vessels have been forbidden to clear from Guaymas for La paj an1 other ports of Lower California. The copper mines at Santa Rosalia have shut down, leaving 3000 men de, who will be sent to Guaymas to prevent trouble. Wilson Enjoys Round of Golf at Hanover CORN'TSH, N. Aug. 31. With the prospects good for clear weather, President WLJson motored today to Hanover for a round of golf with his physician, Dr. C. T. Grayson. He planned to take a long automobile ride later. The President Is making no plans to go on a speaking tour during the fall campaign, and the prospects are that he will make no such trip, although he has taken under consideration requests of Democratic leaders In Connecticut, Pennsylvania and other state? JhatJiejpeakJnthclr districts. Dispute About War Is Cause of Murder TONOPAH, Aug. 31. Frank Ceechlni. an Italian miner from Gold-field, was shot dead last night by Paul Palka, a Hungarian, in the course of a dispute over Italy's attitude In the European war. flats aEo Do you wish to appear welMressed at a saving of ONE-HALF the usual cost? It has beensald a new hat and fresh linen play the most important parts of the -well-dressed man's appearance. The economical trend of the past year has had a tendency to make the a'verage man careless of these details. This con dition forces us to close out our high-grade stock and offer you Hats and Furnishings at prices that appeal to the most saving natures. We are enabled to show the very latest styles at these reduced prices, due to the receipt of belated shipments not coun. TO START Louis Levy Will Address Alameda County Exposition Commission. Louis Levy, lecturer for the Fsnam Pacific Exposition, will speak tonight at 6 o'clock In Hotel Oakland under the au plcea of the Alameda County Exposition Commission In conjunction with the Com. mlttee of One Hundred on the "Panama Canal, the AVorld's Exposition and Alameda Countv's Participation The occasion will mean the beglnntn of a campaign for Alameda county's exposition bonds. The lecture will be embellished with the latest motion pictures of the Panama canal and also of the work a it Is progressing at Harbor View. A special feature of the lecture will be the presentation of films showing the ferry service between Alameda and the exposition sit and scenes of Alameda county. President Frank A. Leach, of the Alameda County Kxpositlon Commission, will Introduce Mayor Frank K. M6tt. who will be chairman of the evening. Mayor Charles E. Haywood of Berkeley, Mayor Frank Otis of Alameda, John Mullina, chairman of the Board of Supervisor! Congressman Joseph It. Krowland, and leaders In the clvio and commercial life of Alameda county will take part tn th program. Mrs. A O. Posey, woman chairman of the Expedition Auxiliary of Alameda county; Mra. F. O. Sanborn, president of the Women's Boaid of th Exposition, and members of the board will be In attendence. Vice-president R. B. Hale and other directors of the expoettloiKwill speak. Knox Hats $2.50 5 EACH 119S Wftchinftt An Ct II4U IIGJIII.IglU.I Ol. ween 1 1 th-andL12tlu- WW 9mm IM I until an wmb Knox and i President Will Probably Ad dress Congress, Urging Special Taxes. WASHINGTON, Aug. 31. Congress today presented a substantial quorum to dispose of additional war emergency legislation. A definite program will be determined upon at a Democratic conference. The scope of the war revenue measure to offset the decrease in customs' receipts will be decided and some phases of the situation in the Far East growing out of hostilities between Japan and Germany also may be considered. President Wilson, upon his return from Cornish, probably will address Congress upon the proposal for the special Internal revenue tax. Indications today were that beer, domestic wines and patent medicines would be subjected to Increased taxation. A committee at work on the revenue bill today was completing an outline for submission to the Senate conference. HALT ninilPPIXE EXPORTS. Phases of the situation In the Far East that probably will be discussed by the conference will Include apian halt export from the Philippines to all points except the United States. It has been suggested that an embarrassing situation might arise If Island shipments consigned to Japan or Germany should be seized by warships of one of the belligerents. 1 The Senate War Risk Insurance Bill, passed by the House with amendments, went to conference today. It was believed there would be antarly agreement on the measure andrhat it would be In force before the find of the week. The measure would establish a government marine Insurance restricted to risks of war and particularly applicable to the European emergency. NEW BIIJjS BEFORE HOUSE. Legislation to establish a fleet of government merchant ships was to be pressed this week. House Naval Affairs committeemen will confer with tho President over a plan to abandon the House measure proposing creation by the government of a private corporation to operate a line of Federal steamers. They will urge as a substitute a bill to appropriate J30.000.000 for a naval auxiliary. That measurewould authorize the President acquire ships to be turned over to the Panama Railroad Company, on condition that the government retain controlling Interest In the railroad stock. The conference also will determine upon a definite program for trust legislation. It was predicted that the railroad securities bill would not be pressed at this session. Burglar Uses Drugs to Stupefy Victims A sleep-producing drug sprayed Into the bedroom was used last night bv a burglar who looted the home of Dr. C. W. Llneker, 2127 Telegraph avenue, according to the report made by the physician to the police. Dr. Lineker and his wife both declared that they felt the effects of the narcotic after' awaking from almost trance-Uke sleep. The burglar stole a pair of trousers belonging to Dr. Lineker, and removed $110 from the pocket, abandoning the trousers on the lawn beneath the bedroom window. Entrance waa effected by forcing the window of the bedroom occupied by Dr. Lineker's m6ther. It is believed that she may have been drugged also. The man then made his way into the bedroom occupied by the physician and his wife, and It is believed that before searching the room, the man sprayed some narcotic fluid Into the room. He then searched the place in safety. Dr. Lineker's trousers were taken from the closet, but Jewelry In the bureau was not touched. The burglar took a purse from on pocket containing $110, but left change amounting to $1.40 In another pocket of the trousers when he left them under the window and made his escape. The police are Investigating. SidetracK Seamen's Service Regulations WASHINGTON, Aug. 31 The seamen's bill revising regulations of service on American ships has been sidetracked In the Senate for fear that additional restrictions on shipping would have a harmful effect during the European crisis, when other measures are being enacted to encourage a merchant marine. arm uu w'i money, VHcn and KkuJIch arraigned before Police Judge HmiOt I t-5 Quality de Luxe All Knox Derbies and Soft I Hats are included at this price. Two, hats for the price of one. Regular $5.00 Knox Hats One- Half Price $2,501 PEACF WITH SPOUSE PREVENTED BY POLICE PAN' FTtANTWO, Ane. M. The efforts of t'le police to prevent W. Tope, a former furniture rtpnlcr of this rify, to become reconciled with his wife nrl famllv. were effectually restrained hy the Issunn'-e of an Injunction on the psrt of rjrlffln ttils morning. Vr. Marie A. Pope, wife of the men-bant. Med si'tt for divorce charging Pvtt'PtTiP criiolty. Two months ago Judge nrlffln dented the decree on the score of liuk of evidence, suggesting a reconciliation. Pope say's that be went to his r-nme. Ml Stsnvsn street, the abode of bis wife and little ones and wanted to ake friends. Ho couldn't get In and as he was trying to climb through a window, a policeman summoned by Mrs. Pop arrived, and he- was arrested for disturbing the peace. The case was dismissed In the police court, but Pope determined that It should not happen again tnd procured an Injunction preventing the officers of the law from again In terfering with him. AUCTION SALES J. A. MUNRO a AUCTIONEERS. DOT Clv ttreet, corner Tenth trt; ihone Oakland 4671. Will pay highest 1 price paid for lurnuur. or will sell on commission, bale very Friday. Restaurant and Gafo Auction Sale Of the Coney Island Restaurant. Sale at 1(107 Clay cor. 10th Oakland. Sale Tuesday, Sept. At 10:50 a. comprising In part. 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Urni imiinnim. win ne unit! at nun miction at 1M7 Clay cor. 10th Oakland. k'J iicsday. xept. l. at p. TOO MUCH FREEDOM; NOW THEY HAVE NONE While their countrymen were fighting In Knrope, where all things are forbidden except taxes. Gus Visen. a Servian of 19 years of are, and Peter Skullch. an Austrian of 20 years, formed an alliance in Oakland, and straightway got Into trouble with the police. Like their embattled com patriots, they set out on conquest bent They waged their campaign In tho neighborhood of the John Swett school, where Mtss Helen Hamilton and Miss Gertrude Peterson are pupils. Ucllevtng, as they have since explained, that this is the land of utter freedom, they did not bother abont introductions, "Wo thought free people had the right to speak to each other any ttiyve in the streets," they wail. Day after day they waited until school was out. Then they Would walk down the street behind the two schoolgirls trying to win a smile. At first the girls were amused at the then began to bt annoyed. And, they appealed to the police, with the conse- quence yiat the two campaigners were arrested hy Corporal Thornbnr; and Patrolmen Ilixlgkius and Herring for disturbing the iveace. $2.00 UNION SUITS $1.00 Men's Union Suits medium weight Balbriggan; ecru only. Regular $2.00 suit. Half Price $1.00 EACH $2.00 Madras Pajamas $1.00 Men's Madras Pajamas. Blue, tan and black striped. Regular $2.00 Half Price $1.00 SUIT Corresponding reductions on all other lines in our store. -IfOTI- vere on "mashers." Not having the in Jalt.HThis morning they were and their cases v.ere continued. J. A. MI'NRO A CO Auctioneers. turn V. BEAN.

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